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#i mean. i know it sounds like Such a bad idea but there’s really not much else that i can take for 1 credit that’s not some like.
books-and-catears · 17 hours ago
What a Catastrophe!
Brothers + Dateables reacting to MC who can only speak in meows due to a Magic Potion class blunder
(I literally got inspired by the texts from the game. THIS IS ACTUALLY CANON I CANT XD)
Tumblr media
In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to stand next to Satan during Magical Potions class. He almost always had some amount of cat fur on him. So it wouldn't be surprising some of it fell into your potion while he helped you brew it.
It was supposed to be a language potion. It was supposed to translate your own tongue into the native tongue of whoever was listening to you. You weren't expecting you'd speak the native tongue of cats.
*clears throat and looks away to keep his dignity*
MC why are you meowing in the middle of the day? Stop that.
You're still meowing? You know I prefer dogs right- oh. The potion went wrong?
What a pain. I'll ask Solomon to help make an antidote immediately.
And whatever you do stay away from Satan. There's no saying what he might do.
Come and hide in my room till you're normal. No that isn't a suggestion it's an order.
Cat person alert. Cat person alert.
O-oi stop meowing like that outta nowhere? What if someone else hears ya!?
Now you're hissing?! What? Magic potion went wrong?!
Oh that's gotta suck. Ow why are you hissing?! What do you mean I'm enjoying it too much?
Okay listen you need to stay away from my brothers ESPECIALLY SATAN.
Don't worry the Great Mammon will protect you- no that's not a voice recorder it's just a high-tech decoration!
Godamnit someone get this boy some tissues his nose won't stop bleeding-
M-M-MOEEEEEEE!!! MC YOU'RE TOO CUTE RIGHT NOW! I can't handle this! *Hides his face in his pillow*
Gah! You're still doing it! Are you trying to kill me, MC!? Wait what? It was an accident?
WOAHHHHHH MC! This is just like that anime My Best Friend who I Secretly Like Turned into a Half-cat and now I'm Taking Care of Them and Trying Not to Die of their Extreme Cuteness!!
You better steer clear of Satan, I doubt he will hold back like I did.
Ahem MC since you'll be staying in my room d-do you mind trying on some catgirl cosplay? No wait! I take it back I won't survive it!
New kink unlocked: Petplay
Oooh what's this, my darling? Are you trying to get my attention? *Meows back*
Well of course, I'll give you all of it! I can't resist such cuteness! What? It's not on purpose?
Oh honey that's no accident, that's just fate blessing us all with your cuteness! Will you get into heat like a cat too?
Also unless you want to stay like this forever, don't open your mouth near Satan.
Come to my room instead. I can put some cat wings on your eyes and nails to suit your voice!
*Deadass meows back*
Hehe this is fun MC. Meowing is fun. But I can't really understand what we're saying?
Woah, you have such a cute meow, MC. It sounds just like the real thing. What? It's because of that language potion?
Oh that sounds bad. Does it hurt anywhere? Can I bring you some food to make it better? Will catfood help?
You can get help from my other brothers too, but I would suggest you don't go to Satan.
Don't worry, I'll protect you until you get fixed. We'll stay in my room and eat snacks. Oh do you not like these cat treats?
Hold on let this brat stop laughing first-
Yeah I know this is a curse MC, I woke up to the sound of you meowing in panic while you ran out of class huhu-
Doesn't change the fact that you look very cute all angry and hissing like that.
Yeah I can make the language potion again but I doubt I can make an antidote. I'm not even sure I want to. This is fun afterall.
This is essentially Satan's dream come true so if you ever want speak normal again, stay far far away.
Come and take a catnap with me. We can wait till someone makes the antidote.
*smiles and meows right back at you*
Is this a new game MC? Animal imitations? Personally I'm better at imitating woodland animals.
Wow MC your meows seem so real! I don't know why but it suits you really well. Wait what? It isn't intentional?
Ah magical potion blunder potions are actually more common than you think. I remember one time Luke could only talk in barks. I have a video if you're interested.
I'm guessing you didn't meet Satan because you made it all the way here. Let's keep it that way.
Come I'll make you some tea while Solomon makes an antidote. Would you like some catnip essence in it?
Looks like you got the cat's tongue instead of the other way round, MC.
Yes yes I know about the curse MC. So let's devise a way so we can still understand each other without texting for now?
Okay two meows for a yes. One meow for a no. That sound okay? Let's try it out.
MC, will you let me pet you? That was six meows... Does that mean three yes's or six no's?
You know I would tell you to avoid Satan but I'm just as bad as him when it comes to cats.
No no MC I wouldn't delay making the antidote for you. Well not too much.
Did a cat sneak in somehow? Where is it? Wait it's MC?!
Eh? MC why are you meowing like that?
Oh it was a Magical Potion gone wrong? Oh those are the worst. I'm so sorry.
It happened to me too once. What do you mean Simeon already showed you?!
*looks around searching for something* Hmm I was sure I saw Satan around there somewhere. I think he might be following you. Be careful MC.
Do you want some cat shaped cookies? Solomon gifted me that cookie cutter today as a reminder of you meowing!
Excuse me MC, I think Young Master snuck a cat inside the castle again. Yes it's the third time this week.
Wait that was you? I heard there was a accident during the Magical Potions class- it was you?
Yes, your assumption is correct. Cat hair in the potion definitely might have caused it. Although if you wouldn't mind - I would say it rather suits you.
Also you haven't happened to see Satan around have you? Hmm that's good news. Then again with Diavolo's recent rising affection for cats...he isn't too safe either.
I must insist you wait in my quarters instead. That way you'll be safe from everyone. Now would you like some milk desserts?
Oh hello there MC! You wouldn't have happened to see a cat roaming around somewhere have you? I distinctly heard a meow in the corridor-
... wait? Did you just- that was- THAT WAS YOU? HOW? How did you perfect the cat tongue that well? You must teach me!
Oh? It was an accident?! Are you hurt? Oh the potion went wrong? Ah I see now.
I'm glad I found you before Satan did. Or I wouldn't get to see this wonderful phenomenon.
I hear Solomon's already on the antidote. I would love if you waited in my study.
*Blushes* Your meows are rather you mind if I keep you talking?
Oh this is his ultimate fantasy come true. Now if only you'd wear some cat ears and a tail.
MC, did you forget I was the first one who heard your meows? And you thought you could run around without me knowing?
*pinning you down on the bed* I apologise for my pushiness, but you have avoided me all day and I cannot stand it anymore.
Everyone else heard more of your meows than me!! That simply won't do!
Oh the antidote? Yes that won't be ready for a while. You see some of Solomon's ingredients mysteriously went missing.
Yes I am a little bit sedated. Apparently it was a 'neccassry precaution' because I was acting 'feral' around you. Isn't that ridiculous?
Now then go ahead, MC, let me hear more. Let's talk all night long. I have so many books to tell you about, especially the kind that makes you squeal in excitement.
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Dead Air (S.R.)
Tumblr media
Request: You know those true crime/unsolved crimes youtube channels?? What about if reader has a popular one and convinces Prof!Spencer to be in one of her videos. And that video goes viral or something. And maybe later they go on a date? A/N: Very bad gif is mine. Thank you for your patience - I absolutely adore this fic! Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader Category: Fluff Content Warning: True crime production references, kissing, (graduated) Student/Professor relationship Word Count: 5.2k
No matter how long I taught, the first day never got any easier. Perhaps it was just because I hadn’t yet made a fool out of myself, so the potential for disappointment grew the longer it took for me to make a mistake. Regardless of the reason, I was always very grateful for the fact that I never shook hands, because the idea of everyone knowing just how sweaty my palms were was mortifying.
Then again, my shaky voice and awkward demeanor probably gave it away, anyway. That was okay, too, because it meant that everyone’s standards would drop to nothing immediately. Just where I liked them.
Normally. She was the exception.
I don’t know why she stuck out in my mind, but she did. She was fairly unassuming. Quiet, attentive, intriguing. While the line of students hoping to speak to me after class dwindled down, she remained, leaned against the stage and waiting for me to step down to her level once the crowd was gone.
She looked so serene as she inspected the auditorium like the stars were scrawled on the ceiling, that I’d almost convinced myself that she wasn’t waiting for someone like me. But, sure enough, as soon as we were level, she bounced forward with an undeniable enthusiasm.
“Hello Dr. Reid, I’m so glad to have a chance to meet you!”
“Oh, thank you so much,” I chuckled, hoping to hear return a similar sound, “I don’t hear that very often.”
And she did return it, with laughter like faded summer memories of rustling wind-chimes offering respite from the heat.
“Well, you should. You’re very impressive.”
“Wow, thanks,” I repeated, unsure of what else I could say. She didn’t seem to notice how I begged her to carry the conversation away from me, because she just continued to stare at me with a wide-eyed innocence that caused me physical pain.
“I’m not really used to this, sorry.”
I wasn’t sure if I was referring to my general awkwardness over being praised or the sinking feeling in my chest that grew exponentially heavier with each mental image I took of her smile. But just as I thought that the discomfort was worth her laughter, the sound flipped to a shy, dejected mutter.
“I’m sorry, I’m probably making you uncomfortable.”
“No, you’re fine!” I urged, only to immediately correct myself with a graceless rambling, “I mean — you’re right. I am very uncomfortable, but it’s not your fault. It’s not a bad uncomfortable, it’s just…”
The fallen smile had started to return, hidden behind a sneaky snark that I saw bubbling just beneath the surface of crystalline eyes. Eyes that I wanted to get lost in but didn’t trust myself to look at too deeply.
I cleared my throat and my mind of any impurities before asking in a pathetically high and sharp octave, “Did you have a question?”
Nothing could have prepared me for the provocative sound that followed.
“No,” she purred, “I just wanted to shower you with praise.”
Unable to come up with anything else to say, and certainly not trusting myself to not sound like a fool with even just a few words, I squeaked back, “I see. Thank you.”
Before I could even breathe, she flipped the script and the entire tone of the encountered in a matter of seconds. Springing her hand forward, she happily chirped, “Oh, and introduce myself!”
Before I even let myself do the cost-benefit analysis of getting the chance — the horribly risky possibility — to touch her and test just how much willpower I had, my automatic script ensued.
“Sorry, I don’t shake hands.”
