#i love them sm u have no idea <33
inkykeiji · 2 months ago
much love to sd!natsuo and all but touya truly stole the show lmaoo. sorry but i love mean touya, esp this touya. i dont even care if he doesnt want to fuck the reader i just like fucking WITH reader. esp cause reader's so bratty too. i cant describe it but its like, such a good combo cause she makes it so much fun to rile her up and natsuo truly wont do ANYTHING haha. love the dynamic so much. and shouto and reader dogging on touya while toua's listening in plotting on reader's downfall LOOOL
NO NO NO MAY I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AGREE 100% he is one of my favourite touya iterations i've ever written and my best friend can attest to this as she's heard me go off about him a million and one times aaaah i love him SO much!!!! he's such a jerk <3 big mean brother touya <333 genuinely sadistic and evil to his core <33333 i am so so so glad that you enjoy the dynamic as much as i do!!! there's so much more i want to write + explore with them eeeeee i'm hoping to do it in the summer (since my sd!nat universe just reminds me of summer HAHAHA it's like,,, perpetually summer in that universe i swear <3)
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angeladore · a month ago
Hii! If it’s ok with you, may I request the om!brothers reactions to the gn!reader squishing their cheeks together, please?
𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲: fluff!
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴: brothers x GN!Reader
𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗲: hello! i love this request sm thank u <33
Tumblr media
• You and Lucifer we’re sitting together on a couch in his room
• “Hey Lucifer! Look at me please.” You say and he looks towards you with a raised eyebrow
• You grab his cheeks and squish them
• He goes wide eyed and stares at you, he kind of took that a bit too personal but he smiled at your reaction
• “You truly are cute MC, but please do not do this in public and keep this between us.”
• If you look hard enough he’s actually slightly blushing
• Secretly likes it because of your cute reaction to his cheeks squished
Tumblr media
• “Heya MC! Ya wanna go out with the great mammon?-“
• You nod and grab his face before, he blushes a lot
• “MC what are ya doin-?!!”
• You grab his cheeks and squish them, looking at him he’s pouting while blushing
• His reaction is so cute lmao
• Turns red as a tomato and looks away
• His cheeks are really smooth which makes it even better
• “Ya can’t just do that out of no where..”
• Of course you can ;)
• He actually really enjoys it when you do it and leans into your touch even more
Tumblr media
• You guys were playing video games, and as soon as you guys paused the game for a mini break you reached for his face and squished his cheeks
• Turns into tomato 2.0 with steam going out of his ears
• “MC?! W-what are you doing?..”
• Almost faints
• Turns into a tomato whenever you do it to him
• Will hide away if you bring the moment up in public
Tumblr media
• You two were reading a book together in his room before you turned around and smushed his cheeks together
• Kinda just stares at you and laughs it off with a blush forming on his cheeks
• “MC, where’d you get this idea from?”
• Will do it back to tease you
• He almost dies because your so cute when he grabs your cheeks and squish them
Tumblr media
• You and Asmo were planning shopping but then you had a great idea in mind
• “Asmo~ come here for a second?”
• He smiles and comes closer to you, then you grab his cheeks and squish them
• “Awh MC darling, you’re so cute”
• Will definitely squish yours backs and probably take a photo and upload it (with your consent)
• Thinks you’re the cutest thing to ever exist
Tumblr media
• for some reason i feel like he has chubby cheeks 🤔
• You were watching him eat and once he finished you grabbed his cheeks
• Blushes and looks at you confused because he thinks he has something on his face
• His cheeks are so soft and a bit chubby so it’s even cuter than expected
• “MC do i have something on my face?” “No.” “Oh..”
• When he smiles as you grab his cheeks it just melts your heart
Tumblr media
• Sleepy baby fell asleep on your lap and you had the urge to smush his cheeks
• You grab his cheeks and squish them, he slowly wakes up but he’s still half asleep and confused
• “Oh hey MC,, your hands are so warm..”
• Leans into your touch
• He has some blush on his cheeks and might even fall back asleep
• He’s so adorable when he’s half asleep with his cheeks squished
Tumblr media
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drakenluvrr · 8 months ago
small things they do for you that becomes a habit for them
Tumblr media
- draken 
ties ur shoes before u guys leave the house
you always tell him you can do it yourself and that it’s okay but he always tells you
“shut up. i got it.” while looking up at you with a smile
if he sees anything that you normally use or have and it’s gone he’ll buy it for you and just put it back in ur house without saying anything
puts food on ur plate literally always when you guys are out in an event
he doesn’t care that you’re “not hungry” u better feast up 😭
makes u walk in front of him on a narrow sidewalk that has no space for two people so he can see and make sure ur safe and won’t have to worry abt someone grabbing u or something 😭
whenever u ask him why he does this bc u wanna see his face when u talk he just goes
“don’t worry about it. anyways u were saying sum about dead pigeons?”
Tumblr media
- mitsuya
y’all will literally almost never be late if it has anything to do with picking out clothes
if u have no idea what to wear mitsuya instantly picks a cute and nice outfit for u to wear and then y’all r out the door
goes window shopping whenever he’s around stores and thinks of a way he can recreate that outfit for you and make it look even better
has a hand on you somewhere literally EVERY single time you come to a toman meeting
he wants to make sure that ur comfortable and even if you are 100% completely and utterly fine with whatever they’re talking about, his hands never leave ur side
he also reads ur body language as well
you could be rlly subtle abt being uncomfortable in a setting
if you’re with people he excuses you two and makes up an excuse and leave
or if it’s just you two he’ll ask you what’s wrong
while walking away from wherever you two were
Tumblr media
- mikey
carries snacks in his pockets but not in the way he usually does
theres one pocket for him and another pocket for you
whenever he senses ur feeling sad he’ll just pull out one of ur favorite snacks and give it to u
he also gives some of his snacks when u run out even tho it kills him because he loves u sm <3
avoids fighting as much as possible around you
mikey is the leader of a gang and he has a fuck ton of enemies or just people that wanna challenge the invincible mikey
but around you he tries his best to avoid fighting but sometimes it’s just out of his control 🤷🏾‍♀️
goes on bike rides with you when you can’t sleep
tries to buy u everything that u even look at for more than 2 seconds even if he most certainly can’t afford it 😭
“babe do you want this?? i’ll get it for you.”
“it’s literally 200 bucks mikey.”
he’d literally be carrying 5 bucks max on him please 😭
oh well it’s the thought that counts <33
Tumblr media
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notonehorangdan · 7 days ago
look i would write it myself but i am currently suffering from no motivation and ideas disease so.. soft dom sunghoon (i am so so so in love with him u dont understand) x afab reader perhaps?? maybe something involving orgasm play or reader recieving - thank u sm in advance if u decide to take it omg
I just saw this so I'm sorry for the very late reply <33
Horknee details below 👇🏼
"Does my baby like when i tease her just like this?" Thrusting himself painfully slowly inside you, he dropped the fingers on his left hand under the space below your breasts before slowly dragging them across your stomach.
The action pleasurable, albeit confusing, wasn't anything new to you.
Your boyfriend is a cheeky fuck, and he owns it, but...
He does EVERYTHING to make you feel loved and comfortable in your own skin.
And he makes that very known.
"Pay no mind to me baby, I'm appreciating what's mine."
The said words, enhanced by the feeling of him, made you shiver from the sheer surprise.
You stopped his hand as he reached your clit, moreso as a sign than anything else.
"p-please" was all you could say, the words straining from your parched throat.
"mmm? Please.... what, love?" Wearing an incredulous look on his face, he faked his innocence, pretending like he couldn't possibly understand what you meant.
"P-please go fa-"
"Awww, is this not enough for you? Does my baby want more?" He batted his eyelashes at you, the smile on his face growing larger and larger.
"You cheeky fu-AH" The words couldn't fully leave your mouth as your boyfriend gave you a rough thrust, grabbing a hold of both of your hips, his cock sliding in and out of you in a repeating pattern.
"What's wrong- baby- isn't this- what you wanted?" His words were whispered in your ear with every thrust, which made that familiar feeling in your stomach arise as quickly as it started.
"Now- be a good girl- and- open wide." Before you could question what he meant, he took his free hand before putting his fingers into your mouth, slowly dragging your lower jaw open as he let you suck on them.
With every lick you made, he moaned at the feeling and, with every moan, he went faster and faster.
You felt closer and closer to finally reaching your orgasm and he could see it, your fucked out face giving him as many hints as possible.
"Do you wanna cum baby? Is that what you want?"
Yes, yes, yes, was all you wanted to say or moreso scream but, your voice failed you as he gave you no room to answer.
"Words baby.... i need words."
But you couldn't. You couldn't say anything. And he knew that. And he loved that feeling.
As much as you wanted to cum, you knew that he wouldn't just let that happen without him taking something out of it.
"Hmm, i guess I'll just stop-"
"No- please- i-"
"C'mon baby, do you really want me that badly? I need you to say it."
"Yes, of course i do Hoon, just don't stop." Saying the words with all the left over strength you had, you released a gasp as he slammed himself inside you before stilling, not moving one bit.
Kissing your forehead, he gave you his signature toothed smile before responding.
*Ahhhh, there you are love. Was afraid i knocked you out but then again, that'd be a gigantic ego boost for me, huh?" He smirked before pulling out, leaving you as empty as possible.
Dropping to his stomach, he lowered himself down until his mouth levitated right against your dripping heat.
"As much as I'd love to fill you up with my seed, i have a very large need to eat you out until you're trembling under me and, we have a very long night ahead of us so i plan to take my time."
Slowly dropping his mouth on you, you grabbed a fistful of his hair as you rode his face.
And, you best believe his mouth made you arch in more ways than one.
