#i main a half orc
20d-queen 10 months ago
If you identify as female and main as female half-orcs, you probably have a huge weakness for butch/ muscular females sorry I don't make the rules.
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toxooz 13 days ago
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not to b musty ass bitch on main but i rly like this color combo ok 馃ズ
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pisharpart 6 months ago
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I have no excuses just take this鈥︹ please鈥
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disaster-coyotes 2 months ago
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From a discussion about if Kerri would wear lingerie
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heydragonflyart 6 months ago
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some rendering practice! This is my half-orc druid, Avi Elliot Hughes :)
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tourmalinedice 8 months ago
shout out to my players for unlocking all former dm pc鈥檚 hidden as npc鈥檚 in zadash
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melsworldofmusesarchived 6 months ago
Headcanons: Kazvrall
Kaz鈥檚聽鈥淐ode of Conduct鈥, so to speak, according to the Oath of Redemption he鈥檚 sworn into (information copied from official D&D material)
The tenets of the Oath of Redemption hold a paladin to a high standard of peace and justice.
Peace. Violence is a weapon of last resort. Diplomacy and understanding are the paths to long-lasting peace.
Innocence. All people begin life in an innocent state, and it is their environment or the influence of dark forces that drives them to evil. By setting the proper example, and working to heal the wounds of a deeply flawed world, you can set anyone on a righteous path.
Patience. Change takes time. Those who have walked the path of the wicked must be given reminders to keep them honest and true. Once you have planted the seed of righteousness in a creature, you must work day after day to allow it to survive and then flourish.
Wisdom. Your heart and mind must stay clear, for eventually you will be forced to admit defeat. While every creature can be redeemed, some are so far along the path of evil that you have no choice but to end their lives for the greater good. Any such action must be carefully weighed and the consequences fully understood, but once you have made the decision, follow through with it knowing your path is just.
Tumblr media
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sweaterspoons a year ago
listen to bombarded
#chatter #here's my pitch are u ready for it #鈥ive play (d&d 5e) podcast #鈥ll the characters are bards!! #鈥he players+dm are all best friends in a real-life band together and they vibe so well!!!!!! #鈥hey roll special chord dice + write an original plot-relevant song each episode #鈥he main storyline is takin them through a bunch of super interesting fantasy conspiracy shit- #-like falsified history stuff!!! which is very neat cause they lean super hard into ''bards record historical events'' stuff #鈥he pcs are students at a bard college and their whole culture is full of musical references n stuff #鈥heir teacher is inspired by prince.. the school they're at is literally called ''strumlotts''.... etc #鈥t's also like! mostly really lighthearted n refreshing!! kyle (the dm) sometimes swerves dark but it's never out of place or too far #鈥h oh oh and i haven't even gotten to the pcs yet!!! #-i'll be brief and nonspoilery but we've got: #raz'ul (anxiety druid. sweet boy. plays guitar) #randy (typical sneaky edgy rogue but also he can't read.. plays the organ) #andddd yashee (half-orc barbarian with a heart of gold and the sweetest beats around. she's on drums) #鈥hey all have wack family problems n lots and lots of secrets to unfold!! #鈥LSO. the dm + yashee's player are married irl and they're running a very cute slow burn wlw romance with yash and one of their classmates #鈥n conclusion. please listen to bombarded i love it so much and am desperately starved for content
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the-archers-husband a year ago
"Why do you exclusively play as orcs in obl/iv/ion?" you see my friend, I am what you call a "casual gamer with no skill" and I enjoy not dying every 3 minutes at level 4"
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storm-hawke a year ago
I麓ve been working on two books for 3-5 years now, and both of them have been hard to write for different reasons.聽
The first book - The Prequel, is a book about entering an abusive relationship and how destructive traumatic experiences are. It麓s also about how traumatic it can be to force gender/gender roles onto someone who doesn麓t identify as that gender.聽 (Which is hard to write because it麓s difficult to handle such heavy topics right)聽
The second book- The Sequel is about overcoming trauma and finding solace and strength in the friends and relations you make over time.
