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#i may be genderfluid but i hate change
arospecicons · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Images: three pride icons of Mei Chang from Fullmetal Alchemist. A bust of her is shown en profile, in her Briggs outfit, smiling, Xiao Mei on her shoulder. She’s positioned at the right of the icon. The flags behind her are: genderfluid, lithromantic, and a diagonal lithromantic/genderfluid split. In the generfluid and split icons she has a pink overlay and a white stroke around her, in the lithromantic icon she has a light yellow stroke and an orange overlay. End description.]
I wonder if Arakawa hated drawing Mei’s braids as much as I hate editing them. They were a pain before I started this blog and they continue to be a pain even now. These icons are free to use with credit unless you’re a transmed, terf/radfem, aspec exclusionist, or if you ship/support pedophilic/incestuous/abusive ships. 
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tea-tavern · a year ago
tonight is an okay night and I'm grateful for that. last night was bad and the night before that was even worse but tonight is okay. I'm going to be okay.
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dsmutp · 2 months ago
Your c!slimecicle smut was so good I just have to ask for another one. Could you do a c!slimecicle x male reader that’s also a hybrid of something? Like maybe a hybrid like badboyhalo but only half demon. The reader is the only one willing to teach Charlie stuff and be patient with him.
If your not comfortable with male readers then you can change it to female ^^
yeah no probs dude - i myself am genderfluid so switching genders aint a problem
Old Slime, New Tricks (C!Slimecicle X Reader)
Las Nevadas was an odd bunch.
It seemed like Quackity had gone out of his way to collect the most eccentric of characters from around the SMP - a half creeper who happened to also be the warden of the prison, a little alien boy who hated everything and everyone, the fox son of the ex-president of L'Manburg, a literal god... the list went on.
Las Nevadas may have been an odd bunch, but as a half demon yourself, you fit right in.
In a constantly changing land plagued with wars, Las Nevadas was a welcome break from the constant battlefield anywhere else. Here, you could settle down, catch your breath - you even had time to get back to some of the hobbies you had enjoyed before everyone had started killing each other.
Hell, you had a real job here - and it was the easiest job you'd ever had.
When you'd first moved into the area, Quackity had all but shoved Charlie at you, assigning you both his babysitter and teacher. You had been a bit disgruntled at the responsibility at first, but even grudgingly you admitted it made sense. If anyone was going to be teaching someone how to be human, having someone that had had to learn human tendencies themselves was probably a good idea.
If you'd taught yourself how to be lean into your human side, you could teach a sentient slime man how to do it.
It helped that Charlie was eager to learn - his endless enthusiasm made the job kind of fun, actually. He was a ray of sunshine even on your bad days, and over time as you showed him the ropes of humanity, you had actually come to really like him.
Maybe too much, but that was a different story.
He had made great leaps and bounds as a student - he had learned basic interactions in almost no time, and he had stopped slipping up with motor functions so much anymore (it had been at least two weeks since the last time he'd forgotten how joints worked and bent his knees the wrong way).
Now, you were working on reading. You were sprawled out on one of the leather couches in the casino, reading over Charlie's shoulder as he read aloud.
"...voice low enough that it was more of a groll? Grawl? What does this one say?"
Were you teaching Charlie to read using pulpy erotica? Perhaps. It was really Quackity's fault though - it was all he had laying around the casino.
"Growl." You supplied.
Charlie blinked down at the page before looking over at you. "He's growling at her? Like an animal?"
You shrugged. "It's supposed to be sexy."
Charlie nodded slowly - confusion written plain on his face. "Right."
You shook your head, amused. "Charlie, do you get whats happening in the book right now?"
Charlie looked down at the open pages in his lap before he glanced back up to you, nodding. "He's going to kill her."
You laughed, pulling the book from him and holding it. "No, they're going to have sex."
"So he's not going to kill her?"
"Literally the opposite." You said, thumbing down the corner of the page you were on. "Do you remember how in the beginning of the book, she was saying how she was drawn to him?"
"It's because she's attracted to him." You explained. "And since meeting him, she's gotten to know him some more now, and she thinks she loves him, right?"
"I remember that part, it was in chapter 11!" Charlie chimed in.
"So when two people love each other, they have sex." You said. "It's just something you do with someone you love a lot to make them feel really good."
"I see." Charlie said, a pensive look coming over his face. "Can we have sex then?"
You choked on air, eyes snapping over to him and away from the book. "Sorry?"
"You said people do it when they love each other." Charlie said with all seriousness. "And I love you very much, so can we have sex."
You blinked at him, taking in the genuinely questioning expression on his face. He was serious. He actually wanted to do this. And even though you knew you probably shouldn't, since you were basically a babysitter for him, you knew what you were going to say.
"Yeah, sure."
"Okay, so it's going to work a little differently then how it did in the book." You said, stripping your pants off so that you were fully naked.
Your clothes joined Charlie's on the floor, and you sat on the edge of the bed next to him, scanning over his skin. He was just as comfortable without his clothes as he was in them, and seemed plenty eager to get on with the actual activity.
"Since you and I are both in possession of dicks," You said, sliding a hand over Charlie's thigh to take him in your hand. "Obviously it's going to be a different arrangement."
In your hand, Charlie's slime rippled with excitement.
"Oh that's fucking weird."
"Sorry." Charlie said. "I didn't mean-"
"Didn't say it wasn't hot though." You finished, moving your hand to Charlie's chest to push him back onto the bed. Leaning down close to his ear, you whispered, "Do you mind if I do the fucking? I've been wanting to for a while now."
This time, Charlie's whole body rippled. "Yes please."
You took the opportunity to press downward, letting your hipbones meet his as you nosed along his neck, enjoying the way his skin actually moved to meet you. He gasped as you sank your teeth into his neck, leaving a love bite right on the slightly slimy skin. At this rate, he would be a puddle of slime by the time you were done.
Propping yourself up so that you hovered over him with one hand, you used the other to travel down his side, feeling as his skin moved and gave with the touch of a hand. "I probably won't even have to stretch you out..." You mused. "I could just slid right in if I wanted to..."
"Go for it man." Charlie said, the end of his sentence getting lost in a whimper as you lined yourself up and pushed in in one go.
As expected, there was no resistance - the slime only giving way and perfectly molding around you. You let out a shaky exhale as the feeling of it all rushed over you, tucking your face into Charlie's shoulder for a moment.
"This feels weird." Charlie said.
"Bad weird?"
"No?" Charlie replied. "It's kind of... nice."
You smiled, pressing a quick kiss over the mark you had left earlier. "You're going to love this next bit then."
You began to roll your hips, thrusting in and out of Charlie, listening to the squelch of the slime as it continued to mold around you even as you moved. It was perfect - squeezing around you without being too constricting, but dragging across every patch of skin as you moved, lighting up all your nerves.
You had only just started, and Charlie was already the best lay you'd ever had.
"Wow." Charlie gasped, fisting his hands into the sheets. "You were right- ah-"
He broke off into a soft moan as you picked up the pace, savoring the grind of your hips together. Moving from where you had your face pressed into his shoulder, you locked your lips together with his, silencing the moan halfway through with a kiss.
If the sweet drag against your cock kept up, you weren't going to last much longer. And judging by the way Charlie's skin was beginning to ripple under your touch again, neither was he.
You pounded into him for the last few thrusts until he was coming, his entire body giving into a fit of shudders as his skin rippled. It was the strangest sensation, feeling the rippling as he was wrapped around you, but it was what pushed you over the edge. You came with a groan, slumping forward to lay on Charlie's chest.
For a moment, it was quiet.
"So?" You asked.
"I would like to have sex again please."
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godly-chronicle · a month ago
may i interest you in some hashira headcanons?
rengoku kyoujurou - first off, ftm. the man is trans. second, autistic. avoids eye contact? little to no volume-control? just the way he responds? yeah he’s autistic. he also loves cooking but he sucks at it! it makes him super happy when he finishes making a meal no matter how badly it turns out. he also gives off demisex/ro vibes! also he totally has a soft spot for people who have had to deal with shitty parents/guardians since he finds it easier to empathise with them.
shinobu kochou - she hates kids. she tries so hard with her tsuguko and the kids at the butterfly mansion and she wants to like kids but she just can’t. also, her favorite insects are not butterflies! she likes praying mantids, they’ve been her favorite since she found one in her house when she was super young. she’s also a lesbian, and like most of the hashira, she had a crush on mitsuri when she first showed up! now mitsuri is her biggest supporter in both her identity and her search for a girlfriend!
tomioka giyuu - he’s considered changing his name so many times it’s not even funny anymore. at the end of the series he does everything he can to learn to love himself. it starts small, “wow look at me go i straightened my futon” “i made myself breakfast, what a legend” and eventually he finds it much easier to casually make jokes about how “great” he is with a lot less sarcasm than he would before! everyone cheers him on and them caring about him helps a lot!
shinazugawa sanemi - sanemi likes to read! he doesn’t like super pretentious novels, but he enjoys ironically reading odd romance stories and unironically loves books on natural history! although he gets bored if they’re too easy or too hard to read, so he has to find ones with a good intermediate balance. and he’s never ever cried when he got too invested in the plot in the romance novels, never once *wink*
himejima gyomei - we all know he’z the dad friend, right? i feel like everyone has to agree on this. obviously oyakata-sama is the real “father figure” but himejima takes it as a personal duty to check up on how everyone is doing every now and again (especially giyuu because nobody trusts him to be okay) and when anyone is feeling down at all he cries with them and he makes for a pretty good therapist in a pinch. he’s also aro/ace. when he first learned abt romantic/sexual attraction he was a bit skeptical, but he supports all of the other hashira and their romantic pursuits.