“Oh. Sorry,” she muttered back. I hadn’t meant it as a rejection, but she clearly took it that way. I hated the sound of her being sad so much that I felt compelled to explain it away.
“It’s not anything personal - it’s just that the number of pathogens passed during a handshake is staggering. It's actually safer if we were to kiss.”
The silence that followed, the nothingness and static humming of electronic displays that had since finished shutting down, was so horribly deafening. The words I’d said so many times, always to unassuming middle aged men who carried a gun, played back in my head.
If we were to kiss.
That was what I had unwittingly suggested to the young lady, the college student enrolled in my class, stood in front of me and offering me her hand.
“Wait, I didn’t— “
“You’d probably learn more about me that way, too,” she overlapped, taking an insane amount of pleasure in the way my face immediately turned a deep scarlet. I took the smallest amount of solace in the fact that no one else but her was there to watch as I arguably, albeit unintentionally, harassed my much younger student.
“I— I am so sorry! It’s just a fact, not a proposition, I swear!”
Through a fit of flattered giggles, she continued, “I didn’t think it was.”
Her laughter enchanted me again, fading the redness to a tolerable tinge of pink. A warmth felt all through my body and extending to the soft offer of a compromise, “If I shake your hand, can we forget this ever happened?”
I extended my hand and watched as she almost raised her to meet it. But at the very last second, she pulled away with a scrunched-up nose and a toothy grin.
“Better not,” she snickered, “You know, because of the pathogens.”
With a deep sigh and a knowing shake of the head, I replied, “I’m never going to live this one down.”
“You better hope I don’t have to retake your class. Then you’ll never get rid of me. It’ll just praise and propositions forever.”
“The horror,” I droned, the words and the timbre dripping with sarcasm.
I hoped she picked up on it. I hoped she knew that, while the whole situation had been a chaotic disaster, I’d still enjoyed that it happened. It had already become a story of the past, a precursor for what was to come.
A warning to myself and to her that we ought to remember that offer I’d made.
“I’ll see you on Thursday, Professor. So, be prepared,” she challenged before she turned away.
Still, she made a point to look back at me when I replied, flashing one more breathtaking smile and wind-chime giggle.
“I’ll try.”
——— Several Years Later ———
Over the years, I’d developed a reputation at the BAU for my aversion to anything where my likeness could be captured. Although my plethora of insecurities was not irrelevant to the decision to avoid cameras and recordings, it was mostly the fear of losing control over myself and my words.
JJ had made sure, to the best of her ability, that I was never forced in front of news cameras unless it was my choice. It had happened a few times, those moments where my patience had truly run out and I couldn’t stop the words from spewing out in a fit of rage or confusion.
But never in my days as a law enforcement agent had I done anything even remotely like this.
The aberration that had been responsible for the impossible sat just a couple feet away from me. Close enough to touch, but far enough that it would be obvious if I had. I feared that upon rewatch, she might notice the longing to do so in my eyes.
It had been over an hour of discussions and production related tasks, but I still hadn’t tired of listening to her voice. Her laughter was nonexistent, but occasionally she would smile, and I would lose my place in carefully curated thoughts.
As she began to note the end, however, I found myself wishing more than anything that we could keep going forever. However humiliating it might be, I almost looked forward to watching her again from another perspective. There would never be enough. But then I realized that a lens could never capture her as perfectly as my mind did, as it clung to her like the waves on the wind.
She spoke slowly but filled with care, “And as always, I would like everyone to take a moment to listen to the testimonials from all the people who dearly loved the people we lost. To remember that while we might have varying reasons for watching this program, we all leave bearing the burden of always remembering the people who brought us together.”
My fast-beating heart began to slow, falling into a steady and solemn rhythm as I watched tears gather in her prettily painted eyes. I paid extra attention to the words that obviously meant the most to her, no matter how much they faded and crackled through their heaviness.
“We remember them, their names, and their legacy and deny any significance to those that tried to dim their light. To her friends and family who gave us permission, thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us. We will not forget you, nor your loved ones.”
She paused, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before she announced with a clearer smile, “Thank you everyone, and I’ll see you next week.”
Another moment, another series of snapshots that I would tuck away for safekeeping. She didn’t move, staying in place until the cameras were off. Only then did she bring her hands to her face, wiping her eyes with a practiced precision to avoid damaging her make-up.
“Are you alright?” I asked, and for a moment it seemed like she had forgotten I was there at all.
“Hm? Oh, yeah. I just… no matter how many times I say that last bit it always gets to me.”
Her demeanor shifted like the tides, as it so often did. She hid her discomfort well, and before I knew it, I was staring into the same innocent, doe-eyed stare from the first time I’d met her.
“You did wonderful, by the way. Thank you so much for coming, Professor,” she said with a voice like velvet and the passion to match, “You didn’t have to, and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to do this for me.”
Unable to control my mouth that floundered while trying not to say the truth, I struggled to say, “You know, I was worried about it but… I enjoyed it. Thank you for inviting me.”
She hadn’t minded my blundering. If anything, she seemed to find it charming. Or at least entertaining enough to offer a proposition.
“Let me take you out to lunch. To thank you.”
“Do you do this for all your guests?” I teased, fully expecting a confirmation.
But to my surprise, she shook her head without hesitation as she explained, “No, but you’re not like my other guests.”
The shock must have been evident on my face because she hadn’t waited for an answer. She simply took the initiative to slide her hand over my arm and pull me from the chair. She didn’t let go when I’d stood up to join her, either. She only held me tighter to her chest.
“Come on. My treat,” she urged.
I looked down at her arm wrapped around mine and wondered how much of my pride was about to take a hit. But then I looked back at her eyes, still sparkling like she could see something that the rest of us weren’t privy to, and I decided that any bruise to my ego would be well worth it.
“Sure,” I answered confidently, “I’d love to.”
And I had been confident… for about five seconds, before it became clear to me that not only were we going to walk to wherever it was she planned on taking me, but she would also remain affixed to my hip the whole way there.
While I hadn’t been opposed to the contact, it was certainly terrifying to know that, if she were observant enough, she would notice how my steps fell to match her pace, how my heart would skip a beat to match her rhythm, and my breath would cease to exist altogether.
Whatever it was she picked up on, though, she made no mention of it. We arrived at our location too soon. The very second that she slipped away from me, I missed her. But I let her go, nonetheless, fully ready to take the excuse to gaze upon her shy little smile again.
What I hadn’t been anticipating, though I really should have, was her quick wit to come out at the first chance. As soon as the server left, she asked, “So why were you worried?”
“Ah, you caught that,” I laughed, quickly recalling our exchange from minutes before.
It could have been years. I still would’ve remembered. I still remembered those, too.
“Of course I did,” she chuckled back, “I’m used to deciphering your words.”
Without meaning to, she’d activated a well-practiced script, and I spoke without thinking about the fact she’d certainly heard it from me a number of times before.
“Well, then it should come as no surprise to you that the people on my team don’t usually approve of true crime productions. They have a tendency to...”
Sure enough, she did not hesitate to summarize the rest of the speech, aptly and succinctly.
“Make your job harder, idealize serial killers, brush the victims aside.”
“Yes. That.”
Her mouth scrunched to the side, and I couldn’t tell if it had just been my wishful imagination, or if she’d actually been trying to mask a still-discernible pout.
“What?” I dared to ask, and I was surprised to find that she answered before I’d even finished the one-word question.
“Did you really think I’d do something like that? That I’d ignore everything you taught me?”
“Well, I’d hoped not,” I said before continuing to blurt out, “It would have made me sad to hear that from you.”
Any sign of a pout was gone, replaced with a bright, toothy grin that I had sorely missed.
“Why from me specifically?” she snickered as she leaned forward against the table.
The action made my eyes regrettably fall from her face to less… professional places, but I tried my hardest to bring them back to her eyes. My attempts failed horribly, because as soon as I returned my gaze, she was wearing a significantly more devilish smirk.
I halfway choked on my drink, but she did not relent.
“Why me, Professor?”
“Hm? Oh, no reason… just… from any of my students,” I tried to wave it off.
But she was as smart as she was beautiful, which meant there was no shortage of quick quips and ruthless persistence.
“But you specified ‘from me,’” she astutely noted.
“Did I?” I pretended not to notice.
My former student just narrowed her eyes, then rested her chin against her hand as she hummed in contemplation.
It was hard to focus, to feel anything other than my heart pounding against my rib cage in an attempt to force me forward. I couldn’t hear anything but the soft sound of laughter on her breath, carried by the wind that smelled like her perfume and intoxicated me more than any drug could ever accomplish.
Then, with enough sarcasm to strike me dead, she purred, “Did you, the brilliant genius Dr. Spencer Reid, forget what you said?”
I bit on my lip to stifle the low chuckle that came out, anyway.
“I must have,” I conceded, just to watch the way the pride would look on her features.
It was beautiful, exactly as expected. She carried it with grace as she continued small talk despite the ever-mounting tension that felt almost unbearable already.
“How is everything, by the way? Still as busy as ever with your two jobs?”
“Yeah, although I have pulled away from the BAU a bit more. It’s hard when all the people I knew are starting to leave.”
There was a silent understanding that brewed beneath the surface level conversation. A brief flash of sympathy for something that had come to pass. But just as quickly as it came, it vanished, replaced instead with hope for another opportunity.
“You never were one for change,” she sighed.
“No, I’m not,” I agreed.
It felt like a dream. I was floating somewhere far away, lost in visions of her hand creeping across the table until it met mine. She lifted it so carefully that my heart nearly burst from the comfort the touch provided.
“Is that why there’s still no ring?” she asked, but I didn’t answer because I was too distracted by her thumb brushing over my ring finger. She noticed my dumbstruck expression, and continued in a huskier, hopeful tone, “I thought for sure someone would have snatched you up by now.”
“No, I am…” the words caught in my throat, and no matter how hard I tried to clear it, the lump remained. Nonetheless, I managed to squeak out a very unappealing, “Not… snatched up.”
But for all the awkwardness, it made her laugh. I decided it was worth it.
“Such formal language from a doctor,” she drawled.
I’d expected her to let go of my hand, but she didn’t. She just stared at the contact, almost like she was bewildered that it had been happening despite hanging off my arm the whole way here. When she did finally look up again, I swore I saw embarrassment in her eyes. Just for a second before she looked away again.
