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dunyun-rings · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
obsessed with the cousins from Encanto! everyone’s designs are amazing
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yoursweetdenial · 7 days ago
Y/N: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Pepa: ....
Dolores: .....
Antonio: ......
Camilo: ..Who?
Y/N: That's the thing we don't-
*Everyone stares at Camilo*
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pepastan · 11 days ago
obsessed with how cute pepa is with this stuffed bear and then immediately proceeding to launch it into another dimension
Exhibit A
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Exhibit B
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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areal-paigeturner · 14 days ago
Dancing through Life Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pepa Madrigal x Fem!Reader x Felix Madrigal
Summary: A Pepa x Fem!Reader x Felix story that begins pre-canon when Pepa and Reader are 19 and Felix is 20, and follows the romance of the three all the way through post-canon, through trials, love, heartbreak, and a whole lot of dancing
Warnings: tooth rotting fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, overloads of cuteness
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2
Coming Soon
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
(And many more, IDK how many parts it will take to finish ;p)
Happy Reading
Tumblr media
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blackravenart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This has definitely been done before but I really wanted to do it too.
Big F for Pepa‘s arepa tho
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bogginswritings · 14 days ago
Are your requests still open?? Cuz' I'm living for ENCANTO (Bruno more specifically) and I loved your Bruno story
Could you write something where the reader was somehow close to the family but not officially part of it (like engaged to Bruno but he vanished weeks/months before the wedding) so they would be inside Casita when it's falling apart and Bruno sees them when he's trying to get out and basically goes to save them
And reader maybe confused if they actually saw Bruno or if they just bumped their head
Sorry if it's confusing and/or nonsense 😖
Te amare por siempre || Bruno Madrigal x reader
OKAY I LOVE THIS! I kinda rushed it because of school, especially the start is a bit rushed (assuming you've seen the movie I didn't write all events), but I hope I did your request justice, anyway!
summary: In which the man you loved dearly leaves you, only to safe you from a collapsing Casita ten years later.
pairing: Romantic, indicated
reader: Gender not indicated, no use of pronouns.
story type: angst
warnings: mentions of neglect, angst
Tumblr media
The family Madrigal.
A family you loved dearly, one you’ve been close with ever since you were little. You used to go there all the time, whether this was to play with Julieta or to go outside with Pepa. You used to hang around Bruno when the rest of the town shunned him; you were his rock and he was yours.
You and the triplets would grow on to become very close. Whenever someone told Pepa she couldn’t play along because she’ll get everything wet, you’d be there to play with her. When you started taking interest in baking (even wanting your own bakery at some point), Julieta would help to improve your skills. And when it came to Bruno you’d paint decorations together, allowing him and his creative vision to order you around so the stage would be set as perfect as can be.
The family Madrigal was a family you loved so much and held close to your heart. They were there when you first opened your bakery, being your biggest supporters. You were there to see Pepa’s and Julieta’s kids grow up. Eventually, it didn’t take long for you and Bruno to get together, either. With the amount of time you guys spend together feelings grew and one day he just decided fuck it and kissed you.
Not much time later the two of you got engaged and the whole family was delighted. It was already set that Julieta and Pepa would be the ones standing behind you and little Mirabel would bring the rings. The whole wedding was slowly but surely being planned out and you couldn’t wait. Bruno and you would sit in bed at night, giggling to each other as you thought of things for the big day.
You couldn’t have been happier.
However, it is only common sense that all ups have their downs. At this point you were at such a high peak in your life, everything was bound to break down.
Oh, and break down it did.
It all started the day Mirabel was getting her gift. You and Bruno were in the audience -Bruno for once putting himself in the presence of the town to support his niece- and cheered the little girl on.
However, when it became clear that the girl wasn’t going to get a gift everything crumbled. That evening Bruno had kissed you goodnight and told you he’d be back; he just had to help Alma with something. You nodded, telling your fiancé you’d be going to sleep already and that you’d see him in the morning.
