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#i miss you all guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
tiddylover69 · a month ago
fave part of the day is going home after work and getting to see my beautiful stuffed animals happily waiting for me.
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colourmeastonished · 12 days ago
We had our first open mic at work since restrictions were lifted, and my supervisor and the guy running it let me jump on and play a song during my break and I just,,, 😭💕 I'm in love with playing music and performing 😭😭😭💕💕💕
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spriyng · 22 days ago
me, watching the scene where the new recruits stand in their room like they’ve just entered hell: wow, just like our college dorm
#our college put us in a convent in the 1st year (cuz they're insane i guess) and the nuns were 2 minutes away from cussing us all out#like i really thought nuns were some nice old ladies before that but oh boyy#only the fact that they couldn't actually cuss was the only thing preventing them#and the hostel experience was skdjlfhsk they'd wake us up at 6 by not threatning to give ur phones back and then u had to stand there#and say this prayer they told us to memorize until we all said it properly together#my christian roommate would be singing the prayer on top of her lungs my muslim roomate and i would be staring at each other going#😬😐 what kind of cult did we end up in#like one day the nuns were trying to find out who werent saying the prayer and singled our line out and me n her were really out here going#blehbleh BLEH OUr ermm ermn Day dnkjdf lord bless blah breh GLORY djhjk while looking at each other like 'what the fuck'#OH we had windows near the door that opnend from THE OUTSIDE and the nuns would pop in their heads randomly to what we call their grudge im#-impersonation#omg the other guy complaining in the show on how he misses his family and his mom's food jkhfjhkj IM JHAEIN#all the kids crying cuz they miss their fam and mom's food meanwhile im internally going jkhkj bestie i do not know what thats like#OMG did i mention the dorm i looked at before this one had metal door with BARS on a tiny window#😭 u know ur college experience is something when a military show reminds you of it#watching dp
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maraczeks · a month ago
tww reunion special thread pt 1
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th0tfairy · a month ago
Makeup Sex hc’s with Toman boys + Kazutora?? 😩 luv your posts by the way <33
Yessssss and ty🥰
make up sex w toman guys
🐡 Mikey: wym “make up”? He’s not letting u break up w him 😂😂 you’re his girl for life and he makes that clear when he’s fucking u
🐉 Draken: some actual evil shit 💀 typa guy to call the guy you were with while he’s fucking u like “hey i appreciate u taking good care of my pussy”
🪡 Mitsuya: forgives u but with tough love? Like you know you’re in the clear when he fucks you but his stroke is off and you’re sure it’s bc of what u did
👕Haikkai: tries not to cry bc he never thought you’d come back. Let’s u wear his t shirt to bed 🥲
🐱 Chifuyu: theee most forgiving baby ever. Cuddles you during, wraps his arms tight around u and mumbles how much he’s missed u in ur hair”
🐈‍⬛ Baji: ohhh he’s the worst. Holds your legs apart and won’t fuck u until u cry about how much you’ve missed him 😿
🚬 Hanma: ehhh I mean it’s more like on-again sex. He’s def the type to spank you with alternating palms like “leaving me is a sin👋💥here’s ur punishment 👋💥“
🐯Kazutora: confessed to a bunch of crimes he’d committed in ur absence. Then handcuffs u to his bed cause ur not going anywhere this time 😟
🐲Taiju: cocky as hell at first like “knew you’d come back, can’t quit this dick right?” Then kisses your temple after, all soft and sweet
🌸Rindou: the type to have make up sex but then ghost u the morning after 😩
💮Ran: freak shit. Spanks u w his baton and teaches u a lesson abt leaving him
🏍 Shinichiro: tries to deny he’s missed u at first but then melts and gives u a rough dicking
🌧 Akashi: makes up for good omg. The type of guy to promise he’s going to change bc he’ll never let u go again 🤣
🃏 Sanzu: holds ur limbs down in the tightest pretzel and makes u swear u won’t ever leave him again.
👠 Inupi: doesn’t say anything. Most he talks is swearing during sex. Doesn’t even say your name.
💴 Koko: fucks u over his pile of cash like “bet u missed this rich dick, huh?”
😊 Smiley: lmfao likely will put a baby inside you so you’re stuck w him 🤗
😠 Angry: omg no legit starts crying 😭 nooo my baby is too sweet for any of that rough stuff 🥺 calls u his angel and talks abt how he hasn’t slept well since u left :(
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v-hope · 20 days ago
That gif of jungkook boxing. That is tf!guk in my head 🥺 like what if he got new boxing gloves as a gift and was showing them off and accidentally bonked you (very lightly ofc) and then was very dramatic about it 😭😭😭😭 today my imagination is running wild I see
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, established relationship, slice of life, non-idol au
word count: 1.2k
a/n: i’m still laughing over how i literally missed my chance to make this about guk’s birthday but it was too late when i realised. anyway, happy early birthday to the cutest bun and thank you for coming up with this! hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Guess what I just got!”
Jeongguk’s head snapped up at the loud, cheerful sound of your voice as you entered your shared apartment that evening. Eyes fixing on the box covered in gift wrap you were carrying, he stood up from the sofa he had previously been playing with Tigger on, and rushed over to you to help you with it.
