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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#i love you ty for tagging me
notbrockmcginn · a month ago
tagged by @batsinurbelfrey i love you
last song: uhhh... icarus by bastille
last movie: avengers age of ultron
reading: right now really nothing, im technically 2 pages into firefly big damn heros
currently craving: Sleep. Sleep more sleep a lot of sleep
tagging @oetterbopper
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lifegoesmon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jaebam blowing kisses for @jaebam ♡ [cr. p0922]
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Fátima I had something to say to you and I forgot but it doesn't matter I just want you to know I think about you (just not in a creepy way) anyway you deserve a nice hug
plz i love you with all my heart thank you for this tf me: is in the middle of an academic breakdown
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cozyships · 7 days ago
So like Mako holding you close in his arms, chuckling softly ashe examines you like a lovely gem, imagine that real quick uwu
Tumblr media
I.. i‐
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lemon--li · 13 days ago
Hi, so I have some big news relating to my own self-discovery... I'm autistic!!
I'm planning to get tested soon depending on how hard it is to get one. I asked the place that diagnosed my ADHD if they also test for adult ASD but I haven't gotten a response yet. I'm planning to also put together a large document on why I think I fit the criteria for future use.
I started asking this about myself months ago, but only this month have I really started becoming confident in what I believe I am. I definitely have a lot of self-consciousness, but I'm working on trusting myself (and with a dx I'll have full validation one day hopefully). Three people in my life are currently aware of my ASD, and each of them have been so very accepting and loving of my brain and my needs. All of them have really helped me become more confident in who I know I am.
I wanna start talking about how I realized this and what it means for me, as well as just stories as a kid where it was so obvious (how it was never noticed still baffles me). I might also post/reblog some special interest stuff as I feel that will help me with the current burnout I'm experiencing. I'll also be reblogging a lot of ASD stuff I relate to :)) thank you to everyone who is vocal here on tumblr but also just anywhere on the internet. Without people like you, I would've had a lot more trouble finding who I am. Thank you 💛
Today, I simply want to re-introduce myself! So... hello! My name is Li. I am autistic and adhd, and I also have some mental illness I'm currently working through. My special interests are Sherlock Holmes, D&D, historical fashion, and a few other minor ones (ie. reading/literature/writing, art, etc). I tend to hyperfocus on things that fall within my SI's so I get the fun of both worlds! Some support needs I found that help me are noise-cancelling headphones, sunglasses on sunny days, and actively allowing myself to stim. I have heavily masked for most of my life leading to burnout, and so I am enjoying the journey of unmasking and learning who I am. I'm proud of my brain!
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lady-ivie-iv · 16 days ago
good day spell 💕💕
and you know the drill: cursed abh fact for today is that Zachary Infante's characters fall asleep in he middle of a scene twice, once in the tea party as the dormouse and once in the trial as,,, nigel I think
bonus: in both scenes he's woken up with a shove from his friends
So true!!! Nigel loml. No cursed fact from me today but I have screenshots shdkdjsksh I had a Clarissa one prepared today but instead here are the scenes shdjdjd
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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forthiswholeworld · 18 days ago
☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favourite blogs. It’s time to spread positivity! ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
amy!!!!!!!! i would die for you
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tuff-and-fluff · 20 days ago
the onesie they put q in for déjà q is only q’s second best look in déjà q. the best look is... you know ;). the third best look is his mariachi outfit
OMG THE MARIACHI LOOK IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES IN GENERAL 💖💖💖 After all, I used a pic of him in that outfit for the f/o list 🥺💖🥺💖 Then again that's also because that scene is one of the only ones where he genuinely smiles instead of just smirking 🥺💖💖
Also anon you're so right, his best look IS when he appears ass-out in front of the Enterprise crew 😏😏😏
Tumblr media
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malaycinema · 22 days ago
rules: name seven comfort movies and tag seven people!
tagged by @cherryredhell ty!! 💛💛
1. god’s own country
2. princess diaries 2
3. 13 going on 30
4. the social network
5. company (2008 pro-shot yes this counts as a movie)
6. spider-man: into the spider-verse
7. pride and prejudice (2005)
idk who else to tag so if you see this and wanna do it go ahead !!