muichiro tokito - genderfluid, has the biggest neo hoard out of all the hashira. they love going out with mitsuri for lunches because she’ll buy them as much food as they want. she’s not one to judge. their memory lapses also cause them a lot of distress, and those are the days when therapist himejima™️ comes in. also muichiro has chronic psychosis, and while they’ve figured out how to work around it, it hasn’t been the easiest thing for them to deal with.
kanroji mitsuri - panromantic! pangender but fem-aligned! demisexual! amab! she’s kind of in queerplatonic relationships with all of the hashira. she’s the cheerleader of the group, which puts a lot of strain on her at times. which can cause her to break down every now and again, but it’s nothing a group bonding session can’t help! she’s an extrovert at heart and feels the most happy and energized when she’z spending time with her friends. also, may i present adhd mitsuri who hyperfixates on different romance novels? (she totally doesn’t give them to shinazugawa when she’s done *wink*)
iguro obanai - i saw it/rot iguro once and i haven’t looked back since. its gender identity was severely influenced by rots trauma. honestly iguro sees rotself as more of a disgusting “thing“ than a person. uzui and muichiro didn’t understand this at first, and thought that was more of an obscure way of describing its gender than an insecurity, but since they rolled with it for so long soon it just became a source of coping jokes and an easy way to describe rots gender. it also picked up a knitting hobby? so rot makes masks for itself for fancy occasions when the bandages don’t cut it.
uzui tengen - poly king. polysexual, polyamorous, polygender. uses so many neopronouns and probably keeps a list. he also has a ton of xenogenders that he feels on a rotation, and whenever he gets thrown out of the rotation he acts very dramatic. sometimes he cooks for his wives and he’s way too good at it. his yelling problem comes from when he was little and he would talk very quietly, so nobody could hear what he was saying and they weren’t patient enough to deal with it, so they just encouraged him to yell. he’s trying to pull back on it because sometimes it makes suma cry (it doesn’t take much to make her cry but he feels so bad every time)
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regulusmasamune · 4 months ago
My emotions have significantly settled down about Mollymauk/Kingsley, now that more time has past. My thoughts have not really changed, but also have? I mean no hate toward Taliesin, or the rest of the cast. I am talking about my reactions and feelings about decisions they made, NOT about the players themselves. I would also like to make it clear: I may be wrong about how the cast meant the story to be interpreted. After all, we all kinda missed Shadowmauk when Matt and Liam have said it felt real and obvious to them in that moment.  Granted, they’ve cleared up confusion over that, but not Kingsley/Molly. I feel like the decision to have Kingsley replace Molly, with none of Molly’s memories, was cruel.  It was cruel to the members of the Mighty Nein, the rest of the cast, the story, and especially to the fans.  After episode 140, I felt so much joy. I finally didn’t have to grieve over my favorite character anymore!  141 took that joy away.  So, I made the decision to take it back, with my own head-canons and writings. I do not completely agree with the whole “Molly/Kingsley is Taliesin’s character, we should just accept whatever he wants to do with him!”  Critical Role is a collaborative story.  The rest of the cast’s feelings/characters are just as important as one person’s. Throughout the Aeor Arc, the Nein were seeking to stop Lucien, but also get their friend back, if they could.  Yasha especially ‘would love to have her friend back.’ They were calling out for Molly while they fought Lucien. Molly responded to them, even helping them win in a major way.  A boss losing Legendary Actions is a big deal.  I would even make the argument that Molly helped Jester get that final blow in.  The characters were devastated when the resurrection ritual didn’t work. Then so joyful and so happy to see their friend, to see their friend recognize them, when it did.  It’s probably one of my favorite moments in the show.  Then the next episode, when Kingsley came around, new hurt cast a shadow of bitter-sweetness to the characters. Yes, the body and personality are alive, but Kingsley doesn’t remember them. He doesn’t remember that he loves them.  The worse thing for me, was Travis rolling on that insight check thinking ‘he has to be bullshitting us!’ And Taliesin going, nope, this is real. They lost Molly all over again. I feel especially sorry for Laura Bailey, who is probably facing some undue hate from fans for casting Greater Restoration.  Again, no hate for the cast. She was just trying to help.  There is something stupidly unfair and unsatisfying in a story when it looks like its going in a certain direction, that direction pays off, and then PSHYCE, it actually didn’t.  I never want to hurt my readers in this way. There is another layer of cruelty toward the Molly himself.  Matt described Kingsley remembering being trapped inside of Lucien.  Chained there, and helpless, but able to call to his friends.  I hate the idea that he remembers that, but not all the fun and happiness Molly experienced while he was Molly.  I also feel like there was some tension between the story Matt was trying to tell, and how Taliesin was choosing to play the character. That maybe Matt wanted to have Kingsley remember more of Molly, to keep with the story. I don’t feel comfortable saying much more on this, as these are only week-old observations on people I don’t know in real life.  Still, Matt is not a cruel DM.  I also don’t think it was Taliesin’s intention to hurt any of the fans. Critical Role is also preformed before an audience. The audience’s thoughts and feelings are just as valid as the cast’s.  The audience is allowed to disagree with writing decisions, in a respectful manner.  Mollymauk means a lot to so many people. Personally, Molly loving unapologetically showed me that I wanted that. That I wanted to be free to love the things I love, like DND, with no shame. AND he is one of the major reasons I figured out I was genderfluid.  PLUS! Hoping he would come back has been a MAJOR thing keeping me from committing suicide over the last few months.  Getting the character back for one bloody week then having him taken away made me feel shattered. (Granted, there was some other stuff going on. Someday I will tell the full story.) I know I am not alone in that feeling.  Taliesin is under no obligation to change his characters story to fit what we want. However, fan voices should be heard, and the creators should be aware of their feelings, and how fans react to what the creators do. Which brings me to now. To me, Kingsley eventually remembers being Molly. This restores the relationships he had with the M9, while still respecting Kingsley’s journey, and also honoring what I feel the original ending of the Aeor Arc was.  I have decided that even if Taliesin says that Kingsley never remembers Molly, that I am completely ignoring that like Nick Fury in the Avengers.  I am actively choosing to keep my joy over Mollymauk, whom I love, who changed me, and healed me, being alive, and living his best life. Its the reason I am writing my first fanfic. To make it clear, I am not okay with the decision to erase Molly’s memory. It hurt me and other fans, it hurt the M9, the cast, the story, and the character.  But I am also a creator, and if I have to create my own ghost forsaken happiness, then by the sun, moon, and stars, I. Bloody. Will.  
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uccelletto-di-kokuyo · a month ago
Tips for showing how a character is genderfluid in writing? Except for just stating it.
This is going to be pretty broad as there's so many ways to be genderfluid and how a person is genderfluid can really influence how it is shown in text. So if you want clarification or more info, feel free to stop by again!
(I really think that this is a good ask though. Particularly if you're writing something with more historical influence as genderfluid is a fairly new term. I'm dealing with a similar struggle in one of my historically influenced fantasies as the historical time it's based on had no term for or recognition for what we now call Narcissistic Personality Disorder.)
A shift in the pronouns used for the character can really help, even without presentation changing at all. This can admittedly get confusing sometimes, especially if there's a large ensemble. But this is also one of the best ways to show being genderfluid without saying it directly. It's something I do for one of my genderfluid OCs. It helps though that they are the main character and it's mostly from her POV.
Another thing that may help is those constant corrections that sometimes need to be done. Character gets addressed as a boy and there's a gentle reminder of "I'm a girl" or just "not a boy". Or choosing to group themselves with girls one day or just choosing not to group themselves at all.
While this may be confusing as well, having different names they're referred to based on how they introduced themselves. One thing I love love love about my new name irl is that I can introduce myself with my full first name, the first part of my name which just sounds like "Nick", the second part of my name which is more fem sounding or by my middle name which is also fairly fem. I can change it based on my gender at the time and won't be upset by people continuing to use that name later even if my gender shifts. Some character may just have different names for different genders as well.
Pay attention to how the character addresses themselves. This works really well for MCs, particularly in first person. It may incongruent with how the culture they're in views them or treats them and may shift over time.
Generally, showing dysphoria will help as well! Especially for first person. Little notes of "I love this skirt now but if my gender shifts later, am I going to hate it?" Or elements of not knowing how to introduce themselves. And euphoria as well! The joy of someone perceiving you correctly and the joy from having an outfit that doesn't trigger dysphoria regardless of gender.
With genderfluid characters that don't use multiple pronouns or change them, I think showing the different genders or having them addressed similar to what I've said above will go the longest way! One of the hardest parts about being genderfluid for me is that shifting pronouns is a lot of work for me so I just don't do it and that causes a lot of people to perceive me as being only one gender even when they know I'm genderfluid.
Most genderfluid people will pick up on more minor things, but when taken as a whole, it should be obvious to those who aren't. I say should because we've seen where characters can be obviously written as gay in everything but saying it out loud, but people still will deny it unless there's that confirmation.
A good example of how not to do a genderfluid character is Loki. xD And is even worse because they were confirmed genderfluid by the cast/crew and in source and people still choose to deny it.
