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#i miss this vcr all the time
sineala · 8 months ago
How would you say fandom culture has changed over the years? What are some differences you notice between older and younger fandom folks?
I’ve been thinking for a while about how to answer this, and I’m not sure I have a really good answer, but I’m going to try.
I’ve been in fandom since approximately 1995. Maybe 1994. At that point, the world wide web was a relatively new part of the internet, and the fandoms I was in had most of their activity on privately-hosted mailing lists (predating eGroups/OneList/Yahoo Groups) and on Usenet newsgroups, with fiction beginning to be available on websites as part of either fandom-specific or pairing-specific archives as well as authors’ individual pages. did not yet exist. LiveJournal did not exist. AO3 definitely did not exist. If you wanted real-time chat, there was IRC. I was coming in basically at the tail end of zine fandom; zines were no longer the only way of distributing fanfiction, as fandom started to move online. So I have a selection of zines from 90s-era Western media fandoms but even by then zines weren’t where I was doing most of my reading.
I think in terms of generally “what it was like to be in fandom,” the big-picture stuff hasn’t changed. Fandom still produces creative fanwork and likes to, y’know, get together and talk about fandom. Also, almost every fight or complaint that fandom has about something is a thing that has been going on for actual years. People complain that, say, the kudos button is ruining comment culture because back in the LJ days the only way you could comment on a story was, well, by leaving an actual comment, or sending an email on a mailing list, and this might mean that people who would have otherwise commented have left a kudos instead. But back in the LJ and mailing list days, people were complaining that commenting was going downhill since the days of zines, when in order to comment on a story you had to write a real paper letter and mail it and because you had to do that, the quality of feedback was so much better than you got nowadays because people could just dash off a quick email or comment. You get the idea. Top/bottom wars are not new either. Pairing wars are not new. If you’ve been in fandom a while, you will pretty much have seen all the fights already. I think one thing that is new, though, is the fandom awareness of things like privilege and intersectionality and various -isms, as well as things like “providing warnings might be nice” (do you know how much unwarned deathfic I have read? a lot!) and I sure won’t say we’re perfect at any of this now, but I think fandom is trying way way more about all that stuff than it used to.
There are some fights we actually don’t have anymore, as far as I can tell. I feel like it’s been years since I’ve seen the “real person fiction is wrong” battle, but also I don’t hang out in a whole lot of RPF fandoms, so it’s possible that’s still going and I just don’t see it.
There also used to be a recurring debate about whether gay relationships that were canonical were slash or not. When slash started, obviously this wasn’t a question because there weren’t canonical gay relationships in fandoms, period. But as gay characters began to appear in media, people started to wonder “does slash mean all same-sex relationships, or does slash mean only non-canonical same-sex relationships?” Now, you may be reading this and think that sounds like an incredibly weird thing to get hung up on, but that’s because what appears to have happened is that the term “ship” (originally from X-Files Mulder/Scully fandom) has, as far as I can tell, come up and eaten most of the rest of the terminology. Now people will just say, “oh, I ship that.” For any pairing, gay or not, canonical or not. Fandom seems to have decided that for the most part it no longer actually needs a term specific to same-sex relationships as a genre.
Similarly, there are a few genres of fic that we used to have also pretty much don’t exist anymore. There are also plenty of genres that are well-entrenched now that are also extremely recent -- A/B/O comes to mind. But there are some kinds of fic we don’t write a lot of now. Like, I haven’t seen smarm in years! I also haven’t seen We’re Not Gay We Just Love Each Other in a while. There was also a particular style of slash writing where you’d basically have to explain, in detail, what made you think that these particular characters could be anything other than straight. You’d have to motivate this decision. You’d have to look at their canonical heterosexual relationships and come up with a way to explain why all those had happened in order to reconcile how this one guy could have romantic feelings for another guy. When had he figured out he wasn’t straight? Who might he have been with before? How does he interact with people in ways that make you think he’s not straight? That kind of thing. You had to, essentially, show your work. And these days a lot of fanfic is just like, “Okay, Captain America is bisexual, let’s go!” It’s... different.
Fandom also used to skew older, is my sense. A lot older. I don’t know, actually, if it really was older, but I get the sense now that there are some younger people who are surprised that adults are still in fandom. I have seen people saying these days that they think they’re too old for fanfiction because they are not in middle school anymore. And I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the barriers to access fandom are a lot lower than they used to be. You used to basically have to be an adult with disposable income (or know an adult with disposable income who was willing to help you out; but even then if you were reading explicit fiction you also had to swear you were 18+, usually by sending in an age statement to whoever you were buying the zine from or to the mods of the list you wanted to join, so a lot of fandom was very much age-gated). Internet access was not widely available. Even if you had internet access, you maybe didn’t have your own email address, so you couldn’t sign up for mailing lists; free email providers didn’t exist. If you wanted to buy zines, you had to have money to buy them. If you wanted to go to cons, you had to be able to afford the cost of the con, travel to the con, et cetera. If you wanted to have a website you had to know HTML. Social media did not exist. You want to draw art? Guess what, you’re probably drawing it on paper! You might be able to upload a picture to your website if you have a digital camera or a scanner, but both of those things are expensive, and also a lot of people don’t have the capability or the money to download pictures from the internet (some people have data caps with overage charges, and some people have text-only connections!), so they won’t get to see it. Maybe you can sell your piece at a con! You want to make a fanvid? We called them songvids, but, anyway, you know how you’re doing that? You’re going to hook two VCRs together and smash the play and record buttons very fast! If you want anyone else to watch them, you are either making them a tape personally and mailing it to them or bringing your vids to a convention. Maybe you can digitize them and upload them, but it’s going to take people hours to download them!
(Every three hours my ISP would kick me off the internet and I’d have to dial in again. If it was a busy time of day, it might take me 20 or 30 minutes to get a connection again. And that was assuming no one else in the house needed to use the phone line. Imagine if your modem went out every three hours now.)
And now, for the cost of my internet connection, I can read pretty much whatever fanfiction I want, whenever I want it. I can see all the fanart I want! I can watch vids! Podfic exists now! Fanmixes exist! Gifsets and moodboards exist! If I want to write fic I can write it with programs that are completely free, and as soon as I post it everyone in the entire world can read it. If I want to draw or make vids that may require some additional investment, but I may also be able to do it with things I already have. Do you have any idea how good we all have it?
There are a couple of kinds of fan activity that don’t seem to exist anymore, though, and I miss them. I know that roleplaying still goes on, but I feel like these days most people who do real-time text roleplay have switched to things like Discord. I know that in the LJ days, RP communities were popular. But I really miss MU*s (MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, MUXes..), which were servers for real-time text-based RP with a bunch of... hmm... features to aid RP. There were virtual rooms with text descriptions, and objects in virtual rooms with descriptions, and your character had a description, and they could interact with the objects as well as with other characters, and you could program things to change descriptions or emit various kinds of text or take you to different rooms, and so on. Just to, y’know, enhance the atmosphere. It was fun and it was where I learned to RP and I’m sad they’re pretty much gone now.
I also don’t think I see a lot of fanfiction awards in fandoms. Wonder where they went.
Going back to the previous point, the barriers to actually consuming the canon you are fannish about are way, way, way lower now. You can pretty much take it for granted that if right now someone tells you about a shiny new fandom, there will be a way to read that book or watch that show or movie right now. Possibly for free! Of course you can watch it! Why wouldn’t you be able to?
This was absolutely, absolutely not the case before. I’m currently in Marvel Comics fandom. If there is a comic I want to read, I can read it right now on the internet. I have subscribed to Marvel Unlimited and I can read pretty much every comic that is older than three months old; the newer ones cost extra money. But I can do it all from the comfort of my own home right now. I was also, actually, in Marvel Comics fandom in the nineties. If I wanted to read a comic, I had to go to a comic book store and hope they had it in stock; if they didn’t, I had to try another store. Not a lot of comics were available in trade paperback and they definitely weren’t readable on the internet. I used to read a lot of Gambit h/c fic set after Uncanny X-Men #350. I never found a copy of UXM #350. I still haven’t! But I did eventually read it on Unlimited.
Being in TV show fandoms also had similar challenges. Was the show you were watching still on the air? No? Then you’d better hope you could find it in reruns, or know someone who had tapes of it that they could copy for you, otherwise you weren’t watching that show. It was, I think, pretty common for people to be in fandoms for shows they hadn’t seen, because they had no way to see the show, but they loved all the fanfic. The Sentinel had a whole lot of fans like that, both because I think it took a while for it to end up in reruns and because overseas distribution was probably poor. So you’d get people who read the fic and wrote fic based on the other fic they’d read, which meant that you got massive, massive amounts of fanon appearing that people just assumed was in the show because it was a weirdly specific detail that appeared in someone’s fic once. Like “Jim and Blair’s apartment has a small water heater” (not actually canonical) or “Blair is a vegetarian” (there’s an episode where his mother visits and IIRC cooks him one of his favorite meals, which is beef tongue).
Like, I was in The Professionals fandom for years. I read all the fic. I hadn’t seen the show. As far as I know, it never aired in the US, and it certainly never had any kind of US VHS or DVD release. I’d seen a couple songvids. I eventually saw a couple episodes in maybe 2003, and that was because my dad special-ordered a commercial VHS tape from the UK and paid someone to convert it from PAL to NTSC. I didn’t get to see the whole show until several years later when I got a region-free DVD player someone in fandom sent me burned copies of the UK DVD releases and then I special-ordered the commercial release of the DVDs from the UK myself. But if I were a new fan and wanted to watch Pros right now? It is on YouTube! For free!
I think also one of the things about fandom that’s not immediately evident to new fans is the way in which it is permanent and/or impermanent. There are probably people whose first fannish experience is on Tumblr or who only read fanfic on FFN and who have no idea what they would do if either site, say, just shut down. But if you’ve been in fandom a while, you’ve been through, say, Discord, Tumblr, Twitter, Pillowfort, Imzy, DW, JournalFen, LJ, GeoCities, IRC, mailing lists. And sure, if Tumblr closed, it would be inconvenient. But fandom would pack up and move somewhere else. You would find it again. It would, eventually, be okay. Similarly, if you’ve been in a lot of fandoms, if you’ve made a lot of friends, drifting through fandoms is like that. You’ll make a friend in 1998 because you were in the same fandom, and then you might go your own ways, and ten years later you might be in another fandom with them again! It happens.
But the flip side of that is that I think a lot of older fans have learned not to trust in the permanence of any particular site. If you like a story, you save it as soon as you read it. If you like a piece of art, you save it. If you like a vid, you save it. Because you don’t know when the site it’s on will be gone for good. I have, like, twenty years of lovingly-curated fanfic. And I feel like people who have only been in fandom since AO3 existed might not understand how much AO3 is a game-changer compared to what we had before. It’s a site where you can put your fic up and you don’t have to worry that the webhost is going out of business, or that the site might delete your work because they don’t allow gay fiction or explicit fiction or fiction written in second person or fiction for fandoms where the creator doesn’t like fanfiction, or whatever. Because all of those things have absolutely happened. But, I mean, I still save pretty much everything I like, even on AO3, just in case.
So, basically, yeah, fandom is a whole lot more accessible than it used to be. I think fandom is pretty much still fandom, but it’s a lot easier to get into, and that has made it way more open to people who wouldn’t have been able to be in fandom before. There is so, so much more now than there ever was before, and I think that’s great.
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 2 months ago
Alright, so here goes, the jesus stabbing story. It's a ride, so don't say I didn't warn you.
So, what you may not know from my just going based off my shitpost edits and the fact that I may not have brought it up before, but I have many siblings. I'm actually the second of eight. And most of my siblings are pretty tame, if annoying.
Most of them.
The one that's buckwild is my eldest sibling, my older brother. He is principally two things. The first is that he is dangerous and malicious. To give you an idea of what I mean, he once locked my in a dryer for half an hour and wouldn't let me out, busted my tooth in a pillow fight gone very wrong, and is so far going 3-for-3 on sending me to the hospital for stitches.
His other predominant trait is that he is incredibly stupid. He once sprayed a hose on the VCR to "clean it up", hid a huge box of chocolate bars behind some drywall thinking he would be able to retrieve it later (he didn't), and thought he could drive a car to McD's at the age of twelve, only to crash into the neighbor's yard.
Putting these things together, it makes it a little less mysterious as to how he managed to get himself a five-year ban from the state of Florida, home of Florida Man.
So, bearing this in mind, I have no response other than I want whatever my parents were smoking at about seventeen/eighteen years ago when they made the decision to entrust him with setting up some christmas decorations.
And these weren't any old cheapy cheap shit you get at the bargain bin at wally world christmas decorations.
No, these were handcrafted crystaline figurines to a nativity scene that were gifted to my parents by whomstever. They were the closest thing my family had to a crown jewel in the christmas department
So you can already see that this is gonna end well
And it almost did actually, he set it up with almost no problems.
You see, the thing about crystalline figurines is that they're not exactly easy to see, ergo they're also easy to miss and overlook, so nobody noticed anything was initially amiss when one figurine was missing.
We did notice it eventually, but by that time we were too late to do anything about it when we were looking everywhere for it. But like I said, it is very difficult to find something literally made crystal clear, even more so when it had been shattered.
So we do what any sensible american family does in the face of hardship; we shrugged our shoulders and gave up, and that would be the last we would have seen of that particular figurine.
....had it not been an ensuing fight a few days later between me and the moron who shattered it and told nobody
I don't really remember what started it, but it must have made me really pissed, because I remember chasing him around the house with a huge stick.
And I'm not talking about running in circles in a living room, no.
I'm talking chasing my brother with a huge stuck to smack him with through the living room out the door into the snow though the window back into the house over the couch up the stairs dodging by making a heelturn though his bedroom back down the stairs into the kitchen rounding the corner past the table on slick linoleum flooring with wet shoes when BAM!
It finally happened, the long awaited moment. I did it. I did what every catholic parent wanted for their children aside from having forty-seven kids and perpetuating the heteronormative cult mentality.
I had found jesus
Unfortunately for me, I found him in the form of a shard of glass embedded an inch into my leg
Like I said, I think all catholic parents want their kids to find jesus but I have a slight suspicion that this wasn't what they had in mind
But I took it as a sign
When the figurehead of a church goes out of their way to stab you, I think it's safe to assume you've been smited and that they don't want you hanging around
So yeah, that's how I was stabbed by jesus and I am now transgender
-Mod Terezi
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tomorrowxtogether · 2 months ago
Tomorrow X Together live in Seoul: a bittersweet but brilliant first solo concert
Tumblr media
Despite ongoing pandemic restrictions keeping their performances online, the boyband show just why they’ve become one of K-pop’s most beloved groups
Tomorrow X Together’s first solo concert has been a long time coming. It’s been two-and-a-half years since the fourth-generation leaders made their debut but, so far, they’ve had to make do with showing off their developing performance skills in limited ways. Two months after they debuted, they held a six-stop showcase tour in the US and were booked for festivals and fashion shows in America and Japan. Then, when they were hitting their stride musically and likely ready to take things up a notch, the pandemic hit and forced them online.
It’s a shame that ACT:BOY follows suit – in-person, it would be spectacular. Watching it through a screen, with piped-in crowd noise and flashing lightsticks in the seats around the stage representing TXT’s fans MOA, is bittersweet – “It’d be a lie if I said I’m not at all disappointed about our first concert being an online one,” Beomgyu admits as the show wraps up. The five-piece – completed by Soobin, Yeonjun, Taehyun and Hueningkai – are brilliant, though, nailing their complex choreographies with ease and injecting fresh life into songs that are now old, familiar favourites.
The setlist runs in a largely chronological order, making the group’s growth all the more obvious. ‘Crown’ and ‘Blue Orangeade’ remind us of TXT’s beginnings as refreshing young rookies, while the likes of ‘Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?’ and ‘9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)’ already feel like nostalgic classics. The latter, though, gets an update, the original’s spellbinding sparkle amplified and twisted into a thumping call to escape into TXT’s magical world.
Tumblr media
As well as old favourites, ACT:BOY presents a chance to see some of the band’s newer songs performed live for the first time. There’s ‘Frost’, from ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’, which they seamlessly flow into after a burst of a gorgeous ‘Eternally’. On record, the Ashnikko co-written track is unpredictable and experimental, but TXT keep things tight while maintaining the spirit of the song in their delivery. ‘Dear Sputnik’, meanwhile, plays out before a backdrop of planets and flowers and its choruses feel stratospheric; full of relief and gratitude at finding someone who is “my fate”.
Although the concert progresses mostly along a recognisable timeline, it’s also split into different moods. “So far we went through dreams and confusion,” Yeonjun points out towards the end of the show, “Throughout ACT:BOY we’ve shown you different colours.” It’s an observation that makes sense when you consider the first half of the event is full of bright, energetic tracks while the second steps into darker territory. For every cute moment like ‘Cat & Dog’, there’s a contrasting one that’s brooding or angsty later. Even the between-song VCRs change from wholesome and calm to ominous and shadowy.
After a tender performance of ‘Nap Of A Star’ and ‘Magic Island’, the stage glows red and things take an eerie turn. Where ‘Can’t You See Me?’ was before ablaze, now it simmers and smoulders, the members’ intense facial expressions matching the remixed track’s unsettling energy. It’s a masterful example of how dialling back movement can make a performance more impactful and, when Yeonjun eyeballs the camera at the song’s end, a chill jolts down your spine.
Tumblr media
TXT keep the ferocity going with a flawless version of ‘PUMA’, embodying the wild power of the titular big cat. Later, they lean into their recent rock star era with ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ and ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’, both letting Taehyun’s dynamic, urgent vocals shine. All five members capture the attitude needed to pull off the tracks’ concepts but there’s a rawness to the Seoul singer’s voice that lends itself particularly well here.
The only thing that’s missing from the show (aside from more tracks from ‘Minisode1: Blue Hour’) is the physical presence of MOA. Despite them only being able to attend virtually, though, their energy is still felt – “We might be apart physically, but we’re still together at heart,” Soobin assesses at one point. TXT take the time to pay tribute to them in penultimate track ‘MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari)’ that brings the infectious vibrancy of the first half of the concert back and set to full blast. “TXT’s first live, ACT:BOY, wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of MOA,” Hueningkai notes afterwards.
