#i might do that at some point idk
Small details in the owl house that mean a lot to me
Principal Bump offering teenage Eda a stress toy to help with her destructive tendencies in a safe way.
In reaching out, when Alador goes in for a hug and Amity stops him in favor of a handshake.
When Amity knows Luz is lying to her about the human realm but still makes a point to not go through her phone.
Willow showing Gus how to breathe through his anxiety attack, and in turn Gus showing Hunter how to breathe through his panic.
Eda holding back King and Hooty from crowding Luz and Hunter when they get back from the emperor’s mind.
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journey-to-the-attic · a month ago
Tumblr media
chapter 31 has been posted, so - as an apology for the angst, and also for it being late, and also also for those upcoming slow updates - here is a compilation of old baby ik doodles i did for that one 'ik gets turned into a five-year-old' prompt from ages ago!
(just tap and zoom in to get a closer look, hopefully tumblr doesn't completely tank the quality ^^)
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slushedpuppys · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HI im still working on that kirby ask blog 👉👈 here are some rough sketches in the meantime
#its more of an on and off project#if youre in the kirby suburbs discord youve probably seen my endless infodumping lore#i might have to make adjustments to ddd's stache and bandana bc my brother thinks it would look better with a crown#i cant draw his hat to save my life so im gonna have to swap that out for a bandana. and his stache will have 2 bumps instead of 3 so it#looks more like a beak???#im really proud of how MK's design came out#also youve probably heard me say this but im a casual kirby fan so im not really well verbed with canon lore bc i have secondhand knowledge#from my brother. so this is more like my personal canon (au?) so everything will probably be way off from canon depiction like characterizat#like for me id want to see MK as somewhere lower on the GSA hierarchy and he gets assigned to popstar so hes on standby if the GSA needs him#like a backup but hes not like super important to the cause to the point hed need to be called in all the time? i think it would make more#sense for why hes been on popstar long before kirby arrived. and hes more by the book and awkward bc his training is formal and he hasnt had#that hard earned exp like seasoned warriors have esp since dreamland is usually relatively peaceful. idk#i might design marx magolor and gooey next but im not sure yet. maybe ill do some worldbuilding#also dededes less of a king and more of an accidental ruler who somehow adopted 28482 waddle dees by mistake hence the PJs and slippers#myart#my art#kirby nintendo#kirby series#gijinka#kirby gijinka#doodle#meta knight#waddle dee#bandee#bandana dee#king dedede#dreamland#kirby
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lycorim · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
When you drink to forget your terrible family but you go overboard and now your big sister has to haul your drunk ass back to bed.
(ACoK, Theon II)
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nottiinrosso · 19 days ago
☕️ most and least likely to win love island (NO this is not an opinion but i want yours.)
Askdfjasjdf this is the oldest ask in the history of the planet and IM SORRY i tried my best to involve all the girlies but unfortunately some people (schumacher et al) are not made for tv, and others (sewis) could not conceivably be on this show without a personality transplant!! in honour of indiyah:
KMag: Absolutely insane. Shitstirrer of the season. They bring back the smoking area just to see him THRIVE; just to see the pure and utter CHAOS that he brings as he chainsmokes his imported Princes. He gets Manchester Drunk on the 2 glasses of wine allowed a night. The producers fight to keep him in the show, but give up in week 4 when he gets caught refilling his glass with a flask in the lining of his suitcase.
Daniel: Eats. Feasts. Gorges. He is Made For TV and he knows it!!!! Last to step out, but all the girlies step forward for him anyway. Charles is so dickmatised he does too. Danny in the sun; the pool; the vibes….australians thrive on UK tv and he is not an exception.  British public love and adore him and forgive his casa amor infidelity (he was SO unhappy before!! he’s flOURISHING now!!!) and get him to second place in the final. A hairdresser from newcastle sits on his face day 3, spills, and starts a civil war amongst the girls. Thirst edits of him to Men At Work’s 1981 classic Down Under start appearing approximately 30 minutes into day 1 (i save all of them onto my phone for no reason at all).
Carlos: everyone on gods green earth calls him an italian stallion and he is SO confused????? But I am Spanish???? Couples up with a welsh gal from the valleys in week one and they literally caNNOT understand each other and it is tv GOLD. charles is stuck as translator and he does NOT want to be there. Carlos absolutely wipes the floor with everyone on the chef date format; the girls are talking for a WEEK about how delicious it was and begging for the recipe. It was pan con tomate.  He rubbed garlic and tomato onto a slice of toast. Makes it to week 5 on arm hair alone; at which point he shaves and loses the public vote! Muslim twitter was voting for his beard and beard only.
