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#i love you always
poetrybymoksh · 4 months ago
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So So So, the poem is out now. I am freaking out. It is my most personal writing and discusses bullying in school or anywhere. I love you guys so much. I hope you guys, if you have ever went through teasing or anything, feel understood after reading this.  I love you guys so much  Moksh
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anisstaranise · 4 months ago
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Sebastian’s hand falls away, and he’s left empty, cold, disillusioned.
“And you might think you love me,” Sebastian adds, defeat crawled into the slump of his shoulders. “But do you even like me?”
- Chapter 7, (Burning) One Hell of a Something by @ttinycourageous
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youaremysunshinekt · 12 days ago
Guess which hopeless romantic, completely smitten fool deemed it a good idea writing their love's name along with a heart on the window by their seat while riding the tram home?
It's been raining all day and the window was fogged up. I couldn't resist the temptation.
The yearning was too strong and it felt oddly thrilling, liberating to for once handwrite her name, for others to see.
This is the woman I love, world!
You know someone named Anna? She's probably not my Anna, but tell her about that "street art" you discovered while riding public transport.
Chances are, it'll make her happy to know someone out there loves someone with the same first name, to the point of sharing it with the world, or rather the people riding that particular tram in their hometown.
Knowing it's a rather common name in this country, imagine the next person who so happened to choose that seat was named Anna too and seeing this made her day.
I want all women named Anna to be happy and have a pleasant day.
One may never know if one of them isn't the woman who holds my heart and our paths have already crossed or perhaps almost but not quite.
I want you to know that I am ready, my love. That my heart and soul are open to you.
If you're ready, send me that message.
I'm looking forward to that moment. Until then, I will love you from afar, love you as if you loved me too.
Despite all that, because of all that.
You are the one, my Anna.
That night, our souls have recognized each other, recognized their unique tune, light, warmth.
You will always feel like home to me and I will be your home if you allow me.
Please, don't shut me out.
Give us a chance.
We'll never know until we've tried it.
Don't be afraid.
We're in this together.
That's a promise.
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smonie · 2 months ago
The way you draw Simone’s clothes..... you pay so much attention to detail and it shows a lot about Simone’s character. So much personality. Well done. I already love this oc so much 💞
also Simone is insanely gorgeous WOW-
thank you angel
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myelocin · 2 months ago
8 | to my lani; happiest birthday.
In the back of my mind, I’m home.
Maybe life is meant to be this way. A fragile start, life, then a clock still ticking even if your breaths have slowed.
I remember you liked to take deep breaths.
Saturday, and the sun’s gentle. Pancakes by seven. You said you liked the way I made pancakes. “You can cook breakfast for me now every day,” with a smile.
You know I wish I could.
In the present, I’m somewhere else, but on August 8—for almost eight years now, there’s always been a part of the day where I’ll give in, sink into my thoughts, and find myself back home. Across you in that table. A plate of chilled fruit by my pancakes. My cold glass of orange beside your mug of coffee.
Sometimes, I’m twelve again, and I’m beside you again. You’ve got that red beanie on, because last night, you pulled out quite a few patches when you meant to just brush it back. There’s a bloom of yellow just outside the windows, plus the few drops of rain you always said made your flowers the happiest.
I hope that most days you were happy too.
August 8 is lonely, mi, but when I remember the bits of home, love usually cradles me instead of grief.
To be loved is the kindest the world could be, I suppose. You’re everywhere that’s the most beautiful today. Lani, as your name that meant the skies, because maybe, you’ve finally made it up there.
You gave me marmalade and home. My room on the second floor that had the best view of our autumn, and the angel figurines on my bedside table. The stories with the lessons I’ll pass onto the next, and the heart shaped locket you gave me on my first birthday that I remember with you.
August is lovely. You are always lovely.
Happy birthday. My world is lonely today, but the skies—my lani—look lovely.
So maybe you’re up there, by every bloom that gives you the most joy.
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benchillys · 8 months ago
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yuleneverwalkalone · 2 months ago
magenta omg lets gaslight gatekeep girlboss together always <3
there's no one i'd rather do it with <3
– send me colors!
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notnctu · 8 months ago
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please accept my love
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sosaduwu · 9 months ago
It wasn’t too good to be true. It was amazing but we both had our flaws. It was up to each of us, as individuals, to work to change.