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ffsg0jo · 2 months ago
- a o t g i r l s a s c o u p l e p i c s -
modern au aot x fem reader [mikasa,, sasha,, annie,, pieck]
WARNINGS: food, babies, mildly suggestive, ive tried not to include any specific appearance, but it was kind of unavoidable so please do excuse me for that -- masterlist
a/n: i got inspiration/ this idea from @laiiiin with their kny boys as couple pics post, so please do check them out!! their account is beautiful and they're such a talented human <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
love my goth girl mika sm. such an iconic couple you two are. she's very reserved when it comes to showing her love for you. not too big on pda. she doesn't mind holding your hand and stuff, but things like kissing and cuddling she'd much rather do it in the privacy and comforts of your own homes. that pic of a girl laying down in bed with another girl on top of her doing her makeup is how i see you and mikasa. sis be gripping your hips while you're focusing on her eyeliner and armin would walk into mika's room and just stop in his tracks, seeing you on top of mika, who's rubbing up and down your hips while you're trying to focus on her eyeliner, and just walk out while closing the door behind him. shit's intense and has armin blushing like mad.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i feel like annie is a more lowkey partner. you both love eachother as much as any other couple but you choose to love privately and sincerely. that doesn't mean you don't have fun in public though. the two of you are so lost in your own little world, you silently laughing and annie with a smirk on her face as you struggle to tell her your joke without bursting into full blown laughter. people walking past you can't help but smile watching you two as well; you look so happy together. you were once hanging out on campus, annie smiling at you going in to slowly kiss her when all of a sudden a shocked eren arrives at the scene, gasping loudly and disturbing you. he immediately takes pictures of you two and runs away and later shares it on the gc captioned 'OMGG ANNIE CAN SMILE?!?!?' he got beat by annie the next day ;-;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sasha is literally a best friend and a lover mixed together into one person. there's never a dull moment with her. your entire relationship is basically doing stupid shit together and getting high off of the adrenaline. your relationship with sasha is one full of laughter and giggles and most importantly, food!! most often than not you're joined by both connie and jean, who you don't mind tagging along, occasionally. they're both great fun and the 4 of you make an epic quad. yours and sasha's go to is an all you can eat buffet in which sasha once snorted an entire bowl of ramen, through her nose. you still have the video saved on your phone and my god did it go viral when you posted it. to this day sasha still sometimes sneezes out a long piece of noodle.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
being with pieck is literally going on multiple picnic dates, just to lay down on the soft green grass and cuddle, while occasionally feeding eachother berries or fruits. kids in the play area see you two and wish that they just join you and cuddle with you because you look so warm and inviting together. teens in the park walk past you guys trying to contain their 'aww's and 'so cuuuttteeee's because they wish they had what you and pieck had. there was a time when you two had sat down, after setting everything up and a little toddler crawled onto your blanket with their parent running after them. it places itself onto your lap and you couldn't help but gush over how adorable the baby was and pieck was gushing over how cute you were.
Tumblr media
© ffsg0jo 2022 — do not plagiarise, repost, modify, or translate any of my work, in any way shape or form; i will piss in your cereal if you do. all work belongs to me and me only.
taglist: @dukina -- join my taglist here <33
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renuqi · 7 months ago
If you can... could you write the obey me brothers as dad's? Perhaps headcannons? I would appreciate it 😅 ❤️.
Tumblr media
hi star !! thank you sm for requesting it means a lot to me <33
ALSO THE THOUGHT OF THE DEMON BROTHERS AS DADS ?!?!??! sobbing crying throwing up rn
⤷ lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor
( demon bros ver.| dateables ver. )
warnings: heart breaking fluff guys pls
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] lucifer
‒ business dad™
‒ while he's working he'll have his kid on his lap :(
‒ if you have two, they'll be beside his desk playing w their toys T_T
‒ the best at multitasking !!!
‒ isn't really used to kids but HES TRYING HIS BEST OKAY ITS ALL FOR U
‒ LOVES THEM WITH ALL HIS HEART??? he seemed pretty hesitant on the idea but when he saw them for the first time, they became his whole world.
‒ probably has a book or two about parenting, he cares for you bunch so much he is so scared to fuck it up :(
‒ every gift given to him on fathers day no matter how old ITS ALL ON HIS DESK ON DISPLAY OK HE REFUSES TO THROW THEM OUT.
‒ sometimes you catch him asleep at his desk with your kid and its so cute :(
(other brothers under the cut !)
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] mammon
‒ gnna have spoiled kids deadass
‒ it's okay tho !!!! you try your best to teach them how to have at least some manners...
‒ they still take after their dad tho hehe
‒ prob was super nervous and scared he wasn't going to do a good job but would you look at that!!! your kids couldn't ask for a better dad :(
‒ since their dad always goes out on their birthdays and holidays, on his birthday and every fathers day, it's always something new and impressive (you help them its the sweetest :)
‒ super supportive !!! no matter what your kids decide to pursue or whatever interests they take up, he will be their #1 supporter (crying sobbing throwing up)
‒ IF YOU HAVE A BOY(S) THEY THROW LITTLE PARTIES (frat boy in training good fucking bye)
‒ will savour every moment of bonding time he can get !!! he loves them so much
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] leviathan
‒ this one's kinda hard </3
‒ panicking in the emergency room oops
‒ what experience does he have with children ?!??!?! the npc's in his game ?!>!!?!??!?!
‒ deadass questions his life choices... NOT TO WORRY THO HE MAKES AN AMAZING DAD
‒ his fav way of bonding with them is binging a new anime he found !!!
‒ he shows them his manga and games and they become addicted </3
‒ you may or may not be jealous bc he never called them a normie when they hadn't heard about one of his interests
‒ it's okay tho it means he's growing and he's super supportive of his kids !!!!
‒ if he had a daughter he'd feel super guilty about the ways he used to view his favourite fictional female characters
‒ it's a growing experience for him !!!
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] satan
‒ has a whole section for 'parenting 101' books in his personal library
‒ has another section dedicated to baby books...
‒ if i may he prob has a whole wall of just pictures, guides, their gifts, bedtime stories, etc.
‒ ur kids would be so smart !!! they depend more on him than their own teacher T_T
‒ practically their personal tutor,,, they always ask him for help and you find it so cute how he sits them down and explains how to solve the problem.
‒ he works extra, extra hard to control his wrath, esp when he's teaching them and they don't get it :( pls do not discredit him,,, he is trying his best
‒ most of the time you'll find them coupled up in his library, while he's reading them a book to teach them bigger vocabulary PLS
‒ before bed, he always brings them a HUGE PILE of books to choose from, because of his vast selection in his library he never has to re-read them!!
‒ akuzon is his best friend,,, always finds the best children's books on there <33
‒ he is such a great dad !! he is so much more than his wrath and he is so glad his kids know that <3
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] asmodeus
‒ is ecstatic when he found out he was going to be a dad
‒ treats them like they are gold,,, they are always pampered and treated like literal ROYALTY
‒ if you have a girl THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS OMFG PLS
‒ thinking abt it is the cutest thing ??? he takes her out shopping and buys her the prettiest of clothes :(((
‒ loves holding the baby !!! he's so proud of himself and you <3
‒ spa days w his kids r his favourite way of bonding
‒ has a specific day every other week where they go to a spa, get their hair done, and their nails.
‒ is AMAZING at picking out gifts he always puts so much thought into it
‒ he DOES NOT put his phone down he LOVES filming the little moments <3
‒ does not regret ANYTHING AT ALL he loves you all with all of his heart and adores them
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] beelzebub
‒ super, super, super excited !!!!
‒ the baby fits just right in his arms,,, perfect for snuggling :(((
‒ super protective if anyone hurts your kids,,, THEY'LL GET SHOVED 6 FEET DOWN
‒ your kids see him as a hero seriously,,, they literally think he's a superhero bc he's big and strong its so T_T
‒ so during one years fathers day they created a picture frame and cup with a matching 'our superhero!" on it
‒ has a grocery list saved on his phone with all of their favourite snacks, he always splurges on them though,, just in case he takes some of them
‒ imagine you were having twins ?!?!?!
‒ he would not stop bugging belphie about it !!!
‒ every sunday he would take the kids out for ice cream and then play in the park !! a simple way of bonding but he makes the best of it
Tumblr media
- [ ♡ ] belphegor
‒ hear me out. HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS
‒ if your kid is bawling their eyes out, one hug from him and their problems are solved.
‒ loves to snuggle up when taking a nap!!!
‒ if they come into your room because they had a nightmare, he's offer to cuddle them to sleep hes best
‒ loves buying them pyjamas !!! ONESIES ESPECIALLY
‒ will find a smaller version of his cow pillow to give to his kids CRYING SO HARD
‒ tries to read a bedtime story for them before bed but falls asleep LMFAO
‒ your babies crib becomes his crib too. no joke.
‒ your kids love to make him breakfast in bed!!!!!
Tumblr media
main masterlist <3
obey me masterlist <3
reblogs appreciated !! have a lovely day/night <3
Tumblr media
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spitdrunken · 2 months ago
hiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIII could u do nsfw headcanons for ingo please ??? i’m srry if this is vague but maybe like what kinks he would have or smth ??
btw i’m one of the people who requested the n valentines thing and i loved it sm i love him i am in love with him.!.!.! u described his character really well and not a lot of ppl do well with him since he’s kinda ~mysterious~
ANON... YOU.... you requested n so that means you have great taste,, i’m so glad to hear you liked that little thingy i posted <33!!! (im planning on doing a New n Improved version of the N Valentine's post still sooo <3 look forward to that! tho ur free to send more ask abt him if u wanna~)
okay but!! nsfw ingo hcs!! i can def provide those <33!
notes: no particular warnings :)!
Ingo was a total workaholic back in Unova and, honestly, still is. (Though the reasons behind this have shifted as he was thrown back into the past.) Because of that, he doesn’t have much experience in the way of relationships, even less when it comes to sex. Long story short: Ingo is either a virgin, or his lack of practice combined with memory loss might as well make him one. He jacks off a lot more often than you might expect, though. He’s often so tired and tense, it’s an easy way to get his mind off of things.
You wouldn’t be able to tell if he wanted to have sex with you or not, because he just... Wouldn’t tell you. You could be the object of his fantasies every night and his face would never betray a thing. All his tells are subtle, but he gains a tendency of tugging on the brim of his hat so he doesn’t have to look you in the eye. It doesn’t help that, unless you’re direct, flirting tends to not register to him. You have to tell him if you want anything, because Ingo’s assumption will always be that you don’t. Even if just hugging you makes him feel... Strange... He’ll keep it hidden from you as best as he can. 
You’ll never see him as expressive as while you’re touching him. He just melts. Whenever he cums from your touch, he tears up. Ingo hasn’t gotten all that much physical affection in literal years, and he’s sensitive, shuddering at every little thing. He loves just having your hands on him, or your arms around him. It’s all overwhelming to him, but not in a bad way. Though he’s definitely the type who can cum near untouched, just from having you in his lap and making out or something similar.
This man is loud. Ingo already has trouble with volume control in his daily life, but he makes so much noise during sex that he even notices himself. It’s nothing coheren, mostly moans and whines, with the occasional choppy sentence in between. Ingo loses his train of thought before he can finish any of them. He’s honestly thankful if you stuff your fingers in his mouth. It’s one of the few things that genuinely embarrass him. At least you can always tell when he’s enjoying himself!