While that’s true, neither would the group have achieved as much as they have without the hard work captured in their rarity ‘Sweat’, which ends today’s show. Fittingly, they give their all for the concert’s final throes, Taehyun whipping his towel above his head to usher in a track that’s both hype and heartfelt. Here’s hoping TXT can show off their magnificent performance skills in the flesh ASAP.
Tumblr media
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accio-victuuri · 3 months ago
BoXiao : Endorsement CPNs
Just listing a few of my favorites, where we clowned so hard with what appears to be bxg biased signs from brands. Mostly 2020-2021. This was supposed to be a simple post but it got a little bit out of hand. So. Here you go. Enjoy!
Note: If you don’t like CPN posts, just scroll along. If you don’t like BJYX — this is not for you. don’t hurt yourself and skip this post.
1. RoseOnly - I will not add the RoseOnly x Peace Elite collaboration here anymore cause most of the people reading this should be familiar. A little bit of my thoughts on that are here.
Now let’s move on to other clownery, cause when I said we did see some 👀 before, I meant it.
• GG’s campaign with them where he showcased a bunny with rainbow colored flowers. They could be showcasing all the kind of flowers they have or LGBT friendly advertising. After all, All love is love. 🌈
Tumblr media
• For Roseonly’s 8th anniversary, GG had a campaign and VCR w/ them and that big 8 flower. 8 means bo. It’s truly used for the anniversary but of course we CPN cause we are clowns.
• During Web’s promo for rules of my world and when his teaser photos came out— RoseOnly released a photo of a black rose ( same color as Web’s clothes in the teaser ) with the caption:
You’re the coolest guy in my heart.
• When they were doing a teaser for their new endorser, some people were pointing out that the silhouette looks like Bobo. lol. Twins!
Tumblr media
• All the references to the Lonely Planet and Little Prince for this promotion. We all know that they both love LP and whether this is CPN or a personal preference— we’re claiming it!
Tumblr media
• The green rose they once advertised with the caption I ONLY LOVE YOU. and with the green rose symbolizing innocence, simplicity and forever young. Green and those keywords, who do you remember?
Tumblr media
• In 2019, they did a selling bundle with Shu Uemura which was a brand Web was endorsing at that time.
Tumblr media
• In a live, the color green and red rose were together — GG and Web colors.
Tumblr media
• An Ad in their online store where the display is the Leo rose which is Bobo’s zodiac sign. and GG is holding Libra. Leo x Libra. And with the caption below for their advertisement. We know Web is the Leo of all Leos but it’s still 👀
The proud Leo has a child-like arrogant temper. Some people think they are not easy to get along with, but they don’t know that they just have not entered their hearts. Actually, Leo’s tenderness is only for the right person.
Tumblr media
Some other thing that I will add here for reference but I don’t necessarily believe. Link from weibo.
• When GG was announced as their brand spokesperson and Web gave a clue in his post. Also GG making 3 different posts and kadian combinations.
I’m adding in this collab they had with Eleme, the same time Web was endorsing the brand.
Tumblr media
I’m sure I missed a couple more from RoseOnly but that just depends on how clear your BXG glasses are. To me the most important is their Lonely Planet / Star campaign with GG last year.
2. Shu Uemura - This is one of the OG brands that Web endorses and who loves him very much. They signed him when he was not yet a big star and flew him to different countries. They treat him very well. 🤍
• The most recent one is from their Ad with Bobo and a red ribbon which made us all think of WWX. I can understand from an Ad perspective that it’s perfect to pair up with a red lipstick — but our brains are wired to CPN. Soooo. And this is not their first offense with stuff like this.
• This Ad featuring Bobo : - "博"君一笑 BJYX.
Tumblr media
• For the promotion photos of this eyeshadow palette, the colors and look is similar to GG’s painting for the Guangdian album cover. Yes. This was done some time after the song was released.
• This one is more of a coincidence. Years apart, both on the same day, they posted about a collaboration with One piece. It’s their favorite Anime. GG as Luffy & Web as Roronoa Zoro.
Tumblr media
3. Qeelin -  will be very lazy with this one and copy/paste from my jewelry post. Take note that this Bobo design is not new and had always been a classic from Qeelin.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. Kai Xiao Zao - Ah! KXZ! The brand that loves GG the most. So what signs did they give?
• Their recent new product is wontons. Who do we know that likes wontons? It reminded BXGs of the unofficial BTS when Web was nagging GG to eat Wontons.
Tumblr media
• They used a well known BXG idiom:
"你是夏日限定, 也是来日方长"
5. Chunzhen - Endorsed by Bobo, and this is under Mengniu. It caused some drama— cause GG & Web are technically promoting the same company. but like, there are so many other c-ent artists endorsing this brand.
• They posted for this year’s Qixi, stating in the Caption that Bobo is able to balance love and work. Really? How did they know? And they had made a character called XIAO ZHEN for qixi ( a cartoon girl with blue hair ).
• Zhenguoli ( endorsed by GG ) and Chunzhen drinks which are under the same company posted graphics of the two drinks together. 👀
Tumblr media
• Also since it’s both under the same umbrella company, and both yogurt drinks— you can see their boxes together in shops.
Tumblr media
6. Stride - In Bobo’s box set initial release, 3 flavors were included and one of them is passionfruit or bai xiang guo ( bxg ). Of course, bxgs bought it because we were represented. ✌🏼
Also in a message, the brand acknowledged BXGs but later had to delete it because of well— you know who.
Tumblr media
Dear Moto/Passion Fruit fans,
Thank you for your support to Hyunmai's spokesperson~. The gift box endorsed by Yibo is temporarily sold out, it is recommended You first collect and purchase, if it is sold later.
Please buy it as soon as possible~
7. Swarovski -  endorsed by Web 🤍
• They had turtle charms and bracelets, which endeared them to BXGs.
• They had a bracelet where you can put charms and in their Ad, it spells YIBO. of course. However a BXG noticed that on their recommended letters to add next, the letters are XZ + heart with a dot.
Tumblr media
• Last year’s promotion of a lock necklace— Web changed his Weibo header. ‘Lock love, lock you.’
Tumblr media
• His May 2020 Mother’s day promotion video that includes a confession (?). I know this is far off but the line used:
“ I love you, want you to see. I am Wang Yibo, this is my unique confession" is so similar to GG’s Bazaar confession.
8. Budweiser -- What we basically CPN about them is that they are an LGBT friendly brand and it’s always a plus when our boys endorse those kind of companies.
• Here you can find the CPN on the can that GG supposedly created with them.
• Their ad about ALL LOVE IS LOVE.•
 An earlier Ad that had two male leads. and another one recently released with same sex couple. 🌈
Also they did a collab with G-shock which is a brand that Web endorses.
Tumblr media
9. Man Han Feast Noodles
• The most recent one is GG playing the Guqin ala LWJ and looking out the window to see the moon ( again ala LWJ ). Best part is GG looking like he would burst out laughing and they kept in the Ad.
• In their Mother’s Day post one line says “if you love someone you’ll always encourage them to eat more”. Sounds like a familiar gesture right? Who do we know nags each other to eat?
Tumblr media
10. Zenith Do I even have to explain this? 
• GG chose a rainbow watch from Zenith collection for Qixi Festival. 🌈
Tumblr media
11. Mengniu - Oh well, just last week they had to clarify as an Ad from them was seen with the words: "并肩于雪山之巅" = BJYXSZD. (Side by Side at the snowy mountain top)
Tumblr media
12. Anta/ Li-ning - I’m adding it here cause the store owners in this video brought out GG/Web standees together 😂 Context is, there was a BJYX gathering going on so they took that out cause they knew the attendees loved them.
Plus this shopping app that put them together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m capping this post here and will update this sometime in the future. However the ones I added here stood out to me or I experienced when it came out. I wanted to add Luckin Tea / Lays / Olay but that will be for another time.
As with all the CPN, feel free to not believe any of these and just take it as a coincidence. Or people clowning and reading into things more than they should. lol. Whether these are intentional or not, BXGs are always there to support the boys whenever they can. 🙏🏼
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stormblessed95 · 17 days ago
Memories 2016: Disc 4
Tumblr media
So I asked awhile ago when I said I was going back to watch every memories DVD they have released so far, if you would be interested in commentary from me as I did so. There were a lot of people who said yes, so here we are! I have officially watched BTS Memories of 2016. Here are my thoughts as I went. There were 4 DVDs in this one. The posts over first 3 discs is already up and on my masterlist. Reminder that these aren't going to be smoothly written out thoughts. You get these like I'm live reacting, texting my bestie or live tweeting. Lol it'll be in like bullet point format sort of, just... a commentary post as I go. Lol Hope you enjoy anyway! Let's go!
Disc 4:
On Stage Asia Tour:
They went to 10 cities (Seoul / Taipei / Macau / Nanjing / Osaka / Nagoya / Beijing / Manila / Bangkok / Tokyo) for this tour. It was an extension of their 2015 HYYH tour. The tour kicked off in Seoul on 160507.
Tumblr media
Track List:
1. Run
2. Danger
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Tomorrow
5. Butterfly
6. Outro: Love is not Over
7. Outro: House of Cards
8. Intro: What Am I To You?
9. Boy In Luv
10. Save Me
11. Fire
12. WAB pt 2
13. Cypher pt 3: Killer
14. If I Ruled the World
15. Silver Spoon
16. Dope
17. Boyz with Fun
18. Attack on Bangtan
19. No More Dream
20. Epilogue: Young Forever
21. Whalien 52
22. Miss Right
23. I Need U
We start in June with the boys in Taipei. A minute into the video and we have jikook playing games already. Lol little wrestling robots game. Jimin bragging he won too much and JK saying it's only because I let you win (something he started doing with frequency in 2015) and then doing a rematch where he wins super quickly. Lmao poor Jimin.
This was also the same time as rehearsals for this concert that we see jikook practicing their COA performance. And JK mimicking Jimin on his 333 dance and immediately turning to check to see if he made Jimin laugh (he did 😊). Maknae line crazy dance times together in between stages 🥰
In Macau is where we get the iconic Sope skit with the recorder music that Hobi plays with his nose and Suga can't help but giggle over. And they thank their fans for the gift of such a luxurious recorder
Tumblr media
I will never understand why they film them eating meals or snacks right up in their faces. I really don't need to see it and dang, let them eat without risk of accidentally inhaling the camera too with how close they get 🤣 the dance party from how good the snacks were though and excitement for the concert was adorable.
In Nanjing (July), Love seeing Jihope help the others perfect the choreo and picking out little things they can do to make the overall performance better. Main dancer things 🥰 and then vmin taking a break between rehearsals and the concert to play basketball together!
Jin dancing to ARMY singing songs before BTS even takes the stage 🥺 I love that they get to feel so much love. RMs inspiring little speeches before they go on to his members, do our best! And then we just got clips of total chaos and I want more please! Lol taekook piggy back ride, everyone hyping Suga up for his verse by patting him all over and jumping, Jimin swinging in between TaeJin, Tae on JKs shoulders, Tae's Boyz with Fun dance... I'm noticing a common factor in this craziness being Taehyung 😂 love him.
Tumblr media
Tae2Seok proposing to ARMY during their ending mentions. Lmao dangerous idea to give out my guys. 😂 followed by their talks to the camera at the end with Jin continuously proposing to Jimin (somewhat aggressively lmao) before JinJiKook all ask ARMY to marry them too. What is this?! What was the joke? 😂
In Osaka now! They were all so excited during rehearsals and cutesy teasing Tae about how often he said "now" during his VCR recording. (He did say it a lot lol.) Man, rhey also are making Jimin dance on every show! Either showing parts of Fire and the 333 dance before, but now it's Butterfly 😂 and ahh the way JK looks at him while he sings so Jimin can dance everytime. So fond. Such a big smile. And this time Jin did it too!
Jimin jokingly holding Jin back from giving the camera kisses for the end of show mentions. And then Jikook have been doing so many of their camera talks together lately. Lol "the youngest teased me so much today everyone" lol okay Jimin. They are so cute. Followed by Jin and Jimin reacting to JKs celebrity bromance show, which I have already made a post over here too.
Tumblr media
Nagoya concerts! Yoongi being so professional and working with the sound techs over what should be higher/lower for instruments and Members voices. Being so knowledgeable and so cool. And then JK following him around in tiny and mimicking everything he says giggling softly to himself and at the camera 🤣 "suga hyung won't scold me" indeed.
Lmao right before the concert. JK is trying to talk to the camera and Tae is just belting his lungs out across the room everytime he tries to talk 🤣 jin sharing how backstage is like a war zone as they have all 7 members trying to get changed and their hair/makeup freshened up in just 3 minutes but that he always finishes first.
Jikook playing together before rehearsals on day 2 with silly dances 🥺 Jin proposing to ARMY AGAIN and the editors being savage lmfao "Jin became cringeworthy" rude omg 🤣 everyone teasing Joonie for his Day 1 Day 1 chant the day before. Lol and at the very end, Jimin jumping onto JKs back when they are leaving the stage before giving his ending mentions to the camera. 🥺
Tumblr media
Beijing concerts. I'm not sure what Jimin was dancing too in the middle of rehearsals but JK was loving it. Jimin was going hard too! Lol during their rehearsal break we saw Jimin cracking up laughing while filming a video of Hope, which he later posted to Twitter for us. And the way they have meetings together before every show to hash out exactly what minor things need to be changed depending on where they are performing and give reminders on how to give the best show. They work so hard it's crazy.
Beijing is where we had RM, Jin and Jimin all take turns dancing part of the Butterfly choreo to either JK or Tae singing acapella. Something they have been doing this whole tour, switching it up. But this was the iconic one where JK was watching Jimin dance with all the love in his eyes while singing
Tumblr media
RM ended up suffering from over heating and having trouble breathing and couldn't finish the concert. It was heartbreaking but also very touching watching JK and army fill in for his rap verses and Suga take over for the speeches. They did a really good job though. And they were all so worried and concerned when talking to the camera afterwards, especially Jungkook, who couldn't even really think of anything to say, just kept looking off to the side, like he was wanting to be able to just go check on his hyung. They love each other so much. It's never the same if one isn't there.
Manila shows, end of July finally. Jikook walking to the stage with their arms around each other 🥺 and Jin is always acting the cutest on his way to their stages!
Lmao JK playing around with sunglasses and acting silly while the stylist Noona is trying to shove clothes at him and help him get dressed quickly for the encore stage. He is NOT making her job easy. Lmao these stylists all the patience of saints, I swear! The rapline hyping each other up on stage will never not get to me! And they were all so hype for the NMD dance break too!
Tumblr media
Everyone was soooo excited by the crowds reactions. JK saying ARMY was his energizer. The hyungs all smiling super hard and being so thankful. Tae just shouting love you to the camera for army over and over. Jimin crashing his interview and jumping on Tae's back this time. Lol they were all so happy after this show!
Bangkok shows now! (160806 now). The amount of Thai food they had on a spread looked amazing and the short impromptu eat jin video we were gifted as well! Jungkookies smile hearing ARMY screaming before they go on stage 😭 Tae giving using his hand to give flying kisses from Jin and JK both. So cute
Yoongi walking off stage so tired he basically just skips saying anything to the camera. 😭 someone let him take a nap soon! We also see the staff taking JKs mic off and him holding his arm like it hurts. Then when Jimin comes up while he is talking to the camera to give him a back hug, he knocks his arm a bit and JK is obviously in pain. Jimin then practically forgets all about the camera, trying to figure out what happened and what hurts. While JK spends just as much effort trying to pretend he is fine and to distract Jimin from it, including teasing him and when Jimin says he is getting old going, but you are only 22? Lol before they walk off together. I'm sure Jimin did not forget about his arm and wanting to find out what happened either. It was cute the way JK wanted to not worry him over it though.
Tumblr media
Toyko tour stop! Hoseok, our dance leader, scolding JK for not properly checking his in ears and sending him off to fetch them again. Lol I love that side of Hobi too. Jimin spent almost this entire video with black hair, and is now back to blond for Toyko! And Yoongi has darker auburn type of hair now!
Hobi dancing to JK singing Tomorrow this time! And TaeJin dancing to Fire! And Jin is letting the whole "Nikonikoni" thing GO. Lmao TaeJin are sitting back stage with their arms around each other and Jin is STILL going on with "Nikonikoni" into the camera and during when he danced Fire. Lmao is this where Tae picked it up from for his iconic line in the middle of Attack on Bangtan that sent Jimin into a laughing fit so hard he missed his lines to sing after that? 🤣🤣
Day 2 shows everyone preparing to get on stage, stretching all serious. Captions "everyone relieves stress in their own ways" cuts to Jin acting a fool and big smiles all silly. Lmfao Jimin walking up behind him watching him with the fondest smile, and trying not to laugh. And JK practicing the choreo the same exaggerated way with Namjoon walking up behind him with a smile and then a nod to the camera 😂
Taes voice during Boys with Fun will always be one of my favorite things! Plus his improvised dance moves that the rest of the group then copies afterwards! And Tae being RMs biggest fanboy during his Save Me verse!
Jin and Tae hanging out under the stage waiting for their cue to enter, Jin blowing kisses to Tae and Tae rapping along with the verses above.
The way that everyone encore stage included Miss Right where they passed out little merch balls from baskets, throwing them into the crowd was adorable. Even more so watching them skip around stage with the baskets and half the time someone ended up wearing said basket on their head when it was empty. Lmao surprisingly, it was usually the rapline who wore the basket hats so proudly!
The utter CHAOS that broke out right after Hobis ending mentions to ARMY and Otsukare started playing and everyone went crazy on stage dancing and jumping around to it. Lol just for RM to bring it back down after a bit with being the last to give his greetings and making everyone cry saying "we would have no most beautiful moment in life without you." And Jimim giving his backup dancer friend a big hug when they all came out before everyone joined hands for the final bow😭
Tumblr media
Hobi ending the DVD off with a super sweet speech about the tour admist all the staff cheering like crazy for the members so sweetly.