I was working hard and you didn’t want me to change. So I left to change and you got what you wanted.
I know you need to learn. That we both have so many lessons to learn. I hope one of them brings us back together.
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fallenrustyangel · a month ago
Ive officially helped my best friend and lover pass on today. He died way too soon. And left me with all this love in my heart but ive vowed to send him nothing but good energy so today i am not sad today i am happy that my lover has reached the other side and is no longer haunted by this life he left behind he has healed and let go of it all and that brings me so much happiness. I know i will go down this road one day so all around its an experience that im glad to experience and feel. I love you Patrick you deserve everything and i hope your getting it. Till we meet again. You will always be in my heart. Im glad you've reached the end of your journey now and are now on the other side.
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youaremysunshinekt · a month ago
One day, hm? How do you excuse that break? How do you make up for it? Shut up, brain. You know what happened last night was mainly your fault. You and your constant nagging, doubts.
I would've sent her a good night post as per usual. It was you who prevented me despite my heart and soul's desperate cries.
Another day has gone by. I must admit, my state is not the best. Don't worry though. I'll manage, as I always do.
It's just that dreadful insomnia that's adding to my other issues. Well, never mind that.
I wonder how you're doing, my love. Once again I want to apologize for that misunderstanding, my impatience and freaking out, causing a scene, irritating and worrying you.
It's not your fault, never was, never will be. You did nothing wrong. I'm aware that your silence was not meant to hurt me, or worry me, but is resulting from issues from your side.
You must be overwhelmed still, your emotions all over the place, feeling terrified, frightened, unsure of what to tell me, how to communicate your state to me.
I sincerely apologize for pressuring you, or rather making you think that I put pressure on you, wanted to see quicker results, a decision from your side.
I was never mad at you, upset with you, or disappointed in you. Quite the opposite, dearest.
I can not even begin to imagine how tough and overwhelming this all must be for you.
I threw you into this situation, confronted you with those strong emotions of mine. It's a lot to take in, handle, I'm aware.
Please know that I will always be patient, understanding, kind and considerate with you.
Take your time, darling, as much as you might need. There's no need to rush. We're in no hurry.
I really want to talk and get to know you, learn more about you, but all in due time.
Sorry for my earlier message. Please don't feel like you owe me an answer, not right away anyway. Take your time, sweetie.
I hope you had a pleasant day and that your Monday yesterday wasn't too stressful as well. I probably stressed you yesterday, didn't I? And for that I'm very sorry. That was never my intention.
I hope you're gonna manage to sleep. Please try not going to bed too late.
You need rest, Anna. Once again I can't help picturing you in my arms, both of us dressed in our sleep attire, content smiles on our faces.
Perhaps, you'd ask me to tell you a bedtime story, yes, I totally read a J/7 fanfiction earlier where Janeway did that to Seven, whoops. I'm your Kathryn though, no?
At least, I'd very happily be that if you'd allow me one day. In my heart, I already am and you are my Seven. It would be my honor officially being able to call you mine one day.
Ehem, anyway... Either I'd be telling you a bedtime story, or we'd talk about our day. I'd always be curious to hear about your day, your little joys, your sorrows, angers, worries, everything.
Perhaps, we'd watch a movie after that still or listen to music, play video games, or whatever we'd please for a while, kiss in between and eventually fall asleep.
Good night and sweet dreams, my Seven.
I love you more than anything. You mean the world to me and you will always be sufficient.
Don't ever forget that, please.
I will wait for you, no matter how long it might take. I'll be patient.
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painterlackingartistry · 2 months ago
Dear Dad,
I am so proud that you were created.
I am so proud of you.