She still hadn’t moved her hand.
“You weren’t lying when you said the germs didn’t bother you anymore,” she said as my fingers turned to slip between hers. Her voice continued rising and falling while she tried to maintain the upper hand (literally), “I distinctly remember a time where you wouldn’t even shake my hand, let alone hold it.”
I cringed, but mostly ignored the playful jab. The memory, like her, remained worth the humiliation I’d endured thus far. Anything to lead me there, with my hand holding hers and inspecting the equally empty finger.
“You don’t have a ring, either.”
“No, I don’t,” she whispered. Without even taking a breath, she continued, “No boyfriend, either.”
It was less what she’d said and more how she said it. Her hand rested against mine with her wrist raised with a proposition. Those captivating eyes burned into me, daring me to do what I’d suggested to her all those years ago.
But I was a coward, so, I didn’t kiss her.
Instead, I cleared my throat and gave an uncomfortable chuckle before I muttered, “That’s, uh… that’s too bad. He would be very lucky.”
The soft rejection hadn’t fazed her, though. It almost seemed like she’d been planning on its occurrence.
“Well, let me know if you know anyone who is interested, would you?” she said with a devastating tongue-in-cheek way about it.
The kind that made me helpless, and only able to reply, “S-Sure.”
She dropped the subject, but her hand stayed in mine for most of the meal. It was a bit ridiculous, really, considering how much harder it was to eat with half of our faculties occupied with more interesting things.
I think we were both just hesitant for it to end. That always present fear that we would slip away from one another and be unable to find our way back. But when we did finally break apart, I realized how silly it was to think she would take off running. In fact, it was her who lingered when we’d finally made it back to the studio.
“Thanks again for coming, Professor,” she said with an unusual shyness.
Unable to separate myself from my profiler nature, even (especially) in her presence, I analyzed everything about her open posture. With her hands held behind her back and her chin held high but aimed elsewhere — anything to avoid staring directly into my scrutiny.
“You know you haven’t been my student for at least three years?” I asked, a simple question to test the waters.
She smiled. I had no idea what it meant.
“Of course. I should switch to Dr. Reid, shouldn’t I?”
Taking a bigger leap of faith, I offered, “Or just… Spencer.”
Her smile grew despite her attempts to hide it. She bit down on her lip before she muttered, “It’ll be a bit of a learning curve, but I’ll try. Just for you.”
My hands moved without instruction. I acted on pure instinct.
I tilted her chin to face me. I felt the burning heat from blood rushing to her face where I’d made contact, and my heart beat harder like it could compensate for hers.
“You’re absolutely brilliant,” I whispered. “I have faith in you.”
She turned away, quickly and covering hot cheeks with her own hands. I didn’t take it as a rejection, but as a recognition that any further contact between us might ruin us.
“Right. Well, thank you, Spencer,” she offered in exchange for the physical contact.
When she started to back away, with her eyes still on me and her hands smoothing out unwrinkled clothes, I considered it an acceptable farewell. Of course, I would always want more of her, but I figured it was best to let her decide.
Before she made it too far, however, she paused. She rocked in place for a moment and waited until I was on the brink of asking her what was wrong before she blurted out, “Do you remember that thing you said to me the first time we met?”
“I… might have tried to block out that memory,” I lied.
I remembered it well, and fondly, at that.
She noticed. She was too clever not to.
So when she asked, “Did it work?”
I knew she knew the truth. I didn’t lie that time.
“Not at all,” I answered.
The young woman let out a deep breath, followed quickly with a sharp inhale and a determination that she wore well. She took a few steps forward until she was close enough that her flat hands pressed between our bodies were the only things maintaining the distance.
“Good,” she said.
And then she kissed me.
It was quick and clumsy and… exactly what I’d wanted it to be. Her teeth clacked against mine from the poorly measured force, but I used it as an excuse to hold her. My hands cradled still warm cheeks and guided them closer. Although distance would have been well-advised, I didn’t want it. I wanted our lips, our minds, our hearts, to be so connected that it almost hurt when we separated again.
What should have been a simple kiss devolved until the two of us were practically hyperventilating and our fingertips sunk deeper into skin and fabric. It remained chaste, but we drew it out until it almost wasn’t.
When she started to pull away, I let her. Of course, I repeated to myself, of course I would always want her more. I would always want her longer, and closer, and with more passion than the time before.
But for now, it was beautiful, and it was enough to hold me over in the meantime.
“I’ve been waiting 5 years to do that,” she said, breaking through the sound of heavy breaths and laughter.
I was not afraid nor ashamed to admit, “Me too.”
We both shared in the hushed sound of fading laughter. We reveled in the aftermath of the last leap of faith for the day, which felt like the first in a lifetime of new possibilities.
She turned on her heel, half ready to run in a way that still hadn’t felt like a rejection. So, I let her go.
“Bye, Professor,” she called. I hadn’t had time to correct her before she’d spun back around and shouted, “—Spencer!”
In that moment I realized that no matter how many times I would hear it, it would never grow old.
Even without an eidetic memory, it was safe to assume that I would never forget the way her lips felt on mine. It was the kind of experience that would be among the first to flash before my eyes when my time finally came. The thought, while macabre, also seemed well suited for her.
I think she would’ve appreciated the compliment.
Still, I had been sure not to announce the intricacies of my relationship with her for a number of reasons. For starters, the BAU hadn’t particularly approved of true crime productions. Even more so, I hadn’t wanted them to read into the video any more than I already knew they would. Not to mention, I was afraid they would judge the fact I’d gone on a clearly romantic outing with an, albeit former, student of mine.
Finally, I wanted them to like her, and I feared that announcing that her having taken an interest in me might give them the impression she was… well, not as bright as she ought to be considered.
So, I strolled into the bullpen like any other day. Except, rather than finding my familiar, unruly stack of papers on my desk, I found JJ and Penelope crowded around my computer monitor.
“If it isn’t the celebrity of the hour,” the former called across the room.
“What’s that?” I asked, praying that it would somehow be about something else.
“Your episode of Dead Air went viral. I’ve gotten like 20 calls in the past hour.”
No such luck. And although I was a bit nervous, and dare I say disappointed, to know that others would be able to watch my horribly obvious displays of infatuation, I was also excited. Because the more people who saw it, the more I could reinforce that it had happened at all.
“That’s… Good, right?” I mumbled when I’d finally made it to the desk where the two of them were half-hiding the screen. I hadn’t exactly been talking about the analytics of the video or what it’d meant for the bureau, but JJ stayed loyal to the topic.
“It’s not bad. People seem interested in what we do.”
“It’s also very super, sickeningly sweet,” Penelope finally muttered from my chair.
Guiding my chair (and Penelope) away from my desk, I finally asked the question I already knew the answer to.
“Is this the video?”
“You haven’t seen it?!” The more colorful of the two shouted, only to earn an apathetic shake of the head from me.
“No, I was there, so…”
Penelope said nothing but giggles and squeals, but her excitement was impossible to hide. JJ, on the other hand, was a much better liar. She gave me no clues to the right and wrong answer when she asked, “So you… haven’t seen the comments?”
“No?” I answered truthfully, perhaps foolishly, “Why? What do they say?”
Penelope’s manicured hand scrolled down before I could say anything else, only to quickly tap at the LED. The urgency behind the motions was so dramatic that I felt my heart drop to my stomach. Every insecurity I’d harbored reared at once. I thought of every awful thing that could be uttered about me; every vulnerability that I’d willfully highlighted and permitted to be recorded.
But what I found was not rude, or at least… I didn’t think it was. Truthfully, I didn’t have a single goddamn clue what it’d meant.
“What does… ‘I ship it’ mean?” I sneered.
“It means you like two people together as a couple,” Penelope gushed.
I stared, with furrowed brows and a cocked head until JJ continued to casually explain, “Like, if you support a relationship between two people, you would ‘ship’ them.”
“Oh,” I muttered absently.
Then it hit me.
That simple syllable told the women everything they needed to know. Without any further ado, Penelope broke out in a series of shrieks and waving hands.
“This is so exciting!” she shouted, much to JJ’s chagrin.
“Alright, Penelope,” she tried to calm the rainbow starburst still seated in my chair. When that didn’t work, she stole my idea and opted to steal my chair entirely, instead. Anything to make the chaos a little bit easier to navigate. As the two of them began their exit, with a very happy Penelope ranting about just how much she loved love, JJ turned back to me with a final suggestion that prolonged my confusion just a little bit longer.
“You might want to take a closer look at the replies to that one in particular,” she said.
There was an almost imperceptible smile, a quirk of her lips that dropped into a tight-lipped attempt to hide her excitement. Then, she shrugged and stated clearly, “No reason. But you should.”
For what felt like the millionth time in a matter of minutes, I held my breath as I navigated unfamiliar waters. I tried not to overthink it but found my cursor hovering over the hyperlink marked ‘replies’ with a trembling hand.
And then I clicked it. In a sheer state of panic, I covered the new display behind my still shaking fingers. I read the original message again, slowly savoring the butterflies that seemed to erupt at the ocean of possibilities that should have been terrifying, had it not been about her.
“You two are so cute together! 😍 Please bring him back. I ship you guys so hard!”
Slowly, I moved my fingers down to reveal another comment, emblazoned with the name of her company and signed with her name.
Just a simple two words and a small emoticon that, like her lips, I would never, ever forget.
“Me too 🤫”
(Tell me what you thought about this fic here!)
