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#i love you im glad i exist
deadpoetwilde2 months ago
whenever i feel insignificant i think about the fact that the universe is so vast and endless and infinite to the point where we can't even grasp its very concept ... and yet how intricate and beautifully accidental must it be for mangos to exist and for us to enjoy them and to be aware of the fact that we're enjoying them, or for two people's hands to fit together, or for someone to bake bread for someone else. there is no end to space, and yet we have favorite songs, and we tend to little plants, and we leave our footprints on the sand until the waves wash them away, and we help bees back outside with our silly cups and pieces of paper !! existence is so miraculous & we are here & small & coincidental, and so i love & love & love
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booksartandpoetryy2 months ago
on birthdays.
listen, i dont know if birthdays have any deep historical meaning to them or not, but i do know it's a man-made human ritual, and a beautiful one at that. every year when you reach the day you were born in, you are showered with love. even a little 'happy birthday' text feels so genuine to me, despite it being, sometimes, sent as a 'sign of courtesy' from people who couldn't care less. whether you receive a huge party and lots of presents, or you spend it alone, it is always a special day. having a feast thrown for you or buying yourself that thing you have been wanting to for so long, doesn't seem odd in this day. because the date of your birth is a day of celebration, celebration of the fact that you exist. despite it all, despite the tragedy and the heartbreak and the tears, you exist, and on your birthday you have an invisible pass to actually live this life of yours instead of being a bystander and watching it from a distance. and the fact that humans have collectively made an effort to make everyone feel special on their birthday, is beautiful.
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obsoba year ago
Tumblr media
a commission whereby i was requested to draw the golden quartet + the orange by wendy cope
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spiderrpcrker3 months ago
Sometimes i get so excited about the future, yk. Like i see all my friends around and go "wow i cant wait to attend events important to you and have you be at mine, i cant wait to be independent so we can choose to be together on our own terms" ah
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coeusing2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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july has ended and it feels as if i havent done a single thing all summer . still i am trying to remember that getting thru the days one at a time is good enough ;
it is ok to just listen to music , knit , draw cowboys , look at sunlight on water sunlight on trees sunlight setting until the day is over . it is okay & i am existing & that is enough!
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roundedloaf11 months ago
The Orange by Wendy Cope
At lunchtime I bought a huge orange鈥 The size of it made us all laugh. I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave鈥 They got quarters and I had a half. And that orange, it made me so happy, As ordinary things often do Just lately. The shopping. A walk in the park. This is peace and contentment. It's new. The rest of the day was quite easy. I did all the jobs on my list And enjoyed them and had some time over. I love you. I'm glad I exist. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
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universallovebot2 months ago
i just think that love is so wonderful. i think being in love is fantastic. i think that smiling because of someone, finding someone to be quiet next to, having someone to make the world brighter, it鈥檚 all the things that make life worth living. i鈥檓 not just talking about romantic love either, i think being in love with your friends, being in love with the world, having a family, it鈥檚 just really the point of it all
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plumstreet2 months ago
Tumblr media
tiny little tomatoes from our garden (held in my tiny little hand). actually life is good sometimes and im happy to be here
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kahintohogiwoha month ago
kavya did you know you are one of the sweetest people ive ever met? like you have this really warm vibe you know,,
like everyone needs a kavya in their life. legit
like im not even sending this ask for the sake of it i genuinely mean this. like everytime i see your spam no? i smile a lottt and the only reason ive never gotten bored of this website and abandoned it is because of you. ik its sounds kinda cringe and all but it is true only.
i saw that post of yours no saying dont be maybes and second thoughts. i just wanna say the same. you are one the kindest person ive ever met and you should be everyones 1st option 馃檮
oh how i love you.
(i get these random urges to say stuff like this and im not even sorry cause sex education taught me that you should say that you love a person if you actually love them, because life is too short yk)
i legit cried ardraaah not kidding(im crying still). for the sake of intimacy i kinda never wanna post this but you know i want you to have the answer and see this on my dash cause everyday it'll make me feel good<3
IT IS NOT CRINGE OML. the only thing I ever want in a person(as in person and not any relation based person even) is for them to be honest. im scared cause everytime i showed them how i felt, they took it for granted(i can be so myself around you<3)
ik i speak a lot but i never know how to express i just feel too much to say it aloud. I've never not meant any iloveyou's. trust me iloveyou. it's like a love letter oml. you don't know how much this is gonna make me feel good about myself and tbh everyday i think of what an amazing woman you are(seriously)
also i saw one of your post about how will we know when you die? it'll be telepathy for us. if its cring idc but i really do feel so good that we exist simultaneously (maybe it seems too unreal it isn't.)
and also, you???? YOU DESERVE THE WORLD. YOU DO. I'LL MANIFEST THIS FOR YOU EVERYDAY. iloveyou (life's too short) and im gonna say it everyday. you're an angel<3
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helpmyfo4 months ago
with all the attention and fandom around Greek mythology lately because of Hades the game, I'm now thinking about the history of self-shipping like, I bet you anything hundreds of years ago, as soon as books became widely accessible, there were self-shippers who just, you know, didn't have the time or space to articulate it. But like, thinking about how there was probably someone hundreds of years ago who imagined themself as Puck's fairy friend or one of the Lost Boys or a member of Odysseus' crew...the thought just makes me so warm and fuzzy
Ouuugh oh my god anon. Oh my god hold on I have to sit down for a second oh my god I'm crying
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searidings5 months ago
Dear miss ridings..
I just wanted you to know that i am crushing on you real bad. Like i am in awe of how you write. You have such a way with words that hit me right in the chest. I keep coming back to your works because of the feels you give me.. you are one my favorite writer and i will always be patiently waiting for more. I also love just going to your blog because your tags are amazing.
Das it. Bye miss ridings i shall go back to stalking you now..
Tumblr media
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allthingssnowbaz4 months ago
IT'S 21 JUNE ! ! !
Happy FUCKING birthday to the most precious moron, my baby, our rosebud boy!!
Happy Birthday to you
Simon Snow <3
you have indeed become the centre of my universe. Ilysfm
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invaderskoodge4 days ago
in my house (me, friends/mutuals/etc, my blog, whatever ud call it) there is NO room for self hate or self deprecation we are speaking highly of ourselves. we are giving ourselves the love and self worth we deserve!!!! even the parts we dont like about ourselves!! we are finding the goodness in them. fuck yeha fuck yeah fyck yeah (<- am excited ) -maxx
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universallovebot3 months ago
just watched the old guard for the first time and joe鈥檚聽鈥渉e鈥檚 not my boyfriend. this man is more to me than you can dream. he鈥檚 the moon when i鈥檓 lost in darkness, and warmth when i shiver in cold. and his kiss still thrills me even after a millennium. his heart overflows with a kindness of which this world is not worthy. i love this man beyond measure and reason. he鈥檚 not my boyfriend. he is all, and he is more鈥...yeah
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