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#i love them so much
cyanide-latte · 4 minutes ago
Tatsu and Miku from The Way of the Househusband are the ultimate malewife and girlboss couple no I don't accept criticism
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lwtvaleska · 59 minutes ago
idc if they keep jackson and viv as friends or make them a couple in s3, i'll be more than okay with either of these options. BUT, please don't fuck up their relationship. that's all i'm asking.
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misskazehana · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I swear I am not pandering to an audience, last night just dragged these two out of the depths of my mind! Behold, Violette (Left) and Saphir (Right).
Violette and Saphir are currently engaged and have been for a bit. Yet, hardly see each other nowadays due to all sorts of obligations. They’re both princesses after all and have to lookout for their people.
It still doesn’t frustrate Violette any less. All she wants is to be with her beloved fiancee.  She gets more upset when Saphir is sort of nonchalant about it. The latter often tries her best to see her and makes the most of it when she can. As seen here, their affection for each other is quite immense. When they trade blows, they can’t help but get flustered over each other.
Canonically, Violette’s a lesbian and Saphir is Biromantic (she previously had another fiancee Igneous which she broke up with. she’s still friends with him.)
Again, Happy Pride 2021!
Violette and Saphir belong to me, misskazehana
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canadeins · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
something i’ve noticed, especially throughout the playoffs, is that the 2019 st. louis boys— jake allen and joel edmundson— are always one of the few players to get up from the bench and skate over to carey first before finding the gwg scorer or the rest of the team’s celebration. every time i’ve seen a bench reaction clip, no matter how hype an ot goal is or how many other habs swarm the other end of the ice, these two find each other on the bench to do their little fist bump and then make their way over to carey to thank him, and i think that’s beautiful!!
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seaselkie · an hour ago
So here’s the thing.
I apologise, but there’s likely to be a small (read: sporadic, adhering to my usual tumblr presence, but I’m not in fact sure how small) influx on this blog of Red, White and Royal Blue posts, because I finally read it and am going feral.
I need more people to talk to about this book and simultaneously never want to think about it again, because knowing I finished it and have no more canon content is possibly going to destroy me.
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heretherebedork · 2 hours ago
And Hometown's Embrace has a young teacher coming in from Bangkok to teach the children in the poor village... This really is ATOATS the low-budget version.
Tumblr media
Mek and Mongkon are officially an adorable pairing despite only existing for a few minutes and mostly being awkward at each other on a motorbike.
OMFG they even mentioned the damn show within the show.
I do love this show already.
Tumblr media
(This is the face of a teacher being called out, FYI.)
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hold-me-close-senpai · 2 hours ago
Everything's PERFECT in this new official art, I mean:
Their soft expressions (I'm dead inside, I wanna hug them so badly) 🥺
Their clothes, also so colorful!!
Langa's ponytail, I mean- with the paw's clip 💙
Reki's headband!!
Reki's lil tongue out!!
I've a soft spot for Reki my beloved ♥️
Tumblr media
Dunno if it's just me but it seems as a scene directly coming out from a fic 💫
We've been fed 🌸
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lecliss · 3 hours ago
I love Fractured Milla so much!! My mean arrogant tsundere waifu please don't ever leave!!! I dont care if it means never beating the game, I want her to stay forever 😭😭😭😭
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jackrabbitart · 4 hours ago
my arcana fan kids is just "Right, okay first of they're all autistic-"
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wordsxstars · 5 hours ago
hi i’m gonna say good morning bc hopefully it’s morning when u see this but. it’s currently night for me and this is gonna sound crazy but,,,,i really needed a good cry tonight. like an actual one. so i decided to re-read.......all of your fics just now. not kidding took me abt 3 hours bc i’m a slow reader but it was so worth it <33
hopefully you take it as a compliment that i’m using ur writing for such therapeutic reasons ahaha. anyways just wanted to say I’M GRATEFUL FOR YOU! and i’m also pretty sure half the hits on ‘i hear my heart breaking tonight’ are me !! true fan behavior calling myself out 😌💕
RILEY<333 god i love you so much okay first of all. i hope you slept well and that ur feeling okay💘 second.. no that does not sound crazy lmao i literally. have sad fics saved for exactly this reason but the FACT THAT U??? RE READ THEM ALL?? literally gonna cry please i love u sm... definitely taking this as a compliment slightly concerned but very much honoured<3 i’m SO grateful for u i love u to the moon and back thank u sm pls i’m literally ur biggest fan okay😌💐
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