And that wraps up Memories 2016! This was amazing and their hardwork, as always, is so highlighted and soooo admirable. One of my favorite things was seeing Namjoon greet ARMYs in their language everywhere they went. The dedication he has in making everyone geel welcomed and special is so beautiful. In conclusion, I love them. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! 💜
(No Gifs/photos are mine)
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frogsmulder · 5 months ago
prompt for msr from your pinned list :) “if you sleep on the couch then so will i”
The Space Between Us
Post The Goldberg Variation, Mulder and Scully's first time; about 1.1k words; rated m; tagging @today-in-fic
A night that started with Scully knocking on his door at eight with a pizza (an egregious amount of toppings applied as he has come to know was her favourite) is now ending with an unwatched movie, half-drunk bottles of beer, and her coming apart above him. It isn’t the first time they have done movie night since New Years, but it is the first time that Scully has turned up on his doorstep unannounced, wearing an air of emboldened nervousness.
“Hi,” she said with a shy smile on arrival.
“Hey, come in.”
“I have pizza,” she stated to fill the silence, lifting the box as though he hadn’t already seen.
They had had a long flight back that day after an emotionally stressful case, especially for Scully, watching a little boy being given a second chance at life with a fortuitous liver donation. Mulder wasn’t expecting her to come over and apologised for his state of undress, going to find some trousers to hastily throw on. He was probably imagining things when he saw her eyes dart down and her tongue peak out over her lips.
“So, you wanna watch Sleepless in Seattle or Steel Magnolias?” he half joked, returning from his bedroom holding the two VHSes aloft.
Scully pursed her lips into a pretty little pout he was sure she was putting on. Was she flirting with him? “Whatever you want to watch.”
“Does tha—”
“As long as it’s not Plan Nine from Outter Space… or Star Trek,” she quickly interrupted, pre-empting his suggestion with practised ease and a sly grin.
“Steel Magnolias it is then.”
Neither Scully nor Mulder paid much attention to the movie flickering in the background. Mulder was too transfixed by the little giggle that bubbled from Scully whenever the stringy cheese stretched from the slice to her bite, eyeing him with carefree delight. He loved more the hearty guffaw that erupted from her in protest when he leaned in to steal a piece of pepperoni.
Somewhere between the pizza, the pepperoni, and the wrestling, stolen bites morphed into love bites and soothing kisses. Hot and cold. Harsh and soft. Bruising and gentle. Desperate and unhurried. Scully ended up in his lap, taking command by the cup of his jaw in her palms and her curious, delving tongue. Along the way, he lost his clothes and so did she.
Now she is shattering, writhing on his lap and he doesn’t want to miss a thing about the expression of carnal bliss etched into her brow. But her forehead, damp with sweat, is pressed to his. All he can see is the blue shock of her eyes so close to his, shimmering with something ineffable he feels in his soul. Suddenly acutely aware of the physicality of their bodies, he laughs: after seven years, it feels so simple—right—it’s ridiculous.
Scully stills, closing her eyes, and the laugh on her lips breaks through hot, panting puffs.
He gently thumbs an errant strand of hair from her flushed cheek. “How did I get so lucky?”
“How did we both?”
In response he picks her up and throws her down on her back on the couch. She half giggles, half shrieks in surprise.
Later, Mulder slips away to the bathroom, his mind still buzzing having lost all coherent thought about five minutes ago. In the mirror, he sees himself grinning like an idiot as he dampens a wash cloth under warm water. This may just be the best night of his life, everything else had been kismet, leading up to this moment. And he is sure Scully had a pretty fucking good time too. It’s only been five minutes and he wants to make her whimper again. Scully, he decides, is his raison d’etre.
When he enters the living room again, he isn’t expecting Scully to be standing awkwardly, cross-legged in front of the VCR. The glance down she gives him, not dissimilar to the one that had been a catalyst for the events of the evening, now makes him self conscious and aware of his own nakedness like Adam first understanding shame. Have they tasted the forbidden fruit?
“The tape ended,” she gives as way of filling the silence. I have pizza.
“Oh, er, thanks.”
Increasingly, he feels like their relationship is about to turn sour all because they threw it all in for five seconds of pleasure. Well, more than two hours of pleasure but he figures now is not the time to argue semantics in his own head.
“I guess it’s a good thing we’ve already seen it, huh?” he tries to joke.
She chews her swollen bottom lip and folds her arms across her stomach, and Mulder selfishly thinks he’s never been so in love.
“Mulder, listen, I—”
“Will you stay?” He blurts it out before he can stop himself and instantly, he regrets killing whatever honest feelings she was about to impart; pushing a decision onto her so soon when she clearly isn’t ready to make one. Maybe he will make it worse by trying to justify his question with objective truth rather than his own personal truth. But if he still knows Scully, he knows that in times of uncertainty she clings to facts.
“It’s just… It’s late now… and dark out.”
Her face mellows into a soft smile; he maybe even spies the beginnings of a smirk hidden beneath the bow of her head. She takes a composing breath, but the corner of her mouth only pulls higher and despite the obvious humour she has found in the situation, she holds his gaze steady with piercing strength.
“Do you want me to stay?” She lets go of herself and walks over, taking the wash cloth from his hand. Oh right, yes, the wash cloth. Casually, she draws it up between her thighs and peers up at him. “I can go if—”
“No, Scully.” He shakes his head, willing himself out of his dumbstruck reverie. “Of course, I want you to stay. But if you’re uncomfortable, I’ll take the couch.”
“Mulder…” She pauses to think of the right words to say but concludes with a chuff of a laugh.
They have just seen each other in the most intimate way, he knows; the idea of him sleeping on the couch in the next room is a ridiculous, torturous notion, and by the raise of her eyebrow mirroring her smirk, the thought has occurred to her too.
Eventually, with her chin tilted up, challenging him, she finds the right words, “If you sleep on the couch then so will I.”
It’s a promise he knows she will keep and the implications of hope for the future make him dizzier than he was before. Yet still, he plays it safe to be sure.
“I know it’s not small, given that we managed to do… what we just did, but I don’t think it will fit both of us for less promiscuous purposes.”
She is grinning now, ear to ear, the picture of beauty with her rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and laugh lines. “Shut up and take me to bed.”
Ask me a sleepy prompt!
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luvshack · 2 months ago
I See You Shiver With Antici— | George Weasley
Summary: George really likes the outfit Tim Curry wears as Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lyrics are bold and italicized.
A/N: It’s officially October so I’m bringing this back!
Warnings: alludes to sex but no actual smut, swearing, i don’t think anything else but tell me if i missed anything!
Tumblr media
Tuesday nights were your favorite nights — Tuesday nights were Movie Nights with George. You took turns choosing a movie each week, and George almost always picked some sappy love story like Casablanca or Roman Holiday.
It’s not that you didn’t like those movies, but they always left George crying and blowing his nose profusely. And God help you if George didn’t have a tissue, because that always meant that he’d either have snot dripping from his nose or he’d cry into your shoulder and the snot would end up staining your cotton t-shirt instead.
“Georgie,” you called from the living room, setting a bowl of hot popcorn on the coffee table in front of the couch. “Are you ready?”
“Ready,” George answered, appearing from your bedroom in his favorite pajamas — grey sweatpants and a Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt gifted to him by Ginny — with a box of tissues in hand.
“You don’t need those,” you said, rolling your eyes playfully. “It’s my turn to pick the movie, I’ve already picked, and it’s not a romantic movie. . . well, maybe you could argue me on that a bit.”
George frowned. “Is it going to be another scary movie? Because I’m still having nightmares from when you made me watch Halloween—”
“It’s not a scary movie,” you interrupted, pulling George into you by the waist. He looked down at you skeptically, a small pout on his lips.
“I promise,” you said, kissing the tip of his nose. George’s frown disappeared at your touch as he seemed to forget whatever it was he was pouting about.
“What’s it called?” George asked, laying across the entire couch and leaving a place for you in his lap.
“You ask too many questions,” you teased, pointing the remote in your hand at the VCR and pressing play. George didn’t say anything, settling for a small humph as you pulled your favorite blanket up to your chin.
The signature bright red lips appeared on your small television, the beginning notes of Science Fiction/Double Feature sounding loudly through the speakers.
Science fiction (ooh ooh ooh) double feature.
Doctor X (ooh ooh ooh) will build a creature.
See androids fighting (ooh ooh ooh) Brad and Janet.
Anne Francis stars in (ooh ooh ooh) Forbidden Planet.
Wo oh oh oh oh oh.
At the late night, double feature, picture show
“Wait, is this like a musical—”
“Hush,” you chided, playfully tossing a handful of popcorn at George. “Just watch.”
The river was deep but I swam it (Janet),
The future is ours so let's plan it (Janet),
So please don't tell me to can it (Janet).
I've one thing to say and that's,
Dammit, Janet, I love you.
George was not at all impressed by Brad and Janet. Actually, he seemed a bit annoyed with the sweethearts, though he wouldn’t have said that aloud. By the time the cast was singing Time Warp, George was a bit more interested than before.
But what really grabbed George’s attention was the introduction of Frank N. Furter, openly gasping as Tim Curry’s character shed his cape to reveal his outfit, or lack thereof.
“You okay, George?” you questioned, turning your head to get a better look at his face. His jaw was slack, lips slightly parted as his eyes remained glued to the screen.
So, come up to the lab,
And see what's on the slab,
I see you shiver with antici-
“I guess you like this song,” you teased, placing your palm under his chin and pushing up, closing his mouth. George snapped out of his trance at this, furrowing his brows at you.
“Don’t tease me,” he whined, turning his attention back to the television set.
“I’m not teasing,” you assured him, placing a kiss on his pouty lips. “I like this scene, too.”
You exchanged small smirks as you settled yourself between George’s legs again, this time feeling a new pressure on your lower back. You elected to ignore it, deciding to taunt George about it later.
You got home from work Friday night exhausted from the busy week and looking forward to a warm shower. The lights were all on in your flat, but George was nowhere to be found. You knew he was home, though, because his shoes and jacket were still by the front door and he never left the flat without his wand, which was sitting on the kitchen counter.
“I’m home, George!” you shouted, kicking off your shoes and allowing your jacket to slip off your shoulders.
“I’m here!” George called back from the other side of your closed bedroom door. “Come here, y/n, I have a surprise!” You giggled at the eagerness and excitement in his voice, shuffling to your bedroom.
“Can I come in?” you said, lightly knocking with one hand while the other rested on the doorknob.
“One second. . . . okay, come in!” George replied.
You turned the brass doorknob carefully, pulling the door towards you and coming face to face with George, who was leaning against the doorframe.
Your breath caught in your throat as you stumbled backwards over your feet, taking in George’s appearance.
His face was pale white, deep blue and black eyeshadow covering his eyelids and the space up to his thick, darkened eyebrows. His hair, which he had let grow out, was curled and wild. His soft lips were glossy, painted in a delicious bright red shade. And that wasn’t even the best part.
So much of his skin was exposed to you in the outfit he wore, exactly like the one from the film. The chunky pearl necklace around his throat accentuated his Adam’s apple, and the black satin bustier stood out against his pale, freckled skin. His hands and forearms were covered by the thin, glittery gloves he wore. His thick thighs were completely exposed, only covered by the thin black suspenders which held up his fishnet tights and hooked to the teeny black bikini bottoms covering his ass. George’s head was nearly touching the top of the doorframe, his height having dramatically increased because of the black high heels on his feet.
You opened your mouth to speak, but your words were caught in your throat as George shifted his weight, popping out his right hip and extending his left leg out.
“Look how flustered you are,” George chuckled, stepping to the side and motioning to the room behind him.
“Come up to the lab, see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici—” he held the word on his tongue, the pink muscle poking out between his white teeth.
You didn’t bother trying to say anything this time, nodding your head as you followed George into your room. You admired George once again, mentally thanking yourself for choosing The Rocky Horror Picture Show on movie night.
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lotsoforangesoutside · a month ago
Spring Cleaning
msr | s6 | words 1,000 | fictober Day 11 | #11
“Spring cleaning, are we?” She stands by the door frame of their office with a playful smirk, apparently in a good mood. She eyes the content of the box, “Oh my.”
“Hey, Scully!” He approaches her, wanting to greet her with a kiss, but stops himself immediately when he remembers that they’re actually in the office. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
“I can see that.” Scully looks at her partner from head to toe, donning a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt, his I’m not here to work outfit. “What’s with the boxes?”
“These puppies are going to a new home.” He grins at her, “Frohike’s been wanting to adopt them for months.”
“Months?” She repeats quizzically.
“Yeah, when he heard that I went to Antarctica, he said you would never be able to resist my advances now, so it was only a matter of time that these videos and magazines would become his.”
“Really.” She gives him a tight-lipped smile. “Does that mean if he got a girlfriend before you, you’d inherit his…collection?”
“No, actually, if Frohike ever gets a lady-friend, his stuff goes to Langly.”
Scully’s surprised expression makes him laugh. “Don’t look so surprise; it’s only when Langly gets his own old lady will I get anything. But the boys and I have agreed that since I got my ball and chain now, Langly’s stuff will go to Byers. Byers was not amused about it.”
“I’m not your ball and chain, Mulder.” She warns in a low yet semi-serious tone, “nor am I your old lady.”
“Yes dear.” He jokes and she glares at him, trying to remind him again that the walls might have ears.
Scully squats down and picks up a video from the box, and he realizes that she’s shuffling them into alphabetical order.
“Dana,” he places a hand on her shoulder, trying to get her to stand up again. After several tugs, she finally gives in.
“Where’s the rest of it?”
“The rest of it?” Mulder asks, “this is it. It’s all here.”
She looks at him, not convinced at all. “Surely you’ve got some at home?”
“Nope, it’s all here,” he says with his best boy scout expression.
“What about…” Scully thinks for a moment, “that bottom drawer next to the bookcase?”
“I grabbed those.” He nods.
“The cabinet? Those boxes in the back?” She studies him carefully, trying to call his bluff. “This can’t be all of it.”
Mulder keeps shaking his head. “Sorry to disappoint you, but we’re not going to be rich if we sold this collection.”
“But...” Scully points at the two boxes by their feet, “two boxes are hardly a collection. I used to find them everywhere.”
“Having porn in the office...I swear, it’s not always like this.” He grins victoriously. “I never did before you.”
She rolls her eyes at him, clearly not buying his words. “Mulder, I have two brothers. I’ve seen you watch them in this office. I’ve caught you looking at Miss March or Miss November. It’s okay to admit you like these kinds of… entertainment.”
“Really, Scully.” He shakes his head, the grin still big on his face, “you have no idea.”
Scully feels like she’s the butt of a joke and she hates it; she crosses her arms in front of her chest and gives him a serious stare.
“I’ll admit, I have some, but what I have is far from a collection. I have a few videotapes, some vintage and classier mags, and some stuff I’ve kept for, you know, educational purposes. I watch them when I’m bored, the same ones.”
“Yeah right.” She scoffs, “I used to find them in the VCR. One time, Skinner came down and your girly magazine was on top of desk. Have you seen the top of his head blush? If you have this much stored at the office…”
“Dana, you know my apartment as well as I do,” he begins, realizing he really needs to work on convincing her, “you’ve seen my video rack and my nightstand. We’ve been everywhere. Have you seen them?”
“Your girly mags? No, but I figured you just put them away because I was coming over.”
He laughs. “I don’t clean up, I’m a pig; you know that.”
So much for respecting your lady friend, she thinks.
“So are you telling me watching porn in the basement turns you on?”
“No,” he denies. “In fact, I never once looked at them in this office before you became my partner.”
His eyes shrine brightly, “I put them in the office trying to unnerve you. I thought the prim and prissy Dr. Dana Scully would find me to be a disgusting and despicable man. I also wanted to know if this little prank would travel to the water cooler, and people would think that Agent Mulder is a sex maniac who stays in the office during his off-hours watching porno and jerking off. That might help fence off some…unwanted attention from the female population.”
“You wanted some of those attention.” She comments dryly.
“I wanted your attention.” He corrects. “But, really, moving my magazines and videotapes to this office for you to stumble upon was my test for you. I wanted to see how you would react.”
“And how did I do?”
“You passed with flying colors.” He reaches to grasp her hand, “Me, on the other hand, failed the test when I fell completely in love with you before you even cared about me.”
His low whispers make her cheek rosy and hot, and Scully turns a little toward him, closing the gap between them. “The educational ones,” she whispers back, “is it going to be on the test tonight?”
Mulder turns to grab his leather jack, “let’s go take the test right now.”
He hates leaving voice mails, but he’s running out of patience. “Hey Mulder, it’s Fro. It’s already 7 and you never showed up to drop off your…stuff. Call me, yeah?”
Taggging @today-in-fic & @xffictober2021, thank you!
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shmaptainhotchner · 9 months ago
It’s a... Rockstar? [Reggie Peters]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Reggie Peters x fem!Mercer!Reader
Words: 2.5K
Summary: Reader seems to have a relenting stomach bug that won’t go away, Reggie tries to get her to go to the doctor, but after some avoidance, sneaking around, gummies and a revealing rom-com they find out there might be more to it than they once thought
WARNINGS: possibly a minor swear or two
A/N: alright let’s go! day two of reggie app week! this one is for the theme unseen moments and can also be seen as a prequel to my fic Ballerina which you can find here :) happy reading! @reggiepetersappreciationweek​
Tumblr media
“(Y/N) go back to sleep,” Reggie whined, trying to grab his girlfriend and pull her back to bed.
“Unless you want me to throw up all over you I think I gotta go Reg,” you gagged and pulled yourself out of his grasp and ran over to the washroom while Reggie pushed himself out of bed.
“(N/N) are you okay?” he asked, while you leaned over the toilet bowl.
“Peachy keen babe,” you responded sarcastically. Reggie stood up and came over to the washroom, taking your hair in his hands and holding it behind your head.
“I’m sorry (N/N),” he yawned. “Did you eat something funny?”
“I don’t know,” you groaned. “I hate this. I hate this. I hate this,” you repeated over and over again under your breath.
Reggie found a stray hair elastic laying on the countertop so he took it to tie your hair back so he could kneel down and sit with you.
He rubbed your back while you were slumped over, feeling like absolute trash. And when you finally felt a little better he helped you back into bed, tiredly going to the small kitchen to grab an old ice cream bucket and some Pepto Bismol, thinking it might do the trick and calm your stomach down.
“Do you want me to call the doctor tomorrow?” Reggie asked, after slipping back into bed.
“No I’m fine Reg, I think I probably just ate something bad,” you assured and he nodded accepting your answer for the time being. It was late and right now he just wanted to sleep.
As much as you thought your condition might improve things seemed to just get worse. You couldn’t stand the smell of some foods you used to love, you constantly felt dizzy, and Reggie would attest that your moods seemed to be everywhere.
