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#i love u
foxsake5 · 7 minutes ago
Omg, the very first day they have her is a blur of feelings and hushed voices and more feelings. Sander can’t believe how tiny new-born humans are, so utterly enamoured by her chocolate eyes and head of messy brown curls – a mini Robbe – and when she wraps her little hand around his finger for the very first time in response to his gentle, careful touch, he feels this deep, good pain in his chest that he’ll never be able to put into words -
When she’s tucked safely into her cradle, Sander tears his shiny eyes away from her sleeping frame and turns to his other beautiful Ijzermans– his two greatest achievements. They move in simultaneously, gathering each other up in their tightest hug yet, and Sander spares a thought for his miserable teenage self who didn’t think he would ever be lucky enough to start his own family. Turns out he’s actually the luckiest there is 💘 Elsker dig, Cami, my favourite fellow night owl 💛 – E 💗
I just finished reading your fic and now I’m crying again 🥲 You beautiful person you, look at the softness you come up with 🥰🥰 Elsker, elsker deg! Takk for at du deler dine fine søte ord med meg. Jeg håper virkelig du har det bra, det fortjener du 💖 Ta godt vare på deg selv.   
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writersbuck · 8 minutes ago
ransom nonnie just know I miss you and I hope you’re doing well 😞
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jaehyiun · 8 minutes ago
Immy i love you I’m so sorry I’m trash and haven’t sent out your box yet (life is so hard???? Why?????) BUT I AM GOING TO SEND YOU TEXT UPDATES TONIGHT BECAUSE IMMA SEND YOU A POSTCARD AND EVERYTHIN IT WILL GO OUT TOMORROW I LOVE YOU SM
BESTIEEE NO DONT FEEL BAD!!!! im very very grateful there is honestly NO pressure what so ever. i hope ur ok :(( life is very hard I agree but ur kicking ass at it and I love youuuu so bad 💖
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souldagger · 10 minutes ago
btw the Murderbot short story Home (set in between exit strategy and network effect) is now available to read for free on tor's website!!!
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inkykeiji · 21 minutes ago
are you shadowbanned? weirdly tumblr has somehow made me unfollow you several times without my knowledge and literally none of your stuff ever appears in my inbox anymore!!!!
i have NO IDEA but i wouldn’t be surprised to hear that i am!!! tumblr’s been so so so weird lately, i get notifs for new followers but my follower count doesn’t change at all, i get notifs for asks that don’t exist OR i get the same ask sent four times.......... it’s rly been fucking up lately idk why :((( waaaah anon bb i’m so sorry that’s happening to you :( i dunno how to fix it but i’ll look into it and see if there’s anything else i can do!!! maybe it’s time i email tumblr support idk :/
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sunshinesewis · 24 minutes ago
Congrats on 700 followers!!!! <333
elle u precious lil soul u x
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lunavadash-creates · 29 minutes ago
Do you headcanon thay Arno is afraid of dogs like @straight-into-the-animus and me? Of yes this is song for you lol
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hithernthither · 31 minutes ago
i know not many in the rpc are familiar with honkai impact but i’ve been toying with the idea of an AU where Padraig/Pate take the semi role of Kiana/Sirin and becomes the Herrscher of the Void. cuz spears and yellow eyes and the hate of humanity that abused them adssgfd
anyway in that au i can see this being herrscher pate’s song
dark matter...the void....same thing adsfdsgf
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confused--castiel · 35 minutes ago
No beanie baby tonight 😔😔😔😔😔😔
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inkykeiji · 47 minutes ago
beware by deftones just screams dabi. his whole being just screams 'beware'.
YES YES YES OH MY GOD YES ANON I AGREE!!!!!! especially the first verse hehehe but i also love that this song has a recurring (narrative/thematic) motif of water and dabi’s fire......... v nice v nice hehehe but you’re 100% right, dabi himself screams beware; literally everything about him is like be careful! live wire! he’ll shock u real bad if u touch him
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sugushou · 47 minutes ago
lumie! i really really smiled when i saw your tags in the ask from nonnie. that you are happy with your writing and where you're at is so beautiful! YES! your blog is your happy corner and i'm filled with smiles and warm fuzzies seeing you declare that.
will be cheering for you as you slowly fill your masterlist with love and thots, equally. have a lovely day and remember to hydrate <3
emi!!! hihi ily thank u thank u for swinging by and supporting me 🥺💖 i am really just out here writing what i want to for the first time in a while and it's very happy-making for me nodnod 🥺💖 sending you a kiss and also a reminder to take a lil stretch break!!
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hiraethhh-h · 48 minutes ago
hi, bee here :)
i just wanted to say-
Tumblr media
i'm so glad that so many of you enjoy my content, regardless of my very, very, inconsistent upload schedule hehe 🤗
as thanks to every single one of you, i'm planning on taking requests soon once i fix up something that i'm working on ;)
again, thank you so, so, so much for the support and i love u all!!!!
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wocs · 52 minutes ago
i genuinely love the girls so much, even mona and then there’s aria....
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mcdannowave · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#h50 1x12#hawaii five 0#mcdanno#alex o'loughlin#cargument#scott caan#h50 bloopers#steve mcgarrett#danny williams#O'Caan#goofy mcgoofy#oh how i love how apologetic Alex is here 🤣🤣 He goes so naturally on those.And almost always makes a face#lightening the mood for the scene. specially when it's not about missing lines but other interruptions#and Scott..oh're adorable and the camera timing him was impeccable w/ his response on the last gif#and..i mean. being completely honest and not kidding anyone.that's Scott off cam vibes anyway(except w/ Dot there in the open)#S1 Danny is so energetic.And Scott just gives his soul for characters (He does theater *for fun* if u know what i'm saying)#but he's still a L.A. people.and in Hawaii it's for the paycheck. it timing rly well the more Danny gets 'less vibrating' with#when he decides to do less Ep and more L.A. time#and it here shows as an example#Of course some things are from Directing''More yell&rant.Need to sell ship/queerbaitting.Need replicate iconic bromances.Go crazy w/ Alex''#and then '''s S2/3 now.The island is expanding.less Ranting so loud bc there's other focus points now''#what i'm saying is..that tiny moment here just sums up so well him.Specially w/ all the stan info you have after many yrs#Oh!I forgot to comment. love the tiny bits of dif dialogue they do on each how Scott added ''My friend'' on the2nd gif#but in the final wasn't there/different take..Those things make my heart ache of all the footage getting dusty of fid takes#those two being Goofs.or Tryin dif things like hugging instead of handshake or BroHugs..Maybe winks?Glad they kept goodies like The Cudling#love those goofs#mine#*note to myself: Googles 'who is Rain Man'*
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