“What is it?” he wondered, taking it from your hands and walking back to the couch, putting it down right next to your pup as you took a seat next to him.
“I told you to guess” you hummed.
“Why is it wrapped as a present?” his head tilted to the side in confusion.
You smiled, rolling your eyes and giving up on trying to make him guess. It was not his thing after all. “Because I bought it as a present for you!”
His bottom lip stuck out in a cute pout, staring down at the nicely wrapped up box and then back up at you. “But it’s not my birthday…”
“So?” you raised an eyebrow, handing him the box, which he accepted quite taken aback. “Can’t I spoil my lovely boyfriend from time to time?”
A shy smile curved up his lips, having to bite his bottom one not to let it take over his face. “Of course you can, but I, I mean—”
“Yah,” you shut him up with a soft kiss. “Just open it, I can’t wait to see your reaction”.
Jeongguk giggled, eyes glowing with excitement as he tugged on one of the corners to rip the paper open.
“No way!” he exclaimed once the box was unwrapped.
Running his fingers through the image on the box, he managed to catch Tigger’s attention, having him sniff it as Jeongguk excitedly opened it. Wasting no time, he pulled two black boxing gloves out of the box — holding them up as he appreciated them with the brightest of smiles.
They were the same ones he had been dreaming about for months now, yet for some reason would never actually get.
“Ah, these are so cool” he gushed.
Rushedly putting them on, he started punching the sofa a few times to try them out, earning a bark from Tigger before he ran to your bedroom to stay away from whatever his human dad was doing right then.
That didn’t seem to faze Jeongguk.
“Do you like them?” you asked, not being able to hold your laugh over how endearing he was.
“Like them?! Babe!” he stopped his punches to look at you with a bunny smile — that pet name alone letting you know just how excited he was, for those were the only times he’d use it. “I love them. So much”.
Before you could reply, he pulled you into a hug, pressing a few kisses to your cheek before his chin rested on your shoulder and a small, contented sigh escaped his lips.
“Thank you” he mumbled, receiving a kiss on his shoulder from you.
“I’m glad you like them”.
“Love them” he corrected you, earning a laugh from you.
“Love them” you apologized.
“I’ll be able to protect you now” he pointed out with a teasing yet proud smile, pulling away from you. “And fight whoever hits on you”.
“Yah, Jeon Jeongguk” you called him out in a breathy laugh. “Do you even know how to use them?”
“Of course” he stated, jabbing at you a few times to prove his point.
“Wait, that was actually kinda hot” you admitted in surprise.
“Yeah?” he wondered, just as surprised as you.
You nodded your head. “Go on, bun” you shifted in your place, crossing your legs on the sofa and holding your hands up for him to punch. “Show me how you’ll fight those guys for me”.
“Calling me bun immediately takes every possible toughness away from me, petal”.
“Just do it” you laughed.
He didn’t need to be told twice — let alone when you had just called him hot. Or, well, kinda at least.
A few jabs here and a few hooks there, using your hands as strike pads for him to punch —which he was doing lightly enough not to hurt you—, you enjoyed the way his hair fell over his eyes with each movement and how his lips would rest into a natural pout, having to keep yourself from leaning in and stealing a lingering kiss from them.
And it was your admiration for him what backfired on you.
Missing one of his side hooks as you intently stared to his pouty lips, one of his gloves ended up colliding with your chin.
That was all it took for Jeongguk to stop — a small gasp escaping that same mouth that had been the cause of your distraction.
You, on the other hand, although couldn’t stop the whine that escaped your mouth at the contact, found yourself laughing. It had caught you by surprise, and it had not hurt. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences either, but pain was not something you had felt, for your boyfriend had been careful enough not to punch too hard from the beginning.
But he was worried.
So worried, he took his gloves off before your eyes could process it — warm hands cupping your face and checking for any bruises on your chin.
“I’m sorry. Petal, I’m so sorry” he rushed to say, voice trembling as if he were at the verge of crying. “Did I hurt you? You need some ice? I should get you some ice. Stay here. God, I’m so sorry”.
“Jeonggukie, I’m fine” you reassured him, placing your hands on top of his both to calm him down and to stop him from leaving your side.
“But I just punched you”.
“Hardly ever touched me” you shook your head.
“I felt my fist hit your chin” he fought back.
“It didn’t hurt. I promise”.
He took a deep breath, letting go of your face and covering his instead. “God, I can’t believe I just hit you”.
“Yah! Bun,” you called him out, pulling his hands down from his face and giving them a gentle squeeze. “We were playing around, it was an accident”.
“But still…”
“No buts” you warned him. “Remember when you were tickling me once and I was so desperate that I ended up elbowing you? And I apologized over and over and felt so guilty over it but you said it was nothing?” he nodded. “This is the same”.
“I feel so bad, though” he rested his forehead on yours, staring at you with puppy eyes. “Will you forgive me?”
“There is nothing to forgive, you dork” you pressed a kiss to his nose.
“Okay” he smiled, letting out a giggle when another kiss was planted on the same spot and then placing your gift back in the box. “My career as a boxer just ended, though. I’m not ever putting these gloves on again”.
“You better do, because I did not just buy them for you in vain”.
“I am never showing you my boxing moves again then”.
“So you’re only using them against those who flirt with me from now on?” you teased him.
