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fr0gpie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i come complete and invincible behind my dirty imbecile!
all these things i've tried, boy: be cute, be dumb, be wise, be young
so don't tell me what to fear in the darkness of this atmosphere
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kast43 · a year ago
One day after classes, MC decided they needed to really crack down and study hard for their next test. They go to the House of Lamention library and bust open their text books. It had already been a long day for MC, and they were so exhausted that they had fallen asleep right in the library on top of their books...
•he did notice when MC didn't come to dinner
•he sent MC messages, but they were left unread.
•when asking his brothers, he had gathered that maybe MC was in the library?
•he decided to fetch MC, and when he found MC asleep on a pile of books he could not help but smile a bit.
•"MC, you are a strange one"
•he watched MC sleep for a while, folded his arms and chuckling.
•he debated for a while if he should wake Mc or not.
•he knew MC had been up even earlier than him that morning, yet he didn't want them to go hungry.
•he finally decided to just let MC sleep knowing how fragile humans were without sleep, but not here.
•he would have picked up and carried MC to their room and tucked them into bed [of course without letting his brothers see him]
•he may have even given MC a good night kiss on the forehead before he left the room
•he had messaged MC hours ago, why didn't they anwser?
• he remembered that MC had said something about studying...but that was also hours ago.
•there is no way MC would skip out on his texts to study!
•just as soon as he had barreled into the library to scold MC, he saw them asleep onto of their text books.
•MC did have to be up early for something before school, so of course they were tired.
•but sleeping like this?
•he waited a while, just watching MC breathing, he could honestly watch for hours.
•but time is money and sleeping hunched over a desk did not look comfortable.
•he would gently shake MC awake all the while fussing at them.
•"what kind of moron falls asleep while studying?"
•"Mammon, you fell asleep in class just the other day..."
•"So? I didn't have a bed at the time to go to, and you do!" He would point out, helping MC stand up and walk them to their room.
•"if you are so daMn tired, GO TO BED!" he escorted MC to their room and made sure they got tucked into bed.
•before leaving, Mammon would tuck MC in himself and pat their head gently before leaving MC to sleep.
•MC had promised to come by and play games for a few hours after they were done studying...but they never came.
•at first, he would blame it on "who would want to play games with someone like me" complex...but MC has not even answered his messages, or responded to their in game messages.
•finally mustered up the courage to confront MC.
•when he finally does find mc, he can't help but blush a bit.
•MC looked so majestic, sleeping on their books. It was straight out of a scene from a Manga.
•stood there for a long minute at what normally happens in those scenes vs reality.
•MC had been awake even before him that morning, so it made sense why they were so tired.
•he decided he didn't want to inturrup their sleep...so he rushed back to his room, got his fav blanket and draped it over MC.
•he would have felt so flustered when his hand managed to rub against MC's face by accident...so warm.
•he ran back to his room and sent a message to Lucifer that MC was asleep in the library.
•Satan was most likely on his way to pick out a new book to read when he saw MC asleep on the book pile.
•he chuckled to himself, this reminded him of when he had to tutor MC.
•he found himself watching MC for a while, a rare sight to behold really.
•eventually he snapped out of it and would carefully move MC to the nearby couch.
•he would make sure MC was nice and comfy before going to tidy up their mess.
•really he was curious to see what MC was studying because then he could offer to tutor them again.
•he would quietly read a book while watching over MC sleep to make sure they were getting a good rest.
•If MC did wake he would just smile and offer to help study, if time allowed.
•most def get caught by Lucifer, "Its 2am go to bed MC"
•MC said they would studying most of they day, so naturally Asmo would try to break that up after a few hours of unread devilchats.
•last one they sent, they were still at it.
•When Asmo finds MC asleep on the book pile, he laughs a bit, a response to them being cute, then immediately wake them up.
•It was gentle and as quiet as possible, MC rolled over and rubbed their eyes.
•"my little study-bug fell asleep~"
•"oh...what time is it?" MC would see it was bed time anyways.
•"MC you have to be so tense after sleeping like that. Let me draw you a nice hot bath before you go to bed, it will help loosen your body." Asmo would 'suggest' as he would grab MC's arm and tug them along to their bath.
•Asmo is a wizard as far as self care, so he whipped up a bath that would truly relax MC.
•he would offer to join of course [I will let you decide that one 😉]
•would let MC borrow a bathrobe to go to their bedroom in, it was so soft that MC never even made it past sitting on their bed to check their phone before passing out.
•Asmo, master class relaxer.
•has no idea what even brought him to the library in the first place...was he looking for MC or a cook book?
•either way he found MC in the pile of books and just smile.
•also knowing what it was like to go hungry from skipping meals [MC was absent from dinner] he would go and wake MC up without much thought.
•"mc, you missed dinner..."
•"hhmm...I'm not hungry..." MC would try to curl up more
•"...if your are tired then go to bed"
•"...I'm fine, I will go in a minute"
•this bean could not bare the thought of leaving MC sleeping here
•"...want me to carry you?" He would ask first
•if given concent, he would carry MC much like a child [ya know legs and arms wrapped around him] to bed
•of course when MC woke up and wanted a snack, he would already be there to share one with them
•Belphie would just wondering around, trying to find a place to nap when he set his sights on usual spot. He noticed the library lights on and walked in to find MC asleep.
•"MC that can't be comfy, come here" he would gently shake MC and take them by the hand.
•he would lead them to the couch and have them lay there.
•not sure how awake MC was but they went to sleep right away.
•he wanted to give a pillow and blanket to MC, but there was only 1 of each
•he decided he could share, and decides to cuddle close to MC on the small couch.
•ends up just sleeping with MC
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clubtuan · a year ago
Sorry, I couldn’t get to you
Tumblr media
Pairing: Do Kyungsoo x female reader
Genre: The chilling adventure of Sabrina!au /witch!au /ansgt a lot of it/ mention of Swing Kids/ fluff / suggestive
Prompt : « I make my own happiness, and I hope you can too » - Sabrina Morningstar
A/N: I finish CAOS and I miss Kyungsoo. And I have Roh Kisoo feelings so yeah this happened, my first scenarios with EXO. And I totally wrote this listening to ‘’Say Something’’ by A Great Big World 90% of the time.
Word count : 5k
Rain was heavily falling that night, and your familiar, a black cat sitting next to you purring. Life as 24 year old witch in Seoul, but still a single 24 year old, life wasn’t that boring it was just that people were always asking you to introduce them to your boyfriend.. Hell who needs a boyfriend when their cousin is the king of Hell, or when your family is the known as the most powerful witches in this damn country ?
The smoke of your tea was long gone as the liquid turned cold, but a burnt smell came to your nostrils .. Park Chanyeol, the king of the under and your cousin.
‘’Hello cousin.
For the love of Satan, Chanyeol!’’ He laughed and take the place right next to you, taking off his crown. ‘’Hell is hella boring without you’’ he sighed.
The only thing you wanted to answer him was how earth was also a boring playground without him, and how Junmyeon wasn’t helping cause he probably was busy running the Academy of Unseen Arts.
You sighed, humans weren’t funny, working wasn’t funny, and plus your feet hurt, from working in Minseok’s small cafe. ‘’You’re a real drama queen Y/N’’ Said Chanyeol before readjusting his black oversized opened dress shirt. ‘’Go to a club, find a cute or bad boy looking guy and have some fun’’ He said picking up his bloody crown.
You couldn’t believe it, even your cousin was asking you to get .. well for the moment a one night stand, but still asking you to find a ‘someone’ ..
‘’Uh and before I forget honey, you may be a witch but black isn’t our only option here’ He disappeared before you could kill him or throw a pillow to his face.’’ -Unbelievable, was all you said after his exit.
You scanned your shelves full of spell books, ‘dark magic : a witchy way with demons’, other books about demons and others creatures you had to deal with, a big brown book caught your eyes and you smirk taking it in your hands. ‘’Boyfriend, here we meet’’ your cat meow looking at you ‘’I know buddy, but everyone says I should have someone so ..’’
To be real witches and wizards are known to have sex demons, and huge sexual orgies from time to time .. seriously what is the problem with witches and sex ?
Oh yeah Lilith was !
You find yourself in the bathroom that night, sculpting your future boyfriend in the wax of a few red candles. abs ? Check ! Cute looking butt ? Check ! Good look ? Check. Nice ?Also check !
‘’Let the doll sit in hot water for one to two days and your lover will be yours’’ you read out of the book.
The bathtub was full and ready, and your were casting the spell asking yourself the hell you were doing.
You clearly fell asleep, waiting to your full tub to see if anything would change .. but nope nothing really changed except the size of the wax doll, which was now a lot larger and not much looking like wax. Work was starting for another few hours but someone was ringing at your door at 9am. And the same someone didn’t wait for you to entered your apartment.
‘’Y/N? We know you’re here, the cat told us.’’ Aunties !
You exited your bathroom closing your door, they didn’t need to see your future love spell laying in hot water with rose petals !
‘’Aunties hi!’’ They both looked at you as if you were insane, well you totally looked like at the moment, your oversized black shirt, and dried mascara under your eyes !
‘’What are you doing ?’’
I’m creating my own boyfriend, cause people I work with, or I’m friend with ask me about my love life 24/7 .. nah you shouldn’t say that to your aunts or else they’ll kill you ..
‘’Nothing Aunt Zee ! I just need coffee cause I .. I .. Yeah coffee !’’
Both of your aunts looked at each other, but not in the suspicious way you tried to avoid, thanks Dark Lord ! ‘’Your cousin, ..’’ Aunt H started but you clearly were not listening to them. Looking at you bathroom door asking yourself a lot of question, does he has a name or you had to give him one ?
‘’Aunties, if you create someone out of .. never mind’’ you stopped yourself, they didn’t need to suspect you and your future « man »?
And the fact you wanted them out of here .. fast ! No need for them to see a stranger getting out of one of your rooms probably naked and confused !
You were bored to wait for anything to happen, and plus you received a text.
You small witch, don’t forget about the Coven party in 2 days.
If you’re not here, I’ll kill u under the full moon babe xox
What a best friend ! You once again totally forgot about this little Coven thing at Minseok cafe he was hosting with Baekhyun.
Witches parties were always too much, even more if Byun Baekhyun was the one throwing the said party. Going back to the 50s (like literally), ghosts ..
To be honest you wanted your Saturday night to be a rerun of « Sabrina, the teenage witch » under a plaid on your couch with pizza, beer and tteokbokki, not a extravagant party with all your Coven.
Get ready for the night of your witchy spicy life, cause your god fairy mother (me!!)
got some friend who are single & ready to mingle !
Baek, no more weird goblin or any magical creatures !
Plus you are late I’ve a date !
His only response was a few shocked emojis, and a few seconds later another text : I’m behind your door with food !
But Baekhyun, being Baekhyun he didn’t ring the bell and come into your home with a huge goofy smile on his lips.
‘’Don’t look at me like that, I’ve got your fav’’
Why everybody was coming to visit you today ? Normally your apartment was cozy and calm .. but not today ! For Satan’s love !
Baekhyun was one of your closest friend, but also a dark fairy and Chanyeol’s right arm.
And fairies loves to party way too much, it was in their personality ! But the cutest thing was his pointy ears.