Reid Taglist: @dreatine , @cupcake525 , @sana-li , @shilohpug , @averyhotchner , @laurakirsten0502 , @draw-back-your-bow , @imsuperawkward , @rintheemolion , @andreasworlsboring101 , @trxshpandax , @hopefulfangirl24 , @softhetixx , @x2moonlight2x-blog , @violetclifford , @itsmytimetoodream , @archiveofadragon , @hobireasns , @bitchwhytho, @witchyb1tchysexy , @spencerreidspp , @padfootswife , @wentz2005 , @musingsofadamagedgal , @reidabookforonce , @thotforcriminalminds , @willyoulovemeinthemorning , @spenxerslut , @auspiciousharriet , @gspenc , @goobs-mismatched-socks , @el-vs94 , @gubler2323 , @sapphic-prentiss , @random-human-person , @viagracex , @dontcallmekittens , @blxndeprincess , @a-broken-pact , @strictlyforliterarypurposes , @impossibleghoststatesmanneck , @lotties-journey-abroad , @tvandfanfic , @gspenc , @everythingbutnormal , @probablycryingg , @reidsbookclub , @allthecolorsneverseen , @lovingloony
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atsuminthe · 2 days ago
heeyy:) I wanted to say that I really really love your blog!! And I was wondering if I could maybe request a smut/comfort for Bokuto, like his s/o had a really bad day but he really missed them and they just can‘t say no to him even though they‘re not in the mood, so in the middle of the „act“ they start crying and he comforts them? If not, it‘s okay, have a good day/night<3
hey there !! thank you for the nice words and that’s such a cute idea! i hope this is to your liking. you have a good time of the day as well <3
Tumblr media
cw — 18+, slight smut but still smut so minors kindly dni, it’s me spreading the emotionally intelligent bokuto agenda again, crying, breakdowns, comfort, pet names (baby, love), lmk if i missed anything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
    “baby, what’s wrong? why are you crying?”
    your husband’s concerned voice pierces through the foggy haze surrounding your ears and eyes as he bends down to watch you. his eyes scan your face—his big palms come to cup your cheeks, wiping them with his thumbs. you let out a sob and bokuto knows it’s not the usual, pleasured sound from the flutter of your lashes and the way your lower lip trembles. his brows pinch in confusion—did he do something wrong? was he too rough?
    you nuzzle into his palms, tears still streaming down your cheeks. you wanted to let bokuto have his way with you, you really did. maybe him fucking you dumb would help with forgetting the shitty day you had, but your body just refused to listen to your mind. you sniffle, taking a deep breath.
    “do you want to stop, baby?”
    his voice breaks you out of your trance again—it’s softer than usual, the boisterous tone or the low growl absent. instead, it’s warm and cautious, as if he’s trying to reign in his loud demeanor for you. you sob again—how could he be so perfect?
    when you don’t answer, instead letting out another sound of distress, bokuto pulls his now-softening cock out of your hole, making sure to take it slow to not hurt you further. his calloused hands grip your thighs, pressed against your chest from the mating press he previously had you in, lowering them until they’re flat on the bed. he’s careful—very much so.
    sometimes you forget how perceptive your husband is.
    his golden eyes scan your face for any signs of discomfort and a sigh of relief gets past his lips as soon as he confirms everything is fine.
    “talk to me, love.”
    he’s on his side, your head on his bicep and his hand gliding over your skin—you’re both covered by the blanket, but the biggest heat source remains your husband’s strong body. you snuggle closer to him, burying your face in his chest. bokuto’s fingers comb through your hair as you let out another shaky breath.
    “it’s just… i had a bad day, kou,” you exhale, your fingers lacing with your husband’s as he brings your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles. “so, so bad and—i thought that… maybe you could help me, but—it kinda backfired…” you laugh weakly and bokuto smiles slightly. “i guess my body just didn’t want to be fucked stupid.”
    “you should have told me you don’t want to have sex tonight,” he breathes, voice barely above a whisper. he places the hand he’s holding on his chest, right over his beating heart—you know it beats for you, from the countless times he’s told you that. “i could have made some tea and we would have watched a movie. i don’t mind as long as i can spend time with you. you don’t have to force yourself for my sake, you know?”
    the little confession makes you tear up, sniffling to hide your emotions overwhelming you—bokuto, however, notices. his emotional intelligence scares you sometimes.
    “you can cry, if you need to. crying doesn’t make you weak. it just means you’ve been strong for too long,” he explains, fingers rubbing soothing patterns on your back. “i’m here, with you—for you.”
    as tears fall down your cheeks, bokuto shuffles in bed so you’re lying comfortably on his chest—he traces lines running from your shoulders to the small of your back with one hand, the other cupping the back of your head to keep you grounded. he whispers sweet nothings that you don’t really catch, but his voice calms you down as your sobs become quiet sniffles and wobbly breaths.
    eventually, you fall asleep, lulled by his gentle tone and touch and his natural warmth. he doesn’t let you go, not when you try to move away in your slumber, not when you twitch in his arms, not when you bury your face in the crook of your neck, drooling all over him.
    he holds you close to him until you wake up, or for how long you need it, to let you know that you have nothing to fear with him by your side.
Tumblr media
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twstarchives · 17 hours ago
A Little Lost...
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
     ♡—Savanaclaw Dorm - Lounge—♡
Jack: They won’t keep their hands off our display no matter how many times we ask. We keep warning them that they might get hurt, but they still walk into restricted areas.
...The party on the 31st is going to end up getting canceled if we don’t do something about these disruptive guests.
With that in mind, we decided to come up with a plan...
To scare off this uncooperative group of guests, which we’ve nicknamed “Magicam Monsters.”
Ruggie: These guys have been giving us a real hard time. We gotta scare ‘em out of their wits.
I started getting worried when Leona lost his temper and went all, “They’ll stop coming if I turn our whole set into sand.”
Leona: The fact that I’d even try avoiding direct hits against our dear guests is already so generous of me.
Anyway, Jack, you got a concrete plan in mind?
You know we aren’t up against a pack of timid Thomson’s gazelles, who’d scurry away at the swaying of grass. Our opponents have nerves of steel.
Jack: Right. For our plan, I think shouting at those Magicam Monsters will scare them off!
Ruggie & Leona: ...Huh?
Jack: Savanaclaw looks pretty intimidating when we gang up, after all. We can go like this...
...And then jump out at them one-by-one and glare them down. That should easily send ‘em running.
Leona: Ha! That’d be quite the show—you’d get all those pups desperately yelping at the top of their lungs.
Ruggie: Shishishi! You’re talking like you’re not a part of this, but I feel like Jack’s planning on making you join too.
Leona: No way in hell am I participating in this ridiculous plan.
Jack: “Ridiculous”...? I thought it’d really shake them up if we shot them dirty looks, though...
Leona: Sure, it might threaten them a little. But the second they realize you’re all bark and no bite, they’re not going to take you seriously.
Ruggie: Your current plan kinda sounds like a jack-in-the-box. We’ve gotta freak ‘em out for real if we want this to work.
Jack: Then what exactly should we do?
Leona: Use your head some more. ...If you really want to get Savanaclaw to listen to you, that is.
Jack: ...Alright. I’ll try to brainstorm for a little longer.
      ♡—Main Street—♡
Jack: (That said, how should I even go about this?)
(Intimidating them with our dirty looks should send ‘em running, right?)
(I thought I’d get some more ideas if I got a little fresh air, but I’ve got nothing...)
Deuce: Hey, Jack, what’re you doing here? You look upset... Are you hungry or something?
Jack: Don’t confuse me with Grim. But yeah, I guess I am a little lost...
Deuce: Is this about our current issue?
Jack: Yeah.
Deuce: It sounds pretty bad from what the teachers said. Here, let’s keep talking over here on the side.
Tumblr media
Deuce: So what’s bothering you?
Jack: I can’t come up with a good plan to scare off the Magicam Monsters.
My first idea was to threaten them by jumping out at them, but my seniors quickly rejected that...
I even tried acting it out for them, but instead of scaring them all I did was get them to snicker at me.
Deuce: Sounds like it would’ve been a solid plan to me. If shooting them dirty looks is all you need, then that’d be the easiest solution.
I mean, I wish we could use our fists, but that’s out of the question.
Jack: Yeah. We’d be the reason our party gets canceled if we started any violence.
Deuce: Hmm... Hey, Savanaclaw is dressing up as pirates this year, right?
Jack: What’s that got to do with this?
Deuce: I heard Heartslabyul did pirates last year too.
Jack: Oh yeah, I remember Cater mentioned that.
Deuce: You could probably get some good ideas if you tried talking to the upperclassmen from my dorm.
Jack: Well, it wouldn’t sit right with me to take problems from my territory to different dorm...
Deuce: I get how you feel. But this is our first Halloween at this school.
We’d be better off getting a senior’s opinion than rushing into a decision on our own.
Jack: Never thought I’d hear you tell me not to rush into something... But in a way, that’s pretty convincing.
I would’ve preferred to settle this myself, but there’s not a lot of time to set a plan in motion...
Alright. I’ll go ask them for advice.
Deuce: Yeah, that’s your best shot.
Jack: But who should I ask? I’m not sure who in Heartslabyul I could turn to...
Deuce: How about Clover? He’s almost always willing to help out, and I get tutoring from him all the time.
Jack: Trey? Well, I can’t think of any other options. Alright, for now I’ll go visit him.
Chapter 2
    ♡—Heartslabyul Dorm - Lounge—♡
Trey: Sorry I kept you waiting.
But I have to say, I’m really surprised. I didn’t expect a visit from you.
Jack: Sorry this was so short-notice. Deuce told me you’d be a good person to come talk to.
Please help me! I need your advice on figuring out a way to scare off our visitors.
Trey: Whoa, slow down. Savanaclaw is way out of my jurisdiction.
...Well, I wish I could say that, but I know our party depends on this.
Besides, I can’t discredit my junior who referred you to me. I’ll hear you out.
Jack: Thanks. So, I thought if we aggressively jumped out at them while they were off-guard,
It’d easily terrify them all...
But Leona and the others all said that wasn’t scary. So now I gotta think of another plan to show ‘em.
Trey: Haha... That sounds like you. Generally, most people would find it scary if you sprung out at them out of nowhere.
So what were you planning to have the other Savanaclaw students do?
Jack: The same thing: threaten them by jumping at them.
My dormmates all have intimidating faces, and I was gonna make good use of that.
Trey: I see... Well, then, I agree with Leona that this doesn’t sound scary.
Jack: Huh? How come?
Trey: The first time would definitely give them a good shock. But doing it over and over? They’ll only start to get used to it.
Jack: Makes sense... Maybe that’s what my seniors were trying to tell me too.
Trey: At the same time, I don’t think your plan is necessarily bad.
What really matters is seeing how effectively you use your “one shot.”
Jack: ......
Trey: You still look confused.
Jack: ...Honestly, yeah.
Trey: Hmm, let’s see...
Say, for example, you go out to eat a multi-course dinner, with the most delicious beef fillet steak as the main entrée.
