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schtroumpfmoralisateur · 7 minutes ago
idealogically i dont agree with hogatha trying to kill the smurfs but ngl she kinda went off with the being a fat woman with a large nose who doesnt feel the need to get rid of that to be pretty and only started going off at the smurfs bc they accidentally stole her shit and then killed her. she was minding her own business before then.
tbh a lot of her schemes that weren’t revenge for her getting killed were just urban legend beauty formula things and in the middle ages there weren’t a lot of reliable makeup stuff and most of it was just that sort of hearsay, and then that one time she tried to marry a prince for the power and riches which also makes sense for a woman in the middle ages to do.
anyways out of universe she was probably made fat with a big nose to look “ugly” but in universe if she just switched out the hairstyle and color of her wig and had lipstick that was a more neutral color and not bright red, i think she’d be really pretty. she just needs to find a color palette that compliments her looks yknow? maybe pink and yellow and blue and a more strawberry blonde hair color, or she could go all in on the witchy hag aesthetic and wear black w/ a black wig and highlights of red and yellow in her clothes to match her pet vulture harold. also her hairstyle isn’t doing her any favors, having a bunch of ringlets near the top of her head just makes her head look narrow in comparison to her body. maybe some longer curls?
also i think it’s cute how she snorts when she laughs and i like to imagine her real name is like... agatha or smth, and hogatha was a nickname given to her because of how she sounds when she laughs. which would mean she probably used to be very cheerful.
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fuckyeahscienceparty · 59 minutes ago
scrolled DEEP in my notes and found this ot3 science party thing i never finished.......
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mythicaldeathdeity · an hour ago
When I want to follow a crochet blog, I want to follow an actual blog, not just someone whose posts are 90% reblogs of a different [amazing] crochet blog I already follow.
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uniformbravo · 2 hours ago
to your eternity has me instantly hooked but god i dont know if i'd even have made it past the first episode if my super specific viewing experience hadn't happened the way it did
#endorsed#basically if id gone into it completely blind i think i wouldve had a significantly worse time#and even then it was a really hard watch for me :(#super super good first ep but it made me cry in the not fun way u___u#i have a hard time w certain brands of sad stories and this one hit that nail on the head#hurt/no comfort is super not for me!!! i love angst but only if things end up okay!!! it has to be okay in the end!!!#otherwise im just so sad#retag later#ani blogging#my viewing experience was as follows:#someone i follow on twitter had said the first ep made them cry so i was at least Aware that it was gonna be emotional in some way#and i'd seen the show specifically mentioned a few other times so i knew it was probably good or at least worth checking out#basically it was like in my mind#so i was going into it with this mindset that it was probably gonna be sad but that it was also probably really good#then when i went to actually watch it i accidentally started on ep 2 bc [super legal website] automatically selects the most recent ep#so i got through a good like 5 or so min before the title card came up & i realized it wasnt the first ep#which means i spoiled myself a little bit for the first ep- not much but enough to get an idea of what was going to happen#so in the end i had just enough info to prepare myself for what i was abt to watch#and like it still fucking destroyed me but because i'd heard it was good AND (crucial) i was able to immediately continue to the 2nd ep#i managed to clear that enormous hurdle and now im! really really excited to see where this goes#VERY cool premise im so fuckin down#in conclusion check it out if u want but be warned its very sad#o and also big tw for gore if thats a deal breaker for u. theres kind of a lot of it#its one of them R rated shows
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violetsoju · 2 hours ago
hello miss lin!! <33 my reply got kinda long bc i rambled so much so i'm here with two song recs!!! hehe. i forgot what i've rec before so i'm sorry if there are any repeats T^T
get you the moon - kina
i can't hate you - kayou
well... those are kinda similar/same vibes so here are two more songs w different vibes :")
nightlight - illenium
uchiage hanabi - daoko, kenshi yonezu
sending lots of love and good vibes your way <333
hello miss mandy!! i love this 3-5 business days communication timeframe we have hahaha
no worries no worries, there's no repeats! i mean even if there are i don't mind it at all <3 these recs look so good alr omg can't wait to hit play ltr hehe (im always excited to check out your recs bc your taste is also, immaculate ✨)
aaaa thank you for the love and good vibes! im recharged with it now <33 stay hydrated and don't forget spf too!!
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sirsharp · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The toaster POPS OFF and Airin immediately flings 10 feet in the air. All fluffed out and ready to– run into the other room.
Tumblr media
    ❝ PFFTHAH-- ❞
Tumblr media
    He seldom ever laughs  for real,  but that has his mask of perfect composure slipping.  He watches with a wide, wobbly smile as Airin darts away at the speed of a bullet, long tail swiping outwards to pierce the corners of the four toaster strudels  ( two at a time )  that he’d put in there a couple of minutes prior.