I hope this helps! Again, feel free to ask for further clarification if you need it.
Thank you for stopping by!
I am taking questions about genderfluidity and related identities (bisexual, demisexual/romantic) I experience at this time. Comments or questions can be directed to my inbox.
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momothequeen134 · a month ago
Skirts and dresses Part 4
Part1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 5
Tag list: @purplefreakwolffish  @mayucerise​
This chapter is for @sarcastich​​ and @starkeraddictbaby​
Thanks to Gypsywoman13 for beta-reading!
CW: genderfluid Loki, Kinda asshole Thor
PeterParkerBingo2021: square Pet Names (card below)
Tumblr media
Thor & Loki
Because Peter had been fairly young when he moved inside the compound, they had put his room next to Tony’s quarters since he was the one in charge of their youngest member. Then one day a door appeared in the middle of his room, connecting it to the Stark’s private quarters. They had a long discussion about boundaries: “Ask before putting doors in my bedroom” and “don’t threaten people because they hurt me” etc. Tony had argued it was easier (it was, but that was not the question) because they spend more and more time together. Which was true. 
Tony and Pepper had started to teach Peter some things about business practice. They took him to smaller meetings and introduced him as Tony’s intern; it suited Peter very much. That, plus his patrols, as well as other Avenger business, like training, and his new business classes...Peter was now even busier than he already was.
Except on Sundays. Sundays were days Peter could rest, sleep, visit his aunt May, hang with Ned and MJ, and watch movies with Bucky the other Avengers.
Every Sunday morning, before leaving their quarters, Peter and Tony would eat the most decadent brunch that Peter would let Tony buy him. From all the changes that happened in his life since he got adopted by Tony Stark, Sunday brunches were certainly Peter’s favorites. He loved those calm moments with the man that he admired so much. He also loved that he could put on whatever clothes he wanted because FRIDAY would only let people in the know enter.
That Sunday, they were finishing their meal when Steve entered. He briefly stopped at the soft pink hoodie, gray and pink plaid skirt, and long white socks Peter was wearing before dismissing it and greeting the two men.
“So, Steve, what can we do for you?” Tony asked, forgoing the pleasantries. Peter knew Tony hated being interrupted during Sunday brunches, and saw that Steve started to move from one leg to the other, a bit nervous. Peter frowned.
“Oh, I-I mean, I wanted to apologize for-” Peter tried to interrupt Steve, he had told him many times that Steve was forgiven, but the man was stubborn and didn’t let him talk. “I know, you already told me, but I- I made this for you.” Steve gave Peter a piece of paper. 
On the paper was a beautiful drawing of Peter in the purple dress that he had been wearing when Steve had discovered his secret. Peter was startled out of his stunned silence when his dad gently took the paper from his hands.
Tony simply whistled when he saw the drawing. “Aunt Peggy had told me you could draw, Rogers, but this is something else.” Steve looked at Tony, in shock.
“Au-Aunt Peggy? But you-you weren’t-” 
Tony snorted, irked. “I went to her grave later, Rogers, because there was an emergency, and if there was something Aunt Peggy could understand, it was emergencies. She was Howard’s friend, and my godmother.” Peter, who had been told the story, silently stroked his dad’s back in support as he continued. “We also fought a lot when you came back.” Steve opened his mouth to speak, but Tony didn’t let him. “Not that it’s any of your business, Capsicle, but who do you think covered the truth about Howard’s death? Who do you think had enough power for that? Peggy Carter. She let me think my father killed my mom because he was a fucking alcoholic.”
Steve looked as if he had swallowed a lemon, grimacing. “I didn’t know. I am sorry, Tony.”
Tony lifted his hand. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” He lifted the paper with Steve’s drawing on it, looking at it pensively. “You’re very talented. We should make you an art studio. There is an empty room with great lighting.” Tony turned to Peter to watch him. “What d’you think kid? Wanna design it?” 
Peter felt excited to be offered this opportunity; he nodded with way too much enthusiasm. It made Tony smile, proud.
“You’re gonna make some blueprints, and we will see with the Captain what he needs and likes. No, Cap, don’t argue, it will be good training for the kid. Now, Steve, if you don’t mind, I was having brunch with my kid.”
Peter only had 30 seconds to thank Steve for the drawing and promise him he would make the best art studio there was before Steve left. After Brunch, Peter framed the drawing and put it on his shelf with the piece of his first skirt and the picture of his dad in a dress.
Later that day, while Peter and Tony were looking at a movie, before heading out for a diner with Aunt May, someone crashed into their quarters through the window.
Tony was ready to fight in seconds; his watch changed into a piece of armor around his right fist, while his left arm pushed Peter behind him, only to find that it was Thor, son of Odin, that had crashed on the ground. Peter couldn’t help but find it kind of cute that his dad would try to protect Peter with his body when Peter could take the most damage.
“For fuck’s sake, Point Break, what the ever-loving fuck?” Tony let the gauntlet recede back into his watch and put his hand on his heart. “I have a heart condition, you know? And we have doors. FRI, baby, tell everyone in the compound there is no immediate emergency. Put the compound in code orange until further notice,” Tony turned to look at Peter, seeing the pink skirt, the hoodie, and the panicked glances his kid was giving, then added, “Tell them there is no need to come and lock the quarters immediately.” 
Peter relaxed some and started to play with the hem of his skirt. 
“I apologize, Man of Iron. It seems like I missed the door.” Thor stood up from where he had crashed, and he opened his arms to hug Tony. “It has been too long my friend. How are you doing?” Tony frowned, but he let the god hug him. 
After they separated, Tony started to give instructions to FRIDAY for the reparations while Thor turned to look at Peter. There were a few seconds where Thor paused to take in how Peter was dressed before he widened his eyes.
Before Peter could react, Thor bowed deeply before speaking. “Good day, Lady Peter.” 
Peter winced. Why would he be a lady? Just because he was wearing a skirt?
“I-I, no, Thor. I-I am a man.” Peter hated how his voice shivered. 
Thor righted himself, beaming at Peter as if nothing had just happened. “Good, how are you doing Man of Spiders?” 
Peter looked at the god, completely lost by what had just happened. “I-I am fine? Thank you, mister Thor,” Peter said with a small voice. 
The god nodded happily. “I am happy to hear that.” Thor promptly turned to Tony. “Man of Iron, I am in great need of a favor.” 
Tony scowled looking at the damage. “Is it more important than repairing the hole in my wall?” 
Thor’s face became serious in a blink, making Peter shiver. “I am afraid it is really important, my friend,” Thor said in a deep voice. 
The meeting had been going on for hours, and Peter was exhausted. 
Thor wanted their help to get some information out of his brother Loki. The Asgardians had a reason to think that Loki hadn’t been the one behind the invasion and could even have been a victim of the scepter like Barton and the others, but Loki wouldn’t talk. Thor hoped that maybe someone on Earth could help them because they had tried everything.
The news was welcomed by an uproar, led by Hawkeye and Fury, and had calmed down after Thor had explained that if his fears were correct, there was something worse coming to Earth. He also promised that they wouldn’t need to bring Loki for them to interrogate him and that there was a magic mirror they could use to talk to him.
It was decided the mirror would be locked in Tony’s lab, the most secure room at the compound.
However, they all forgot Peter had unlimited access to the room.
The first time Peter saw Loki, Peter was walking along the glass walls of the main lab. He could see Natasha and Maria Hill looking frustrated at a mirror. In the mirror, there was a gorgeous woman with long, raven black hair; she had piercing green eyes, green lipstick, and she was wearing a stunning, black leather dress. 
If Peter hadn’t been gay, and stupidly in love attracted to Bucky, he knew that he could have fallen for this beautiful lady.
Then his brain started to work again and realization clicked: The woman was Loki. Loki was wearing (and rocking) a dress. He looked like a woman, but how? When she/he/the God of Mischief saw Peter, they winked. Peter startled and simply walked faster to the B-Lab where Bruce was waiting for him.
Peter couldn’t get Loki out of his mind. The God didn’t look uncomfortable wearing a dress or looking like a woman in front of his enemies. 
After some days, Peter decided to go to the main source of information about Loki: Thor.
“Oh, yes, Loki sometimes, uhm, switches? Mother always said to respect the gender he looks like, but you know that Loki is my brother, so it was difficult at first.” Thor massaged his neck, uneasy. “But then, Loki started to play vicious pranks on the people who would call him a man when he was dressed like a woman. So, I learned to, uh, call Loki a lady when he wears a dress.”
And then Peter understood. “That's why you called me a lady the other day!” 
Thor nodded. “But luckily you don’t ask me to call you a woman.” 
Peter frowned. “Why do you say luckily? I mean, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking someone to call you a woman if… you feel like a woman?” Thor, confused, looked at Peter and was about to reply, but Tony (since when had he been in the room?) answered first, making Peter and Thor startle.
“No, there is nothing wrong, Peter. Loki is genderfluid, which means that they don’t identify themself as having a fixed gender.” Tony, who was at the door, walked into the room and up to Peter. “We asked Loki and he said you could use the pronouns depending on what he looks like. It’s easier because Loki is a shifter, and can change depending on his moods. But if you ever meet another genderfluid person, you can just ask them what gender they identify with at that moment.” 
Peter nodded. It made sense. 
