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#i love you

They said feelings are like the ocean and sea, sometimes big and deep and sometimes small and shallow.

But actually feelings are more like a tide..they can come and go!

By/ @sleepingjulieta

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My favorite thing to think about is you beside me, sitting comfortably and reading.

Or writing, me laying half asleep in your lap, while your laptop rests on top of me.

Or at a coffee shop, I said something that made you laugh so suddenly you needed to grab your cup with both hands.

Or at a nature walk, talking a break by the bench. Me sitting, watching you with adoration as you lean against the railing, taking in your beauty as you take in the beauty of nature.

Or walking along the street, hand in hand eating ice cream. I get some on my nose because I’m clumsy, you laugh, only to gasp when I boop some onto your nose too with a finger, my laugh joining yours as you can’t help but laugh again.

Or at a carnival, at night, clinging to your arm so I don’t get lost and you smiling knowingly. Keeping me close and not straying from the lights, suggesting rides and games that seem like fun. I try to win you a prize but my clumsiness makes me lose every time. You try to win, and succeed, asking me which prize I wanted. I had wanted to win one for you, but too swooned by you to say that, so pick one— Smiling as I hug it explaining I chose it because it reminded me of you.

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Pretty please?

He’s so sweet when he’s just being in love. No dynamics, just happiness and love and sex and forgetting everything outside the bedroom.

He gets that big smile on his face and just kisses you everywhere

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