He nodded, pulling you in for a soft kiss. “Only against idiots who upset or try to hit on my baby”.
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leafeonb · a month ago
okay so. date is not remembering other timelines hes actually remembering his own memories. maybe
#lulu.txt#aitsf spoilers#okay. like it wasnt a surprise that that was actually saito 😭#at least the game gives you a lot of information so stuff wont just come out of nowhere but man.....i wanted to be a bit surprised#i was just like. oh. yeah thats him yeah. but hmm hes probably trying to get back to his own body maybe so date would be the next victim#maybe. im not sure like. why did he start all of this i still feel like there will be some shitty twist and it will be bad -_- anyways#like anyways. whose memories are date remembering now like are those his memories or saitos memories......#like both of those would work for him to remember about the hidden psynch machine prototype and that u can use it to#swap bodies with what the hell is going on#but also. hey. um. is date's original body falco....................did they fuck up the psynch machine so badly that#it ended up deleting his own memories.#so much is going on. thats his problem though#why did. that is that guy really him then who is in falcos mind right now. hello. um.#does date even exist. ← help#what if he actually died.#anyways JSHFJDJFJD i had to stop watching bc my wifi is really bad rn it was stopping the video at almost every minute#date was talking to boss but like thats not boss....#im trying to put stuff together but i think i got confused with something somewhere#it would be funny if date actually isnt any of those guys but also. help#anyways i miss hitomi.....i feel like something bad already happened to her on this route though 😭 man.#also mizuki. hey can someone go talk to mizuki right now this route is so o(-< so sorry mizuki 😭 what the hell#wait but also. what if hes actually remembering other timelines this game is going to make me throw my phone at the wall
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mykazu · a month ago
hello, chi !! may i please request baji, mikey and chifuyu with a girlfriend who's related to one of the other gang members except the sibling doesn't know? idk i just think it would be funny when they find out 😅 no pressure to write, thank you !!
Tumblr media
your sibling (a gang member) finds out you’re dating him
Tumblr media
— contains. baji, mikey + chifuyu
— content/tags. fluff?, crack?, not much to say tbh, some of these r set in a happy timeskip that exists in my imagination ❤️, kazutora prison jokes 😭
— a/n. thanks for the request !! it was so cute :)) pls ignore any typos ! if my format fucks up its tumblr :(
Tumblr media
“kei-kun!” you call, running out of your school building to jump into your awaiting boyfriend's arms. unfortunately, you miss the rest of his friends behind him. including your brother, who had no inkling whatsoever about your relationship with his childhood best friend. “fuck…” you whispered, making eye contact with mikey over baji’s shoulder.
tearing yourself away from baji, who for once has got his trap glued shut, you face your brother properly. “what… how come you came today?”
mikey shrugs, “did you know about this ken-chin?” he asks, looking up at the taller boy.
draken shrugs too, “sorta obvious, ain’t it?” he mumbles, nodding pointedly at you and baji’s linked hands. you two were inseparable, mikey was just a little oblivious, it’s not like you were trying to hide it.
“oh…” mikey tilts his head to the side, he trusts baji with all his heart to take care of you. “next time just tell me.”
Tumblr media
“an eye for an eye,” mikey smiles cheekily at your older brother who almost drops a cat when he sees you press a kiss to his cheek.
you’re not scared of kazutora’s reaction, but knowing your brother, he’ll be calling you later on and whining down the phone so hard you’ll know he’s pouting.
“why didn’t you tell me?” he sulks, dropping his head on an unbothered chifuyu’s shoulder.
“didn’t need too, niichan, you don’t need to know everything.” you huff, crossing your arms and pushing closely against mikey who’s preoccupied by a brightly coloured bird.
“he’s a dangerous guy, ya know? need to tell me these things, i’m your big brother! i get worr—“
“as if you’re not the most dangerous fucker in this place. ex-convict ring a bell?” chifuyu snarks, flicking kazutora’s forehead with a roll of his eyes, your brother emitting another annoying whine.
Tumblr media
“dude…” baji drops the peyoung yakisoba he was holding all over the carpet of chifuyu’s bedroom.
“baji-san!” chifuyu squeaks, more worried about his nose being broken rather than his mother’s reaction when she sees the giant stain on his carpet.
“baji-nii… it’s not what you think!” you start, waving your hands in a panic.
your brother grunts, baring his teeth, “what, so you weren’t just eating my little sister’s face?” he turns to chifuyu, shifting all the attention onto him.
“baji-san, i swear on my life— i wouldn’t lie to you like that!” your boyfriend panics, dropping to his knees and bowing before your brother in apology, baji seems to take amusement in it all. “we were gonna tell you, baji-san… it’s only been a couple of weeks, but- but i’m real sorry!”
“get up, loser.” baji snorts, grabbing the younger boy by his collar and hoisting him up. “who else would i trust to take care of my sister apart from you?”
Tumblr media
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www-artforoddballs · 2 months ago
MC! interacting with the brothers respective animals (they're dating the bro in each scenario)
Okay so this man has peacocks
Peacocks are not commonly found in most countries, other than at the zoo
They're native to India
So unless you're in or from India
You either run into one because (A) he sent one to you or (B) you're at a zoo
For this, he sent one
You hear a weird noise while in your bed at your human world house and you're like "??????"