Thor looked a bit crushed when he started to speak again. “So, it’s not only Loki?” Tony simply shook his head. “Oh. I think I need to talk to my br-Loki.” With those words, the god left the room.
Peter did some research about genders - Tony helped - and he concluded that he was a man that liked to cross-dress and that there was nothing wrong with that. Peter had felt very loved that his dad, who was always so busy, had taken the time to explain all of those terms to Peter until they found the ones that felt right.
But Peter was a curious person, and it was what led him to be bitten by a radioactive spider in the first place... Peter wanted to talk to Loki. He wanted to talk about the dress, and about being genderfluid. He knew that the god was not a good being, but Loki was already in prison. What could go wrong?
“The mighty Avengers are sending me a child, now? Interesting.” Loki’s bitter words made Peter flinch. Peter silently closed the door behind him, before he entered the lab.
“No. I- I mean, I am an Avenger, but they didn’t send me.” Peter nervously played with the plaid shirt he was wearing that day.
“Then why are you here?” 
Peter lifted his head and looked directly at Loki for the first time. He noted that Loki was in a male form. 
“I learned that you are genderfluid. I- I just wanted to talk.” 
Loki’s face softened a little bit. “Oh, yes. People of Midgard have been strangely open-minded about it.” His face then hardened again. “What do you want? Do you want to see the shift? Do you want me to become a female?” 
Peter winced. 
“What? No! Only if it’s what you want. But, no, who would want you to do that? You’re not some kind of animal.” Peter was horrified, just thinking about it. Loki huffed but said nothing, watching Peter with piercing eyes. Peter took a deep breath and gathered his courage. “I-I like to wear dresses. It is called cross-dressing here.” 
Loki looked at Peter like he was analyzing Peter’s very soul. “Why are you telling me this, human?” he seemed perplexed.
“I saw you in that dress the last time, and you were gorgeous. I mean, that dress, it looked like it had been made just for you.” Peter couldn’t contain the excitement in his voice. Loki raised an eyebrow, but Peter could see that he was fighting a smile.
“That would be because it was crafted for me. I am a prince of Asgard, little one.” The reply was unexpected, and Peter felt his eyes open with shock that was rapidly replaced by glee.
“Oh yes, my da- Mr. Stark let a tailor come to the tower, and he wanted to tailor some things, but I wasn't ready yet. Mr. Stark said that the man could come back later. ” 
Loki didn’t fight his smile this time.
“And why weren’t you ready, yet, dear?”
Peter and Loki talked a big part of the night until Peter started to yawn too much, then Loki sent him to his room. As days went on, after his patrol and doing some homework, Peter visited every night to talk about stuff with Loki.
“By the Norns! Dear Spider, why would you not simply tell the man that you want him?” Loki asked, sitting against the wall of his prison.
“What? No! He doesn’t feel that way about me,” Peter answered stubbornly while painting his nails with a green nail polish that had been approved by Loki.
“You won’t know until you try, dear.” Peter shrugged and changed the subject.
Of course, after a visit one night, they were discovered. While Tony and Natasha (and Bucky) hadn’t been really happy about it, there was nothing they could do or say to change Peter’s mind.
“You what?” Peter asked, dumbfounded.
“I stabbed the mongrel,” Loki answered, way too smugly if you asked Peter.
“Because he slapped your ass? Isn’t that a bit extreme?”
“Oh my sweet, sweet, little Spider. If you let men get away with unwanted touching, they will think it is alright to do it again and again. No one should dare touch a lady like that without consequences.” Loki played with the knife that had been in his hand since they started to talk that day.
“Yes, but still, Thor is your brother.” Peter never had had a sibling, but if he had, he wouldn’t have stabbed them, for sure.
“After that, neither Thor, nor any of the savages he called ‘friends’, ever touched me without my consent.” The smile Loki sent his way made Peter shiver.
“Yeah, ok, fair.” The god did heal fast, so Peter guessed that it was okay-ish.
Peter had been surprised when a raven had given Peter two identical letters one morning after breakfast. He was even more surprised when the letters ended up being Loki’s complete confession. One had been addressed to ‘The Mighty Avengers’ and the other to ‘Sweet Spider’. 
Loki explained how he had fallen into Thanos’ lap after the destruction of the rainbow bridge; he mentioned the torture, the scepter, and how the beating that the Hulk gave him had helped him evade his conditioning. He also laid out Thanos' strengths and weaknesses, including how and when to beat him.
At the end, Loki wrote that he would never have written his confession if it weren’t for Peter. 
Peter then took the last page, where Loki had drawn them both and had it framed to be placed on his beloved shelf.
Tumblr media
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hollandcrush · 8 months ago
could i request something where the reader comes out as non-binary and peter is super supportive and starts calling them his partner (instead of bf or gf) and using the correct pronouns and just being the caring prince he is? :)
okay this is really really cute. I wrote a quick lil blurb. hope you like it and i hope i did it justice!! sorry for any mistakes or bad writing. enjoy x
word count: 771
warnings: slight angst, but really fluffy, peter being a gem.
Knocking on Peter window, you gathered your thoughts as you stood out in the cold air of Queens. Peter rushed to the glass, letting you in. “There’s a door for a reason. You should start using them.” He joked watching you crawl through, struggling a little.
But no laughter or cheeky comment followed, so Peter could tell something was up, without you even saying a word. “Talk to me. What’s wrong?” He said pulling you onto the bed, holding you close in his arms, hand rubbing soft circles on the small of your back.
You sighed before tears welled in your eyes. He heard a few quiet sobs causing his heart to break, he hated knowing you were in pain. “It’s okay, let it out. I’m here baby.” He cooed, laying back of the bed letting you cuddle into his chest.
You laid there, trying to calm your emotions as Peter massaged your back, whispering words of comfort. After the little meltdown, you sniffled as you wiped the tear stains from your cheeks
“You wanna talk about it?” He asked, concern laced into every syllable.
You propped yourself up onto your knees, allowing Peter to sit up in the bed. It wasn’t that you were afraid to tell Peter, it was just a tolling experience. Figuring out your identity was taxing and mentally draining as you battled the truth, but you had finally accepted it. And you knew you’re boyfriend had the right to know.
“Peter, I don’t know how to tell you this.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers trying to distract yourself. He grabbed your hands, gaining your attention. “Don’t be scared, I don’t know what it is that is upsetting you, but I promise I’ll love you no matter what.” He reassured, entangling your fingers.
“You don’t know that.”
“I do.” He protested. Nerves began to rise as he began to think about the worst possibilities. That you cheated? Or maybe you didn’t want to be with him anymore?
“Peter I’m non-binary.” You blurted. Peter, with furrowed eyebrows, stared at you, confused at the words, not fully processing what you said.
“Um, you are, like genderfluid?” He questioned. You nodded before explaining. “Yeah, I don’t identify as female or as male. It’s been heavy on my chest lately. I never really knew, but I just knew I wasn’t female. People calling me ‘her’ or ‘she’ made me uncomfortable, it is hard to explain how I felt honestly. But I’ve come to terms with who I am.” You proudly stated. “It’s your decision if you want to love me or not.”
Peter’s smile was contagious. He’d notice the dullness in your eyes these last few months, but seeing the bright sparks finally return, made him so happy. “Of course I love you.” He laughed, placing a quick kiss on your lips.
“Are you sure Peter? I know people have this stigma against non-binary people.”
“Well they are stupid. You haven’t changed. You’re still the person I fell in love with when I was fourteen. And I’m so happy you’ve found yourself, and accepted it. How could I not love such a strong person.” He gushed, making tears trickle once again, but this time for all the right reason.
“Gosh Peter I love you so much. Thank you for being so supportive.”
“Always.” He promised, wiping the tears that fell before cupping your face.
“Peter I– Y/N! I didn’t know you were over.” May smiled, sending Peter a look, before she got a glance of your bloodshot eyes. “Oh love is everything okay?”
“Yes. Everything is perfect.” You giggled “Just needed a cry.” You continued, scooting closer to Peter, letting him hook his arm around your waist.
“I feel like that sometimes too. Peter stresses me out. All of his patrolling, I watch the news. Anyways, I’ve made dinner. You are more than welcome to stay.” She perked sending you a soft smile.
“Oh May, I–“ “They will stay. Won’t you? Please?!” Peter begged, giving you a quick squeeze. You had to blink twice, finally hearing someone use your proper pronouns made your heart flutter.
“Uh, yeah.” You choked, emotions getting the best of you. She told you it would be ready in a bit before exiting his room, shutting the door behind her.
He placed a quick kiss to your cheek before hopping off the bed to grab a hoodie, unaware of how he made you feel in that moment. You had been blessed with the worlds best boyfriend. “Peter, thank you.”
“No thank you! Had me worried that you were gonna tell me I wasn’t your favourite avenger anymore!”
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So with everything that's happened with Scott, and as a fnaf based blog, I think I should at least share my position. But first, let me make this clear.
A. He should not have been doxed, at all. That's not up for debate, no one and I mean no one, deserves to be doxxed and have their life put at risk.
B. If you want to stop supporting him, no one will blame you, but do not go harrassing him, or people who still support him.
With that said, I am and will still support him and his work. (If you have not seen his reddit talk about what happened, I suggest reading it over.) Scott has not been the type to be open about political beliefs. This may seem like something small but there are so many creators, especially big name ones that believe that they need to shove politics into everything they do, and it's gross. Also, even with his beliefs, he's not a bad person.
