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#i love you so much
tapejob · 7 minutes ago
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maggieisalarrie · 8 minutes ago
It's been a while but @honestlytrulycompletelysteady tagged me to share my creative goals for 2021, which at this point I'm going to say is to finish at least one! (1) of the things below, and @fallinglikethis tagged me to post my WIP folder list! So here we go!
These are my WIPs I've actually created documents for so far!
angry prompt
begin again au
Bury Me in Violet
camera store au
coffee shop au
coma/amnesia au
Deserve and Desire
domestic night in (slice of life)
dream (very clever working title as it's based on a wild dream I had forever ago lmao)
empath au
How Many Trillions of Universes
It's a match! pt. 2
Loneliness of the Lover
Love Doesn't Happen for Everyone
mall au (girl direction)
met on vaca au
murder/horror au
one night stand au
online dating au
parks and rec au
single dad au
Una Semana En Punta Cana (girl direction)
Waiting for Something to Make Me Feel Something
I've seen so many people do these already and I've completely lost track of who has and hasn't, so I'll just leave it at this I think :)
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ppppppenguin · 21 minutes ago
I JUST ... love hong cha young and jeon yeo bin? so much??? like hong cha young’s entire character is a love letter to girls who feel like they take up too much space and are ridiculed and called “obnoxious” for having big personalities and kdrama girls are so often made to feel small and fit quietly into the corner of the screen for the sake of the male lead’s ego but hong cha young is bright and colorful and unapologetic and fearless and LOUD!!
and the charisma and humor and BIZARRENESS that jeon yeo bin brings to the character is unbelievable!! she manages to balance comical and wonderfully outlandish behavior with such sincerity and earnestness. easily my favorite female lead of all time. ma’am i love you.
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dilfstump · 27 minutes ago
letters to my soulmates
i'm not sure of much about life, but i'm sure of one thing: i was meant to meet these people, and i was meant to love them as much as i possibly could. you see, as much as i want to think of myself as a loving person who loves everyone and is sunshine in human form, i know that to most people, that's not what i am. i actually can be incredibly pessimistic and negative and i've been told on more than one occasion that people would like me more if i was more positive and friendly but that's really just not who i am. but i've met people, people that i'm positive are connected to me in one way or another, and i see myself being soft and sappy and loving them with everything in me. they're people that i'm actually happy to talk to, because it doesn't feel like a chore, because i feel like i can be myself, because it's effortless. they're the people i would hug over and over again even though i hate being touched and the people i want to make sure i say i love you too every day. and i contemplated making this post, i really did, but i just need to feel like i'm sharing my love for them with more than just myself. scroll if you want, but if you choose to read i promise you'll see that i'm a much better person because of each and every one of them. to my soulmates, i love you.
Tumblr media
to my heart in human form,
of course you're first, you'll always be first. i think you saved my life without either of us even knowing it. i don't think i knew i needed saving, but ever since i met you everything just feels different. and of course i still have struggles i have to work through, everyone does, they don't just go away, but life seems so much more worthwhile with you in it. i wake up excited to say good morning and spend another day by your side, and we both know i'm not a morning person in any way, shape, or form. i never really thought about the things i dream about with you. i never thought about having children in more of a "society expects me to" kind of way. but with you, it feels like something i've always wanted. i can't even put into words all the positive ways you've effected my life but i know you're the best thing that could've ever come into it. every plan i ever make has you in mind, because i can't picture a single day of my future without you in it.
you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, and not only do you make me happy when skies are gray, you make me happier when they're yellow and pink and orange and red. i'm in love with you and i will never stop being in love with you.
Tumblr media
to the pete to my patrick,
finding the words to express the absolute blessing you are in my life is hard. i never expected to meet someone like you, honestly. i never expected to have a friend like you and i can't even explain what that means besides saying that you are, without a doubt, my best friend, and that i hope i never lose you. i'm just now processing the fact that we've only known each other for a few months, because i feel like i've known you for years. it's so easy to talk to you which i know probably sounds basic but i've never been good at holding conversations and i'm awful about reaching out to people but honestly? messaging you was so easy for me even when i had to do it first. you're one of the only people that never fails to make me laugh, can always put a smile on my face, and that i can love more each day without fail. our friendship is something other people wish they had, i know it, i was one of those people wishing for a friendship like this.
and in the end, i'd do it all again, i think know you're my best friend, and i love you beyond words.
ur bestie <3 (aka a patrick stump wannabe)
Tumblr media
to the only valid reid fan,
you wanna know something? i've dreamed of having the relationship we have my entire life. i've always wanted to have a good friendship with my partner's best friend, and i think we set that bar pretty high. i forget that you've known taylor much longer than you've known me, and it's because you made me your best friend too. you're someone i always want to confide in, because you make me feel so safe and secure. your presence is calming and just talking to you feels like a hug. i thought i would turn into a third wheel. i know usually friends of the couple say that, but i think it can be hard for some people to fit in with their s.o. and their best friend. i was afraid of that happening to me, and it just feels stupid now. because now you're my best friend too. i can share all my deepest secrets and fears with you and you make me feel valid and loved and important. and i hope you know that you are all of those things too.