Pierre: Unhinged nasty whore (affectionate). Girls want him; boys want to be him!!! He rocks up in a speedo but the girls are sooooooooooo Into It. In the beach hut the gals are dishing “normally id say those cozzies were a red flag but Pee-air?!?! Well… he just pulls them off!!” Lily cackles and says “I’d like to pull them off OF HIM” Theres a big twitter debate about the objectification of men and pierre goes on aftersun to confirm that he does in fact ADORE being objectified and would love nothing less than to be a pinup model. He gets on the cover of playgirl as soon as he gets dumped for cheating in casa amor. Charles tries to translate for him but has to censor every other word and gives up after pierre asks a girl to teach him to twerk. (she does; it goes viral; martin and roman kemp do it on gogglebox and accidentally show taint. Love island gets renewed for 5 more seasons)
Charles: poor little meow meow!!!! Accidentally outs himself when bronzed god daniel appears, and then instead of making his own moves gets pulled into being a fulltime mediterranean anthropologist. No, he doesn’t know why pierre and carlos are grabbing eachothers cocks “as a joke”, sorry Kate. Would you fancy maybe…? Oh, no, Paris isn’t his ex, it’s his football team…are you sure I can’t…. He eventually gets roped into the girlsquad and THRIVES!! Makes it to casa amor getting bounced into friendship couples with his besties! Knows he’s probably going home at the end of it, so does his best to have fun and have a cheeky snog with whoever he wants (shares a bed with a sTUNNER from south london after being dared to give her a lapdance; producers cut to him limping to the coffee machine next morning)!! Goes home after Casa when his girl bestie finds the love of her life (alex)
Alex: unfortunately he is the winner!!! He has absolutely NO sauce except he also has it all. He’s a casa bombshell that the public does NOT get until he opens his mouth. When he meets lily and she rugby tackles him into the pool for no apparent reason its game over!!! They’ve won!!!! He truly cements his Bloke’s Beloved (people’s princess but for football twitter) status when he gets back to the main villa and he has the boys shrieking with laughter and everyone realises that what the boys needed to break the ice all along was a community boyfriend!!! Lily is happy to share!!!! Alex makes his bros coffee in the morning (except charles who doesn’t drink coffee -he gets a floral tea) and pushes yuki into the pool literally every time he’s in range and makes jokes about carlos’s small dick and also oils daniel up for a workout at some point?? Everyone is so excited to meet the crazy massive family he won’t shut up about but the only one who enters the villa is Horsey Albon.
Yuki: Gets kicked off by producers in week 2 after he almost pushes a girl off of the balcony bc she won’t stop greeting him every morning with an onion haas-ayy-oh. He tells her she’s racist and she has a breakdown over being bullied and cancel culture. Unbothered and moisturised, he gets hired as the face of the new BooHoo Man and part of his contract his blacklisting her. In 2 years he’s walking the runway for Stella McCartney and everyone’s forgotten about the time he pre-meditated a murder on national telly. Everyone except Naomi Campbell, his life-long idol now mentor. He Lived, he served cunt, he died (as part of an art installation in milan fashion week). 
Alonso: Shows up saying he’s 31 and thinks he’s “hitting it off” with a 20 year old. Twitter user @/ Nonc3huntrr doxes his employment history and uses it to calculate his real age (40). He’s out in the first recoupling. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. His Aftersun appearance gets cancelled after twitter finds blackface pics.
Lando: Joe the sandwich man vibes!!! Fun but then a little toxic and obsessive!!! Makes it to the baby challenge and is by far THEE worst anyone has EVER seen. He loses the feeder bottle thingy so she won’t stop crying for like 3 hours by which point he Freaks Out and throws her into the pool and watches her battery drain and distort her with unreserved glee. A screencap of this moment goes viral again in 2033 when the washed cunt ronaldo scores an owngoal in the world cup final, and it turns out he actually had bet his entire house and life savings on a Brazilian win. Predictably, a month after he leaves the villa, Lando gets a geordie shore girl pregnant!!! His very first Landogate!!! His dad gets caught on camera calling her a gold-digger so lando tells HMRC exactly how his dads been stealing pensions. The baby is called Landra or whatever the feminine of Lando is! He becomes a fultime daddyblogger and frequently picks up the wrong baby from nursery
Lance: Casa Amor boy. Daniel’s girly jumps all over him and everyone else thinks she’s fucking insane?? When they play the Traditional game of Truth or Dare she dares him to snog her WITH TONGUE. 2 Days later she confesses to her villa bff that she recognised him from a Forbes cover 3 years ago, and that he’s the heir to a toothpaste company. The villa is thrown into chAOS and Lance becomes the most boring Mr Steal Your Girl to grace the face of the earth!!! The public vote them most incompatible soon after. On Aftersun he talks about how he’s rebuilt after the toothpaste empire went bankrupt. The girl is photographed snogging Scotty T at the club that same night.