    A high-pitched whistle leaves pursed lips, plate with two strudels on it held out.  Somewhat mockingly:    ❝ Here boy. ❞
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foreverfanficaddict · 3 hours ago
Some people reblog posts laughing at antis wasting their time with things they hate, and immediately reblog a post hating on Taylor Swift. 🙄
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fantasynfiction · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
So this is taken at Cha Young’s house with the family who owns it.
Call me delusional but my eyes went straight to Jeon Yeo Bin’s outfit.
Is that oversized dress shirt Vincenzo’s?
And if Cha Young is wearing it, does that mean..................
*Thoughts trail off into the gutter*
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arty-cakes · 3 hours ago
Imagine tho, infected Myla unable to do any damage to Cloth because she's an absolute unit. So Cloth is there taking care of Myla as she uselessly keeps attacking and struggling. But then one day Cloth is holding Myla to make her eat and she stops fighting because the radiance is destroyed and Myla, though probably sick from the whole situation, is lucid again. She probably survived with the least amount of damage because Cloth was making sure she ate/drank and was clean.
ooh 🥺 soft...
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olympiansally · 5 hours ago
Good morning my love ✨ I hope you are having a good day, I have had *quite* the busy day so this is actually going out at midnight (technically morning ✨) I read that you have been having a hard week, and I am sorry things have been tough on you. Just know there are many of us who care for you immensely and you are strong enough to get through whatever seems to be holding you down, my dear. Do your best to love yourself as I/we love you, & I hope things improve ✨
Good morning my love!!! 🥰
You are so incredibly sweet! I truly can’t thank you enough for these!! I am doing much better now, but i did have a hard time last week (which is also why i’m answering this late) so i’m very thankful for the lovely support!! Now that i’m better though, there’s something i’ve been meaning to do and i’m choosing this message with such a supportive feeling to do it.
You are always so nice to me! I truly can’t thank you enough for these, but i wanted to write you a bit of a more personal message. So here it goes!
I remembered that quote that goes a little something like “true love is giving love without expecting anything in return” and this, you, are the absolute embodiment of that quote. Because your words are always filled with the most soft loving feelings and they always make me feel very much loved. And by sending them anonymously not only are you not expecting anything in return, but you’re making sure I know without doubt that you require nothing in return. And that makes this the absolutely most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.
You’ve talked about it a few times, so I know you are aware of how much of a romantic I am, so you know how much the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me must mean to me. And that’s why i can’t thank you enough for these. This is some Jane Austen-romance novel-fairy tale level sweetness. This is the type of thing that if I read in a fanfic I would think it was unbelievable that someone would do something so completely selfless and loving. Only because they want someone else to feel loved. Do you understand how much these mean to me? This is unbelievably nice levels of amazing and you’re actually doing this for me.
But here is the thing, my dear anon, that quote i mentioned? I don’t agree with it. I don’t think love should expect nothing in return. Or better yet, i do believe love should expect nothing in return but i don’t believe it shouldn’t get anything in return. Because you see, i’m a big believer in reciprocation. I’m a big believer in people getting appreciation for the nice things they do and these are the absolute nicest things. There isn’t much that i can do in terms of reciprocation exactly because of the anonymity that makes your messages so special. But i’ve been getting this love without giving you anything in return for very long now.
I often call you messages my love letter asks because thats what I think of them as, that’s what they feel like for me. Every time i receive one of these I feel like a victorian novel protagonist getting secret admirer letters or something equally cheesy and romantic. So here’s the thing, my dear anon, there was something I could do for you, to make sure you understood how much these mean to me. I wanted to make sure you understood how special these and you both are to me. So I’m writing you a love letter.
Yes, that’s what this is. It isn’t the same as sending lovely messages for me everyday, but it’s a little something I thought you might enjoy. And i really wanted to do something. But truly, I just wanted to thank you for how nice these always make me feel and how sweet you are for sending them. And I wanted to do it in a format that might do justice to what you’ve been doing for me so: a love letter.
It’s not a perfect letter, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me the imperfection and enjoy the intention, because that’s the type of thing romantic people do. And while that’s exactly what I am, I think it’s what you are too.
Anyway, my dear anon, all of this is simply to say thank you. Thank you so much for always brightening my days with your sweet messages. Thank you so much for sending me love in such a selfless caring way. Thank you for the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.
Thank you, my love.
I hope you enjoyed your love letter as much as I enjoy your messages every day. Because I enjoy them immensely.
Love, Lu.
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