Only, when you woke up the other side of the bed was empty. The space was cold and Bruno wasn’t there. This didn’t distress you yet, though; the man had just woken up before you.
It was when after three days no one had seen Bruno you became really worried. You went around telling Alma that Bruno would never just leave, something must have happened to him.
One night you sat on your bed, praying to whatever God was up there for a sign that Bruno was okay. That your fiancé would come back and you could get your happily ever after. You did get a sign, that night under your pillow. A small note with Bruno’s messy -yet, somehow elegant- handwriting laying there.
You read it once, then again. And again. You just repeated the words in your head, your eyes darting from left to right on the paper. You could feel your heart shatter into a billion pieces as the world seemed to fall apart around you.
Tears started streaming down your face, you could feel your throat closing up and muffled your sobs with your fist. Never, in your life, had you felt so betrayed.
It took you a while to get back on your feet after Bruno’s disappearance. Your bakery hadn’t been open in weeks and you rarely left your room. You just couldn’t stand the thought of going into town or to the Madrigals.
You didn’t need the looks of pity they were sending you. Especially because you were very well aware that they weren’t actually pity.
After a long while, even you realized you had to get up and do something. People were counting on your bakery and there was no use wallowing in self-pity. A lot of credit goes to Pepa on this one.
And, while the pain remained, you slowly but surely got back onto your feet. You managed to (mostly) get over Bruno, although he still left you notes every now and then. After some time you barely bothered reading them anymore; each text filled with empty promises. Promises that filled your heart with hope only to shatter it crueler than the previous times.
You used to defend him towards Alma, shutting her down whenever she would talk badly about her son. But, as time went on you didn't bother to defend him anymore; Bruno could go defend himself, you didn't care. At least you pretended not to.
But, other than the love of your life leaving you behind, life was going okay.
You were in your bakery, preparing dough for the next morning when you heard the door open. With a sigh you cleaned off your hands with a towel, turning around you told them; “Sorry, I’m closed for today.”
Your eyes met Mirabel’s, the girl adjusting the green glasses sitting atop her nose, “Mirabel?”
“I didn’t mean to disturb you, Y/N. I just really need your help.” the teen basically pleaded. You nodded for her to continue; “It’s about Casita breaking and Bruno-”
“What about him?”
Mirabel flinched at the way you snapped. The question came out way harsher than you intended to, but even hearing his name just made you feel so hurt and angry.
“I-I’m sorry.” You let out a sigh, lowering your head, “I didn’t mean to, ehm," you swallowed the lump that had gotten into your throat, "Didn’t your abuela say Casita is fine?”
“That’s the thing! The other night I overheard her being worried about the magic!” Mirabel explained, eager to get her story across. You furrowed your brows slightly, cocking your head interest as you urged her to go on, “I went to Bruno’s room and I found this.”
Before you could scold her for entering Bruno’s room, which was clearly off-limits, she took out some glowing green pieces from her bag. You could recognize it easily, one of his visions. Mirabel arranged and puzzled them into a complete image, and you looked down to see what it was.
Mirabel, in front of a clearly broken Casita. You frowned, glancing up at the girl, “What the hell is this?”
“I don’t know. I was hoping you could help. Did tío Bruno say anything to you before he left?”
“He left some meaningless notes, promising he’ll be back and it was for the best he left. He asked me to look out for you and your sisters and cousins. He never mentioned this vision though, nor explained WHY he had to leave. I can’t help you much further, Mira.” You send her a sad smile, which she returned. She quickly shoved the pieces back into her satchel and before she opened the door she turned around, holding her finger up, “I was never here.”
You pretended to lock your lips and throw the key away before Mirabel left the bakery.
With a sigh you turned back to your dough, thinking about the vision and how it might be connected to Bruno just- disappearing. Maybe there was more to it than you initially thought.
“What is going on over there?”