Ingo’s not into anything particularly ‘out there’. He’d be just fine with letting you take the lead and, even if you don’t, he’ll still be more into giving pleasure than receiving. (At the very least, he makes sure you get off an equal amount of times!) It’s really nice to him that he’s making you feel good. So much so that you might need to tell him to stop to keep from overstimulating you. Though your first time together will have a lot of fumbling around on his part, it’s not for a lack of trying. Ingo listens eagerly to whatever you tell him to do. He’s willing to go along with quite a lot if you bring it up to him, but he doesn’t want to cause you any pain. It’s simply not appealing to him. 
Other than that though, he’d like praise and/or body worship! Both giving and receiving. Though he’s very squirmy during the latter, and would really take his time with the former. Also, you should definitely sit on his face of you have a vagina. ...Maybe he likes the idea of public sex just a little, but with how loud he is, it’d be near impossible to pull off. He doesn’t want to get caught. He’d hate to think of himself as a pervert.
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flwrsuh · 6 months ago
hihi!! could i get a txt reaction to their s/o getting them promise rings??
txt's reaction to their s/o getting them promise rings!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing ; txt x gn! reader
warnings ; none !
a/n ; this request was so cute and i loved writing it sm! thank u for requesting anon, i hope u like it !! <33
Tumblr media
ੈ♡˳·˖✶ yeonjun. when you tell him your idea of getting promise rings, he would have the biggest smile on his face. he would love this ! he is so committed to you and it would make him really happy to be able to show that to anyone who saw the ring you bought him. same for you, he would love that everybody knows you're taken.
ੈ♡˳·˖✶ soobin. would be thrilled. loves that you're committed to the relationship like he is ! you buying him a promise ring would make him feel so special, and would make him even more secure with you.
ੈ♡˳·˖✶ beomgyu. teases you, but makes sure you know how much he loves the idea. would probably say something about you being obsessed with him enough to want to have matching rings. he would adore this special thing he would share with you. <33
ੈ♡˳·˖✶ taehyun. i've said this before, but i think taehyun would really be one for matching clothes / couple items. he would love the subtlety of it. it would feel more special to him knowing that it was something that was only for the two of you.
ੈ♡˳·˖✶ huening kai. he would love this too ! he would definitely want to help you pick out the rings. i see him making a really cute date out of it to make it even more special for him and his s/o. probably wouldn't ever want to take his off.
Tumblr media
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lovely-keii · 7 months ago
Hey Viv <3
I recently followed your blog and I’m already hooked :)
I would like to put in a request if that’s alright :) I’m currently studying in Uni and I need a bit of motivation. I was hoping you could do “how Haikyuu Characters would treat their pharmacy student GF for working hard”. It could be treating them in any sort it way, feel free to get as creative as you like with it :) I can’t think of any specific treats. I have a couple of exams coming up and this would really help lighten the mood </3. Sorry if this is too vague !!
Thank you sm <3
Characters: Atsumu, Osumu, Kuroo, Iwa & Bokuto
(If you can’t do all characters that’s fine !!)
Tumblr media
Treating Their S/O for Working Hard
Characters: Miya Atsumu, Miya Osamu, Kuroo Tetsurou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
probably more hyped than you are lmaooo
pulls you over for a bunch of kisses and just rolls around the bed hugging you. he’s just so proud of u <33
so much kisses!!! its insane how happy he isss <33
“i love you so much!! you’re awesome!!”
he’s lovesick and it’s obvious <3
although you probably wont get anymore studying done,,hes laying on top of you telling you how cool you are. don’t bet on getting up anytime soon
Tumblr media
pulls you from your work with some treats for you!!
he’s made some of your favorite food <33 and it’s all made to perfection <33
probably gives you some massages too and some head kisses for good measure
he doesn’t know much about what you’re doing but he’s willing to learn some of it and enjoys watching you work.
and when he thinks you’re getting a bit stressed he goes and gets a batch of comfort food for you.
nothing if not the best from miya osamu <3
Tumblr media
no joke, he’s going to hype you up!!!!
he has the tendency to be a workaholic too, so study dates are a must!!! even if he has no idea what you’re doing he likes to observe you work ya know?
it makes him feel productive when you’re productive!! buys you two some drinks and light snacks every hours to make sure you aren’t too stressed
afterwards, he just sits by you and probably falls asleep on your lap
he’s proud of you, no doubts about that, he’s just tired too!! and kind of hopes you go and take a nap to rest too <3
study buddy kuroo <3 <3
Tumblr media
drags you outta there!! in a good, gentle way ofc. no way hajime would ever risk hurting you!!
he takes you out on a date!! nothing too extravagant, maybe a trip to your local coffee shop or to a bakery for some sweets!!
might offer some advice if you’d like it but he won’t push it.
iwa takes good care of u!! bc he absolutely adores you
likes to ask about what you’re studying and tries his very best to understand <3
Tumblr media
so proud of you!! bb will be twirling you around and giving you big kisses!
takes you anywhere you wanna go, gets you anything you wanna get!!
he spoils you so much!!! snacks, movies, dates, shopping, anything you want
he likes to listen to your explanations about what you’re doing and he kind of wants to try for himself too!!
he likes hanging out with you and this time he does absolutely anything to make you smile <3333
Tumblr media
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neptune-midheaven · a year ago
💓 Astro Notes PT 4 ! 💓
+i’m back!! i’ll be posting more ever since school ended for me recently, expect a lot more posts going in-depth about each placement!! thank u all so much for being patient, love to you all <33. enjoy these highly generalized observations haha+
*Having your chart ruler in the social houses, 1st, 7th, 10TH, 11TH, sometimes 3rd is a sign of popularity, someone who works well with people, people naturally liking them, seeing them as friendly people, the planet of the chart ruler just affects the exact energy, how it’s expressed what they’re popularrr FOR. Even if it’s pluto the person will still be a magnetic and intense influence in this area. 
*Moon-uranus aspects can become addicted to their phones or the internet as the person emotionally depends on technology, it’s more exemplified with the harsher, tighter aspects.
*It’s possible for aquarius and gemini venuses to identify as asexual, they’re more likely to prefer more mentally stimulating romances rather than sexual encounters, detached natures in their relationships can be the root for this. This is a highly generalized opinion however, it could manifest far differently for ANYONE.
*Pluto in 1st conjunct the ascendant creates intenseee people, they draw a lot of people to them, everyone has their attention.
*People who have part of fortune in their 8th house live a long life, they have luck with escaping death.
*Multiple capricorn placements and the risings especially are veeeinyy, skinny and bony.
*Jupiter in 10th have a reputation for being jolly, fun and extroverted, travels a lot, their careers have to do with the foreign and studies, they’re especially known for being very educated and big humanitarians.
*Moon in 10th, moon-midheaven is known for crying a lot in public, they’re seen having meltdowns, breakdowns or emotional outbursts now and then.
*Moon-neptune were very close to their mothers at a young age, they always cried when she wasn’t near them.
*Sun-neptune were close to their fathers as children, both of these neptune aspects are dependent on how positive or negative the aspect is, positive denotes positive relations, negative being a sign of abandonment or disconnect from one of the parents or both if the individual has both aspects.
*Moon in leo/5th hate when they can’t express themselves and their emotions.
*Pisces mercury/12th house mercury are more likely to develop speech impediments, stutters. There’s just something unique about how they communicate as well.
*Libra in 6th are lazyy planners, they meet a lot of love interests and get crushes at work.
*You’ll experience strong, irresistible attraction toward the sign ruling your 8th house cusp, almost telepathic. 7th house cusp is the energy of the partners whom you attract, date, fall in love with.
*Neptune/pisces in 11th have friends who try to introduce them to drugs, friends can be toxic, draining depending on the condition of neptune, sorry to taurus and some gemini risings.
*Venus in 10th/11th in a chart automatically makes the person an extrovert, a good social worker.
*How tf do i come up with these.
*Having your 9th house ruler in 5th makes traveling seem like a hobby, a fun activity to you to entertain yourself or something you enjoy. These people want to travel everyday. They’re also lovers of learning, they look for smart, educated partners.
*Having your 2nd house ruler in 9th house means a job that involves traveling, making money over seas.
*Cappy suns are huge huge HUGE social creatures. Or the complete opposite.
*Uranus in 11th can make new friends crazy fast due to uranus’ quick! energy, just like lightning. Online, they can gain followers the same way, but their numbers always fluctuate or become spontaneously unstable ex: follow:like ratio could be out of wack.
*Mars in 12th love playing violent video games, like gta for example.
*Uranus in 4th could have an unstable family life if negatively aspected, a stimulating and revolutionizing one if they’re positive.
*Libra moons feel emotionally satisfied once a tense situation is smoothed over or balanced out, imbalance or chaos puts them on edge.
*Pisces suns can never figure out who they truly are as a person because of so much exposure to so many different things, morphing and adapting changes them sm bc they’re so mutable.
*Aries moons can be seen as people pleasers similar to libra moons, however it’s only in a way that they truly care just like libra, they care passionately about the people they love. This doesn’t necessarily make them people pleasers of course!! It’s only an aries-libra parallel.
*Saturn in 9th have delays in getting their degrees, it’ll become easier for them to graduate college after their saturn return.
*Mercury in 4th//cancer have excellent memories, they often make fantastic historians, someone who can keep track of the past. Real estate, home business/ careers would best suit them. They also have lovely voices 😻.
*Mutable mercuries’ speaking style is highly influenced by others, they can adapt to the specific speaking styles of others, adapt to unique communication styles from other people.
*Aries rising produces the most red heads out of all of the rising signs, next being leo.
*12th house stellium people feel so... watery
*Youll feel more empathetic and connected to those who share your moon sign or 12th house placements, any placement at all as you of course can be nice, understanding and a bit empathetic, however these two are far more potent and unifying.
*Aquarius placements mean you don’t take whatever planet is in this sign or house this sign rules seriously, it creates a sense of detachment from that area or part of your life.
*Contrary to belief, fires moons are more empathetic than water moons.
*Mercury in 12th people, i love y’all so much ughhh, you’re so sweet and gooeyy, ur ideas and mind are so important and gorgeous. Very artistic and soft minds, fragile thoughts that need to be encouraged by others closest to them. They’re usually very smart and especially talented and creative.
*Water moons have THE prettiest eyes, all of them are just gems swirling with colorful, vibrant soul.
*Moon conjunct ascendant can have their moods being visibly shown on their faces or expressions.
