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#i loved reading this

(2/2)for their knowledge and protection, asked for protection for me and my family(and my cats), and then asked that the harvest would bring prosperity to my country and to my family. Now I’m sipping on that coca-cola and thinking about the people I’ve loved that passed away, which is hard cause I don’t have the best memory, but it’s the best I can do. It was nowhere near fancy but again, it made me feel good.

Hey! Thank you for sharing that with me it was really lovely 🧡 celebrations don’t been to be large, fancy, or expensive so long as they feel right and mean something to you xxx that sounds like a lovely way to celebrate and I hope the good vibes stay with you 🧡

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Of course I was complaining, I feel like that’s all I do on here! 😂 Look, I don’t like period drama, I love it! 😁 Yup! That’s me! 😉 I’ve changed my URL like a week ago. I figured that after almost 9 years it was time, but I’m so glad you can still remember who I was before! 😊

Thank you so much! 😘

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(4) alright a thirsty hoe has more! So maybe this is a different day? Or before that? tae invited jimin back over after forcing her to open her phone for him and whatnot. So then shes on all fours and tae is holding her head up by her hair while jimin is fucking her from behind and tae is telling him how to fuck her the way she really likes and is telling him that jimin really needs to knot her so that he can stretch her dirty cunt like the whore she is -anti thanos anon

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i have a theory on punch drunk. so yoongi is gonna throw the match cause that鈥檚 what he used to do so it鈥檚 probable that he will throw it. he is not gonna die from jungkook but is never gonna be able to box again. the oc is going to live her life with yoongi. idk what happens to jk, maybe the olympia finds out about the fearless fight and blacklists him. idk i feel like jungkook kinda deserves that cause he became so obsessed. OH MY GOD I KIST HAD A THOUGHT. 1/2

2/2 yoongi and the oc have a kid and eventually their kid becomes a boxer. jungkook then becomes their kids coach like seokjin was. i don’t think jungkook and the oc could stay mad at each other forever. maybe being blacklisted could be a wake up call for him and he’ll realize how much of a dick he was and how obsessed he became and lost sight of what really mattered.

Oooooof this is a GOOD THEORY, I love it! Thank you for sharing it w me, this is an ending that I could totally see happening! 

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okay so (longer than an ask imma put it here~)

after matt can’t feel tom anymore he’s so lost, No has seen matt handle themselves on bad days occasionally, but this time it’s different. There’s pure panic in the eyes that are open, and tear spilling out of all of them.

He’s constantly muttering something about breaching out to him… are you there…? tell me… please….

He doesn’t move for a while and No assumes he’s also lost the energy to change back from the terrible events that just took place. He doesn’t know what to do. Shelly takes advantage of his hesitation and pushes forward.

Their friend smells different. It’s like something has been taken, along with sadness and stress. They usually feel better after No starts talking, and they laugh, but Shelly can tell it’s different this time. They figure it has to do with this place, they haven’t smelled happy since. The white walls seem to remind them of something terrible.

Shelly whines, and nudges their friend up.

“We…” they hesitate. “I… I can’t move…”

It’s a single voice with no reply.

One of their hands slowly moves up to touch Shelly.

“It’s… heavy…”

Usually there’s a second person helping to support, but not today. Parts of him are now paralysed, and walking seems impossible.

Now No sees this, and begins to help them—or just ‘him’ now— up to walk. He attempts to think of something to say to help or just lighten the mood, maybe “he just needs a drink and some rest, he’ll be back in no time!”, or something along those lines, but nothing fits. He can’t without sounding insensitive.

He quietly helps Tommaa up, while the distress whispers fill the white room.

They don’t know when night is. The cell lights are always on. However, they all know now is the time for rest.

The form Tommaa found themself—himself, stuck in isn’t as intense as No’s alternate form, but the sooner they—he can leave it, the better. Rest is the best option.

He falls asleep the fastest he ever had since ‘created’ by that damned machine. There’s no wandering thoughts of another in his head now, which as he hates to admit, is nice.

However, balance is brought again by what he sees within the nooks and crannies of their collective minds.

Nightmares are common, for all three, including Shelly, but nothing had ever come CLOSE to this—

Difficult to describe, he sees bits and pieces of their separate nightmares together, even collective ones that have come true of violent separation and the terror that ensues with the unequal insides destributed between the two—

and then comes the end of it.

