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#i love your art btw ;;;

Turquois - I think u are very cool!

!!!! AAA :OOO!!! Thank you so much!!! You are very epic gamer too!!! 💖❤💖❤💖❤

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you are my:

( 🍋 ) mutual

( 🍋 ) friend

( ) close friend

you intimidate me:

( 🍋 ) yes

( ) no

do I want to talk more:

( 🍋 ) yes

( ) no

have I ever had a crush on you:

( ) yes

( 🍋 ) no

best feature:

( 🍋 ) @ (it’s cute I like it)

( 🍋 ) layout

( 🍋 ) posts


( 🍋 ) you’re funny

( ) you’re adorable

( 🍋 ) I freaked out when you followed me

( 🍋 ) I love seeing your posts on my dashboard

( ) you’re so pretty

( ) I love you a lot

( ) you’re so relatable

( ) I’m grateful for you

( ) I wish I could meet you some day

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@babyyhoneyydarling thank you so much sweetheart!! 🥺❤️ i was able to facetime with my friends earlier too, which was nice ☺️ this never happens, so it sucks that today’s the day i don’t wanna do anything 🤷🏼‍♀️

i’m listening to music on my computer as we speak— i’m hoping that can help me get in the mood to do something i enjoy? one song is queued up in a bit that always puts me in a good mood ☺️💕 not to mention this ask made me feel a bit better! i had a sandwich and some carrots a while ago and i’m having homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, so hopefully that helps 😅 i love you so much baby!! thank you for being here for me 🥺❤️

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HII, honestly same i’m so so awkward and ACTUALLY i’m v shy but !!! hi. dknqhei

and THANK U !!!!! i really appreciate the compliment 💘💘💘

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I was thinking when I saw @starkeeper-art from this post and

Imagining,,,Sora seeing Riku shirtless for the first time in awhile and seeing his scars. It’s not like him seeing it because he’s getting naked for anything NSFW, but maybe he’s getting ready for training and he’s wearing something specific and Sora sees his scars on his wrist and on his side AND the dream eater symbol. And Sora remembers why he has them. He has them because of Sora.

And it hits him at once.

He believes that he hurt Riku. Not directly, but he was the cause, and it hurts his heart.

Riku sees Sora spacing out and comes over to him and asks what’s wrong, but Sora can’t explain it. How do you tell the most important person in your life that you’re sorry for being their most important person??? Despite all his attempts not to, tears well up in Soras eyes and Riku sees it. He always sees what’s wrong with Sora, even if he still doesn’t know why. With no hesitation, he pulls Sora into a hug and he noticed how Riku winced a bit.

The scars still hurt a bit and Sora feels even more guilt rise in his heart. And because of their connection, I like to think Riku feels it too. His own heart is heavy and he knows it’s from Sora. He runs his hand through his hair to show him that he’s here. He’s here for anything. Sora eventually does speak.

“Your scars. They’re because of me. I did this to you.” They come out in a monotone yet sad voice. Those words cause Riku to become a little confused, and Sora continued. “Your wrist was broke because you fought Roxas for my sake. Your side has a huge scar on it because you protected me from a slash that would’ve killed me. I still remember it exactly how it happened. My heart basically stopped when it happened. I feel grateful, but also ashamed.”

Sora rambled everything out and he took in a huge breath as the tears finally fall. His chest should’ve been lighter from finally saying his words, but it was only heavier. He told Riku his anxieties, and he doesn’t know how he’ll react. Riku is stuck in a moment, not knowing how to react, but he eventually pulls away and kisses Soras forehead. They’re not together yet so it confuses Sora and makes him blush. Riku wipes Soras tears off his face and looks just as sad as Sora does. “Sora, it’s not your fault. None of these are your fault. I would take these scars any day or a hundred times over if it meant to be able to hold you right now. None of it is your fault. And I take the symbol with happiness because it means I can protect you even more.”

Sora looks Riku in his eyes and sees love in his eyes. Plus, he knows he wouldn’t lie to him about this. He almost never lies to Sora, and Sora the same. Because of his answer, Sora was stuck in his head.

“He would really go through it all again for me? Is he just saying that?”

As if Riku could see the gears turning in his head, he just pulls him back into a hug and runs his hand through his hair. Sora’s sobs have stopped but Riku knows he’s still emotional. He always knows. So he just holds him in his arms, comforting him in the way he knows best, the way Sora needs comfort, the way they used to comfort each other, and the way they will from now on.

And it’s just so sad to imagine that because what if Sora in the next game/future games finally realizes what Riku has done for him. He’s known it all along, but it finally hits him. How many nights he’s stayed up looking for him, the pain in his side hurting him everytime he takes a step, his wrist hurting when he makes a certain move, his back burning when Sora is in pain, HOW HE DIED FOR HIM AND HOW HE HIMSELF (as in Riku) DOESN’T REMEMBER IT BUT HE STILL DID IT, and everything ties back to Sora. Imagine him remembering that and it bringing a lot of strain and sadness to his mind?? And it causes nightmares and Riku is once again in pain because of him.

I just think Sora and Riku both need to hug each other and comfort each other bc GOD has Riku done so much and he deserves to tell Sora why and how much he means to him and how much he truly does care for him. How he’d do anything for him and how he doesn’t regret anything at all. How he’d do it all again if it meant he could hear his laugh and see his light to this day. And make Sora realize how he feels towards Riku because sometimes it seems like he’s pushing it away or even ignoring it because he has to or because he feels like he needs to. Sora needs for someone to ask him how he’s doing and to comfort him. And Riku would be that person. HE WILL BE.

Go give this art a lot of love because it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

And don’t get me started on how Riku’s first words after Sora touched him with his light was, “Sora…” because he knew it was Sora. He didn’t even have his EYES OPEN. He knew it was his warmth and it was Sora. It’s always Sora. And it will always be Sora. His childhood best friend. You just know he loves Sora. In this essay I will-

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