*Scorpio moons are intense but very attractive, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of them and their compelling auras.
*Libra risings can experience getting ignored in group settings. Virgo in 12th could promote this as they’re always hard working behind the scenes it’s almost neglected.
*Aquarius risings have this cute, quirky vibe about them which makes you want to be friends with them.
*Your moon in someone else’s 11th house is indicative of the house person feeling as though they can open up to you, that you two understand one another completely. It’s a very open minded and comforting synastry emotionally.
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somewhat-crazy · 4 months ago
Hi! Could I request Jeff and Toby with an s/o who wears glasses and is insecure?
these are short bc its late but i remembered that i do in fact have tumblr
goggle boy
wants to get you a pair of goggles like his but with prescriptions so you can be matching
can do that cute romancy thing where he takes your glasses off and gives you a lil kith on your nose or forehead<33
tbh glasses make him blush bc they look so cute on you sgshdgd
always puts them on to look around and loves saying that he 'finally sees the world through your perspective'
also he will break them many times so probably a good idea to not let him play with them much ;-;
knife smile dude
you're cute, but you're not as cute as him yk /lh
no tbh jeff finds them really hot 👀 like he is looking very r e s p e c t f u l l y
likes watching you push them up the bridge of your nose or adjusting them
jeff actually has good fashion advice lol, so he can help you if you're shopping for glasses with seeing which match your face and vibe
sometimes randomly snatches them as a joke and teasingly puts them on and tries to mimic your voice
"hey i want to be as hot as you for a minute, let me have this okay"
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judebelllingham · 8 months ago
hi bff could you possibly write prompt number 6? like a best friends to lovers kind of thing? if u don’t wanna do that, do it however you want!! also i love ur writing <3
the tree house - mason mount
idc what anyone says friends to lovers always slaps but i hope you enjoy and thank u sm <33
Tumblr media
You’d snuck off almost twenty minutes ago when your grandmother had started badgering you about when you were finally going to settle down and find a nice boy to marry. It didn’t matter that you were only 21, still in uni and struggling to pay your bills with what money you earned from waiting tables, she wanted you with a family now, apparently so she could see all her grandchildren happy before she “kicked the bucket”. You honestly can’t see why she doesn’t just take what she can with your sister and leave you alone.
You were staring through the hole in the ceiling, the stars bright and clear through it, and resting your head on the jacket (coincidentally Mason’s jacket) you’d stolen from the coat cupboard. Mason had spotted your discarded heels at the bottom of the tree trunk and had made a run for it, also eager to escape your grandmother’s questions of why he hadn’t been the one to snatch you up yet.
Because he was your best friend, that’s why. Your painfully hot, kind hearted best friend who your grandmother was determined you would marry one day. It’s like she had some sort of mind reading super power because you’d been dreaming about marrying Mason since you were seven years old and had pretend weddings with your stuffed toys.
“I can’t believe you left me stranded out there.” Mason complains when he settles himself on to the floor beside you, the soft cotton of his t shirt brushing your bare arm.
“I have no idea what you’re on about.” You hide your grin by turning your head to face the wall, terrible drawings younger versions of you and Mason had made tacked up haphazardly momentarily catching your attention.
“No? What about “Oh nan, Mason just taught himself how to make an amazing cheese cake, he can give you the recipe”. Ring any bells?” You feel him tug on a loose curl and you shake your head with a giggle, batting his hand away.
“Nope, none at all.” He hums unconvinced, watching your attention turn back to the hole. He shuffles a little closer, his head knocking into yours.
“What are we looking at?” His voice is barely above a whisper, his breath stirring your hair. You hold your own breath at his closeness, trying not to think about the fact if you turned you head a little you’d be able to brush your lips over his.
“The stars.”
“Like old times.” Your lips form a grin as you nod. The two of you had a habit of packing up your blankets and grabbing food to spend the night stargazing taking turns with the mini telescope Mason’s parents had bought him one year for christmas. You’d make shapes out of them and make stories for them, each star a different person you’d invented.
Mason had named one (Y/N) and told 9 year old you the story that she’d find her very own prince charming when she was older and he’d save her from pirates who wanted to use her royal blood in exchange for powers. He’d always been a much better story teller than you and had you convinced that you might actually one day find a guy half a decent as the one he’d created for you.
Mason suddenly snorts and you turn to glare at him in disgust.
“Remember that time it rained on us. It was your fifteenth birthday and you convinced me that we just had to sleep outside for old times sake even though we’d completely outgrown it. The roof had just fell in and you promised it wasn’t meant to rain but we’d fallen asleep and woken up with soggy sleeping bags and colds.” Mason is full belly laughing now and you can’t help but join in when you remember the look on his face when he’d found his shoes were full of rain water.
“We tried to run into the house but the grass was soaking and you slipped and got covered in mud.” You turn on your side to face Mason, both of your eyes shining from the laughter.
“God your mum was so mad at me for tracking mud all over her new carpet. She threatened to make my mum ban me from football for two weeks.”
“Those carpets were expensive, Mase. And you got it all over the bathroom.”
“Wasn’t my fault you checked the weather wrong.” You punch his shoulder.
“You were a footballer you should have been used to running on slippery grass.” Mason pulls a face at this, lightly flicking your forehead.
“I was distracted.”
“By what? It was only the two of us.”
“Exactly. You’d distracted me.” Mason’s voice is quiet and your eyebrows pull together at his confession and the soft expression on his face. “I’d started noticing you. You’d gone from being (Y/N) my best friend to (Y/N) who looked hot in everything and was making me nervous just by looking at her for too long.” You swallow harshly, body still on its side so you and Mason are almost chest to chest.
“What are you talking about?”
“It was pissing down, (Y/N), and you were wearing these short shorts and this white top that went see through from the rain. I remember looking at you laughing just before I fell and thinking that you were the prettiest girl I’d ever seen.” You stop breathing, your gaze darting around Mason’s face. “I still think that.”
“Think what?” Mason narrows his eyes because he knows you’re fishing but he doesn’t seem to mind.
“That you’re pretty. That you’re still the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen even since then.” You lean over to punch his shoulder harsher than you had before. “Ow! What was that for? Jesus, take a compliment woman!” Mason’s lips fold into a teasing smile so you hit him again for good measure.
“You thought you’d wait six fucking years to tell me that, Mount?” You sit up, sending him a fake glare that has him laughing softly.
“I was waiting for the perfect moment.”
“What and this was it?”
“Well, no, I was waiting for the day those pirates came to bargain with your royal blood but today was an opening and I couldn’t really wait any longer for Jack Sparrow to show up.” Your mouth falls open as you let out and incredulous laugh before tiling your head back to glance through the hole in the ceiling at the winking stars.
“You’re the biggest fucking idiot, ever. You know that?”
“Yes you’ve told me on more than one occasion but I suppose I can hear it one more time.” You roll your eyes, dropping your head back down to see Mason watching you, the smallest of shy smiles on his lips. “You won’t punch me again if I try to kiss you, right?”
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kissesandcream · 9 months ago
a smol sibling.,
w/ xiao, kaeya, & venti
Tumblr media
— • request from anon : being the trio’s younger sibling! (separately)
xiao p1 || kaeya p1 || gn ! sibling ! reader || headcanon format || 1.5k words
Tumblr media
; masterlist.,
; a / n - i���ve done xiao and kaeya before, but i had some more ideas so i’m making some more! links above if you’d like to read the others <3
Tumblr media
xiao .,
• the other hcs i made for him where general, but here anon specified a younger sibling, so i’ll do that!
• he’s that sibling who’ll pretend ur the most annoying thing on the planet but would do anything for u so much as you ask
• “xiao when u come back could i have some glaze lilies” “get them yourself im the vigilant yaksha not a flower picker🙄” mhm then why did u literally wipe out qingce village’s flower population hm xiao 🤨
• teaches u how to fight!! but he’s not teaching he’s “helping you discover things yourself so you can be a functional person”
• it takes way too much effort to get this man to admit he loves you but you know it as much as he does so it’s okay <3
• cloud retainer has so much dirt on him it’s crazy. if you ever need some blackmail material head over to hers. also you can find some embarassing pictures she’s got a heckton
• verr goldet takes care of u a lot too, xiao’s a great brother and all but he lacks in this department called self care
• idk if you’re mortal or adeptus or half adeptus but if you need to eat and do basic body functions he does not got u covered
• mans would try to raise u on almond tofu until verr goldet bought out a food pyramid and explained about these things called nutrients 
• he also doesn’t understand how important sleep is so,,, “xiao i’m gonna stay up” “yeah sure whatever” passing out two days later “y/N WHAT’S WRONG-”
• yeah verr goldet and the innkeeper guy give him a guide to basic survival talk and all through it he’s glaring at you like why did you never tell me you needed human things to live >:( 
• now that he knows you need sleep, he makes u sleep at 8 pm every night like a grandpa!! good luck trying to get him to stop!!
• are these getting too guardian-like and less sibling-like??? 😭 but that’s the vibes he gives yk!! ur over protective adeptus parent-brother who has no clue how u work but wants to try to understand a little
• in the game u can tell how much more open he gets wit the traveller as friendship levels progress, and if you’ve maxed it out he’d basically do anything for you and would want you to trouble him than yourself
• and he’ll probably be closer with you than he’ll ever be with traveller since you’re siblings and whatnot, so it would make sense that he looks out for you more than your typical older brother yk
• plays the flute for you!! if he hears u humming a tune under your breath he’ll find it and learn it to play for u 
• he may not fully understand how relationships work but he’s trying his best for u <3
Tumblr media
 kaeya .,
• my other kaeya hcs were in relation to you being close / living with diluc, but these will be more general and central towards kaeya!
• kaeya fits literally every older brother trope that exists. the brother who’s always got ur back? you got it. the brother who keeps secrets you don’t know about from you? heck yeah. the annoying brother who makes u do his chores for him? maybe a little too much.