He stands alone on a black plane, a dark presence near, one he’s not familiar with—

and then Matt’s friend.

Bleeding out, reaching his out arm out towards Matt, taking some terrible monstrous appearance.

The dark presence seems terrifyed of this THING that used to ‘live’ here, and as Matt reaches out to help, he is pulled awake, the dark presence staying in his mind.

“He’s still in there…”

Tommaa’s whisper isn’t enough to wake No, however Shelly can sense his fear.

Atleast his form changed back…

His two hearts beat faster than normal, with one still lagging behind, his breathing loud and shallow, laboured as since the separation.

Shelly nudges Tommaa, as if to say, ‘you’re safe with me, go back to sleep…’

Tommaa can’t.

The dark presence replaced something.

In their mind, he yells at it to leave.

It has no place here.

The presence surrounds him with terrifying thoughts in the form of feelings.

It tells of insatiable hunger, and the need to kill.

Shelly feels their friend’s fear rising, and begins to fear their inability to help. They shift their position over, and softly lick Tommaa with a whine.


The movement stirs No, however Shelly knows No doesn’t sleep anymore, only pretend. For most of this makeshift night, No had been watching over Tommaa, worried.

There’s nothing any of them can do.

Their ‘night’ ends with the sound of sliding doors, and a guard appearing to them.

They had never seen this man before, and from his look of awe the feeling was mutual.

It was awe, and not fear.

He took a moment to compose himself, and then spoke clearly about schedules today, and only referred to them as their subject numbers.

This was normal.

No was to have another ‘physical examination’ and blood test, Shelly was to be x-rayed (the scientists refused to do more than that, as even though they would never admit it, they were terrifyed of Shelly), and Tommaa-

Was to be prepared for another ‘procedure’.

The guard was going to take them now-

But hearing this, No didn’t hesitate, while Shelly dragged Tommaa to the far corner of the cell.


He’s still weak, this cry out to warn his friend as both a name and exclamation.

They both know that No doesn’t have the energy for this, however, he shifts anyway, forcing what energy he has left into it- making the shift more painful.

The monster that comes from this is weak, but hides it well. The man immediately calls for backup, muttering about punishments.

The dark presence stirs at this. To Matt, it’s what pure evil is.

Tommaa turns his focus back to the world around him, and notices how weak No really is. Blood drips down his maw to the white tile floor, his rip cage seems visible against the purple-bruised white scales, and scars from dissections and fights long ago are visible.

No is shaking.

He’s freezing, and weak. If Tommaa didn’t need him, he would pass out. He can see Tommaa now, even when looking forwards, as this form’s range of vision is much better than his other one, however, he hates it.

The blood continues to run, coming from his throat, he knows he cannot rest yet, as even though the immediate threat is gone, something much worse is coming.


No turns his focus on Tommaa, who looks weaker than him, even in his current form.

In preparation for the past ‘procedures’, they didn’t allow him to eat, and it had been at least a week. That had to be taking it’s toll…

No looked forwards, and prepared for whatever was coming for him.

Shelly did the same.

With all that was going on, Matt didn’t didn’t realise how hungry he was. It didn’t help that the body he was in had two separate stomachs- something he avoided thinking about for the most part.

The dark presence is what reminded him.

They needed to eat.

There’s nothing.

Yes there’s something…


Stop it.

Get out of my head!!

He was begging, but as time went on, the dark presence stirred more, terrifying he with thoughts of tearing Shelly and No apart to satisfy itself.

No no…. no no no….

His head began to pound, and tears streamed down his face.


No and Shelly focused on him. Neither could ask what was wrong.

Tomma slowly lifted a hand to wipe his tears.

And then an alarm went off, and multiple guards and scientists burst through the door for No.

“w…we have to protect No…”

The presence seemed to smile, and Tommaa was filled with a pain unlike anything they had ever felt.

The dark enveloped Matt, yet he was still aware.

Feelings of terrifying intrusive thoughts had thankfully dispersed, replaced with strong protective instincts, which relieved him, but still didn’t take away the pain which now invaded his entire body- akin to transforming but now 100-fold.

As it went on, the dark dispersed, and a nightmare played out in front of him.

The dark presence was controlling their body, even as bones cracked and shifted into place like it felt no pain.

Matt, being left with the pain, wished to disappear.

Something terrible was about to happen…


THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ITS SO FREAKING GOOD!!! You captured their characters so well!! And your words are so descriptive! GREAT JOB!!!

