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#i might do more of these when I'm not doing work

the way that this post is literally life changing….. realizing that i will be a lot more productive when i simply chill instead of stressing myself and building up pressure helped me so much with doing my chores today. now that i type it out it sounds fairly obvious but. i just went on drive&listen for some minutes and i got so relaxed that i. basically automatically started writing an important email??

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#i don't want ppl to find my ranting posts on twitter so imma do it here bc it feels more anonymous#but listen i CANNOT believe that harry went to a wedding during a fucking PANDEMIC and the big takeaway for everyone is to come after the-#-woman he was seen with because he's supposedly dating her??#like wtf what are you doing where are your priorities#first of all: please don't send hate to ppl just because they might be dating someone you stan or whatever like that's so gross#for the het!harries: he's never gonna sleep with you get over yourself#for the l*rries: it is the year of our lord 2021 and y'all are STILL on your bullshit?? harry could be seen on his wedding day with a woman-#-and you people would still yell 'stunt!! coverup!!! management!!!!!!' from the sidelines like chill#also i saw so many ppl slam jeff for this as if he somehow set this up for h to be seen as the womanizer again and ???? i don't think you-#-know how any of this works#also second of all: it's none of your business anyway who he wants to date so can you please take a step back and re-evaluate your morals#he is a PERSON not some fucking character in a tv show and we don't know a lot about his personal life BY CHOICE so respect that#and third of all: don't you think the reason you SHOULD be upset right now is because your favorite white boy went to a social gathering in-#-the middle of a fucking PANDEMIC when some cities have no icu beds left and some ppl have not seen their loved ones for A YEAR like don't-#-you think that's a more pressing concern right now?? than who the fuck he's canoodling???#like yes i love harry so much but i'm honestly really disappointed in him especially because he has been so vocal about following social-#-distancing rules and stuff like that and then he goes and does shit like this like no that's not okay and that's what people SHOULD be-#-upset about and call him out for#jesus i'm sorry i know no one even cares but i just needed to get that out of my system thank you#(btw he does look rly rly good and olivia does too and i wish i could appreciate those photos without feeling guilty about it)#harry styles#olivia wilde#/pers
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It’s so quiet in work at the moment. We’re in tier 4 lockdown, and it’s the weird space between Christmas and payday, so people aren’t shopping. 
But I’m still scheduled for eight hour shifts. I sit at a checkout and wait for people. I’m not allowed on my phone, and if we get too chatty with the person behind us we get moved about. 


We are allowed to write our names on comment cards, ready to hand out to customers. 

And what is the difference between writing your name and writing a shopping list? 

And what’s the difference between a shopping list and a poem?

It was a slow day yesterday and between half past eight and quarter past nine I had written three poems. I snagged a piece of till-roll and scribbled out some thoughts. They weren’t pretty, they were super contrived, and I know it’s not a good poem. But it is the first of a series of poems that I intend to write while waiting out this boring time at work. I will sit with a pen and I will take paper and on Tesco’s time I will write shitty poems. 

Poems from the checkout. 

Poems written on till-roll. 

Some about covid, some about boredom, some about idiots who don’t know which orifice they breath out of. 

And then I’m going to post them on my sideblog, and on my Ko-fi

follow along if you want at  who knows what’s going to come out of these? 

so far, about a metre of receipt paper. 

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I also like how my first Battle Card design was basically just a Pokemon Card with two extra moves like


Wow very creative and original and useful, not at all a cumbersome design to know exactly everything about the Pokemon that is now part of my team and has cool abilities and stuff

And then I was suddenly hit with the much much better idea to not do that and instead ended up with this


