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#i mean i’m bi but

Being passionate and protective over bi Dean because I’m a bi person who really loves to see myself in him is getting so exhausting I want to stop having to find out my mutuals are like “huh wouldn’t it be cooler to consider the idea that he ISN’T bi and ISN’T into women?” Because bi rep is something that is seen as less important and also you know he’s not REALLY bi because he would never call himself that (which is likely true) but I’m gonna act like this means it’s fine to mock people who think of him as bi because I think of bi as this new age millennial thing that no person over 30 would ever use and who cares if he’s into women as long as he’s into men and surely if you’re a repressed person you must be lying about your attraction to women and all bi men are actually just repressed gay men and if you call him bi you’re ignoring the existence of comphet because gay men exist too ya know!!! As if the majority of men who like men on tv aren’t gay men. there’s only a handful of canon bi men out there. I’m literally just so tired I’m so tired of having to fight about this and having people tell me it’s fine for people to have their own headcanons so I shouldn’t get worked up about this as if it isn’t clear that you would have to stretch to call him gay and ignore the years of bi people claiming him as one of us to do so

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I saw the new Logan in a Skirt pics and was inspired to make a school librarian!Logan au so here we are!!

  • Logan is gentle but firm. His library means his rules, which means no defacing or dogtagging the books (he provides free bookmarks at the desk for kids to use) and absolutely no discrimination under his watch. Everyone is welcome in his library, but the minute someone makes it unsafe for any other kid they are banned from the library for the rest of the term and given a very stern talking to from him.
  • Because of his strict no bullshit/discrimination policy he becomes a sort of parental/friend/mentor figure for many young kids (especially queer ones because he is very openly gay) who have been bullied or faced discrimination. He will allow those kids into his library at lunch and recess and free periods and let them hang out or talk with him or study and escape from the harshness of other people.
  • He has a little room off to the side of his library which is a very sensory friendly room, with stim toys and stuffies and blankets and soundproofing to help neurodivergent kids when they are experiencing sensory overload and want a safe space to calm down. It is also a safe space for any kid who is having a panic attack or a breakdown to go for a bit to calm down if they want to. His calm demeanor is very soothing and comforting for many struggling students.
  • He has a whole section of his library dedicated to queer books, and he always tries to get books that are written by people of colour, disabled people, LGBT+ people and other marginalised groups to help share their stories and raise their voices.
  • He also has a whole nonfiction section dedicated to matters like racism and other discrimination to help educate people. He will always patiently explain issues like that to help educate people who ask, but only if you are polite, respectful and genuine in your asking. He is constantly making an effort to learn about those matters himself.
  • He also has many nonfiction books about different religions and LGBT+ identities and cultures to help educate students and himself.
  • Logan has many posters on Black Lives Matter and how to be a better ally to the black community, as well as other communities, like the LGBT+ community. He has many small pride flags around his library, including a gay pin he always wears, and during Pride month he decked the library out in the big pride flags and wore a different rainbow/pride tie and pride socks for every day of the month.
  • Logan will always listen to any kid who wants to rant about their favourite books, and has a list of his favourite books up in the library. Sometimes someone will read/like one of his favourite books and that always leads to fun discussions about the book.
  • He has students come in and talk to him during lunchtime and stuff and fill them in on their life and favourite books and stuff like that. He is a friend to so many kids and will always be willing to listen to them.
  • Many queer kids will come out to him before they come out to anyone else. He is always accepting of them and validates them, and if in the rare case there is an identity he is unsure about he will research it to help educate himself.
  • Logan has an abundance of funky ties and socks. While the rest of his outfit is pretty normal, usually a plain (mostly black but sometimes other colours) button up shirt and pants, his tie and socks always make a statement. He has a multitude of space themed ones, as well as many pride ones, but also just ones in funky prints and fun colours. He is also never one to shy away from wearing a dress or a skirt, and wore the most amazing space themed dress when chaperoning the year 12 formal.