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Your vibe: Eclectic, cozy, half-buried gems. A southern second-hand antique store鈥攁 mix of items and curiosities with a good deal of fine china and old jewelry boxes and tattered dusty books with half familiar titles mixed in. There鈥檚 a back room with bookshelves and abeaten up plush armchair the color of old apples sitting in a ray of sunshine that filters through a cloudy window pane that鈥檚 been whitewashed shut since the civil war. An achingly perfect chair for quietly reading in for hours.


honestly it made me think of an old Civil War/Reconstruction Era house in my hometown that’s a memorial library now, haunted by the ghost of the guy who lived there. Despite being almost on the square it exists in its own bubble of magnolia trees and quiet, dusty silence and it’s so calming to go inside and just chillax and read. 

I’m glad that my vibes are something as peaceful and relaxing as that house… 

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Crane Brinton, The Anatomy of Revolution
To attempt to maintain in the analysis of human affairs the detachment of the physicist or the chemist is very difficult, and to a great many upright and intelligent people seems unprofitable, even treasonous. You should, they feel, hate Mao or Castro all the time, before, while, and after you start explaining him; otherwise you鈥檙e explanation may edge into extenuation.
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This is just a fun story: The other day I went to a Renaissance Fair and it was super fun and I would literally love to just spend an entire day there like seriously it was just magical somehow. There was a pavilion that was a tavern and at one point people were teaching old drinking songs there and they would interact with the people sitting around including the table I was at (not me personally though) and then this person called the creepy bard performed and it was so inappropriate but funny.

Oh my god! That sounds like so much fun! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself, Liz! This made me smile so much! Thank you for sending me this!

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“I think you’re really pretty.

I used to hate thinking you were really pretty.

I used to wish you were plain; I used to wish you were boring.

I used to wish you had dead bodies in your closet or that your Instagram photos weren’t so freakin’ cute.

Because maybe then he wouldn’t have chosen you.

But a few months ago, I had a life altering realization.

And that is why I’m writing this letter.

I’ve been wanting to have this conversation with you for a while because I feel that I owe you an explanation as to why I was in love with your love for so long.

I know he’s yours now.

But he was once mine.

And we were once happy.

For six months, I was the one who lifted him up and made him feel like a little kid. I was the one racing him down sidewalks and watching him scream I love you at the top of his lungs. I was the one wearing his high school t-shirts and sleeping next to him every other night. I was making him happy.

I was his.

Because you weren’t there.

He had never said your name before.

He had no idea that you even existed.

And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the days when you were nonexistent.

The months before I heard your name for the first time were the most beautifully tragic months I’ve ever lived through.

I remember the way he looked at me after he heard me sing for the first time. He counted how many times we made eye contact that night and it turned out to be about 30 times… We were kind of ridiculous like that.

I remember when I held his hand for the first time. We were watching a movie in my dorm room when he held his hand out and asked me to lie down next to him. I threw a pillow at his face because I was so embarrassed and shy… but after his third attempt, I took his hand anyway.

I remember when he accidentally told me he loved me almost every single day after we’d been dating for two weeks. I’d say something funny and he’d reply, “Ah… and that’s why I love you.” Then he’d run away screaming, “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT PRETEND I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING!“

I remember the moment I thought I realized he was not the guy I was going to end up with.

I remember being wrong.

I remember watching our love tailspin to rock bottom when I became insecure with the relationship and demanded unrealistic things from him.

I remember leaving him.

I remember regretting it.

I remember feeling so far away from God because I believed He had taken the only true love I’d ever experienced away from me like He was tearing skin from the bone.

I remember not leaving my bed for three months.

I remember hearing your name for the first time.

I remember crying.

A lot.

I remember the bad months just as much as the good months.

And I honestly can’t tell you which ones hurt more.

I sometimes wish I would forget all the sweet facts that make up who he is as a person.

But I memorized them as I’m sure you have.

We both know he’s an introvert who tries exceptionally hard to be an extrovert. We both know he loves capes for some reason. We both know he suffers from occasional crippling anxiety. We both know how much he loves milk. We both know he loves pulling pranks but is also terrified of getting in trouble because he’s a good boy at heart. We both know that he h8s h8ers. And we both know his darling mother means more to him than either of us ever could.

We both know him fairly well.

You more so than I.