“Who were you just on the phone with?” he asked and you sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around you.
“The school,” you explained. “I was telling my professor I couldn’t make it today. She told me what to read in the textbook and some additional stuff I can do to catch up,”
“(N/N), you’ve missed almost a week of school, you should go to the doctor,” Reggie insisted, coming to it next to you. “I’m serious,”
“Reggie I’m fine, you know I take longer to recover than most people,” you waved him off dismissively and he sighed heavily picking up the phone and dialling a number.
“Hey guys,” he said when the person on the other line picked up.
“Reg! Where the hell are you man?” Bobby asked. “We’re supposed to be rehearsing,”
“Yeah, sorry I can’t make it today, (Y/N) is sick and refusing to go to the doctor so I’m going to stay here with her,”
“Reggie!” you whined. “Just go, I’m gonna be okay,”
“Yeah listen to (N/N),” Luke added, clearly snatching the phone from Bobby.
“If I go to the doctor will you go to rehearsal?” you asked and Reggie nodded his head.
“Bastard,” you muttered under your breath. “Fine, I’m going okay, no get out,” you insisted.
Reggie grinned triumphantly, having no idea what plan was up your sleeve. The two of you got ready and left the house together and you headed in the direction of the walk-in clinic, but instead made your way to a local convenience store. For some reason, through your nausea you had gotten a wild craving for coca-cola gummies so instead of getting things checked out by a medical professional, which you knew you had no money for you were living in a crappy one-bedroom apartment, after all, you thought some sugar might help the proverbial medicine go down.
Happily eating the candies you walked in and around your neighbourhood, noticing some small adorable things like the dogs chasing after each other in the park or children laughing and giggling, happy they were on holiday.
You wished you were on holiday, but summer classes called your name. And even though you were sick it was nice to have a bit of a break from sitting in lecture halls for three hours.
After your walk you thought it wouldn’t hurt to stay out of the house a little longer, you were feeling a little better and you hadn’t seen the guys in a while.
So you hopped on a bus and waited for it to stop in the neighbourhood that their studio was in. You walked in unannounced, but that wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone but Reggie. Nevertheless, they continued to play until they finished the song while you took a seat on the couch listening in on their rehearsal.
As soon as they were done Reggie came over to your side handing you some of his water to drink.
“So what did the doctor say,”
“Stomach bug, just like I told you,” you lied smoothly. “You guys played really well though,” you changed the subject.
“Thanks, baby sis,” Alex smiled, flopping down on the couch next to you and stealing some of your gummies.
“Hey! Those are mine!” you ripped them out of his grasp. “No way!”
“Jesus (N/N), you’re worse than Luke when we touch his guitar,” Bobby added.
“That is my baby,” Luke interjected and you chuckled, but glared angrily at your brother.
“I’m surprised you came out here,” Reggie admitted. “You seemed really tired when we left the house.”
“Now that you mention it I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy again,” you yawned, clutching tightly onto your candy.
“Guys, I think I should take her home,” Reggie explained and they nodded in understanding, allowing Reggie to help you up and drag you out of the studio.
You took the bus home and you were almost certain you fell asleep because you leaned your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder for only a moment and the next he was shaking you to come with him back to the apartment.
It might have been an odd sight for your neighbours, seeing Reggie carrying you like a child into your home. Your legs wrapped tightly around his waist, head tucked in his shoulder. You were exhausted, to say the least, like something was eating all your energy up and you just wanted to sleep forever.
“Reggie I’m tired,” you said, stating the obvious.
“I figured as much,” he chuckled. “Do you want me to stay with you?”
“Mhmm,” you yawned, pulling him down with you once he placed you gently on the bed.
“Careful there (N/N),” he chuckled while you snuggled into his side.
“Thanks for looking after me,” you mumbled. “You’re a pretty good boyfriend,”
“I’d like to think so,” he chuckled softly, pressing a tender kiss to your hair. “Now close your eyes a bit okay?”
“Okay,” you nodded and for the first time that day you actually listened to Reggie, but in your defence, it was his only good advice.
“Okay show me what you got?” you asked Reggie when he came back home from Blockbuster, carrying some VCRs for movies.
“Hmm, the Empire Strikes Back,”
“Classic, not surprised, continue,” you nodded while eating a spoon of your ice cream.
“Ghostbusters and this rom-com called the Backup Plan,”
“Oh let's watch that one!” you grinned and he nodded, coming to press a quick kiss to your lips before saying, “You’re the boss ma’am,”
He put the VCR in the player and turned on the small TV before joining you on the couch.
As the movie progressed you and Reggie had both become thoroughly invested, and you were noticing such similarities between the terrible way you were feeling and the main character’s struggles as she navigated pregnancy.
You even laughed at one point, thinking that exact same thing happened to me the other day. That’s when it clicked.
Your eyes grew wide as you looked at the TV then down at your stomach.
Turning your head to Reggie you saw he was still very focused on the screen.
It couldn’t be the case. You weren’t… pregnant… were you?
“Reg I-I gotta go,” you said quickly standing up and grabbing your wallet, slipping on your sandals while Reggie tried to follow you confusedly.
“(Y/N)? Where are you going?” he asked.
You didn’t answer only quickly shutting the door and running to the bus and hopping on.
You sat anxiously, waiting for the stop that was close to a drugstore.
What the hell was I thinking? you thought to yourself as you sat alone, Reggie’s going to kill me.
You attempted to steady your breathing counting your breaths and bouncing your leg as you did so.
You aimed straight for the pharmacy when you hit the drugstore, grabbing five tests of different brands and coming to the till where the cashier gave you a pitiful look upon seeing your purchase and nervous features.
You waved it off, it would be fine.
But you couldn’t go back home. You needed to figure this out and Reggie was probably looking for you so you needed to get to a phone.
You figured Alex’s place would be your best bet, luckily enough his apartment was near the drugstore so you took the walk to try and take in the fresh air, breath a little bit.
Too bad it didn’t work. When you reached Alex’s apartment you were banging furiously on the door only to be met with a face of concerned confusion.
“(Y/N) what the hell’s going on?” your older brother asked and your breathing was becoming less steady.
“Alex I can't do this, what-I it’s too soon! Reggie and I aren’t married, what the hell is going on you tell me!” you exclaimed, waving your hands around anxiously only to have them grabbed by your brother, bringing them down steadily to your sides while he shut the door with his foot.
“(N/N) deep breaths,” he instructed and you followed along with him, only to release the nervous tears you were holding back. “Now what do you need?”
“I-... I think I’m pregnant,” you whispered.
Alex’s eyes went wide.
“You think you’re what?!” he exclaimed. “(Y/N) this is too early for me! I can’t be an uncle! Oh my God, oh my God!” he started to hyperventilate.
“Alex get your shit together! I should be the one panicking!” you punched your brother and he nodded.
“Sorry, sorry,” he apologized. “D-Do you have a test?”
You nodded and held up the bag.
“Okay, that’s step one, what about Reggie?”
“He doesn’t know,” you looked down at your feet in embarrassment. “I kind of ran out on him,”
“Shoot (N/N), okay just get in there, I’ll take care of him,”
“Thanks, Alex,” you sighed softly, pushing yourself up on the tip of your toes and pressing a kiss to his cheek before heading to his washroom.
Alex went straight for the phone and dialled the number to yours and Reggie’s phone.
“Hello?” he could hear a panicked voice on the other line.
“Reg? It’s Alex,”
“Alex! Thank goodness! Have you heard from (N/N)? She hasn’t called and she just got up and ran out of the house!”
“Yeah she’s here,” Alex explained. “But I think I should let her tell you why. You should come here,” he insisted and Reggie quickly agreed, saying he’d be there as soon as he could.
The next ten minutes were the most painful minutes of your life.
If you were pregnant what would this mean for you and Reggie? For your school? For life in general?
And if you weren’t how the hell did that explain everything that had been going on these past few weeks.
Maybe you should have listened to Reggie and gone to the doctor when he suggested.
“(N/N) it’s been ten minutes,” Alex said, knocking on the washroom door.
You nodded taking a deep breath and unlocked the door and opened it allowing for your brother to come in before he was interrupted by a loud knock at the door.
While he attended to that you couldn’t wait any longer. It was eating you up inside. You had to know.
One by one you flipped over the three of five tests you had taken.
“I’m here,” Reggie said quickly stepping through the door. “Where’s (N/N)? What’s going on?” he asked in a jittery manner.
You slowly walked out of the washroom holding the three positive tests in your hand while you looked up directly at Reggie.
“Oh my God,” Alex whispered. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,”
“Is it-,”
“Positive?” you interrupted Reggie. “Mhmm,” you nodded, your heart beating out of your chest.
“A-And are you sure?” he asked, taking large strides to come closer to you.
“Well the tests have a 99.9% accuracy, but I have two more so we can check if you really want to,” you chuckled, a few happy tears escaping your eyes.
Alex was practically sobbing over by the door, unable to believe his baby sister was going to have a baby herself. He’d be an uncle.
“(N/N), I-I-,” Reggie covered his mouth with his hands, unaware of the tears that were pooling in his eyes. His arms quickly wrapped around you, pressing multiple kisses all over your face, whispering I love you in between each one.
“So we’re really gonna do this?” you asked and he nodded eagerly.
“(N/N), a-a dad, I’ve always wanted to have kids, this is like a dream come true,” he admitted. “I’m going to spoil the hell out of whatever little munchkin is in there, I promise,”
“D-Do you know when you can find out the gender from an ultrasound?” Alex asked, sniffing and wiping away his tears.
“Who needs to know the gender I already know what this baby’s gonna be,” you chuckled, holding Reggie’s hand to your stomach.
“Really? What?” he asked, enticing you.
“It’s a rockstar,” you smirked and the two boys laughed.
“(N/N) d-do you remember when we were talking about baby names?” he asked. “I-It was a long time ago we were in elementary school and just joking around-,”
“I think I do remember, but go on,” you nodded with an excited grin.
“Well I just remember fighting over almost every single name except one, a-and I don’t know if you still like it, but-,”
“Just spit it out, Reggie!” Alex exclaimed and you laughed at your older brother.
“Penelope. I really like Penelope. If it’s a girl,”
“Me too,” you nodded. “Always liked that name… Penelope the rockstar. What do you think uncle Alex?” you asked, while Reggie came behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“I-I think I’m gonna cry again,” he said, starting to choke up and you and Reggie laughed once more.
One thing was for sure, even though it might be a crazy ride there would not be a day your little rockstar would live where they wouldn’t know how much you loved them. That was a fact.
Tumblr media
Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to send me an ask to be added to my taglist - mimi
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bluefirewrites · 10 months ago
Juke headcanon please 🥰
Alright folks, here you go:
Luke stands guard outside of Julie’s room every night. 
She doesn’t know he does this, but ever since the stamps disappeared and the boys were free, Luke is terrified that Caleb is going to come back and do something horrible. 
Especially since Caleb has come to the studio before and knows where Julie lives, it’s Luke’s greatest fear is that Caleb would sneak up on them when they least expect it and harm Julie to get his way. 
Ghost don’t sleep, so every time Julie tucks in for the night, Luke sits outside on the porch ledge right under her window, eyes peeled for anything suspicious. 
He doesn’t even listen to music, his ears sensitive to hear the telltale sign of a ghost poofing just in case... 
He always has a can of salt with him. He knows it’s practically useless, but Carlos has promised him that he’s still looking into a more viable source of protection. 
He just... feels better having it on him. It makes him feel like there’s something he could do. He already feels so powerless...  
(The guys eventually figure out where he goes to every night, but instead of telling him to quit it outright, they end up taking turns to watch over Julie- all of them afraid for what Caleb might do.)
Julie eventually finds this out when she tries to sneak out of the house to meet up with Flynn ( she had sent a ‘911′). She climbs down the lower level roof and scares both her and Luke who had been sitting on the porch while on watch. 
She asks him what he’s doing there, and he couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse. 
And she sees the can of salt and she puts two to two together. 
She doesn’t call him out on it because she likes knowing that he’s close by. 
And if Julie does ever need him all she has to do is whisper out her window and he’ll poof by her side. 
Julie studies up on ‘90s culture and history to better connect with Luke
I see a lot of instances where Julie catches the boys up on what they missed out in the past 25 years, helping them acclimate to 2020′s culture. 
But I’d like to think that Julie wants to make it more like home for them, knowing that all these changes could be so overwhelming and hard to take in. 
Especially for Luke, who she catches appearing self-conscious with how slow he’s getting it. 
She goes to the library during her free time and pores over magazines from the ‘80s and ‘90s to get a feel for the time, maybe see what TV shows Luke might have liked or the celebrities he might recognize, and maybe the language he uses. 
Julie often goes thrift shopping anyway with Flynn, but she spends more time around the electronics section and she ends up coming home with tapes and toys from the ‘90s. 
She gets her dad to dig through their stuff for one of those TV’s with the built in VCR and she plays him the movies he liked to watch and also reruns of ‘Double Dare’ and ‘Beavis and Butthead’
She gets so caught up in ‘90s mode though, that she doesn’t realize that she’s using ‘90s slang casually around him: 
“Hey Jules, how was your day?” 
“Ugh. Got in trouble today in history which was totally bogus,” 
“’Bogus’, huh?” he smirks. 
“Like Mr. Johnson went postal today for like no reason,” 
Luke is trying so hard not to smile real big hearing her say stuff like that, but then she says she’s “totally ‘buggin’” with a straight face and he just... 
He just loves hearing her talk like that and is moved that she would go through all this trouble just to make him feel more at ease. 
Quick ones: 
Luke makes cutoffs for Julie to not only wear but also design. He purposely finds old T-shirts of his that are blank or have plenty of space for her doodles. They share and Luke wears Julie’s works of art with pride. 
Julie gets ‘music history’ lessons from Luke, where he schools her in bands that he likes. Only fitting since he’s the one to have originally introduced her to rock. 
Julie gets them a dual headphone adapter so they could listen together. They often lay down on the ground right next to each other, just vibing with the music. 
Luke doesn’t like it when other people mess with his hair. Julie’s the only who can run her fingers through his hair. He learns that he loves getting his hair played with. 
She hums or sings songs quietly when she does play with his hair. He closes his eyes and it’s the closest thing to sleep he could get as a ghost. 
Julie finds random hair ties in her hoodie pockets that she definitely doesn’t remember putting in there. But what she does remember is complaining to Luke about never having any hair ties on hand when she goes to dance class. 
Luke has terrible handwriting, so before letting the rest of the band run a song, Julie would rewrite the lyrics and copies for the boys. She may have left some cute heart drawings on Luke’s copy, and Luke secretly loves it. 
Julie runs her essays by Luke, who is insanely good in English. He proofreads it and leaves good notes. 
Luke likes to bike, and Julie lets him use the one in the garage at night in the park (so no one can see a bike pedaling by itself). She goes with him sometimes and she gets to ride on the handlebars. 
They both cry during movies. They make sure to have a box of tissues for them to share. 
Although Luke’s Spanish is terrible, Julie loves hearing him try to say things. 
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romanticdrift · a month ago
Permission to Dance Online Concert [210824] - OT7 Cut
Tumblr media
I'd say it's a good day to be a Vminnie but honestly, it's just a great day to be an ARMY. Let's get to the highlights, shall we?
The looks
The setlist
The perfect four songs transition
And a few honorable mentions
[Vmin... we'll talk about shortly, lol. I have a limit of 10 photos and a handful of gifs per post to contend with]
1. The looks.
Their stylists are really taking advantage of how much time they've spent at the gym lately, I swear.
I'll share with you all that I have saved on my phone, lol:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Jin was the only one hiding that bod from us, but he was adorable so that's fine haha)
What else is there to say.
They seriously make me feel so Victorian. They show us a lot, but then leave just enough to the imagination (that single Jimin button, which truly must've been triple reinforced to not fly right off while he dances, lol), they sure have our number.
Also the damn VCRs. Made zero sense (tell me why it went from a mystery... to a youth drama... to a sitcom... to a horror show... to something? And it kept psyching us out with what song would be next? xD)—but who cares when Tae has a paperclip in his mouth.
3. The "best hits" setlist
As Tae said, BTS made a deliberate decision to not do any solos and dedicate the entire concert to group songs (they even turned Stay, a subunit, into an OT7 song), which: 1) sure is a "Read the Room" sign to solo stans; 2) such a gutsy move, the stamina it takes to do so much back to back to back, when most artists literally just swan around the stage and bob their heads; and 3) led to incredible song combinations.
The whole setlist is a testament to the strength and range of their discography. I was honestly happy as a clam, it had six (!!) of my top 10 bts songs.
[For the curious that's: Dope, Blue & Grey, Black Swan, Fake Love, Bapsae, and Spring Day, with honorable mentions going to BST & Butter]
But I'm going to talk about the 4 that to me absolutely anchored the setlist: Blue & Grey -> Black Swan -> Blood Sweat Tears -> Fake Love
2. The moody songs of my heart: B&G and Black Swan
So unexpected, but absolutely perfect and stunningly executed.
First, the choice to put Blue & Grey and Black Swan together at all is genius. The way they brought out the tonal shades of loneliness, by shifting from the personal despair of B&G to the dramatic artistic fall of Black Swan (the orchestral arrangement!s.
Second, I'll always have a soft spot for the ballet on water they executed for MMA 2020, but the sparseness of their staging of Black Swan this time... Their choreographers and set designers truly outdo themselves with every new Black Swan concept.
On a black stage, you can truly appreciate the synchronicity of the back-up dancers, the way they made wings for each of the members as their arms rippled like feathers.
And I'm sorry, I know it's been said and said, but Jimin is never as beautiful as when he is the black swan.
4. BST & Fake Love and the "shirts"
As BTS talked about us missing these songs / this song, I literally kept muttering under my breath, "Blood Sweat Tears Blood Sweat Tears." Who says prayers never come true?
Again, the choice to put these songs together was unexpected but absolutely divine. The smouldering temptation of BST making way for the devastated isolation of Fake Love, both of them linked by the same emo gothic sensuality but heightening the emotional resonance as we go.
We'll save Fake Love for my Vmin cut for.... reasons (mostly that I'm literally out of photos xD).
