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#i mean its related
I've seen the word here and there but I don't have an actual definition of it, what does queerplatonic mean???

Here’s the Urban dictionary definition:

“Adjective describing a relationship which is more intense and intimate than is considered common or normal for a "friendship”, but doesn’t fit the traditional sexual-romantic couple model.“

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Spanish rocks. You go girl.

Spanish may rock, but my writing doesn’t.

In English if anyone’s interested:

—It was late, the class was going to finish. When it did a couple young girls, tired by dancing, talked about non serious themes. Between them the next place the blonde had to go to, it was visit grandma day, who she had a nice relationship with. She left her redhead friend and went her way, thinking about what happened that day. She got in front of her deceased grandfather’s house, opened the door with the keys she was given, their favourite show could be heard in the tv, she left her bag on the furniture and went back to the living. Before, while she entered, she had said hi but since her grandma didn’t answer she probably didn’t say it high enough. Her look went straight to the tv, which had some liquid spots and the to the couch. She was petrified by the scene. How didn’t she realize…? She got out of the shock after 10 minutes due to her ringtone coming from her phone.

Stuff in this are things I didn’t write originally, what’s next it’s just unrelated oc stuff.

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I just finished Homestuck.

I’m gonna cry. I already miss it, even though it ended years ago. I take back the second sentence of this post, because I already am crying. I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Also I have to wait for my friends to finish it before I can start the epilogues, and that’s gonna take a while. :((((((((


I can’t stop crying.


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no idea what is going on with me physically slash hormonally but i wish it would cut it the fuck out. i’m both extremely angry and extremely depressed, my appetite has vanished, and i’m in a constant state of needing to focus and do something while also being unable to focus or move or start anything. like the concept of purchasing and playing animal crossing has been utterly daunting the past few days and it’s fucking viddy game. what. is happening.

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Been thinkin on it

And the reason why the whole “too bad” scene chilled me and even bothered me to watch was bc i lived through similar situations.

Good job crewniverse for making me feel sick for the first time (in a long time) watching a cartoon

The past 2 episodes have ran me over with a steam roller

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i got the news about nz going into lockdown then had an anxiety attack for about an hour and i’m still unstable but now that i’m calming down i,, suddenly have a cough,, are you serious,, really life,, nope! i refuse to let this fuel my anxiety too! fucker!

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@stabmeinthefootibeg. Okay, so. Hackle said you flew the coop, and you aren’t answering any of your messages and stuff, so - calling you out for everyone else to see:

Did you break my phone? Because it’s currently dead as a brick and I don’t think it’s going to charge, like. At all. And there’s only three people in this house with a tech curse that steal phones. I am one. The other has been checked. So, I just - did you?

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Why do you lie so easy "I haven’t seen anyone say harry is 100% definitely trans" Honey. We can see who you reblog from. People that do use tags like "trans" to describe harry. That use she pronouns for him. Even if they are not 100% sure that he is trans they still call him trans and have changed his pronouns. What is it you don't understand? You are trying so hard to be woke that you end up being transphobic.

me at one direction: “why do you lie so easy”

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