George: Has a secret girlfriend back home who thought he was on a Mission Trip. When confronted with the fact that george is in fact, not a mormon, she is utterly astounded! “He never said that he was one, y’know….explicitly but…you look at him and you just KNOW, y’know?”  He admits he actually went on the show to build his business aka a bowtie subscription box. 
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hella1975 · 4 months ago
when i was thirteen i broke my mother's favourite ornament. it was a fine little thing; a swan, all planes of white ceramic and a curved neck no thicker than the stem of a flower. i was too scared to tell her what i had done, even though she heard the crash from the next room. still, she waited. i don't know how long i stood there, staring at this precious thing laying shattered at my feet, but she waited. she knew, and she waited. i knew she would be angry, and i waited, like that might make it all go away. mirrors of each other, a wall between us that could not contain the sound of breaking. knowledge and fear. smoke in the very reflection we accommodated.
eventually, i picked up the clutter in trembling hands. a wing here, a broken neck there, holding the pieces so gently like that could somehow fix what had already fallen apart. i told her i dropped it, i told her it was an accident, i told her i was sorry. in turn, she told me she had owned that ornament for decades, she told me it was precious to her, she told me i was a coward for not bringing it to her straight away. the waiting didn't abate the anger. i remember crying, pieces of ceramic death sliding against each other, against my skin.
i find the metaphor of it all in this single ruination. my mother and i, and something between us. fragile, precious, loved - broken. there is an ugliness inside me that makes my hands shake, and i reach into the rawest parts of my mother, things that existed in her long before i did, and i sweep them from her shelves. anger comes first, sure and familiar. trembling gentleness comes after. it goes like this every time. i do not mean to break things, nor do i know how to fix them, but that does not put the swan back together, nor does it put the words back in my mother's mouth. there is an ugliness inside me that makes my hands shake, and i think my mother gave it to me. it is her mother's, and it is hers, and it is mine. a birthright. a curse. she did not know which of her own shelves to put it on. what is a mother and daughter if not this awful dance of shame? one must be fury, one must be a broken neck.
i put that swan back together with ugly builder's glue, not knowing what else to do, so desperate to piece it together and show it to my mother and say look, please, i'm trying.
please, tell me i haven't broken this too.
tell me i can fix this.
it sits back on that same shelf, and sometimes, we bring it up again. mostly, we laugh about it, about a young girl's clumsiness, about the crooked glue now lacerating pearly feathers. sometimes, my mother will just smile, sad, quiet in ways my mother is not. it was one of my favourites, that swan, she'll say, and i will have my answer. was. because she cannot love it how it is now, and when i was thirteen i was clumsy, but now i am older i make messes that cannot be justified so simply, and the anger seems so much stronger than the gentleness.
still, the jagged pieces of that thirteen year old are a broken puddle in my hands, and i think if i arrange them just so, i can still trace that familiar shame in the paint, this ugly mix of white ceramic and cracked glue. it is a plea i never learned to voice, a desperation my mother never learned to hear.
i think this is the best i can do.
