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#i love that idea
that--unusual-person · 5 months ago
Loki and Kars team up. I want them to win over that dumb grape Thanos.
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elareine · 11 months ago
hey, hi! here a request: Robin or Red Hood Jay/Talon Tim. :)
Talon is a ruthless killer. Jason has watched him take out the Court’s enemies without so much as blinking. The younger man is methodical, skilled, strategical, and—most dangerous of all—patient. 
He’s also touch-starved. 
Jason discovers the fact by accident. They’re both attacking a new Penguin stronghold outside of Gotham; it’s one of these occasions where they find themselves on the same side and roll with it. Their hiding spot is small, though, forcing their shoulder and thighs to press together. 
Jason expects a knife in his ribs any second. Instead, he gets Talon, tensing and then, all of a sudden, relaxing against him. The other man is still wearing his stupid glasses, but… There’s something about the curve of his mouth, the way his jaw drops slightly… 
Jason doesn’t move, and Talon stays pressed against him in perfect silence until they have to leave and blow some shit up. 
Curious, Jason seeks Talon out again. The next time they discuss a map, he leans over the shorter man and presses a hand to his back, all casual-like. And there it is again: Talon shudders, and he pushes back into Jason’s hand even as his voice doesn’t waver. 
After that, it’s like Jason can’t stop. They run into each other more and more often (and it’s not just him, Jason doesn’t think), and every time, he finds an excuse to touch Talon, and every time, Talon lets him. 
Slowly, a plan forms. 
Over the years, Jason has arranged himself with the Court. They tolerate him because eliminating him would do more damage than good. In return, Jason’s never come up with a plan that gave him more of a 15% chance at victory. There is plenty of other big fish to fry in Gotham, so he’s concentrated on them. 
Now, though, he’s been offered a chance at the exact thing he’s needed: Someone on the inside. 
Jason has no prospects with the oldest Talon—the one who was once a circus performer—because everyone knows how loyal he is to the head of the Court. He thought the same about his Talon but… apparently not. 
Red Hood stays in Gotham almost exclusively, by now, because he can’t stand how Talon looks when he’s left alone for weeks. The effect his closeness has on the other man is startling. Talon even starts joking around him, talking more in a week than Jason’s heard from him over the years. It’s like a drug to Jason: the rush of taming a wild thing, gaining its trust. 
And then, Talon seeks him out. Jason, not Red Hood. 
It should be terrifying to have an assassin standing in his living room, but… Talon looks pale and he’s shivering, and Jason doesn’t think twice about pulling him down to the couch with him. 
“You’re icy,” he murmurs, grabbing a blanket and throwing it over them both. 
“Mr. Freeze” is the only explanation he gets. Jason is sure that’s not the full story, but he nods and slings an arm around Talon’s narrow shoulders. 
They sit in silence. Jason’s idly considering turning the tv back on when Talon shifts and says: “I’m warm.” 
“So?” Jason squeezes his shoulder. “You don’t need to move, Talon.” 
“Tim.” Talon’s voice is soft and almost sleepy, and Jason isn’t entirely sure he meant to tell him that. 
“Okay, Tim,” he whispers. “It’s okay. Just stay like this, hmm?” 
The assassin nods, and Jason feels him grow even heavier against his side, going boneless as all the tension seems to leave him. Carefully, Jason lifts his other hand, pulls Talon’s—Tim’s—head to his shoulder, and then just… lets it stay here, hands carding through Tim’s hair. 
The tenderness in the gesture surprises even him. 
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blackened-misery · 4 months ago
Men with long hair?
Y e s
Let me pull it-
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buffyann23 · 6 months ago
“I’m not saying that this is going to happen, but [Arrowverse EP] Greg [Berlanti] and I always felt that when Grant [Gustin] decides to depart the show, it’d be hard to imagine a scenario other than ‘Batman comes home to Joker,’ and Flash and Reverse Flash settle things. It’d be hard to imagine a different storyline — and that’s all I’m going to say right now."
