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#i love that he is like this
ofswordsandpens2 months ago
I love the scene in pride and prejudice 2005 where Elizabeth is running for her life from the Darcy estate and Darcy catches up with her right before she can escape but I would kill for another perspective shot of Darcy because you don鈥檛 actually get to see Darcy run聽after her, but you can hear his footsteps on the stairs and then he鈥檚 suddenly there in the frame striding up to her and I just know that man flew聽down those steps. Elizabeth had the聽entire full staircase head start, Darcy no where in sight, then you can suddenly hear him tearing down the stairs in a span of like two seconds max which tells me he聽was absolutely leaping down those stairs like four steps at time just to catch up with her. absolute insanity.
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bauliya8 months ago
Tumblr media
fma fandom we need to talk. bradley literally looks like this, does Sexy Gymnast Swordfighting, loves his wife, HOW is he not the most crushed on character in the series??? how????
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bastardbvby21 days ago
so today on stream foolish was sent a folder of letters and fanart from children in the hospital by one of his chat members who worked with them in the pediatric unit during the height of the pandemic and i think it鈥檚 easy for us to forget the actual impact these streamers have on people but listening to these kids messages just made me so emotional and happy !!!!!!
a lot of these children weren鈥檛 able to see their family or even have visitors and the worker talked about how watching his streams was sometimes the only thing that could make the kids smile that day and all of the kids commented on how kind and funny foolish was and how they loved to dance along with him whenever he played the shift song and it鈥檚 just so incredibly sweet because a lot of people can and will try to write off minecraft streamers and streamers in general but it鈥檚 like it doesn鈥檛 matter if it doesn鈥檛 bring you joy cause somewhere out there is someone who appreciates and loves the content and idk it was just a really wholesome moment and i can鈥檛 even describe how happy i am that foolish has this type of platform to spread so much positivity into the world :鈥)
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