Jack: (Why is he randomly talking about food now? But maybe this is meant to be some kind of hint...)
Trey: For your appetizer, you have a boiled beef salad, followed by veal tail soup and several other meat dishes...
What would you think when you got to the beef steak entrée, Jack?
Jack: I love meat, so I wouldn’t really be disappointed... but I’d probably think, “Again with the meat?”
I guess it wouldn’t make me feel like “Yes, finally!”
Trey: Right? If all you’ve had was meat over and over again, then you wouldn’t get the most gratifying experience out of the main entrée.
If you were the chef, what dishes would you put with it to make the steak as enjoyable as possible?
Jack: Make the steak the best part... Oh, I get it!!
You just gotta use vegetables or fish as your appetizer so they don’t go, “Again with the meat?”
Nothing would get ‘em more excited than bringing out a thick slice of meat when they’re still feeling hungry.
Trey: There you go. Building up to a steak with light dishes would make it all the more satisfying.
Jack: Yeah. Now I just gotta apply this to our pirate theme.
Light appetizers... not enough... like the “calm before the storm” kinda thing?
In movies, for example, there are ghost pirates who recount the tales of a curse, or the ship’s helm starts turning without any wind around...
Trey: (Looks like a lightbulb went off. I guess I don’t need to offer any more commentary.)
Jack: So if we do this, then we’d... And then jump out and scare them right at that moment.
I got a plan!!
Trey: You’re all good to go?
Jack: Yes! I firmly believe my seniors will like my new idea.
Thank you!
     ♡—Savanaclaw Dorm - Lounge—♡
Ruggie: Hey, Jack’s back.
Leona: ...Looks like you’ve come up with somethin’.
Jack: Yes!
It’s beef fillet steak!
Ruggie & Leona: ...What?
Ruggie: What’re ya talking about? Leona’s grub?
Leona: I don’t remember tellin’ you to come up with tonight’s dinner plan.
Jack: Oh... Sorry! I got ahead of myself.
If we wanna get ‘em scared, the important thing is the staging. First we’ll slowly unnerve them, so that they start to lower their guards...
Then we take that moment to hit ‘em with a final BOO! I think this is the most effective way.
You start ‘em off with light appetizers and soup, then you bring out the main dish... It’s like a full-course meal!
Leona: Oh? Sounds much more reasonable than your first plan.
Jack: As a member of the management committee, I’ll take on the responsibility of landing the final scare!
So how about it? Would you be willing to set the scene to highlight my terrifying finale?
Ruggie: Shishishi! So Jack is basically our main dish tonight.
Leona: You’ve got some nerve makin’ us the appetizers.
Alright, Jack. If you can prove you’re a fitting main dish, then we’ll go along with you.
Jack: Trust me. I’ll scare ‘em stiff with everything I’ve got.
     ♡—Coliseum - Special Stage—♡
Ruggie: Let’s see here, our suckers tonight—I mean, uh, guests—really turned out.
Leona: Heh. Show us what you got, Jack.
Jack: (Calm down, take deep breaths. Everything’ll be fine if I just do it how I imagined it.)
Tumblr media
Jack: ...Let’s go! I’ll be the steak!
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nebulousfishgills · 21 hours ago
Our Reality
Tumblr media
("In Reality," Part 2)
Request by @cuddleluv : can you PLSSSSSS make a part 2 to the “in reality” ff 😩 I’ve got idea for it too! so y/n moves on and yk gets a new lover (you could choose who lol) and Wanda realizes what she lost after she sees y/n with her new lover and tries to get her back but y/n rejects her because her new lover respects and loves her
Ahhhh I'm so glad part one was so well received! Apologies for not getting this out sooner, I've been just so busy and, being honest, was seriously debating whether or not to actually create a second part. But I've gotten a few requests for it, a new experience for me. So here you go! ❤
I chose your new partner to be Natasha because why not?
Warnings: Angst, feels, swearing, Natasha x Reader (just in case you don't vibe with that) fluff (from Natasha), like, one very brief mention of sexual ideas
"Tasha, did something burn in here?" You asked, entering the kitchen with a wrinkled nose. Natasha's face poked out from the faint smoke coming from the oven, her hand fanning it away.
"Well, it was supposed to be cookies for your birthday, but I guess that's not happening." She said, her cheeks turning a little pink. You felt heat bloom in your chest at the sweet gesture. Your face broke out into a grin.
"Aww, Tasha, you didn't have to do that!" You said.
"I almost wish I hadn't; it smells awful in here." Nat replied sheepishly.
"Well, at least you tried. That's more than enough."
Your mind wandered back to the events of a few months ago and your nasty breakup with Wanda at your word choice. She hadn't even tried to make an effort with you. You were just some disposable girlfriend to her. Something to distract her.
For weeks you had wallowed in self pity before deciding to get yourself back out there again. Slowly, sure. And you certainly weren't going to prey on a down on their luck possible partner for food and fucks. You were bigger than Wanda in that sense, at least.
After yet another failed date, you were walking home with your heels in your hands and dirt on your feet. You could keep your head held high and look around more.
Someone grabbed for your bag and started running off with it. You screamed after them, calling for someone to help. You were running out of breath not long after, ready to say goodbye to your possessions when the thief was suddenly knocked down. A woman with bright red hair had punched him in the face and sent him to the ground with a roundhouse kick. You approached her as she picked up the bag.
"Is this yours?" She queried.
"Y-yes. Thank you." You replied.
"No problem. But..."
"Well, I saved your purse. So it's only fair we get coffee later." The redhead smirked at you. "Unless you would rather not."
"No, of course. It's the least I can do...?"
"Natasha." You repeated. "The coffee place around the corner from here? Tomorrow at 9?"
"Sounds like a date."
And that's how you had met Natasha. Part of you had been worried remembering how you had first met Wanda after a bad morning. Well, having a bad evening could mean something different, you had figured. Sure enough, you and Nat had met for coffee and hit it off almost immediately. Now you both had a quaint little apartment together and you honestly hadn't ever felt happier.
Well, maybe you had been when you were still with Wanda, but those memories had soured knowing what she had really thought of you.
"Well, the cookies are a bust. How about we go to the cupcake place down the street and grab a few?" Nat suggested.
"That's the best alternative you could have suggested, Tasha. I'll grab my things."
"Okay, but I'm buying. It's still your birthday."
"If you insist."
"How about six lemon and six (your favorite cupcake flavor)?" You said.
"Sure thing. The order should be ready in a few minutes." The cashier said, jotting down the order and delivering the ticket to the back as Nat handed over the cash for the dozen cakes.
"I'm gonna go use the restroom, (Y/N). You can wait outside and I'll grab the cakes when I finish." Nat said, kissing your forehead.
The little bell dinged a few times as you exited the store, taking in the fresh air. The thought of the cupcakes made your stomach rumble the more moments passed. You pulled out your phone to distract yourself while you waited.
"(Y/N)?" A voice said from your left. You looked up at the direction of the voice and your breath immediately hitched.
"Oh. Hello, Wanda." You said curtly, returning your gaze to your screen.
"How... are you doing?" Wanda asked you.
"Like you care." You mumbled. Wanda didn't hear the comment, standing in silence for a moment.
"Okay, (Y/N), I have the cupcakes." Nat said, coming out of the store with a lavender box in her hand.
"Thanks, Tasha." You said, pecking her lips. Maybe this was petty; Nat wasn't big on PDA, but Wanda was standing right there and... it was too good to pass up.
"You're... Dating Nat?" Wanda asked.
"Yes. And?"
"...nothing, I guess."
Wanda seemed to notice the box in Nat's hand (the redhead analyzing the conversation carefully so she could pull you away if need be), reading the label on the lid.
"Oh? What's the occasion?" Wanda asked, testing the waters. You inhaled sharply, turning on your heel to face Wanda.
"I would have been more surprised if you had actually remembered my birthday, all things considered. It's not like you cared anyways.
"(Y/N), wait--"
"February 16th, Wanda. That's the day you were born. That's right, I actually put in an effort to remember." You snapped.
"I... I... Y/N, listen, I--"
"Oh, here it comes. Wanda's Pity Party. Well, go ahead. Say what you have to." You folded your arms and stared at Wanda like a mad bull. The brunette bit her lip and rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.
"I... look, I realize that I was being wildly insensitive and I should never have strung you along like that. I understand that and I deeply apologize. I was hoping that we might be able to move past this and... maybe be friends?" She said quietly. At this, you had to laugh.
"Friends? It's gonna take a lot more than that to even get close to friends, Wanda." You said haugtily. Then, you finally sighed. "I appreciate at least a small apology, though. But I don't ever see myself forgiving you."
"Y/N--" Wanda reached her hand out, but you batted it away.
"If you ever try to touch me again, I swear to God I'll--"
"Y/N, sweetheart, I think we should go." Natasha intervened before things could get worse. You glared at Wanda before walking back over to Nat and allowing her to place an arm around your shoulders. You glanced back at Wanda when you both started walking away. She looked crestfallen standing in the middle of the sidewalk. As much as you wanted to feel bad for her, you couldn't. Choosing to put on a brave face while you wiped your tears, you pulled out one of the cupcakes from the box in Nat's hand.
It was still your birthday after all. You would at least try to make it a good one.
Hope you enjoyed this, cuddleluv (and everyone else who had been asking about it)!
As always, requests are open, so send them in!