But I have to share this gif, don't I? (Cred not mine, as if my gif has ever been this HQ xD That's a j/ker twt by the by, but they sure make pretty gifs)
Tumblr media
We didn't get full BST (sadface, tho I'm not sure I'd have survived), but hey, what we got I love.
I'm torn between admiring the artistry here—the perfectly synchronized ticking Jimin & Jungkook do to switch center—and uh... admiring other things.
5. "Honorable mentions" performance moments
I call them honorable mention like they're not all individually iconic xD But whatever.
This transition between Dynamite to Butter?
Tumblr media
Absolutely smooth as Butter. So fun and cheeky.
Almost made up for Jimin being alone during the Vmin subunit dance
I fully expect to come back to all my links being broken xD But hopefully they're such small clips they won't get copyrighted.
And the Fire remix? We'll criminally never get but like the Dionysus trap remix, an absolutely banger.
And you know how a lot of BTS songs are synonymous with a member? (e.g. Hobi is Mic Drop, Jimin is Black Swan, etc. - them the rules) I think of Fire as Yoongi's.
Tumblr media
And the only reason I didn't lose it when they followed Young Forever up with the eternal queen Spring Day is because I'm seeing them in LA.
It's a little funny to me that as we enter the winter in reality, the metaphorical winter is finally ending.
I do want to acknowledge something: It wasn't perfect.
In contrast to the more varied set list of MOTS ON:E, this was a lot of high-octane songs back-to-back, which means we didn't get to see them all to their conclusion (my 1-min of BST, sobs), and it's a matter of preference which direction you prefer. Tae was of course limited in mobility due to a last-min injury. And most obviously, the members were clearly performing while thinking of their upcoming live reunion with ARMY in LA, and sharing how tough this concert and the wait for them has been...
[it's so bittersweet to me to remember that if things had gone to plan and Korea had loosened restrictions, last night would've already been their reunion with ARMY - which just seemed right to me, that it'd be K-ARMY who'd welcome them back, but que sera sera, we're coming from all over the world and will do our best in LA]
But ultimately? None of that matters, because as always, they and their staff left their hearts on the stage.
Truly who is doing it like BTS? The talent, the passion, the craftsmanship of it all.
The morning will come again
No darkness, no season can last forever
Maybe the cherry blossoms are blooming
And winter is ending
I miss you, I miss you
Wait a little bit, just a few more nights
I'll be there to see you
I'll come for you
I will always be here, waiting for you, BTS.
Tumblr media
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lovesanmotion · 9 months ago
ateez reacts: idol!s/o goes to their concert
💌 This is: requested 
He was sad upon hearing how you were still in another country shooting for a music video when he invited you to come over and watch their concert. But he tried not to make it obvious in his voice because he knows you have a busy schedule too and doesn’t want to bother you anymore. But unknown to him, you were already back in the country a few hours ago and met up with his manager to give you a ticket. 
The following night, concert staffs blew up backstage how Y/N was in the crowd. While performing, Hongjoong kept moving his head all over, diving his eyes through the ocean of people just to see you. And when he found you on the front, happily waving their lightstick, he felt more energized just instantly seeing her. 
Poor boy has been missing you lately and invited you to one of their concerts in the city. However, you used the ‘I have to shoot for my first cf tomorrow’ excuse. Understanding the situation, Seonghwa dreaded upon knowing he has two more months until he could see you again. 
But the boys kept it a secret from him that you would be attending their concert. And when the day finally came, they constantly teased him when he finally saw you amongst the crowd, holding up a slogan with his name on it. As the concert progressed, he kept going over to where you are seated. 
Yunho wondered how is he going to survive seven months of not seeing his girlfriend who is still in his home country promoting their new comeback song? He hated it everytime your schedules don’t overlap with his, he would sometimes beg their staffs to go and work for your agency part time and make their schedules overlap so that he could see you in the dressing rooms and backstage. 
The first two months Yunho managed to keep himself sane by calling and texting you whenever he can. But by the third, fourth and fifth month, he felt like a lost puppy wanting to go back to its owner. The calls and texts increased and decreased over time, but it wasn’t enough for him. 
Unknown to him on the sixth month, the boys stood in one line, going one after another in taking their time to thank the people in their lives. When it came to Yunho, the crowd in a particular area started becoming loud and kept pointing at a certain person, Yunho squinting his eyes and then widening as you raised your hand and waved at him. It was enough for Yunho to bawl his eyes out that night. 
Yeosang was never demanding of you, if things happened, then it happens by fate. But it just so happens that he was having an Asia tour while you were on a European tour. For a surprise segment, the other members would contact a person whom they really want to see. And that’s how the boys got you on a plane boarding back to South Korea. 
The surprised look on his face was priceless upon seeing face to face on stage. It was a dream come true for almost three months of not seeing and being with you. 
He tried his best to look happy for the fans, he really did. But inside, he was upset that you couldn’t come and watch his concert. 
“Just a few more song and the show will end, can you still keep up?” Hongjoong asked and San nodded his head, not letting his sadness take over him. There was a long and dark pause before the next song plays. And that is the moment you took your opportunity to shout “Choi San”. The crowd cheered upon hearing your voice, that alone made him hyped up as if the concert just started. 
He felt like the world is against him seeing you. First, sasaengs kept calling him and intercepting his calls and second, everytime he asks you to come and watch his show, you would be busy with something else. 
So when you surprised him by showing up at one of their concerts on the front row, he had to take a double take on you. Was his eyes deceiving him? Is that really his s/o? or does she just look like his s/o? The boys would scold him for not identifying his s/o with just one look and he’d happily run over to where you are. 
He pretended to be fine when he’s not, his s/o, who he has not seen for half a year, dreadfully missing his s/o. The boys did everything to cheer him up, from cracking up jokes with the fans to doing random requests to get the fans hyped. When the VCR played, he took his five minute break to go backstage and drink water. However, he stopped on his tracks and ran over to you as soon as he saw you. Chuckling at how you would nag him to change his clothes or else his sweat would get onto your clothes. 
Before he left for tour, he had a disagreement with his s/o which lead into an arguement until he left the country with no making up for you. During the days and nights of being thousands of miles away from you, he felt guilty and wanted to go back and say sorry. But he couldn’t as you would never answer his calls or texts. 
So when he spotted among the crowd on top of the seats, he immediately got off the stage and went over to where you are seated before tackling you into a bone crushing hug. 
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accio-victuuri · 5 months ago
BJYX 2021 Timeline : DREAMS Part I
Tumblr media
I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.
Hello! Here we go again. It’s that time of the year where I post a compilation of everything about XZ and WYB from 012021-062021. All things related to their career. Text and links heavy. I tried to limit the photos. If you only want CPN, you should go here instead. Enjoy! 🤍🤍🤍
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January 2021
* XZ studio posts picture of NYE show.
No matter how far the future is, no matter how wide the world is, you can only live up to yourself by moving forward bravely. In 2021, good luck, happy new year!
* GG posts on his weibo a video his performance of Wild Child
* Yibo official post pics from LOF
* GG new Zhenguoli Ad
* Web new Ad with Chunzhen
* Netease adds a live version of Rules of my world as a free new year gift.
* Lenovo x Web
* CCTV drama weibo update x GG
* Web x head and shoulders
Tumblr media
* XZ studio update x KXZ
* Xie yun paper cutting
* Yibo official update NYE show behind the scenes
* XZ studio update banner
* XZ studio update bts of nye and dance break
* Web trending due to wang leehom comment
“Hello Leehom laoshi! I’m very honored to be able to sing Descendants of the Dragon on the New Years stage. Too happy... right now I’m so excited I don’t know what to say”
* GG for wonderful city
* Web looks
* Wusheng Wang Yibo teaser
Tumblr media
* GG X wonderful city snippet
* GG X KXZ sales
* GG greets happy 8th to roseonly
* Web x Lyfen
* Web interview
* GG’s spotlight tops digital song list in both QQ music and Kugou
* GG new pic with roseonly
Tumblr media
* Web x swarovski
* Yibo official posts
* Yibo official posts a comic
* Douyin Awards pre recording, Web wins Douyin King
* Police Day
Tumblr media
* Tencent white paper award. They both won but did not attend the ceremony.
Web : Star Index Annual Variety Star
GG : Star Index Singer of the Year
* Documentary, Rules of my World
* Teaser for wonderful city - GG cannot eat too spicy anymore
* Yibo official posts regarding malicious hot search
* Web is revealed to have missed his flight. Someone posted on Douyin the video of their last call to board.
* Both go on hot search Wang Yibo missed his Flight and Xiao Zhan woke up early to eat bandeng mian.
* Their studios post 1 minute apart from each other. Yibo official initially posted at a different time but deleted.
* GG’s wonderful city episode out
* GG weibo posts his shots of Chongqing and his message to the city.
* GG X Budweiser VCR
* New GG x Roseonly
* Web x Abby’s choice
* LOF last episode airs for VVIP members
* Web teaser for Evisu released
* Web new pictures for Abby’s choice
* Roseonly x GG presale for valentines day
* GG and Web on weibo hot search because Twitter topics officially opened for them
* Release of Web’s Evisu pics link two
* Evisu video shoot
* Web’s “rules of my world” single available on international platforms
* GG confirmed to attend Iqiyi scream night
Appearance links 👇🏼
* Compilation of GG appearance cuts
* XZ studio photoshoot 1
* XZ studio photoshoot 2
* XZ Studio live photos
* GG update on oasis
“New day full of energy!”
Tumblr media
* XZ studio douyin
* Web for Chinese Police Day broadcast - web performs longing for glory
* GG X Marvelous City special ep
* GG posts douyin videos
* Yibo official posts photos for National Police Day
* GG new zhenguoli photo x new flavor
Tumblr media
* Web new Ad for Lenovo
* Web new pictures for Abby’s choice
Tumblr media
* Vogue me - Web
* Teaser for Douyin Star night
* Photographer shared GG’s pictures
Tumblr media
* New roseonly Ad with GG
* Web x Bio-E
* Web douyin update
🌈 DOUYIN AWARDS ( Links 👇🏼)
* Douyin pics on Web’s performance
* Yibo official photoshoot
* Yibo official posts photoshoot video
* Yibo official photo posts
* Yibo official Douyin video of performance
* Web performs ROMW
* Web receives award
* Web receives award with ZLY
* GG red carpet
* XZ studio photoshoot
* XZ studio photoshoot video
* GG receives award
* GG and Web stats on Douyin
* GG douyin interview
* GG x Mengniu TVC
* Web x Lenovo Ad
* Web x Audi Ad
* GG x KXZ&Budweiser collab
* Mengniu Dairy new ambassador - GG with TVC
* Web x Lyfen
* GG Posts on oasis twice
link two
* Web posts his farewell message on the last episode of LOF
* GG VCR for QQ browser
* Web interview for Vogue film
* GG wins popular single of the year ( Guang dian ) at TMEA
* Web x KFC Ad
* Web x MinuteMaid
* XZ studio lunar new year giftbox
* GG wins Charming actor of the year
* Web x Chunzhen
* Yibo Lunar new year gift box
* XZ studio post adding 2 new photos on his 2020 bday shoot
Tumblr media
* Yibo official posts
* GG douyin update
* GG interaction with Andy Lau
* GG new video from photoshoot shared by Chen Man
* New KFC Ad x Web
* Colgate x Web
* Wang Yibo charts and debuts at #14 at Billboard
* Web x Ping An
* Web x KFC
* Web x CCTV 4 new year message
* XZ studio posts
* Yibo official posts January recap
February 2021
* Web x Swarovski
* Web x Youko VIP
* T Magazine China announce Wang Yibo as their cover with limited sale copies of 50k
* New scenes from Doulou Continent released
* GG X BTV Spring festival
* T Magazine China x Web teaser
* Web x T Magazine China Cover
Tumblr media
* GG x roseonly BTS
* T Magazine China x Web photos
* T Magazine China x Web full video
* Web posts on Oasis with Chanel coco crush ring and N5 perfume
* GG X roseonly new picture
* Yibo official posts clarification on rumors that the reflection in his ring is a girlfriend.
The image shared today by Mr. Wang Yibo's Oasis microblog was taken by staff at the daily workplace, and the image reflected on the ring was also taken by staff at the scene. The post in Weibo was removed because the oasis is still booked due to platform rules restrictions. You can go to the oasis to communicate and interact. I hope to respect the facts, not make mistakes or over-interpret
* Update on detained suspects on GG’s case. related to people who cause d a scene and disturbed xz studio office.
* GG x new VCR
* GG X opening screen on Tencent Video
* Web x Head and shoulders
* Web x handwashing vid with ttxs bros
* GG X Mengniu
* T Magazine China BTS video with Web
* At Midnight, Web released a new song in QQ music called “Youth comes in Time” MP3 link :
* Web x Douyin update with interview
* Douluo Dalu premieres on Tencent and CCTV8
* GG posts on wb
“ready to wake up”
Tumblr media
* DC teaser for the premiere
* XZ Studio posts about release of DC
* GG on CCTV8 announcing DC premiere
* Web posts on Wb at 12:00 at the same as XZ studio
* XZ studio update
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* Web x Bravo Youngsters
* Web x Lyfen
* Web x Game for Peace
* Doulou Dalu press conference
* GG announced as Tencent Video Spokesperson
* GG posts on his weibo about Tencent sponsorship
Take a break and get ready to go! I am Tencent Video spokesperson Xiao Zhan. Spring Festival at home, ask Tencent Video for good content recommendations ~ Let me see what you have
* GG releases VCR
* Bazaar announces that Web is the March cover
* XZ studio posts DC episode guide
* XZ studio posts tangsan gifs
* GG Oasis update
Tumblr media
* Web Douyin Update
* Bazaar - Web cover goes on sale with 50k limited copies
* XZ studio douyin update
* Web posts on wb for youku VIP
* Web x Chunzhen
* GG releases ost song with QQ music
* GG interview with Tencent
* MV for GG’s OST song is released
* GG weibo update
“do you have time on New Year's Day? i have something to say. i have set the time and place, just waiting for you to come! at 19:30 on Feb 12 (New Year's Day), CCTV-8, 央视频, CCTV weibo 4hours live broadcast”
* Web x CCTV spring festival gala live broadcast
link two
* GG X Marvelous City - Final
* GG X Ruxi interview Part I
* GG X Roseonly NY VCR
* Web x CCTV interview for spring festival gala
* GG x Interview with tencent
* GG X ruxi interview internet lingo
* XZ studio confirms GG’s attendance at Dragon TV NY show
* XZ studio updates NY greetings with new pictures of GG
* Yibo official changed their profile picture
* Web x Yanjing Beer
* Web x CCTV Spring festival gala performance
* XZ studio updates new pictures
* GG posts on weibo
* XZ studio douyin updates
* Yibo official opens a Douyin account
* Web x KFC
* Yibo-official updates with photoshoot
* Yibo official update
* XZ studio photoshoot one 2021& Winter Olympics
* XZ studio photoshoot two x BTV
* GG X BTV video
* Yibo official NY photoshoot
* Yibo official douyin photoshoot video
* GG X Tencent
* GG interview
* Web posts a selfie on his weibo
* Web seen wearing pink shoes on his flight leaving BJ
* XZ studio photoshoot x Dragon TV
* GG X Ruxi interview
* GG photoshoot XZ Studio
* GG photoshoot XZ Studio
* XZ studio posts BTV Live pics
* XZ studio pics
* GG shares his performance on weibo
* Compilation of GG’s performances on 2/12 - BTV and Dragon TV
link two
* Compilation 2/12
* GG x to those of you who know my name BTS
* The Oath of love weibo update
* Yibo official weibo update
* GG douyin update
* Web x Winter sports ambassador
* Web x CCTV Spring festival gala BTS
* GG X ruxi interview cute moments
* XZ studio douyin update
* GG Douyin update - making marble art for Valentines Day
link two
* Web x Shu Uemura
* GG interviews Tangsan
* GG X Tencent
* Web was trending on We*bo: Singer LiHangliang's daughter feeds WangYibo a piece of candy on DDU.
* Web x Lenovo Ad
* Douluo continent Douyin
* GG X Ruxi interview
Then what are you like when you are with your friends?
I'm someone who likes to listen to other people's opinions and then comprehend what kind of opinion matches mine. Just take in many opinions.
As an actor, how do you deal with friendships?
Honestly I always have a very careful attitude towards making friends. Friends need to have mutual trust, must understand each other and must establish a feeling of safety. Only this way can be counted as friends
After becoming an actor, is it harder to find the opportunity or energy to maintain friendships?
True friendships don't need to be maintained, my old friends and I haven't seen e/o in many years but once we see each other it's still like before. This is how real friends are
Trans: @sunhuas at twitter
* GG X BTV : sings happy birthday to zhang qi
* Web greets Rossi a happy bday on his oasis at 00:13
* Web x Chunzen Douyin
* GG x Ruxi interview
* GG X BTV behind the scenes
* Yibo official post
* Web x Bravo youngsters
* GG interview
* Web x DDU douyin
* Web x Bravo Youngsters
* GG X Interview for Douluo Continent
* GG announced as Weibo King
* Douluo Continent on hot search as the final episode on Tencent VVIP is released.
* All the Douluo Continent BTS
* Web x Redmi
* Web x Shu Uemura
* Web x Redmi Ad
* GG X WeTv interview
* Web x Douyin post
* Web x Pechoin
* GG X Douluo Continent bts dancing
* Web x Bazaar BTS
* Web x Ariel
* Web x SKG
* GG weibo post, attending WB night
* Web x Redmi teaser Ad
* Web x Douyin
* Web x Shu Uemura Ad
* Douluo Continent release photos of the cast photographed by Gabrielle
* DC cast shares set photos
* Web x Safeguard teaser Ad
* Douluo Continent release photoshoot short film
* Web confirms attendance to weibo night
* Douluo continent cast bts photos
* Web x Bazaar mag short interview
210213 沙小荔× YIBO
describe what fashion in one sentence
—“it's attitude, i think as long as you like it”
whats your fav fashion item in 2020
any items that you like to collect?
—“shoes.. hats”
what style in dressing do u like?
