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Omg another Knorrs lover!!! I really love the teriyaki noodles and really any chicken flavored rice is really good. Also I really super love getting either the Alfredo noodles or butter noodles and putting shrimp scampi on top of them! The garlic shells really disappointed me though, I really wanted them to be good and they just were not. The Buffalo chicken rice sounds good it’s a shame I won’t be able to try it.

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And which is more poetic,


Or Lust?

For the one is beauty and magic.

Cold winter mornings and bright Summer days.

And the other,

Secluded car rides. Stolen glances. Secrets that never pass your lips.

Mistakes made, and lessons learned.



What more can be written of love that has not already been etched in eternal ink?

How much is left that can be whispered of the mysteries lust incurres.

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I miss rubbing her head.

In the late night

To the early morning.

Miss the sweet slow kiss

The good morning kiss.

The good night hug.

I feel incomplete.

With out the her touch.

One day I will feel complete.

With a hello hug.

A welcome home kiss.

Until then.

I love my ginger wife!!

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when you’re feeling lonely and sad at night, who do you want by your side, that tells you “everything will be alright”?

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hi sonny! thank you very very much for this sweet message. i WILL go drink some water just for you :)

i love you, and i hope you know that the same applies to you. you are seen heard and LOVED (especially by me)

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Dear Jonghyun,

How are you? Down here things are a bit of a mess right now.. but at least SHINee has finally made a comeback and they make my day better! You guys never fail to make me smile and I’m always so thankful <3

I think this time I’m more ready for the situation, these promotions are full of happiness for everyone and I’ve never been more joyful this year! While during TSOL, unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to enjoy everything that’s been going on and after three years I still haven’t listened to the entire album. It takes time, you know, and I hope you’ll be patient enough to wait for me.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about you lately. As in, I really miss you (of course), but I also noticed it’s becoming easier for me to talk about you, to praise you and not to feel sad afterwards. Sometimes it’s harder, especially when the guys sing songs from older albums. During those moments I feel a void and a longing for times that will never be again that can eat me inside- but I’m also grateful that I was lucky enough to experience some of those times together with you! But anyways, I think you’re really becoming a part of me.

Wherever I go, whatever I say, you’re my first thought. The moon is so pretty, ahh, you’re working hard today too. You’re doing well, Jonghyun-ah. Can’t wait to see you and praise you!

Did you know your brothers went to IU’s program? You must’ve been so happy to see them with her! If you had been here, we would’ve had a Gloomy Clock duet and maybe we would’ve laughed even more, but don’t worry. Don’t feel like you have a weight on your shoulders. No no, I’m not blaming you! The episode was my favourite so far (cause I’ve been manifesting this for months) and they all sang so prettily. We’ve been calling out your name for ages and we’ll always do so.

You’re in everything pure and beautiful that is here. Let’s meet in the future, in the place where the sea and the sky become one. Until then, I will hold on tight to the memories.

Everyday I find some more similarities I have with you and it’s so heartwarming! I’m a person that believes in destiny and coincidences are never really casual events- but rather signals from the other world- and you and I were destined to meet! Ever since I listened to SHINee for the first time, your voice and your face struck to me the most, you’ve always been the person I associated the group with. And you were also the first person to make a comeback after I started stanning you guys. These are not coincidences.

You and I were destined to meet.

Spring will come soon, but as it’s still cold, I hope you’re dressed warmly. I’ll be fine and I always pray you are too.

I love you and I miss you, today too.

My moon, my poet, my artist.

Thank you.

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I thought you were the one. I was wrong. The more time I spend without you, the more I realise how much you weren’t there for me when you were supposed to be. I wish you no ill will and I hope you find someone better suited for your needs, as I hope to find for myself. We both deserve that much..

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