• pls he (lovingly) shoves all of his small tasks onto u it’s infuriating but you can’t even say no bc then he gets all dramatic 
• “y/n 😩 you’re abandonning your dear brother like this 😩 how could you 😩 i didn’t know you were so cruel 😩” sir shut up <3
• since he’s a people person everyone knows u very well too, heck all the senior citizens probably voted u as second best in law after him or smth idk man 
• hanging out with best boy bennett!! he canonically sees kaeya as an older brother too so y’all def go on little adventures together <3
• ur one of the only people who have ever looked under his eyepatch, diluc and crepus being the only other two
• sometimes he forgets to take it off when he goes to bed and it leaves a bruise bc it’s pretty tight, so he let’s you change it for him 
• “i can do this myself, you know” well he can but you both know he likes it better when you’re there
• does not allow your closet to be anything less than exquisite, you’ve got a bunch of scarfs like his whether you like it for not
• makes u buy his wine from diluc for him bc every time he goes to the tavern diluc raises the price tenfold just for him
• he’s that sibling who will rile you up on purpose just for the fun of it. i have a cousin who used to do that when he was younger and it was annoying but he still adores me sm so i don’t mind <3
• besides even if he does get on ur nerves amber’s got ur back- you can rant to her about him for hours on end and she’ll add with her experiences with kaeya’s bullying
• what are siblings if not for sibling rivalry, yes he picks on u constantly but he also picks u up when you’re feeling low <3
Tumblr media
venti .,
• oh my gods he would be sO FUN
• the two of you are the bane of diluc’s existence, venti loops u into his winery pilfering plans a lot 
• venti pulls the archon card if the two of you get caught by him idk what excuse you’ve got but it better be good 😭
• no way the god of wind and song’s sibling doesn’t love music- even if you’re tone deaf, or hard of hearing, music is about the pleasure it brings and he’ll bring it to you
• you guys go wind gliding a lot of the time too!! y’all don’t even need gliders you’ve got the power of anemo 😎
• he’s that cool brother who’s only rule is that you do whatever you want to do, life is too short for regrets so live in the moment and be spontaneous!
• even though he’s older he seems much younger than you at heart 😭 will wine if you don’t do something for him it’s hilarious
• you’ve got other things to do and he’s just “but hanging out!!!” and ur like “but work!!!” 
• it’s very hard to be productive with him around, he will distract u with something as mundane as an apple- it’s not his fault tho bb just has a poor attention span 😭 
• he’s very clingy, if you’re together he’ll link your elbows like everyone did in sixth grade, and in turn u can kick him in the kneecaps when he does stupid things
• he’s the ceo of stupid things so u get to kick him a lot, it’s a mutal symbiotic relationship we love to see it <33
• my brain is dead and i can’t english rn but. his vibes yk he’s so fun to be around, he gives out surprisingly killer advice too
• i have this man’s teapot lines plastered on my wall bc they help me deal with stuff, so if you’re ever down you can always, always, always go to him and he’ll have the exact things to say
• if it’s words, he has them, if it’s silence you need he’ll lend you his shoulder; but there was never an instance he doesn’t leave you better than before
• you haven’t seen his archon side a lot, since he doesn’t show it all that much, but it’s so far from venti it’s a little scary; but in a sort of admiring way yk
• you guys visit zhongli sometimes, and it’s a free real estate for blackmail material bc of how terrified venti is of him
• zhongli is like that long lost uncle who visits once a year, and you’re his favorite child so he gives you candy and picks on venti for not taking good enough care of you
• “i’m their sibling not their parent” “you’re older have some responsibility >:(”
• if you ever get drunk he will hear about it and will come all the way from liyue to i will have order venti’s head, regardless of whether he was the cause of you being drunk or not
• that about wraps it up! im sure i could think of more but my brain is sorta dead rn so this will have to suffice 😭 i can’t think of a closing statement sO i hope u enjoyed!! bye bye!! <3
Tumblr media
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shotosprincess · a year ago
Tumblr media
♡ dating the bnha boys — hcs
。・:*:・-: ✧ :,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・-: ✧ :,。・:*:・゚☆
➪ shoto todoroki
Tumblr media
pls you’ve prolly been terrified of him for a while prior bc of how ?? talented ?? the mf is ??
but mans prolly saved you at some point and there was this lingering stare you two shared before he left you at recovery girls’ office; were you reading too far into things ?
spoiler alert: you weren’t.
he’s the kind of boyfriend to tenderly brush your hair for you and attempt to learn how to tie and braid your hair up in cute ,, simple designs !!
he’d always be ready with little things you’re constantly forgetting; extra snacks,, water,, a fully charged portable charger ,, trust me when i say that man is pREPARED- after all ,, he needs to be ready with everything to take care of his little sweetheart ,, does he not ?
at some point he’d find you sitting on the roof by yourself late at night,, only to stay with you and let you fall asleep on his chest as he drapes a blanket over you and heats it up a lil with his quirk
prolly bc he just wants to prove to you that he can be useful
pls just let the man know he’s useful and important he never shows it directly but he needs the reassurance—
he’d give you a warm massage w his quirk whenever you’re in pain :”)
loves heating//cooling things for you ,, like instant noodles or ice packs !!
surprises you w jewelry that have his initials on them !!
would hold an umbrella for u while you loop your arm into his as the two of you walk home through the light rain :”)
cries into your chest sometimes after youve fallen asleep bc it’s late nights like these when he reflects on just how lucky of a guy he is to have you— it’s hard for him to articulate it directly ,, but when he does fully open up to you ab it ,, you end up crying too .
Tumblr media
➪ katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
prolly got with you initially bc of a dare ( and he nEVER passes up a dare ) ,, but eventually those feelings started to become real and honestly ? it kinda scared the shit outta him . he didn’t know why ,, but for some reason he didnt actually want to leave .
teasingly-mean nicknames = his love language . enough said .
makes you wear his hoodie whenever you show even the sLIGHTEST hint at being cold
he just rly wants to see you in his clothes
he’s so clueless on how to do this whole boyfriend thing ,, but he’s definitely trying bc it’s for you :”)
watches and tries so desperately to copy all the cute couples in the movies you guys watch together
“ roses...do you want roses ? “ “ what ? “ “ the guy in the movie gave her roses...do you want roses too ? “
but at the end of the day you just appreciate him for who he is and that’s more than enough for you :”)
will take any and every opportunity to show off his strength and quirk to you <3
now we all know this man gets jealous hella easily ,, and its no different w relationships :”) he’d constantly make it a point to hold you extra close to him in public ,, show you off on social media and call you by a nickname//petname whenever possible just to reiterate to ppl the fact that you’re his and he’s yours
pls i could rly see myself doing that i wont lie
honestly sometimes he forgets himself and his temper gets a little out of hand ,, but the second he sees his feral reflection in your fearful eyes,, he pulls you to his chest and apologizes profusely :”))
Tumblr media
➪ denki kaminari
Tumblr media
one tiny kiss turned into two ,, which turned into three ,, and before you knew it ,, the both of you were spilling out the pent up feelings you had for one another all this time—
mina never shuts up ab it ,, she’s so proud of her matchmaking skills
when the power goes out during a storm ,, he holds onto you tight and plays w your hair as he uses his quirk to turn things back on ,,, “ shhh it’s ok,, i’m here “
will do anything and everything to make you smile <3
he has a lil album in his camera roll with all his favourite pictures of you ,, which is practically just all of them tbh ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
super energetic n bubbly but at the end of your dates he passes out right away in your arms
you make sure to wrap him up in blankets and give him an overload of kisses after he’s rly asleep though
will work embarrassingly hard to win you stuffed animals at the fair !! it doesn’t always work ,, but it’s cute nontheless <3
some of the staff and children at the fairs get pissed off but oh well ,,, what you do for love
pls he prolly makes you lil bento boxes for lunch every now and then ( ESPECIALLY DURING EXAM WEEK ) w tiny notes and designs taped on them
constantly calls you “ shawty “ lowkey un ironically and dice rolls in ur direction whenever he sees you ,,, you just end up laughing and playfully punching him
you both agreed that at home cozy netflix dates w microwave popcorn and fuzzy blankets >>> movie theatre dates
110% made a playlist for you at some point when he crushed on you from afar and shared it w you after you started dating
he made a collaborative playlist for yall AND multiple playlists of songs that remind him of you afterwards
pls i just kNOW this man’s love language is making playlists
theyre prolly all categorized by mood or smth too w the cutest covers ever pls
Tumblr media
➪ ejirou kirishima
Tumblr media
you initially met him bc he was hella upset and alone this one time and you were the only one to notice and be there for him bc he ran away from everyone else to hide the “ uNmanLy “ tears :”))
takes you w him on his lil gym visits ,, hypes you up with every little thing u accomplish !!
constantly teasing bakugou with how he’s able to pull you and how lucky he is to have you
bakugou gets hella annoyed most of the time and just blasts him away-
idk bro i just feel like kiri prolly calls you “ adorable “ alot i wont lie-
LOVES HAND HOLDING,, takes any opportunity to hold ur hand and trace lil casual patterns across your knuckles w his thumb
sometimes he’ll even draw lil hearts on your hand
play fighting but sometimes the two of you get too carried away and he actually loses half of the time-
LATE NIGHT GAME NIGHTS WITH HIM AND THE BAKUSQUAD,, he loves being on the team against you so he can get all competitive
mans gets hella insecure ab himself sometimes ,, so he loves doing lil things for you !! opening a can ,, pulling the blanket over you ,, zipping up your jacket <33
lets you dye his hair—THATS HOW MUCH HE TRUSTS YOU BYE
pls yall prolly aggressively play wii sports and just dance against one another on a regular basis;; it’s literally your thing and you cannot tell me otherwise ahjdjfj
pls i just KNOW this man’s an overly passionate wii player
will wrap his arms around your waist and hug u from behind as you make breakfast
slow dances in the living room at midnight w you !!
eventually as you spent more time together ,,, you were able to change his idea of “ manliness “ ,, and he was able to realize that manliness is not equivalent to stoicism and that expressing ur feelings is still totally manly and totally valid !! <33
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komoreangel · 9 months ago
pairing: scaramouche x kamisatoclan!reader
scenario: when you least expect it, faces from your long forgotten past come rushing back to you…both figuratively and literally. he wants to know how you’re doing, but you can hardly answer the question yourself.
dubitation: a deep feeling of mistrust. what does he want from you?
request: Omg I literally love your thantophobia (fic? is that what people call it?) sm 😭 can you post more of it like the ideas you said in the a/n at the end?
a/n: aaaa hi! i’m glad u guys all liked thantophobia :) here is the semi sequel i was talking about in the last one ! the title is still a wip so it may be subject to change - but how are you guys liking inazuma? i am very very sad about losing the 50/50 but its fine im fine everythings fine. anyway enjoy <33
genre: and now i give u,,, readers pov! reader reunites with scaramouche but is kinda dumb about it
Tumblr media
you found yourself stargazing a lot these days
it was something you used to do with...him.
you had heard the news that the fatui had settled in inazuma from your father, and you weren’t surprised
being well read about politics and foreign affairs, the shogun, who had called all three commissions together, decided to let you attend the meetings on the situation
you were grateful she let you have your say, but you suspected it was only to get on your father’s good side
even she has to bow down to humanity sometimes
what you weren’t expecting was for the reports to say a harbinger had been spotted on one of the boats
the sixth harbinger, to be precise.