‘’ So, my lil friend got herself a date ?’’
And fairy were all about gossips! You simply smiled and nodded at your friend. No need to say too much !
‘’Sooo ..’’ You tried to start another conversation ‘’ How is hell today ?’’
He lifted one of his eyebrow ‘’ Yeol was here last night, don’t try to escape my questions woman’’
Maybe you should have stuff your mouth with rice and onions !
Your fairy friend talked and talked, asking you a few questions about your date for the party. You nodded and made a few ‘’oh!’’ ‘’mhmm’’ but must importantly you were eating and trying to avoid his questions.
Until that one moment when Baekhyun suddenly stopped talking, and was looking behind you his mouth wide open.
‘’Sorry babe, I was a bit long’’
Babe ? You turned in your sit and your eyes dropped to a towel, one of your black towel hanging low on some hips, well defined hips to say, and as your eyes were going up to see who that was, you followed a happy trail, your mouth watered at the sight, happy trail being one of your weakness in a man. After his define stomach and sun kissed glowing skin. His heart shaped lips looked so kissable and full, his dark eyes hided behind tick black frame of glasses. God he was beautiful, more than that to be honest, his voice sounded like honey to your ears, his cute hand slowly scratching the back of his head. You watched a few drop of water running on his chest.
Next you saw a lot of beauty marks on his naked skin, a galaxy of beauty marks. The man got you hypnotized with one sentence, this spell was something !
‘’Hey, you must be Baekhyun ! Y/N told me about you’’ you were drinking his every words just like Baekhyun was. ‘’I’m Do Kyungsoo’’
Dark lord even his name sounded so heavenly (damn for a dark lord follower, you think a lot about heaven right now), after his introduction he excused himself to get dress.
‘’Is this your date ?’’ Murmured Baekhyun with too much excitement ‘’Damn girl you just hit the lotto !’’
Your first few days with Kyungsoo was surprisingly good, he already known a lot about you. Because to created him you dropped some drops of blood in the potion.
You asked silly questions to Kyungsoo, just to get to know him better: ‘’Bubble tea or Iced coffee ?’’ sure he was your creation but he still has his own personality. Your afternoon been filled with laughs, his hand in your hair, under your shirt, and finally you naked on top of him. His hands on your hips left some marks just like his plump lips and teeth drew love bites on your collarbone and others behind your ear. Your long black nails left marks on his back from the pleasure .. hell this man gonna be the end of your sanity !
‘’I’m glad you bring me to life’’ his arm was wrapped around your waist, and his lips continued their way in the back on your neck. You never expect anything with this incantation, you never expect the perfect man to came to life in your bathtub but here you were laying under your sheet naked, with Kyungsoo showing his love to you. Drawing abstract shapes on your skin, following your own moles creating a galaxy with his fingers.
Your friends and family were totally shocked to see him next to you, the Saturday night at the Coven party.
Even your aunt fell under his spell, and Chanyeol almost gave him his throne. Kyungsoo always had an answer to every questions about your relationship, his hand never left your side that night, or you find his lips on your cheek every other times.
Do Kyungsoo might be the result of your spell, but you totally were under his.
Days with Kyungsoo were sweet, full of adventures and funny. Sex was insanely good, (yes might be a witch thing but thanks Lilith) the feeling of his hand tracing your body, or even his lips on your skin. Or just his eyes on you were making you feel like the most wanted woman on the earth, Kyungsoo has his ways.
His moles were your favorite thing to kiss after his pillowy lips, but the must was the little mole on his top lip. And for Kyungsoo his lips found their home right under your breast, on ink saying ‘Witch’ he always said your tattoo was full of sarcasm.
Were you suppose to fall to your own creation ?
Your cat was laying on your bed, his head in Kyungsoo’s hand as his was caressing him. You watched him laying underneath your sheet, his chest on full display as your bedding was on his hips hiding a bit of his nakedness. ‘’You know I think he quite like you’’ you said to him ‘’Yeah he is purring, and I like him too .. he is like a part of you’’
You smiled looking at them, the sun was hitting Kyungsoo’s skin in all the right place making you craving him again, on the spot. His skin against yours, his finger interlaced with yours, his low groans .. he was hotter than hell.
Your black familiar exited the room as soon as you found a place on your mattress. ‘’You look cute with my shirt on’’ his hands traveled under the cotton of the shirt, tracing the shape of your chest. He smelled so nice just like lavender and woodland (a/n: if you ever smelled ‘autumn night’ by yankee candle this is the smell I’m talking about), everything about him was comforting, cozy and making you feel somehow safe. His lips right underneath your left ear, his right hand playing with the side of your black laced panty.
He was addicting just like a drug, now he was in your life you couldn’t imagine not having him anymore. Kyungsoo became a part of you, like a missing piece of puzzle and thanks to magic you finally completed the puzzle.
The way he made you feel was crazy, almost too crazy to be real. His breath hitting your neck made you moan even more than his hands running your body, and his length hitting every spots.
Days were brighter than before, spring was almost there cherry blossom were about to bloom, just like you now. And the night getting warmer but for once your bed felt empty and kind of cold without the raven haired boy sleeping next to you.
‘’Y/N ! ARE YOU ISANE ????’’
You woke up to Chanyeol screaming and tearing off his black hair. ‘’Yeol it’s 3 am, the fuck you want now ?’’ You asked, ready to kill him.
‘’Do Kyungsoo ? Huh ?? More like Roh Kisoo ! I can’t believe you invoke a freaking ghost to pretend to be your fucking fuck buddy’’
What ? A ghost ? Fuck buddy ? You were lost, totally lost and you cousin still panicked in front of your bed. ‘’ A ghost, what ? Who’s a ghost ?’’ He sighed loudly. ‘’Cousin, the aunties will legit kill you’’
Your only question was ‘who the fuck is Roh Kisoo ?’ He sighed once again before showing a beige folder (there’s folder in hell ? Anyway that is not the question)
‘’Cousin, he is dead, Do Kyungsoo isn’t real his name was Roh Kisoo, North Korean soldier. He used to tap dance, he was killed because he was about to kill an American soldier on stage’’
You couldn’t believe what Chanyeol was telling you .. you did not invoke a dead soldier, you created him out of wax. ‘’Chanyeol .. I created him. I do not fuck with dead’’
He stopped all his talking to look at you, dead in the eyes (no joke here). Your knees were against your chest as you sit on your mattress, ‘’He lied to me’’ you said softly. Your eyes filled with tears, you couldn’t believe you fell in love with your creation but he seemed so human, probably too human you were now thinking .. cause he been alive once.
Chanyeol wrapped his arms around you, even the king of hell could not bear to see his cousin and best friend crying. ‘’Love, do-does his heart beat ?’’ You looked up at him not really understanding why would it change if his heart was beating or not ? ‘’ If his heart beat, it means two things .. one he has feeling for you and second h-he .. he would become human, 100% human once again and believe his past life is just a dream .. Well his memories of the war and all being a dream’’
‘’And y/n..’’ He started again ‘’ you were in his past life .. his lover actually even if he never confessed or anything to you he loved you as Roh Kisoo .. that’s why he came to you as you created him’’
He put his hands on your eyes, and suddenly flashes of images, of him with shaved hair, kaki clothes, tap dancing, working on things, him stealing a kiss, stealing one of your kiss I the board of daylight, your death with two others persons you didn’t know and finally his own death.
The perk of being the king of hell was having ‘infos’ about people’s previous lives, and Chanyeol was shoving you Kyungsoo past life.
After your cousin exit, you didn’t sleep that night. You felt so small at the time watching the night lights by your window, thinking about everything that happened for the last two months of your life.. getting him, feeling happy and in love (a thing you never felt or lived before), how were you supposed to say all these things to Kyungsoo ?
Were you supposed to giving him up ? Send him back (yeah but were ?) ? Make him human ?
That morning Junmyeon made fun of you ‘looking like a panda’.
‘’ Y/N ?’’ He been calling your name for the last five minutes but your mind was anywhere but in Minseok’s cafe, jumping from memories to memories you created for the last 2 months.
The light was hitting your living room, a cup of coffee in your hand as you sit on your couch right next to Kyungsoo who was reading one your book. At the time everything felt right, as you were looking at him forgetting your cup in your hands, trying to find a single thing on him that was wrong .. but nothing was wrong.
‘’You know, I’ll not disappear love’’ you chuckled at his words, fearing that yes someday he’ll be gone.
His hand find it place on your knee, and his lips on your temple was comforting you and made you blush as a teenager.
At the time everything was simpler, you needed help .. but from who ?
You couldn’t bear to see Kyungsoo, not knowing how you’ll react in front of him, what to tell him, would you kiss him ? Let him make love to you ? Slap him ? Fall apart ? Break his heart ? (you didn’t know if his heart was beating .. if he was human or just the memory of his past life in wax)
We need to talk aunties.
You were adult and you needed to face your mistakes, and you were finally doing it. The drive to your aunt’s was the longest it ever was and you felt heavy.
You spent a long time sitting in your car before entering the house, feeling a lot of shame, heartbroken, facing your mistake was harder than expected.
The second you saw your aunts you couldn’t keep your feelings together and start crying.
‘’ Chanyeol told us Y/N and even if your aunt wanted to scold you .. it’s not right to do now’’ started one of your aunt.
Aunt Zee was smoking but not saying anything, you knew she was disappointed. You felt totally out of place if you teleport yourself in a volcano you would to it right away.
‘’ I suppose Chanyeol explain you, the two options you have ?’’ Was Aunt Zee first worlds, you nodded.
‘’ If his heart beat or not, I could send him back or I can make him human.. ’’ your were stop by Aunt H ‘’ If you make him human, you know he’ll not remember you and what you both lived’’
Hearing that broke your heart even more, he couldn’t forget you if wasn’t right.
‘’ But he will kind of stay connected to you, as he has a part of you being your magic. So he is and will be a wizard.’’ Said your second aunt.
All you needed was time, a thing you didn’t have. One last time with him before choosing send him back or making him human and forget everything about you.
‘’But most important if his heart is beating, your trace will forever haunt him. Without him know why and who you are, love’’ said Aunt H, caressing your arm as comfort.
‘’ I can’t kill him’’
Yours aunties listened to you, telling them why and how to ‘created’ him, how happy he was making you, how human he seemed and now you knew why .. you told them everything, even wishing you had a last night with him.
Aunt Zee granted your wish, but tomorrow morning you had to say goodbye to love.
You never expected finding him dressed in his favorite black jumper and his ripped bleu jeans cooking in your kitchen with a glass full of white wine waiting for you next to his.
Your eyes filled with tears when his scent hit you, your head on his chest. ‘’ Let’s stay like this for a moment, please’’ you didn’t want him to see you like that.
The smile dancing on his lips broke you inside one more time, he looked so innocent in front of you, not knowing, almost like a child.
‘’You know babe, tonight there’s a shower of shooting stars let’s watch it’’ Yixing told him, even if he never met the Chinese wizard in real like they met on FaceTime, your friend was crazy when Baekhyun, once mentioned you had someone.
You simply nodded, even of shooting stars couldn’t help you this time.
The time moved so fast as if it was teasing you, your eyes never left Kyungsoo, too afraid to forgot him or to miss a beauty mark or the way his eyes were when he was smiling, looking at you.