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trivialoveclub · 24 days ago
hiii ❣💫 i was tagged by ⚘@unefleurofferte ⚘ (tysm angel! 🥰) to create a moodboard following these rules! ahh i had sooo much fun creating this! ☺🌻 and i think it turned out p cute! 😝💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rules: fav color + aesthetic 》 fav color + outfit + aesthetic 》 fav color + shoes and choose one that goes with your style 》 fav color + an accessory you like 》 type a word that identifies you + "quote" and choose one that goes with you 》 fav celebrity + fav color (if you don't find, search favorite cartoon) 》 type your favorite hobby 》 fav color + aesthetic again 》 fav color + fav word + aesthetic
tagging these dears 💛: @yoongidisease @m8nstruck @jooniephoria @moonlattae @stardustyoongi @alevchaan @star99 @violetmoonlits @glossierjoon @koyan @m1amor and anyone else who would like to do this, pls consider yourself tagged! ☺
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latesqring · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
was tagged by @m8nstruck to do this picrew !! 💫💘💫
tagging; @cloudai , @rmftjin , @fivecenturiesofflannel , @shelikesperfume , @genderenvybf , @lovetrivia and @jkgaycf !!
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ask-artsy-oncie · 28 days ago
I kinda don’t really know how to put this but
If you really don’t care about a character I draw unless it’s in a context for a ship that isn’t even prevalent in said drawings (just to be clear - “I don’t go here”s are perfectly fine, I’m talking about people who refuse to remove characters from the context of a ship even if the piece I draw isn’t about that) then please just refrain from reblogging the piece at all. It’s either that or don’t tag the piece as ship (which I don’t always have a problem with, but it’s complicated and I’d rather make a “safer than sorry” statement concerning it). 
You have to understand - it’s a lot like reblogging a piece of art and tagging it “wow I hate this character but nice art OP” which I’ve already had to deal with for years. If all the character is to you is nothing but one half of a relationship, then trying to make it known by reblogging non-ship art tagged as ship is hurtful to an artist who really fucking cares about a character enough to put so much time and effort into drawing them. If you’re ever unsure, maybe check to see if I even tagged it as ship, first. 
#FAQ#got hit with a special kind of emotion today folks#I honestly do feel like situations like these ARE to be classified as 'grey areas'#but this bothered me enough that I have to put my foot down.#it's extremely disheartening to have so much love for a character#only for people to be like 'oh so they only exist to be shipped and shouldn't exist outside that context'#similarly it's really disheartening to value two characters' friendship and want to draw it#only for it to go out into an environment that really only seems to care about romantic ships over anything else at times#fandom isn't friendly to people who don't ship things and that can really fucking suck and really fucking hurt#and I even do try to be careful about how I tag things myself#like ever notice that outside of maybe a few instances of organizational necessity#i don't even tag all ty and louie content as 'llewerius'?#because in some contexts they're just friends and in others they're meant to be lovers#I think it's important to value friendships even between characters you ship#and value both characters#holy shit if people ONLY saw Ty as a character made ONLY to be shipped with Louie#and refused to consider him outside this context#I would be fucking devastated and heartbroken#he's a wholeass character!! and a lot to love#just please don't do this#it fucking hurts bruh#like what if I went to other people's ship art and aggressively tagged it as 'i love this friendship they're just friends :)'#it would be equally as shitty#and after dealing with so much 'fuck this character but good art' bullshit#i'm just tired yalls.
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bubbled-clouds · a month ago
hi my mutuals make me go
that’s it. ugh ilyall sm pls stop making me go mush i Cannot handle it (honestly tho i love all of you lil Shits)
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