“father, what do we know of the sixth harbinger?” you asked
he grimaced
there wasn’t much info on this guy, he was a complete mystery
he wasn’t a novice, or a trainee by any means. he was a fully fledged harbinger, who had apparently been working with them for years even though he was your own age.
you didn’t think much of it, the militia your father dispatched would take care of it, one way or another
but then, while taking your nightly stroll to a stargazing spot, you heard conversation in the hills
quickly darting behind nearest tree, and kneeling in the bushes, you began to hear bits and pieces of information
“milord, are you sure it’s wise to take camp in these lands? they’ve got a vendetta against you specifically, more than most-!” a woman, who went quiet, seemingly shushed by her superior
“shut up. we’ll be fine, we haven’t aggravated them. they won’t even know my true identity. they wouldnt care in the first place.” the man seemed resentful, but for what reason, you couldn’t decipher
you decided to leave, the info you had was enough, and you didn’t want to risk being caught by the fatui
just as you began to make your way back down the path, the talking in the tent stopped
you froze, whipping your head around to see a dark figure behind you, wearing a large hat.
you began to race for the trees, praying to the shogun you would make it without him catching you
fate had other plans
you felt a jolting pain up your side, and fell to the ground in shock
an electro vision. a large hat.
was this the famed sixth harbinger?
“who are you?” he asked
he dug his sandal into your back, keeping you pinned to the ground, facing the dirt
“what did you hear, and why are you listening to my private conversation?”
he talked like he owned the world, and was just waiting for it to fall back into his hands
however you didn’t plan on going down without a fight
you’d stand against him until your last breath
you summoned an ice crystal via your cryo vision and whizzed it past his ear
he was startled, and his foot loosened
there was your chance
you slipped from under his grasp and summoned your sword, preparing to flip upwards and strike
he summoned a polearm to meet your advances, and you two battled to the edge of the hill
the moonlight was shining behind the woods, and he finally got a good hit on you, knocking you down until you gripped the cliff edge by your hands, struggling to get up
“well, as entertaining as that might’ve been, i can’t have you spilling all my secrets. so goodbye, now.”
as he was about to kick your fingers off, he glanced back at your face, the moon’s light allowing him to finally see you clearly
he faltered, clearly stunned by what he saw
“y/n?” he asked in a low voice
you’re not even sure he meant to say it, but you used that moment of weakness to grab his spear, pull yourself up, and bounce off the top of his hat
“goodbye, fatui.” you dashed back to the city, not looking back, just wanting to get away from him
you had no clue who he was to recognize you. you hadn’t even got a good look at his face
the man was left there, standing shell shocked, staring in the direction you ran to
“milord?” the attendant from earlier asked him
“who was that stranger? you seem shaken.”
he blinked, staring down at his weapon in his hands
“it’s...no one. there wasn’t anyone there.”
“are you sure, i swore i heard fighting!”
he looked at her with a glare that made her stop talking
even though he dropped the subject, he could not stop wondering what exactly had happened
and how on earth he’d explain to the tsaritsa that he no longer sought to destroy ‘everyone in inazuma’.
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koulia · 10 months ago
Heyy🐨 May I have any of the MHA/BNHA boys (and/or girls) a black!reader that just got her hair done and the colors match [character name] hero costume?
sorry if that was confusing😅
only if you're comfortable🤗
remember to drink water and eat daily🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐲
Tumblr media
꩜ 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ➮ cursing , kinda suggestive in izuku’s part [it’s just some lyrics dw]
꩜ 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 ➮ fluff!! bakugou , kirishima , izuku , denki x black!fem!reader [seperate]
꩜ 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 ➮ I LOVE THIS REQ SM i might make a pt 2 like 🤔 i love it pls !! blasian mina & mei appear too btw
꩜ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ➮ reader gets her hair done that matches the boys’ hero costumes
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮
he would stare
we all know he isn’t the best with words
so all he can do is just stare at your hair
secretly loves it
thinks ur so pretty <33
After many excruciating hours, your hair stylist finally finished doing your box braids, adding cute little beads to the ends of them.
Bakugou was sitting outside the salon, in the car. You told him that your next hairstyle would be a surprise, thus not allowing him to come outside.
Once you payed the stylist, you texted Katsuki that she was done and you were coming out. He quickly snapped his head up to see your hair.. And there you were, orange box braids swinging with your movements, the green bomb-beads making a clicky sound as you walked to his car.
He muttered a small “damn”, it was like a broken tape, he replayed the scene in his head— until you broke him out of his trance, you knocked on the window, signifying him to unlock the door.
And that’s where the staring began, as soon as you sat down, his eyes were locked on you— eyes full of love and adoration, unlike his usual furious and hateful ones.
“I’m guessing you like it..?” You said, breaking the silence.
You watched Katsuki gently inspect a braid, calloused hands grazing over the bomb-shaped beads.
“I love it.” His eyes flickering up to yours, a pink tint brushing over the apples of his cheeks to the tips of his ears.
It was then that you knew that ever second of the pain was worth it, just so you could see Katsuki all soft like this.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚
this mf softy
he would be vocal about how pretty u are
he probably got y’all matching bonnets
he loves u a lot okay <//3
pspspsps kirishima cmere 🤲🏾
You had let Mina do your hair since you didn’t feel like paying extra for someone else to do it. She was heavy-handed, but you tried to not let it get to you.
Beforehand, she came up with the idea that you should match your hair with Kirishima’s hero costume as a little surprise for him.
He was on patrol, as he had to work an extra shift today, so he wouldn’t be able to see it immediately.
“Andddd done!!” Mina exclaims, handing you a handheld mirror.
“Woah..” You loved the charms she added to your red and black butterfly locs, “You think he’ll like it?”
“Pfttt, of course he will!! You look like a 5-course meal, bae. Now shoo shoo” She emphasized the last bit, swiping her hands at you.
“Thanks, Mi-Mi” You placed her money on the table. Gathering your belongings, you left.
Once you arrived home, you got a text from Eijiro saying that he was on his way home, perfect.
Before long, you heard his car pull into the driveway— you quickly made your way to the bathroom mirror, touching up your appearance until he comes in.
You heard the door click open, followed by your boyfriend’s voice,
“Y/N, I’m home!”
You walk out from the bathroom, beaming the same smile that led Eijiro to falling in love with you.
“How was work, Eiji?” You wrapped your arms around him, pressing yourself against his bear chest— courtesy of his hero attire.
He completely ignored your question, instead closing the door behind him and taking in your new appearance.
“Your hair..” He starts off.
You hum, “How do you like it, Red Riot?”
His face flushes almost as red as both of y’all’s hair, stuttering over his words. He adores all the pretty charms in your hair, but the one he loves the most is the one that says “RR”.
“It’s- no, You’re beautiful” He smiles, wrapping you into a hug once again.
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚
blasian!izuku agagaga
he would admire you
like a puppy in love
he would wanna get his hair in a style bc have u seen his hair it’s 4c
Izuku had been patrolling longer all week, leaving up from the crack of dawn, coming back once the city was asleep.
As a cause of this, he hasn’t been able to see you often. The only alone time you get is whilst you sleep, although he would have to (reluctantly) get up in a few hours.
You wanted to surprise him with a new hairstyle for one of his many birthday presents from you, since it was coming up soon.
“Mei, are you almost finished yet?” You whined, reaching for the sections of hair yet to be braided.
“Baby if I was finished, you would know” She replies, popping your hand with the comb.
In the meantime, you turn on your Sunday R&B playlist on the speaker in you and Izuku’s shared home, humming along to the tunes.
“Girl what you know ‘bout Mary J Blige?” Mei jokes, hips swaying with the rhythm.
“What typa question.. You mean your momma didn’t blast her every Sunday morning?”
The two of you start laughing as the playlist shuffles through songs; occasionally singing along.
Before long, she’s finished, the two of you start cleaning up. The sun had set a few minutes ago, there was a orangish hue bleeding through the blinds— yet your fiancé wasn’t on his way home yet.
Once Mei left, you started on dinner, assuming that Izuku wouldn’t be home until later on tonight and that its a lovely time to have dinner together for the first time in a while.
You sang along to your playlist, the fact that it was 20 hours long saving you from a silent house.
“Honestly I’m tryna stay focused..” Hips swaying as you cooked the red beans and rice. You were so caught up in singing that you didn’t hear the front door open.
You finished up the greens, twirling like a child to their favorite song, your green passion braids moving with you.
“Better swing my way, I just need some dick, I just need some love..” you sang to yourself, until you saw Izuku; who was leaning on the couch, his lips were slightly parted as if he was in shock.
You quickly turned on your heel so you were facing the stove, cursing under your breath.
You heard his footsteps trail up behind you, wrapping his scarred arms around your waist, rocking with the beat, his dreads moving along with your braids. He played with one while you finished cooking.
“You..your hair is pretty” He said, taking off his gloves. He sat on the island chairs, a small blush forming on his tan cheeks.
You hum, turning off the stovetop. No matter how old you both got, he still got flustered at the thought of you.
You turn and face him, placing a quick kiss on his forehead.
He would give anything for these nights where the two of you could sit quietly together as the sky darkens.
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐢 𝐊𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢
he would be IN LOOVVEVE
would not leave ur side
at all
«Baby can I come in now ☹️ I think I might cry» The text from Denki read, You sat in the hair salons chair, hoping that she was almost finished doing your hair.
«I think she’s almost done, you’ll be fine denki»
You replied, giggling a little at his dramatic message.
You wanted to change up your hair since you’ve been wearing it a certain for a while, but you had no ideas, so you asked Mina for some ideas.
“You should do something based on his hero costume, [Y/N]” Thinking back at what she told you a few weeks ago.
It was a good idea, and you wanted to see his reaction, so here you are, on the millionth hour of getting your hair done.
It felt like she kept making endless sections, but you were patient, knowing that this would eventually pay off.
After a while, she finally finished, handing you a small mirror.
It looked exactly what you asked for, black and silver goddess braids with gold highlights.
You payed her and gave her a tip before quickly walking out, excited to see your boyfriends face at your new hair.
“Sero, she’s not here ye-“ he stopped as he saw you walk out the front door, his jaw slack, “Uh dude I gotta go” he hung up the facetime and unlocked the car door.