Let me explain further. First stating the obvious, you can be a republican, and still be a good person. Your can be a Christian and still care about the lgbt. And yes, you can give money to people like Trump, and not be racist. (Although honestly, watch my inbox get flooded because people don't believe that)
A republican, for those unaware, means someone who wants less national government control, and more state control, especially when it comes to laws. A democrat on the other hand, is someone who wants more government control. Being a republican does not automatically mean you are, racist, homophobic, narcissistic, facist, etc. These are just as delicately balanced stereotypes as the laws these groups support. You can be a republican and want firmer gun control for example. What laws and people someone supports are not just based around the majority, or even the loud minoroty, but the individual.
Has Scott ever shown himself to hate or be against his lgbt, or poc fans? No. Has Scott ever shoved his pro-life beliefs in his face because it's what he believes? No. Has he ever forced subliminal messaging into his games? No.
Scott doesn't care what you believe, or what he believes, he just wants to create things people enjoy. Plus Mangle is canonically genderfluid and not too long ago, WilliamxHenry and other lgbt ships are very popular, and everyone was joking about the mpreg story in a canon book, and Scott has never bashed any of it. Meanwhile look at people like Butch Hartman, people headcanoned Danny phantom as trans and he openly disclosed that he didn't like even the idea of that. I'm sorry I didn't know exactly where to squeeze these in, but honestly did some people even think about this?
Ontop of that, people can support other's that they think will be more helpful towards the community, even if they disagree on a lot (and they can be wrong and change too). For those of you who are involved in politics, or who even knew about the 2020 election, you realize most democratic voters didn't like Joe Biden. Hell the slogans were all about "settling for Biden" because at least it would be safer, we hoped. And thankfully were right (kinda). And another trend some people hopefully noticed, was republican voters looking at what Trump did and said "I was wrong, this isn't what I wanted." Scott's reasoning for supporting him were genuine and just because some of the other people he supported lost, doesn't mean you can weigh everything on the ones who won.
I don't want to be up all night writing this essay, so I'll simplify it here. You can disagree with someone on politics and not hate them as a person. Target ideas, not people. Put your money where you want, and be kind to people reguardless. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey, if you only put out kindness, the world will be a little brighter.
But hey, what do I know, I'm just another person, just like Scott, or any other creator.
Have a good night everyone.
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chaotic-snake · 3 months ago
So I know a whole lot of us are upset over Loki Episode 6 because Sylki became a thing. But I have a few thoughts on it. It was rumored that Loki will have two love interests in the show, one female and one male. If Sylvie is that female love interest, then that means a male love interest is left (*cough* hopefully Lokius becomes a thing *cough*). And hopefully since the male love interest is second, it'll be the longterm and we'll have an official mlnb/nblm relationship in the Marvel Cinematic universe (I don't know if there's even a mlnb/nblm relationship in the comics, please let me know if there is)
I also hope that Mobius and Loki will have a soft scene together similar to how Loki and Sylvie had the one on the train of talking about Frigga and love. I want to see Loki talking to Mobius about the trauma he went through from his point of view and talk about how he feels like a monster because of his heritage (cause at this point he hasn't accepted it yet since it's 2012 Loki) as well as what he was forced to do in New York. Then Mobius says that he doesn't think that Loki is a monster and then they hug and when Loki is hesitant to believe Mobius because he was taught his whole life that Jotuns are monsters and then Mobius kisses him and then Loki is scared Mobius will leave right after they kiss (because Sylvie literally betrayed him) but Mobius doesn't and he promises he won't leave and he doesn't and Loki gets all emotional and they have this soft loving moment and OMG I would love to see that.
That would also be a great time to bring up Loki's genderfluidness so the MCU can have that physical representation where Loki asks if Mobius still likes him even when he'll switch identities because of the anxiety of Mobius being disgusted with any part of him (I know that feeling) and Loki would change into a female or more androgynous and Mobius kisses him again or something and saying that it doesn't change his feelings for Loki and AHHH it would be so cute and be really progressive for Disney to do.
Also another add on that I want to put: I know a lot of people are hating on Tom for the things that happened in the show. Yes, he's an executive producer, but he doesn't control what happens in the actual story. An executive producer is the one that gets the finances for the piece of media in order and gets the money needed for the budget. He doesn't actually have any control over the storyline. Since he's such an amazing actor and has helped Marvel a lot, they may put in little easter eggs or he can slip a few things in, but there's no way he can change a whole plot line point. And Sylki being a thing was a major plot line point. Even if he felt uncomfortable with it, he couldn't change it without having a high risk of losing his job. And I do believe that he's the best person to play Loki, it's obvious that he loves Loki very much. I would hate to have him lose his job.
If you're upset about Sylki and the very small amount of representation they gave and wished for more, don't pin it on Tom. That's something that Disney did and some of the writers. But also don't attack the writers either, yeah it's not a great story line with Sylki, but they're people with lives and feelings and families. And yeah, there's a huge representation problem in Disney, but we need to go about it in a way that isn't actually threatening people like people have been threatening to go to Tom's house, that's not okay. We need to have a discussion about it and Disney does need to get their shit together about representation and grow some balls, you can't make everyone happy and they need to realize that. Showing that LGBTQ+ is natural is more important than having high profits.
Basically in summary, please don't attack Tom and anyone else for it. Talk about it on social media, be upset about it, but don't attack people. Have that discourse with Disney without being violent.
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nekronomiikon · 2 months ago
do u have any more bubba headcanons? (i love ur design for him unmasked so much 🥺)
Thank you so much, anon!!! The amount of love it's gotten has been mind boggling to me, lol. So glad you like it!
> I personally see him as genderfluid! He'd LOVE alternating pronouns, but doesn't really know that's a thing due to how sheltered he is. > Pansexual! Genuinely really does not care about the genders of other people. If he likes them, he likes them. Also he's aggressively allosexual and alloromantic but that's really obvious. Thanks, TCM 2. > Big heart. Big big heart. He can take so much as one look at someone and decide on the spot he's in love with them. This doesn't negate any anxieties, however. > Absolutely has both autism and ADHD. You cannot change my mind and I will not accept criticism on this. Neurodivergent icon! > Bubba's a remarkably fast learner if he feels any level of determination or interest towards the subject. His grasp on whatever subject he's trying to learn won't be immediately perfect or anything, because he's still a normal human and people don't learn THAT fast, but he can get the basics down pretty quickly. Be sure to try to teach him visually or through example, though. It'll click MUCH faster that way. > I do not at all see Bubba as stupid. I cannot stress this enough. His skill sets may not be traditional, and he may go about what he does and what he knows in an odd way, but he's pretty good and pretty smart- especially considering his lack of schooling. > He's much more creatively and emotionally minded than he is logically. But honestly, who the hell cares whether or not a guy can do long division when he's got the emotional intelligence of an absolute motherfucker? Who even CARES about long division? > He likes singing along to music but can never get the lyrics out. So his singing attempts often sound like tone-deaf rhythmic mumbling. > Are we going to ignore that he listens to rock and roll? Not in this house. He cannot get enough of it. Same for country music. He'd probably hate modern country, though... Oh, how the mighty have fallen...
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snakeprince · 2 months ago
(my english isn't the best and i'm sleepy so sorry for any mistakes this post may have)
as a trans person that loves loki, i'm... disappointed. about how marvel dealt with loki being gender-fluid (in the movies and the show).
literally the only thing that tells us that loki is genderfluid is his documentation. which isn't the best representation considering that it says “sex: fluid”. i know that in many countries the documentation says sex instead of gender but come on marvel, we are in a show with chattering clocks, it wasn't that difficult to change the documents a bit...
but that's not the point.
the point is, there were no excuses for not doing a gender-fluid loki representation.
i've seen many people saying that it wasn't possible because there was no time to search an actress to play loki as a woman. and although i find it hard to believe... okay, let's take that as a starting point.
short answer: it. wasn't. neccesary.
what do i mean with this? that loki doesn't need to shapeshift to be a good gender-fluid representation. loki can be a woman with the body that he has or even be of a non-binary gender.
because the idea that to be a “valid” trans person you need to look YES OR YES in a cisnormative way is harmful. trans people are not a homogeneous experience. some want to take hormones and have a surgery, others are comfortable with their appearance. some want to change their deadname on documents to their real name and others are comfortable with their birth name.
"oh, but still... there was no place to put gender-fluid representation in the script"... that's such a poor argument.
it could even have come as a simple commentary, like his bisexual portrayal.
“haven't you seen a female variant of us?” it's a phrase that could have led to an outing of the closet to the public similar to the one he had with sylvie.
or even loki changing his pronouns and nouns while speaking (although there are gender-fluid people who use only one set of pronouns and that is also completely valid!)
but yeah... i just wanted to vent about this, lol marvel i hate you
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anakin-raccoon · 18 days ago
Mildfluid or Minifluid
(Coined by me) A form of genderfluid where the change in gender is so small or mild that it's irrelevant and/or doesn't have any effect on things like the way you present, pronouns, and what other labels you use.
(I personally use mildfluid, but if you'd like to use minifluid instead that's fine)
Tumblr media
Flag color meaning: the vertical stripes are pastel versions the genderfluid flag colors, showing that it's "light" or "soft". The middle orange stripe is just because it reminded me of mild hot sauce, it doesn't really have a meaning other than to make the flag look more interesting. Also there's vertical stripes because I think horizontal ones are overrated and because it provides contrast with the orange one. I know it's not very unique, so if anyone who'd like to use this label wants to redesign the flag, feel free to!