—“comfortable! skateboard style a lil bit”
* Web x Colgate ad teaser
* Web x HFP
* Web x Redmi Ad
* Web x Safeguard
Tumblr media
* Lantern festival greeting from Yibo Official
* Yibo official photoshoot
* Yibo official live photos
* Web performs Youth comes in Time @ CCTV Lantern festival gala
The full show
* Yibo official photoshoot video bts
* Yibo official douyin photoshoot video
* Web trending on Weibo “wang yibo baby voice rap”
* Web x Weibo night teaser - 2 days to go
* Web x Redmi 3d billboard
* XZ studio greets happy lantern festival with Tangsan
* Web x Colgate Ad
* Web x Youth comes in Time MV
* GG posts on Weibo “some things to say” as the 227 incidents comes to a full year.
* Web x DDU Douyin
* GG gets award for Guangdian
Tumblr media
🌈Weibo Night
* GG red Carpet
* XZ studio photoshoot
* XZ studio post of live photos
* Web Red Carpet
* Yibo official photoshoot 1
* Yibo Official photoshoot 2
* Yibo official posts live photos
* Yibo official photoshoot bts video
* Web posted on his Weibo
* GG & Yeeebooo cuts on Weibo Night
* Compilation of all photos from various BXG fansites
* Web cuts -
* GG cuts -
* GG & Web off stage
* Compilation of Fancams
* GG & Web together on hot search
Wang Yibo, The Little Prince of the Palace
Xiao Zhan Red Carpet
tries to hold dress train but holds loneliness instead
Hope you guys laugh at me less
* Web x DDU special episode
March 2021
* GG interview backstage with Weibo where he says he loves watching videos of cats and dogs.
* Web x Swarovski Ad
* GG x Douluo continent BTS
* GG x new year wish greeting
* GG X weibo night interview
* Yibo offical Feb recap post
* Web x Safeguard Ad
* Web x Colgate teaser Ad
* Web x Colgate Ad BTS
* DOKI Hot list for Feb 2021 1- GG and 3 - Web
* Web x Safeguard Ad
* GG x Mengniu
* Web x Swarovski
* GG x Douluo Continent BTS
* Web x Home Facial Pro photos
* GG x Kai Xiao Zao
* Web x Home facial pro douyin
* GG X Oasis post “missing you” in reference to his late grandfather.
Tumblr media
* Web x Redmi
* GG X BTS interview talking about bruises
* GG x winter dreams poster teaser
Tumblr media
* GG X Winter dreams video teasers
link two
* GG X roseonly
* GG X winter dreams teaser
* GG X announced as Molsion endorser
link two
* GG weibo post - Molsion Ad
* Molsion GG special packaging
* GG x Douluo continent BTS
* GG x Zhenguoli BTS
* XZ studio photoshoot 👇🏼
* XZ studio X Winter dreams stills 👇🏼
* XZ studio x photos during hockey game 👇🏼
* GG X BTV weibo update
* GG x performing something just like this
* GG X Weibo post
* GG X Winter Dream Full episode
* GG singing Douluo Dalu OST behind the scenes
* Douluo Dalu OST available in itunes and apple music
* Web x T magazine china new pictures
* Web x Abby’s Choice
* Yibo official post update 👇🏼
* Web posts on his weibo with new hair + eleme Ad
* Yibo official posts WILD AID behind the scenes shoot
* Web announced as mentor on Bravo Youngsters to be aired 3/12 @ 9PM
* Web x PingAn
* GG X Molsion new Ad
* Web x Bravo youngsters BTS
* Designer FengChengWang posts about GG’s clothes that he used @Molsion Ad.
* VogueMe posts about GG & Web as artists who looks good with the wet look.
* Xiao Zhan's "Made to Love" ranks at #7 on IFPI’s list of the world's best selling singles in 2020.
* GG X Roseonly
* GG x Douluo Continent BTS
* Douluo Continent reaches 4 Billion views on Tencent
* GG X new molsion Ad
link two
* Web x “中国再出发 (china sets off again)” narration
* GG X Douluo Continent BTS
* GG X Molsion is putting his advertisement in 1600+ cinemas over 160+ cities in china for the entire year.
* Web x Eleme
* Web x Stride teaser for new endorser
* Web x Pechoin
* Web x Nike ( Air Union )
* Yibo official posts photos for Bravo Youngsters
* Yibo official posts video
* Yibo official shares live photos from bravo youngsters
* Full episode Bravo Youngsters:
* Web announced as Strides’s Global ambassador 👇🏼
Ad video 1
Ad video 2
* Yibo official shares photos for the night’s ttxs episode
* Web x Redmi
* GG X CCTV teaser
* GG x CCTV news 40th birthday VCR
* Web hashtag on Douyin has reached 60 Billion views
* Douluo Continent Weibo posts farewell
* XZ studio posts farewell to Tangsan
* GG weibo update, Goodbye to Tangsan
* Yibo official posts against rumors of him dating
* GG X oasis post
* Web x Richora teaser
* Web x Richora sets for sale
* Web x Richora Ad
* Web x Richora pictures
* Web x Richora Ad BTS
* GG x Roseonly constellation series
* Web x Richora Ad
* GG x Weibo update
link two
* GG announced to participate in a stage play
* GG X nike air max
* Web x Richora Ad
* GG X Kai xiao Zao
* GG lawyer’s post and XZ group encourages to stop falsehood
* GG x Hockey pictures 👇🏼
* GG x Winter Dreams BTS
* Web x Eleme
* GG law firm releases statement
* Web x Richora advertisement report
* GG X molsion teaser for new designs👇🏼
* Web announced to star in Faith makes great.
* Web cuts ties with Nike
link two
* Web deletes all his posts related to Nike
* GG X Kai Xiao Zao
* Web x Luoyang set photos
* GG announced as Li-ning ambassador.
* GG x Li-Ning
* Web x China Unicom teaser
* Web x Faith Makes Great
* Web x China Unicom
* Web x China Unicom Ad
* GG goes on weibo hot search for news and info of his rehearsal for a dream like a dream play
* GG X Roborock Ad
link two
* GG X Yu Gu Yao announcement and first look
* GG x Yu Gu Yao opening ceremony
* Douluo Dalu reaches 5 billion views
* Xiao Zhan’s 光点/ Spotlight/ Made to Love has been released on SKorea’s music platforms MELON and FLO under the title <광점> (Gwang Jeom) 肖战 and Spotlight have earned 1st & 2nd spots on MELON search!
* GG X Budweiser ME3 Ad
* GG x Roborock Ad BTS
* Yibo official month end post
April 2021
* Yibo official April fools post
* Web x New Hair
* Yibo-official x Bravo youngsters pictures
* Yibo-official x Bravo youngsters video
* GG x Roseonly
* Yibo official team denies rumours of him being casted in the drama adaptation of The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage.
* GG weibo post condemning the sisheng incident
* GG x 满汉大餐 Ad Teaser
* GG x A dream like a dream rehearsal pictures
Tumblr media
* GG X Man Han photo ad - opening screen on weibo
* GG x Roborock BTS
* Web x Ping An Ad
* GG x Man Han Ad
* Web x Chunzhen
* Web x new shots from Evisu Campaign
Tumblr media
* Web x Luoyang Tourism
* Web x Evisu new picture
* Web x Redmii
* GG X Li-ning new look via their weibo video promoting AW fashion show
* Web x KFC
* GG video in Li-Ning AW Fashion show
* Web x Evisu new shots from the campaign
* GG x OCAK teaser Ad
* GG x 蒂兰圣雪冰淇淋 teaser Ad
* Web x KFC
* GG X Official OCAK commercial
* OCAK gift box set
* Xiao Zhan Studio obtained radio and television program production and operation license from Fujian Provincial Radio and Television Bureau on April 1.
* Web x China Unicom - 300 days countdown to Beijing Olympics
* Web x Chunzhen new picture in preparation for online event and new sales on 4/12
* Web x Chunzhen Ad behind the scenes
* OCAK clarification regarding malicious customer service reps
* GG x Zhenguoli Ad teaser
* Web x Chunzhen
* Web x Redmi
* GG x 蒂兰圣雪冰淇淋 campaign photos
Tumblr media
* GG x 蒂兰圣雪冰淇淋 full Ad commercial
* GG x New zhenguoli Ad commercial
* Yibo official post
* Deluxe ice cream first day sales
* top international songs spotlight and wugan
* GG x Ocak poster
* GG x Man Han noodles poster
* GG x Deluxe ice cream new photo
* GG comments on Na Ying’s post for support
* Web x Teaser for faith makes great
* GG x Zhenguoli new poster
* Web x Ariel
* GG teaser poster for A dream like a Dream play as Patient number 5
* GG X Li ning posters
* GG x Zhenguoli Ad behind the scenes
* Web posts on his weibo for Chanel
* GG posts on oasis as he rehearses for the play in Wuhan
* Web x G shock teaser
Tumblr media
* GG x Roborock Ad behind the scenes
* Web x Ariel commercial
* Web x Bio- e
* Web x DDU photos
* Web poster for G shock watch
* Web x Shu Uemura Ad photo
* Web x Stride commercial
* Web officially announced as G shock’s new endorser
* GG recommending Chongqing noodles
* Web x Photos for Chanel
* GG x deluxe ice cream commercial
* Web x Shu uemura commercial
* Web x Teaser for new endorsement Bank of Communications CC
* GG x VCR in support
* Web x KFC Ad poster
* Web x Bank of communications commercial
* XZ Studio shares photos from A Dream like A Dream rehearsal
* Web x Bank of communications Ad posters
* Web x Bank of communications full commercial
* Web x Oishi Ad posters
* Yibo official post
* Web x Pechoin Ad Picture
* GG x Roseonly Ad Picture
* Web x Faith makes great new trailer snippet
* GG posts on Oasis
Tumblr media
* Web x Minute Maid Ad Video
* GG x Man Han Feast noodles Ad Picture
* GG x Molsion new design Pictures
* Web x Youku VIP Ad Pictures
* Web x Safeguard Ad Video
* Announcement of the thanksgiving live broadcast for GG’s A dream like A Dream
* GG x Roborock Ad picture
* Web x Day Day up pictures
* GG’s A Dream like A Dream stage play Debut ( Links )
Rehearsal photos
XZ studio posts photos
Theatre program write up
Flowers given for GG                                        
GG focus video
Fake kiss scene
A look at the set
GG taking a bow video
GG saying thank you to healthcare workers
Photos from 一肖如梦丨midnightdream :
Photos from 朱砂痣·肖战
29 minutes cut from the live broadcast
Links to repos
Master post
* Web x Redmi Ad Picture
* GG posts on his weibo RE: A dream like A dream
* Web x Safeguard Ad Video
* Web x Safeguard Ad video behind the scenes
* Web x G-shock Ad picture
* Web x G-shock Ad video
* Web x Redmi Ad photo
* GG ‘a dream like a dream’ photos shared by Tino
* Web x Eleme Ad picture
* XZ studio posts regarding stopping of sending flowers
* CONGRATULATIONS TO WANG YIBO for winning best selling digital single of the year in Netease Cloud Music Award 2019-2020 - Rules of My World.
* Web x Ariel Ad video
* GG x oasis update
* Official photos of GG behind the scenes of a dream like a dream
* Bank of Communications’ offline Ads for their campaign with Wang Yibo.
* Article On GG’s play
* Web x Faith makes great
* Web x Pictures for DDU link two
* Web x Redmi Ad picture
* XZ studio posts photos from ‘ a dream like a dream’
* Yibo official posts
* Web x Redmi Ad picture
* Web x Minute maid Ad picture
* Web x HFP Ad video
* Web x Colgate Ad teaser video
* Web x Unicharm Ad GIF
* New photos of GG BTS ADLAD
* Web x Redmi Ad Picture
* Aiman brand endorsements index
* Web x Yanjing beer Ad VCR
* Web x Anta Ad picture
* Web x SKG Ad picture
* Web x Anta Ad picture
* Web x Aux Ad Picture
* Web x Colgate Ad video
* GG x Roseonly Ad Picture
* GG comments on a post about Stefanie Sun
* New OOL poster
* New OOL Trailer
* New BAH trailer
* Gshock 3rd Ad for Web
* Xiao Zhan - Blog World Magazine cover for their special report on A Dream like A Dream
* WYB Gshock Ad video and picture link two
* Web x Minute Maid Ad picture
* WYB x Anta new spokesperson campaign photo and video
* WYB x Anta offline Ads
* XZ public welfare message of safety for Labor Day
* WYB new endorser for AUX Ad video and photos
link two
* WYB for new KFC Coffee online store Ad picture
* XZ Updates douyin with a funny video
* XZ studio posts a vlog of boss eating food from Wuhan
* WYB Shu Uemura video Ad
* XZ for Roseonly Ad Pic - announcement of live show on May 7
* WYB KFC Coffee Ad photos
* WYB Vogue interview
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stormblessed95 · 3 months ago
My Thoughts While Watching Memories 2020 Discs 1 - 3
Had multiple people ask me to post my thoughts and feelings about moments from memories as I make my way through the DVDs. Here are my thoughts condensed and definitely not all of them or over everything from the first 3 discs! 💜💜 Like I said before, I typed most of this out as texts to @1imstillme3 and I'll mostly be copy/pasting over here with some refinements and adds in. If you are not wanting to see spoilers for things in the memories DVDs and talk about moments that happen, please just skip over this post!
Disc 1
BangBangCon The Live
Tumblr media
Track list:
Boyz with Fun
Just One Day
Jamais Vu
Short snippets of UGH and Zero O'clock
Black Swan
Boy With Luv
Spring Day
Tumblr media
This whole first Disc was just the concert performance. It was amazing, as we should all know. My favorite performances personally were Boyz with Fun (Tae and Hobi! And they were all just having fun!), Just One Day (Jin and JK with the rose! the smiles!), the previews of UGH/00:00 (their voices, their engery, Jimin! Yoongi!), the units (i love them so much. Namjoon having a blast in particular and Vmin giggling at the end), Boy with Luv (the umbrellas!!) and Gogo (Jungkook! Their energy!). I'm bad at narrowing things down. Sue me. Also Jungkook laying directly in front of the TV with a giant smile watching Vmin perform friends and then comparing his pinky to Jimins as soon as Vmin get back to the group makes me SOFT. Hobi making bracelets for all the members over Vlive and then giving tbem out to everyone in between songs was the sweetest freaking thing. He is the sweetest man in the world. Protect him. Including ARMY in the group hug at the end was insanely adorable.
Disc 2
BangBangCon Behinds, including VCR, Rehearsals, Dance Practice and D-Day making films:
It was the absolute cutest. Bang bang con morning of interactions and how they all showed up to the set were almost separated by unit which was funny. The 2seokkook unit with Jamais Vu. And then NamGi and Vmin showed up at varying times together too. It was cute.
Hobi, Jin and JK are eating before they get ready for Bang Bang Con and they are 100% parenting the hell outta JK 🤣 worried about his sleep, how he is eating, if he is getting enough sunlight. "I told you to get 30 minutes of sunlight a day, it's good for you" JK just smiling and nodding along.
Hobi leading dance practices and giving advice is one of my favorite things to watch. Like 100% absolutely. And Jin worked so hard, relearning the choreo on his own time since he had to miss group rehearsals the first 2 days.
Jimin took charge a lot during practice with the umbrellas, it was really nice to see him working so hard to get the details right. Hobi stayed later than everyone to review details of their practice all the time and remember what they needed to work harder on the next day. Just main dancer things
Tumblr media
Jimin praising Tae for his idea to do BWL with Umbrellas and the different things he came up with for the performance. And then both Jihope reaching over to touch on him and praise him. It was so sweet and cute.
NamJin saying that their families were watching BBC together too 😭😭 all so precious. It is obvious they all worked so so hard to give us the best show they could. It was clear that it was odd and weird for them to do this performance for the first time without ARMY but they made it work. Yoongi kept saying make some noise anyway and Jin kept trying to include us in their conversations regardless. JK kept reading the comments and being so cute. I love them so much!
Disc 3
MOTS7 Dance Practice Film:
Remember the clip of JM teaching Tae cartwheels and how soft it was? What they didn't include was JK being junping when he saw them and teasing V by saying HE can do cartwheels and being like I can even do it on both sides. And then did some cartwheels and almost kicked Jin in the face 🤣🤣🤣 Suga also was so perplexed. He was asked what are you doing like 3 times and finally was just "No really. Why are we doing cartwheels right now? What is happening?" And JK was doing his cartwheels and vmin totally ignored him to continue doing their own thing. Namjoon also was asking why they are doing this right now and was confused. Lmao just Maknae line things I guess. But still that was such a cute moment with Vmin.
Jimin is so hardworking. So talented. He took charge so much with helping the members with things and with his solo dances here
Tumblr media
Everyone complaining about being stiff and needed to stretch more because of so much practice. Everyone expect 3J, dancers extraordinaire.
MOTS7 Jacket Shooting Film:
Jin should be illegal omg. He bodied this whole shoot. Every single concept. But Especially the first one. My goodness.
3J have so much fun together. It's not stop laughs every single time they do anything and they slay it at the same time. One of my favorite units ever. There was SO MUCH jihope in the MOTS7 jacket shooting video as a whole. Hobi was all over Jimin quite often.
Tumblr media
The pyramid photo shoot was the most chaotic thing I witnessed through this whole jacket shoot. They could not stop giggling. There was so much ass grabbing. JK laying his whole body on top of Jimin connecting at every body point, literally don't think he was on anyone but JM lol. Tae looked like he grabbed Jimin's ass at one point. Tae with his hands all over Jins hips. Hobi literally grabbing and shaking Jins ass. All the hands going everywhere. All the guys teasing each other, Jin yawning. Honestly was this just an excuse to touch each other? You don't need one! 🤣 Suga just peacefully perched on top of everyone else with no worries of being squished
Honestly this whole shoot was just them having fun and sharing their positive energy with each other.