Those are just some of my ideas. I kind of discussed this with @manyfandomsonelog (sorry for the tag lol) earlier on discord, but here is the expanded form because I love this idea too much. Feel free to expand on this in reblogs or comments if anyone so desires.

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Ah yes, the members of TRIGGER…


A gorgeous, 5000/10 man,


Evil Riku from the mirror dimension you’re his bloody brother I swear to heck I’m right YOU LOOK LITERALLY THE SAME BUT WITH SME BLEACH FOR YOUR HAUR,


Another gorgeous man, this time with more Ocean©

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If next supernatural episode is like… GOOD. I will actually watch the show instead of just following it on tumblr and seeing random scenes.

Also guess who just watched 15x19 as their first actual supernatural episode… 🤡🙈

Anyway if you’re reading this… don’t be shy drop the link so I can watch this series

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So I go to my dad the other day whilst eating dinner ‘hey, uh, do you, y’know, ever look at other guys and think about being in a relationship with them?’

And he goes ‘yeah, sometimes I guess. I think everyone does a bit of the time. I think everyone considers people of the same gender at some point or another’

And I say ‘but I know gay guys and lesbians who don’t think about people of the opposite gender like that. So surely if you flip that on it’s head there must be straight people who don’t think of people who think of having sex with people of their gender’

‘Hmm, maybe, but I bet that number’s a lot lower than you think it is.’

‘I think I’m bi.’

‘Sweetheart, that’s not a surprise to anyone’

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HAA that’s gonna be the million dollar question isn’t it? because we still have two episodes left to go

i have not watched the newest season yet so i only have the vague details, but the short version is cas made a deal with a place called the empty (which has gotten the nickname of super hell eventho it’s more like an afterlife of total nothingness for angels & demons). he did it bc something something about sacrificing himself for the ones he cares about/the world in their battle against god and a few other bad guys yanno the usual EXCEPT the actual crux of this deal was that he would be taken at the moment he experiences true happiness which is where we’re getting this confession scene. again don’t know the full details (YET other than charlie who’s not dead and sam lost their canon love interests too), but purely speaking about That Scene, it’s… really pretty much exactly what he’s saying lol. it’s a buildup of cas’s entire character arc on the 11 seasons he’s been on the show, about how much dean (and sam and jack) have changed him, how dean is a Much better and caring and wonderful person that he thinks he is, and straight up telling dean he loves him. and most importantly, just knowing/being content with this information is enough for him to be happy. it’s a twofer bc cas comes from a place heaven where feeling anything towards humanity is a big no-no, he’s come over many obstacles (lobotomy, brainwashing, i can go on) to be at the place where he is now and additionally cas makes it sound like regardless of that he thinks his love for dean is unreciprocated which! !! we know is not true!

so anyways cas confesses that he Loves him while dean is having a 404 do not exist error.exe moment* and tells dean goodbye while pushing him out of the way and almost immediately gets taken away to the empty afterlife, time will tell if he’s able to bust out again a second time. maybe with the help of all the other big name angels & demons that have died over the course of the show? they are going against god now (tho for my money? i sure hope he does LOL)

*speaking of dean’s 404 moment, i sort of have one foot in the s/p/n fandom and the other foot in the memer’s side of things and while the jokes are funny, the further i get into my (re)watch the more i’m believing that it’s actually… rather in character for him to react the way he did. we Know he’s so emotionally repressed and constipated that it takes an entire business week to process only one thing cas said, let alone all of it, and i think it’s incredibly telling that he doesn’t fully break down and sob until after cas is gone (he even ignored sam’s phone call! he never does that!). he was doing his best to hold it in. all of these people saying “lol dean no homo’d it” feels like they’re jumping the gun, personally. jensen acted that script to the letter (shock, confusion, basically communicating “don’t tell me this if you’re just gonna leave”) and i am really banking on us the viewers getting a more in-depth reaction this or next week. hopefully.



they’re the same face :)

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