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i4nanami · a day ago
Tumblr media
— minors don’t interact.
content + warnings: 18+, including: dom!getō suguru, exhbitionism, public sex, manhandle.
motorcyclist!geto who likes to treat you like a delicate porcelain doll about to break
and therefore also likes to manhandle you whenever he has the opportunity
motorcyclist!geto who is not exactly the definition of "kind" or "respectable", but if you look in the dictionary under "depravable" there would be a nice picture of him with a wide smile next to her
motorcyclist!geto, who likes to take you out with his friends as if you were his personal trophy - and, indeed, you are.
sometimes he would wait for his little doll to go to the bathroom to do whatever you intend to do there to comment to gojo or nanami: "isn't she perfect?", and when they said yes, suguru would probably reply with: "I know, and she's totally mine".
motorcyclist!geto, whose idea of a "romantic date", which has zero romantic content really, would be going to a not-so-closed forest to fuck you against a tree with hands so tight around your waist that they would leave red welts as a mark of possession there
motorcyclist!geto, who would definitely make you use a small vibrator working against your clit with no panties on while he took you somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo with you sitting on his motorcycle hugging his waist like a good girl
motorcyclist!geto, who has some weird fixation with your thighs, which means that not a few times he'd be leaning against his parked motorcycle while he put his dripping pre-cum cock between your thighs to fuck them with such calm delight that it didn't even seem like the two of you were doing it in a public place where any perv could get a nice view of your body bouncing back and forth
motorcyclist!geto, who lives for the sound of your skin slapping against his, and I can't tell you how many times he fantasized about it before he got into a serious relationship with you under the guise of dating because if he didn't even count, who said I would?
motorcyclist!geto, who, in the end, would be hated by yours parents because he, yes, would be the divine and diabolical personification of Camila Cabello's "My Oh My".
but I swear, he is a good bad boy.
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m00nsthet1c · a day ago
RanbooLIVE with a faceless/short friend
Tumblr media
I could say ranboo isn’t so surprised with your height
Barely anyone can out-height him anyway, if that makes sense
Will call you a child, despite being a child himself
But to him you look like… a child child
Like the evil gremlin baby type of child
Unless you threaten him like how tubbo does then he’ll definitely feel intimidated. Despite your huge height difference, you and tubbo definitely scare him the most and you two are the shortest
So he just decides ‘yeah short people are scary and can probably murder me when I sleep even though it sounds like a joke which I hope it is’
Idk man, short people are a different breed of scary
The fandom kindof just.. Concluded you two to be siblings, and obviously ranboo knew and he just called you little sibling one day (even if you’re older) and the fandom just rolled with it more
Maybe because you’re both faceless streamers but maybe it’s also because of the funny interactions you two have
Sure, you and tubbo and probably also tommy make great duos together, but you hit it off differently with ranboo
Like the clingyduo 2.0. Sibling vibes
Probably brags how he knows what you look like and vice versa
ESPECIALLY if he was the first person to know what you look like
He feels special, let him have his moment.
In the lore you’re probably canonically siblings
Phil also probably adopted you when he found you alone in a forest
You want ranboo to cook? Well BAD IDEA :D
He does try though, and most of the time you do cooking streams together and it ends in chaos
Even if ranboo is intimidated by you most of the time, doesn’t mean he can’t be intimidating either.
You remember how he threatened tommy to promote his merch in that one vlog? Yeahhh he probably did that with you aswell, except it was your vlog and not his. But hey, gotta promote that beanie only available at haha
“I still cannot get over how tall you really are” you mumbled, taking a stroll around the smp “I can say the same for you, you fit the height of a gnome” he mumbles, laughing as you stay silent. Meeting ranboo in the uk was the best, filled with light bickering and honestly just chaos. Just like tommy, you didn’t really believe this guy to be 6’6, hell I don’t think you’ve met a guy his age that tall, wilbur’s height is fairly reasonable compared to his age.
But you… you were average I suppose, around tubbo’s height like 5 '0-5' 6. But to ranboo you look like those devil children that he has to babysit because the parents who look like angels said so. probably called you his baby sibling on stream one time or something and people would just stick with that role for eternity. What can I say? You and him just give off sibling vibes, one time you’ll bully him for dying to a cave spider and the next you’re protecting him
“But to be fair, you and tubbo could be a duo of some sort” he added, trying to make the atmosphere less tense than ever. He knows how scary short people can be-- I mean, he’s dealt with shorter people in the past, and with his experience with tubbo, he does not want to draw the line with them. Though he knows it doesn’t really hurt you as much so he continues on, just like how he would make fun of tubbo
“We already are, me and tubbo will wreak havoc. Rule the world and exterminate people over 6ft.!” and to make yourself more intimidating you got closer to the mic and whispered in a low voice “and you’re our first victim, ranboob”
“If you can even reach me--”
“TRUST ME! We have many different ways, and we’ll start with those kneecaps” you exclaimed proudly, hearing ranboo’s iconic sigh and his little ‘oh god..’ at the end, until tubbo suddenly joins the call. “We’re gonna murder you and eat you for dinner, then sell the remainings of your organs”
“OH GOD--”
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kingdomofvellia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Alice: So you’ll come? Zara: Fine, but you owe me. Alice: Heh, of course. I’ll buy you something nice to wear for the ceremony and party. Zara: Sounds like we’ve made an arrangement benefiting us both,
Tumblr media
Alice: Now if you could only join me for a dazzling lunch with the PM and his wife, it’d be great! Zara: Are you kidding? He is super lame.
Tumblr media
Alice: Zara! He is your Prime minister! Zara: And he is about as charming as a can of tuna. Alice: You stop that! 
Tumblr media
Zara: Are you denying it? Alice: ... no, but I don’t think you’re being very nice. Zara: Good thing you’re the Queen then! Means I don’t have to be nice all the time!
Tumblr media
Alice: uuugh, whatever... I guess here I go... Zara: Good luck. Alice: ... Sure you don’t wanna join? Zara: 100%. Maybe next time though.
Tumblr media
Alice: Better scurry off then, because I am about to- Prime minster! Hi! Welcome! I hope the rain didn’t wash you away, haha!
Tumblr media
Alexander: It’s that bad? Leo: Oh yes, it’s super bad.
Tumblr media
Alexander: Of course it is... Leo: May I ask who proposed these invasion plans?
Tumblr media
Alexander: Ivan. Leo: Aaah, father’s favorite hand. He was always one for as much bloodshed as possible. Alexander: Should I ignore their console?
Tumblr media
Leo: Do you want the entire north to explode into bloody civil war? Alexander: What do you think?! Leo: Then yes, ignore them.
Tumblr media
Alexander: Leosha, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to blow up on you. Leo: No, no, it’s okay. It’s not like I’m wasting my free time to help you out here.
Tumblr media
Alexander: I’ll make it up to you, I promise, please just help me fix this mess. Leo: No need, we’re family, brother. But you need sleep. Alexander: I need a stable country first...
Tumblr media
Leo: Good idea! Anya will be so stable when you fall over and die from exhaustion.  Alexander: I will do no such thing. Now, what do you propose I do to handle the rebels?
Tumblr media
Leo: I recommend you fire your cabinet, sleep, and then surround the rebels and starve them out. Alexander: ... You think that will work? Leo: Meh. Probably. Alexander: *Sigh* I regret everyday I let you move to that godforsaken country. Leo: If you’re talking about Véllia, you might want to remember that she is my home now, brother. Alexander: Anya is your home, and she needs you now more than ever.
Tumblr media
Leo: I’d recommend not making me choose because you and “Anya” will lose. My heart is in Véllia with my family. Alexander: Leosha; we are your family too. Leo: Erm, yeah? But you’re neither my wife or my child. Besides, you’ll be fine, it’s just a little rebellion! If everything else fails, just bomb the shit out of them.
Tumblr media
Zara: Oooh, what a feisty lion I walked into. Leo: ?
Tumblr media
Zara: Should I cower in fear? Bring out my claws to defend myself? Leo: Zara? What are you doing here? Zara: I was going to talk to you, but now I am just rattled to the bone by that Anyian growl, which I suppose means you’re busy.
Tumblr media
Zara: Should I come back later! Leo: No, no! I’m more than able to talk- If you want to! Zara: Great! I happen to have a few things on my heart. Leo: Wonderful! Have a seat! I just need to close this down.
Tumblr media
Zara: No rush! I know His Majesty have been a little prickly lately, so it would probably be good if you finished your conversation. Leo: Heh, I don’t think so, he needs sleep anyway. Zara: Oh that is too true! He really haven’t rested well, have he? Poor thing.
Tumblr media
Zara: Good thing his family can keep an eye on him, though. Leo: Right.
Tumblr media
Leo: So, what brings me the honor? Zara: Honestly, I think I need your help. Leo: Need my help?
Tumblr media
Zara: ... Yeah. Something like that!
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jiilys · 13 hours ago
would u help me out for a second. im in the mood to write for the first time, and i think your style is beautiful. sitting down n actually trying though, im stuck as fuck! i’m realizing that in your dialogue/scenes you’ve got a lot of Little Things. little tiny elements that are subtle & just enough. how are you deciding that lily is building a house of cards at the moment or sirius is sitting in a tree or whatever during a given scene? how do you come up with those ideas for dialogue that are so silly & real & sneakily tender? do you know where it’s going when you begin? any advice for just… starting something?
ps: i appreciate you. you make it look easy & that’s very very cool
This is a lovely question!! Sorry it took me so long to get to it, I didn’t want to get it wrong. Also I’ve included some examples to try and explain what I mean in practise, but it also comes off rather like plugging. tragically this is unavoidable. Anyway, all that being said I have no idea how to advise you about dialogue and coming up with it, I think just listening to people talk helps. Don’t forget contractions, and when in doubt always trust the reader to keep up, real people don’t say perfect or even grammatically correct sentences a lot of the time. We also cut each other off all the time, especially when we’re trying to be funny. Like, here’s an example from warm front:
“He’s not even two. He probably would have thought it was, like, having a lie down or something.”
Harry was laughing now, “A lie down?”
“Yeah, a spontaneous, truck-induced–“
“–Permanent–“ “
–Permanent, lie-down. I’m almost jealous now actually.”
Another thing, but people say um and like or can't speak or cut themselves off, especially when they’re nervous. James when Lily says she loves him for the first time: ‘“Wow,” He breathed, “I’m– wow.” He put both hands on her cheeks and kissed her crazy, abruptly, dumbly. Her head spun.’ He can’t even speak! Dumb boy.
I think natural dialogue sometimes just requires you to read it aloud, which is very embarrassing but ultimately quite useful in trying to figure out whether something sounds normal or not. Use casual words, and try not to go dictionary hunting: if you cant think of the word chances are your character can’t either
In terms of concepts I have no idea, but I do have a few tips. I write all my short one-shots in one document (its called ‘just bad’ lmao) so its easy to start something, write a few lines, and then if it doesnt work just start a new concept, but still have all the old stuff handy. if you feel like you’ve written yourself into a corner its probably because you took a wrong turn earlier, so its just a matter of going back up and figuring out where you turned onto the dead end, or where a line could be funnier and/or sadder and/or more meaningful. Sometimes the bare bones of a decent line is there but you have to work it a little.
