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#i love you anon
dalishthunder · 19 hours ago
Another excerpt for the anon who said that it makes their day because that ask made my day asdlkjfalsjdfk
Eridan had a grype call he needed to get to right after the session so he made a relatively hasty exit leaving you alone with Cronus. "Do you wanna hang out downstairs? It's probably more comfortable."
You remembered very vividly the way you'd broken down in front of him while he was drunk and the way you'd wanted so badly to just let go and you.... You weren't sure if you should trust yourself... which was silly because of course you could trust yourself. So despite your long (probably awkward) pause you nodded and he beamed and you felt an uncomfortable pang in your chest like you just swallowed too much bread with a too-dry throat.
Cronus grabbed your hand and led you down the stairs to his dude cavern (and you tried to ignore just how many doors there were in the hallway because how... how were there that many rooms in the basement level? What was in them? Was one of them a sex dungeon? Probably! But you were far too polite to ask... though you really wouldn't want to ask about that last one.... yeah.... Much better to not wonder or wander).
It was still as dimly lit as you remembered it the first time, but the soft light of the day outside filtered in through thin, horizontal windows up towards the ceiling and something about it gave you the sense of deja vu, except for the massive pile of pillows and blankets in one corner.
"So do you wanna watch a movie, chief? Or maybe just talk?" He gave you a blinding smile and you quickly averted your eyes, catching quickly on the bizarre pile. Surely he didn't just take every pillow and cushion and blanket in the house and make a nest out of them did he? Was that normal behavior? Or was he like... just a bit messy? (After all he was rich, he could afford to not care about messes because he could just pay people to clean up after him. Something you would have loved to be able to do. Fuck doing dishes.) "D'you like it?"
"Like what?" You replied. His p-
"My pile. Do you like it?" Cronus looked at you with equal parts excitement and anxiousness.
"Uhhhh..." You tried to glean what answer he wanted from you by reading his face. "Yyyeeees?"
That was apparently all he needed to hear before he rushed over and flopped down on it, patting his lap and watched you expectantly. You just gave him what you hoped was a withering look and he patted the space beside him instead. You debated for a moment whether or not to sit on next to him in that monument to decadence and comfort or sit on the couch like a normal person but he was giving you puppy dog eyes and he really was awfully cute. (Can we keep him?) So despite your hesitance and better judgement you flopped down on the pile.
It was extraordinarily plush.
You sank in the perfect amount.
This was... this was quite nice actually.
Cronus immediately wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you flush to his side. You pushed him away equally as quickly because, "Damn, leave some fucking room for Jesus, will you?"
If the confused look he gave you was anything to go by, the reference clearly went over his head. But the sentiment behind the statement rung true. You needed some personal space.
"What's wrong, kitten? You ain't feelin' good?" He reached out to stroke your cheek, hand cold (always cold) but they kept it so goddamn warm in here that it wasn't the temperature of it that was the issue. It was the presumptuousness of it all.
Wrong? Nothing was wrong. You were fine. You just needed some personal space because he was massive and smothering and you were... god between the pillows and blankets pulling you in and the clinginess of the man beside you you were... fuck you couldn't even breathe.
He cradled your face in his hands, making soft shooshing sounds and a few high, warbling clicks. "You ain't gotta hold anyfin in on the pile." The expression on his face was gentle... the sort of gentle way one would look at a baby deer; with all the tenderness in the world and you hated how vulnerable it made you feel and you were going to fucking scream.
No. You were fine.
You focused on the way your nails dug crescents into your palm.
"I'm fine. I just need a little personal space is all."
Cronus pouted but you had no intention of giving him more than that. You hated feeling poached eggy. (Though truth be told you felt... you felt more like a fried egg. Crinkly and crispy around the edges. Chewier, less soft... you weren't even sure if you had a gooey center right now).
"You don't gotta be shy, chief, you can tell me anything." He tried again. "That's what piles are great for: feelings jams, secret sessions, y'know pink shit." You squinted at him, trying to figure out if he was trying to insult you (why would he though...). "Geez, kitten, no need to get hostile here, you were super into sharing the other night."
You winced.
"That was... an exception, not the rule. Besides, I'm okay, really."