“Hey, chargebolt”
“Woah” he whispered, reaching for one of the curly parts of your hair, wrapping it around his finger, a blush very evident on his face. He’s mesmerized, his hands keep messing around with the braids.
You both ended up sitting in the parking lot for an extra 20 minutes as he played with your hair, to your dismay as you were extremely hungry.
“My baby’s so pretty” He said to himself, pulling out the lot.
It truly was worth it.
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un2-verse · a year ago
BILLY — Kim Taehyung (3)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: News of a Sadistic Serial Killer nicknamed “Jigsaw” is spreading around town like wildfire… the nickname stemming from the puzzle piece he cuts from every victim’s body. No one knows who he’ll trap next but in a town full of delinquents and criminals, it could never be you. Right?
Pairing: yandere!Taehyung x f!reader
genre: angst, horror, weirdly some fluff lol
Warnings: dark themes, yandere, stalking, manipulation, conditioning, mentions of abuse, suicidal ideations/attempts, self harm, murder, depictions of torture etc (basically its gorey and fucked up), angel trap, etc stabbing and guns. do not read if triggered!!!!
wordcount: 2.2k
taglist: @yes-sol-not-soul @yoongiofmine
a/n: pt 3 is here!! honestly i wasnt expecting this amount of support as i’ve never published my writing before so thank u sm ♡ i was inspired to write this one night and i had no idea where it’d go or anything but i’m happy with the way its turning out :D fun fact abt me, i’ve been obsessed w the franchise since i was little and i actually have 2 saw tattoos, one of billy and one above saying “cherish your life” since that’s pretty much the motto of saw :) and i have quite the collection of saw/billy items so why not turn my fav horror film into a fucked up love story! let me know if u would like to be added to the taglist and pls enjoy reading^^ feel free to send me asks abt the series or anything u want~ i love hearing from u guys!! :D ps— taehyung and the reader dont have much interaction in this part,, theyll definitely be more of them together in part 4 :) unedited so pls excuse any mistakes!! tysm <33 and remember these are fictional characters and do not represent bts personally in any way!!
series masterlist
part one part two
Tumblr media
The headlines constantly named the Jigsaw Killer, Billy. The somewhat eerie little doll that had a face as white as a Calla Lily with spirals on it’s cheeks as red as the blood that was shed during the tests. Billy was always dressed in a little black suit with a red bowtie and he was (most of the time) situated on a squeaky battered tricycle. Attached was always a tape that read “play me” and when the subjects did, a chilling voice— one that could make even the world's worst predators shiver with terror— would echo around the room.
Everyone knew that a doll clearly wasn’t responsible, yet they gave it the name Billy in hopes to somewhat humanise the face that instilled panic— they did not want to live in fear.
It was the only face behind the killings.
But this time, there was a different subject stuck in the test and Billy had made sure there was no way for them to survive.
Tumblr media
“How are you scared of heights? You’re practically a giant yourself!”
“Just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I can’t be scared of heights Y/Nie.”
You had no idea how long had passed since Taehyung had turned up at the garage, you were too busy chatting away squeezed into the kitchen while your Dad, Yoongi and Hobi worked on the cars in the shop. If anyone could hear you both, they would think you’d known eachother since childhood— the playful jokes and light touches exaggerated that.
You’d only known him for a few hours really, if you added the time spent with him on the first day and now. It hadn’t seemed like all those weeks ago that you first met, he had a familiar presence, as though you had known him for years compared to the hours.
“I just wouldn’t imagine you to be scared of anything Taehyung… you seem so confident and fearless.”
You saw the way Taehyung looked at you. His eyes flashed with understanding.
“I did have my fears back then, much like yours.”
“What do you mean?” you had a rough idea on what he meant but you needed him to voice it.
A deep inhale and the words flowed from his lips before he could stop it, “The fear of living. I had been through some stuff you know, growing up. My mum was working a lot and my dad was an alcoholic, he was so fucking possessive and wouldn’t let her go anywhere without kicking off. It was a fucking shitshow and so toxic. This one time though, I’d pretended that I’d gone to school and waited outside the front door. It didn’t take long before I heard shit getting smashed and my dad shouting.” Taehyung was telling the truth only, he left out the part where he was also as possessive, if not more, than his father. Well, let's say… obsessive. “I just ran in the house and saw my dad towering over my mum and I don’t remember what happened but, I do remember my mum crying and my dad disappeared.”
Now Taehyung was lying through his teeth. He remembered clearly, almost like it was yesterday. He smashed the nearest bottle, pulled his mother away from the monster that scared her and stabbed him. Not just once, not twice but thirty-seven times. Hence the thirty seven tattoo on the palm of his right hand (the one he’d actually killed his father with). There was only Taehyung who knew what it meant, he counted every single time the broken glass pierced his father’s body, he counted with a smile on his face and a chuckle in his throat.
You were at a loss for words. Your mouth gaped in shock, eyes wide and your brain scrambled for the right thing to say. You reached over and grabbed his hand, interlacing your fingers. His thumb running back and forth along your hand. “I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like.” There was no way you could relate, your mother and father were happy and in love. They had the ideal relationship, one you wished for yourself. You could empathise though.
“You don’t need to be sorry baby, it’s in the past and I’ve moved on from it. I was like you though, poisoned by the roots that keep you on the ground even though you wanted nothing more than to break free and be no longer.” A silence fell over you both before Taehyung uttered, “I wasn’t successful with my attempt so now I’m here to help you.”
Warmth spread throughout your body, a smile graced your features as you no longer felt alone.
You had a completely different idea to what those words actually meant.
Tumblr media
It was nearing the evening when Taehyung’s car had been fixed. Yoongi popped his head in the kitchen to tell him but stopped himself so as to not interrupt the scene before him. You were laughing along to whatever Taehyung was babbling about with your hand resting on his bicep, with that look in your eyes that he hadn’t seen for years. Yoongi felt himself smile as he saw you hanging onto Taehyung's every word.
For the first time in forever, you looked alive.
Yoongi cleared his throat which drew yours and Taehyung’s attention, “Sorry to interrupt guys. We’ve finished with your car so whenever you’re ready we’ll be outside.” The infamous gummy smile overtook his features, you felt yourself beam in return.
“Thanks man! I’ll be like, five minutes.”
Yoongi nodded his head in reply and swiftly left the room.
You’d taken Tae’s hand into yours, playing with the array of rings that occupied his fingers. Solemn thoughts overtook, am I not gonna see him again? Was this, whatever this is, over before it had even begun? Your eyes stayed on his hand as you turned it over and traced your finger over the inked ‘thirty seven’ on his palm. “What does this mean?”
Taehyung didn’t think twice before he practically beamed out, “It’s my lucky number.”
The difference was, it wasn’t really his lucky number… although he did see it that way. It was the number that had stayed with him. It was something he was proud of, whenever he looked at the hand that killed his father, his chest filled with pride and a joyous feeling overtook his senses. It was his first murder. Something he relished in and thus, created the onslaught of Jigsaw killings. He targeted a certain type— those whose sins would lock them up forever if they were ever found out. Racists, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, con-men. Authoritative figures who abused their power. He even went as far as subjecting suicidal people.
You see, things aren’t sequential. Good doesn’t lead to good, nor bad to bad. People who steal, don’t get caught, they live the good life. Others lie, cheat and get elected.
Some people would call it karma but Taehyung, he called it justice.
He’d started this with one thing on his mind— those that don’t appreciate life do not deserve it.
Tumblr media
Whenever a serial killer was on the loose, the press did what they always did. They gave them a nickname. While the public had named the doll Billy. The actual killer was named ‘Jigsaw’.
This stemmed from the jigsaw piece that was cut from the victims skin, no one knew why he was doing it or what it even stood for.
It did have a meaning although unknown to the public.
The jigsaw piece that was cut from the subjects was only ever meant to be a symbol that that subject was missing something. A vital piece of the human puzzle. The survival instinct.
After all, until a person is faced with death, it’s impossible to tell whether they have what it takes to survive.
Tumblr media
Across town an underground abandoned warehouse, was where the next subject had found themselves.
They were suspended in the air, their feet merely dangling above the ground. The putrid smell of death lingered in every crevice, the sound of rats scurrying along the concrete floor filled their ears just as they began to stir awake.
A pain in their ribs was the overwhelming factor to them finally coming around. When they groggily opened their eyes, they were paralised with fear due to the scene in front of them.
A doll sat a few feet ahead, perched upon a tricycle. Adorned with a black suit and a red bowtie. A slow red light flashed in his eyes.
Before the subject could even register how, when or why they found themselves trapped in a test, footsteps echoed behind them. The subject called out, “Help! Please, somebody help! I shouldn’t be here!”
A tsk reached their ears, as a disembodied voice replied, “Trust me, no one can hear you. Scream all you like. You’d just be wasting your breath, you may as well cherish it before it's gone.”
With hairs stood on end, the subject stilled. “What do you want from me?”
“I don’t want anything from you.” The man's footsteps grew louder. “I’m here to serve justice, that’s all.”
The man rounded the subject, settling in their view with only his cloaked back visible while he tended to the little doll. He touched Billy delicately—like he was a little child that he loved dearly. He combed his gloved hand through the doll's black hair and eventually pulled his fingers from the tresses to pat his head gently.
“You fucking psycho! Let me go!”
He couldn’t help but laugh at that which only infuriated the subject more causing them to shake in anger, a movement they soon ceased when they realised something was penetrating their ribs.
“I’d be very careful if I was you, we wouldn’t want you hurting yourself now… would we?” The cloaked figure spun around. An angry glint to his eye.
“What the fuck, you’re fucking crazy. Let me out, this isn’t right!” The subject tried their hardest to swing their legs, to somehow kick the man who’d imprisoned them.
“I think you’ll find it is right. You’re unworthy of the body you possess.” He inched closer, “see, when someone purposely intends to harm others, they lose their right to life.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
The man arched a brow as he replied, “Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” He felt like it was a game of cat and mouse except, he was a tiger and his subject, was the tiniest prey to mankind. “But, let me remind you! Since you can’t get your thick fucking head to work. You’re a liar, a cheater and an abuser. That ring any bells?”
The subject's face dropped.
“Ah, I see by your expression you know exactly what I’m talking about! Glad to see we’re on the same page.” He shrugged his cloak off placing it to the side of the doll. “I want to play a game.”
“What game? This isn’t a fucking game! You’re sick in the head you fucking cunt!”
The atmosphere shifted, the man remained calm while the subject went ballistic.