You were sitting with Luisa in her room. She was still very much upset about her powers and you decided to distract her with some lame card games. It didn’t work 100%, but at least she wasn’t trying to lift things (only to sob afterward) anymore. Your game, however, was interrupted when you could hear arguing downstairs.
“Sounds like my sister, I’ll check it out,” she muttered, “Thank you, for this.” you send her a kind smile, telling her it wasn’t a problem as she left the room to figure out what was happening with Mirabel. You started humming to yourself, ordering the card back into a pile.
Suddenly you heard rumbling, the room started to shake and Casita began creaking and crumbling. You ran out of Luisa’s room, leaning over the balcony. You saw the floor between Mirabel and her Abuela splitting apart and the panels on the roof started falling down; splattering in pieces. The crack grew, splintering towards the candle. As the ceiling and walls started falling apart you realized you had to get the hell out. You saw Mirabel running towards the candle, using a ladder Casita made for her. You quickly ran across the top floor, desperate to reach that ladder and Mirabel before it all fell down. Isabela and Camilo had already fallen; their powers lost, and Casita forced them out of the house. You were nearly there, you reached your hand out to grasp onto the ladder, only to be pulled away last minute.
Someone had grasped the back of your shirt, pulling you back through a painting and inside the wall. You couldn’t see who it was, the person having a bucket covering their face. They started pulling you along through the gap in the wall, you barely had any time to register the wooden pole nearing your face; ducking your head down just in time. Before you could even process what was happening, the person smashed their head through the wall, the two of you making it out in time before the entirety of Casita collapsed. You watched with wide eyes as nothing of the house was upright, it had all crashed down. “What the- what?” you turned just couldn't believe it, how could this have happened? “Who the hell are you, what happened and wHO THE HELL-” you turned to look at the person that pulled you out of the house, stopping mid-sentence.
They had taken off the bucket, looking at you with a sad stare. You just gawked at him, wanting to say something but simply unable to. Sure, he had gotten older. His face started to get wrinkles and a few grey hairs were visible between the mob of curls; which had gotten longer. But you knew who he was, how could you ever forget the face of the man you fell in love with? Of the man who you planned to spend the rest of your life with? Of the man who betrayed you, the man who left you alone with the promise of coming back only to not show his face for ten years.
How could you forget the face of Bruno Madrigal?
You wanted to do so many things. You wanted to punch him, to hug him, to kick him where the sun didn’t shine, and to kiss him. You wanted to cry, to laugh, and to scream at him.
You couldn’t decide on what to do, though. Instead, you opted to just sit there, the grass tickling your fingers as you stared at the man.
Bruno broke eye contact after a while, playing with the end of his ruana. “Where- how-” you shook your head, taking a deep breath, “What the hell.” You were just so confused and everything was coming at you so quickly.
“I- I can explain it later.” Bruno mumbled, standing up, “I, eh, got to do something. I’ll be right back, I promise.”
You stared at him for a few seconds before you could feel your face splitting into a grin, and you started to laugh. “Promise? PROMISE? that word means nothing in your mouth!” you could hear your face cracking, but still you giggled. Purely because you were so baffled at the man in front of you. You stood up, pointing a finger towards him, “You promised you’d be back soon in that excuse of a note you wrote,” you started, yabbing the finger into his chest accusingly, “You promised you wouldn’t be long. What the HELL, Bruno?!”
“Mi vida-”
“DON’T!” you cut him off with a sneer, “You do not get to call me that, not anymore.”
“I had to leave, to protect my family. To- To protect you!” Bruno had tears welling into his eyes, his voice shaking as he did his best to explain what he could. “I didn’t get a single explanation! We were about to get married, Bruno! We were planning to start a family!”
