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hauntedomens · a month ago
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words from mystery of love by sufjan stevens
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did you get enough love, my little dove
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why do you cry
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and I’m sorry I left
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but it was for the best
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though it never felt right
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my little Versailles
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predatory-w-a-s-p · a month ago
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Merry Christmas🎄
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gghostdoll · 18 days ago
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spirit of my silence, I can hear you
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ocaptainmycaptainsworld · 6 months ago
Raise your right hand, tell me you want me in your life. Or raise your red flag, Just when I want you in my life.
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fitzgeraldreams · 2 years ago
a playlist of mine
wassup fuckers. i am here to recommend/share some songs i usually play (or ya know, songs that i just love to listen) on my spotify playlist and because i can't live without music:
Somebody Else — The 1975
Robbers — The 1975
Make You Mine — PUBLIC
Vision of Gideon — Sufjan Stevens
Apocalypse — Cigarettes After Sex
Chivalry Is Dead — Trevor Wesley
Mystery of Love — Sufjan Stevens
Futile Devices — Sufjan Stevens
Sweater Weather — The Neighbourhood
Daddy Issues — The Neighborhood
Swim — Chase Atlantic
Buttercup — Jack Stauber
Slow Down — Mac Ayres
If We Have Each Other — Alec Benjamin
Pretty Girl — Clairo
Flaming Hot Cheetos — Clairo
Into It — Chase Atlantic
Calvin's Joint — Mac Ayres
Jesus In LA — Alec Benjamin
UGH! — The 1975
Affection — Cigarettes After Sex
Chicago — Sufjan Stevens
Visions of Gideon — Sufjan Stevens
Girls Like Girls — Hayley Kiyoko
Sincerity Is Scary — The 1975
K. — Cigarettes After Sex
10,000 Emerald Posts — BØRNS
Rose-Colored Boy — Paramore
Electric Love — BØRNS
American Money — BØRNS
Apocalypse Dreams — Tame Impala
Holland — Sufjan Stevens
Cinnamon — Hayley Williams
Antichrist — The 1975
Cinnamon Girl — Lana Del Rey
Doin' Time — Lana Del Rey
Dog Days Are Over — Florence + The Machine
comethru — Jeremy Zucker
Blue Jeans — Lana Del Rey
The Less I Know The Better — Tame Impala
Lost In Yesterday — Tame Impala
Eugene — Sufjan Stevens
Should Have Known Better — Sufjan Stevens
for him. — Troye Sivan
Give Yourself A Try — The 1975
The greatest — Lana Del Rey
Fuck it I love you — Lana Del Rey
Queen of Peace — Florence + The Machine
Ship To Wreck — Florence + The Machine
Take Me To Church — Hozier
NFWMB — Hozier
Happiness — Rex Orange County
Sunflower — Rex Orange County
Cool Kids — Echosmith
Jacksonville — Sufjan Stevens
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. — Sufjan Stevens
Love It If We Made It — The 1975
Love song — Lana Del Rey
Mariners Apartment Complex — Lana Del Rey
WILD — Troye Sivan
YOUTH — Troye Sivan
HEAVEN — Troye Sivan
Thinkin' Bout You — Frank Ocean
Video Games — Lana Del Rey
Forrest Gump — Frank Ocean
Chanel — Frank Ocean
National Anthem — Lana Del Rey
Pink + White — Frank Ocean
I Couldn't Be More In Love — The 1975
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) — The 1975
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) — The 1975
Narcissist — No Rome, The 1975
Norman fucking Rockwell — Lana Del Rey
Strawberries & Cigarettes — Troye Sivan
Young and Beautiful — Lana Del Rey
Art Deco — Lana Del Rey
Yellow Hearts — Ant Saunders
Video Games — Lana Del Rey
Sanctuary — JOJI
Pumped Up Kicks — Foster the People
Me and You Together Song — The 1975
A Change of Heart — The 1975
The Sound — The 1975
The Birthday Party — The 1975
Rose-Colored Boy — Paramore
Be My Mistake — The 1975
South London Forever — Florence + The Machine
death bed — Powfu feat. beabadobee
Frail State of Mind — The 1975
Dance, Baby! — boy pablo
Everytime — boy pablo
Chocolate — The 1975
Girls — The 1975
Casimir Pulaski Day — Sufjan Stevens
Vale — Graham Coxon
13 Beaches — Lana Del Rey
10/10 — Rex Orange County
Maniac — Conan Gray
Crush Culture — Conan Gray
Paris — The 1975
Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby — Cigarettes After Sex
Sick Feeling — boy pablo
Losing You — boy pablo
Talking To The Moon — Bruno Mars
At Seventeen — Janis Ian
Lover Boy — Phim Viphurit
Run — JOJI
hope u enjoy these recommendations! ;)))
*i will edit if i added more songs.
Above is the playlist for you to enjoy and listen. 😊
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moonfables · 3 months ago
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keenzonksaladbagel · 28 days ago
I hope you enjoy and share :)
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honeyysoup · 14 days ago
babe it's 11:00 time to cry to sufjan stevens
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baabyy · 5 months ago
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berry-hound · a year ago
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Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed
- 1 Corinthians 15-51
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digitalpillagers · 10 months ago
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now is the envy of all of the dead.
-Emily, world of tomorrow (Hertzfeldt)
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nyymphaeea · 6 months ago
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someone on yt
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predatory-w-a-s-p · 5 months ago
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Sufjan Stevens in black and white🖤🤍
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caramba-caramba · a month ago
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athenasdumbchild · a year ago
"Fuck you my child is fine " your child listens to Sujan Stevens on repeat.
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kendasampige · 3 months ago
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I went looking for clay pots ( with me folks ) for our garden and ended up finding this cute shop. I really felt grateful that MY city had a store like this.
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pipsqueak1507 · a year ago
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Crying to Sufjan Stevens hits different
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wastedmylifeplayingdumb · 2 years ago
I can’t believe people think sufjan stevens is a real person and not just a gust of cold wind that hits you in the back of the neck during late November nights
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lingonberryjamistakenwhat · 3 months ago
Sufjan always knows how to give me the feelz
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