In this harry/ginny thing where harry is apologising for all the attention and ginny brushes him off she says:
“It’s nothing,” her voice, all force, “Anyway, it’s more funny than annoying.”
The response went through a few drafts, all variations on the same thing:
(1) “You’re funnier.” [too short, doesn’t make sense, and not really that funny. unholy trinity]
(2) “You make it funny.” Harry said, looking at her for real, “It’s not– you make it like that.” [this could work! I have no idea why I cut this, I think I forgot abt it lmao]
(3) “You’re the funniest person I know, Harry said, sincerely, and Ginny felt her heartbeat all through her, “You make it funny.” [jumping from ‘its more funny than annoying’ to getting this sincere out of nowhere is a little much, even for harry who is famously whipped]
I ended up going with this:
“It’s nothing,” her voice, all force, “Anyway, it’s more funny than annoying.”
“You’re funny.” Harry said, looking at her for real, flustered, “I mean– you make it funny. That’s all you.”
It follows the flow of the conversation and I think the way he says it, ‘you’re funny’ like its obvious, and then being like oh fuck and over-explaining it stumbling a little “I mean– you make it funny. That’s all you.”. You know when you like someone and you say something that gives you away before you can stop yourself? I wanted it to sound like that. Just gotta keep in mind how people behave, we are so stupid a lot of the time, we give ourselves away.
The thing about short stuff i find is implying a lot of history without actually describing a lot of it. I normally do this by having memories come up as almost shards, one second of feeling. You know when you’re in a conversation with someone and they mention someone or a past event, and it rises to the top of your brain, but only for a second? i find sometimes when you’re reading stuff people will try and replay entire memories or events mid-conversation, which is not something you do when you think. You don’t need to replay it beat by beat, you were there! This sounds vague as hell so I’ll try and show you what I mean:
From good crimes: “Petunia is engaged.” Lily’s voice, raw and wrong, “To Vernon. Eliza Hunt told me at the supermarket.” Sudden flashes of Petunia, the only time he’d ever met her, sat in the back of Lily’s twenty-first, pinched and whispering. “Whose Eliza Hunt?” This seems as good a thing to say as any.
pretty on the nose (the phrase ‘sudden flashes’ is pretty so i'll allow it from past me). But see how you don’t need to know how Petunia didnt talk to anyone, how she left early, how she was the odd one out: you don’t need to read all that, you already know because she was sat in the back and because pinched is such a mean verb, spiteful and sharp, you can already imagine how the evening went without me saying so
From my proposal take, after Sirius finds out they’re engaged: Sirius’ grip on his shoulder tightened for one second, still grinning, and James knew what he meant. “I know.” He said, because only Sirius had been there for all of it, when they were fifteen, drunk on Firewhiskey for the first time and James had said I think I’ve fucked it, I think I’ve fucked it but I like her for real.
you don’t need a description of the whole night, what party they were at, who they were with, what they were talking about: the important bit is that Sirius was the first person he told, and that they’re both remembering that at the same moment because they’re soulmates lmao. You know when something big happens for a friend and you feel so full of pride & love that you feel like you’ll burst into confetti?? this needed to feel like that, and you only need a flash for it
I feel like I’ve sort of strayed off from what you asked me, which is really advice on how to start something. I normally start with a line, usually of dialogue, and then try and build from there because dialogue is my thing. You might have a different thing! Some people write from concepts or locations, or an image. i might start with one or a few lines of dialogue, write them down, and then try to build from there. For example for the proposal thing I started from james just saying “Marry me”, which I find more romantic than ‘will you marry me’, purely because it sounds like he simply couldn’t stop himself from saying it, like it rushed out. Another example, this thing started from just “don’t be mad at me” “okay” James agreed instantly, because he is such a sucker for her.
When I write I don’t normally know where I’m going! I normally set out to write something I think is vaguely funny and evokes An Emotion, and then I just play around with stuff until I get there. when I write certain stuff and I have scenes in mind, stuff I want to happen, but I find that if I try to plot it to tightly its not exciting to work on, because sometimes you write a good line by accident, that you hadn’t thought of when you sat down, and you surprise yourself. That is a really nice feeling! i want to maximise that feeling.
'What I mostly try to remember is that writing something down, anything down, is useful. Sometimes you write for a whole night and dont get anything useable, but its like clearing pipes. Sometimes you have to flush through shit to get to the good bits. All the rough stuff, the things you don’t like or didn’t work, you wrote to get you to the stuff that did work. All of the bad shit got you here! It wasn’t a waste, you were working to find the good thing
If I had any tips its just the usual stuff, read! It is annoying how much that helps. Also, and I know this may make you shudder, but reading poetry is useful just because in no other literary or media form is language so important. In comics you have pictures, in novels you have plot and character, in film you all that and cinematography, but in poetry you live and die by how good the words are. If you want recs here’s my poem roundup tag, that I do sometimes, or if you want something just now read this by Anne Carson, which uses words like ‘smashing’, ‘boatwash’, and ‘green’ in the best way possible. Also it has these lines: “Recently having learned to recognize the type of tree called sycamore, / I see them in any forest— / the ones that look harrowed, / in shreds, but / go also / straight up into life,”
I mean, think of a sharper image than that?? It’s not possible. Just try remember to stay true to your characters and that in real life, the little stuff is the big stuff. Little things the people around you do normally show they care more than big speeches, and if you want to show love that’s how to make it feel lived in. You want to build a world! the little stuff is usually the world. Take some from your own or dream the ones you wish you had.
This truly was a very kind message and I’m so grateful you like my stuff, I hope any of this was even half-useful, although now reading it back it is borderline nonsensical. I’m going to bed now, good luck with the writing, and don’t forget to send it to me!!
caro xoxo
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twstedforyou · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Default and Yuu now have backstories and proper names!
(On the Left) Default: Ariyama Yui
(On the Right) Yuu: Morishita Yuuto
Feel free to refer to them by their initial names or their proper names! They will respond to both! Their backstories are just for fun, so no worries if you don’t want to read it! (tw: of manipulation, demeaning people, and violence? yanderes are bad. these two are bad. ALSO! another absurdly long text post. i... sincerely apologize. but it’s in bullet points this time for easier reading! )
Yuu (doesn’t care) / Morishita Yuuto (he/him)
A loner/outcast. Doesn’t interact with people and people don’t interact with him. Has no living family and is self-sufficient.
Doesn’t ever seem to emote. The mask he always wears doesn’t help either!
His hair is a constant mess, does he brush it? No. He doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care about much, if he cares about anything at all. He barely takes care of himself.
He’s got a dead look to his eyes so people either avoid him completely or pick fights with him. If he can’t brush them off by walking away, he’ll pummel them mercilessly.
It’s not that he’s angry or anything. They’re just in the way and this is the most efficient method of getting rid of them.
Has a reputation for being needlessly violent and a delinquent, even though he never goes out of his way to start anything. But it is true that he didn’t have to beat them that badly...
No one can tell what he’s thinking. Does he even think? Why does this guy even keep coming to school? All he does is stare out the window.
Answer: He’s spacing out and daydreaming.
A romantic at heart, a stray dog in his bones, he’s yearning for purpose.
His pursuit of it has made him hollow inside. It’s always so cold. It’s always so lonely...
He’s looking for true love. He’s looking for someone to devote his everything to.
But he’s too rational to just settle on someone. There’s plenty of people giving charity out there, people who would take him in... so why doesn’t any of that spark something in him?
They’re just wrong. They’re not right, not what he’s looking for. They can’t bind him. They don’t make him feel anything.
...But what does he want? He doesn’t know. But it’s not this.
And it’s not here.
Default (they/them) / Ariyama Yui (she/her)
Arguably the most popular person in school, if not in town. Her family is seemingly always on trips, so she’s normally alone in her house.
While she’s not absolutely stunning, her demeanor more than makes up for it.
Kind, friendly, open, if not a bit clumsy. A perfect and standard dating sim heroine.
Has had people pursuing and stumbling for her hand since she was young, which hasn’t changed since she’s grown older.
Has plenty of affection and kindness to give... her lively little specimens.
Extremely manipulative, all she cares about is educating herself using others. By observation, plus some prodding, she has learned how to imitate emotions.
She has never understood passionate emotions due to her personality, so the way people practically grovel and cry for her love? Fascinating.
What makes them go this far? Why are they like this? All for love? What’s so incredible about love?
She’ll play the otome game heroine to the end of their route to learn everything she can, then once she’s done, she’ll abandon them for someone new to investigate.
Since she’s had more normal people around for most her life, she’s recently taken an interest in those who have gone mad in pursuit of her.
They’re just so... desperate! So frenzied! So irrational! As someone who doesn’t understand them at all, they’re so strange to her.
Her ability to toy around with them and drive them insane yet still escape unscathed is nothing short of miraculous. A testament of her skill, if nothing else.
Still, no matter how passionate these specimens are, they don’t spark anything in her. Seeing it is one thing, but she wants to have it herself.
She wants to feel what they do. To stop viewing everything like a game and to start feeling like everything is on the line.
A passionate, all-consuming obsession... A ceaseless, fanatical devotion... Love, love, love...
True love, does it exist somewhere?
If it does... it’s not here, is it?
Some elaboration on Yandere Default/Yui, as Yuu/to has already been explained! (In Mod’s opinion, Default is much worse than Yuu)
What does being a beast tamer mean? Well, it’s not animals.
It’s not Overblots either. It’s more along the terms of a ringleader.
Essentially, the reason why Default is seducing and driving people mad is entirely for you.
In Default’s mind, the characters are all already yours. They’re just disobedient and not acting the way you want them to, which is inexcusable.
If these characters are not as you like them, then they’re clearly broken. Malfunctioning. No worries, Default will fix them.
So, obviously, they’ll be using their talents to make them just how you want them.
And this is a yandere blog, so... you want them a little crazy, don’t you? Obsessed? Lovesick?
Worry not, dearest one, Default will handle the hard part. All you have to do is watch.
You’re using Default’s body, so you can enjoy the thrill of it all without any of the risk. Isn’t that just perfect?
Watch and enjoy the show. Default is the ringmaster of a circus meant only for your eyes!