But then again, you held his hand much longer than I did.

I never so strongly believed in a love like I believed in him.

He was the one.


So if I’m no longer in love with him… why did I decide to write this?

Because I want you to know that I feel no resentment toward you.

And that I just really hope you make him happy.

Because that is all I ever wanted to give him.


His happiness meant more to me than my own. I was unable to give him the happiness he needed.

And it almost killed me.

But I hope in the end everything works out better for you.

And I hope you get to be with the love of our lives because you really do deserve to be happy.

I hope that if you ever decide to leave, he’ll love you enough to stop you at the door and kiss you until you decide to stay.

I hope you turn around and promise that you’ll never leave his side.

I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did.

I hope you stay.

Because one of us has to.

And it’s much too late for me.

I hope your love lasts much longer than ours ever did, and I hope you don’t see me as his ex-love who is resentful because I no longer carry his heart around.

I’m merely the girl who was meant to love him right before you came along.

And even though I didn’t know that for a very very long time (I may not have known it until I finished writing this letter), I know it now. And it’s a role I’m not ashamed to play.

Because at least I got him for six months.

At least I had enough time to memorize him completely.

At least I have his love safe in my heart so I can revisit it whenever I miss him.

I do miss him.

A lot sometimes.

But I’m always reassured with the beautiful fact that he has you.

And you won’t leave him.

And that is why I wrote this for you.

Because I think you’re really pretty, and I think it may in fact be forever between you two.

And if you were meant to be his life long love story,

Then I’m just happy to be the prologue.


The girl he loved before you”

~Becca Tremmel

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Jimmy had lived with our family for as long as I can remember; he was nine when he moved in after his mother died. I was born three years later, so he was more like an older brother. He called my mother, his father’s sister, “mom”. My grandfather built the farmhouse in [these pictures], in Fairmount, Indiana, in 1904, and I still live here.

He was a normal kid. He’d play with me, setting up electric trains on the floor, or put me on his motorbike and drive to an ice-cream parlour, with me sitting in front, holding on to the handlebars. He bought me this toy racing car. He was kind and playful; we were very close, and he called me Markie. “Jimmy” was a very different person to “James Dean” – not a rebel, but warm, caring and good at anything to do with the arts. Marcus Winslow, Jr. [X]

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Robin Tunney about working with Pedro Pascal
Simon and I finish each other’s sentences. We know each other so well and all of sudden, there’s this person who’s new. But he’s a lovely guy and I really enjoy him. So, it’s interesting. I have to be careful 鈥 I can’t be too nice to him in front of Simon or he’ll get jealous.
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Oh and you don't like have to post those asks you can just delete them

Ok I’m ganna ramble but idk who else to talk to so… You pointed out that robin didn’t ? Hve the lion tattoo in one EP and it was sketchy. But the flashbacks we saw of regina when ZELENA was looking at her was before Tink and Regina’s “true love” so what if zelena teamed up with Robin and is like puttin the tattoo on his arm with magic(idk) to get her heart and other stuff. Plus the whole “green color represents bad” and robin is green but Tink is green but is trying to be good, she dosent want to be called green, she wants to be called tinkerbelle. But idk sorry I just wanted to ramble somewhere, so thanks. :)

Aw, anon why would I delete them?? And to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t image the writers doing that, not that it’s wrong or stupid in any way, but i can’t see them doing something like that. (cause it’s too unpredictable hah)  I do like your theory tho!

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My brother (who originally got me to read all the ASOIAF books) gave me S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst for Christmas. OMG!!! I LOVED this thing! It’s a beautiful hardcover book printed to look like an old library book with notes scribbled all over the margins of the pages by two strangers who begin a relationship by writing to each other in the book, and there are letters, photographs, postcards, and all kinds of things shoved between the pages of the book. You’ve got the actual story of the novel written by the fictional author, the story of this author’s mysterious life and the many people involved in it, and the story of the two readers. 

It’s ridiculously complex and honestly was almost as much work as it was pleasure when I first started it, just trying to figure out how to go about processing everything thrown at me, but SO WORTH IT!! Lots of long car rides (during which I got other people to drive) over the holidays and a couple of very late nights, and I’ve gotten through the whole thing.

Wow! Now I just want to go through the whole thing again and look for anything I might have missed. 

My brother and I might be as different as night and day in most respects, but the guy DEFINITELY knows how to pick books for me! XD XD

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