I created this term because I've always identified with genderfluid, but not on such a large scale like other people I'd see who would be switching from full masc to full fem to completely neutral. My gender feels like it's the same most of the time because I honestly don't care to pay attention to it, but every now and then it feels a tiny bit different, like a scratch in paint or a dent on a table.
Note: this is NOT a troll. This is my actual identity and if others feel this label fits them they may use it as well. DNI if you're going to hate me over this.
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fandommeansfamily · a month ago
Ciel ♥️
Sexuality Headcanon: Demisexual. Ciel has little interest in sex to begin with, he's known that since he was a child, but as he's grown, he realizes that he most certainly does not want a sexual relationship with someone that he doesn't feel connected to. He needs to feel emotionally invested in you, and he needs to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're invested in him. There needs to be a certain level of trust between Ciel and his partner before entering into a sexual relationship would even cross his mind. If he doesn't have that kind of bond with a person, or see potential to build that kind of a bond, he has no interest in them romantically.
Gender Headcanon: Agender, and I actually have some headcanons about this one that I will absolutely be discussing later.
A ship I have with said character: This may be a boring answer, but I honestly don't ship Ciel with anyone in particular. I don't vehemently hate the idea of Ciel and Lizzy or some other ship like that, but I'm also not partial to any of them. Other characters that have good relationships with Ciel are adults (which is a huge no for obvious reasons), or they're just not people that I see him showing any romantic interest in.
A BROTP I have with said character: Sebastian and Ciel have the best BROTP, but Finny and Ciel are a close second. Their friendship is so underrated.
A NOTP I have with said character: Sebaciel. I hate it. You all know this by now.
A random headcanon: Ciel, as I mentioned earlier, is a character that I view as agender. Ciel was, of course, AMAB, and so he always identified as a boy, because he didn't realize that he had other options, outside of occasionally being mistaken for a young lady, which only ever served to make him defensively correct the person. But I feel like one day, a person made one such mistake and misgendered Ciel, and in response, Ciel irritably muttered "What does it matter anyway? Either way, I am the head of the Phantomhives, so it shouldn't matter."
Later that day, after they've gone home and had a cup of tea, Sebastian tries to talk to Ciel about gender.
Sebastian: You know, 'either way' implies that you only have two options. That's not strictly true.
Ciel: That meant nothing, stop-... what... do you mean, exactly?
And so Sebastian goes about explaining his own genderfluidity to Ciel, introducing him to identities outside of the gender binary. Ciel, of course, dismisses the butler, saying that he doesn't want to talk about this anymore. A few weeks pass, and Ciel approaches Sebastian in private.
Ciel: What if... what if I don't feel like any of those identities that you talked about are right? What if I don't have a gender?
Sebastian, without missing a beat: That's perfectly fine as well. This changes nothing regarding our contract, or the way that I treat you. Unless of course you would like me to refer to you differently?
Anyway, Ciel mostly still uses he/him pronouns in public to maintain appearances, but at home/around trusted friends, Ciel experiments with they/them pronouns, and those who love them support them wholeheartedly.
General Opinion over said character: I love my angsty, gnc child. Ciel is a complex character, I feel that he has endless potential, I love that he's such a clever, determined kid, I love that he summoned a demon and then said demon became part of Ciel's found family. I can relate to this character, I get pissed at this character, I am comforted by this character. I like him a lot.
Thank you for the ask, @layingwithlay! I love your blog! ❤
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geekyfox2 · 2 months ago
i've just been wondering: how does the willow mist au deal with pride/sexuality/gender?
In this universe, it's basically so ingrained in society that sexualities don't have labels! People just are what they are, and most people accept that with little to no questions! But in any universe, you'd get the typical idiots who get sour if a crush wasn't attracted to them, or just want to be mean etc, but the insults aren't exactly "labelled" if that makes sense.
As for gender, it's the same as in it's very natural and ingrained into society, but they have labels! There are magic users who specialise in helping trans people transition, and through time, they've gotten it down to one spell and a potion! Granted, it's not a very nice spell and the recovery is long, but it's worth it! They just say what they want to keep, change, or switch, and the magic users know how to do it!
Genderfluid people can, quite literally, just drink a potion for a quick switch if and when they want one!
Jackie is my main example as always, he had a transition spell when he was taken into the Septic Kingdom. He had a steady stream of potions that were the equivalent to testosterone until he was physically ready for the spell, which involved him drinking a "sealing potion" and the spell that changed his body to the right one! After recovery, he grew up the exact same as a cis man would've. He has faint swirly magic "scars" on his chest as a remnant! The same markings appear on anyone else who has had the spell!
Details of this may change if I develop it more, but this is the basis! In short, pride is chill, and those who even try to hate it will face the wrath of the gods, as many of them are trans, genderfluid, gay, lesbian, ace/aro, queer etc!
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adler-obsessed · 6 months ago
Hi! I'm new in the fandom and wanted to ask why everyone seems to be hating Derek Landy? Yes the books are pretty brutal and he's low-key sadistic with the characters, but aren't most book authors? I just finished book 6 and I'm really enjoying them so far. I'm just curious and don't wanna offend anyone.
oh boy buckle up - I just want to first of all say welcome to the fandom!!! Although it may seem a bit negative sometimes, it’s mainly because we love the series and characters so much!
There’s a lot of people who know more about + have details on Landy’s problematic statements/actions so guys/fandom if you could add that onto this post, I’d appreciate it.
A short summary:
problematic representation in books
the disaster of Phase 2
attacking fans (bonus: his gf attacking fans)
problematic relationships with young fans
But I’ve been meaning to do an analysis of why Landy’s representation of queer people and the LGBTQ+ Community has been problematic for a while and I have examples so buckle up everyone:
So, as a brief introduction, there’s several reasons why people aren’t the biggest fan of Landy - one you won’t be aware of for awhile is Phase 2, which starts after Book 9
Phase 2, I think I can say confidently, has not been as well received as Phase 1. Lots of the characters we liked in Phase 1 don’t appear or have lost all their character development from Phase 1. There are so many side plots that are very confusing and most people aren’t particularly interested in them so large parts of each book are quite boring for most of the fandom.
But onto my main argument (edit: in a reblog below, Faceless has linked many of the examples I discuss if you are interested)
Landy has had quite a bumpy ride when it comes to representation: in the Demon Road series (outside of SP) there was a very problematic portrayal of a wlw relationship. He claimed that everyone is eventually bisexual, and then there is a wider issue of representation in the actual Skulduggery books.
Firstly, those characters that are in the LGBTQ+ community tend to have that aspect of their life continuously pointed out/or mentioned (like Landy is trying to show how ‘diverse’ he is) but then have very little character development/or mention of anything other than that.
There is a supposedly major wlw ship in Phase 2, but it is so underdeveloped it feels more like a main character and her cheerleader. In the last book we finally got some development only for them to then break up (although I somewhat liked the realistic reasons behind it, it did disappoint me)
Linking from this, there is a general difference in how Landy treats non-canon queer ships versus straight ones
When asked about the possibility of a non-canon straight ship, he said he didn’t like to dismiss the fan’s ships. In comparison when a fan asked about mlm ship, he immediately said no to it (keep in mind there was no dubious relationship between these two in the books, they are super close so it made no sense for him to completely refuse it)
Landy also likes to point out his queer characters like China and Tanith, who are both canonly bisexual/pansexual (he confirmed to a fan that China and Eliza were a thing) and yet, whenever the two are romantically involved with someone, it’s a man.
Now, before I get people attacking me saying they are still bisexual even though they’re in straight passing relationships, I AM bisexual, I hate it when people invalidate my sexuality just because I am in a relationship w a guy or girl.
But eVERYTIME, these two end up with a guy, and the only time Landy has confirmed they aren’t straight are either in blink and you’ll miss it moments or outside of the books (sort of like Rowling claiming characters were gay on Twitter, and yet these characters were never seen expressing these identities in the books or in later media)
So why is this representation problematic? Because writers like Landy seem to think they’ve actually done a good job - stating once that a character identifies/or has a certain sexual orientation, and then never elaborating on it again, as if that somehow wins him brownie points.
I’m not going to talk to much about Never - for context this is a gender fluid character in Phase Two - because I myself am not gender fluid, so I would not want to speak for that side of the community incorrectly. In my personal opinion, having several genderfluid friends, Never’s characterisation is bloody weird.
For context, in the books, Landy changes the pronouns that Never uses and others use to address him/her practically every sentence. At times it feels less like a portrayal of a genderfluid character, and more like a mockery (one of my aforementioned genderfluid friends stopped reading the series at this point because they found it too close to the mocking insults their grandparents would use e.g. changing pronouns every sentence as if making out that their gender identity was some absurd thing)
Again, rest of the fandom feel free to interject in here, there are definitely people more qualified to speak on this than me.
I also want to talk a little bit about the problematic way Derek handles female members of the LGBTQ+ community in comparison to the male ones. I’ve mentioned above a bit of the problems with China/Tanith but I want to go a bit further into the issue with the male ones: namely, there are barely any.
While the three main female characters are all canonly bisexual, none of the major male ones are (if I’m wrong, please correct me!) and the only one who could possibly be considered major is Anton Shudder and his boyfriend who are confirmed to have been in a relationship, oh wait, when they are both dead. Apart from that, there is not one major male member of the LGBTQ+ community in these books that Landy claims are so diverse.
