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Caula was once a high ranking general of King Vegeta. She was a proud Saiyan Elite, but one who saw potential even in the low-class, eventually entering a romantic relationship with a low-class man named Onyo, and having three kids; twin boys Brocco and Bruss, and daughter Kail. Sometime down the line, however, Caula lost all three of her children and lover on a mission gone wrong, but rather than being giving any sympathy, she was ridiculed for having weak children with a weak man - and this broke her to the point she abandoned Planet Vegeta and ran away to a faraway backwater planet; Earth.

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i know!!!!!! their story is the most beautiful unconditional love story i’ve ever seen. there’s so many parallels from earlier seasons that show exactly where they are coming from and where they are headed now. we’ve been through some very rough seasons, but it was worth it. 🥰

i made a little caryllel gifset for you, i’ll be posting in a bit. HERE YOU GO

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“Thomas pulled back enough to look into my eyes, his wicked grin returning. ‘Miss Audrey Rose Wadsworth, conqueror of my soul—you are are an absolute fiend. You’d like to flout tradition simply because of your need for my body.’ He held a hand over his heart. ‘I swear I have never loved you more.’”

— Kerri Maniscalco, Escaping from Houdini, p. 49

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Time isn’t really an indication of anything when it comes to relationships.

I feel more comfortable and have shared more and feel closer to the people I met 3 years ago.

I’ve been ✌🏾 good friends ✌🏾 with people for more than a decade and they really can’t say that they know much about me

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Oh totally! I love those two soooo much!!

  • Wayne keeps the apartment spotless which lowkey annoys Nick but he never says anything
  • Though Wayne lets him keep his room messy even though it pains him to see it
  • But once they start sleeping together, Wayne keeps both sides of the room clean
  • Wayne absolutely hates doing the dishes so Nick often does them
  • Nick holds Wayne’s hand if he’s getting nervous or a tic
  • Nick hates teaching as we know but he’s surprisingly good with children
  • Emily and Grady even call him Uncle Nick (though they don’t know that Wayne and Nick are together)
  • Only the band knows they’re together but Wayne and Nick have never even said it explicitly
  • They all just kinda know
  • Nick sees Wayne’s gun and is tempted to use it, even if that means just shooting at a bird or something, but he hides the gun because the last thing he wants is for Wayne to have his hands on it
  • Wayne gets upset when he can’t find his gun but Nick helps take Wayne’s mind off of it by playing some music and dancing a little
  • Eventually he explains why he did it and Wayne thanks him
  • Nick is a blanket hog
  • And they totally play footsies under the table
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Two sides of the same coin

Request by @nazezdha321

Summary: May and Bobbi’s relationship through the years

A/N: sorry it took so long but I hope you like it :)

  • Bobbi had always looked up to May because come on that woman is a legend
  • May once saw Bobbi train at the academy and it made her smile, which was pretty rare, to see the young woman kick some ass
  • When they finally met Bobbi was a little bit starstruck
  • But she caught herself and didn’t embarrass herself (too much)
  • To everyone’s surprise they clicked immediately
  • They work perfectly together
  • Not just in the field but also in other parts of their daily lives
  • Hunter regretted the day he challenged the two of them to a prank war
  • Both have a very dry sense of humour
  • Which isn’t really a surprise but everyone is shocked when May smirks at one of Bobbi’s Bobbi’s jokes
  • You would think these two women would always be trying to beat the other one
  • But instead they work together to make each other stronger
  • When Bobbi and Hunter left everyone was surprised that May was so affected
  • But unbeknownst to everyone the stayed in contact and sometimes even met up
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