“We- We can still-”
“Can we? How the hell am I supposed to start a family with a man that abondons family just like that?” You snapped your finger in his face, Bruno flinching at the sudden noise. You took a deep breath, forcefully wiping a tear from your cheek, “I wasn’t even sure you were alive anymore. None of us were! You don’t get to leave my life, only to return just when I was picking up the pieces! When I was just getting over you!” You were mainly sobbing at this point, but you didn’t care. This man had hurt you so deeply and he deserved to know.
Bruno looked down in embarassement and regret, “I-I’m sorry. And I can explain everything when I get back, but right now I really need to do just-uhm- one more thing.”
You just huffed in response, crossing your arms and turning around as you went to see if the others were alright after the collapse.
“I’ll be back for you, Y/N, today! I-I swear!”
You stopped in your tracks, glancing over your shoulder as you shrugged, “I’m not sure if you should bother.”
“Y/N!” Pepa came running up to you, hugging you thight. She let out a sigh in relief, “We were so worried! We didn’t see you leave Casita!”
She pulled back, holding you on arms length. Her braid was a mess and she had obviously been crying, but she still smiled at you; until she noticed your state. “Oh, Y/N. What’s wrong, are you alright?”
You shook your head, “Bruno- he,” you blinked a few times, your brain still trying to catch up on what just happened, “He got me out of the house.” You turned your gaze back to your friend, “He was here.”
Pepa sent a sad smile, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I think you hit your head somewhere, Bruno is gone.”
“No, I swear! He was in the house.”
That’s when you realized.
He was in the house.
“That son of a bitch was in Casita.” You muttered to yourself, furrowing your brows, “The bastard!” You exclaimed, Pepa flinching and covering your mouth. “Let’s set you down and get some water.” She told you, to which you nodded. When you sat on a rock nearby you looked at her, “Pepa I swear, Bruno was here. Is here. You have to believe me.”
She nodded, patting your shoulder, “I believe you.”
She didn’t actually believe what you were babbbling, but what the hell else was she supposed to say? That her friend had completely lost it?
When she walked off to look out for Antonio, you let out a sigh. Maybe she is right, you could have bumped your head. It wouldn’t be the first time you had imagined the man to be there.
You reached into your pocket. Unfolding the note given to you 10 years ago;
Mi vida,
I don’t have a lot of time to write this down. There is no easy way to say this. That’s why I write it, haha. I have to leave for a while. I don’t know how long yet, but I promise to you that I am back soon. I’ll explain, but I can’t yet now. Please look after Mirabel and my other sobrinos.
Te amare por siempre (I love you forever),
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literatureisdying · 14 days ago
just watched encanto for the 10th time and it's confirmed
i'm still in love with pepa
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lariskapargitay · 5 days ago
Random head canons for Encanto, mainly Pepa and Félix bc they are : the best
Félix was a farmers son who sold his families wares at the market. He was always jokingly playful and flirty and charming with everyone who came to his stand, including Alma (part of the reason why she loved him and was 1000% on board with him getting together with Pepa).
Pepa tried to pretend like she wasn’t interested and tried to pretend that his persistent flirting annoyed her but a rainbow would always come out at first when he turned on the charm, and then it started getting hot and humid out when he upped the flirting
The first few times Félix came over Casita kept them a respectable distance apart, not letting them disappear into a room by themselves without being properly chaperoned… Casita acted like an over protective father, so, the next time Félix came over that’s exactly what he treated it as. Calling it, ‘Señor’, being overly respectful and prudish, shaking whatever the house equivalent of a hand is… Eventually, like he always does, he won over Casita as well
They weren’t each others firsts, but they were each others best
Pepa always liked stocky buff guys. It makes her feel protected
One of the only times Félix FLIPPED on Alma is when something was going wrong with Dolores’ birth and Pepa was FREAKING out and flooding the valley because of how terrified and emotional and scared she and Alma told her to calm down and get rid of the clouds
The second time is at Dolores’ gift ceremony. Instead of a fun go lucky time like theirs and Isabela’s, Dolores started SCREAMING and covering her ears and crying and Alma told the crying scared five year old and her panicked mother they were embarrassing the family
Bruno was supposed to walk Pepa down the aisle but after the incident she told him to leave so Alma walked her down instead. Alma also walked Julieta down the aisle when she married three years later
Pepa and Félix are considered the best dancers in the family
One of the big reasons Isabel doesn’t like Mariano is he’s way too touchy feely and overly affectionate, and she grew up idolizing the soft gentleness romance of her parents. Dolores on the other hand sees how affectionate and physical her parents are and she wants that so bad. Mariano is exactly that.
