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#i mean there were other reasons too

I’m not saying that the current hxh arc already tackles issues like inequality and wealth disparity and is thus the perfect setting for some light to be shed on the whole Lukso/Ryuseigai conflict theory after Kurapika and Chrollo meet again but.

#i read that lukso translates into ''luxury''... i am thinking, #also why would you leave an identifying message on a crime scene if your sole reason for committing it was ''eheh pretty eyes i sell''..., #and from the way the massacre is described in the backstory chapter everything is just so off, #''they tortured kids in front of their parents to make their eyes glow more'' ok. i can understand the logic behind it, #but the violent way in which they killed everyone... MHHH, #i mean. we see the pt murder people during the requiem but they're not so ''over the top'' so to say. and it's weird, #because why would you be so practical and chill while avenging your dead comrade but violent and vicious while... doing your job basically, #there has to be an ulterior motif..., #i wouldn't mind the whole thing being a commentary on human greed etc but with all of these weird things going on..........., #ALSO there's another panel about wealth healthcare and other stuff that i couldn't find but... yeah..., #i think i didn't explain myself really well though. the requiem WAS over the top but the way they killed those mobsters was..., #completely different from how they killed the kurtas. and yet they should have been just as if not MORE violent in ync since it was for uvo, #and not for a job....... mhhh. thinking thoughts, #i hope tumblr decides NOT to put this in the tags because everytime someone dares mention that Maybe something was going on with the kurtas, #everyone immediately goes ''sO yOu'Re eXcUsInG gEnOcIdE???''. no i just want to understand what tf happened馃挀, #because. again. ''pretty eyes i sell'' doesn't cut it. also especially since uvo 1) didn't initially remember who they were, #2) said they were good fighters after he did when they were ~supposedly~ pacific people, #this is so long akdndkdkfj i wish my brain worked like this for everything else too, #hunter x hunter, #mypost, #anime/manga, #anyway all of this aside child chrollo playing in the middle of the ryuseigai trash makes my heart go </3, #chiamate il telefono azzurro
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btw i found it very charming that jeff o’ween is That into bowling and is earnestly glad to share that his recent personal best is a 78

#good for him lmfao...., #don't think it would mean that for some reason he has a bowling team who also all suck lmfao but idk maybe it's just that bowling is not a, #uhhh what's the word i just had it. financially....L something. lucrative there it is lmfao. stuck on ludicrous for a sec, #not as lucrative a sport as others i don't know, #there was also the mystery of why DIDN'T jeff just ask hal for money. like we can imagine reasons but it didn't seem like one was provided, #lol like....okay so....jeff won a lottery and split it with hal with whom he is reasonably close and halloween is more successful here......, #and then s/o to celia rereading her sheet thinking she must've been the murderer b/c the motive was there lmfaoooo, #meanwhile two other people are murderers; it's just a different murder and yet everyone rolls with it, #and apparently the entire time he COULD'VE been killed by a ghost....a real chaotic run, #bway whodunit, #unnecessarily mean for the on-theme zinger at the end to be that jeff will never bowl again, #the threat of loss of bowling is what caused the problem in the first place lmaooo...and anyways just rude. that is his thing. maybe it's, #coz of wrol jeff doing the bit of talking about how bruce wayne sucks the whole time lol batman is a biased vigilante rando...., #i loved when they decided that jeff should Serenade elizabeth and then alex and andrew were both determined to be present to actually, #witness it lmfao and everyone else being like yes that was beautiful we loved it, #and will popping into a room just immediately w Enthusiasm & w the jeff voice like MY WIFE!!!! and andrew fully had to walk off lmaoooo, #the worst danger zone was like 20? 30? min in when Jeff And Hal had a talk alone in one of the rooms lmfao i was like no my god this is too, #like poignant or melancholy or what have you stop it....i'm getting misty don't make me shed tears over bway whodunit....., #bowling IS fun btw....i think i've done better than a 78 lol usually break 100 i feel like, #also again with the not wearing a shirt lmfao iconic
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I have fanfics from like four/five years ago and I’m actually really happy with how I wrote them. They’re really easy to read and they’re exactly what I love to read in fics, but they’re not finished, which sucks, because the only way to read the whole thing is if I continue them.