So you go to invesitage
And you open your bedroom door and there's just a friggin PEACOCK standing outside of your bedroom door
EDIT: People from Florida have commented and mentioned that Peacocks live in Florida. They're an invasive species there, I wasn't aware of this until after I posted...regardless, it would be weird to wake up with a random peacock outside your bedroom door in your locked house.
At first since you were just barely waking up uou're even more confused and consider calling animal control
Until you realize that you're dating Lucifer
So you just kinda look at the bird and are like "what do you want. What does he want."
And the bird just like
Bites your sleeve and drags you downstairs because you just woke up and need to eat
So you eat and the bird doesn't leave....and you realize that you now have a monitor peacock that's gonna make sure you're taking care of yourself since Luci cannot
OK so crows are the most common of all the animals here to find just
Derping around willy-nilly
So one day a crow just steals a fry from you or something and you start yelling at the poor bird
And later Mammon just texts you like
Why are you being mean to me 😭
And you're so confused until he sends you a picture of a very sad crow
And you just facepalm and are like "Baby, the crow stole my food. I wasn't mad at you."
And then a short while later Satan sends you a video of Mammon scolding the crow, who is pouting like a child 😂
Now Snakes aren't for everyone but I personally love them
For this though, I'll say the reader is fairly neutral
But most sane people, even if they love snakes, wouldn't want one climbing out of their bathtub
And that's what happened
So after you're done having a heart attack, you scoop the little guy up in your arms, because it is a little snake. Not like tiny, but....small.
You get a large bowl or something and fill it with water, the snake just goes in and begins swimming around
Even though snakes aren't your favorite, you've been missing Levi, so this brightens your day up a bit.
I...Unicorns cannot be common, right?
So when, one day, you go outside and see a freaking unicorn in your front yard, you're very confused but quickly bring it inside
Black market
You just observe the unicorn and are like
"Why are you here, how am I gonna keep you safe"
And then you notice it has on a sort of collar with a note attached
And you read it, and it's a love letter from Satan
Which is very sweet
So you text him
He comes to pick up the unicorn and bring it to the Devildom with him shortly. 😅
I despise scorpions...any kind of bug or crustaceans is just awful to me. But again, neutral perspective.
When scorpions start acting friendly and genuinely affectionate, you KNOW you're having a weird day.
Long story short; picnic with friends, scorpions showed up and began picking up food to bring to you.
Everyone is confused
Until you remember who your boyfriend is, and video call him.
"Darling~! Hel-"
"Asmodeus get these things away from the food."
"What are you talking abo...oooh. Wait, why? They were a present...!"
"They're scaring my friends, and while this is a nice gesture, it's also freaking me out as well. They're acting like servants."
This back and forth goes on for a while until you threaten to squish them
Yyyeah Asmo calls them off after that.
Again, I hate bugs and crustaceans
So neutral reader
You'd only really started tolerating flies because of your boyfriend
But this wasn't okay
You were at a friends' party and a ton of flies had shown up and started eating all the food EXCEPT for yours.
So you knew something was up.
You called Beel; he explained that he'd asked the flies to make sure that you had a good time, but that they must've been hungry and got distracted
This didn't happen again
You and your family were visiting a petting zoo
You'd told Belphie this was happening
Everything seemed fine
Until you'd argued with your parents earlier in the day and told your boyfriend about it to vent
When you got to the cow section
It was already too late
Your parents began getting chased around by the cows, to which you laughed and laughed until the cows eventually got tired and stopped.
Belphie definitely got a very prominent "thank you" later on~
Thanks to @absolutepokemontrash for the inspiration for this post!
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bunny-xoxo · 3 months ago
JJK when they want attention
warning(s): none !
a/n: just smth sweet rq by my mf baby 🥳!! Hope you guys like hehehehe
characters: yuuji, megumi, gojo, nanami, inumaki, nobara, & maki
Tumblr media
Has literally no problem being bold faced about it I PROMISE. If he’s feeling cuddly and clingy and you guys are alone he’s whining and clinging onto you, doing any and everything in his power to convince you to come nap with him or cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. If you’re in public he has a ~method (which he definitely thinks is a total secret and he’s a genius mastermind but you’re 100% onto him and just thinks he’s so cute so you give in most of the time).
He’ll come up behind you, even if you’re taller than him, and hug you super tight around your midsection, mumbling about how tired he is and, oh gosh, how warm it would probably be under the covers if the two of you were cuddling right now. And, man, I don’t know, napping? When you giggle and give in he gets so giddy and holds your hand super tight all the way home.
Sometimes though he just wants your attention and praise so he’ll talk about things he did that day that he thinks you might be proud of him for 😭 and every time you say anything along the lines of “good job” or show your interest he gets so happy and lights up :)
Megumi is a starer sorry not sorry LOL. You’ll even be alone, in your own shared home, and you’ll feel a pair of eyes staring at you from the other end of the couch and when you turn your head to ask what’s up he’s looking away super fast hoping you didn’t notice, as if him not so secretly turning his head away from you doesn’t give it away. He just feels so weird asking for your attention - and not just cause he’s shy but he gets all in his head about it.