Their love language is OBVIOUSLY physical touch
Pepa always makes sure that she tells her children she loves them, and makes sure to hug them and kiss them a LOT bc she knows what it’s like to grow up with a mom who wasn’t all that physical with you
Alma hated looking into her and Bruno’s eyes when they were younger, and even now she isn’t a fan of looking at them. Pepa and Bruno always used to think it was just her being distant until they realized they had their fathers eyes and even after all this time it hurts to look at them and see Pedro
Whenever Isabel would be favored and treated special Pepa would make sure Dolores and her would have a special day out, just the two of them.
She was never jealous of Julieta, but she was jealous (and mad) how her sisters kids seemed to be favored by Alma over her own
Félix isn’t super close to Camilo, but the SECOND he overhears someone talking shit on his child because they identify as they/them, he is whipping everybody’s ass and defending tf out of Camilo.
They have had sex on every single inch of their room and on every piece of furniture
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bandshirts-and-books · 7 days ago
Pepa Aesthetic!! 💛💚🤎
Tumblr media
Once again, please send me any requests you guys have!
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catastrouge · 5 days ago
Fèlix: Good morning, mi familia! today will be wonderful!
*starts thundering*
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united-states-of-fuck-you · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
my tía pepa, her mood affects the weather, when she's unhappy; well, the temperature gets weird!
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lil-antares-in-sky · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal 🧡🌈
Please don't repost my art without my permission.
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yoursweetdenial · 14 days ago
Pepa, sweating: Y/N, there’s something I need to ask you-
Y/N: Finally! You’re proposing!
Pepa: How’d you know?
Y/N: Mi amor, you’ve dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Y/N: I even picked it up once.
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aloseryougotme · 5 days ago
Also Pepa: *tells an entire story about Bruno*
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areal-paigeturner · 15 days ago
Dancing Through Life
Tumblr media
Part Two
pairing: Pepa x Fem!Reader
summary: you grow closer to the triplets who come visit you often and after you spend a day with Pepa helping you with carrying books for your mothers market stall, you both are invited to dinner with the Madrigals.
theme: fluff
notes: she/hers for both Reader and Pepa, Reader’s mother owns a small bookstore (thanks to @sactavia for the idea)
warnings: pure, tooth rotting fluff
word count: 1717
Tumblr media
“Y/N, Querida, would you mind running back to the store to get more of the gardening manuals. We’ve run out of them here at the booth.”
“Si, Mamá,” you call from the other end of the table, where you had been stacking copies of the latest release from one of your favorite authors. You put down the few books still left in your hands and wave to your mamá as you begin to make your way across the crowded plaza, humming gently to yourself as you brush your hands across your skirt. 
Suddenly, you feel a hand slip into yours and you find yourself spinning around.
“Pepa!” you laugh, as you come to a stop to see the middle Madrigal triplet, grinning at you. 
“Hola, Bonita,” she says, laughing as your face reddens and your hands jump to your hair. She gently gives you a one armed hug and smiles.
“Á donde vas?” she asks, pulling your braid back over your shoulder from where it had flown back when she spun you, before guiding you over to where Julieta had a stand set up for her healing foods. 
“Oh, Y/N! It’s lovely to see you,” Julieta beams before putting down her tray of arepas to give you a hug.  You smile gently, hugging back, still adjusting to so much attention from the towns most famous triplets. 
“What are you up to today, Y/N?” Julieta asks as she pulls back. 
