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kelleycubes · 14 hours ago
do you know about blinkie maker???? i think you'd love it you can make custom blinkies. look it up it reminds me of the gifs u post (:
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i hope you know i would die for you
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annarts05 · 2 months ago
Fun Ways to Meet Characters
Thieves stealing important objects from the main characters and then being forced somehow into a found family situation
Saving a character’s life by doing something like taking an arrow/bullet
By losing a bet with a stranger and then teaming up
Gambling with a shifty character and getting really mad at them, only for them to later end up saving the other character’s life
Meeting the other in an arranged marriage and actually liking them (or really, really hating them)
Or having a chaotic dynamic where they irritate each other but they’re equally chaotic, so they become the mischievous duo in the found family
By bickering over the last piece of food at a banquet
Getting hired as a servant or maid, or some other serving position
By accidentally almost killing a character, only for them to join the found family and literally never stop bringing up that first meeting
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cartoongirl · a year ago
“Cartoon backgrounds are simple and never have that much detail”
Come again?
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[Edit: for anyone saying ”no one ever said that” i have personally had two different people on different occasions say that to my face and a another few online]
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luvinchris · a month ago
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Chris Evans - Lightyear UK Red Carpet  - Close up
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scurviesdisneyblog · a year ago
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Designs for background characters in Pixar’s Soul by Yingzong Xin
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hamlettheedane · 4 months ago
“wow” is such a raw quote, you’d think it was from Shakespeare but no it’s from Owen Wilson
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murasaki-cha · 5 months ago
Yoojin, in a high voice, holding barbie: Hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Dokja, in a deep voice, holding ken: Nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids
Cale: What the fuck are you guys doing?
Yoojin: Playing systemic oppression
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stims-and-aesthetics-ig · 11 days ago
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I found the fucking generator
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old-monarch-of-wakanda · 5 months ago
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via @solar punk 
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marleneoftheopera · 21 days ago
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Photos of Emilie in the new Broadway brochure! 
Also, I don’t have a scanner so apologies for the meh quality. I did do some slight editing to remove words and such, so please credit if reposting!
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cuttergauth · a month ago
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The summer i turned pretty bts drop 1 pt.1
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sophfandoms53 · 10 months ago
Appreciation for Polly and Sprig’s new human disguises because LOOK AT THESE BABIES
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angryhockeychick · 2 months ago
Speaking of wanting to bring attention to photos
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oceantoyz · 6 months ago
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screamingaboutspengler · 2 months ago
•Some of my favorite bts pics from the GB movies•
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sunshinemick · 16 days ago
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Mick owns multiple ZOX wristbands including the Prove Them Wrong bracelet, Love Wins bracelet and the Believe In Yourself bracelet!
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wall-maria-fritz · 8 months ago
Hii, I was wondering if I could get some random headcanons for Erwin, Miche, and Reiner plsss
The Big Blonde Boys
Random Headcannons for Erwin, Miche, and Reiner
Warnings: S4 Spoilers!
I will also be touching on slight smut but nothing graphic.
I really went ham on this one.
Scribblings MASTERLIST
Erwin Smith
Tumblr media
· Erwin is a hopeless sweet tooth. He loves strawberries and custards most especially.
· I’m convinced that Erwin Smith has what Wall Marians would say is a “refined” accent. Seeing how cultured and charming Erwin can be, he probably came from a considerably well off family.
· Erwin may have inherited his curiosity and innate genius from his father, but his charm and natural capacity for leadership? He got that from his mother, alright! I imagine his mother was very clever woman who could’ve hailed from minor nobility. I won’t be surprised if she held a few local government positions over the years.
· It’s a hoot to think about, knowing how blessed Erwin is with social graces, but he’s a terrible dancer! His mother has tried to make him work on his waltzes and quadrilles growing up, but poor Erwin just can’t get rid of his two left feet.
· Erwin loves mystery novels! Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie is a particular favorite of his. His love for mystery really honed his problem-solving skills as a child. His father was almost convinced he’d grow up to be a detective.
