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now whose garden did mike get those flowers from
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Stranger things season 3 review
Sorry about how long this is tumblr mobile doesn't allow me to put in a read more link. I want to preface this by saying that this is my opinion and if you don't agree with me that's totally cool and I'm open to discussion but if you're rude I'm not even going to reply. I also want to establish some things that could make me biased: I've been a will 'stan' since season 1 along with also shipping byler/byeler during season 1 so I will say that when it comes to relationships I'm quite biased but I'll try my best to support everything I think with facts. I'm gonna separate all my thoughts into parts sorry if it gets supper long.
Okay I just wanted to get this one out of the way first. The acting was amazing this season as usual and Millie really did a great job on El's character. I have no issues with the actors so everything in this review is targeted towards story.
Main plot:
Before going into specifics about characters I want to address the actual main plot of the show. So how I would explain it is Russians are in Hawkins cause they've figured out about the other dimension and want to open the gate for military use (I think?????), while this is going on the mindflayer is possessing a shit load of people to create a huge monster to kill El cause as far as the mindflayer know shes the only one who can kill it. Alright that's the base of it but there are some issues I have with the plot. First off I feel like it's very all over the place, the past 2 stranger things seasons have had multiple factors going on at once but the common theme between them is that they all had one major focus season 1 was finding Will season 2 was figuring out what was wrong with Will then saving him, but I really can't pinpoint what the motivation is this season. Each character it seemed had a different driving factor that just happened to lead them all to the same place where they didn't know what the fuck to expect. [This is not necessary to read so if you want to skip go back to where its normal text but I just want to point out what I mean by them not having a common goal. Nancy and Jonathan's driving force was Nancy wanting to find answers for a news story she was doing. Joyce and Hopper's driving force was joyce thinking something fishy is going on and hopper tagging along with her. El, Max, Lucas, Mike, and Will's driving force is the fact that Will senses that the mindflayer is still alive. And lastly Steve, Dustin and Robin's motivation is pretty much "my job sucks let's see what this Russian radio frequency I found means" which sounds about right for them] That frankly gave me a vibe like I was being pulled in ten different directions while watching the show. I didn't really feel like there was any order and it felt all over the place like it didn't know what to do next. It almost feels like they had a beginning and an end and just shoved through the middle and filled it with random shit. My second issue with the plot is why are the Russians suddenly the only enemy and we're just cool with the American government that we are aware tested on people??? Why did our enemies just switch and why dont we get an explanation of how the Russians know about the gate? The last thing with the plot I'm gonna touch on is the mindflayer/big bad monster made of molten people. So I just wanna say uhh I'm full on confused when it comes to the mindflayer. So it's never established if they closed the gate and accidentally trapped the mindflayer in their world or if the Russians opened the gate and let it back in because if it's the first one I don't see the point in adding the whole Russian story line. Also what exactly is the mindflayer and what are its powers because it completely changed between season 2 to season 3. If the mindflayer can posses multiple people why was Will the only one possessed in season 2 and how come he was able to with stand and over come the mindflayer so much easier than everyone else in the show? That shit just threw me for a loop. Alright I think that's all my concerns with the main part now let's get to the fun stuff.
Hooooooo boy do I have opinions on relationships.
Mike and Eleven: What the FUCK was that???? It was literally painful to watch. I do think some of their moments were cute especially in the first episode but after like halfway through the first ep it just became painful to watch. This isn't just me saying this because I'm not into mileven I'm saying this because I genuinely think it's bad writing. I really do think Mike and Eleven should have discovered themselves and developed their characters more before putting them in a fully committed relationship. Also Mikes whole character was the fact he was dating el and it was really disappointing.
Lucas and Max: This might be an unpopular opinion but I feel the exact same about Lucas and Max I do about Mike and El which is really disappointing cause I really do love Lumax. Everything felt so awkward and I just wanted them to stop fighting over romance bull shit and just be friends.
Eleven and Max: Their relationship single handedly saved this season and made it enjoyable to watch (other than a couple others). Their friendship is exactly what they both need and I'm glad they confided in one another.
Will and Mike: Strap on boys cause I'm about to go off. WHAT IN THE LIVING FUCK WAS THIS SHIT. Mike was acting completely out of character. He went from loving and caring about Will to making him an after thought for the entire season. Will fucking followed him around like a puppy being ignored before he snapped and quiet frankly I'm glad he snapped because he doesn't deserve to be treated like that but right after he snaps Mike goes back doing the SAME THING DUDE. WILL IS STILL AN AFTERTHOUGHT. They have been friends since kindergarten, befriending will is apparently the best thing Mike has ever done, Mike would not leave will's side the entirety of season 2, but now he like doesn't pay attention to will half the time. This is lousy writing and I'm sorry to say it but the duffers cant seem to write relationships well, unless this is on purpose and this is planned for Will's future character arc because it definitely wasn't for Mike to progress as a person because he fucking DIDN'T. They just really fucked Mike's character this season because he was only concerned about El the whole season and it was soooooooo frustrating.
I have more little things I think but I'm cutting this short before I piss myself off way too much. I did enjoy watching this season because I just adore seeing the characters and also the like 3 byler scenes we got had me living. Obviously this is just what I think and I want to hear what you all think too, please keep it friendly.
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