I think it is also slightly worrying that so many of Landy’s female characters are bisexual, characters who Landy also constantly describes as pretty/gorgeous/attractive etc. because it just feels like that typical thing of men fetishising wlw women (particularly bisexual women) hence why I also think the fact that two of these women never have a relationship with another wlw in the actual books is very problematic, as these sexual orientations feel more for show than actual canon most of the time.
There is a very big problem with the way Landy goes about queer representation in his books, and the worse part? He thinks he’s doing great.
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thessalian · a month ago
Thess vs Redditors
Every so often I visit Reddit. Now, generally I curate my Reddit experience, and the only shitlords I see are the ones getting laughed at in the subreddits I follow. It’s a nice buffer to have, honestly: “Yeah, there’s shitlords out there but there are also people like me who will call the shitlords out in no uncertain terms”.
One of the ones that I trip over more often than the average is, “I’m not comfortable with you playing a character who’s not the same gender as you because it’s kinda gay”. (That or, in the case of women who want to play male characters, it’s literally just so they can have NPCs hit on them or ... other vile shit that should get them banned from ever touching a random number generating polyhedral or a sourcebook ever again in their entire lives on pain of castration.) This ... bewilders me. On so many levels. I mean, I personally prefer playing female characters ... but honestly, that’s generally more because women don’t get to be heroes often enough for my liking in a world where “strong female character” means “beats people up in a sexually enticing way”.
But. I mean. I don’t think I’ve ever, ever been in a group where everyone was playing to their gender. Not when I first started playing nearly 20 years ago, not when I started chat-and-forum RP, and sure as hell not now. Two of our guys play female characters (three at one point - we miss you, @noctumsolis), and our dragonborn’s player had to flip a coin to decide what gender he was going to end up playing. Seriously - player-wise, the men outnumber the women (even if we count me). Character wise - very much the other way around.
And no one gives a shit.
I think the one issue we’ve ever had with that, if you can call it that, is the few times when one particular player has a bit of a space-out moment and refers to someone by their player’s gender instead of their character’s, and she course corrects very quickly. And we all have brain moments, so hey.
I mean, people are gonna be the kind of shitlords they’re going to be, but I do end up thinking how much they’d hate my campaign, my homebrew, my entire game world, and point to me as a prime example of “why women shouldn’t be allowed to play D&D”. I mean, vague misgendering aside, this is what they’d be talking about:
Two men playing female characters by choice, without any of the usual stereotyping or sexualisation bullshit
Two queer relationships (which would confuse them when there’s a man and a woman as players for each except as for how even without one being married, at least two being on the asexuality spectrum somewhere, and a whole lot of geographic and age-related stuff, just ... we love each other in a very different way than that)
One bard who may be entirely pansexual but doesn’t flirt all cornball and does not attempt to screw everything that moves just because he’s a pansexual bard in a D&D world (”Hey! I’ve got standards! ...Also I have ... moods. You know; sometimes you feel like having ale, sometimes you feel like having wine, and sometimes you do like Hazel - you pull up to the bar and just go, ‘surprise me’!”)
(Okay I’ll stop channeling Darvin now, sorry @fauxfire76)
Probably two ace characters. Ish. Anyway, and one of them is pursuing a relationship with a character who’s very much not ace, and that’s been interesting. (I love @lindira and @true0neutral so very much)
Badass halfling lesbian couple being one of the party’s most prominent allies
Genderfluid ancient copper dragon who basically is just like, “I can change my species whenever I want to; I can do my gender the same way, no?” Also at least two gender-neutral NPCs and at least one trans NPC (there are more, but there’s only one they actually know about - and that only OOC because I love that NPC and had to talk about him - because I don’t see a need to be the Transition Police and it’s not like it comes up in conversation, y’know?)
An entire nomadic civilisation who roam the frozen wastes of the north in hunting packs that are literally polycules because if you trust them with your life and can travel with them in such close quarters and in such hardship for so long, you must love them in some way so why not have sex with them? It’s just fun with someone you share a bond with, right?
Two civilisations (that one and desert-dwellers) who actively encourage bisexuality at minimum because sex is great and everything but the frozen tundra or the desert wastes are not places where you raise a child unless you’re really prepared for it, and while there’s obviously birth control, it’s never 100% so ways of getting frisky that don’t involve sperm meeting egg are greatly encouraged
Also one character and a character’s mother were sex workers at one point, and no one much bats an eye about it. (Okay, Remi finding out that her mother used to be a brothel babe kinda threw her for a moment, but it weirdly seems to have made her respect her mother more, not less, so good on you, @hyperewok1)
Also we haven’t had real combat in months. Beyond the Combat Lite when I sent them hunting with a frozen-wasteland nomad pack. And no one cares.
I’m sure a lot of people say I’m doing D&D wrong. My party doesn’t seem to think so, though, so that ‘lot of people’ can shove it up their arses. Sideways.
(This post brought to you by the need to distract myself from how much of a hellhole my country of residence is becoming now. I’ll probably rant about that later but I need a break right now.)
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fanimesenseiwrites · 8 months ago
Okay. This is it. This is simultaneously my greatest shame and pride and joy. This is the story that absolutely proves how indecisive and just self-serving I am. I'm sure all the harem lovers will enjoy this story. Once again, this features my genderfluid MC.
What happens when the MC can't choose just one brother?
(Angst warning!)
Hoshiko had denied Asmo three times that week. He hadn't even tried to cuddle or seduce them, he had just wanted to go shopping or get nails done and they had still said no, even after he had offered to pay!
Asmo had found this rather strange and gathered his brothers for an emergency meeting about it. Lucifer was the only one not in attendance seeing as he had a meeting with Diavolo.
"Yeah, Hoshiko hasn't wanted to watch anime with me lately. I guess they finally figured out what a gross otaku I am." Levi sighed.
"Stop the pity party!" Mammon yelled at Levi. "If there's anyone who actually doesn't think you're gross it's Hoshiko."
Levi looked at Mammon. "You really think so?"
"Yeah, yeah, but more importantly, Hoshiko hasn't wanted to hang out with me! They don't want any part of my money makin' plans or to even come watch me model..." he crossed his arms and looked away from his brothers. "I miss them."
Asmo actually felt a rare moment of pity for their older brother.
"... Hoshiko hasn't wanted to share snacks with me lately," Beel piped up.
The rest of them looked at him.
"Well that's probably because you'd eat all their snacks," Satan tried to reason.
"Even when I offer to share, they refuse," Beel clarified.
"Oh. That is a little weird."
Beel nodded.
"Okay, so if Hoshiko isn't hanging out with any of us where are they spending all their time?" Asmo asked them.
"Lucifer's the only one not here, maybe Hoshiko's spending all their time with him?" Mammon suggested, almost sounding hopeful.
"They always did like him a lot for some reason," Satan grumbled.
"So let's go ask him!"
"But he's meeting with Diavolo right now. You know he'll be pissed if we interrupt," Beel pointed out.
"I'd put money on Lucifer wanting to drop everything as soon as we bring up Hoshiko," Mammon told him.
"What money?" Belphegor teased.
"Fuck you, I got plenty of money!"
"Oh yeah? Then why don't you pay me back?!" Levi chimed in.
"Hey! Let's bring the focus back!" Satan yelled at them.
They all looked at Satan.
"Let's just go ask Lucifer about Hoshiko. And if he doesn't have any answers then maybe Lord Diavolo does. I don't think anyone will get too upset over us being concerned about Hoshiko's sudden aloofness."
The brothers nodded in agreement.
"Okay, let's go." He herded them all toward the front door.
The brothers all went to the Demon Lord's Palace.
Barbatos was waiting for them at the front entrance, he seemed to know that they were going to visit. "Hello my lords," he greeted them curtly but politely. "If you've come to garner your eldest brother's attention, I would recommend you do it quietly."
"We actually want to talk to Lord Diavolo as well," Satan told him.
Barbatos nodded and moved aside so that they could come inside. "As I said, do so quietly."
"Why are you just letting us in?" Mammon asked Barbatos, suspicious of him.
"Some things just aren't worth fighting over," Barbatos told him with a sardonic smile.
"Uh huh..."
"The young master and your brother are in the library, do you remember the way?"
"I do, thank you Barbatos," Satan told him before leading his brothers to the library.
Both Diavolo and Lucifer looked up when the rest of the brothers entered.
Lucifer immediately looked annoyed and totally exasperated. "What? What could possibly be going on that could not wait until after we finished our meeting?" Lucifer asked them all.
"We came to talk about Hoshiko," Satan started out with, hoping that would cause Lucifer's tone to tender.
Lucifer looked among his brothers, as though he were just noticing that the aforementioned person was not among them. "What about Hoshiko?"
"Hoshiko hasn't been hanging out with any of us!" Asmo exclaimed dramatically.
Satan rolled his eyes before covering his brother's mouth with his hand. "What we mean to ask is, have you noticed any change in Hoshiko's behaviour? Have they been spending more or less time with you?"
Lucifer brought his hand to his chin and appeared to think about the question. "No, they definitely haven't spent any more time with me... I don't suppose I've seen them any less, but I think the quality of our time spent together has degraded." He looked at his brothers.
"What do you mean by that?" Satan asked.