Shadow and Ego Making Films:
When Jimin visited Hobi on the Ego set he said he drove 3 hours to see him. And got all shy when Hobi was telling him how good he looked and he was dressed so nicely. And Jimin said he wanted to look nice to see Hobi 🥺 All the other guys were recording for the album so Jimin couldn't stay long because he wanted to also visit Yoongi and then he also had to go and do some recording. They work so hard and Jimin still made sure he went to see Sope on their sets and you can see how much it meant to both Hobi and Yoongi to see him and get that visit. They both perked up and had more energy after Jimin left and they continued shooting. Jimin gave them so many compliments and told Yoongi how cool he was and the set was when he watched him shoot for a bit. And he brought them both ice cream treats. An angel
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sope were also so sweet and clingy even though they weren't together. Talking about each other and wondering how they were doing for their shoots since it was at the same time. Video calling each other during break. Getting videos from the staff of what the other was doing AT THE MOMENT on their set lol just the most precious bond 🥺🥺
Black Swan MV Making Film:
Remember how everyone was saying jimin was jealous of the taekook backhug at the end of the black swan MV shooting? Or that JK was trying to make him jealous or that they broke up. Or there was some kind of tension between KM? Yeah, we get like an extra like 3 or 4 minutes of them talking during that part in memories and through that whole time, TK are just looking at Jimin like he hung the moon and the stars as he laughs and talks about the MV. How they shooting in LA and how cool Hobi is for shooting CNS internationally here in LA before. And him smiling and looking fondly back at the both of them. Jimin was laughing and having a good time but also he was exhausted. When it wasn't his turn to talk, he wasn't as animated, he was tired. If he made eye contact with TK, he looked so fond at them, and if someone else spoke to him, he responded with smiles. He was so obviously not upset and TK weren't doing anything wrong and JK wasn't trying to be petty. He looked so in love with JM honestly. We know how much he liked Jimins black swan look.
Tumblr media
I talk ALOT about my other favorite parts of the black swan memories stuff in previous posts. You can find them on my masterlist under "Jikook posts" and then "memories 2020" topic. My favorite moment from the black swan MV making is definitely the overly flirty way they were speaking to each other when Jimin was teasing JK about getting to go home before he found out that he had to stay late with JK to be his shadow. The way he used honorifics with JK and their tone of voice. The flirt level was intense. Lmao
ON Kinetic Manifesto Making Film:
Tkkrs speading a clip around of JK checking out Tae and making it seem like a sexual thing from On Kinetic Manifesto shooting film. Cutting out the before and after bits that are actually 3J all checking out and complimenting Tae on his temporary tattoos and outfit for the shoot since he just finished getting them done and finally joined the rest of the guys 🤣🤣 He was the last one out and made a wonderful entrance. His tattoos and outfit were striking and deserving of compliments. It wasn't a sexual check out it. It was a hype up session between the dance line. I loved seeing it. It also highlights yet again, the important of context. There was no full body "I want him" check outs. It was a check out of his new tattoos down his neck/chest and face. Which, understandable. Hobi also told him that he was bringing out his inner demon for the song. Loved it!!
Jhope while reviewing footage for ON, why did all the clips I see cut it before Jhope went "wow that was hot Jimin" after they saw his shoulder move. Jimin just yes, yes thank you. And them all saying that Jimin exposing skin would bring them in more views. Lmao the ARMY call out was NOT necessary.
Tumblr media
Jins jacket was not silver?! They decided they had too many members in black jackets so they spray painted his black leather jacket on the set!
ON MV Making Film:
Jin acted out his feelings of despair during the ON MV with the dead Dove by imagining he had worked super hard to get to max level 100 on a game and then his account was deleted and he had to start over 🤣🤣 Why are they like this? I love them.
Jin, JK and Hobi were the only ones shooting on Day 1. Hobi scolded JK teasingly to make sure he lays down and plays dead properly during his scene. When JK got to leave first, Jhope asked him to wait for him and JK just was like "what?" No idea if he waited or ditched him for home. Lol
Tae being the sweetest boy while everyone else ate snacks during JKs solo shoot, Tae went and delivered and hand fed snacks to the crew that was around and camera men and fhen fed JK a snack as soon as the camera stopped rolling. He was making sure everyone who still had to be working still got to enjoy the tasty snacks 🥺 An Angel. We don't deserve him.
Tumblr media
Vmin dancing and being so sweet together to show the young girl on set with them how to dance so that then she could do it with Tae too. He dipped Jimin and then dipped her and I melted. They are so good with kids. The smiles were SO BIG.
SBS Inkigayo Making Film:
Vmin accounts posting Tae tapping Jimins ass as they get ready to perform black swan. Jikook accounts posting JM tapping JKs ass in the black swan pose. Reality: JM tap JK ass, Tae tap JM ass, JM tap JK, Tae tap JM.... JK confusion 🤣 Vminkook ass tapping chain
Jin and Jimin bickering over the black swan inkigayo stage. Jimin teasing that he got a lot better but he needed to move back in time so thay JM could get in. Jin saying it was the stages fault because he can communicate with the stage and it told him to dance longer. Why are they like this?!
Please. Yoongi said the stylists dressed him up in a space suit and asked if they were sending him to NASA 😂 his outfit for Inkigayo week 2 performance lmfao
Taekook being silly with the choreo before practice and then convincing all the hyungs (with Jins help) to do finger hearts during the ON bridge part since it's the last performance for the show they are filming to show ARMY love. Everyone was trying to convince Hobi to do the heart thing on stage officially since it was technically their last performance for the show. And Hobi didn't truly get on board with it until Jimin did. And when I say Jihope main dancers and the unofficial performance directors for the Tannies, this is what I mean!
When they did the hearts for the stage, everyone laughing super hard at Tae's cute heart. Namjoon told him to do it the same way for the offical recording. And then giggling over JKs dramatic heart while he sings HIS heart out on the bridge. Everyone, except Jimin. Jimin looks so freaking endeared and fond watching that playback during JKs heart part 🥺 I melted. He loves him soooooo much.
Namjoon and Jimin talking about how sad they were that they weren't performing with ARMY is taking me out 😭 Yoongi giving Jimin his signature comfort smile as he passes by knowing Jimin is sad 😭 and JK coming up to rub his neck/shoulder briefly to comfort him. Omgggg.
Wow! Okay, so that's it for the first 3 discs. Obviously this isn't even close to everything that happened. I mostly just discussed what personally stood out to me. For more in depth stuff over some Jikook moments in memories, be sure to check out my masterlist. I'll post more parts to this as I make my way through memories if people want me too! Thanks! I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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ave-aria · a year ago
Ectober Week 2020 Day 3: Rewind Summary: Maddie can't believe what she's seeing on the security tape. In shock, she hits rewind. Tags: Reveal fic, Blood, Angst, Implications of character death, Tragedy, Trauma, Oneshot
Maddie keeps her eyes on the tv screen as the figures wind their way backwards to the start of the video. She won't look away. Can't. Doesn't dare.
If she looks away, she'll have to focus on something else. The quiet, dusty lab around her. The uncleaned ecto-weapons by the door. The green blood smattered on the blade.
The hollow, empty house looming over her head…
The video hiccups a bit as she hits the start of the feed. Old VHS tapes are odd like that, buzzing out with static where the film wore thin from too many pauses and restarts. It's a sign she's hit the beginning. Maddie presses play.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
It was an old security tape, filched from the lab. Onscreen, three teenagers, her son at the lead, slip into the camera's field of view. Maddie leans closer, enraptured by the movement, even though she's seen this moment enough times to have it seared into her brain.
Maybe, if she focuses hard enough, she can learn the secret - how to rewind her own mistakes, go back to a time when none of it has happened, just like in the video.
"Whoa, check it out! This thing's huge! I can't believe your parents built this!" A pause, while the kid adjusts his glasses. "Bummer that it doesn't work though, dude."
"Damn. Was it really supposed to open a portal to the underworld?"
"It's 'The Ghost Zone,' Sam. And yeah. My parents were pretty heartbroken when it didn't work. It kinda just… fizzled out. I hope they're not too upset."
The detached, clinical angle of the shot doesn't do the moment justice. Danny'd always been such a kind boy, thoughtful and empathetic to a fault. Maddie's throat closes up a little, leaving her struggling to breathe. They had been upset. Unbearably so. Their life's work - as Danny put it - fizzled out before their very eyes. It'd been a hard loss to take, one that she and Jack might never have recovered from, had the Portal not miraculously started working on its own, days later.
God. Now she almost wishes it hadn't.
A bright flash draws her from her reverie. Maddie blinks at the screen. A camera flash. In her distraction, she's missed part of the video; Tucker's casual "Lighten up, dude,", Sam's request for a photo op, Danny grabbing a hazmat suit to pose with while she dug the device from her backpack.
"—Got it," Sam waves the printed Polaroid to air out the negative.
"Okay. I showed you the portal. Can we get out of here now? My parents could be back here any minute."
Where had they been that day, anyway? Maddie wonders. Grocery shopping? Visiting the park? Moping, as they tried anything to get their minds off of their most recent failure? If they'd been there —
If they'd been there—
"Come on, Danny," comes Sam's voice, treacherous in its fascination. "A Ghost Zone? Aren't you curious?"
Danny looks into the Portal, clutching the custom white suit made specially for him. Sam smirks, knowing. "You gotta check it out."
Maddie hits pause.
"You gotta check it out."
Pause. Rewind.
"You gotta check it out."
"—gotta check it out."
The remote feels cold and heavy, like ice in her hand. In that moment, a selfishness grips her. She could blame Sam. For all if it. Everything that happened, it all started here, and it started because—
—But she can't blame Sam, because the next moment, Danny turns back, his eyes sparkling with an adventurous spirit. It's a spark of curiosity, brimming at the thought of the unknown; a look she's all too familiar with, one she's seen often on her daughter's face, her husband's - even her own, in the mirror.
"You know what? You're right. Who knows what kind of awesome, super cool things exist on the other side of that Portal?"
That curiosity, it's a Fenton trait, not one that needs to be stoked like a fire. That spark's been burning within him, since the cradle.
"Don't go in," she whispers, as if her advice could change the course of history. Even if he could hear her, though, it would be no use. He can no more resist the call than he can resist breathing.
He pulls on the hazmat suit. Skintight, white with black edging. It's like staring at a photo-negative. Watching her son, Maddie's stomach twists.
How couldn't she see it before?
"Alright. I'm going in." He says. His first footsteps echo, loud, in the hollow of the blacked out Portal…
Maddie's breath shudders in. She grips the remote and, before she can stop herself, hits the button.
She watches as her son walks backwards, double-time, out of the entrance to the Portal. The panic that gripped her fades.
"Mads?" From somewhere up above, echoing down the staircase, comes her husband's voice. Maddie is glued to the video screen, and almost doesn't hear him. Regardless, she definitely can't answer. What would she even say?
"Maddie?" His heavy footsteps echo in the stairwell, trudging closer. "Are you down there?"
A hitch in the tape. Maddie presses play.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
Drawn by the sound, Jack trudges the rest of the way down the narrow staircase. She feels a slight reverberation in the floor when he reaches the landing behind her. She doesn't turn around.
"The police called back. Officer McNally said he'd file a missing persons report, and they promised to keep their eyes open. But—" she hears the way uncertainty causes his voice to die in his throat when she doesn't turn to greet him. After a long moment of silence, he draws up to her side. "What are you watching?" he asks at last.
"It kinda just… fizzled out. I hope they're not too upset."
Question. He'd asked a question. Maddie swallows and struggles to answer. "Security tapes," she chokes out.
Understanding, an incomplete kind, dawns on Jack, and vigor jumps back into his bones. "Mads, that's brilliant!" he booms. "Why didn't I think of it? He comes into the lab all the time! We can use the security tapes to see when he last—"
"I found this tape in Danny's room," she interrupts.
Again, his voice falters in confusion.
"Under the bed," she elaborates, as if that will help. And continues watching, detached.
"Can we get out of here now? My parents could be back any minute."
The flickering light of the tv fills the lab, ominous in its glow. Jack hesitates. Maybe he's picked up on the subtext by now. Maddie can picture his eyes drifting from the staticy screen to the items in front of it, scattered across the table. He reaches out fro the shoebox sitting beside the tv. Taped to its front, written in the cursive, unmistakable scrawl of their son's handwriting, is a note that reads:
'If I Never Come Home'
"Maddie, what is this." Jack's voice is uncharacteristically heavy. Looking to her for guidance. For answers.
For once, she has none to give.
"Watch," Maddie whispers, still trapped by the screen. Automatic, her fingers hit the button.
With no other options to grasp at, he does.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
Watches as the kids approach the Portal.
"Aren't you curious?"
Watches as their son zips up the hazmat suit.
"Alright, I'm going in."
Watches as he disappears into the empty cavity of their greatest invention.
Watches as it thrums to life, with a scream.
"Da—Danny no!" Jack yells in tandem with the two remaining teens. He lurches forward, hand outstretched, to stop the agony onscreen. "He's not - when did he -"
"It's old, Jack," Maddie whispers. "From when the Portal started working."
Jack spins to stare at her. "You mean - Danny's the one who—" he's visibly struggling with the information, the same way she did, on her first viewing. "But—he never said—"
Right, Madie thinks. He never said anything. Jack's confusion is laughable, though. Why Danny never told them—that much is painfully clear.
"Guys?" Over the yelling and the panicking and the electric cackle from the Portal, their son's terrified voice cuts through the din. "G-guys help, what's happening?!"
Tucker and Sam are black silhouettes stumbling backwards from a swirling green glow, but they freeze and scramble to right themselves, lurching forward to catch someone as he stumbles through the gate.
Phantom - Danny - emerges from the portal, falling to his knees.
"…No," Jack says. Disbelief is thick in his voice. "That can't be… no."
Maddie lifts the remote.
A flash of light. A curdling scream. A shock of confusion, panic, scramble.
Danny Phantom stumbles from the portal.
Jack stares for a long time. Then he reaches out, snatching the lid of the shoebox for a second look at the evidence. The note, accusatory, stares back at them.
"This is how he tells us." Jack doesn't often whisper, but it seems like he can't do anything else. Her husband looks at the empty shoebox, the screen, the VCR. "Our son is Danny Phantom, and this is how he tells us. I…" he trails off.
Maddie almost can't believe it, how easily Jack arrives at the conclusion. It took her twelve viewings for her to wrap her mind around it, and it still hasn't really sunk in. But then, that's always been Jack's strong poing - those intuitive leaps of logic. Ones every scientist both loathed and envied.
"Did it kill him?" he moves seamlessly onto the next question that tripped her. Somehow, Jack's voice is even quieter this time.
Maddie shakes her head no. If they watch the video long enough, about ten minutes in, Danny manages to change his way back to human. If their invention did kill him, it wasn't permanent. Not that time, at least.
She's too close to thinking about it.
"But—" she can't stop Jack from thinking, though. He barrels on, heedless of breaking the fragile grasp Maddie has on her sanity. "But if all this time — Phantom—"
A hitch in the tape.
"We've been—"
Press play.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
"—Don't tell me we've been trying to waste our own kid—"
If Maddie weren't so detached, she might laugh. Waste. God, he can't even say it.
"Trying?" she asks instead. Bitter, the word sticks to her tongue.
She's not looking at the tape now. She's looking at him. And Jack, oh, Jack, he just stares down at her, a dark horror growing in his eyes.
He whips around to look at the bloodied weapons sitting at the base of the stairs.
Exactly where they left them two days ago, after that nasty ghost fight. When they came home to find a broken house, their daughter crying at the kitchen table, and their son just - gone.
"No." Jack backs up a step. "No no no no no no no—"
A flash of light. A curdling scream—
In an instant, Jack is moving. He snatches up weapons, whatever he can find, and bolts for the staircase, vaulting his way up to ground floor. Distantly, Maddie hears the doors slam. The RV thrumming to life. The screech of tires as Jack peels out of the driveway.
In the cold wake of his departure, Maddie turns back to the tv. She should go after him, she knows. But she's not quite done watching. Jack's always been a man of action, after all, but she's the analytical one, who studies, who marvels, who gathers the facts she sees.
Phantom, onscreen, slumps against his friends while he drips ectoplasm to the floor. He stares down at his white-gloved hands, his glowing green eyes wide in shock. Maddie wonders if he knew, then, what would become of him. What his parents, who raised him, who swore to protect him, would do.
She can't face those questions. Not yet. Not yet. Instead, she lifts the remote.
And rewinds.
A good scientist, a rational scientist, never draws conclusions while she's still gathering evidence. So as long as she's still watching—
A hitch in the tape. She's at the beginning. Maddie presses play.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
As long as she keeps watching, she doesn't have to do anything with this information. All she has to do is watch.
So she watches. She rewinds. And she plays. She can't look away—
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here—"
She doesn't dare.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down h—"
All she can do is rewind—
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let y—"
And rewind—and rewind—
"Mom and Dad would kill me if—"
Until she finds evidence contrary to her theory…
"Mom and Dad would kill me—"
Or she finds Its inevitable End.
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew I let you down here."
"Mom and Dad would kill me if they—"
[AO3] [FFN]
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chai-tealattae · 9 months ago
Pen Pals
Tumblr media
soul mate /ˈsōl ˌmāt/
noun; a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.
✒️ Pairing: Taehyung x reader
✒️ Genre: Fluff
✒️ Word Count: 2.4k
✒️ Warnings: Swearing
A/N: This is my first fic pls be nice AKSDK
You tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. Tomorrow was your 21st birthday, the day your soulmate connection would be revealed to you. You’d heard stories from your parents, family friends, and even some of your friends that were a year or two older than you about the different connections. What if you got one that would make it damn near impossible to find them? What if your soulmate was older than you, and already knew, but gave up since you were too young? You sighed and laid flat on your back, staring at the ceiling, giving up on your futile attempts at a decent night's sleep, your mind hot with the different scenarios baking within it.
The next morning, you groaned and begrudgingly swung your legs over the side of your bed, stretching as you opened the curtains, the mid morning sunlight flooding into your room. You cringed slightly at the brightness, your eyes struggling to adjust. Yawning as you walked into your kitchen, deciding on a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Scrolling through your phone as you ate, you smiled as you read the birthday wishes from your friends and family. After replying to as many as you felt like doing, you opened Twitter to see what fresh hell awaited you on your timeline. Surprisingly there wasn't really anything bad being mercilessly tweeted about.
The one thing that caught your eye was the lovely photo on your screen, tweeted a couple hours ago, staring back at you. It was embarrassing how infatuated you were with a certain man by the name of Kim Taehyung. He was the perfect man, in all honesty, by your standards at least. He was devilishly handsome yet charmingly adorable from the tip of his nose down to his toes, the smallest details all adding to the things that caused him to worm his way into your heart.
You smiled as you saved the picture to your camera roll before setting your phone down on the table. Your smile quickly turned into a surprised squeak as you felt an oddly ticklish sensation on your wrist, and you stared down at it in shock. Appearing on your skin before your eyes was writing, but it wasn't just any writing. It was a greeting.