Infinitely better

#Graphic design is my passion#Pokemon#Pokemon Homestyle#I'm so glad that first design did not take root - as you can see by just how unfinished it is lol#Because this one is so much better thank goodness#I'm extremely nervous to try and make a double-sided card but to be fair to myself I'm only using that outline border as a guideline#They're gonna be borderless when they're eventually printed so if they're a little bit off it's less of a disaster#Also it is still Very Much in its infancy don't take any of the stats as gospel I'm still working out the kinks#I'm also using in-game graphics (and still will probably pull sprites) but to save ink I'll be using a text box more like Gen I's#Depending on how the first few tests go colour-wise I might also make the front either partially or in full colour#Oh yeah and the reason I designed it like this was to mimic the clamshell design of the DS! Dual Screen Cards!#Lol#I might do some other little trivia things on the back as well like ''Met at'' or an abbreviated Pokedex entry#Although part of the fun of this game is that I actually own a real physical handheld Pokedex so if they want to check they just Can lol#I also have some plans for how move learning is gonna work which I'm excited to try out#I don't have evolutions worked out just yet but hopefully(??) we at least won't need that for the first play session#I guess I could always use the same moves tool for a sprite update lol#This is gonna use so much paper ahhhh I hope it's fun ;u;
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so right now, all our cats are tailess or stumpy tailed (not purebred or anything but our friend’s parents had farm cats that are all tailess, stumpy, or half tailed and they wanted some kittens to get indoor homes so we took them). And the thing is…I’ve realized that my nephew, who is one now, has only seen these cats, and never a cat with a full tail…and it will probably be a year or two before he does see a cat with a full tail, so i’m wondering how he’ll react to that. maybe it won’t be anything dramatic, but I know that I’m an adult and I’ve had tailed cats before and even I have a moment of “huh that’s weird” when I see a cat with a full tail, after living with cats without for so long (our family friend is our closest connection who has cats and they are all also tailess or stumpy barring one fluffy boy).

#cats#family#i'm also really excited for the age when he's really into bugs#i loved that part of my childhood#and also i keep a variety of cockroaches#and my sister likes tarantulas so she always has some#and i know that when i was younger i would have been just ecstatic if my parents let me have pet roaches or tarantulas#also i think roaches are an excellent pet for kids and beginners because they're really low maintenance and hardy#like you basically just need a tub with egg cartons and maybe some woodchips or something for bedding (optional)#and then you can get a heating pad if you want but it's also not necessary#and then you just toss in some carrots from time to time and they're happy#like i do more than that because i like to spoil them but the basic setup works just fine too#my sister uses that for her feeder roaches since she doesn't really dote on them the same way#roaches don't bite and they're safe to handle so that's not a problem either#i suppose some kids might be too rough and kill them but again...roaches are a little more expendable (most not all) than like a tarantula#or a gecko or something#like we literally feed some to our reptiles so...#also show and tell was another time i loved to bring in a pet (we had rats for a while when i was young)#you're not always able to bring in pets but if they can roaches would be cool#also if he brings friends home he'd probably win some coolness points#by the variety of animals we have#tarantulas snakes cockroaches fish bearded dragon leopard gecko our cats the dogs#...our house is a bit of a zoo actually...#but it's nice to invest some time into setting up nice habitats and researching care and things so it's a nice hobby
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#i trust my chiropractor more than I'll ever trust a dr#the dude cracks my neck like he's abt to kill me but he never does n i respect that#unfortunately he doesn't have a glue to keep all my fucking joints in place so I'm always dislocated#5 minutes of walking to the car i turn my head to make sure i don't crash n boom *poppoppop pop* 'motherfucker really'#he always tells me to come back in a week to put me back in again (and maybe that Would work) but ik my body too much#so i just go every 6 months when things start hurting too much or if I'm injured#why fuck around with physical therapy that doesn't work for my body when i could just instantly get it put back in place#legit i was in p.t for a few months for a dislocated rib n i had no idea if it was working or not. it screwed with my anxiety n kept me in#mixed fluctuations of pain vs non pain which interfered with my job n life#just decided to say fuck it it's gonna keep dislocating after this anyways so i just had the chiro pop it bsck in#i really really really hate being double jointed. or whatever this shit is. my rib (as predicted) pops out once every few months#like. i love my body but also fuck this shit fam#where's the bone glue to glue my bones together. give me a needle n thread i can do a better job than my genes can 😧😧#not to shit on going to the drs or undervaluing their work. what they do is important and we'd be in a worse state w/o them#but i am shitting on the hospital/drs in the town over. they think their word is god and they have given me no reason to trust them#i used to go to Minnesota to the e.r./drs until iowa passed the thing making it that the state provided insurance no longer covers out of#state things#which fucked me up bc fairmont's hospital has more family history there than the hospital 30 minutes away#they're better to 👀👀🔪 obvi#it's not that i don't like the drs i just like not being judged n threatened by ppl i might know#espec. if they see s/h scars. .. that dr was a fucking asshole. I'd go into detail but I'm already being hit w/ memories of my dad. mayb l8r#anyways yeah I'm posting this#ask to tag
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