“What is this? What fucking game?”
“You feel the machine that’s currently occupying your ribs? Well, in about ten minutes that’s going to rip you apart. I’m proud to say that trap is my baby. I’ve been working on it especially for you! How nice is that?” he reached out to tug at the subject’s legs, tormenting them like a cat would a mouse. “Anyway, as my beautiful angel trap will rip you apart, my darling little friend Billy over here,” the subject followed the direction the man's hand pointed, “is going to match your face with the ugliness of your soul.”
“Fuck, fuck this! How do I stop it? Tell me how I fucking stop it!”
A boxy grin overtook the man's face, laughter poured from his mouth as he leaned over and slapped the subject’s leg. “This is a special game.”
“Who are you? What do you mean by ‘special game’?”
He raised himself so he stood tall and grabbed a knife from his pocket, “I’m the man you call Jigsaw.” He traced the tip of the knife along the subject’s ankle, “and when I say a special game… I mean you can’t get out.” While the subject was screaming in realisation, Taehyung walked back for his cloak, hung it over his shoulder and stalked off back the way he came. He sent one last smile to the subject as he rounded them and within the blink of an eye, he gripped the knife and slashed the subject’s achilles.
A chilling scream pierced the eerie atmosphere, the subject couldn’t string words together. Abundances of anxiety, terror and pure panic took reign of their body. Taehyung grabbed the injured muscles and forced his gloved fingers in as he gripped and twisted them, “That’s for Y/N.”
Taehyung had pressed the timer before he cut the subject’s tendons. He grabbed the tape from his pocket and threw it on the ground and with a chuckle he shouted, “Game over!”
Before he reached the end of the hallway, he heard the gunshots pierce his subjects face followed by the sound of the angel trap, even this far away Taehyung heard every crack of the ribs and the noise of the body being tore apart.
Without looking back, Taehyung rounded the corner and slammed the door shut.
He’d chosen the Angel trap for the irony, the subject that was currently hanging from the ceiling was no angel. They were a fucked up, evil, waste of space. Taehyung had done the world a favour, he’d done you a favour.
That got him thinking, how much blood would you shed in order to stay alive?
Tumblr media
[a/n: who do we think was in the trap???👀]
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sundropglass · 16 days ago
Hi friend! What are 5 (or more) of your favorite animals and why? ^_^
thanks sm Kimjo <33 I love this ask
Tumblr media
you may not like it but this is what Peak Performance is. i love bunnies, I've NEVER been able to say why. its me!!!! its round!!!! soft!!!!! they hop hop hop!!!!!!!! they have soft ears!!!!!! and a poofy tail!!!!!!1 literally nothing more perfect to me than a bunny. do I have to explain? I literally cant explain
2. chickens
Tumblr media
again. god tier animal. shes lemon-wedged shape! she has a tiny head! fluffy!!! very very soft to the touch! she goes bok-bok and pecks the ground. literally the closest thing to a real dinosaur and imagining a HUUUUGE chicken makes me laugh. i am crammed full to the brim of love for chickens
3. bears
Tumblr media
it terrifies me to no end that this exists just Out There in nature. they could come to my house, probably (i mean, in colorado that was more real of a problem but anyway) literally so scary but I love them so much (like my taste in women) Teddy bears got it right!!!! they have them round ears!!! and big boofy bodies. All the similar reasons to loving a chicken but 20x more dangerous maybe. Also, the fact that bears just sometimes admire scenery tipped me over the scale on this one, absolutely obsessed now
4. Ducks
Tumblr media
my fiance is a duck(as i am a bunny) so im obligated to love them
but I've always always loved ducks, even before I loved chickens. I have no idea how to explain why, from their tail wag to their waddles and this... im sorry but the expression ducks have is just kinda silly and i adore it. all the added bonuses of chickens but they smile too?
5. sheep
Tumblr media
I do not know enough about them to say other than super fluffy, good shape!!! I am absolutely giddy when I get to see a sheep in person, or I see them spotted along a hillside, like OMG ITS SHEEP!!! like im going to the zoo
Honorable mentions but I didn't want the list to be too long:
-crows -froggies -moocows (tentatively) -cats (but im still hurting about Penny so I couldnt say much) -tigers -songbirds -basically any soft creature...
thank u for coming to my teds talks :>
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mxthtea · 9 months ago
hello! i rly love your writings <3 can i request baal x f!reader where baal takes care of her tsundere-ish reader got hurt at a sports (or any other) event? also it's alright if you want to make the reader gender neutral but i prefer fem reader!! thank u sm!! pls remember to stay safe and drink lots of water <3
sorry anon ;; i mostly write for gn!reader hope you don't mind the change too much (also sorry if the reader isnt as tsundere-ish(??) as you wanted,, i have no idea how to write that outside of like, xiao or scara.)
have a great day, stay safe, n drink water as well anon <33
req rules/info
baal x gn!reader warnings: injury, lil bit of blood, written before baal's release, grammar + spelling mistakes, lowercase writing, tell me if i forgot any description: after getting injured in a fight, baal helps patch you up in secret (despite your complaints) word count: 459
Tumblr media
the "battle" came to an end as you held your spear against the throat of your comrade. you smiled in triumphant and helped your friend up, to which they rolled their eyes at. the practice fights were fine enough to do, but getting a few cuts or bruises wasn't uncommon. your friends' spear had grazed your upper arm during the beginning of the fight and you had scraped up your knees earlier that day.
the stinging sensation on your knees. wasn't a bothersome so you didn't feel the need to do anything at the time. though with the slight pain in your arm now, you assumed you'd have to do something about the injuries and the small amount blood escaping.
your contemplation was cut off as a hand was placed on your shoulder. immediately, you turned around to see who it was.
oh. it's just the raiden shogun. or as you call her in private at least, baal.
"ahem- yes?" you cleared your throat.
"come, we have things to talk about," was all baal said before walking off.
you could feel your friend smirking behind you before starting to walk next to the shogun.
"i'm aware what this is actually about," you sighed.
baal didn't reply as she opened the door to her own quarters, inviting you in. once you sat down onto a chair against a wall, she disappeared for a few seconds before coming back out with medical supplies. "i don't know why you bother with these, they're just some scrapes and a single cut."
"minor injuries should still be taken care of. i'd hate to see anything worse happen from them, especially to you."
a half-hearted 'hmph' came in response before baal continued to care for your wounds. you really didn't know why she took the extra care with you. minor injuries were fine, not like they'd be life threatening. it's not like you didn't have any fighting experience and couldn't take care of yourself. "i can still take care of myself though," you continued to complain, "it's not like i just picked up a spear two days ago and just got lucky."
"i never said you were lucky, i just worry for you sometimes."
baal finished taking care of your small wounds and looked you in the eyes. her usual vacant eyes seemed to lift slightly with you near. her blank face looking lighter with you near. why? why must she worry so much?
"keep them bandaged. you can go back to training once again-" baal began.
"- and i promise to be careful," you finished.
a soft smile graced your lover's face before she nodded, letting you return back to the grounds. later you could talk to her more about the questions you had.
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malfoysstilinski · a year ago
☁️ congrats on this big milestone !! could i request a draco x reader angst / fluff where draco is scared to come out to his gf as bi. i completely understand if u wouldn’t be comfortable - i just feel like the malfoys are lowkey homophobic and draco having someone who still supports him, loves him and treats him the same would mean a lot to him !!
draco x fem!reader 
word count: 0.6k
thanks so much!! i love this request sm and i ended up adding a small twist at the end. i hope you don’t mind and that you like it! <33
Draco had looked paler than usual all day, his silver eyes darting around the room and his hands clammy when they touched your skin-- which he didn’t do as often as usual. You were picking up on his anxiety and it was worrying you, especially later that night when you were the last people down in the common room and he sat staring at the ground, biting his thumb and his eyes slightly wide.
Frowning softly, you moved closer towards him on the couch, so close that your thighs brushed, and you placed a hand on his arm, gently pulling his hand away from his mouth. Draco seemed to snap out of his daze, looking quite panicked as you reached out and took a hold of his hand, your thumb rubbing soothing circles on his icy skin.
“I love you,” you murmured, only slightly louder than the crackling of the fire. “So if there’s something that you’d like to tell me, you should know I’ll hear you out.”
Draco felt stiff against you, his shoulders tense. You heard him exhale shakily, so quiet you had to strain to hear it, and then you heard a quick sniffle. Turning your head to face him, your heart dropped at the sight of a few tears falling down his face. Gasping, you moved so that you were straddling him on the couch, your hands holding his face and wiping away all of the tears as they fell. 
“Draco,” you cooed, brushing his platinum hair. “Draco, what is it?”
His face fell further into your hands, scrunching up a little as he tried not to cry too hard. His shaky hands found your hips where he hesitated to touch you. Eventually he let them skim you. 
“I can’t-- I can’t help it,” Draco croaked, “The way that I feel.” 
You were slightly confused, but mainly worried about how he was acting. Your hands skimmed up and down his scalp, an action that you knew soothed him on even his toughest days when his family were being unbearable. 
“Tell me how you feel,” you whispered, peering down at him, both your eyes melting against the dim light of the Slytherin common room. “Talk to me, baby.”
Draco’s head fell into your shoulder and he began to cry some more. You could feel the stress and anxiety rolling off of him, his hands giving in and pulling you closer. His tears soaked through your shirt for the next few minutes but you didn’t care about that, stroking your hands down his broad back and across his shoulders.
“I like both,” he mumbled weakly into you, hiding his face against your shoulder. “Girls and boys.”
He felt you still against him for a moment, those words being the last thing you were expecting, and he ripped away from you, a panicked expression written across his pale face.
��But I love you,” Draco promised, “That- That doesn’t change the way that I’m indescribably in love with you, Y/N--”
You cut him off by smashing your lips against his, your hands holding onto his shoulders. He gripped your hips tighter, his heart pounding out of his chest.
“Doesn’t change the way that I feel about you either, Draco,” you smiled, your eyes twinkling. “And I’m so happy you felt like you could tell me.”
“You are?” Draco gulped, his tears drying as he looked up at you in complete wonder and adoration. 
“Of course,” you murmured, biting your lip as you played with his tie and smiled nervously. “I mean, after all… me too.”
Draco appeared taken aback, nearly jumping beneath your body. “You too?” He repeated. 
“Me too,” you laughed, nodding your head. 
Draco began to laugh too, grabbing you and pulling you back into his chest. He had no idea why he was so scared to tell you this in the first place; you would always be the first person to love and accept him.
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