“I’m helping Mamá at the stall today,” you say, “I was just headed back to the shop to get some more supplies.” 
“Oh, cool, I’ll come with you!” Pepa says, looking to her sister as if to see if she would object. 
“Ay, just get out of here you two,” Julieta laughs, and Pepa slips her arm through yours and waits, letting you pull her along the path to your mother’s store. 
The two of you walk in pleasant, companionable silence for a block, arms linked, skirts brushing. As you’re nearing the turn into the little alcove that houses the entrance to the shop, you catch Pepa looking at you, seeming content to just admire you in silence. Your cheeks heat up again and you rush to cover your blush by unhooking your arm from hers and fumbling in your pocket for the keys. Once you find them, you unlock the door and pull it open, stepping back to allow Pepa entry.
You watch with baited breath as she walks inside, and turns slowly on the spot. Taking in the floor to ceiling shelves lined with books, and the smell of leather. As you feel the door shut behind you, Pepa turns back to you, a huge grin on her face. 
“This is amazing, Y/N!” she laughs, making her way over to a shelf of books about weather patterns. You smile gently as she peruses the shelf and then pulls out a tiny book no bigger than her hand, and begins to flip through it. 
“Come on, let me show you into the back, you can help me carry the boxes back to the market,” you say, grabbing her arm and leading her around the back of the counter and to through the door into the living part of the house.
“Is, is this where you live?” Pepa asks as you show her to a little room behind you family living room, where the surplus is kept for the store. 
“Yeah, it’s not much but....” you trail off as Pepa makes her way to the small staircase in the living room that curls upwards to a loft. 
“What’s up here?” she asks, looking at you with a foot raised above the first step, as if looking for permission to ascend. Your hands jump to your hair, and you mutter something so quietly, Pepa leans closer and asks, “What was that?”
“My room,” you say again, louder and Pepa smiles, before scampering up the staircase. You hurry after her, and once you’re at the top, you find your new friend looking at the line of baby photos you had pinned to the wall above your bed. 
“Are these all you?” Pepa asks glancing over her shoulder as you walk towards her. Furiously messing with your braid and lowering your gaze, you nod. 
“You’re so cute,” Pepa marvels and with a jolt, you feel her fingers brush your hair away from your face. 
Lost for words, your face burns as you open and close your mouth a few times before stuttering, “Th...thank y...you.”
Pepa laughs again, and then hooks her arm through yours again and pulls you towards the staircase. 
“Vamos, let’s get the books for your Mamá,” she says, and bounds down the stairs, golden skirt flying. You catch yourself staring transfixed at the way her red braid swings as she moves. When she turns and catches you staring, you start, and trying to cover up being caught, you rush down the stairs to join her. Just as your about to reach the bottom, your foot catches on the corner of your skirt, which in your haste, you forgot to pick up, and suddenly, you find yourself free falling. 
“Well hello, lovely,” Pepa smirks as she catches you. You realize that she’s got you in a dip position and your arms have found their way around her neck. 
“You know, Y/N, if you wanted me to hold you, you could just ask.” 
“O...oh, n..no, that’s not what, I..I didn’t m..mean.”
Pepa effectively cuts you off by, quick as lighting, pulling you up to her and brushing a kiss onto your cheek. You face goes completely slack and you stare at her for a moment, before she pulls you back up to your feet, takes your hand and twirls you around. You let out a laugh, and when she releases your hand, you run to get the books your mamá wanted. You miss the way Pepa smiles at you as you run to the storage room. You miss the way a rainbow blinks into existence right above the redhead as she watches you heave a box into your arms. 
“Can I do anything?” she asks, and you nod. 
“Can you just grab this box here, please.”
Pepa reaches down and picks up the box you had gestured to, before following you out of the shop and back up the road towards the market. The two of you fall again into amiable silence as you walk the last block to the market. 
“Hola Mamá,” you say as you put the box down behind the stand and direct Pepa to do the same. 