Looking at him was the hardest thing you had ever done that night, you were giving up on him and you couldn’t say anything.
The view from the balcony of your appartement was incredible but the only thing you watched was him not the stars traveling the dark sky.
Even the moon seems ridiculous next to him, his glasses sat on his nose and his hair was a bit longer, his fringe hitting the frame of the glasses softly.
He turned his head to look at you, his hand caressed your cheek and his lips collided on yours, his kiss was full of passion, slow. Time stopped when his lips met yours, and you felt his heart pounded underneath your hand.
His heart was beating ..
‘’ .. I love you’’ His eyes were still closed and his lips still so closed to yours, and his thumb caressing your face.
Once again his lips crashed on yours, more intense this time. Yours hands holding the material of his jumper. ‘’Don’t ever forget about me’’ you whisper. His fingers slipped under the coton of your shirt, he pulled you even closer to him, as if no one else in the world existed. ‘’Never’’ you knew his answer was a lie but you needed it.
The time actually stopped at that moment the last time he made love to you, the stars and clouds were not moving and no sounds were heard, a spell to stop time was dangerous and only a powerful witch could to do but at the time it was your last priority.
It was the softest Kyungsoo ever showed you the way he loved you, he was taking his time with you that night as if he knew it was surely the last time. Looking at you his eyes were full of stars and his hands felt like velvet on your skin.
That night you refused to fall asleep, your head stayed on his chest listening to his heartbeat, his words playing over and over in your head, the way he confessed on that night was the hardest to accepted to you.
I’m sorry cousin,
I tried to give a little bit more with him.
He make you happy I know.
You left your bed after reading the text to finally cried yourself to sleep in your bathroom, your hand on your mouth trying to muffled the sound.
The floor was freezing when you woke up, everything felt freezing in your house, in your body. Once you remembered, tears were running your cheeks and this time you didn’t shut yourself and screamed in agony.
He was gone.
He was gone and you were alone.
The first week was the hardest, you didn’t left your room and the last piece of him that was the shirt you wore that night.
The tissue did not smelled like him anymore.
Every day, every hour you were waiting for him to open your door arms full of bags from the grocery store ready to cook you something.
Chanyeol, yours aunts, Yixing, everyone tried to contact you, but you never answered them.
Every night Chanyeol wait for you to sleep and came, he was feeling guilty and you were his best friend. Every night he did the same, he tucked you and stroked your hair. Hoping one day you would be able to find peace with yourself, but that wasn’t the only thing on his plan !
You sat at your kitchen bar, you computer in front of you but all you did was staring at your window, your chin resting in your left hand.
You didn’t even watch Chanyeol sitting right in front of you searching something in one of his books. ‘’Cousin, aren’t you suppose to do mails stuff ?’’
‘’Chanyeol, aren’t you suppose to do king of hell stuffs?’’ Your sarcasm did in fact burn like hell !
‘’You know I became the king of underworld, so you selfishly could stay on earth and do selfish human things as the bratty witch you are’’
Why was Chanyeol even here at this point ? He wasn’t wrong, to be honest. All you did for the last few days was crying, sleeping, and being a brat to everyone who tried to help you what so ever.
‘’Cousin, life have so much to offer’’
‘’Fake, life sucks and I feel so done with it’’ He sighed loudly, feeling done with you.
Ignoring yours friends, cousin, aunts was purely selfish and you knew it but at this point you clearly didn’t give a damn .. but at the same time it was your fault and only your fault, if you didn’t use this spell, just to shut people and their needs to talk about your life.
It’s been 3 weeks, the first been the miserable one, the two second mark the start of the ‘new you’.
You were purely self-destructive at this point, losing Kyungsoo hurt you but what you did to yourself was worst. Invoking sex demons, trying spell to not feel anything, everything was good to ‘make you forget’.
‘’You know Sehun, fuck Satan and all that witchy shit’’
You were clearly drunk, and Sehun knew he shouldn’t give you anymore drinks but his pub had the best reputation with the witch population of Seoul, you lost the count of drinks you already drank.
‘’ You probably should go at home and sleep Y/N, I dont need the king of Hell to come and kill me’’
‘’Chanyeol ? He can kiss my ass ! Y’all can kiss my ass’’ your drunk behavior wasn’t a pretty sight.
After that Sehun didn’t understand a word you said, you were half crying, half mumbling. Poor bartender did not has the choice but to call Chanyeol to have an explanation and to get you back at your apartment.
‘’ Y/N you can’t live your life off ‘not feeling anything’ spells’’
Cold water woke you up, you stood in you shower fully clothed and your cousin holding the shower head.
‘’Why the hell are you doin’ that ?’’
‘’You asshole, needed a wake up call’’
Chanyeol was tired of seeing you being a danger to yourself, and decided enough was enough.
The heavy weight on your shoulders dropped suddenly and you body followed dropping in your cousin’s arms. ‘’ I just miss him so much Yeol’’
He watched tears rolling on your cheeks, not saying anything but his hand caressing your back.
Even if lives are connected Chanyeol couldn’t guarantee Kyungsoo’s comeback, your two souls might be connected since the beginning but the way they forced Kyungsoo into his human form couldn’t guarantee anything about their futur or life together. But he couldn’t tell you all that, like he couldn’t say he was following the man everyday.
And that you left your mark on him, he was now a wizard.
‘’ I’m here Y/N you can sleep’’
He laid you down on your bed, caressing your hair and projecting dreams in your head to give you a break, Chanyeol was the king of Hell, but he was hurt seeing his best friend and cousin living like that, he was ready to fight anyone so you could be happy again and to see you eyes full of stars just like when you were looking at Kyungsoo.
Chanyeol always knew that Kyungsoo’s heart was beating he felt it the first time he met him. And right after that he started his search about the man.
After that night you practically lived in the academy, teaching younger witches just like your aunts wanted. Reading books to perfect your magic. ‘’You know since you came to the academy everything seems simpler’’ Said your colleague Jongdae ‘’ Kids seems to like having one of the most powerful witch of the century teaching them stuffs’’ You nodded.
‘’Sorry Jongdae but I’m taking my cousin out for lunch’’
Chanyeol took you to Chinatown, celebrating one of his friend opening his own restaurant .. who were you to say no to free food ?
Lunch was nice, a private room for the two of you and all the best food on the menu. ‘’So the academy ?’’
‘’It’s good, kids are funny .. Yeol did you .. like killed someone for this guy ?’’
He laughed a bit too much ‘’ Not, it’s a guy a met not long ago and we became friends .. he is like us ‘magic’ he’ll come to see us’’
You nodded, finishing you plate and drinking a bit of the Chinese whisky that was left in your cup.
Chanyeol left you to go the to toilet, what type of cousin is he ? He need to go to the toilet when his friend was supposed to met the two of you ? Asshole !
The door opened and your phone vibrated at the same time a text from you cousin, why was he sending you a text when coming back in the private room ?
I find him for you ..
Who did he find for you ?
‘’Chanyeol ?’’ You knew the voice, you once again felt the time stop when you turned around finding .. Do Kyungsoo in a chef attire.
Do Kyungsoo was the friend of Chanyeol, the one he wanted you to meet ..
‘’You are ?’’ Right he forgot about you. ‘’Oh yeah you’re Y/N .. Chanyeol told me a lot about you and you’re like the most powerful in our coven’’
A single tear rolled onto your cheek, you find him .. he was in front of you.
You finally find him, thanks to Chanyeol.
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the-starryknight · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’ve decided to create a rather self-indulgent series of rec lists (with fic, art, podfic, fanmixes etc.) related to various facets of the art world.  We’ll start with the more typical take on it - Artist!Harry and Artist!Draco - and spin out to antiques & houses & galleries & fashion & wandmaking & music and more. I welcome chat in my inbox! Rec me something I missed, exclaim about your favs... I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Many of these gorgeous pieces use Harry’s art as a way for him to heal or to find a path outside of the Aurors. Making (in whatever form) is also often a way for Harry to reconnect with Draco (or to connect in the first place).  Enjoy!
[Fic + Podfic] Turn fic by Saras_girl, podfic by @mab-speaks / Queenie_Mab 2013 | E | 307k
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
★ A classic Drarry fic by the classic Saras_girl featuring a romantic, emotional, and powerful story about finding oneself (again & again) in the world of his own making.  Plus, Mab brings new life to the gorgeous prose in the podfic with a lovely storyteller’s tone. ★
[Fic + Art + Fanmix] The Boy and the Sleeping Prince fic by @writcraft, art by @phoenixacid 2015 | E | 27k/Illustration
Harry is miserable and tired of being an Auror, coasting through life until he’s forced to make some changes. Spurred on by his passion for drawing and working with best-selling author Draco Malfoy, Harry develops a charm which gives children a magical, interactive reading experience. But when it’s time to test the spell, the two men find themselves trapped in a nightmarish fairy tale world. Can they escape unscathed, or is Draco right in his assertions that there is no such thing as a happily ever after?
★ This fic is so unusual! Featuring illustrator!Harry and writer!Draco tumbling into a surrealistic and dramatic world, a fairytale of their own making. The worldbuilding in this fic is incredibly immersive in terrifying and beautiful ways, made visible and audible in the art and fanmix. PhoenixAcid’s illustrations are just stunning with incredible shading and depth. ★
[Fic] Solder by Oakstone730 2015 | E | 35k
Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius's life without a trace after Harry's addictions destroyed his and Draco's marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past.
★ Though this fic deals with the challenging weight of Harry’s potions addiction, it is set years into his recovery and is all about rebuilding,  reconnecting and regaining trust (all of which take work and care, which this fic shows with love). The descriptions of the art in this fic makes my heart yearn for more stained glass in my life! ★
[Art] Second Chances by @celilasart / LLAP115 2017 | G | Comic
The painter Irah Raindrop has conquered the Wizarding art world by storm, but no one knows who is hiding behind this pseudonym. Draco Malfoy is one of Irah's biggest fans and a serious art collector who doesn't miss a single exhibition of Irah's art. This time, he dragged Pansy to the grand opening of Irah's latest exhibition in Paris. 
★ A gorgeous comic with a striking collector!Draco, Pansy in a red dress, a little cafe, and a mysterious reunion in the city of love. The expressions in this are gorgeously dynamic. ★
[Fic] Tourist: A Love Song by xErised 2019 | T | 30k (cw for a potions overdose, untagged)
Harry is in New York City looking for inspiration for his next collection of paintings. He’s not expecting inspiration to appear in the form of a black-haired Draco Malfoy playing the guitar and singing with such a beautiful voice.
★ xErised uses Harry’s art as a way for him to see Draco with new eyes. Harry draws him from across the room, and in doing so, finds that he’s an entirely new person, and how gorgeous and powerful is this kind of sight? I loved exploring all my favorite parts of NYC with its doting resident, Draco. ★
[Fic] The Delicate Balance of Light and Shade by Nympha_Alba 2020 | E | 13k
With the war finally over, Harry tries to find his own path in a world where he is free to make his own choice. On a holiday in France, he unexpectedly falls in love with art and painting. Returning to Hogwarts to help rebuild it, he is paired up with Draco Malfoy to restore the Room of Requirement - and unexpectedly falls in love with Draco.  When the rebuilding efforts are done, Harry disappears. Years later, Draco goes to Muggle London at Pansy's suggestion to visit an art gallery. The name of the Muggle artist is unknown to Draco, but the subject of the erotic paintings is shockingly familiar: it's Draco himself.  It's time to confront the past and make some long-due confessions.