He doesn’t want to seem weird asking you for attention, maybe you’re not in the mood. What if it makes you uncomfortable? What if you feel like you have to say yes? Or what if you say no and it’s awkward? How would he even ask for attention? He’s just generally an over thinker and slightly embarrassed over how much he just wants you to pay attention to him.
Over the course of your relationship though you’ve picked up on his little signs and have learned how to coerce him into letting you know what he wants, as well as giving him attention when he needs it.
Ask him a few questions about anything and through the course of the conversation you’ve somehow brought his head to your lap and are now playing with his hair until he passes out, and he’s in heaven <3
He’s very lucky to have such an attentive s/o :)!
A WHINER. A LOUD BABY WHINER. He’ll often opt for making inappropriate comments too - even if you’re in public - to make it seem like ~that’s the reason he wants you in bed, but then he’s suddenly “super tired” and thinks cuddling is a better idea instead. Why he just can’t tell you he’s in the mood for cuddling you never know
He will blow your notifs up and not give af 😭 texting you endlessly like
I miss you :(
[1 photo attachment]
it’s my penis 😜
14 missed FaceTime calls from “gojo.”
I’m sorry I’m joking it’s not my penis don’t be mad :(
It’s actually not his penis
If you do answer one of his spontaneous calls though it’s just him smiling at the phone like “whatcha doingggg?” Cause he misses you and your face
He also is constantly sending you things while he’s away with work, postcards, gifts, treats, you name it. You cant blame him for missing you sm :(
And when he does get home from a trip he’s actually a bit quieter, looking forward to just wrapping you up in his arms and cuddling with you until you fall asleep. But he makes sure to stay awake so he can look at your face and think about how cute you look sleeping and probably drooling a little <3
No words, just sighs and hands. This was particularly common when he still had his boring office job - although now with gojo he just has to give you a look when he gets home that says, “this man is gonna kill me, please just hold me.”
He’s most clingy and cuddly when he’s tired/fatigued. It’s so easy for you to coerce him to bed or to relax when he’s visibly drained cause all it takes is some quick work of your hands on his sore muscles or running through his hair, or better yet undoing his tie for him, and he’s putty in your hands. He always watches so intently too when you take the time to take off his suit jacket and tie for him, even going so far as to unbutton his shirt. You know it’s been a long day when he lets you do this and after he’s decided he’s stared at you and basked in you long enough, he grabs your cheeks and leaves you a sweet sensual kiss. He always sighs deeply and then pulls you into a hug, every once in a while you even hear him mumble about how lucky he is.
If he ever just wants your attention though he kind of makes a fussy show about it 🤭 I’m talking sighing periodically and staring at you and once you look at him like ,, yes? He starts asking you random questions about your day or just in general. He just wants you to look at him and talk to him ok?
Ok he’s a very different person depending on whether you’re in public or in private:
In public it’s a lot more subtle cues. Like fidgeting with your hands a lot, tugging on your clothes even or sometimes staring at you really trying to work up the puppy dog act like :( cuddles please?? Or if you’re sitting down somewhere maybe he’ll rest his head on his shoulder to really signal to you he’s feeling cuddly. There was only one time where he had to take drastic measures and text you cause you just were NOT taking the hint.
You were busy listening to Yuuji and rambling back and forth with him when your phone suddenly went off and it was a text from Toge that just said “🤨 give me 10 reasons why I don’t have you in bed right now cuddling with me.😐 since when did yuuji talking about dogs suddenly become so interesting 🧐?” LIKE ABSJAJSJAA
In private it’s a very similar attitude at times he’s just physically more bold. Like he’s not above picking you up and carrying you somewhere he can hold you and kiss all over your cheeks <3 he’s a little less bratty about it when it comes to you two cause he knows you want affection just as much as he does at those times :) although he thinks making a show of things is very funny to him
Her favorite form of affection and attention from you is lowkey head pats or when you ruffle her hair. It all started when she did some trivial thing and as a joke you reached your hand over to ruffle her hair and tell her how good of a job she did, and sure it was funny but man what she wouldn’t give to have you do that again.
So now she often finds herself babbling on to you about all the things she’s done recently that she’s proud of when she wants your attention, hoping you’ll praise her again in any way. She especially loves when it’s unexpected though, when she’s not fishing for praise and she just gets it. Or rather any kind of compliment really. Something about it makes her heart soar <3
She also really likes when you do her makeup so she’ll often ask you to try things on her or to even do your makeup <3 even if you’re just playing around, it feels so soothing and she loves getting to stare at you so close I love her I gtg
She likes to pester when she’s feeling clingy. Checks in with you and any responsibilities you may have so she can immerse herself in them with you and just work on things with you :) like no matter what it is she’ll find a way to get herself involved 😭 she really just wants extra quality time with you and will find any way to do it without seeming too ~mushy, mushy just isn’t really her thing
When she wants to cuddle though she’ll try to trick you into thinking you need rest HSKJJAJA
“You seem tired, why don’t you rest. I’ll help you fall asleep.”
“Hmm you look pretty sore. I’ll go run you a bath, sit and wait here.”
Acts of service anyone?
Also, praise is actually kind of important from you, she never really received it much growing up having dealt with her family, and doesn’t feel like she needs it to feel proud of herself. But something about hearing you praise her over even the tiniest things has her feeling some type of way every single time.