#pour one out for the parent/child dynamic where you both have so so much love for one another#to the point you're one of each other's favourite people in the world#but you just speak completely different languages so that when things DO go wrong#it's just miscommunication after miscommunication until there's just this chasm of aching and longing and grief between you#and through it all the love is still there and that sometimes makes it hurt more#ahah relatable right.... RIGHT????#this might meet a niche audience but oh well#this is spurred mainly from how me and my mum for YEARS have been in a constant cycle of#'my cold exterior hurts her in some way and her coping mechanism of just Anger will make it worse and neither of us can fix it'#so it's just like. i have so much SHAME and guilt bc i can feel myself breaking our relationship#but instead of reaching out to me or telling me what i can do to be better or to fix this bc she's my mother and she's supposed to guide me#she just gets angry and hurt and thinks im doing it bc i just dont care enough#and i remember this swan (that's all true btw i actually did break her fav ornament lol) and i realised it's such a good metaphor#bc i remember standing in the bathroom just STARING at it#and i was so scared of her temper but i was also scared bc i knew how much she loved it and i was so upset id hurt her#but she just assumed i was being a coward and/or trying to cover it up by waiting so long#like we're just speaking two different languages and there's so much love and anger there and neither of know what to do#so apparently i took that as time to vent on The Cursed Site#i wrote this in one sitting directly into tumblr and idk where it even came from#actually that's a lie my mum text me saying the pink blossoms were out on the willow trees back home#(the ones i got tattooed bc they're very meaningul to me BC of my mum)#and things have been complicated between us ever since i went to uni but seeing that text and knowing she thought of me#and everything just really got to me and now im spiralling heyyyyyy do u still think im hot#i did not mean to rant so much i swear#pls pls pls dont acknowledge these tags#the post itself is free real estate to reblog or anything but my god im already embarrassed by these tags lmao#writing
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nonbiriyani · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The Great Detective ‼️
[I.D. a colored sketch of Herlock Sholmes from the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. He's holding up his pipe in his right hand. End I.D.]
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dailymaya · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: digital drawing of maya fey. drawn in greyscale, she kneels in the corner of the screen, her head bowed and hands clasped in front of her, as if channeling. her magatama glows a bright orange on her neck. she is crying, her tears bright white. behind her, drawn in bright shades of blue, is the slightly blurry figure of mia fey. she has no facial features, her face partially obscured by her bangs, bright red blood dripping from her face onto her scarf and collar; her magatama is also red. she reaches out with one hand, hovering it over maya's head. /end ID]
dear sister
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countingduketagdukefics · 6 months ago
You are doing the Lord's work lol.
But it's insanely frustrating how hard it is to find good Duke centric (or at least feature him prominently). A few days ago I sent an ask to a Batfam blog, because I found out that FF.Net, something which I rarely use for a variety of reasons, doesn't have a Duke Thomas tag. Like, they have one for Carrie Kelly but not him? And the bad part was one of the reasons I was there instead of AO3 like always is because with only four character tags, it can at times be easier to find content where a minor character has a significant role.
I don't get why Duke isn't more popular because as a newer (like over a decade since his first appearance is new) character it's a lot easier to find and get into his comics then for a lot of the other members of the Batfam (also We Are Robin has absolutely gorgeous art). Plus, between the fact he has living parents and extended family he loves and as the only meta he holds such an interesting place in the Batfam. Like why does no one explore how Duke reconciles his two families when both are still around even if his first isn't able to care for him fully. And as the only meta in that family, that has to affect his relationship to the rest of the family like.
Sorry for yelling about Duke Thomas in your inbox, but I have many feelings on the topic. Thank you for your time both with this blog and for reading this ask. I hope you have a wonderful day! -♡♡♡
No I love getting asks and you're 100% correct. I didn't know ff.net doesn't have a Duke tag?? It's an absolute DISGRACE and just goes to show you how ignored he is by the fandom.
And yeah Duke's by far the easiest batfam character to get into?? It took me like 2 days to finish his reading list (by @duketectivecomics, easy to find and follow). Granted I had a lot of free time, but even with that free time it's not uncommon for it to take me weeks to finish a reading list. And the quality is pretty good too; his worst characterization was probably in Batman & The Outsiders, but that still had some good stuff and did care about him as a character. And the worst quality thing overal he's been in was probably the new Secret Files, but even then I've seen ppl who are not me who liked that, so. Pretty sure Tim's Robin solo ALONE has more issues than all of Duke's appearances combined; if not, the difference isn't big. And you practically stumble over Tim fics. Sure, a lot of ppl write for this fandom without reading comics, but if you can do that for Tim, you can do it for Duke!
And Duke has so much potential, there's so much to explore with him, but he also has a solid character base so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Which should make for PERFECT fanfic material! Literally the only difficult thing here is that he didn't exist in preboot canon, but ppl usually don't care much for timeline compliance anyway.
Obviously not every character will appeal to everyone, but like, it really doesn't make much sense for Duke to be as unpopular as he is. He has a lot of interesting and appealing backstory elements that SHOULD make him more popular. But he's black, so of course fandom doesn't care.
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bumblingbabooshka · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Worf/Tuvok Because if their wives can get together so can they!