#rachel鈥檚 rambling, #I had a 17000 word kuroken fanfic I鈥檓 actually really happy with, #I mean the manga鈥檚 finished now unlike it was then when I was caught up on things, #so it鈥檚 inaccurate, #but like I鈥檓 so invested in these universes now, #there was another 10000 word one I鈥檓 really invested in I鈥檇 like to continue, #there were more fics for more ships, #but kuroken has the most words devoted to them since that鈥檚 my fave hq ship, #I had a bunch of ideas for other ships too that I wish I鈥檇 written, #I may return to them when I catch up with everything, #and like tweak things to match, #but I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l ever post them, #or I鈥檒l go back to making up pseudo online personas again lmao, #I鈥檝e been doing it since I was like 14 and I鈥檝e lost track of all the ones I鈥檝e made because I just don鈥檛 want it traced back to me, #like what if real people find I鈥檓 writing this stuff?, #it鈥檚 not that it鈥檚 gay it鈥檚 the subject matter and it鈥檚 not smut either, #I feel like I had to say that lmao, #I鈥檓 being vague for the reason I make all the different accounts, #they鈥檙e also really easy to read even though I forget exactly what I was writing, #most the time I have trouble following fics for some reason, #I think a lot of people try to use flowery language and it鈥檚 not always necessary and makes it hard to follow, #I like it straight forward, #yes the words are beautiful but it just makes it hard to understand
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If queer groups wanna keep using the pink triangle iconography that’s fine that’s chill thats whatever but they DO need to come to terms with the fact that some jews wont feel safe in their spaces because of it. They just gotta know they’re drawing that line in the sand 💕💖💕 !

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so okay I was going to draw fallout 3 fanart but instead i made this ._.

#right get it because im from virginia and fallout 3 takes place a few miles away from where i was born so :)), #pixelart, #SO ONE TIME i was you know trollin the internet like i always do and i was in this chat with this guy right? never spoke to him before but i, #was like trolling about bethesda and whatever and he was like ya im todd howard im like thinking (nah no youre not i roleplay too bro) but i, #went along with it and this fuggggkeeen guy he was like yeah man the company used to be so small i cant believe it and asking me if ive read, #you know the lorebooks like WHOO reads the lorebooks (sometimes i do but) but yeah they really knew the lorebooks and the different versions, #of the lorebooks and THAT really kinda ticked me because from game to game if i read one lorebook i dont bother reading it in another game, #other than to get the skillup right? so ahh???? im thinking like (wait is this guy for real ???) and they were really reminiscent of 90s, #gamemaking and stuff and i was like yeah so youve played redguard HUH?? and they were like yeah i designed redguard and i was like, #im being trolled man this guy is trolling me so i asked him about the dialogue tree because barely no one knows what i mean by that and, #they were like yeah :D it was fun to make i mean morrowind was a bit of a downgrade and im just like ???, #im still freaked out about that convo because i was trying to chat up this other chick and then i find either th or some dedicated rper i, #i just idk i have no where to post this, #anyway i really came to appreciate the company afterwards because they really do be going down with the ship doing what they love i guess, #i wish their engine wasnt so buggy tho, #and also i wish the writing didnt feel like it was written by a drunk 10 year old, #i forgot to add the reason im on the fence like is this guy legit because he was like wait are you even old enough to play these games bec, #because i type like im on speed like a 13 year old or something; but like most people are like ya i played gta when i was 9 or w/e, #so being asked if im even old enough to play these games im like >:l, #NO ONE DOES THAT, #also they were like really like LIKE THEY WERE DEAD SERIOUS i was trying to make jokes like you know the usual memes and every time, #id get shut down like THEY were DEAD seRIoUssssss, #anyway yeah bye
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a message to anyone fighting their brain tonight: 

a lot of times your brain will tell you something that feels real… it will tell you you’re not good enough, or that you deserved something bad to happen to you, that you’re crazy, or unloved, or a burden… anything that makes you feel shitty.   but, it’s not true.  look at those thoughts.  really look.  pick them apart.  unravel them and point out all the reasons why they’re not true.   list out your accomplishments, and people that care about you.  even if you can only think of one or two, that’s okay.  it’s hard to think straight when you feel like this.  but just focus on those things. focus on the good.    no, it won’t be easy.  and it won’t work every time.  but, practice at it. It’ll take work for it to start coming naturally… but, before you know it, you might find yourself picking apart those thoughts without even realizing it. 

you’re amazing. you’re strong, and lovable. you deserve to be cared about, and listened to. you deserve good things.      and if anyone tries to tell you differently — even if it’s your own brain — you just beat them up in a dimly lit denny’s parking lot, my dudes, ‘cause they’re lying douchecanoes and you’re awesomesauce. 

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A redraw of an old undertale drawing!! That’s very easy to tell, but the first one is a new one, and the second one is an old one. Also, the second one is my first undertale drawing. The old one was drawn in 2015. I want to redraw more of my undertale drawings and sketches.

Here’s some context to the old drawing: when undertale came out, I was like,,,, 13 years old I think? And I was going through some kind of an edgy phase, I think. And I knew that there are neutral route, pacifist route and genocide route, and because I was going through an edgy phase, I wanted to do the genocide route first, which I…. kinda did, but at first I almost did a neutral route, but then at some point in Hotland I realized that I was doing it wrong, so I reset. But this sketch I did when I just defeated Undyne (on neutral route), and at this time I was REALLY bad at boss battles, so it took me many tries (not many as Undyne the Undying or Sans, though), so when I did it, I sketched this. Also, the reasons you can see open eyes instead of closed eyes? It more self-inserty at this time, because I did use Rinja as the name in game. But on the redraw I’ve changed them to Frisk

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