· You didn’t hear this from me but… Erwin may or may not have written a poem or two for Marie before. He likely never sent it, but it’s there. Hidden away in some old forgotten journal from forever ago. Marie would be the only women he’s ever written a poem for.
It was entitled, “If I Dare Say What I Think.”
· Sandalwood is his preferred scent.
· This man has a worrisome coffee addiction. It’s probably borne out of late nights endlessly mulling over the Scouting Legion’s survival.
· His favorite season is autumn. During then, he allows himself to grow a beard and feel all warm and cozy with it.
· I like to think Erwin has an older brother who’s just as handsome and charming as he is. Except, this Smith gets to take jabs at and mess with his baby brother (this is suuper self-indulgent, I know. But imagine it.)
· In his younger years, the Commander was a formidable ladies man. Sure he still is, but he was far more self-indulgent back in his cadet days.
· Erwin’s an excellent pianist. It’s one of the skills his parents insisted he learned, and it has turned into a form of therapy for him on his days off. His favorite piece is Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.
· If he ever did go to university, Erwin would definitely be a fraternity president. We’d deadass go all Elle Woods on him. Don’t lie.
· Growing up, Erwin would often go sledding and playing hockey with his dad and brother.
· He likes to work out in the dead of the night, especially when stressed. Seeing him drenched in sweat and lifting weights at 4am is no rare sight. It’s really the only time he’s found in order to keep in shape, and it’s so much more peaceful to do it when everyone else is sleeping.
· He prefers scotch over brandy.
· On particularly difficult days, Erwin allows himself a cigarette. He doesn’t indulge himself as much as he did during his cadet days, though. (Each time done away from his commanding officer’s sight, of course.) He’s aware that the vice does him no favors.
· It certainly isn’t beyond the Commander to flirt with the ladies of nobility if it meant a guarantee on Legion funding. And oh, how thoroughly does Commander Erwin leave these women smitten.
Miche Zacharias
Tumblr media
· This man adores horses. In fact, he works with them so much, that he tends to close off the day smelling as musky as them, you know? All I’m saying is, from all the physical exertions Miche does to care for the beasts, he just ends up smelling very much like a working man.
· Miche Zacharias is a lecherous dog. He’s probably fucked half the town at this point, and he can care less whether or not you know of this reputation. In his eyes, he’s a man with natural urges, and as such takes care of said urges. That’s it. He never sleeps with fellow soldiers, though. Preferring the village ladies and a visit to the brothel or two.
· He’s definitely a favorite client at brothels.
· I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s fathered a child or two along his many err… escapades. Besides, he can smell when a woman is ovulating.
· Secretly, his beard is a sense of pride and joy for him. He takes great care to maintain it.
· Miche has a very provincial drawl to his accent. I suspect he comes from a family of hunters and farmers, much like Sasha’s background. His knack for sniffing out animals (and now titans) probably came in handy when hunting back then.
· Miche is clearly very athletic, and he’s pretty much played every sport out there. But he especially enjoys soccer and football.
· Believe it or not, Miche is capable of delivering a baby! His experience with helping mares deliver their calf, as well as assisting his mother one time when no one else but him could help her give birth to his sister, told him just what to do.
· Miche probably has a whole gaggle of sisters, with him being the only boy in the family.
· Miche HATES cleaning and greasing his gear. His big fingers aren’t very ideal for handling small bits and bobs, as well as the fact that his hands are just rough in nature. Having to be careful and gentle is a real struggle for him, and he used to pass on his 3DMG upkeep to Erwin as a cadet if he can help it. Nowadays, Nanaba does the job for him. Bless her.
· When he’s drunk, he sings.
· When’s absolutely wrecked he yodels.
· He used to play cowboy a lot as a child.
· Miche is huge meat eater. He makes a mean roast too! He often takes up roasting and grilling duties on the rare Scouting Legion celebrations. Miche is honestly a wonderful cook.