★ This fic feels like it has a heartbeat in the way that Nympha_Alba has constructed short, poignant scenes. Nympha’s descriptions of Harry’s work are stunning and so revealing about both Harry and Draco.  ★
[Fic] The Way We Wind by @thesleepiesthufflepuff / BlueFay 2020 | E | 47k
After the war, Harry’s life falls to shambles. Each day revolves around an intense battle with his mental health, and there’s nothing that Ron or Hermione can do to help him. That is, until Hermione teaches Harry how to knit. Fast forward five years, and Harry is the proud owner of a renowned knitting shop in Diagon Alley, The Whomping Willow Woolery. Christmas season is upon him, and the shop is busier than ever. So, is it really a surprise that Draco Malfoy wanders in looking for a gift for his mother? Cue awkward meetings, fluffy knitting lessons, a truly horrible scarf, a cat named Stockinette who is readily obsessed with Draco, and falling in love with one’s worst enemy.
★ In the ultimate finding-healing-in-art fic, The Way We Wind weaves a romantic, emotional love story for two men whose lives are and have always been along the same thread. The perfect feel-good that will leave you wanting a warm knit jumper. ★
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bitopic · a year ago
Master post of the most weird/cool/ugly fandoms where i’ve been since i get internet
Here we go again! Don’t judge me again, some of it was when i was a kid :(.
1.- Sing! 
I don’t like it more bc i had a terrible experience with a Johnny’s roleplayer, out of that, i liked the posts of the shipp of Rosita and Moon, and Ash with Johnny, was a good time.
Tumblr media
2.- Despicable Me
Yee, i did two oc’s, one like a police and the other i don’t remember exactly the story. An abandoned amd little fandom that was so nice. (psd: the only movie that i like is the first, out of that the others are good, but yeeh, nostalgia factor)
Tumblr media
3.- Arthur Christmas
I don’t remember anything of that times, but was a good fandom btw 
Tumblr media
4.- Pirates! A Band of Misfits
Yep, exist a fanbase, and even was the shipp of the Captain and Number 2, all was good too
Tumblr media
5.- Popee the Performer
Ohhhhh i adooooore that fandom, any toxicity, i never knew about an oc, but everything was about the story, characters, an AU that i never understand and a cute girl that was in the circus too, but yeah, was pretty good too
Tumblr media
6.- Robots (2005)
Exist and is abandoned, but is nostalgic and friendly
Tumblr media
7.- A Monstre á Paris
I don’t like the fact that some artist sexualize the shipp between the big guy and the girl, but almost that, all was ok
Tumblr media
8.- Killiing Stalking
Was for short time, but all was weird in there. Mostly, the official images, ohhhh god, mades me feel a little cringe, but i adooore the fandom, was persons so nice, well, that ones i meet
Tumblr media
9.- The Book of Life
yes, and was a shipp that was the “Tres Leches”, i don’t gonna talk more than that, but i liked the AU’s (there was one where the principal character really dies and goes to the earth to talk with the other two, and other where was trapped in Xibalba’s territory)
Tumblr media
10.- Hey Arnold
Just nostalgic, but when the last movie cames (that one where they goes to search the football head parents i get out, i didn’t like that movie, i prefeer the first one)
Tumblr media
11.- Treasure Planet
Ohhhh how nostalgic, i adore that fandom, was pretty good
Tumblr media
12.- Coco
Yeeee, except for the shipps but all was ok
Tumblr media
13.- Klaus
I’m not gonna say more, all was pretty good, until the shipp of Klaus and Jesper
Tumblr media
14.- Strange Magic
Just a phase, was good too
Tumblr media
1.- Doctor Who
Ahhhh i’m in the shadow fandom (i mean, not like a fan faaaan) but i saw the modern doctors and i love the show! (also, i preffer the 10th Doctor, is my fav)
Tumblr media
2.- Good Omens
All was so good, the fanfics, Neil answering questions, this two actors doing fanservice, all was soo good, until the fandom forced the relation between they and sexualize almost everything about them, but i preffer the first times
Tumblr media
3.- Hannibal
I saw the complete series, i have a crush with this two dorks and i cried at the end, and i still waiting that they will be alive, but no, it’s time to confront the truth :’(
Tumblr media
(i miss them so much)
4.- Sherlock (BBCOne)
I love Sherlock Holmes books and when i knew the series i really wanted to be like Sherlock, soo smart and badass, i never be like that, but i enjoyed all the seasons and the fandom was good, even still wanted a 6 season, guy please, let them be in peace, they deserve it
Tumblr media
What a good bromance they had :), still miss them
5.- Mob Psycho 100
This manwa hits me so badly bc i get identified with Shigueo, so i read it, i saw the anime, still waiting the third part, and the animation, ooooh the animation, even are ships very weird and that, if i ignore, all its ok
Tumblr media
6.- Over the Garden Wall
Feels, only feels, was something so vintage, and i like the vintage atmosphere, so was good times
Tumblr media
7.- Rise of the Guardians
I like this fandom so much (i’m actually active here) and all the artist i know and the people are so good, even if is small and are weird ships, all its pretty ok
Tumblr media
(but yeeh, stop sexualize this dork, it’s so cringe)
Tumblr media
8.- Ruby Gloom
This show defines a part of my childhood, it’s so special to me saw that other people wants a continuation to the story and i still enjoying the serie :)
Tumblr media
9.- Star Wars
Was just a phase, but hyeh, mostly Clone Wars and the movies (No the modern movies, but yeah, I love The Mandalorian)
Tumblr media
10.- The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings
Yee i like a lot this one, but i prefer a loot The Hobbit, was part of my childhood too and when i was a kid i didn’t understood the LoTR movies, but now i know, and i like it
Tumblr media
(I still crying the Durin’s death, ahh whyyyy)
11.-TMNT (Movies like 2k7, 2k14 and 2k16, and series like 2k12)
I miss the guys, well that guys, i wanted to read the comics, but here i can’t have it, yee was part of my childhood and i have some merch, yes i was a biiig fan of this one
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(the final of this one kills me :( )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
12.- Trollhunters
I buy the book,, i saw the series and i like it, but i preffer the first one that the others two (i mean, only the Trollhunters, not 3Below or Wizards) 
Tumblr media
(i sob with the end and still gets me feels)
13.- Playdead’s Games
Limbo, Inside, what a good games, still waiting the 3rd proyect ahhh
Tumblr media
14.- Undertale
I want to remember this one in the times that doesn’t exist a lot of AU’s and other things, all was pretty ok
Tumblr media
(and yes, i cried with the pacific run)
15.- 31 Minutos
Ahh the tv show, yes, is perfect
Tumblr media
16.- The Adventures of Tintin
Yeh, even exist the ship of the Captain and Tintin, all its good
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
17.- Laika Studios
Who is not a big fan of this movies, uh? UH? (More of ParaNorman movie, yes)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AND NOW, THE UGLY ONES, this is of my personal experiences, and in some i don’t gonna write nothing, but in others ye
1.-Steven Universe
Tumblr media
2.- Villainous
Tumblr media
3.- Gravity Falls
Tumblr media
4.- Twenty One Pilots
Tumblr media
5.- Miraculous LadyBug
Tumblr media
6.- Rick and Morty
Tumblr media
7.- Die Antwoord
Tumblr media
i dont have nothing against their appearance, its something i read about their personality and things that they have done
8.- Gorillaz
Tumblr media
This is the worst, are a lot of p3do, oversexualizing Noodle and the other characters , OC’s with Ramona Flower’s appearance (its like the persons don’t have any imagination, duudes you can do more and better oc’s than a copy), bullies, people defending this bullies, tracers of the Jamie’s artwork and doing money with that an without the permission of Gorillaz (Monopoli, i’m talking about you, and f’ck you b7tch), i mean, its so toxic and so bad, are a lot of bad people and its nothing good considering that is a good band, even Jamie and Damon are tired of the fanbase,  i literally ran agaw from this, i have an OC but i preffer dont draw her more and show her fault of this bad persons, they make me hate this that i loved so much and litterally saved my life during 2017, now i don’t want to hear more about them and their songs, this fandom made me feel so tired about the sh5t, so, if you’re not in the fandom, please DONT JOIN, and if youre into it, get out, its for your good
All of this are from my experiences and it’s my personal opinion, so, if you want to offend me, keep that on mind please, it’s not my plan offend you, and if i do, i’m sorry (except for you Moni, i hate you and i hate all you did and all you’re doing)
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the-second-tonks · 10 months ago
hey! i heard you are doing a really cool avengers game and i would like to participate!’🥳 i’m a straight female and here are some info about me
capricorn sun, libra moon and leo rising : ENFP/ ENTP i keep going back and fourth with those mbti types
i have medium length black wavy hair
i’m tan but not tan tan
people say i have expressive eyes lol
average height
likes and dislikes
socializing, i enjoy meeting new people and hangout out with others
i like science and social studies they r my favorite subjects in school. i also like art and pe
taking risks and big adventures
traveling, spontaneous activities and shopping lol
people who are always serious (although i like to push their buttons), no humor and dull
being restrained, underestimated
people not being nice to one another
people who can’t carry convos (it doesn’t bother me a lot but still)
i’m extroverted but can be a tiny bit shy
i like the hustle, and really passionate and determined - action oriented
im very humorous and witty and creative
people mistake my friendliness as flirting (but im a huge tease)
i like to see the big picture; and get carried away with multiple projects bc i may not finish them all.
i have a loud laugh
kinda competitive
in romance i like to keep switching from chasing my partner to them chasing me (just for the thrill)
i like hanging out with my friends/family, learning new stuff, cooking (i try), napping, playing sports (i try), biking, playing my flute and drawing.
fun facts about me
i’m left handed but can write with both hands
i can wiggle my nose without lifting my eyebrows
i can raise and wiggle both of my eyebrows
i kinda have a lot of stamina and could run fast
chat noir and rena rouge are my fav characters from mlb! i like their personality and their powers!
people say my personality is kinda like Black Cat from the Spider-man comics expect i lean more towards the heroic side hahah
i tend to fall for ENTJS, ISTJS, and ESTPS 😫😫
my comfort characters from marvel are peter, steve, rocket (the racoon, i think that’s his name), steve, ant man and groot
i’m a gryffindor
from the ship request, i believe you shipped me with peter parker/spider-man. but i’m also curious to se my secret admirer if that’s fine
and that’s it!! i tried to minimize but keep things precise at the best of my abilities! i hope it’s not too much and i’m excited to see my life if i were in the MCU!! have a great day and take care!! 🥳🥳💞💞
Hii! Okay , it's a bit more than medium , but it's fine ! Okay sure ! You also asked me to add you fall in love quickly and also your comfort character is thor . But again, the decoration is so beautiful !
Coming back to your ship .. thank you for participating !
Your power is
Super strength !