you can count on me like 1, 2, 3, i'll be there, because i love you more than anything (yes, even patrick stump)
1/3 of a five dollar combo
Tumblr media
to the baddest bitch i know,
god, where do i even start. i don't tell you how much i appreciate you enough. like genuinely everything that brought you into my life, i'd go through it all again because you are one of the greatest people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. you're the greatest friend. i joke about you being the mom but it's because you do everything you can to take care of everyone and anyone, you're so strong, and you're always putting everyone first. it's mom behavior but i love it, because i love everything about you and everything that makes you you. i'm truly lucky to know you and i'm luckier to be loved by you. everyone needs someone like you in their life and i'm so glad my you is you, you know? you've been there for me more than i could ever ask of anyone and i just hope you know i'd do anything for you, and that i'm always here for you as well.
you're so golden, i'm out of my head, but i'm not scared that my heart will get broken (because i love you)
Tumblr media
to haley bo baley,
i wish i was able to express love as beautifully as you do. you have the biggest heart, and i truly believe that that is why you are so strong. i admire you every day and only hope i can be half as brave as you are. you teach me to stand up for what i believe in and watching you take what life gives you every day inspires me. i wouldn't trade you for anything, because i don't think i could ever find someone even remotely close to you. you're one of a kind and so special, especially to me. your heart and soul are beautiful and i hope to god you never let anything or anyone change you. i would genuinely trust you with my life and not worry for a second.
a wise man said, only fools rush in, but i think jumping headfirst into being your friend really payed off. i love you
tia bo bia (idk it matches)
Tumblr media
to my little sis,
i never thought you'd mean so much to me. when we first became mutuals, i never would've guessed we would end up as close as we are now. time zones suck and you live way too far, but you still manage to be so near and dear to my heart. i admire the way you handle life, and i want you to know you are so much stronger than you think. you are so loving, determined, and just an overall kind soul. you're one of the only people i trust to tease me because i feel nothing but love every time you do. i hope you never feel unappreciated by me, because i appreciate you every day.
i'd walk through fire for you, i hope you always let me adore you, because i love you so much
ur sister <3
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cloudy-dayys · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY !!!!!!!! @nefariouscryptid + @code-dilf / @bishoggoth 💕💖💘💘💘💖💞💞💕💕
click on for better quality!
[ Do Not Repost. ]
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honestmysteries · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More pics of Rami with Lucy in Croatia! Love his curls, cuddly sweatshirt, & sunglasses. He’s adorable. 😍🥰🔥
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greymichaela · an hour ago
I don‘t know if you have seen this but there is a mic‘d up video of the baby goalie from florida and it‘s pretty cute! Thought you would appreciate it :)
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spiritmaiden · an hour ago
me: haha i love being mains with blue because we have same onions on sky angels :)))) 
blue teleporting behind me fucking killing me with a drabble: nothing personal kid
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chrissquares · an hour ago
I thought of you at least every day, baby, I just wanted to come home to you and squeeze you and tell you how much I love you. and now I'm here and it's even better than I imagined.
work wasn't inherently terrible but it kept me from you which is the worst possible thing. I just want to be with you all the time but you'd probably get sick of me.
tell me what I missed, bunny, please?
🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 hehehehe *kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss* glad that work wasnt too bad and I want to be with daddy all the time too and i would never never get sick of daddy!!!!!! *tightening my arms and legs around you even more as if that's possible*
well I've been working a bit to keep myself distracted and from missing you too much and I have been writing little kisses about daddy to get my daily fill of you heheh 😳😳🙈🙈🙈 it worked for the most time but of course it's not the same as daddy's perfect lips hehehe *thumb touching your bottom lip*🙈
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foxgloveprincess · an hour ago
I just read your reply to an anon about reblogs and you said it so well. Writers don't like feeling good enough to have their work consumed but not good enough to be shared. It's hard to stay motivated to share when the responses are so disheartening. I didn't have the heart to keep giving and getting little to nothing back. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful response and all your amazing stories.💖💖💖
Thank you so much. I feel like I got a bit long-winded in my answer, but I’m glad that what I said came across like I wanted it to. I’m sorry that your experience with feedback and interaction wasn’t so stellar. I understand that it is so crushing when you work so hard to create something and it feels like only a handful of people appreciate it. But you are amazing and lovely and sweet. Thank you for your lovely words.
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talkingpants · an hour ago
guy on phone: I hate to be that guy but...your voice sounds kinda cute ;)
me: thank you I’m Delete from Cyberchase and I’m currently surrounded with stuffed animals and am making stuffed animals
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zazujoy · an hour ago
thinking about "I didn't have a lot of regrets in my life except for running out on my parents, especially my mom, so . . . thank you" and "I know how much you're risking. Thank you, Willie" and "If you see my mom, will you tell her I love her? And thank her for bringing you to me" and “Tonight I’d like to dedicate this song to my mom . . . and thank her for not giving up on me" and “I’d like to thank them for bringing music back into your life” "I already did, but I didn't thank you, Papi" and "I know I already said this, but . . . thank you, guys"
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