Both books are based on one of my DND characters - Terra, and the second book partially takes place in some of the sessions we麓ve played through during the campaigns.聽
When I first started writing the sequel, I originally tried to stay as confined to the canon dnd sessions it was based on. However, I eventually realized that I can treat this entire story as an ever so slight AU to the canon and that opened the doors wide open for me to make a great book without being confined to anything
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rudesheep 2 years ago
have i talked to you all about our new campaign???
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olliveen 2 years ago
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dnd characters babey!!!!!
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theobot 3 years ago
My brain keeps feeding me these intricately plotted, detailed dreams that feel like the beginnings or middles or ends of novels and I never dream so I鈥檓 lost in confusion
#today i was the young queen of a nation of mountainous islands #the king was someone of my age and we stood together in silence at a religious ceremony off to the side #we kept a low profile never wearing intricate crowns or fancy clothing and lived in no castles and ate no feasts #a humble royalty for a humble country of farmers and fishermen #someone burst through the doors of the sanctuary to tell everyone of the sea orcs attacking our ships #they moved quickly and would spring into attack and hide over and over leaving wreckage and chaos #we set out in our faster ships blaring signals to stay home or stay put but there was carnage on the water #a general spotted us and chased after us his boat equal in speed to ours but was distracted by a more intricate ship and sent a lesser ship #after us assiming we in our simple but quick ship were just peasants. a sorceress easily broke their ship in half #we made it to the main island; a country of sheep and goat farms woth chickens squaking up the mountain side reminiscent of the swiss alps #we called for them to blare the horns and the people ran for the tunnels to the great keep we had built in the center of the tallest mtn #accesible only through these narrow and hard to spot tunnels that we and only we knew #but the king and i instead ran up a narrow dirt path with a handful of key officials; the sort of path others would fall off #if they tried to follow us; and made it to the station where we could blare the final horn causing the fire atop the mountain to be lit #the fires atop the other islands lit and horns could be heard blaring from bbelow as everyone was warned of the threat and we continued on #up the mountain we went until we reached the ridge which we walled down until we reached a spot between to great peaks; a vallied ridge #with steep cliffs to either side and only a narrow single-file passage to either side and there in that space was our home #not much more than a moss covered log cabin with trees that made gettig to it without fallig off the cliff difficult for anyone unpracticed #and we ran into our home and lit our hearth and held together as he and the others discussed if there was more to be done but wait #and those with the best vision ran up to the small space of pur third floor that was only windows to assure all was as we had planned #all we had planned in case of attack and watched as the sea lay bare beyond rhe destruction in their wake #we the peaceful people of the sheep and goat farms of the mountainous small islands of fog and snow and rain and long green grass #did not fight but rather hid and fled to places others could not reach us #it was almost like a test of our system or a warning of what was to come #what was to come #rambling pixi
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tastytofusoup 3 years ago
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Some pretty mount pics I鈥檝e taken
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alteredphoenix a month ago
I remembered I had a dunmer alt named Orathus Dren that specialized in Two-Handed and Heavy Armor, although if I specced him into anything else I can鈥檛 remember because it鈥檚 another save from 2015, he鈥檚 level 18, wearing bonemold, and for some reason he鈥檚 in the middle of nowhere on Solstheim sooooo.
Might require a nuke reset button on this guy.
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muttever a year ago
me: hmm, i feel bad for sidelining this one character so much and never developing her or her plot
me brain: you know you would be more invested in her if you made her a different race* (*writing fantasy)
me: aaaah, i cant make her a different race, then ill only have like one main character who is human
my brain: bitch do i need to tap the chart *points at chart that says聽鈥渋f its not disgustingly self indulgent then its not worth spending time writing鈥*
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were-ralph 2 months ago
Welcome to my blog, I鈥檓 Ralph! My pronouns are He/They you鈥檒l find furries, shitposts, anti-capitalism, and more furries here. This is an 18+ blog, so no minors!