Wow wow . This is so good . Okay , I know you already have much stamina , but for your adventures and stuff , I guess you'll have this . From your birth . Yes . You'll be always the one who's oh so powerful and stuff . Your strength will give you popularity . Not just this , ofcourse you'll be one of the best additions in the team of Avengers . You'll always be the one who's compared to Steve . Let's face this , you might not be able to defeat him sometimes , but that doesn't mean you don't win . You would be a tad bit smarter than Steve and so , you might win many times .
Your life with the Avengers
You were the one who had like three sisters and two brothers . In-short , a big fat family . But in tug-of-war , you alone vs all of them , still you'd win with few efforts . Because you were born with super strength . All , everyone from the neighborhood used to ask you mother about your diet and activities , but it was just what normal people ate . Okay , now having supers strength didn't mean you were so bulky and stuff , you had toned body , perfect for a girl. You were often the one who stood in front of the bullies , and the bullies simply ran away because they know who you were. You were quite popular in your neighborhood , until a team member (Tony Stark) from the famously called Avengers , sent you a letter . He asked you to side with him in the civil war . You did , but you also met the boy called Spiderman , Peter Parker . You and hit off really well as soon as you both met . Fighting together through the war , you also encountered Wanda , who appreciated your bravery and smartness before you knocking you out (bonus - you were caught by Peter before you could hit your head to the ground ). Finally , from fighting saving the wizard on Tony Stark's orders to following Peter into the spaceship , you were now battling Thanos with Doctor Strange , Peter Parker , etc . Strongly standing against him , you were still fighting until you got knocked out . Waking up, you saw doctor strange giving the stone to Thanos , who disappeared. Everyone was fine now , but the situation was tense . Suddenly , people began disappearing . Your eyes travelled to Peter , your love , who was already looking at you . He stumbled , staggered and fell down , whispering how he was feeling. He simply gave you a full-of-love gaze and disappeared .
With a new hope and a bit excitement of the risk , you stood on the machine beside Thor , the cool guy . Soon , from going back in time with Thor and Rocket to fighting against Thanos again , you saw Peter enter through the hole . All alive and well. You knew it wasn't the right time to be emotional and so, you contained your excitement and continued to fight . Finally , after saving Tony Stark with your witty brains , science and help , you all returned back . Reuniting with Wanda , you talked about the severally things you both had missed out . Later but yes , the boy Peter , did find some courage to ask you out .
Your bestfriend would be
Wanda Maximoff !
"Wanda , forget it. You won't be able to do it" your competitive nature spoke as you tried to discourage (jokingly) your bestfriend Wanda . She had been trying to wiggle her nose without raising eyebrows to raising and wiggling both the eyebrows , just like you do . And all you were doing was laughing at her attempts . Okay , it was really funny . The weird crooked faces she made , oh lord . "Okay , I give up . I know I can't do this , but I definately can beat you in running " she huffed but spoke the last part smirking . "Without magic" you added , informing her not to cheat .
After the run , Wanda was lying on the floor , exhausted but you still had the energy to stand . Looking at her with a big smirk , you let out a friendly hand which she took . But she was yet not done friendly competiting you . She tried writing with both hands , again she ofcourse couldn't manage it . Then , she took the biking challenge (almost cheating in it) , the drawing challenge was just fun (because she drew you so wierd and kept laughing at it for full one hour ) , the cooking challenge (okay , she nearly won in it) to playing sport . At the end , your score was quite higher than her , but not to deny the day was fun . Cue you playing flute , that peaceful sound filling the house and soon , Wanda's loud snoring accompanies .
Your s/o would be
Peter Parker !
Your laugh echoed through the empty corridor as Peter ran in your direction . The boy , Flash Thompson excused himself on seeing Peter , your boyfriend . You smiled at Flash before turning to Peter and hugging the boy who was almost out of breath . "Hey Peter !" You chirped . "H-hi Y/N" he greeted back . You and him had decided to go on shopping after grabbing some of your cooked meal which he loved .
Walking to the table , you both sat on it . You slowly removed your tiffin and offered Peter , who smiled and picked up the first bite . Ordering you some food , you both were peacefully eating except for some disturbing glances from Flash Thompson , who not so secretly admired you and thought you deserved someone better than Peter , someone like He himself . After finishing the science class with Peter , you both set out for shopping. The complete while , during shopping , Peter was looking at you as if you were some princess . Ofcourse he did treat you like that , but you felt something off . As if this treating was much of lowering himself than hyping you .
When you both returned back to your house with full bags he was silent during the whole walk . He didn't laugh or blush at your teasing . You were shocked at his behaviour and seeing the bigger picture , you concluded that he was tired . But no , you missed the minor details . The way he kept looking between flash and you in the canteen , the way he was always looking around to see a girlfriend and boyfriend enjoying themselves and then letting his head drop with dejection and how he simply listened to your witty jokes and teasing . Finally , when you both sat on the couch to check out the dresses , you spoke "what's up spideyboy ? Something gor you tired?" . He simply smiled and continued to look through your dresses . But you knew that look. The broken look . Immediately you dropped the dresses and hugged him . As expected by you , he let it out . He cried . Balled his eyes out . "Y/N , I-i'm really s-sorry for th-this . B-but really , we bot-h know you fa-all in l-love pretty quickly-y . Mayb-be you-u made-e a m-mistake in m-my case. And m-maybe , y-you des-serve a g-guy lik-ke Thompson , wh-oo ca-an make you l-laugh and s-smile ." You shushed him and spoke "P , I do fall in love pretty quickly , but do you realise I've been in love with you for 7 years ..and everytime I think about you , just the thought is enough to make me smile " . He released you from the hug , confused . You replied "yes p , 7 years .. did you forget the five years of the blip?" .he smiled teared eye and spoke "We . Are going to New York . Tomorrow itself . Start packing" and with that , you hugged him again .
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for participating !
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fluffyballme · 2 years ago
Let's put this in their second year, because we all know they are school sweethearts
It was sunday and spring just started which means Neville will be there to see his beautiful flowers grow
He dressed fast and eated faster and if Harry wasn't staring at Draco he would be suprised of why is he hurrying so much
But Hermione explained him (because she is good friend and remembers when her firends talks about something they love) as she continued reading book
And so he made it to green house just in time and oh god he could already see small flowers growing! Spring is-
There was anoder boy, at his flowers, smelling them and talking to them- what is going on?
,,Umm sorry uh.. who are you?"
,,Theodore Nott"
He was Slytherin, he heard about him
He was different from other Slytherins Neville met, he was much more caring than other Slytherins, he heard about him because kids weren't so nice so they talked behinde his backs mean stuff about "how he could be Slytherin when he should be Hufflepuff!" and other mean things he doesn't even want to remember
And that boy- Theodore made him feel.. weird
He had small curls at end of his hair, like really small, he smiled to him- he also had most beautiful smile ever and his eyes, god his eyes
,,I am sorry I just wanted to see these flowers-" he started to explain himself and why he is here but just stopped, ,,I am sorry, I will leave if I am making toruble"
He apologised and wanted to leave but Neville couldn't let him leave
,,No! Uh I mean, no you can stay, I mean I have nothing against you here because this is school's and everybody is welcome- I am sorry, I am talking to much"
And Theodore laughed and Neville felt like he could die instantly, his laugh was soo cute that it made Neville blush and amile softly
,,How is this plant called?"
,,Leaping Toadstools"
,,Oh and that?!"
,,Mimbulus mimbletonia"
,,And that! What's that? It looks soo beautiful!"
,,Uhh it's just Narcissus."
Neville just couldn't help but smile/blush whole time Theodore was asking him
And from that moment they just somehow started to hang more and more, it just happened
It started as hang outs in green house and then as learning sessions, walking around halls together and even eating together
Sometimes if day was bad other would take food from great hall for both and would sit on wall eating silently enjoying each others company
They became inseaprable
And finally in 4th year Neville got courage to ask him out
Both never realised they were falling in love but they were, hard
Theo blushed hard when Neville (finally) asked him out
And Neville was so stupid because he thought Theo would reject him- quoting Theo Nott's words!
On their first date Neville was a little late and he got good reason, he was picking narcissa's for Theo because now Neville made plan, from now on till rest of his life he will give Theo one narcissa after he got from work (not that he was so madly in love that he was already planing marrying Theo and spending rest of his life with him, certanly not!)
Theo blushed when Neville explained why he was late
But loved Neville even more because of how caring and sweet person he is
And so they dated, at first it was awkward for both because they were also each other's best friends but what they felt wasn't friendly, it was more than friendly feelings
They were school sweethearts, both socialy awkward to show it in public but alone they couldn't get enough of each other
And then everything started
(Theo for every Neville's birthday sended him present and one narcissus in sign of love)
Dark Lord is back.
Death Eaters were called and Neville not knowing Theo's family were Death Eaters, talked about how he joined Dumbledore's Amry and he should too! He praised everything against Dark Lord and Theo agreed , he hated Dark Lord and loved his family
Neville was always caring boyfriend and he will stay one forever, but it was just he never noticed Theo being off, he never noticed Theo being forced into being Death Eater
And so war started and everybody had their side; one heart broken in two peices, both good but teared into something more than themselves
But Theo decided he couldn't do it
So he ran and ran and ran
He run to try to find Neville, he wanted him, needed his soft hugs, softer kisses and his calming voice telling him everything's gonna be fine
He found him just before fight started, Neville was preparing for fight all tensed
He noticed Theo and he wanted nothing more than run to him and give him biggest hug ever, but he can't, he couldn't
He ignored him and Theo's poor heart broken every time more and more until he screamed on top of his lungs at Neville making him listen
He explained that he (and Draco, Blaise and Pansy and half of Slytherins) were forced into becoming Death Eaters because of their pureblood families, he apologised for not telling him, for just running away from him, for everything he could
And Neville kissed him hard and pssionate- he never kissed him like this unless they were having small make out sessions-
That was last time Theo saw him (he had to defent Hogwarts) and so did Theo, this was his true home
He stood next to Draco and Blaise looking at Harry's dead face and crazy lunatic of wizard being happy over finally killing a teenager
Draco screamed on top of his lungs when he saw Harry's dead body in Hagrids amrs
They all fought together, side by side
They all sat down in circle next to each other cuddiling still in shock
He was in Neville's conforting arms, everything was already better
(everyone spend their summer in Grimudal place taking care of each other, it was better with company)
Eight year came and every student got job help rebuilding Hogwarts
Neville got to rebuild Green house with Theo and planting plants, drawing on pots, cleaning mess and making new furniture for Green house was Neville's best dream ever and he wish never to wake up
,,Neville, look! Narcissus are growing, who planted them?"
,,I did- uh that's our flower so I had to, you know plant that one too ove-" he was cut off by Theo kisssig him with biggest smile on his face
It was hot summer day, it just fited for late July weather. In early morning was still cold and little foggy but at 12 it already started to brun, afternoon was kind of better but only from 5 and then night falls and it was once more colder.
Neville was just sitting on ground in garden, it was around 6pm and he was enjoying in shade that house made while slight wind was making perfect shade for Neville to take care of his plants.
It was late July, to be more precise it was 30th of July Neville's birthday. Whole day owls were just flying in and out of their house bringing birthday cards sending him best wishes, much love and even more happines and of course teasing how old he is now. All of them made him happy and he loved every single one of his friends, he was luckiest man alive to have such great friends and even better husband- Theodore Nott, oops Theodore Longbottom.