And well... aren’t they your preferred vessel? Look at all they can offer you. Yuu’s love is as passionate as it is endless, but even he can’t do this, right?
Identity? Personal feelings? What do any of them need those for? They’re your toys. They’re yours to play with.
Yes, including Default. They finally found love... They’ve finally found you. And you’re everything they were looking for.
Everything, everything this world is, everything these people are, it’s all for you. Your will is everything.
For you, all must fall to their knees. It can’t be helped if the residents of this world can’t comprehend an existence like you. That’s why it’s Default’s honor to be your means to an end.
This world is yours. And Default will make sure you get it just as you like it.
#twisted wonderland oc#Yuu#Default#they're both Yuu! that was on purpose!!#they were classmates! but they didn't know much about eachother#i hope these were interesting? i actually wrote all this up a while back so???? a little nervous. doki doki.#there'll be another text post like the one with yuuto a while back so send your questions on how these two were/are now!#not like i'm closing the askbox or anything but. you know. a call to action!#default's an actual dating sim heroine! in their old world at least! but they threw it all away to find you!#and yuu is. a stray dog?#these two are meant to be opposites!#i mean--doesn't that sound good? having both the master and the servant? it's that kind of idea! though default doesn't own yuu wwww#the Most Popular Girl in School and the School Bad Boy both at your command#they both love you endlessly. they've thought it out and they know you're perfectly normal and flawed and yet they're still like this#will they ever fall out of love? snap out of their fanaticism? nope!#they're like this because they're completely aware! that's just how much they love you!#they're really scary in that aspect!#thank you all once again for indulging me and letting me do so much with these two!!!!!!#i'm always so grateful... i want to do more for all of you! i want to convey this joy you've given me!!!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!!!#anonymous#animeangel-2#illidan-stormrage#mokkeguts#if you've called Default by he/him in the past! no worries! they actually don't care!!#i just insist on it because they're meant to be the regular MC in the yandere posts--but you can call them whatever www
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
please look at my collection of computer-themed dragons as I wait for 3.7 gb debian image to download
first row: Tau, Flux and Rociedo - engineers
second row: Bool, Int and Float, who are literally named after common datatypes
and ofc,
Tumblr media
Kernel, who`s a robot, and also named after the one thing I didn`t manage to get running so here I am
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kawaiianimeredhead · a month ago
So many things feel like they're hanging on ny the thinnest of threads and I am so exhausted by it
#work time is reflect upon life things time and it means#i end up feeling awful for approx 3 hours a morning#i really have never been an 'everything is awful and Will Stay awful' person#i absolutly believe in better happier futures and tomorrows at least on a personal level#idk about like globally or in the US we lookin kinda bad in those areas#but also i could not tell you what actually will get better#like yeah i think theres a time i wont feel depressed and mildly suicidal and will be happy#but i have no idea when that will actually happen or what is going to change#because i dont have enougg faith in anything to really use that as like motivation and or a targetting system if that makes sense#so im just like yeah sure itll get better hut its sucks right now and im miserable#andbi cant think of where i was going with these tags#dont mind me#im so so tired#every time my therapist talks about how good everythings been going and soundding i feel like im lying lmao#to a degree i guess im lying hy ommision but somethings judt dont come up#related to earlier tags i so genuinely cant see futures like once i got out of high school any kind of planning and thinking ahout future#stopped at like a month ahead#because too many things change and i know that so the idea of planning or dreaming or thinking ahout any kind of future#involving people in a personal or just passing by way just can not be imagine#it iust dead stops and it goes no where#there has been only abfew exceptions and even that gets really fuzzy when various things happen#like everything and everyone changes far too much for me to judt he like 'yeah one day its still gonna be all the same people and things'#and if anything this past year reenforces that and double down on that#like i cant even think to hard on my dog heing in my future or it makes me cry because i know she cant be because shes already almost 10#life is fucking miserable and it will and can get better but i could not tell you shit about what thatd look like and who will be there#and thats been very much a viewpointvive had for YEARS even if i didnt know it that well in words#i think its one of the reason i can not wrap my head around marriage really like for other people i think ita cute andbi love seeing wedding#but i can not picture myself married and havent been able to since i was in like middle school#any time the talk of marriage comes up i can not related and have not related#tag rambles
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hufflepuff-skank · 7 months ago
Frustrated. I've had this weird sort of lingering anxiety since coming home after my extended hangout a few days ago. It hasn't left, and I'm frustrated bc it just makes me want to sleep and not be awake for it. I think I'm feeling antsy because I still have people and things to catch up with? But I dont know, I'm just so generally uncomfortable because of it right now, and this doesn't feel like something a self-care smoking sesh will help. It might distract for like 45 minutes while im so high i cant think about anything but what's in front of me, but that's not actually helping long-term. I'm not sure what exactly to do, but I'll start with feeding and watering myself. If i can't figure out what my brain needs, then I'll tend to my body first.
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inkykeiji · 8 months ago
Hey doll. Can you help me with handing out all of these kisses? I have so many of them.
And I thought you could........
😚 take 😚 some 😚 of 😚 them? 😚 maybe 😚 all 😚 of 😚 them? 😚
You'd just look so pretty with kisses. 🙄
On your cheeks, on your forehead, on your nose, and anywhere else you wished.
#dabi wants to kiss clari and makes up a excuse for it #just wanna pet their hair and tell them they did so good #and not let them go away while i attack them with kisses #shes a very good girl i cant help it
- Dabi, Touya.
yes baby yes i can, tho i can’t promise that i won’t steal all some of them 😇😇😇
please dabi i want all of your kisses 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 all over, everywhere, forever 🥺🥺🥺
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shslargue · 7 months ago
#typing this for the second time because Tumblr deleted all my tags the first time#ANYWAY#I have no idea if these vent posts are actually helping at all or if I'm just making things worse for myself#but I guess I'll find out soon#God do I always sound this whiny? like when I'm just talking to people? what the fuck. anyway#I've realized that it's been literal months since I've even attempted to put full effort into things. and I just. cannot do it anymore#I mean#for the last few years I've sort of been. not dumbing myself down necessarily but just not trying as hard at anything.#but these past few months especially have been really bad. like I've noticed really drastic changes in the way I interact with people.#like... I remember I used to put effort into things! I had drive and motivation#and sure the stuff I did sucked ass. but I was passionate and earnest and tried my best to at least do a good job#even if something didn't turn out well or I got things wrong I could at least hold on to the fact that I gave it my all#and I could be proud of that at least#but now I just. I don't even fucking try.#I CAN'T fucking try.#I just cannot. and I know it probably doesn't make much of a difference whether or not I try at shit#because the end result is usually failure either way#but like... is it bad that I miss the way trying feels? like#obviously I don't miss the end result of me not succeeding at shit because that's there whether I try or not#but like. I just miss being able to be excited about doing things.#but now where I'm at is definitely like. I'd rather fail by refusing to do things/not putting 100% into them#than fail by giving it my all and it still not turning out well.#ANYWAY this has been whining. Tune in tomorrow for probably more whining. If you've actually read this A) why and B) what the fuck
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sleepygaymerdisease · a year ago
ive been thinking. maybe i prioritize drawing stuff a bit too much
#it’s something i do to feel productive but i should be doing a lot of other stuff rn idk 🤔#at the very least im trying to fix my sleep schedule. and ive been trying to apply to 2 jobs a day. but like huh! i felt really productive#today even though i didnt draw and i think i need to reframe what productivity means in my head. because its a pretty capitalist notion#i dont mean to say that my hobbies are meaningless or stupid or anything like that to be clear. its just that like i used to draw a lot#during classes and stuff to tell myself i was being productive? and relying on that as like. proof that im a smart person or whatever. so im#criticizing my attitude towards art. because in the long term i think defining myself by my hobbies has been a bad idea. i dont have to#prove myself to others. i should be taking care of myself first.#not to keep oversharing but i think ive been depressed for a While and like. idk i should really put more time in talking to ppl? checking#up on friends and family. i want to help people and i think ive thought of that as some faraway goal when i can do that right now. and i#think when i help others i can start to help myself. ill try to wake up early tomorrow again and clean around the house. that usually makes#me kind of angry but i think that i should start scheduling my days again. it really helped me in the dorms to have a checklist of stuff#even though i wouldnt always get the stuff done. and i think that i should start like. planning an entire week instead of going day by day.#give myself some more longterm goals. for example ive been worried about art supplies but i told myself today that i should wait to buy more#until i get a job. and i have some phonecalls to do and i want to cook things and idk. is it dumb to say ive felt a little lost? a lot has#been going on irl and i know i say that all the time but i mean particularly right now.#and i feel like my brain’s been foggy because of it but actually doing stuff today made me feel a lot better.#i still have a lot of stuff to do but i think i can get rid of that anxious overwhelmed depressed feeling one day at a time. at the very#least ill try to clean my room tomorrow. i know that probably sounds like a small thing but like i said a lot of things have felt like too#much. and now i have some motivation. anyway back to drawing. i do have some stuff i plan on drawing of course but i think i should be more#lax instead of treating every drawing like a little project? and that i should give myself the time and the space for irl traditional stuff.#that probably sounds contradictory but i mean like. getting rid of physical clutter (my desk needs to be cleaned off) and mental clutter#(fretting over specific papers/art supplies and costs etc etc.) i also think that ive been purposely a little secretive about what i draw#(not showing wips or telling ppl its contents before i finish) and thats kind of stupid because the anticipation/surprise factor shouldnt#be too big of a deal? for jokes its important sure but i mainly mean like. personal stuff like ocs and things i put more work/time into. i#shouldnt hide it ‘until its ready’ because itll make me anxious. ‘what if they wouldnt like it’ ‘what if its boring’ ‘what if its cringe’#who fucking cares anymore. its not.. my problem??? i should be enjoying myself????#oh yeah the original point of this post is actually that i wanted to list the stuff that i want to do but i was also thinkin a lot. so uh#thanks for getting this far. not sure if theres a tag limit actually. anyway. things 2 draw eventually: alisa gave me epic yugioh stickers#and i like the colors so i was thinkin about redrawin/using the color pallets. i keep thinkin about making a game and i want to make mockup#sprites OR focus on locations! :0 i really want to draw little rpg shops u know with someone at the desk and theres all those cool items :)
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