DO NOT fucking follow me if you can鈥檛 handle shirtless furries on your dash daily i am not here to please only here to conquer聽
If you鈥檙e an irl werewolf or orc you鈥檙e obligated to tell me and marry me on the spot.聽聽
Here鈥檚 a list of my common Shitposting tags:
Gay Shitposting
Furry Shitposting
Low Effort Shitposting
GAMING highlights
I buy a lot of furry commissions and have a lot of furry OC鈥檚. you can find them here:
All commissioned art
ALL OC Refsheets
Bulph: MY main fursona, a bull-wolf hybrid
Balxis: Werewolf/Weretiger hybrid
Bait: Half-shiny Incineroar
Bullseye: Cowboy Bull-wolf
Cerron: Dwarf-Werewolf
Carxelon: Corrupted Lion
Fuyozi: Foo Dog Wind Deity
Kaisain: Forest Demon Dragon Deity
Kregg: Super Juicy Werewolf
Sago: Royal Bison
Zarkstus: Gentle Illithid
all NSFW commissions (Twitter):聽
OC Height Chart
I also draw! check out my own art here
you can find much more art on my twitter
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moonlightmidtone 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Nok Netherlight, barbarian鈥ORCEROR?!
So the campaign that Dusk is currently in, is a continuation of a previous one! My PC in that original campaign was this lovely half orc boy. His main premise was a barbarian prodigy from a family of 5鈥 all barbarians of course. He was exceptionally good at it, but鈥 he just felt as if something was missing. As a barbarian, he had never raged before. Nok was incredibly persistent about this, because he was sure that raging would cause him to do something reckless and die. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e angry, you鈥檙e stupid鈥 and if you鈥檙e stupid, you鈥檙e dead.鈥 Was his favorite thing to say.
Now, Nok鈥檚 mother was a sorcerer. And he was the only one in his family with purple eyes. Well鈥ouldn鈥檛 you know it? The Netherlights (his mother鈥檚 maiden name) were a family blessed by the God of Light, Kenzo who鈥 you guessed it鈥 had purple eyes. When Nok raged for the very first time, he unlocked his sorcery!!! There鈥檚 a lot more nitty grittt details about it, but I love this boy will all my heart.
You can find more Nok art over on my Instagram @/ mov_kai !!!!
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zigzagpunch a year ago
Ideas to break the mold with your next D&D character.
Barbarian - Rather than be a screaming wall of beef, try a DEX based character. I鈥檇 love to see a Barbarian dual wielding light weapons instead of another half-orc with a greataxe/sword/hammer
Bard - Go to horny jail. Stop that. Just play a storyteller, or a con-artist, or a painter, or a wise and older teacher type.
Cleric - You鈥檙e automatically the mom of the group so why not embrace it? Cast your healing spells by licking your thumb and wiping your party members cheeks. Or give them forehead kisses and wish them luck on their first day of adventuring. Embarrass your party because they honestly can鈥檛 go on without you anyways
Druid - You don鈥檛 have to just be Radaghast the Brown.exe. Maybe your druid looks after a toxic swamp. Maybe they鈥檙e from a snow-covered mountain. Maybe they鈥檙e a street wise orphan who found out at a young age that the rats in the alley could speak to him, and he to them.
Fighter - This class isn鈥檛 as boring as you think. Have you ever seen a fighter use a bow? Try it, you won鈥檛 regret the power of an Arcane Archer. Or maybe dual Rapiers? Fighter is your chance to get the weird weapon combos out of your system. Also, Battle Master is severely underrated.