"There's less laughter," Lucifer frowned as he said it. "Everything feels more like a business transaction."
Satan nodded then looked at Diavolo. "Has Hoshiko been spending more time with you perhaps?"
Diavolo shook his head. "Hoshiko didn't even come up for our weekly tea meeting last week." He couldn't help the pout that formed on his face.
"Then where is Hoshiko spending all of their time?!" Mammon cried.
"... Why don't you all go ask Hoshiko themself?" Diavolo suggested.
The brothers all looked at him.
"That would be the most obvious solution," Lucifer told him.
Diavolo nodded.
"Well, let's go talk to Hoshiko!" Mammon exclaimed before heading out.
All the brothers except Lucifer followed him out.
Diavolo looked at Lucifer. "You can go with them, I'm sure you're dying to know the reason as well."
Lucifer shook his head. "I'm sure they'll keep me updated."
"And I'm sure you won't be able to focus on our work with this new development. Go," he commanded though it was with empathy.
Lucifer nodded and stood up. "Thank you."
Diavolo smiled at him. "Of course. Keep me updated."
"Of course." Lucifer nodded reverently and then went to go catch up with his brothers.
Mammon looked at Lucifer when he caught up to them. "Took ya long enough."
Lucifer just rolled his eyes in response.
Mammon chuckled.
The seven brothers all went back to the House of Lamentation and went straight to Hoshiko's room.
Lucifer made sure to be at the front of the mob so that he could be the one to knock on the door, and also prevent any of his brothers from just barging in.
Lucifer knocked on the door. "Hoshiko? Can we talk?"
When there was no response, Mammon moved up to bang on the door with his fist. "Hoshiko! You better open up before I break down the door!"
"You better not break anything," Lucifer threatened him.
"Fine," he told Lucifer. "We'll pick the lock!" He yelled toward the door.
Lucifer rolled his eyes and turned the doorknob easily, opening the door.
"Yeah, oh." He pushed the door open and walked in. "Hoshiko..." he stopped in his tracks.
Mammon walked in after his brother. "Hey, what's... Where's Hoshiko?"
Lucifer walked in slowly, taking in the now sparsely decorated room before him.
The rest of the brothers filed in.
"Where's all their stuff?" Levi asked quietly.
Asmo went over and opened the closet. "Their clothes are gone too!"
"Did they... leave?" Belphie asked quietly.
Lucifer frowned and looked around. There was a sealed envelope on the pillow of the bed. Lucifer walked over, picked it up, and read the message on the front. "To the seven princes of my heart..."
"What?" Mammon asked as he looked at Lucifer.
Lucifer held up the envelope. "I think it's a letter from Hoshiko."
The rest of his brothers turned their attention to him once he said that.
Lucifer opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside. He started reading it aloud for all his brothers to hear. "To whoever finds this first, please gather the seven brothers and make sure they all hear the message in this letter."
Lucifer looked around at all his brothers then back down at the letter. He continued to read. "My dearest demons, if you're reading this then I'm already long gone. I've taken all my things and gone home to the mortal realm; Solomon was kind enough to help me with this feat."
Asmo was already crying.
Lucifer offered him a handkerchief.
Asmo took it and dabbed his tears away.
Lucifer sighed before continuing to read the letter. "I hate to leave you all like this but I couldn't stand to face you all, it breaks my heart just to write this letter much less should I have had to say this to you all in person. I know that makes me a coward, but I can't imagine you'll ever want to see me again anyways. This next part might sound weird and I'm sorry, but it's true. I love all of you, and not just like family. I am truly in love with all seven of you. I know you each love me too, you aren't exactly subtle. But I could never choose just one of you, and even if I did I couldn't do it knowing that I broke everyone else's heart. Don't any of you try to follow me and convince me otherwise, I won't choose any one of you. I love you all so much, I think the best thing for all of us is to maintain distance for a while. I'm sure we'll meet again, I intend to serve the earth as a sorcerer for as long as I may live. Whether we meet again or not, I will never forget you and I will always be grateful for our time together.
With all my love, Hoshiko Higure." Lucifer stared at the letter before looking at Satan. "Is this one of your pranks? Because its not funny," Lucifer's tone was undefinable, he sounded confused, but also sad, but also angry.
"A prank?! You seriously think I would do this?! I love hurting you but why would I also hurt myself in the process?!" There were tears streaming down Satan's cheeks, but they were hot and angry.
Lucifer frowned. "You're right... I'm sorry."
Satan was taken aback by his apology, he just stared at Lucifer before storming out of the room.
Mammon kicked the dresser out of frustration. "Fuck," he muttered as he left the room.
"This isn't fair..." Levi sobbed as he walked out and headed to his room.
Lucifer watched as the twins left silently, unable to even find solace in each other for once.
Asmo sat down in the fetal position right where he was and sobbed violently into his knees.
Lucifer looked at him and frowned. He knelt down next to him and stroked his hair. "Asmodeus..."
Asmo leaned onto Lucifer and cried even harder.
Lucifer wrapped his arms around Asmo and held him while he cried.
Lucifer carried Asmo to his room once he had cried himself to sleep. "It's been so long since you've done this," he told his sleeping brother. "And even longer since I carried you to bed," he told him as he laid him in his bed. Lucifer watched his brother for a moment before leaving his room and closing the door behind him.
He knocked on the front door when he arrived. He frowned when no one answered the door and just walked in. "Hello? Is anyone home?" He called out.
No one answered but there was the sound of music coming from down the hall.
Diavolo followed the music to Lucifer's study. "Lucifer?" He called as he knocked on the open door.
Lucifer's head lolled towards Diavolo. "Oh... hey."
Diavolo frowned and walked over to him. "Are you... drunk?"
Lucifer set his now empty demonius glass on his desk. "Yeah... I think so..."
"Why? What happened? You never did give me an update."
Lucifer picked up the letter from where he had laid it on the desk and tossed it toward Diavolo.
Diavolo grabbed it and read it. "Oh... oh no." Diavolo took a deep and controlled breath, trying to keep himself from crying. "I had no idea."
"None of us did..." Lucifer told him as he stood up. He grabbed his glass and walked over to a serving cart with a decanter half full of demonius on it. Lucifer looked at Diavolo. "Would you like a glass?"
"Ah, just one please."
Lucifer nodded and poured some demonius into a new glass, but due to his drunkeness he spilled some onto the floor. "Fuck..." he grabbed a napkin and knelt down to clean up the mess but knocked over the decanter and spilled the rest of the demonius all over himself in the process.
Diavolo frowned. "Oh Lucifer, let's cl-"
Suddenly, Lucifer grabbed the decanter, stood up, and threw it against the wall opposite of them.
Diavolo jumped, shocked by the show of aggression. "Lucifer, it's alright. Its just demonius. I'll buy you some more."
"I don't care about the demonius! It doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore without Hoshiko in our lives..."
Diavolo cautiously gripped Lucifer's shoulder.
Lucifer looked at him, genuine hurt in his eyes. "Did I do something wrong? Could I have done something differently to get them to stay?"
Diavolo frowned "I don't think so. Hoshiko said in the letter that they didn't want to choose any one of you and break everyone else's hearts-"
"So they break everyone's hearts instead?! That's... it's stupid! It's selfish!" He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm being stupid and selfish." He covered his face with his hands.
Diavolo wrapped an arm around Lucifer's shoulders. "You're not stupid, you're drunk. Let's get you cleaned up and into bed."
Lucifer looked at him and nodded.
Diavolo escorted him up to his bedroom and made sure he took a shower. He also made sure his friend got to bed before he left for the night.
Once Diavolo was finally back at the palace, and in the quiet comfort of his own room, he allowed himself to shed some tears for the loss of his friend and beloved sorcerer.
Part 2
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simply-ash-drawing · 4 months ago
ParaCoraMemPines lgbtqia+ head cannons
No one asked for this but I wanted to do this for awhile. This will include characters from Paranorman, Coraline, Gravity Falls, and Invader Zim (mostly the Membranes thou-). Some of my head cannons have changed so please don't be confused, I'm just explaining what could be possible.
So let's go!
Mabel Pines: I can see her being pan or even bi but she may have a preference for men. She's bi with a preference men.
Dipper Pines: I do like the head cannon that he's trans but it's not my head cannon. He's a disaster bi. No preference, he likes men & women.
Norman Babcock: I think he's gray asexual or demi. I can see him being demiromantic or polyromantic.
Neil Downe: I can see him being genderfluid but he's a demiboy in my opinion. Some say that he could be gay but I think that he's pan. Alot of people think this too, I just agree with them.
Dib Membrane: I said before that he's polysexual demiromantic. And while I do like this idea, apart of me thinks that he could be Demisexual and Demiromantic.
Gaz Membrane: I like the idea of her being a lesbian or even a Gray ace lesbian. I also think that she could be trans girl. Since when you look up Gaz, it’s a name used for boys. So what if she changed it to Gazlene (her real name) to feel more like a woman. Idk, just some food for thought.
Wybie Lovat: I do think that he may be trans. I think that he is a disaater Bi as well. Liking Men, women and the non-binary pals.
Coraline Jones: (gonna get hate for this) She’s a lesbian. I think that she views Wybie as an brother-like figure. I think she just likes girls. I can also see her going by She/They pronouns. Maybe a Demigirl or just straight up Non-binary.
hope y’all like this! See y’all later and have a good Pride Month
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