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#i love their relationship so so so much

season 1 zuko: he is a very powerful and wise bender, the master of the four elements, i must be careful (derogatory)

season 3 zuko: this fucking idiot? this absolute moron? this complete dumbass? this- (affectionate)

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I love when yoonmin bicker because jimin has the cutest smile he loves the little cutie

yoonmin r always so happy to be bickering with each other, they find it so much fun and my heart just 💘😭

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‘Since I’ve found you again, I’ve been thinking about the past… and your mother. (…) Now I’m ready to face the future with you, together, father and son. (…) I’m really going to try to spend more time with you, I’ll come to all your games and I promise - if you need me, I’ll never be far.’

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their relationship is one of my fave things ever, but i can’t wait for sansa to push petyr the fuck outta the moon door

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Akgün Gökalp Taşkın and Selim Kara | Son Yaz (2021- )

You’re a strange man, Prosecutor. Actually, we’re similar, I mean, you’re all alone, I’m all alone. The only difference is I have no other choice and your family is there, safe and sound, but you choose to be alone.

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checking into tumblr to see if any of the m9 died tonight so i can watch with appropriate expectations now that i’m not busy anymore and it’s really hitting me that practically no one i followed for cr stuff a year and a half ago watches it anymore :’( thus the cruel nature of fandom marches on

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given its storied past, lavender has gathered many meanings since its discovery. generally, it is said to represent serenity, calm, grace, and elegance. the gentle hue and aroma is supposed to soothe and delight the receiver of the flower. for victorians, though, lavender was meant to symbolize either distrust or loyalty. it would be given in bouquets solely consisting of the small, delicate flower. a representation of how fragile some loyalties can be or, if given a large bouquet, to represent how much devotion the giver has for the recipient. another interpretation was that the bouquet was to express an insecurity or questioning of the giver’s own loyalty - from actions past, present, or future - and to signify a remorse or request forgiveness for the uncertainty. a fitting representation, perhaps, that even the smallest actions can carry the heaviest of burdens.

#the terror#theterroredit#henry le vesconte#Henry Thomas Dundas Le Vesconte#DUNDY#let the record show that I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART YOUR HONOR#aight imma jump right into this loyal unflappable fun loving absolute unit#as essentially jfj second and best mate he - however in the background - is always there - a constant companion and confidant to James#he is an advisor as much as a friend especially when james has to take over when francis is in withdrawal and dundy is there through it all#supporting and guiding and managing james when it gets too be too much for him bc he KNOWS james they’ve been through war together#and he’s so chill about sir john’s passing (again as a ‘minor’ character they don’t show him much)#but i can’t help but HC that dundy couldn’t stand sir john and was waiting (inevitably perhaps) until francis or james took over#esp. with the way he ‘salutes’ francis after sir john dies THIS MAN IS A WHOLE ASS VIBE#he’s seriously so chill in almost every scene we get except carnivale where he’s a party animal - a real benjo boi if you will#but that’s not why you’re here so let’s get to the tragedy which is after jame’s falls during the haul#we get the briefest moment where we’re ROBBED of his expression by those damn (sick af) sunglasses but his body language reads#absolute concern and alert because he knows his best friend is getting worse and (i understand why and thank god for fitzier) we are robbed#of an interaction between then because their relationship isn’t the one that needed the development - artistic choice - whateva#BUT after james’ death i think he loses all hope - bc james was his rock they’d been through so much together but the one constant wasjames#he could always count on him to be there when they made it out of whatever trouble they’d gotten themselves into and without james#without his best friend - his brother - there was nothing to stay loyal to anymore - least of all queen or country#and if crozier wasn’t dead - attempting a rescue would most likely result in their deaths so a choice had to be made - the hardest choice#and his only obligation was to live because james demanded so - and he couldn’t fail him - not again - not this time#his decision isn’t about loyalty or bravery or honor or decorum - it is about promise - a dying wish-maybe not made to him but all the same#if james wanted them to survive - if that was his dying wish-then to his last breath henry would try to see that it came true-and he tries#but it wasn’t enough - nothing is enough for this place - a hell that feeds solely on misery and death - it will take and take and take#and it will never be satisfied - but henry tried HE FUCKING TRIED to save the men he could - would james know how hard he tried?#i will never be free#my edits#my stuff
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Bobby actually deserves all the love and happiness in the world. No I wont elaborate I’m just right.

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Do you ever see a hot guy then feel bad for him that his wife is so ugly? Happens to me all the time. WHAT do they SEE in these UGLY wives?! In every relationship there is a reacher and a settler girls. Don’t make the man the settler. It’s just wrong. You should both be hot. At least be hot with a bad personality. But you can’t be UGLY with a bad personality come on.

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“Let’s get him the HEll out of THERE” Is vane just a terrible public speaker or did his actor execute it in the most awkward way possible. I’m so sick of his voice

Also if vanes crew snuck out to charleston to take that ship back…how the hell did they get there from Nassau. I’m just imagining them all swimming there snjsjdjfjkd big old pirate dudes doggy paddling after this spanish man of war.

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