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#i lowkey don‘t care
souda-pop-electric · 5 days ago
ok wait so can someone clarify some things for me?
so in sdr2 hajime doesn’t exist in the real world, right? he was just like the virtual version of izuru and there technically is no hajime, kinda like how chiaki was never real? it’s been a while since ive watched the sdr2 playthrough and even then i didn’t really get it
also i haven’t seen the dr3 anime but im really confused bc everyone is alive in it??? even when makoto said everyone’s physical bodies were in permanent comas when they died in the virtual world?? brain hurt i do not understand
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bloominstorm · 15 days ago
Unpopular opinion but I really don’t care for Yuki’s character..
#like...#don’t get me wrong I feel for him when it comes to his backstory and what not#it was really sad#but the way tht he basically used tohru to help him gain self confidence and social skills then started distancing himself from her is so ..#like he deadass used her kindness to start giving af about himself then was like ‘gotta go try to save this random girl so I can feel -#fulfilled!!#Thts why when ppl ship him with tohru even after reading the whole manga I never understand like what is there to like about their dynamic?#compare him to kyo who is always selflessly looking out for tohru#hell you can even argue he’s the main one besides her friends who REALLY picked up on her distress anytime she needed them#and Thts another thing .. yuki would lowkey peep shit was wrong with her BUT STILL choose to go about his business instead of trying to help#I just don’t care for his character at all when it comes to tohru or on his own#like whenever it’s episodes focused on him and machi (who I also can’t stand) i immediately skip to the other parts#I’ve read the manga I know how it ends I just don’t care to relive shit#it’s just the way he’s never fully there for the ppl who break their backs being there for him like tohru and haru#but for machi who he literally didn’t even know for long whatsoever and annoying ass kakeru he’s there quick af and without hesitation#he’s just not my cup of tea#🤷🏾‍♀️#and don’t get me started on Akito.. the way the author did everything right only for the ending with her to be like.....tht..#disgraceful#fruits basket#fruits basket manga
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project-epsilon · 18 days ago
I'm going to preface this with i love animals,
But im so beyond annoyed that my family got a dog. And you know; I love most animals especially domestic, but why in the fuck did they decide to get a puppy that needs constant supervision and training, and then have no one be home? Like most of the time I wake up is usually around 11 or so because I work 45+ hours a week and soon once I'm back to babysitting on the 19th, it's going to be even longer, and yet I'm somehow roped into taking care of a dog that we definitely should not have gotten because, let's be really really fucking real for a second, they're going to fuck this dog up probably. My brother and my dad are the ones who spend the most time with her and as you can expect they have that typical aggressive male training tactics of yelling at her when she makes a mistake that really she doesn't any better for. And I worry about this dog because I'm home the least out out everyone and then still am expected to take care of her? Like my brother texted me the other day asking me to take her out and im like "bro I'm at work literally most of the time including now". It just bothers me so much that there was so little thought, so little adjustment for getting a dog that she spends most of her time alone in the crate from about 9 am until probably 3 or 4? And she's young guys, like we had to wait to get her, and he's already trying to train her on like complex commands that won't stick because she needs fucking potty training and they're working on fucking tricks. I'm tempted so much to have my aunt take her back (she's a vet) and be like idk who thought this was a good idea but seriously she's gonna grow up and hurt someone. They think they're doing good but you can't just leave her alone for hours immediately after getting her. Like the day after we got her she was just alone because everyone in my house fucking works and my family just makes very poor decisions.
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solcages · 21 days ago
despite how much i currently joke about my obsession with gatsby, i can’t see it going away anytime soon. it’s left an impression on me that’s sorta like “and this, your loving kiss” (which if you didn’t know, is partially the reason i write poetry). so, my dilemma isn’t much of one and because this is my main blog, i technically could do anything i wanted with it but at the same time, i kinda don’t want to like... upset anyone by posting stuff on it? lol anyway i’ll probably delete my side blog on it and put it all here but if you wanna comment on my reasoning and decisions, my asks are always open (and anon is turned on so...)