#OK BUT THIS SOMEHOW CLICKS??#First of all I just love Worf and Tuvok a lot#also...both dads#and Tuvok is like A+ dad while Worf seems to have a rocky relationship with his son#idk - I am basing this ALL from the wiki#and I'm picturing Tuvok and Worf having a 'bonding with kids' montage#where I'm sure a klingon child's energy/natural temperment is different from a Vulcans in some ways but in some ways very similar#since Vulcans have STRONG emotions and as children would need to be taught to control them#I don't think Tuvok would be too phased by Klingon childrens' emotions he'd just deal with them differently than a human or klingon would#Picturing Worf not knowing what the hell to do with Tuvok's 4 pack of quiet well behaved children who follow him around like ducklings#but I do headcanon that he has at least one wildcard (Elieth) and he and Alexander get along like a house on fire#hmm what else...#Klingons use poetry in mating rituals and Tuvok likes poetry! Imagining Tuvok reading Worf poetry without knowing the implications#and then ALSO Tuvok and Worf sparring and Tuvok kicks his ass#Worf looks at Tuvok kicking his ass reading poetry and wearing vulcan robes like 'This guy's GNC as FUCK'#they're also both more serious and very ... what's the word? patriotic?#Ughheugh. No. Patriotic might as well be a slur.#They're both deeply connected their cultures v_v and I think they'd have a lot of boring old man convos about it#It doesn't SEEM like either would have a straightforward relationship to that culture either...with Worf apparently being raised by humans#(I assume on earth?) and Tuvok having struggled to fit into Vulcan society in his youth to the point where he says he wishes he hadn't been#born Vulcan! Very different from him in canon...I just think they'd talk a lot v_v#cliche little moment where Tuvok shows up to one of their talks in a Vulcan robe instead of his uniform (not thinking anything of it)#and Worf is like '!??/?? ?? d ress?? dress??' but he's kinda...into it....uh oh#Tuvok gives Worf flowers and Worf doesn't know what to do with flowers but he tries his best to care for them#hmmm......thats all v_v#thanks for listening#Tuvok/Worf#Tuvok#Worf#ds9
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stirdrawsandreblaws · 19 days ago
So my mom is disabled from years of working retail and an accident injury, and I just found out today that she's uncomfortable all the time bc her jeans are too small now and she can't afford new ones
I want to send her some clothes but don't have any money; if y'all wouldn't mind sending me some dosh to put towards shoppin' and postage, I've got moneys-sending-info in my bio, tyty
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toastedbreadstick · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
LITTLE MY!!!!!!!!!!!
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stickandthorn · 2 months ago
I’m so glad the general fandom opinion finally seems to have come around to realizing FCG is kind of fucking insane and a bit of an asshole. 
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calamarispiderart · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ig they can go shopping now? benrey just kinda. got rid of his old body and replaced it so. yknow.  (au by @kraviolis, i got this silly idea from @sporesgalaxy s billrey comics hbghds)  the titles a little misleading which i am sorry about.
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lesbiancarat · 21 days ago
sometimes i randomly remember that instead of 'cute, innocent, funny guy' jun's fandom-assigned archetype used to be 'narcissistic fuckboy' back until like 2018ish 🧍‍♀️
#do baby carats know about this? lol those were dark times#like there were definitely some things that were better and simpler about the fandom back then but also a lot of shitty things too lol#idk what's wild to me about it is like. u see this kind of change in perception a lot bc rookie idols get assigned these roles#that don't fully suit them. but when they're a few years in they're allowed to grow out of that and show more of their actual personality#like mh is a good example of this bc he's said he was marketed as the 'little cutie' and u can see that if u go back and watch old content#but honestly i don't think this perception of jun was really pushed by plds?#like i guess they might have labeled him as a handsome/cool member so that's probably where it came from#but i feel like it was carats that took it to a whole different level that was frankly kind of gross#like when i FIRST watched svt content i got the impression that jun was kind of a greasy guy based on the way fans talked about him#but what's wild is if u go back and watch old svt content it doesn't feel like jun himself acts that differently compared to now?#like he was still very cute and innocent back then. and even now he'll still hype up his own looks#i feel like the main thing that's changed is he's learned some tact for when and where to say things + he's gained confidence#which is wild considering at the time ppl saw jun as confident almost to the point of excess#and then u watch cyzj and the whole thing is about him building confidence!! esp for performing by himself!!!#i think that's why that show was such a big turning point in how carats (including myself) saw him#SORRY this was meant to be a funny post about wow how were ppl so wrong about jun's personality back then?#but it turned into me rambling in the tags again skjfd#tbf i've been good about not doing that as much so i'll give myself a pass lol#melia.txt
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nyehilismwriting · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
would u guys still love me if i released the whole game in the form of these notes
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bunkernine · a month ago
I think the worst part of this au tho is that I have ZERO sense of fashion, like I keep looking at parts like "oh what are they wearing" because outside of a few scenes where they're specifically wearing [redacted], I have no idea what is cool to wear. keep saying "he has a.... shirt on.... and a jacket..." because they're in winter but jeez 😭😭😭 this is so embarrassing
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miabrown007 · 4 months ago
is it just me or it's kinda weird that adults make movies about teenagers -- who are played by adults -- and it's for the audience of adults, and then we ban teenagers from watching it because it isn't age-appropriate
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smp-live · 4 months ago
How is there already innuon discourse, this place is so ridiculous. It's a silly little hypothetical particle, innuon can't catch a break, just like c!tommy for real...
