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aretherestarsinhell · 7 months ago
“and then.. it was over. it faded quietly, but nonetheless quickly just as it once sparked in the beginning, like a fiery whirlwind of passion that ran out of oxygen.
all things come to an end - i knew that, of course.
i had just hoped that it’d take a bit longer for us.”
-time has never done me any favors. c.r.
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wlwdaydreamms · 3 months ago
i know its painful when someone you thought will be your forever just turns out to be another heartbreak. its hard to let go of someone who made you feel safe and needed. maybe you'll even promise that you will never love another again.
but you will be okay. you will pick yourself up once more, like you always have. you'll learn to let go and continue your own path.
i hope you're able to see the love around you again.
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theunnoticedblog · 10 months ago
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 10 months ago
I loved you so much it almost killed me
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tbfhprincess · 5 months ago
I used to miss you. Actually you—not the idea of you. Back then, I didn’t know my worth. I had such strong feelings for you that I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. I couldn’t imagine a future without you in it. I didn’t want to. But now, I see how undeserving you were of my love. I suppose now I just miss the idea of you. I miss loving someone with so much of my heart that they feel like “home.” I would never go back to you, but I would like to go back to dangerously cherishing someone so much.
Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
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burnednbloomed · 23 days ago
She was the ocean. And you were just another boy who loved the waves but was completely terrified to swim.
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itallstartedwithakiss · 7 months ago
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billowypantss · 11 months ago
i promise you i will NEVER get over the revenge of the sith novelization... the quotes simply live in my head constantly. rent free. i mean just look
“and here, and now, despite it all, Obi-Wan still loved him” i——
“Obi-Wan looked at the best friend he had ever had...” i tell you, nothing has destroyed me more than this quote. nothing. i think about it all the time. i’ll just be at work or in class and i’ll think of it and start dying. the best friend he had ever had... just thrown in there... so casually... so hurtfully.... it was just a fact of obi-wan’s life...
“And Obi-Wan would help—you know he would—if only you could figure out how to ask” When i first read this i threw my phone across the room (thanks to the fine work going on over at Apple HQ, my phone survived) BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO ASK HIM ANAKIN WAS GOING TO ASK HIM HE
“you do. you love him too.” Honestly the whole scene gets me (see: “and i was happy to. because it made him happy. you made him happy, when nothing else really could”) but just the simplicity of those two statements.... “you do. you love him too.” the way it grounds the story—because up until then, it’s all so complicated and tumultous and frantic and everythings falling apart and you want to scream and cry and you’re holding your breath, wishing, hoping that maybe anakin won’t fall this time, maybe it’ll all be okay—and then just. “you do. you love him too.” and it just halts everything. at least for a moment. (and then it’s “please just do what you can to help him” and it starts up all over again)
“...and [Obi-Wan] was proud to be Anakin Skywalker’s best friend” the thing that absolutely rips my heart out about this one is that this line is placed right after a list of everything people consider important about Obi-Wan—everything integral to who he is at his core. the most significant aspects of the man to the outside world: he is the negotiator who hates negotiating, the warrior who hates war, etc (all interesting and poetic contradictions about his character but not my point). and yet, the last thing listed, the thing most important to obi-wan about obi-wan—the thing that he believes makes him HIM—is about being anakin skywalker’s best friend. that’s how he defines himself. i just
note: these are all quoted from memory i don’t have the exact quotes in front of me atm so if i messed up some wording: from the bottom of my heart, my bad
tl;dr: i hate u matthew stover
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aesthetic-assholes-blog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Sneakers pass along the sidewalk as I find the long way home. I wish you had come along to help me feel less alone. My hearts sinks lower and lower, the street lights illuminate my dread. Maybe this is reality or maybe it's all just in my head.
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gedankensplitterpoesie · 3 months ago
- Weil ich dich liebe -
Heute möchtest Du alleine sein.
Du brauchst Zeit für dich.
Es ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Heute war nicht dein Tag.
Du lässt es an mir aus.
Und es ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Du hast Dich gestern Abend nicht mehr gemeldet, weil Du keine Zeit hattest.
Aber das ist okay,weil ich dich liebe.
Ich bin dir heute viel zu laut.
Ich soll ruhiger sein.
Und das ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Du fragst mich, warum ich heute so still bin.
Sonst bin ich viel lustiger.
Und es ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Du brauchst heute etwas Abstand, ich soll Dir nicht so nah kommen.
Aber das ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Du fragst mich, warum ich auf Abstand gehe. Du wünschst Dir mehr Aufmerksamkeit.
Und es ist okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Letztendlich ist alles okay, weil ich dich liebe.
Jahrelang habe ich mir das gesagt.
Immer und immer wieder.
Aber es ist nicht okay.
Und es war nie okay.
Und es wird nie wieder okay sein.
Und weißt du wieso?
Weil ich ab jetzt mich liebe.
-Melissa Ebeling
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euesworld · 6 months ago
"I knew that I loved you as soon as you smiled.."
Your smile is a game changer for real - eUë
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aretherestarsinhell · 8 months ago
“how are you?” you ask.
how do i tell you that my heart aches every time i think of you?
how do i tell you that i cry myself to sleep every night, remembering you, knowing you’re not mine anymore?
how do i tell you that i’ve torn myself apart every day, trying to figure out what went wrong? trying to figure out what i did?
how do i tell you that i would walk blindly through hell and back to be by your side?
how do i tell you that even though you shattered my heart into a million and two pieces, i can’t stop loving you with every single broken one of them?
how do i tell you that you are the only person i’ve ever loved, and maybe the only person i will ever love?
i can’t- that’s the truth. i can’t tell you any of that.
so how am i?
“i’m fine,” i smile tightly. you don’t ask me to elaborate.
-i can’t tell you the truth. i never could. c.r.
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khrizboy · 5 days ago
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duckymcdoorknob · 3 months ago
That moment when you already feel like shit, then your favorite anime character dies.
Tumblr media
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
Say what you want to say about me, but you know deep down I did nothing but love you with all of me
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pain-in-her-eyes · 28 days ago
“The worst heartbreak comes from loving someone that once loved someone else so much. To the point that you know no matter how much they claim to love you, they will never love you in the same way they loved them”
-R. K (5/31/22) “I love you so much, but do you even love me?”
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burnednbloomed · a month ago
REMINDER : If your absence doesn’t affect them, then your presence never did either.
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brokenheartedbitch1000 · 10 months ago
I may not believe in god, but I pray that you’re the one
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cant-face-the-dark · 11 months ago
How to get over love that was never there in the first place?
From the love letters you’ll never read
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aesthetic-assholes-blog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
you were so beautiful. so fragile, yet strong enough to support me through it all. it hurts to see you go, but you were a work of art. framed against the most elegant backdrop. for me to admire. just for me. mine.
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