He didn't look convinced but finally changed the subject. "So my therapist says that I should take more interest in the things that other people are interested in."
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5pp-man · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku: “just sayin lol”
this post is dedicated to that one anon:
Tumblr media
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aj521z · 2 years ago
isn't cp wearing tobin's bridesmaid top from allie's wedding?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hearthstoneblitz · 3 years ago
it's so funny that blitz is like a middle aged single mother who lives on coffee and spite alone even tho he's actually a 20 year old guy and doesn't actually have kids
blitzen, a 20 year old male with no biological children, attends the PTA meeting for the chase space kids. he’s the best dressed (violet vest, skinny tie, embroidered capris, and carrying a trenta black coffee, with the bags under his eyes that might as well be gucci), and he makes suburban-mom-karen cry with the lemon squares he brings to the bake sale. if you come at any of his kids he will fight you, your fashion sense, and your mediocre cheesecake.
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suf-fering · a year ago
my life is over now. tell me what i will do and where i will go
First of all, if you ugly cried like I did, go wash your face and drink a glass of water. You will feel much better and your head won’t feel like it’s stuffed with cotton balls. Then you just have to deescalate. Listen to soothing music, maybe distract yourself with a video game or a book for a little bit, calm your mind. Maybe go to bed if it’s late for you, get some decent sleep tonight.
Tomorrow you will wake up, and it won’t feel so huge. Of course it won’t mean any less to you, and you’ll still have large emotions, but they won’t feel so heavy and life-ending. Because they aren’t. They may change your perspective, they may change who you are going forward in life, but it’ll be manageable. Just look forward, and think fondly of the amazing experience you had watching this show for the first time.
You’ll go wherever you want. You can stick around fandom, think up art and stories and AUs and canon divergences and discuss meta and theories with friends and mutuals. Or, if you need a break, you can find something else to focus on. Maybe take a break from social media all together. Pretty much every week of this month I had to isolate myself from the internet for at least a day, lol. Or move on to the next fandom, if that’s your thing. This fandom isn’t dying any time soon, but inevitably there will be some people who just need to move on. And that’s okay.
I’ve got you, you’ve got this. We’ve all got each other.
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rainbowravioli · 2 years ago
Nothing will be ever be as funny to me as Shiro jetting off to the farthest reaches of the solar system, risking life and limb to discover ~alien life~ when he has literally been the victim of alien grand theft auto and drag races an alien in the desert on a regular basis.
Truly the greatest love story of our time.
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coatntails · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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zemosimp05 · 27 days ago
🖤 LOKI X Y/N 🖤
that's it. That's the ask 💀
Tumblr media
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lovenikkisapphic · 3 years ago
having the wedding event start on the first day of pride month is homophobia
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dazelikesmm · 2 years ago
I love Tilla, but I want to marry her so I can tell Lyanna I'm her new mom lmao
Tumblr media
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tonystarkstan · 2 years ago
hey, i’ve read all your works so many times and I absolutely love them I was just wondering what else you’d recommend to help with bad brain days? i’ve been having a rough go of it lately and i always use works like yours to get through. hope you’re having a good day!
anon, I got this ask right as I started my chem homework and I forced myself to Wait but OH BOY DO I HAVE SOME GOOD ONES FOR YOU
((also, I’m assuming that depressing fics but with hopeful endings is what you’re looking for, since that’s how mine typically are))
-my number one go-to will literally always be @losingmymindtonight’s 5 Times Peter’s Mental Illness Made Him Stumble and The 1 Time He Refused to Falter. (listen, I know that everyone talks about this one but it’s just because it’s That Good. it genuinely kept me going one more day. it’s so important.)
-by the same author is We All Chase After A Few Dying Stars which resonated with me So deeply that it almost hurt. I come back to it often.
-to take this off my shoulders by defendedbymypen is so, so good. This author is incredible.
-ohhh, one that I’ve read two or three times now is The Five Times Peter’s Enhanced Metabolism Screws Him Over + the One Time He Gets Help by @whumphoarder which is particularly helpful when I’m struggling with food.
-xxiv. drowning by @tempestaurora really got to me. “You’re important, you mean something.” Definitely recommend.