edit: truly love how i was saying this and then not even an hour later do i start posting gatsby related things... ummm it’s fine. i’m normal here i am but yeahhh sorry. i wanted to be like “your opinion is valid and i care very much about you” and i do! but this is also my blog and little corner that i’m carving out for my own enjoyment so i’m sorry if you’re not having it, but you’re welcome to blacklist the tag or unfollow or whatever <3
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ari-is-anxious · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy lesbian day of visibility everyone!!!! Super happy to be comfortable enough in my identity to celebrate it this year! ^_^
On the left we've got our two beloveds, Kate Dalton and Eva Sanchez, your local canon lesbians! :)
And then on the right, we've got my personal lesbian headcanon, Cairo lastname! :]
#once again!!! happy ldov!!!!#god i remember when i first learned. for a fact. that eva + kate were canonically lesbians#well. no i don't. i don't remember the date...or even the general time frame...but i remember how ecstatic i got!!! :D#and i don't even think that i knew that pma was queer at the time#so i just. for all i knew. this cishet dude had intentionally written two lesbians of some out of prominence into his musical#and just. god. that realization was equally as surprising as it was incredibly fucking validating#like!!!! it was someone like me in that show!! in my new favorite show!!!! :DDD#(excuse my baby gay tendencies. literally just came to terms with being a lesbian sometime last fall so)#and then obviously. my utmost beloved. my one true love. the headcanon that inhabits my very deepest heart of hearts#lesbian cairo <3#okay well. cairo is not exactly the only one out of the watt cast that i headcanon as a lesbian? it's the hc i hold closest to my heart but#i also lowkey headcanon riley as a lesbian? i look at her obsession with jake gyllenhaal and i do not see it u_u#okay but seriously just. her obsession with that guy just reminds me too much of when i was younger and thought that i had a massive crush-#on pretty much every guy i had a positive opinion (cause i didn't know what i was looking for. i ended up unknowingly overcompensating)#so i just. it's so funny to me to imagine riley scrolling on her phone one day and then just suddenly come to the epiphany that#'oh crap i really don't care about jake gyllenhaal in the slightest...crap'#but then also her color scheme lowkey reminds me of the lesbian pride flag#an orange bow + red hair near the top. a white shirt that covers her middle...#but anyways!!!! this post has gone on for too long so uh- happy ldov!!! hope you are all having a wonderful day!!#and uhh everyone who isn't following me should do that. it's lesbian day of visibility so *holds out trick-or-treating bag* follow please :#we are the tigers#watt#eva we are the tigers#kate we are the tigers#cairo we are the tigers#lesbian day of visibility#ldov#*amount of prominence#*opinion on
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etvice · 22 days ago
thinking about.... oc’s
#i never end up getting anywhere with oc's but i wanna change that.#i wanna do more with narai for suresies#but i also have a few ideas floating around my head for new ones#a 'broken' android made by a tired old scientist who keeps her around for little things but can't be assed to fix them up.#either bc they are busy with other things or simply don't care i haven't decided yet.#the android's battery levels are constantly fucking up and they sometimes short circuit trying to do basic tasks#and they watch a lot of tv and try to emulate cool & capable looking characters they see in an attempt to be better#my next idea is a mermaid princess who got driven out for some reason or another#i honestly haven't thought a lot about details for her#maybe she got exiled and lives in a seaside town where she helps the locals but returns to the sea at night#idk !!#also very fondly thinking of a lesbian vampire who's very frivolous and loves throwing parties and thinks humans are so cute....#she invites them to her parties and keeps a few around who have pretty necks and have fun stories to tell or make great dolls 2 dress up#and i wanna bring ariadne back........ my lil' tiefling#might make a few lil' tweaks to her so she's just in my own universe tho#so she's really just a warlock bc it sounded like fun and also the princess of hell is really pretty and aria's kind of a disaster#ideally they will take over hell together and be queens it sounds FUN but then she realizes it's more of a serious & dark job and maybe#it's NOT so fun after all..............#oh AND a witch / princess who's lowkey inspired by my ideas for a canon divergent storyline for evie#where she's the daughter of a disgraced queen who encourages her to bewitch a prince and secure them a title#i realized my concepts were perhaps better for an original universe / character so. y'know.#BUT ANYWAY. THAT'S MY OC RAMBLINGS FOR THE NIGHT.#will anything come of them??? who knows !#but consider this my open invitation to tell me ur interested and also plot connections for them with me#make connected oc's.... that would be Sexy
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noajustq · 22 days ago
you ever just have a celebrity that you feel like you understand and want to defend mine is dixie damelio (WARNING I AM DERANGED AND DELUSIONAL AND AWARE OF IT) like whenever she does something completely awkward... like the vogue interview... i think she's just kidding... like i think that that's either her sense of humor or she has terrible social skills both of which just don't warrant the hate she gets idk i feel like she kinda fell into all of these possibilities and now she's just trying random shit and i kinda love that for her. (DERAAAANGED FULL SCALE DERANGEDNESS INCOMING) i feel like she's just a little autistic like how she doesn't really show emotion on her face and her speech is so monotone but like i get it. idk i just get her. we would vibe. idk
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gregorstan · 26 days ago
#the last days everything was so stressful ehh :/#uni is so much with 15 classes a week :')#and then i have so much homework in two of them#and we have to explain exercises in those lessons#and i don't understand all that because my highschool teacher didn't care enough to teach us stuff#which other learned#i wish i could just at least drop that one class but i need those ects (study points)#lol altough i'm not gonna get 60 anyway but i need to get many#also lowkey questioning my study choice😰#a professor of us you have all these math classes because you need it a lot for environmental sciences#and i'm like 👁👄👁#fuck i hate math and i'm bad at it#why no one said that before#also they said we might go back to uni some time?#but the way it is now i don't wanna#still many cases and i don't wanna pass it on to my parents in any case 😩#also staying at my uni city alone the whole time seems horrible#no nature nearby and i'm just enjoying running sm#and like i can't do anything there because corona#and who knows who of my study people are even there or after all this long time?#i think i'd be so lonely#i don't want to please 🥺#i won't go to any courses unless i have to#also maaan i miss ski jumping 🥺😢#and gregors presence through social media 🥺#he always makes me happy 🥰#and then such shit with football had to happen#especially now with no ski jumping i have been watching a lot of football and been loving it#hearing that was so sad and like it ruined a thing for me#luckily it looks like it ended well tho
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ladyelain · 26 days ago
Me rereading ACOMAF just to get the end, you know, the Cauldron scene, just to get to ACOWAR, just to read about Elucien -
- meanwhile being stuck in middle of Feysands mating frenzy that my 15-year-old self went nuts about.
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ysabelmystic · 29 days ago
I miss being 19 and feral.
Before my friendships died and the depression kicked in. And I had ambition.
Now I just exist as an empty shell. My friendships are scattered and I can’t open up enough to make more.
I’ve peaked and I’ll never have that much fun ever again.
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