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#i love you guys
hugs to you and hope your family will be safe and healthy. always appreciate seeing you online and active, but it's only natural to be taking time off when needed. lots of love your way 馃А

you’re one of my favourite people here! thank you so much for your kindness! have a lovely day 💌(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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feat. @ms-starr​(Jinx Furtune)

 @mage–of–mind​​ (Lancer Prancer)

 @gaycogs​​ (Mo Mo Featherberry) 

and @enbyhoneyfluff​​ (Prof. Ginger Honeyfluff)

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I’ve been off tumblr for a few days so I was catching up and I’m sorry people were giving you so much shit about the one post. Kinda wish I coulda seen it cause I really love your art and I’m sure it was amazing 馃槄 just keep doin you and don’t let those people get to you

thank you sm anon :’)  💜✨ 

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How did you help your blog gain attention? Im a bby writer and need help 馃ズ馃憠馃憟

Hello! Welcome to the fandom bby!!🥰🥰🥰

Okay, so I actually never have a thought about how my blog got attention or how to gain attention? Because okay, in how I see things here, never put your hopes solely to gain a lot of attention.

Make a story and fiction that you loves first, make sure you really loves writing it… With that, no matter how many attention you got, you could still be happy with the results because you enjoy writing it…

Like, see the attention you got as a sweet bonus for your hardwork! Enjoy writing every little piece, just love the character and such… Because if you focuses on how many likes that you got, how many people reblog you your fiction, you wouldn’t be satisfied, baby💞💞💞

Yes having a lot of reblogged and likes seems like you are a successful writer… But from the start I know there will always be people who wrote for years and maybe a professional writer too… So basically this is how my mind works:

1. Write something because you want to write it

2. Remember that attention is a sweet bonus, not the main goal

3. Always make a room to improve yourself (Not change yourself)

4. Befriend. No, not in hoping you got attention. But so you know the same struggle as you need to rant and some people will be there for you when you are down in this fandom.

I am sorry if this is not what you are looking for, baby. But this is like what keeps me sane in this fanfiction world. Tho if you really want to got attention, tags really helped tho! And like, make sure your first line already a bomb, because that’s what makes people on keep reading your words…

All of those reasons above was so we could be satisfied with the results only, love! Because I used to checking out every hour how many likes or how many people actually read my works… And trust me, you don’t want to feel like that and I don’t want you to fall to the same routine… That’s why I gave you all of these long ass paragraph. at least on the phone it feels long

I hope what I say could help you survive in this fanfiction world! I am sure everything that you write must be awesome because everyone has their own writing style and each person always so good with their words🥺

Please don’t hesitate to message me or ask something if you need anything. Either as a writer, or a friends. I am in, okay? 🥰🥰🥰

With crazy amount of support,


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Umm can I cry?

Never in my life did I think this many people would want to follow me. Never did I think that this many people would care about my Sims. Thank you to every single one of you. I love all of you and I’m so grateful for all of the love you give my Sims ❤

Enough of the sappiness (for now 😂). I do have something planned I want to do, hopefully you guys will like it!

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銉(锝★渐ω锝ワ健) thank you for always writing wonderful things! You are one of my favorite blogs to see on my dash!~ 馃挒馃挅馃挏

I LOVE YOU (♥ω♥*)

Thank youuuuuu 🖤💜

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a little reminder for all the cuties out there: you’re absolutely stunning and deserve all the love in the world ✨💞

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For @leoamber66


“Calm down. It’s okay. Everything’s alright, Yuki,” I sigh, handing her another tissue.

“Bu-but,” she wipes her eyes, which doesn’t do much good, really. More tears are ready to flow down her cheeks the moment they get dry.

I roll my head back, trying not to sigh for the nth time.

“Jack is dying! Poor Rose!” she blows her nose into the next tissue I pass her with full sound effect. 

“It’s a movie, for god’s sake,” I tell her, trying to help her realise that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are very much alive. It’s just characters they are portraying in the film, anyway.

Whose idea was it to watch Titanic?

“I’ll get you ice-cream,” I say, standing up.

Anything to get away from this god forsaken movie.

My plans to be free from the over-emotional scenes are stopped mid-way when I feel Yuki grabbing to the end of my shirt sleeve, stopping me.

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Hi everyone, this has been a really hard decision, but I’m going to go on hiatus. My mental health has been getting worse and worse and I don’t want to upset everyone.
I hope to return soon and I’ll be checking in to tumblr still to answer DMs and chat to people but I won’t be reblogging stuff or posting stuff really.

Thank you everyone so so much for following and supporting me on this journey, and keep being stimmy! <3

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bro why is everyone hating on you? Like, you do you boo. It’s your choice of what you give out, your actions, and your words. They have no right to intrude and give you hate for something they may or may not know about. Unless your Hitler, I don’t get why everyone’s so mad at you. Btw, your art style is beautiful

Oh i posted a Lemon post(which is a nsfw post) and they said I shouldn’t cause Im a minor etc…i did give warnings and tag appropriately with a bunch of “.” but i somehow didn’t know how to put the post under “read more” so it got flagged ‘:D anyway I’m kind of alright now i think ! I’ll be more careful next time. I know posting sth like that is wrong when you’re not over 18…they are right about me being a minor so i’ll try and avoid that next time..thank you so much btw Anon!! Whoever you are <3

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