-Things that Grow Beneath the Snow by @jbsforever is - goodness gracious, it’s so good it hurts. It shows the struggle and how it’s ongoing but really captures the hopefulness of like one day we’ll get there, you know?
-When The Colours Fade, All We Have Is Orange by my girl @ironfamjam is so good (I still need to leave a comment on it because I’m a pos who hasn’t yet)
These are all a bit more depressing but they all have super hopeful endings, are really good reads, and are so well-written. If you want happier, more lighthearted fics, just lemme know and I’ll see if I can help?
((Also, I’m sorry you’ve been having it rough lately. I wish I knew what to say to help but I’m The Worst. I believe in you.))
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suspiriahh · a year ago
Hi! Could I request a scenario for Dazai or Chuuya comforting their fem!s/o who's been groped on the train to the way home? This It recently happened to me and I just need some comfort, you don't have to do it if you're too uncomfortable, thank you ♥️
Awe love I’m so sorry that happened to you :( 💔 did you happen you happen to get a look at them? Because if you did let me know so I can schedule them a date with these hands ✊🏻😤✊🏻 (I tried to answer this as quickly as I could when I saw it but I had to go to work I’m sorry!!!)
I seriously hope you feel better! I’m sending you the biggest hug with my psychic powers 💞
Tumblr media
It broke dazais heart to see you cry. So when you showed up at the ADA with tears streaming down your red puffy face he instantly jumped into protective mode. He led you out to the hallway and wiped your tears away. “What’s the matter my love? Did something happen?” Dazai spoke softly to you. Through sniffles and short gasps of air you told him about Your terrible experience.
While taking the train home that evening you felt someone come up and grope you forcefully from behind. But before you could get a look at the person who did it, they took off. You were terrified, this had never happened before. What if someone does it again? What if something worse happens? you thought about just going home quickly but you felt right now you couldn’t be alone. So you went straight to the ADA in hopes of finding comfort in dazai.
As you continued to speak, dazai felt his blood starting to boil. The thought of someone harassing you like that made him want to hunt down the culprit himself and torture them. Though right now you were his main concern, and he was going to help you in every way he could. After a talk with fukuzawa, dazai has the rest of the day off. He even asked if the both of you would like to be escorted home but you told him you’d rather not have that much attention on you. Dazai let him know that he would protect you every step of the way.
You kept your head down the entire way home. Dazai kept an arm around you in a comforting way as he scanned his surroundings every few seconds. When you both made it back to your apartment dazai suggested you go take a shower and relax for a little. You were basically trembling with fear the whole time you were on the train again. He kissed your forehead and told you that he would be here when you got out.
After putting on a plain T-shirt and some sweats you made your way back to the living area. Dazai had gone out and bought you your favorite comfort food and a sappy movie to watch. He smiled at you before making his way over to you as you dried your hair with a towel. He wrapped a fluffy blanket around you while smothering you in kisses. You wanted to laugh and joke with him right now but you were just too stressed out. He noticed this and instantly his expression turned to that of concern.
He held you tightly in his embrace and you pressed your head against his chest. You could hear his heart beating softly and it brought tears back to your eyes. He buried his face into your hair and whispered softly into your ear “I love you belladonna, I’ll be here no matter what.” You tried not to cry again but your attempt failed. You sobbed into his vest and he rubbed soothing circles on your back. He was beyond furious at this point, and he was going to find whoever did this to you.
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deluminatorillustrator · 3 years ago
tall!harry hugging draco tightly and kissing him on the forehead? i just discovered you a while ago and i love your work so much already nskfndncndj
Tumblr media
Thanks so much, anon!! Drawing Harry taller than Draco is very strange for me, in my head Harry is like 5′2. I hope u like this tho!
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stabbymyers · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dear Anon, please accept my proposal.
Honestly, this made me so flattered and you don’t know how happy I am to get approval of my non-sibling-canon after constantly having to remind people under certain posts that I don’t draw or approve of incest. Thank you so much! *smoochus*
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senren · a year ago
If you are still active... please... that Chuuya brainwashed comic... I need a happy ending for them..
Tumblr media
And you assume that my ending for it is happy oh my sweet summer child
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