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followyouaroundd · 5 months ago
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This is me compete with Taylor’s level of lockdown productivity!! It might not win me a Grammy, break countless records or be universally and adored but we move. Thank u for blessing me with three beautiful albums in the last year Tay- they’re the reason I remained sane whilst writing this. Long story short I survived and I’m going to be a teacher!!! 🥺❤️ @taylorswift @taylornation
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baekhyunsguardianangel · 11 months ago
there isn’t anyone more precious than byun baekhyun.......................he’s my treasure
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thecreaturesblog · 4 months ago
Don't I look so,
pretty with,
that filter on, babe?
yes, no?
long days
and longer nights chillin in bed
alone, completely alone
completely stuck in my own head,
hey, at least you gotta fucking bed man,
i hate going to work
but when I get there,
it can be, amazing
i work tomorrow
gotta leave around
8, am,
then it's off to Bumble Town
that's right Honey, it's time for another vacation,
seems like a lot of em this year
shut the fuck up
dont pay attention
tripin when I walk
limpin when I talk
wait a minute, reverse that shit
you say you, need a man to make you smile
well baby, I think you're living your life, in denial
once upon a time,
Long ago,
I, I fell in love so hard,
so fast,
in one night, you know,
it was roughly, eleven years, ago
to a boy named Josh,
had that, charisma and a good flow
but his, mistreastment,
lead to a path,
so destructive,
always repeatin,
no change, like no seasons,
on me and on God,
I had to set us free, yeah
so what did she do?
she broke his heart, saying after every moment,
spent in love, after
having your back and shedding all of that blood,
I have to say to you,
baby, I'm not in love,
no more,
no mooorrrre,
won't let you break my shit
or get real hateful
call me a bitch and I'll see ya later
no more
loving those other girls,
on those nights I couldn't make it,
or the other ones where I was just in bed,
when I wasn't tryna give you any head,
and never
never again,
will you place your fist anywhere on my head,
or my body,
you will stay far, far away from me,
and one day, yes someday,
I'll watch my soul set itself free
Goodbye Joshua Alexander, I miss you all the time. I would honestly love to talk to you, see how you are. After six years, I've let a lot go, instead I held on just to remember, take no shit, from no man. But baby, you're ignoring me lately.. Like I ain't good enough, for the sweet ass time of Mr. Joshua... Huh? I'll always remember your smile, but also the face you make when you're angry, I hear your laugh, in my ears it rings, our matching tongue rings, that year long trip across the west side of this country, baby you will always belong to me, like a flame to a fire, you will dance you will move, just like I did to get away from you, we might be burning two separate things but baby we are the fire, we made eachothers flames. I hope you're still looking at those stars, cause I'm doing the same, and every once in a while you get on my brain, do I do the same? To you? Maybe someday, I'll see you again, and we could laugh about some of the mistakes. Remember all those nights in bed we laid. You held me every single day. And maybe we had codependency problems, but we were so in love, who cared if we solved em? You and me, together in the night, living for each and every day, we were up against this world, that had too much to say, about us. You hurt me deep, like bad, like it's taken years to get past, but I still miss you the same, I loved the way that you and only you could speak my name. Some people say love is fucked up but I think those people are just playing a game. We tried so hard to be real, that we both ended up fake, two troubled and lost souls, walked down an unmarked trail, hands together, voices the same, each of trying to take over what the other sayin.
Don't forget me, please, my Joshua. I'll always remember your name, your birthday, the thinga you liked and the ones that you'd hate. Take care of yourself, now and again. Stay safe.
And please, never forget, all of thw things, all the adventures, all the fights, all the talks, that took all night, the music, the car, chaco, or the shooting stars, the beach, Cheyenne, or Shane, Bones and the rest of our hippies hoppin from train to train, and Lord, don't forget to pray. I love you always and forever, maybe from a very far away place and maybe you spend to much time in the light, while in always stuck in this darknees, maybe the people round you ain't it, and now I got a place, I got a job, my shit's getting turned around, while you still playin, maybe you've got a new girl, but I don't gotta ask, and i don't mean to judge, but I know she'll never be me baby, but still my love it's still the same, as it was yesterday and everyday before that, till the day I met you, when you started by saying 'wow you are beautiful'
Nigga if things had gone different
I would have your last name
But things, things,
And people,
We all
So float through the fires
To bring me your flame
With every star in the sky
My heart misses you again and again,
And I do sometimes, I do think of you,
Like we still got something,
Not even you,
Could take away
The moon she stays, to watch your way home for me,
And the sun he tells,
Me, that you have also changed,
Your health.. it truly,
Truly worries me,
I wish I was strong enough,
To carry you all the way,
I'm sorry I just couldnt make it,
I'm sorry some problems change,
But some will always remain.
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