Y’all just love and cherish each other what can I say <3
Tumblr media
Pls leave comments, flood my inbox, Rb, whatever u prefer I just love hearing your kind words :D love and miss these fools 😪 and as always I really hope you guys enjoyed my first jjk piece :)!
taglist: @plutowrites @aracynthos
if you wanna be added to any taglist just ask!
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drakenluvrr · 12 days ago
cuddles with them
a/n: i have no inspiration to write so pls take this generic hc post 😕
Tumblr media
- draken
y’all are literally fighting for the bed almost every single time
believe it or not he likes cuddling !
hear me out
draken has a lot on his plate
toman, his shop, mikey
it’s a stress reliever whenever he’s with you
when you two cuddled for the first time draken was like “??? what the fuck is this ?”
it was such a different experience for him since he was never cuddled as a child
his legs literally reach the end of the bed and go even farther and you can see his little toes it’s so funny 😭
naps like a fucking BABY
you’ll be trying to go use the bathroom and he will not let you out of his grasp as if you were some teddy bear 😭
DEEP sleeper as well
accidentally kicked you off the bed bc yk long legs
and didn’t hear the loud thud coming from you
now you have never planned murder but…
also he’s the one that holds you
prefers it that way bc he feels like the big dog yk what i mean 🙄
throws a literal fit if you wanna hold him but let’s you if you REALLY want to
cuddling experience 7/10 😕 i wish i could tell you you’d always be 100% comfortable but i wouldn’t wanna lie to you 😣
Tumblr media
- mikey
mikey and you cuddle 98% of the time
he initiates it mostly because mikey needs his sleep
and i mean that bc cuddling automatically means to go to sleep for him
no matter what time of day it is
“y/n, come cuddle with me yeah?”
“baby it’s 8:30 you can’t sleep now, your sleep schedule will be messed up.”
“who said anything about sleeping?”
falls asleep the moment you two hit the bed and hes in your arms
refuses to be anything else
mikey will indulge you sometimes in holding you but prefers to be held
try’s to cuddle with you literally everywhere
has absolutely no shame
he likes to be coddled for some reason
he’s a deep sleeper sleeping anywhere else except when he’s with you
feels the need to protect you even in his sleep so any sudden movements jolts him awake to make sure you’re not hurt 😣
cuddling experience 9/10 very comfy
Tumblr media
- hanma
cant sit or lay still for shit
“babe did i tell you about this guy i landed a hit on for no reason? ha it was fuckin hilarious i went like-” he will literally get up out of the bed and mimic when went on the entire fight
doesn’t like being in the same place at once
so getting him to cuddle is super rare and hard
he gets bored easily as we all know
so he doesn’t like to just lay down with you and talk
the only time you guys cuddle is when he’s half asleep and clingy
“baby.. i missed you. had a long day, come here yeah?”
it’ll be all mumbled and said sleepily like
doesn’t care about people seeing you cuddle up to him at all
also let me add he doesn’t mind you cuddling him ‼️
he just doesn’t like staying still cuddling you and i mean that in the LEAST harshest way possible i promise 😭
gives you long hugs to make up for it 😕
cuddling experience 2/10 very inconsistent and a lot goin on
Tumblr media
- takemichi
probably the least chaotic out of the bunch
is WAY too shy to engage physical contact with you
like omg it’s so awkward 😭
you’ll be all the way on the other side of the bed and he’ll be holding in his breath wayyy on the other side
“michi you know this isn’t how you cuddle right?”
asks you if what he’s doing or where he’s touching is okay literally everytime
likes to be facing face to face bc he love seeing your pretty lil face as much as possible
if he falls asleep he kinda talks abt his plans and the future stuff by accident aloud
you’re there shocked brushing it off as some dream that he’s probably having
will literally panic 😭
likes to hold you close as he gets used to cuddles and such and has this strong grip on you to make sure he can protect you always
big spoon and little spoon depending on how he feels that day
cuddling experience 8/10 he’s cute
Tumblr media
- mitsuya
cuddling is literally the BEST with mitsuya
you’re comfortable
there’s always a conversation going on if you guys aren’t asleep bc he has this comforting voice you love hearing
is an expert bc i hc he had to give luna and mana many many cuddles to reassure them everything is okay when their mom was gone 😣
kisses !!
he gives you a kiss when you’re about to fall a sleep
he gives you a kiss when you look adorable
just kisses
cuddling is honestly his favorite past time bc it’s comforting for him
never ever got cuddled and he was the one doing the cuddling
but him being cuddled is such a new experience that he enjoys it so much
whispers “i love you.” before falling asleep
never misses
cuddling experience 11/10 the sweetest honestly
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bellatrixscurls · 29 days ago
ღ pairing : draco malfoy x ravenclaw fem reader
ღ warnings : smut, draco being kinda mean, some degradation, pet names, thigh riding.
ღ summary : y/n’s one innocent little thing, and draco will always be there to remind her of that.
ღ : i’m not that proud of it but happy 2.7k 😭🥺
Tumblr media
Thomas’ hands slid up your skirt, palming at the bare flesh there as you had a little chat about the potion you had to make together — Amortentia.
“Add peppermint now, sweetheart” he instructed and you happily obliged, adding the green leaves as you watched almost entranced how they mixed with the other ingredients, leaving some sort of dusty pink sparkle behind.