Today Neville got to sleep late in morning, to be precise he woke up at 10am and there was already over 20 letters waiting for him to be opened. But also there was no sight of his husband, actually his husband went missing for whole day but Neville was sure he's doing something very important so he didn't want to bother but also that meant he would have whole day for himself to relax and enjoy on his birthday.
So he did. Whole day he waited for weather to cold down so he could go out and take care of his beautiful and big garden. And it finally cold down, it was perfect time to garden and drink tea or some cold drink in garden. So he made himself a cup of tea and put on table on balcony they had to cold down a little while he took his tools for garden and went in garden.
,,There you are!" Soon enough Neville heard so fimiliar voice behind him and he recognised it the second he heard his voice.
,,Oh there you are! I was now a little worried where are you whole day." Neville confessed as he was about to stand up to greet his husband but it was too late, Theo already kneeld down to kiss his beloved husband.
,,Yeah well I was searching for something special and it's of course for you." Theo said slightly moving away from Neville's comfrotable pressence to get what was in bag, ,,Here you go, new plant book! I knew yoy were searching for this for a long time and well I kinda pulled few strings to get it," Theo confessed and laughed to himself a little and he continued, ,,and how would this be your birthday without these," Theo suddenly pulled from his back beautiful white flowers; narcissus. ,,happy birthday love." Theo wished to Neville as he pulled him from kiss and smiled softly while he still conected their forheads together.
,,Thank you love." Neville thanked him as he smiled softly being blessed he has such husband, God was he lucky.
Im literally posting this in 23:15, but i was preparing for hospital im going in tomorrow so i didnt have time to finish this but whatever; happy birthday to one of my fav characters ever, he learned me that i can be who i am no matter how i look outisde its important who i am inside! So here it is for neville and he's lovely husband, happy birthday! <3
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sketchy-the-changeling · 2 years ago
Thoughts on Golden Wind now that it's over?
Jojo spoilers below the break
Leading into it, Diamond is Unbreakable was my fav part so far, so I’m gonna be comparing Golden Wind to DiU in various aspects to show how I feel it stacks up.
Storytelling: Golden Wind is definitely the most focused of the post-stand Jojo parts. I can tell that this is the point where Araki finally has a complete handle on telling a cohesive story with stands. Where Stardust Crusaders feels like it drags despite being shorter than DiU and GW content-wise (the manga is actually the shortest of the three despite the anime being the longest) and DiU has a section that feels like the cast is just kinda fuckin around for a while, GW’s story has a constant forward momentum. It never feels like it’s stalling, so GW is better in this regard.
Protagonist: It took a long, LONG time for me to really get behind Giorno as a protagonist. Coming off of Josuke, who was a perfect combination of Johnathan, Joseph, and Jotaro’s best traits, Giorno felt kinda... bland. He doesn’t really connect with the other characters aside from Bucciarati and maybe Trish and Mista, so it’s hard to really get invested into his journey at first. I get that he’s supposed to feel like an outsider at first because he’s the newbie in the crew but the story doesn’t really show much development in the relationships with the rest of the team for the most part. He does eventually grow on me, but he ain’t no Josuke. He basically has what Johnathan was missing, and Johnathan has what Giorno is missing. DiU takes this one.
Main Cast: This one was really close. Both DiU and GW have the BEST supporting casts in the Jojo anime so far. I think where GW fumbles is with Fugo, because Araki made his Stand so powerful he had to write him out halfway through the story, and there’s also the aforementioned issue of Giorno’s detachment from most of the crew, so another win for DiU
Villain: I like Diavolo, really I do. I don’t really have any problems with him.
...but Kira tho.
I think the fact that he’s a twisted dude hiding in plain sight in a small town made his presence that much scarier. Like, because he’s more grounded (as grounded as a Jojo character can be, anyway), it makes him that much more frightening. It’s kinda like how people hate Umbridge more than Voldemort despite the latter being the more powerful wizard. Gotta give it to DiU again.
Music: GW has the better OST and overall sound design, DiU has the better OPs (by a tiiiiny margin.) GW barely edges out here.
Visuals: This is a tough one. I know the DiU anime deviates from the manga style a fair bit, but I think for that specific part, the changes worked. It wouldn’t have worked for something like GW, which has the most manga-accurate style alongside SC if I’m not mistaken. Imma just call it a draw here.
So the final verdict? DiU is still my fav, but GW is a very, VERY close second.
Looking forward to Stone Ocean.
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lizziebennet · 3 years ago
AURORA. Very important question for you on this Tuesday night - what is your opinion on the HP scores and could you order them from fav to least fav?
what an excellent and essential question. i admit that it’s hard for me to approach this matter from an objective point of view as obviously my opinions of these scores are very intensely affected by nostalgia and my experience w the film itself, but i shall try my hardest to just evaluate the scores on their own merit. 
7. deathly hallows part 1&2 by alexandre desplat
i remember when it was announced desplat was going to be doing the last 2 films and it was so exciting to have such a Hot Composer taking on the final two films… but i gotta say he severely disappointed me and i haven’t forgiven desplat since. these films–especially part 2–were the culmination of the entire franchise, and should’ve been fucking epic masterpieces that evoked the previous films’ score. instead, desplat largely ignored the iconic potter themes that williams and others created and went in his own direction which like… isn’t really the right move for the last 2 films of a franchise imo. 
and im just not super a fan of what he came up with?? like ‘lily’s theme’ is good, but im not sure it really fits potter?? and i just feel like a lot of the final battle stuff could’ve been so much more epic and emotional like. it doesn’t take a lot for a bitch to cry in a harry potter movie but desplat wasn’t helping me out u know. anyway i honestly like the score he did for fucking new moon better than for potter which …….is not great. 
6. order of the phoenix by nicholas hooper 
i am trying not to let my hatred of this movie cloud my judgement here but like even so i think this is one of the weaker scores. there are just so many annoying tracks lmaooo that like they blast at the wizarding world parks u know. like umbridge’s theme… i get its SUPPOSED to be annoying but still its not a fave. and like i think again the stuff in the ministry of magic during the fight scenes couldve been better. its just not a fave tbh but i do like a few themes like particularly the track ‘a journey to hogwarts’ is very sweet and sirius’s death moment was well done. but overall there are more tracks on this one i skip than play. 
5. chamber of secrets by john williams
this is where things get rly tricky bc i legit love the rest of these scores. but i have to put chamber here because i feel like a lot of its greatness piggybacks off the genius of the score of sorcerer’s stone... which isn’t a bad thing at all but. it doesn’t bring a ton of new stuff to the table. however i do love the ‘fawkes the phoenix’ theme!!! so!! much!!! and lockhart’s theme is very funny and cute. we do edge into a saccharine territory a bit when it comes to tracks like ‘reunion of friends’ but like i cry every time so who fucking cares. 
4. half-blood prince by nicholas hooper
i really really love this score as a stand alone score, and i almost put it higher on this list but i feel like this score totally abandons all the potter scores that have come before it and does its totally own new thing. this isn’t really the scores fault, as im sure like david yates told hooper to do this you know, but it deviates so far from the original themes instead of just adding onto them, so much so that if you just heard it without watching the movie you might not even associate it with the potter movies at all. again, this probably isn’t hooper’s fault but i think this was a big mistake for the sonic evolution of the movies. the potter movies failed to create a cohesive sound across all the films, and i think it is worse for it. can u imagine if the harry potter movies were like the lord of the rings movies, where they bring back themes from the first movie in the final one and the audience recognizes them subconsciously and the moment is all the more emotional because of it? tbh just a missed opportunity imo. 
but anyway just about this score on its own, it has some of the best standalone tracks in the entire movies tbh. the one that stands out the most to me is of course ‘dumbledore’s farewell.’ such a hauntingly beautiful song--i remember seeing this movie for the first time and this track pierced me to my core. i also love how this score uses harp like in ‘when ginny kissed harry,’ and how it uses choral arrangements?? like in ‘in noctem.’ honestly i adore this score so much but i have to rank it lower because i doesn’t feel like it serves its purpose in the potter movies as a whole well :( 
3. goblet of fire by patrick doyle
idk why patrick doyle only did the 1 movie because i really like this score. i know its super hard to follow up john fucking williams lmaooo but i feel like he did a pretty good job of drawing from the original williams themes but also incorporating some new stuff to fit the darker tone of the movie. there are some of my favorite potter tracks of all time on this score like ‘death of cedric’ which is so haunting and perfect and ‘harry in winter’ which is so beautiful and potter-esque. he also did a really good job with the action scenes in the graveyard which is v important to me. and the diegetic music in the yule ball stuff is so funny and lovely at the same time. 
2. sorcerer’s stone by john williams 
the fucking classic. the og. like, what is there to say?? talented brilliant incredible amazing showstopping never the same totally unique. like only john williams could create such an iconic theme. it’s hard for me to be objective here because i was young enough when the first movie came out that ‘hedwig’s theme’ /is/ harry potter to me, they are one in the same, you cannot separate them in my mind. but truly williams captured the magic of the harry potter world in music and enchanted everyone with this score. 
i also love the little medieval-y influences in this score that were dropped by chamber of secrets. like with the harp moments and in ‘diagon alley and the gringotts vault’ and ‘in ‘hogwarts forever!’ there’s just a very majestic and antique vibe that i really dig that didn’t really carry over to the other movies. 
i will say sometime williams gets very... williams-y in his very uhh loud?? and kinda frantic composing u can hear in like ‘the quidditch match’ which isn’t my favorite way to do action scenes, but like who the fuck cares u know the pros of this score far outweigh it. 
like. just. so manyyy iconic themes that have so much EMOTIONAL WEIGHT!!! like the moment u see hogwarts for the first time and the choral vocals... and the bells in ‘christmas at hogwarts.’ and who can keep a dry eye during ‘leaving hogwarts’??? NOT I!!!!!!!!!!! such a gentle theme of longing and home and yearning and family and bittersweet loss. it starts so small and intimate but then swELLS to this grand and sweeping tune. it’s stunning. 