- Tom Cavanagh (TVLine 06/03/21)
Tumblr media
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fluffallamaful · 2 months ago
Also, sex havers group calls regularly ending in "Alright thats it. I'm gonna call Dream/Sapnap." with George already scrambling to lock his door & giggling in anticipation just hearing that "threat" 3/3 -Juno
🥺🥺 nawwwwww this!!!!!
G: “what are you going to do quackity?! what. are. you. going. to do?!?!”
Q: “i’m gonna fucking, tell dream to get his arse down here is what i’m gonna fucking do.”
G: “what wait no!!”
*phone call sounds from karls bubbles*
*answer sound*
S: “whats up?”
K: “heyy.. yeah sap? you think you can uh, make your way over to georges room for a little pest control eh?”
gogy eyes widen, desperately flicking off his headphones, spinning in his chair and racing to slam his door shut. only dreams already there!!?? apparently there was not a moment of hesitation once quackity’s text came through, offering an opportunity to wreck gogy
D: “were you trying to lock me out, georgie~?”
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seekerquest · a month ago
What if: Seekerquest, but it's VHS horror
(Fuck. That'd be so cool.)
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crescent-oreo-icecream · 8 months ago
i think of my blog as like a little tiny house. a cozy house. with warm lanterns. and it looks steampunky. and theres little frogs hopping around sometimes. inside theres a jar you drop your likes in and little papers with reblog icons om it that you take to reblog a post. :]
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jangofctts · 9 months ago
Lhkjfhf I feel like if you made like... a uquiz to see either which sunburst squad character are you or which one would date you, we'd all collectively lose our shit. I'm not saying you should one way or the other. I just realized that your boys are popular enough that people would love it
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souichioneshots · 5 months ago
this is kinda nasty- but hshhhs I'd make a necklace with his baby teeth if he gave me some
Oh man… that’s so….. n-nasty🥴
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merhige · 18 days ago
actually, i like that linda doesn't have a maiden name, that she just appeared out of nowhere as arthur's religious wife, just to be horrifically, vampirically transformed into A Shelby - this is who she is, this is who she will die as.
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v1rtuouscontract · 3 months ago
me n sebastian having a cat and pet frogs <3
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izupie · a year ago
Post ch 2 Reddie fics are either
Eddie and Richie move in together and get a pomeranian
Eddie and Richie move in together and get a dog that is the furthest away from a pomeranian a dog can be
There is no in between
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ALSO did I ever tell you that I put a worm on a string coming down from the ceiling over my bed so I've just got a worm floating midair over me bed?
Worm on string is so powerful he is suspended above you as you slumber. You are at his mercy the whole night.
I need me a worm on string to protect me at night /srs 😔
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deans-honeybee · 9 months ago
question for destiel fans who read this: i know how i would want cas to propose to dean (with the cowboy hat ring box lolol) but i wanna hear y’all’s headcanons as to the situation it occurs in and what they’d say— do you think dean would propose to cas? would they propose in the bunker? somewhere else? i have an art idea but i have gaps in my story so i wanna discuss with you all ☺️
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spencecreates · 3 months ago
I miss Ronan and Thane
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missmitchieg · a year ago
Hmmm, yall remember the reputation era when miss Taylor gave us two very different music videos for one song, Delicate? What if she decided to do the same thing with cardigan after blessing us with betty and cruel august music videos?
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fangirl-616 · 11 months ago
I can make server and make it so you can't speak but you can read in the public hangout lobby and will only pass on messages that are spoiler free gnsjhmdnh
Ooooh, interesting,,, I would love that actually! I can look at the people screaming at me,, as long as the 4 spoiler people promise not to give out any themselves-
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crocwork-clockodile · 7 months ago
So I’ve just learned that “Romantic Academia” is a thing...
Do I have a new aspirational aesthetic...?
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