This must be it, your soulmate bond. You didn’t know anyone personally with this particular bond, but you’d read about it through your countless nights of curiosity and excitement driven research.
You nearly tripped on your own feet as you scrambled to find some kind of writing utensil, eager to respond to the stranger. Not just a stranger. Your soulmate. You felt your heart rate quicken just at that thought. You found a pen on your counter, quickly scribbling a response below their message.
“Hello!” You wrote back. Not 30 seconds later, you felt the tickling sensation again, impatiently tapping your pen on the counter as you awaited their response.
“It’s you! You’re finally getting my notes!” You smiled to yourself, your late night suspicion confirming itself. They were definitely older than you, but hopefully not by much. You’d hate if you left your soulmate waiting for too long for you.
“How long have you been trying?” You wrote, a little smaller this time near the ditch of your elbow, so you wouldn’t take up too much valuable space on your skin. You bit your lip as you felt your skin tingle again, hoping it wasn’t too bad-
“Four years” Four years. Four whole years they’d been writing on themselves with no response. You sighed, feeling awful. Well, at least you knew how old they were. Twenty-five, twenty-six tops, if their birthday was coming up sometime soon.
“I'm sorry you waited so long… today is my 21st birthday” you wrote back, twisting your arm at a slightly awkward angle as you did this. You smiled softly, growing familiar with, and anticipating the feeling as they wrote.
“Happy birthday :)” Was written there. You smiled and wrote your thanks, not really sure how to proceed with finding them. You’d read that there were specific guidelines when it came to the different connections, things you weren’t able to do, since that would make finding your soulmate too easy. Things like their exact location, names, things of that nature. The catch is, you were able to reveal that when you were in the same vicinity. As if trying to find them wouldn’t be hard enough.
Over the next month or so, you’d learned that your soulmate was a man that was born in South Korea (you didn’t know how you’d ever be able to swing a trip there, or vice versa). You learned that he enjoyed drawing, painting, photography, singing and dancing. He was fun to talk to (at least until there wasn't any more space on either of your bodies for more ink). He had a pretty time consuming career from what he told you, but he still liked to draw you pictures to wake up to, or write you little good morning messages. You found yourself becoming incredibly fond of him, even without ever seeing his face.
One day, you found yourself staring at your laptop and phone screens, focusing excruciatingly hard on trying to score tickets to see BTS in your city. After nearly missing the opportunity, and a decent amount of money you’d surely have to pull quite a bit of overtime to make up for, you scored a decent seat for their show in a couple months. Eager to share the news with someone, you wrote on your arm.
“I just got tickets to see BTS!!” You wrote with a shaky hand, your already poor penmanship suffering even more. This would be your first time seeing them, seeing the man you’d had your eyes on for so long.
Taehyung smiled when he felt you were writing or perhaps drawing something for him. He loved reading your short messages about your day, getting to know you. Over the past months he was growing more and more impatient, half tempted to fly to the States and wing it. His heart nearly thudded out of his chest when he read what you wrote.
“I just got tickets to see BTS!!”
Holy shit. This was good. This was great, actually. Now he knew you were a fan. Jimin looked over when he saw the stupid grin plastered on his bandmate’s face.
“What is it, Taehyung-ah?” He asked. Taehyung didn’t answer verbally, just angled his arm so Jimin could see what you wrote. He broke into his own smile. “Oh this is good! Maybe you're closer to meeting her than you thought.” He said, patting the younger man’s back. Taehyung smiled with a nod, you being the only thing occupying his mind at the moment.
It was the day of your concert and you could barely contain your excitement. You barely slept the night before, knowing you would be exhausted, but couldn't find it in yourself to care all too much. You’d been waiting for what seemed like forever for this day, and weren't going to let anything, not even your lack of sleep, ruin it for you.
The day seemed to drag even longer than usual, before you figured it was a good time to start getting ready. You got dressed in an outfit that you purchased specifically for this event, a more affordable version of the Dior outfits Rap Line sported during their performances of Tear, and you put on your TaTa headband as the final touch. You know, so everyone knew specifically who you were there for. You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time, smiling and letting out an excited squeak as you grabbed everything you would need, before you made your way to the venue.
The venue was absolutely packed. There was no way you’d be able to even get any merch without missing half the concert standing in that line. You sighed quietly to yourself and went to your seat, busying yourself with syncing your lightstick so it would light up with everyone else's. You looked around from your seat, in awe about how many people were here. Crazy how many people could fit into one space.
While you waited for the concert to start, you decided to write him a message about how excited you were, and that you would keep him updated throughout the show. You decided to draw a small heart on your hand, in the space between your pointer finger and thumb, just because. You smiled when you saw his words appear on your arm.
“Have fun <3”
Oh, you would. You would have the time of your life. Little did you know, in more ways than one.
Taehyung knew you had to be here somewhere. You just had to be. He ran a hand through his perfectly groomed hair, effectively rendering his stylist’s hard work useless. He couldn’t help it. Not when he knew his soulmate was in this building. His mind started to race. What if you didn’t want to be with him? What if you liked one of the other members better than him? What if you couldn’t deal with his lifestyle? He was pacing now, and everyone but him seemed to notice.
“Taehyung-ah, relax. I’m sure everything will work out fine.” Namjoon smiled reassuringly. Taehyung nodded and let out a breath, sitting down. They were called to start getting into position, and Taehyung knew he had to do it, now or he wouldn’t have time, and you would slip through his fingers. He pulled out his pen, writing one word on his forearm in larger than usual letters. He put his pen in his pocket, heading to where his microphone and earpieces were waiting for him, hoping you would see his message.
When the concert started, you could barely focus on anything else other than the men on stage in front of you. You felt the familiar tickle on your arm that your soulmate had written you, though you ignored it for the time being. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of Taehyung, witnessing his incredible stage presence and the massive amount of fan service he was giving was mesmerising, to say the least.
When time for the intermission came around, and the VCRs played on the big screens, you took a moment to see what your soulmate wrote to you. You gasped when you saw the big, capital letters spread along the length of your forearm.
There was no way. Absolutely no fucking way. Kim Taehyung was not your soulmate. You had to have been some sort of saint in your previous life to deserve such treatment from the universe. You stared at your arm for a few more seconds in complete disbelief, before taking your pen out of your pocket, writing your name under his on your arm. A minute later, you felt him writing, and you anxiously chewed at your lip as you awaited his response.
“Where are you?”
You hurriedly scribbled your section and seat number, your brain barely able to process what was happening.
Within 5 minutes, there was a man approaching you, asking you to confirm your name. When you did, he told you to come with him, you did without asking any questions. The man led you backstage, and you looked around, frantically trying to find the familiar face in the crowd of stage hands.
When your eyes finally met his, you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Was it anxiety? Excitement? A spicy mixture of both? You couldn’t really tell, but there were some things you needed to see. His long legs effortlessly closed the distance between you, until you were standing toe to toe. You looked up at him and he looked down at you, neither of you truly believing you were here at this moment. You studied his face for a moment, then without a word, you took his hands, inspecting them. There it was. You brought your hand up and compared, the tiny heart you drew on your hand matching the one on his. He rolled up his sleeves, revealing the messages you’d written to each other throughout the day.
“Y/N…” He said quietly, only loud enough that you could hear. “I finally found you. You’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”
“I can’t believe it’s you.” You said as you looked up at him, tears beginning to form in the corners of your eyes.  He smiled and brought his hand to gently cup your cheek, his thumb lightly brushing against your cheekbone.  
“Are you disappointed?” He asked with a chuckle, his tone teasing. You shook your head, letting out a quiet laugh.
“Not even a little bit.” You reassured him, smiling softly. He gave you a toothy grin before leaning down and closing the small space between you, and you couldn’t help but melt when his lips finally met yours. The kiss was soft and careful, as if he was testing the waters. When you pushed slightly against his lips, he deepened the kiss just a little more.
He was the first to pull away, seemingly remembering his surroundings, and you caught the faintest tint of pink creep onto his face. It was almost time for him to go back on stage, and he rested his forehead against yours for a moment, his eyes locked with yours as he intertwined your fingers with his.
“Wait for me? I plan to talk to you for hours, now that I can finally hear your voice.” He said, and you nodded without hesitation. He smiled widely before pressing a kiss to your forehead, jogging off to wherever it was he was needed. You sat on the couch that was there for the members beside the stage, running a hand through your hair. Never in your wildest dreams did you think something like this could happen. Not to you, at least. You felt him writing again, and this time, you paid full attention to the words appearing along your arm.
“I love you.”
Your heart skipped a beat as you read those 3 words, pulling out your pen and writing your response.
“I love you too.” You wrote, carefully, easily readable. Never had you meant something more in your life. You couldn’t wait for him to come back to you, for him to execute his plan. After what felt like a very long time, you couldn’t wait to finally begin your life with the man you happily called your soulmate.
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wonhoarctic · 6 months ago
flash | lee hoseok (wonho)
word count: 2.2K
resquest: hii! may i request a wonho angst fic, please? 🥺🥺 thank you in advance!! (i've translated to english)
a/n: hi love! ofc you can, here's your request, by the way, i hope you like it!! ah, and you don't need to be like this with me, we're friends!! (i was going to write it in portuguese but idk if there are people who use to read this, and i did something with ain't about you and with you, that are your favorite songs!! <3
pairing: idol!wonho x idol!fem reader
genre: angst, but with some fluff and smut undertones
contains: wonho can't help but remember about you, lee y/n, the love of his life, his wife and the mother of his beautiful daughter, in the middle of an online concert he's holding, specially when performing his new song flash, which was made just or you (the songs are not in order of albuns!! it's all mixed)
flashbacks are in italic!!!
tw// death, car accident, sasaengs!!
Tumblr media
the concert started out with the 'smutty songs', so he wouldn't cry at the beginning, but he couldn't help but remember about when he wrote with you, thinking about you two, loving each other until the morning, or having some rough sex, it depended on the mood, but it was about you two, and he couldn't help but remember; your blissed out face, the sounds you made just for him, mewls, whimpers and moans, just for him, the love bites and scratches you leaved on his skin at hidden places so no one would figure out, your scent, your taste... everything came back to his mind in that moment
hoseok wished he could be at least turned on from the memories he had, but he was broken, he couldn't be nothing but sad remembering about his love, his sweet y/n, who's not here anymore to comfort him after a bad day, to take care of him when he's sick, to make love to him, to kiss and cuddle, to cook his favorite ramen flavors, and to help him to take care of your newborn baby, to help him to change diapers when he don't know what to do, to see you breastfeeding the sweet embodiment of your love... how he wished you were there at that moment, he couldn't believe that you'd left him, that you had left your family
he swore he lost his energy after singing open mind, thinking that he couldn't handle that anymore, he just wanted to lay on the ground and cry, hoping you could hear him and come to cuddle and comfort your husband, but wonho knew you wouldn't come
when lose started to play, he smiled a bit while singing, remembering how you got moody when you entered the set to support him and saw your man hugging the actress by behind, the same way he used to do with you while cooking or doing something important, or when he wanted to talk with the baby during your pregnancy
your pouty face was the death of him, he remembered exactly the texture of your lips on his when he was saying how sorry he was
"you're not going to say a word to me, baby?" you shook your head no "okay, so..." he leaned forward to kiss you, taking care of your growing stomach "do you forgive me now?"
"u-ugh, fine" you blushed, hearing his giggle "but please, do it with me the next time" you laughed
"i swear that in my next mv, you'll be the actress, and our little princess needs to be there too, right?" he smiled
when the sexy concept songs ment ended, a vcr came out, and he made sure to include you on the behind the scenes of the concert, the few last clips of you two together, you helping him with choreographies and figurines, a long video of you guys choosing the right outfits for open mind mv (yeah, he did some of them without the help of his staffs) playing while he changed and prepared himself to the other ment
when lost in paradise started to play, while he sang, hoseok couldn't help but remember that day in which he asked you to marry him, he asked you to be the woman of his life, and he also remembered about your wedding day, smiling widely while thinking about when the two of you started a life
'i got a feeling it's you' said the lyrics, and yes, he got that feeling, and he was completely right, it was you, the love of his life
the wedding ceremony has ended, you two were at a hill, even though he has acrophobia, he insisted to have a wedding at that place, he felt safe in your arms, and now, the two of you looked at the place, seeing the lake below you, and the beautiful view you had from the little forest, his hands still on your hips
"how does it feel to be finally my wife, love?" he smiled
"i feel like... i feel like this is all a dream" you said, caressing the hand on your hip with your other one "and i don't want to wake up. never."
he smiled widely, turning to face you, his hand still in your hip, while the other one caressed your face, carefully wiping the joyful tears that escaped from your eyes, trying his best not to ruin your makeup
"i wanted this dream to come true so bad... i feel like i'm in paradise now" he said "and i'm so happy that our dream finally came true, y/n, i love you so much, and i'll love you forever" he whispered, kissing you
yes, it was true, maybe he was really lost in paradise with you, but now, you weren't there anymore, just memories about you
even losing you seemed to have a different meaning now..... how he wished he could be there to save you, he wanted to protect you
now, it was the interview time, and he wasn't all smiley like before, and the interviewer wasn't helping that much
"so, wonho-ssi... some of your fans noticed that you're not smiling too much today... what happened?" she asked him
"i wasn't going to talk about it, but i can't hide it from wenees anymore..." he sighed "it's just that... every single thing i do here remember me from y/n, my lovely wife, who's not here anymore"
"and what happened to her?" the interviewer didn't seemed to be aware of the situation
"there might be some wenees who don't know what happened... okay, i'll explain" he felt himself getting braver to talk about what was making he lose his sleep "i've hid about my relationship with y/n for about 7 years, but when we got married, i knew lots of fans would talk about it, so our relationship became public... how could i hide this from my precious wenees? i wanted my fans to know about my family" he felt the tears starting to run on his cheeks "i was so happy when i announced that she was pregnant... i thought wenees would be happy, too, but unfortunately, some of them started to become aggressive towards y/n" he was sobbing, even the interviewer couldn't held her tears, starting to feel guilty by asking him that "some obsessive fans started to stalk her when eunbi turned 5 months old and she started to sing again... and near to our princess' 11 month anniversary, when y/n was coming back from mcountdown, some of those wen..." he corrected himself "those sasaengs collided with her car, they were at a high speed, so it was a huge accident, and she didn't resisted..." he was angry, sad, he couldn't help but cry "i couldn't thank her to be with me, to be the mom of my precious daughter... i couldn't say a last 'i love you'... the last thing we did together as artists was the ain't about you mv... and that morning, the last thing she did before going out was to feed our baby girl, and kiss me..." i miss her so much... please, y/n, come back to me... the police had arrested those girls already, but please... say that you love me one more time" all he could do was cry
the staffs thought about ending the concert without an encore, but he insisted to sing the song he wrote for you, flash, while calming himself when the cameras were off
hoseok saw eunbi, his now one year old daughter sleeping while a staff kept an eye on her, he smiled, his eyes were still red and swollen, his face was puffy, so the baby seemed to notice, even if she was still half asleep when her dad held her tightly in his arms, she managed to grab his nose while smiling with the pacifier still in her mouth, her other hand holding the bunny plushie her mom gave her in the 10 months old birthday
"my sweet eunbi" he cooed "daddy will sing a song for mommy today... will you sing with me?" the baby smiled, her pacifier almost dropping, but wonho put it back in her mouth as soon as he could
he kissed her forehead, and then, started to retouch his makeup and change the jacket, holding eunbi in his arms again, going back to the stage
he grabbed the mic, knowing that they were on air, the first public appearance of his daughter, a beautiful moment, even if it was melancholic
Tonight I am still standing In the middle of nowhere, not knowing how you’re feeling I’m trying to find you because I was the only one who didn’t know When and where it went wrong like a fool I want to turn back time and stop it An endless flash, my love for you
while singing, he meant each one of those words, his love for you would be infinite, he'd never stop loving you, or the huge present you left him — a precious daughter, and photos of the two of you were passing through the big screens behind him, photos of your family, wedding day, honeymoon, selcas... everything he had to remember from you
The day I hugged you for the first time The day that will never come again I repeat the words alone, I love you
all he wanted to do in that moment was for you to be there, to sing with him, both of you holding your daughter, smiling... being a happy family, suddenly, he remembered that day, wishing he could turn back time to the day of your first hug, he wanted to hold you in his arms forever
You shined on me like a lighthouse When I was on my own and lost my way, flash You were shining, flash Will I ever forget you? I miss you You held me like a hero When I was unknown, tired and collapsing, flash You were warm, flash Will I ever find you again? I miss you
you were his light, when someone broke him, when he got into those scandals, when he couldn't go back to his fans, you were the one there, you were his flash, helping him to find the way back home, to give him the love he deserves
You left me and I’m the only one here I call you but there’s no answer, what else can I do? I thought I cared for you more than anything But it was my mistake, how hard was it for you? Come back to me please, give me one more chance Shine on me beautifully like you’ve always did I know bae gone be the last time This is how I’m feeling If I can see you one last time, one love
he was calling you even now, his mind was wandering back to all the memories he had with you, his one and only love, but you weren't going to answer him, you couldn't just come back from the dead
The day I let you go from my arms The day that will never come again I repeat these words alone, I want to see you
suddenly, hoseok felt guilty again while singing this part, he shouldn't let you go from his arms that morning, he should've faked being sick, or anything he could just for you to be home and live a little more
You’ve given me so much I still have more to give you back We can’t stop like this If I have one more chance
he wanted to do all he could for you, but you wouldn't be there to see it, and he would never be able to give back all the love and support you gave him, so he was doing his best to be happy for you even tho he's broken, he needed to be strong for his daughter
You left me and I’m the only one here I call you but there’s no answer, what else can I do? The shining flash, yeah Now I can be your destiny Like I’m your everything? If you’re in my arms, I won’t let you go The flash will be shining on us I’m waiting for the day you smile again
he felt the tears teasing his eyes again, but he held them back this time, ending the song with a smile, playing with the baby in his arms, hearing eunbi's loud laugh, filling his heart with some joy, finally, and he truly smiled, laughing with her
"y/n, i love you! thank you for giving me everything!" was the last thing he shouted before ending the concert
even when you're not there anymore, he felt as if he was being the most loved man in the earth by you and your daughter
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