Monk - Ok. This one is personally going to be a character I play soon. Fat monk. Take advantage of the fact that your class features don鈥檛 care who you are or what you look like. Imagine your enemies surprise when the skinny little gnome punches like a truck. Or the hapless looking Tortle just runs straight up a sheer wall. Or the rotund and lumbering guy without any armour just dashes around like lightning. (Yes I DO main Bob in Tekken, shut up)
Paladin - I can鈥檛 believe how many people STILL think Paladins are the anti-fun police. The way you worship and play as a religious class is entirely up to you and your DM. Why not apply the stereotypes of another class to your Paladin? Maybe he鈥檚 the horny bard stand in. Or maybe he rages out pretty often.
Ranger - Everyone who plays 5e avoids this class because it's "underpowered" well, to that I say, underpowered chatacters are the most interesting. Try not worrying about a great build and focus on making the person inside the class the actual focus.
Rogue - Don鈥檛 be a criminal. Don鈥檛 even be just a guy who鈥檚 reeeeeealllly good at killing things. Sneak Attack is just a title, it鈥檚 not a combat style. Maybe you鈥檙e a great tactician, or maybe you鈥檙e an armourer鈥檚 apprentice so you know how to examine weak points. Maybe you鈥檙e a circus performer who鈥檚 fallen on hard times and turns to adventuring for money and survival. Don鈥檛 forget that Sneak works with ranged weapons
Sorcerer - This class is always described as 鈥渟exy spellcaster鈥 but Charisma doesn鈥檛 always mean your character is physically attractive. You can have a forceful and charismatic personality in any body. Side note: fire isn鈥檛 the only type of damage in D&D
Warlock - Ah yes, the class with strings attached. This one takes some working with your DM but all I can say is don鈥檛 forget about your patron. Your relationship with them isn鈥檛 always a master/servant dynamic. Maybe you鈥檙e madly in love with them? Maybe they are always annoying you and nagging but you can鈥檛 exactly drop your agreement with them now. Or, perhaps, to paraphrase Travis Willingham; they need you more than you need them.
Wizard - Consider why you chose to become a wizard. Being one doesn鈥檛 happen by chance. You鈥檙e more than just a big brain. Are you sleazy and seeking to use spells to make life easier? Do you have ambitions on inventing a crazy new spell? I鈥檇 also love to see a Wizard with a high STR or CON score and just be a big beefy boi as well as being smart.
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raspberryhell 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: Four digital drawings of the main player characters of RQG season 4. They are all in battle poses on top of a blue gradient background.聽 The first picture is of Zolf, holding his on-fire glaive, pointing it to the bottom right corner as he jumps down in the same direction. Zolf is a white dwarf with white hair, a braided beard and blue eyes. He is wearing a chestplate with a large blue coat over it. He has a gold ring with a spade symbol on one hand, a gold ring with a green gem in his beard, and two black piercings in his ear. He is glaring forward, teeth gritted in frustration. The second image is of Hamid, arms out with fire trailing from his hands as he falls forward. Hamid is a halfling with dark skin and curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a suit jacket with long coattails over a white shirt with puffed sleeves. He is also wearing a large red cape tied in a ribbon at his neck. He looks forward angrily, teeth gritted in determination.聽 The third image is of Azu, running forward with her axe in one hand. Azu is a black orc with dark close-shaved hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a full set of glowing pink armor with accents of magenta and purple under-armour. There are yellow fabric pieces around her neck, shoulders and wais. She is also wearing a seashell necklace and small heart shaped earrings. Her axe is pink with two heart shaped holes. She looks forward, eyebrows furrowed, mouth open mid-shout. The fourth image is of Cel, holding a neon-green potion in one hand and a bronze crossbow in the other as they kick one of their legs up. Cel is a half-elf with pale skin, blonde hair styled upwards and green eyes. They wear a pale green shirt, suspenders, jeans, long brown boots, goggles with green lenses, black fingerless gloves, and a large brown coat with a green interior lining. They look forward with excitement as they smile widely. End ID]
Here are all the full body drawings I did of the main party for my RQG Now animatic聽!!!!
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