“Amazing, Y/n/n!” praised Thomas, beaming at you as you felt his hands leave your thighs and find place around your waist, just below your tight tank top.
“It looks so pretty” you agreed, giggling as you used the spoon to stir the potion. “S all done now, yeah?” you finally asked, a question Draco had waited a lot to hear. As Thomas nodded hesitantly, you stood up, brushing your wrinkled skirt with the back of your hand as you made your way towards your boyfriend and his friend’s couch. “See you tomorrow, Tom” you said softly as you waved at him.
From behind you, Draco cleared his throat loudly, leaning back on the couch. You turned around, happily making your way towards him and looking from his lap to his eyes and back, silently asking for permission to sit on it. “C’mere” he patted his lap and you practically threw yourself at him, his arms wrapping around your waist as you held the potion tightly in your hand.
“Hi guys!” you greeted happily and Theo started laughing at you, but immediately stopped when Draco glared at him. “Hi Y/n/n. What’s that you’re holding in your hand?” Pansy dragged out her words, nodding towards your little bottle.
“S my- well, Tom and I made it. It looks so pretty, it’s literally perfect” you beamed, handing Blaise your bottle as Draco jerked you closer to him by your hips, his other hand caressing one of your cheeks as your eyes locked. “Do you wanna go to your dorm so you can show me how you made it?” he asked softly, and you nodded excitedly, standing up and dragging Draco by the arm.
“See you guys!” you gave each one a kiss on the cheek and hurried upstairs, missing Pansy’s “Y/n/n, your potion!”
Reaching the door of your dorm, you pushed it open and let Draco in first, hurrying and stumbling over your own feet in the process. “Okay so- where’s, where’s my potion?”
Draco shook his head with a sigh and his fingers curled around your wrists, not too tightly but enough to get your attention. “Y/n/n, I know how to make a damn potion... You really are that clueless, aren’t you?”
Your brows pushed together in confusion as you blinked blearily up at him. “I’ll have you know that I actually made the potion all by myself out there. Tom was just-” “Eye fucking you and touching what’s mine? Yeah, it was pretty obvious.”
You took a moment to let his words sink in. Draco was jealous, all because of someone else touching you, hell, running his hands all over your body and you didn’t even notice. “I didn’t- I don’t know what to say. I swear I didn’t even notice because if I did I would’ve run straight to you and talk to Snape so he would get me a new partner and I- what?” you asked when you noticed him looking down at you adoringly, his hands rubbing your sides gently.
“You’re so damn precious and innocent. My pretty baby” he praised as one of his hands came up to brush some hair away from your face. You moaned at the praise, already weak to your knees and melting into his touch. Draco noticed and his lips curled into a smirk. “Aw, baby. Do you like that? You like being praised?”
You hummed eagerly before saying “Wanna make it up to you” and your much smaller hands took one of his, pressing it on the material of your damp panties that barely even covered your pulsating cunt from his silvery eyes. “Make you feel good” you heard him grunt lowly as his hand cupped your clothed heat, and in the blink of an eye, he had you on his lap.
“You wanna be good, bunny? Might as well make yourself cum on my thigh first, no?” he offered and you whined instantly, lips falling downwards into a pleading pout. “Oh, you can do it” he encouraged you with a gentle slap on your arse, your thighs trembling from their spot wrapped around his strong thigh. “Unless... Unless you want me to stay mad at you, and we can stop now.”
You only whimpered in response, your cunt flat against his trousers, clenching at its emptiness. You knew that even if his words stated otherwise, he wouldn’t like you to do something you are not comfortable with, and he highly encouraged you to use your safe word if needed. But the bastard knew that you were a sucker for his thighs, as much as he liked watching you struggle to get off on them.
“Y-yes, daddy” you nodded, giving him the permission he needed as he rid you of your underwear as well as him of his pants and boxers, leaving your cunt throbbing on top of his thigh.
Draco hummed, rubbing your back gently as he urged you on, guiding your hips in slow movements before letting go, and then the struggling began. “It feels so g-good” you whimpered in his ear as he leaned back against the headboard.
“Of course it is” he chuckled dryly, squinting his eyes as he began bouncing his knee. “For little sluts like yourself, i would be worried if it didn’t.”
You opened your mouth, but instead of replying, you drew a sharp breath before closing it again, your glossy eyes begging for some mercy.
But Draco wasn’t one to have mercy. Ever.
“Well, would you look at that?” he cocked his head to the side, mirroring your pout. “My pretty little Ravenclaw ‘s all dumb for me, no? What would professor Mcgonagall say about this? Her favourite little student, not even able to form sentences anymore. Fucking pathetic.”
The degradation rolled off his tongue like venom, but as it landed on yours, it tasted more like honey.
You rocked on his lap, hands squeezing his shoulders like a vice, his eyes locked onto yours. It was, indeed, pathetic. How he could clear your mind and only leave space for him. Draco Lucius Malfoy. He ran through your mind the whole time, your head spinning with his filthy words, ocassionally absentmindedly repeating them, nodding your head in agreement.
The bouncing of his knee picked up its pace, along with your grinding, and you didn’t know when but you found yourself on the edge of your oh so desired orgasm.