1. prisoner of azkaban by john williams
this is PEAK!!! potter for me. again, hard to be objective because this is the best my favorite harry potter movie, but i also truly think this is the best score because it carries over the iconic themes of the first two movies but adds a quirky and dramatic flair that fits the tone of the movie cuaron was trying to make u know? i think u can really tell that cuaron had a lot of imput on the score and didn’t just let williams do whatever he wanted, because we get a really interesting, stylized sound that is really different from williams usual fare in such a great way. but, it still is a williams score and because of that it shines and also weaves in the past movies’ themes to give us an outstanding amalgamation of sound and melody. 
like we start with ‘lumos!’ which gets us right back into the potter universe but then we get a series of quirky new themes, like the waltz for aunt marge, the jazzy knight bus theme, and the medieval choral rendition of ‘double trouble’... iconic. and we get the dark and disturbing dementors theme (’apparition on the train’) which is very understated for a williams score and extremely effective. 
however ,,,, we do not abandon the themes from prior movies!!!!! a great illustration of how williams takes those old potter themes and adapts them for this movie can be seen in ‘secrets of the castle.’ this minimalist take on hedwigs theme is a completely different tone from the original, but still establishes that we are in the same sonic world as that film. you can also see this in ‘the portrait gallery’ where an old potter theme is played on some kind of woodwind (idk sorry) and a harpsichord, giving the odd, quirky, vintage feel of the movie but still keeping with the established potter musical world. 
i really love the ~medieval vibes~ that this score gives me and i wish this was something later scores went back to (instead of going in a jazz direction..looking at you hooper). theres a lot of traditional sounding instruments used that give it a real rustic, celtic feel rather than the grand classicism of a full orchestral sound that the first 2 movies use. a lot of harps, strings, and woodwinds!!!! 
some of my favorite tracks of all time are on this score. ‘window to the past’ is just... a triumph of emotion. its absolutely stunning in its simplicity in the beginning, and how it builds toward the end. the return of that theme in ‘finale’ when sirius is saying goodbye to harry...i truly sob every time. the isolated vocals in ‘the patronus light’ truly embody the purity of that awe and joy when the patronus is cast. and of course, of course, ‘buckbeak’s flight’ is an absolute magical joy ride captured in sound. williams refrains from using a full orchestra for most of the score, so when everyone plays together in moments like this you get the full grandeur of the scene just... bAM! it’s so fucking well done and just... perfect. 
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2n2n · 3 years ago
dudeeee not only is your art nice, i really love your insights on characters' various arcs. i love and respect it!! i wonder if you could rate every season of at out of ten (ten being highest)?? if its not too much? season 3 and 8 are my personal favs
ah thank you  ^^ I wish I was drawing more lately, but I’ve actually been staying with @2finns and other friends for about a month and am pretty distracted, so I hope the asks are at least engaging/interesting in the absence of art -w-
I’ll do my best, HM. The best way I thought to process this was listing my fav & least favs of each season. I put stars next to my Most Favs from this season!
I fucking love s1 and have a lot of nostalgia AND it’s flat out.... there’s no. HORRIBLE episodes in it-- not a single one is so bad i wouldn’t rewatch it, and 99% make me laugh and feel joy to remember. My fav eps this season just make me laugh so hard. I adore. So 10/10
s1: fav epsTree TrunksThe Jiggler**Ricardio the Heart GuyEvictedCity of ThievesOcean of Fear**HenchmanDungeon**Rainy Day Daydreamworst: Business Time, Donny
s2 has a Little more.... depth leaking into it, but is still so campy and silly and great and there’s no episode I LOATHE in it. Shenanigans and hilarious jokes abound, 10/10
s2: fav epsIt Came from the Nightosphere**Blood Under the SkinPower Animal**To Cut a Woman's HairDeath in BloomSusan StrongGo With Me**The Limit**Heat Signatureworst: Her Parents
s3 continues the ramp up to more weighty subjects, with a great balance of silly nonsense and shenanigans. Finn still screams and shrieks, but we also have feelings and crying. My least fav eps are just because they’re, boring to me. 10/10
s3: fav epsMorituri Te Salutamus**Memory of a Memory**What Was Missing**Wizard BattleBeautopiaNo One Can Hear YouJake vs Me-Mow**The New FrontierMarceline's Closet**Another WayIncendiumworst: Holly Jolly Secrets, Ghost Princess
s4 Now this is when my least favorite episodes actively make me feel tired, but they’re still pretty benign and it’s not like entire plot points are annoying me. Some of my favs are in this season, and the depth given to PB is gr8!! And funny shenanigans still go on. let’s say 10/10???? I can’ rank these first handful any lower. I DONT get more joy out of this season than s1, I adore them equally for their comedy and depth. I’m glad for the added depth and the ‘meh’ episodes aren’t bad enough to negate the great joy granted to me by the god episodes!
s4: fav epsHot to the TouchReturn to the Nightosphere;Daddy's Little Monster****Goliad**Beyond this Earthly RealmGotcha!Card WarsBurning LowWho Would WinKing Worm**Lady&Peebles**I Remember Youworst: Web Weirdos, Hug Wolf, Ignition Point
s5 somehow inexplicably starts containing some shit i hate, mostly it starts focusing too much on side characters I do not care about at all & devoting entire episodes & entire arcs wholly to them. Like, Root Beer Guy? Do kids really wanna watch a god damn episode of a cartoon about some underappreciated professional adult man with a boring life and his wife, I DON’T FUCKING CARE!!!! lemonhope is nobody to me, and I don’t care, I don’t care about Ice King and some lady island, and bad timing just makes me so frustrated because again, it doesn’t. Entertain me. You’re both devoid of background and all the characters I value and have emotional debt with ain’t there, And, HUMOR. ISN’T EVEN THERE?? If you’re gonna do some conversational introspective thoughtful shit you need to do it about Marcy or Finn or someone I care about!!! I don’t give a shit about Root Beer Guy or Banana Man or Ice King as an individual on his own. That’s mmmmme.
But I love the eps I love and there’s still a good ratio of shenanigans and silly cute and funny things. Good Finn amount. Not much Marcy this season tho? Sad. Good PB embellishment. 7/10?
s5: fav epsAll the Little People**Bad Little BoyVault of BonesA Glitch is a GlitchThe Suitor**Wizards Only, FoolsJake Suit**Dungeon Train**Red Starved**Blade of Grassthis season contains some of my absoute least fav eps ever, including lemonhope, bad timing, betty,  bmo lost, the party's over isla de senorita, too old, frost & fire, we fixed a truck, root beer guy FUCK THIS EPISODE GOD
s6 Starts strong because I love Wake Up/Citadel, but again really starts Increasing with the episodes wasted on C-Listers I can’t bring myself to care about at the EXPENSE of less and less silly, goofy, fun shenanigans episodes. This season was so off the rails with stuff like giuseppe, sad face, evergreen, the diary, chips & ice cream, floaties, hoots etc etc that when Ghost Fly and Dentist happened I was SO excited and felt like it had been 100 years since I’d seen episodes like that, that is to say simple contained little adventures with Finn being silly. Ghost Fly I was just, SO happy for an ep set in the treehouse with Finn & Jake again, which says a lot!! I shouldn’t have to feel that way, they’re THE mains.... I literally don’t give a shit about the Orgalorg arc, martin, & its conclusion, AND this is REALLY when the, margles and betty shit escalates and will continue to haunt me for the rest of time as it refuses to release is talons from the series. The episodes I like are really the solemn few that focus on Finn/Jake or even fuckin’ PB. Who gets more development I enjoy, at least! 
I’m honestly gonna say like 3/10 for this because few things make me more angry than Chips&Ice Cream or giuseppe or sad face (which is just a reference to another cartoon i legit have always hated, ren & stimpy) or on the lam which i wish i could burn at the stake for its uselessness to me. As much as I like SOME eps from this season, I don’t like ANY episodes AS much as I like, say, What Was Missing or even Marceline’s Closet or Jake Suit in terms of entertainment/joy.
s6: fav epsWake Up**Escape from the Citadel**The TowerFood ChainGhost Fly**Is That YouDentist**The Cooler**the Pajama WarThe VisitorWalnuts&Rain**Jermaine**the worst: sad face, breezy, the prince who wanted everything, something big, thanks for the crabapples giuseppe, Evergreen, the mountain, the diary, friends forever, chips & ice cream, hoots, you forgot your floaties, orgalorg, on the lam, hot diggity doom, the comet
s7 has Stakes!!!! and it spends so much time in Stakes with Marcy whom I love that it doesn’t have all that much TIME to even get distracted with the bullshit of s5-6. And I like the writing/handling of Stakes lots, I’m thankful Finn is so involved. Then Blank-Eyed Girl is a fun contained treehouse ep! And Hall of Egress is contained to almost exclusively Finn which is great!! Good focus!! This season doesn’t spiral too far away!! 8/10?? Because I resent you for cherry cream soda I have to dock points. More good PB development too! Wewt!
s7: fav epsBonnie&NeddyFootballStakes!!!****Blank-Eyed Girl**CrossoverThe Hall of Egress**Flute Spellworst: cherry cream soda, summer showers
s8 has a lot of Finn because it has a lot of Fern!!!!! Some good contained shenanigans eps, Fern’s development happens and Fern is just Finn so I love him and I like Fern eps. However I do not like the Simon or Normal Man Bullshit especially because it is the same exact bullshit you’re serving to me twice and I hate it. This season doesn’t have TONs of laughs tho ?? Which is tragic when I love to laugh. Let’s say 7/10 because it doesn’t have much Marcy? and I don’t like islands half as much as Stakes, mostly Jake is hilarious in Islands which saves it. But it doesn’t make me as mad... as 5-6... so....
s8: fav epsDon't Look**Beyond the GrottoI Am a SwordThe Music HoleDaddy-Daughter Card Wars*Preboot/RebootTwo SwordsDo No HarmIslands is fineworst: Broke his Crown, normal man
s9 is so short. Elements is little to me, in part because of so much ice king/betty and LSP and i don’t... care.... Ketchup and Three Buckets are the most emotionally evocative. Underwhelming on the whole lets say 5/10 neutral?
s9: fav epsElements is mehKetchupThree Bucketsthis season has few eps
s10 has a bad ratio, AND is short, so... wuh. There were a lot of eps this season that sounded.... promising.... but the execution/writing was sooo lacklustre? I SHOULD like Marcy&Hunson? butahdont? I SHOULD like seventeen butahdontttt??? I even usually like FP/Finn but Ring of Fire is little.... blenanas is nothing despite starring Finn... don’t like the finale... don’t like anything with, gumbald, or, betty, and, they become the focus, bluh. The First Investigation isn’t even that Great its just more engaging than like, Jake the Star Child or Blenanas .... man depressing. The Wild Hunt is it. 2/10 because that’s a baaaaad ratio and the simon/betty in the finale makes me too frustrated to experience pleasure 
s10: fav epsThe Wild Hunt**The First Investigation worst: ring of fire, seventeen, don't care about blenanas aaaall the way to come along with me, thats a lot of eps
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youngninelifer · 4 years ago
Got tagged by @the-carmevore !
rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 blogs that you would like to get to know better!
nicknames: Ellie (my family and old friends from before I moved call me this but I’d prefer nobody else do lol), ells (ol and vik ❤️) .....idk I’m nickname-poor
gender: nonbinary
star sign: Leo
height: I’ve thought I was 5’2 for ages but people have been debating me on that so I should probably check lol...
time: 6:30 pm
birthday: August 12!!
favorite bands: florence + the machine, alt-j, glass animals, imagine dragons, white hinterland
favorite solo artists: hozier, sea oleena, susanne sundfør, Cosmo sheldrake, Mikki Ekko
song stuck in my head: I’m listening to Pure Feeling by florence because I just rediscovered it bc my phone deleted it when it broke and I forgot it existed?????
last movie: i think it was hidden figures!! SO good...
last tv show watched: the good place HOOHA ...just finished it last night... UNREAL
when did i create my blog: idrk, I think... four years ago?
what do i post: on my main I post memes and cool art... and whatever I like that doesn’t fit into my sideblogs! TAZ also...