ok. I'm salty that people immediately twisted "here's a theoretical particle I'm in the process of proposing" into "here's a discovered particle." There is nothing supporting the existence of the innuon other than it fitting into chaos theory (what about other theories? I'm genuinely curious,) unlike what I've seen most of my dash suggest. I'm just here saying that it doesn't matter until op gives 1. concrete mathematical proof or 2. concrete physical proof, (unlikely to be first, given that they'd need a particle collider and won't get access to that without the math,) like the rest of the scientific community would. op is literally one of my peers in my field. I'm all for it, if it means anything. This isn't internet discourse, this is me pointing out how physics and science actually works
Update halfway through writing: I've read some of op's posts they made since my first one and it's completely fair that they want to keep their research away from the internet until it's published, and want to share their thoughts on their own blog. Actually, that makes a lot of sense, and kudos to them for actively writing a paper. At first I thought they were just proposing something out of nowhere with nothing behind it, which led to a lot of my critique. I'm more upset at the community at large for blowing this out of proportion when it'll possibly turn out to be nothing. There are so many proposals in physics that go nowhere, or lead to other things but never see the light of day in their original form. I wish op the best in their research, though, and am looking forward to potentially reading that paper.
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worstloki · a year ago
Loki: your wish is my command
Loki: unless i don't want to do it
Loki: then i won't
#all these AUs where Loki’s stuck working for people#as if he wouldn't oppose anything you ask him to do on sheer principle#as if being magically bound to serve someone would stop him making the most of the situation#and what's up with people commenting on Loki's pride in fics#I daresay Loki flaunts himself but I'd also argue any doubts in his esteem would stop that being a weak point#oohhhhh now I want a fic where some sorts of punishments crash and burn because Loki just isn't effected#you know those Avengers-era fics where Loki's been handed over to the Avengers to serve a sentence and/or do what they say?#that except Clint doesn't understand why threatening to use the sceptre to control him in return leaves him unfazed and shrugging#Tony would go for pride I think since he made fun of the showboating hmmm would probably ask Loki to kneel or do weird house chores#I just imagine Loki gets to cleaning and whistles as he goes because hey this is relaxing after whatever the h*ck Thanos' goons were#Natasha prodding for answers on his suicide but Loki doesn't mind sharing bc Thanos already messed with his head to relive it over and over#Loki be like 'free therapist! finally i won't have to practice telling my sob story to a cell wall to work through it!! :D!!!'#i reckon Clint/Nat could team up with the questions actually and maybe even poke at Loki with the adopted/jotun thing#Thor insists Loki needs to relearn how to be good and keeps trying to instill morals in him but Loki's actually the one helping Thor out#idk about Steve but he can argue that he'd beat the dictatorship fascism out of him hsggsaDUSHSHisduhi cue sparring matches#sparring matches where Loki isn't supposed to fight back and/or solely defend himself so he can learn what it is to be the 'little guy'#i bet Loki figures Cap gets flustered easily and uses the sparring sessions as stand-up innuendo sessions lmao poor Steve#Bruce ain't a sadist but could request the easiest punishment in everyone's opinions#it involves not talking and just sitting quietly in the lab so he can ethically get blood/tissue samples and observe things like healing#Loki of course only reacts badly to that punishment and it might have to do with scars and remnants of torture maybe maybe not who can say#hmm I like fics where everyone assumes Loki is super evil and guilty and he's just there chilling and accepting any punishment he gets#probably thinks he deserves it but also it'd be a conscious decision to just take the fall so he isn't seen weak or accused of lying
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