“Hola, Querida,”your mamá turns around and wipes her hands off as she sees Pepa.
“Hola Señorita Madrigal, I didn’t expect to see you today.” 
Your mother turns her gaze to you, questioningly and you hurry to say, “Mamá, this is my friend, Pepa Madrigal. Pepa, this is mi Madre.” 
“Encantada, Señora.” Pepa holds out her hand and your mamá shakes it. 
“Mamá, Pepa was helping me carry the books from the shop today.” you say and your mamá smiles at the two of you, before ushering you away from the booth. 
“I can manage the booth for a while longer, you and your friend go have fun,” she says, already bending down to open the boxes you brought. 
“Gracias, Señora,” Pepa smiles, and then, almost as an afterthought, adds, “My siblings and I would love to have you and Y/N over for dinner tomorrow night at our Casita?” She leaves the sentence open ended, like a question. Your mother looks between you and Pepa for a few seconds before replying. 
“Thank you, Pepa, we’d be delighted.” 
Pepa grins, and then she’s got her arm through yours again and is pulling you back over to her sister’s stand.  
Julieta smiles as you approach and waves you around to the back of the booth, where she’s set up a couple pillows to sit on and relax. You and Pepa both flop down, legs and arms splaying out. Julieta shakes her head, smiling at your antics and then turns to give the village carpenter an Arepa for his injured hand. When she’s done and there is a lull in injured people needing her food, Julieta comes round to the back of the table to join you. Pepa pushes herself up until she’s sitting with her back pressed against one of the wooden columns under which Julieta set up her booth, and looks tentatively at her sister.
“So I may have invited Y/N and Y/N’s mother to dinner tomorrow,” she says, staring up at her sister with big doe eyes.
Julieta laughs and ruffles Pepa’s hair causing the redhead to duck away and bring her hand to her brow in a swoon.
“Oh no, ayúdame, I am being attacked by a horrible kitchen beast,” she proclaims loudly and then faints to the side, her head coming to rest in your lap, legs swinging round onto Julieta.
Her sister laughs and says how great it would be to have you and your mother over, and then spots a group of people sporting all manner of injury. She quickly shuffled out from under Pepa’s legs and stands, leaving the two of you alone. You sit in silence, watching Julieta work, fingers absentmindedly coming up to card through Pepa’s hair while the redhead plays lightly with the end of your braid. As the evening wears on, the two of you sit together behind Julieta’s stall and talk.
When the sun finally dips behind the mountains around the Encanto, the two of you rise to help Julieta pack up the leftover food of the day, and cover the table, closing up before dinner.
Pepa turns to you and smiles, Julieta already having taken off back up the road to La Casita.
“Hasta luego Cariño,” she says and before she can turn fully away, you muster enough courage to step forward and brush a kiss across her cheek.
She smiles and touches the place where you’re had just been, then turns and strolls away, as you, your face still burning from the nickname, make your way back to the shop, and home, thinking of tomorrow and your dinner at la Casa Madrigal.
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blackravenart · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepa is slowly becoming my favourite character to draw, I love how they designed her, she has just so many expressions!
plus she‘s super hot
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bogginswritings · 17 days ago
imagine if Pepa had a bad dream, resulting in her waking up in distress and creating a thunderstorm in response; only to be shushed and told to keep calm because people were annoyed with the sudden rain.
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literatureisdying · 14 days ago
guys i have a problem
my type is literally gingers
every girl i find hot on tiktok or in real life is a redhead
someone help
like i love y'all so much but it is so incredibly funny to me that gingers are my type
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lariskapargitay · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Alma really saw her daughter having an anxiety attack literally sitting there freezing and not able to do anything about it because her house is literally crumbling around them and they might all lose their powers, and instead of comforting her she just told her to calm down. Alma was a bitch
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theshowbear · 15 days ago
passes out
pretend I can draw hair ..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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