“D-Daddy” you called alertly, your head dropping down as your breath got louder, heavier. “Needa cum, please” your whines made him laugh, followed by another slap to your arse, that only adding to your pleasure. “Needa be good for you.”
Feeling impatient himself, Draco groaned as he looked down at his thigh, all wet, before he looked back at you. One of his hands grabbed your face, tilting it up as the other found its way to your arse, squeezing at the supple flesh as he helped you move faster. “Then fucking look at me. Greedy whore.”
Your eyes stayed glued to his the entire time you felt your orgasm wash over you, cum dripping from your overused cunt and down onto his thigh, making a mess of both yourself and him.
Strings of thank you thank you thank you’s and i love you’s left your parted mouth like a prayer, and Draco couldn’t find it in himself to stay away from your swollen lips, his own crashing with yours in a heated liplock, his cold hands jerking you closer to him by your hips.
As you both pulled away, you were even more breathless than before, but you still managed to do one thing. One thing you were sure he’d like as much as you did.
“I love you so much, daddy.”
“And I, you, baby” he spoke lowly, moaning when he felt you start grinding down on his cock, precum dripping from his top. “You greedy little thing. Get on the bed. Now.”
🏹 draco malfoy tag list : @silverdelirium @purpleskymalfoy @moonyinthelight @malfoy-girl @teenwolfbitches28 @amethystangle @methblinds @marv3lwhor3 @mess-in-side @remusjlupinisdead @mrs-brekker15 @elizabethrosedarling @malfoysbiitch @tomriddles-wh0re @acciodignity @nic0lodean @the-mmon-and-stars @kayleiggh @samaraaaaa @saintlike78 @yiamalfoy @slvt4fakerealities @someonetookmygin @mollysolo @i-love-scott-mccall @elishi03 @pottahishotasf @venusmalfoyyy @somethings-things @fxll-moon @underappreciated-spoon-321 @daedreamsss @dr4cking @dilf-lover21 if you’re crossed out i can’t tag you :)
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neptuniees · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WRITTEN. 8/8/21, PUBLISHED. 8/8/21
PAIRINGS. sunghoon x fem!reader
GENRE. smut / mature
彡 SYNOPSIS. sunghoon loves to fuck you everywhere even with your parents and guests are in the other room.
WARNINGS. smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it folks!), breeding, bulging kink, dumbification, choking, cervix kisses ig? that's all ig, let me know if missed other warnings!
A/N. this is my first ever written smut! i have never written anything like this so pls pardon my horrible writing. pls give love, support and reblogs as this is my first ever drabble or fic i have ever written too, it would be greatly appreciated! also, yes this immediately came into my mind the moment i saw sunghoon's post that he was listening to keshi. pls don't let this flop 😭🙏 i wrote this at 3 am so if it doesn't make sense pls forgive me. send requests if you guys want to! <3
Tumblr media
keshi's beside you were currently blasting through the speakers of sunghoon's bedroom, while the tip of his cock was slamming fast into your cervix.
"sunghoon! sunghoon! oh fuck!" you screamed his name like a chant.
you were laying into your stomach, his hands squeezing the cheeks of your ass. you tried arching your back but he only pinned it down to the bed, his right hand went to your throat and pulled you into his chest making his dick go deeper into your gummy walls.
you squealed at the feeling as he presses his hand onto your stomach that has a bulge every thrust he makes, "you like that, huh?" he smugly asked.
your eyes rolled all the way to back, pleasure and pain taking over you making you speechless by the feeling. he laughed at your reaction, "oh baby, i've fucked you dumb, didn't i?"
you couldn't answer still consumed by the feeling. suddenly, sunghoon's pace went faster. your eyes snapped open, shocked by his sudden movements. "sunghoon! oh fuck, i'm gonna cum!"
your high getting closer and closer, "me too. fuck baby, cum with me."
he repeated those words. his fingers finding your clit, rubbing it. his pace kept going faster as both of your highs getting closer.
you clenched around him, signaling that you were cumming. "let it go, baby, let it go," he instructed.
you did as you were told and released your juices around him, he came the moment you did burying his cum to your cervix.
he slowly thrust, riding his high into you while your legs were still shaking. he pulled out after a moment, your body fell back into the bed with your ass still arched up for him.
his white, thick cum dripped out from your pussy. his long slender fingers pushed his cum back into your sensitive pussy as you let out a whine from the action.
he pushed the remaining cum that escaped your gummy walls back. he positioned your panties—that he didn't take off as you guys were eager to start—back in place, trapping his cum into your pussy.
"keep it in there, yeah baby? i'll check that after we get back."
you guys went to get dressed again, he paused the music—that he turned on to distract people from the sounds you guys were previously making—that was still playing while you were putting back your dress.
you patted the fabric, hoping there were no wrinkles from your eagerness to take it off earlier. he went behind you as you were in front of the mirror and fixed his tie. he puts his thumb at the edge of your lip and swiped it to rub the lipstick that was smudged.
after you were done, you went back to the party that both of your parents hosted to celebrate your engagement.
you greeted the guests acting as if he didn't just fuck his cum into you and your brains out.
Tumblr media
©️ all content belongs to @neptuniees do not steal, plagiarize, modify, repost or share this content onto any other platforms.
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