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#i loved them too
disregardcanon · 11 hours ago
i still can’t believe that jonny boy sims has such a good relationship with his parents that he can
1. tell his parents about his horror podcast and be completely comfortable with them knowing all about it and listening to it all the way
2. ask them to be ACTORS IN IT! LIKE OH MY GOSH
3. have their characters verbally assault the character that he named after himself and not like, worry that’s going to do something to him psychologically by like, dredging up bad memories.
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greymantledlady · 17 hours ago
you know it starts to get slightly irritating when people keep making posts in the lok1us tag like 'there's no need for ship wars loki has two hands poly relationships exist!!'
like yes. obviously poly relationships exist! and are cool if that's your thing! but not everyone is poly or interested in changing our ship to include a third person???
shockingly enough! I'm in the lok1us tag to see.... lok1us content. that's loki / mobius, no-one else. i literally don't care about your poly ship with sylvie. i ship sylvie with ravonna and seeing her with loki or mobius is the last thing i want! please keep your sy1okius or sy1kius content out of the lok1us tag. it's literally a completely different ship, okay?
(and fyi it's not a 'ship war' if we all keep to our lane and censor the tags, yeah? tag your stuff as sy1ki or lok1us or sy1kius if it's not for the shippers. it's only polite no matter how much you dislike the other ship.)
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iblazitastic · 20 hours ago
Oh hey i like the moonshadow clarin was totally was cute can you gave him a bath or hot spring with his son!
Tumblr media
Not sure if this is what you meant, but i got way too invested in the idea of Lune and Clairin just chilling in a hot spring! Thanks for sugesting!🥰💖
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obviouslystillfuschia · 20 hours ago
the true love story of TDJ is Judge Oh and the PD 
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4x01 · 5 hours ago
got 2 say i was a little let down by teaching poetry to fish but thats on me bc i was expecting smth different from what it was (in a sense that i thought it would be more original plot stuff and feel more connected w the other characters rather than a retelling with more on his end) also i dont vibe well w poetry because my brain is stupid AND i don’t know any zeppelin so basically i need to consume the required media first and then i can give it a reread and appreciate it like it deserves bc it really is a great fic with beautiful imagery and great characterization.... and thats my thots <3
Tumblr media
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moocha-muses · 6 hours ago
please tell the entire bean family i love them 🥺👉👈
I will pass this message on for you immediately and I will also buy them a pizza on your behalf.
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roughentumble · 4 hours ago
that idea of yours that's Geralt in a shitty relationship while Jaskier supports him as his friend while pining for him? I was thinking about it the other day with Geralt's gf just being a real asshole, wanting an 'open relationship' but only she's allowed to sleep with other people and when he tells Jaskier, Jaskier's a little furious, points out she's cheating on him and how if she wanted to bring someone else into the relationship she could've asked Geralt how he felt about a threesome or something with someone he trusts
And Geralt asks, hypothetically of course, "Would you? If she asked?" and Jaskier immediately scoffs and goes, "I'd be flattered of course but I have absolutely no interest in ever sleeping with her"
And Geralt's like !!!!! bc apparently Jaskier's only opposed to the idea of sleeping with her not Geralt and that's gotta mean something, right?
the words rattle around in his head as he lays next to his partner that night, thinks about how much he cares about jaskier. thinks about all the good times theyve had. maybe jaskier's noticed he's been down recently, has tried harder to cheer him up, something corny but sweet like breakfast for dinner while some upbeat playlist runs in the background, which devolves into dancing in the kitchen and laughing... until his partner'd called and brought the mood down. how more and more often jaskier is the break he needs from the stress of his relationship. thinks if only, maybe, in a different life, etc
but he's too wrapped up in the shit relationship to even think about getting an out, cuz theyve sunk their tendrils in too deep.
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babyboy-laurits · 19 hours ago
arrested development ragnarok au where vidar is jailed for polluting the water, fjor rides around edda on a segway doing amateur magic, saxa tries to run the company and only succeeds in staving off her disaster siblings from usurping her and destroying jutul industries, laurits is constantly hitting all the clubs in town instead of going to fundraisers like he said he would, and ran drinks vodkas on the rocks for breakfast
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destinationtoast · 21 hours ago
I'm more than halfway through S2 of Halt and Catch Fire, and I glanced at the stats on AO3... Very gratified to see that the top non-canonical ship (I assume non-canonical, anyway) is Donna/Cameron. They're not even that far behind Cameron/Joe. Looks like I have some femslash to look forward to after I finish the rest of the series.
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oetravia · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 5x18 [4/5]
#supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#dreamdox#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox#protective Brainia is one of my favourite sides of Brainia (and this happening while they were broken up and Brainy was being#forced to pretend he didn't care about her?? Exceptional) and I sincerely hope we get more of it in 6B#but while I do love every little aspect of the what three seconds that this scene lasts I'm greedy and wish this had led into an angsty#moment once Brainy had gotten them both outside and to safety. You know the moment he set her down must've been a LOT#Like just think about what's happening in this scene in context/from their POVS#in the moment Brainy's not focused on anything but getting them both out of there before the building comes down on them#and Nia's likely too exhausted from how much she just exerted herself using her powers to even register who it is that's got hold of her#so it probably wasn't until the moment they were clear of the building and Brainy was putting her down that either of them really#processed what had just happened and the fact that this is the closest they've been in at least three months#and Nia in particular trying to figure out where Brainy being the one to pull her out of a collapsing building fits into all the informatio#*information her and Kara were beginning to piece together about his involvement in everything happening with Lex & Leviathan#anyway this scene and the SlideTM have such a hold on my heart I should probably be embarrassed#mine#my gifs#otp: what does love feel like?#*ebs#flashing gif
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deanlovescasblog · 7 hours ago
The reason I am positively obsessed with rowena is that she is scared as fuck of Lucifer. And she doesn’t hesitate to say it. And she doesn’t act like she isn’t, she really doesn’t. And when she loves Oscar as a son, she loves him, fully and she cries for him. And she is never shown as this emotionless badass fake version of a person, that badass women in movies and TV often tend to be portrayed as, to make sure you know she is a badass! Cause if she‘s emotional and „typically feminine“ in any way (though obviously emotions are not exclusively feminine, but- still) she can’t be a badass! Now if it’s a man, and he shows emotions, that doesn’t take away from the badass status! He’s obviously a bad ass no questions asked cause he‘s a man and he’s just manly enough to show his emotions … you know? Any way, I digress, my point is: ROWENA is rightfully scared as fuck of lucifer and she doesn’t want jack to do with any of it for that reason but at the same time she wants to do what she can to stop him and that’s bad ass as fuck. She wears elegant evening gowns at all times and incredible amounts of make up and she‘s very openly emotional but there’s NO question if she‘s a badass. She‘s attractive and she’s beautiful and sexy and elegant but she‘s not the eye candy, she’s not the love interest, she‘s not any of it, she‘s just who she is and she’s also a little fucked up and she’s strong and powerful and that’s why I love her. And also she’s my wife. But mostly it’s about the things i said before that.
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fishfucker6969 · 23 hours ago
Its rough out here for karlnapity fans, how are you coping?
*sobbing sounds*
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