· Miche is a heavy smoker. He was likely the one who influenced Erwin to start smoking as cadets.
· Miche primarily entered the military to support his sisters. But when his parents found out he joined the Scouts, they were upset for a time. But thanks to his sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Zacharias have come around to accept their son’s choice.
· Miche likes his women full and curvy. Do NOT make him choose between tits or ass. Just don’t. Erwin found out the hard way not to when they went out drinking once. Don’t.
· He wears briefs instead of boxers, and definitely sleeps naked.
· Miche loves to go camping. He’s at home in the great outdoors, and anyways, there ain’t no doorways for him to duck under and still bump his head at in the wilderness.
· When not in uniform, he likes to wear his thick flannels.
· Chopping wood is his anger management therapy.
· He has such a high alcohol tolerance. Beer is to Miche as coffee is to Erwin. In fact he’d drink this as a night cap.
· He’s a casual guitar player.
· When he first saw Erwin in his cadet class, he thought he was a “stuck up bitch boy.”
· Levi is “str0ngbw0i”
· He’s surprisingly good friends with Hanji! He can actually tolerate her prattling. He’s a patient man.
· Get this, Miche is actually a fine gardener. Erwin and Levi recently found out that the flowers he’d give his women are ones he’s grown himself. Erwin and Levi would never tell him they know, though.
Reiner Braun
Tumblr media
· A shameless flirt, but you could already guess that.
· An excellent chess player!
· He may be a beefcake, but he’s relatively well read. He spends his off time reading strategy and philosophy books. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is a favorite.
· This man definitely enjoys football. He may have also played baseball with Zeke before.
· Reiner’s a terrific dancer. He often hits on girls by asking them to dance, then sweeping them off their feet.
· Reiner is also a fine guitarist. (Although he only really picked up the instrument to impress girls.)
· Honestly? Reiner is hilarious! His dates love his sense of humor.
· Reiner is also very protective by nature. It’s likely why the 104th sees him like an older brother. But more so with girls, he’s very gentlemanly towards them, and ensure that they are cared for.
· Reiner has a thing for tiny women. He likes the especially delicate-looking ones; like dolls.
· Reiner definitely has that fuckboy-lip-bite-look when he’s flirting and drunk.
· As a child, Reiner wanted to be an actor. This is thanks to all the theatrical plays his mother takes him to.
· He sings well too! He’s a bass.
· In his most casual clothes, Reiner likes to wear tank tops and muscle tees.
· In his most private thoughts, Reiner has entertained dreams about having children more than once. But he promptly brushes these aside. No time for that with a mission to complete.
· For Reiner Braun, the way to his heart is indeed through his stomach. He loves it when a girl cooks for him.
· I imagine that his mother was once a baker, and so taught her son how to bake as well. Reiner can make a pretty decent cheesecake.
· This big guy has a fear of clowns. You can imagine how much of a handful he must be whenever he’d see a clown in a Marleyan festival as a child.
· Reiner is actually good at debates! He can be very persuasive, and can easily win arguments.
· He and Bertholdt would nerd out over comics in the middle of the night. It’s why they chose adjacent bunks. Jean would call them fanboys, Reiner calls him an “uncultured swine.”
· Reiner spends like, 20 minutes doing his hair in the morning.
· Citrus and Spice are his preferred scents.
· Reiner was a very hyperactive little boy, and so accumulated a lot of scars caused by childhood stupidity. Like that one scar near his hairline above his temple, from when he tried “flying” off a flight of stairs as a 5 year old.
· He’s a good shot.
· Reiner would 100% play Dungeons and Dragons if he could.
· He loves dogs, especially the big breeds! He had a pet mastiff named Lady as a child.
· As a little boy, he had a bear named Mr. Snuggles that he carried around everywhere he went.
· When he was training to be a warrior, he probably had a puppy crush on Pieck. All that changed of course when he returned from Paradise.
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