last thing i googled: i looked up interviews w the good place cast last night haha
do i have other blogs: yep!! @idyllon is for my sunlight, warm oceans, honey-type aesthetic, and @crowhound is my dark, godly, weird masks and teeth-type aesthetic. @littledeadling is my art blog, and @amorbidfascination is a largely inactive old weird vent blog I made when I was an edgy depressed 14 year old . @deathplaces is a very inactive blog mostly for my own personal collection of places I’d like to go as a ghost after I die, before I leave here. @borzoidalwizardsclub is a dumb thing about wizard borzois that I kinda abandoned haha
do i get asks: i have been getting some lately and it’s THE BEST💕💕💕
why did i choose my url: it’s something Jason Yeldham calls Cat in The Pinhoe Egg, which is my soul as a physical rectangle
following blogs: 560
followers: 537
favorite colors: I rly like soft yellowy olive green! I think pastel cool colours r my favourite too, and my fav colours to wear are burgundy, olive, and mustard, and ~dusty rose~ which is so pretentious but that’s what it’s called
average hours of sleep: oh idk.... 8 on weekends and more like 9 or 10 on weekdays (cuz I don’t work til later)...... a fella likes their sleep . Shh.
lucky number (s): ent got those!
instruments: i USED to play piano (quit years ago cuz I hated practicing hhh) but mostly trumpet!! I miss it :’C I was lead in jazz band for 5 or 6 years
what am i wearing: I changed into sweatpants and a sweater when I got home cuz I’m cold
how many blankets do i sleep with: Lots, Pal
dream job: early retiree who gets to do nothing but write novels and poetry and draw and basically just.. Create everything I want to Create
dream trip: mm. I’d like to visit Amsterdam some day! And see London and Paris! But I don’t want to go alone, either with my dad and sister or with my friends!
favorite food: i don’t think I have one I literally have never had a clue what to say when people ask me this......
nationality: Canadian!
favorite song right now: mm I don’t have one I’m in love with right now.... recently I discovered Teardrop by Aurora and that was my most recent fav song (tho that lasted like a day and a half so). My fav song of all time is Rabbit Heart by florence (WITH the music video, as an important aspect to my love for it)
Thank you!!! ☺️ I tag @crowempress and @invisincere (if u wanna! I’m sure not tagging 20 whole people wow)
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glare-gryphon · 5 years ago
Hi! So, I can't resist these prompt things, especially when my fav writers put them up! Thus, if you would like to, prompt 22 with Anakin/Vader would be great! Thanks :)
Here you are, my dear! I ended up working in Obikin because I am just… Obikin garbage.
Rating: M
Prompt: A book infested with ghosts
Relationship: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
Additional Tags: Post-Mustafar AU, Suitless Vader (Vaderkin), Vaderwan, Sexual Content, Dubious Consent, Tatooine Mythology I Literally Made Up
~2670 Words
Anyone born of Tatooine knows better than to wander too farinto the Wastes. It is a savage, inhospitable place: a land of dragons andraiders and ghosts. Farmers dare not set down roots, travelers dare not passthrough its heart. It is cursed land, long-ago scorned by the gods of theirpeople. Anyone born of Tatooine knows that should you stay too long, the Wasteswill show you your past, your failures, your regrets. You will see what was andwhat could have been and what never will be. Those hills can drive a man mad.
It is there that he finds Obi-Wan Kenobi, at last.
Years of searching have led him to this moment. He hasslaughtered Jedi, sacked Temples, turned entire planets inside out in hispursuit of the man he had once called Master. Now he approaches, following theglow of the man’s Light through the Waste. His own presence is dimmed, maskedby the shielding he’s mastered in the time since their parting, lest he alertKenobi to his presence. If his has his way, this will be swift. His skills as aswordsman have grown under Sidious’ tutelage, and there is something satisfyingat the thought of finally besting his old mentor. He’d left his signature maskbehind in his transport, as there is little risk of anyone seeing his face sofar out into the desert; he’s going to look Obi-Wan in the eye when he strikeshim down.
Yet, when he crosses the next rise, it quickly becomesapparent that things will not be quite as simple as he had previously thought. Atthe base of the hill is a herd of bantha, grazing on the meager plant life thatthe Wastes are able to support. They snuffle and groan, their attention drawnwhen one of Vader’s boots knocks against a stone buried in the sand and sendsit careening down the hill.  Among them,cross-legged in meditation, is Obi-Wan himself.
Obi-Wan is older now than he was that final day on Mustafar,a fact that is more surprising than it rightfully should be. His hair and hisbeard are more grey than red, his face lined and worn by the desert. The twinsuns, just beginning to dip below the horizon, have managed to tan the man’sstubbornly space-pale skin, bringing out freckles on his shoulders and thebridge of his nose. Blue eyes, familiar yet so very different, follow thetrajectory of the displaced stone until they settle on Vader. There isrecognition there, but not comprehension. Not enough for the enormity of thissituation.
A brilliant smile blooms on his face. “Anakin!” He calls,pushing himself to his feet. The process is considerably slower than it hadonce been, his joints aged beyond his years by the abuses of war. “I waswondering when you would visit me.”
The smile he wears, the vacancy of his eyes—there issomething unsettling about it all. No one knows better than Obi-Wan Kenobi themonster that Anakin Skywalker has become. He alone knows the face hidden behindthe cold mask presented to the rest of the galaxy, and he alone knows the namelong-shed in favor of his new moniker. A thought flickers across Vader’s mindof the gossip he’d heard passing through Mos Eisley. Old Ben Kenobi, the Wizardof the Wastes.
Those hills can drivea man mad, the voice of a nine year old slave boy murmurs in his ear.
“It’s been some time since you last visited,” Kenobicontinues, and there’s a flicker of something injured in his expression. “I wasbeginning to wonder if you’d ever come back.”
A mirage. That’s all he is, or at least, all Obi-Wanbelieves him to be. This would be the perfect time to strike the man down. Hewould never see it coming. Never suspect. Yet something stays his hand, and hefinds himself climbing down the hill to meet Kenobi and his herd at its base.
“I was just about to take the bantha back to the homestead,but you’re welcome to join us.”
Even addled and desert-mad, Obi-Wan has still retained hisgift for the Force. It takes but a brush of his mind, his will, to get the herdmoving. Vader tracks along beside him as they make their way through the Waste,listening as the man babbles on about his life here in the desert, filling himin on the happenings since his mirage’s last visit. It’s mostly uneventful: thebirth of a new calf, a raid by the sand people, repair of the vaporators.“Qui-Gon comes around quite often, these days,” he says, suddenly solemn.“Sometimes I think I see… see Satine. She never lingers, though; not the wayyou and Qui-Gon do.”
Vader wonders how long the ghost of Anakin Skywalker hasbeen haunting his old mentor. How long had it taken for the curse of the Wasteto take its toll?
Seeing Kenobi’s homestead puts into perspective how the mancould have so quickly slipped from the war hero Vader spent years of his lifefighting beside to the mad old man whispered about in the canteens of MosEisley. The stables are well-maintained, but even the descent of night can hidethat everything else on the land seems just this side of dilapidated. Obi-Wandoesn’t seem particularly disturbed by this fact, nor does he comment whenVader hesitates in the doorway of the man’s home. He just ushers the man in, asthough inviting the ghosts of his past in for tea is just another part of hisaverage day.
“I’m sorry it’s a bit of a mess,” Obi-Wan mutters, the lightflush to his cheeks illuminated only by the light of the three moons as he scurriedaround ahead of Vader to try and pick up the space. “It’s been rather—rather difficultto keep things tidy since you stopped visiting.”
As far as homes go, Kenobi’s is spartan in the way one mightexpect from a former Jedi. Beyond the standard necessities for desert living,there is very little to distinguish it from any other homestead. There’s asmall living space, a dining table, and a cot pushed into one corner. In fact,beyond a mildly alarming number of empty bottles of alcohol, the only realunique piece in the home is a wooden chest near the bed, intricately carved andsecurely locked. Vader’s curious as to its contents, but Obi-Wan directs him toa chair at the dining table before he begins shuffling around in the kitchen toprepare tea and something for an evening meal.
Laying on the surface of the table is a familiar sight:Obi-Wan’s journal. An integral part of his former Master’s life, the journalhad rarely stayed far from the man’s side Even during the chaos of wartime, thelittle book could often be found tucked into the folds of the Kenobi’s robes,ready to be pulled out and the dealings of the day scribbled down whenever hecould find the time. Vader had mocked him for his incessant record-keeping, butthere was always something soothing about settling down beside the man,listening to the scratch of ink against flimsi and simply unwinding after thestress of another day on the battlefield.
Kenobi returns with two cups of what Vader presumes to be tea and bowls of what he knows to be stew. Little goes to wastein Tatooines’s harsh climate, and the small creatures that lurk in the nooksand crannies of its land had fed him often enough in his youth that he recognizestheir pungent aroma even now. The stew is barely edible, though this he wasexpecting. Kenobi never had any kind of gift in the kitchen, often relying onAnakin to keep them both fed when away from the refractory of the Jedi Temple.The tea, though, is quite possibly the worst thing he’s ever tasted. There’ssomething wrong with the filter of the vaporator the water had been collectedfrom, leaving a salty, metallic taste that makes him cringe.
The flavor doesn’t seem to bother his old mentor, who dragshis old journal closer and begins the ritual of recording the day’s events inits pages. He mumbles to himself as he writes, pausing intermittently to glanceup at Vader and make sure the man is still there. In honesty, the Sith isn’t intendingto move anytime soon, as he’s still not quite sure what he’s supposed to donow.
He’d come to this planet with the intention of striking downhis former Master. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Grand General of the Republic, the Negotiator,Sith Killer—a dozen titles worn by a man Vader thought himself to hate. Butthis Kenobi that sits before him? He is none of those things; as much a ghost ofhis former self as the specters that visit him. The thought of killing him nowleaves a sour taste in his mouth.
“I missed you,” Kenobi says quietly, drawing Vader from hisintrospection. He’s set the journal aside, turned the full focus of hisattention on the younger man. The Apprentice feels himself swallow reflexivelyat the intensity of his expression, very nearly flinches when one of Obi-Wan’shands covers his own. The calluses on his palm are unfamiliar now, wear from alightsaber’s hilt replaced with the evidence of physical labor. “I often findmyself wondering what our life might have been like if you’d left the Orderwhen you’d considered it as a padawan. Would the war have still come to passwithout our influence? Would things have been different between us? Would Ihave still… loved you?
“I don’t think I ever told you,” he confesses, “but I wouldhave left with you. I would have followed wherever you led. Stars, Anakin, whydidn’t I just tell you?”
Vader doesn’t dare speak, doesn’t dare shatter thisillusion, but he can’t hear any more. He can’t sit here and listen to Kenobispeak truths he’d considered impossible, and know that he’d thrown this man’sloyalty back in his face. He’d torn Obi-Wan’s world to pieces, reduced him tonothing but this broken, desert creature in return for his unconditional love.
Leaning over the table, he is perhaps a bit forceful when hepresses his lips to Kenobi’s. The man chokes, clearly intending to pull away,but Vader sinks one hand into the man’s hair to cut off his escape. When itbecomes apparent that he isn’t going to let go, Obi-Wan allows himself toreturn the kiss. Hesitant, at first, but gaining confidence with the longer thecontact continues, even daring to nip at Vader’s lower lip when the younger manpulls away to catch his breath.
They disentangle, Vader pushing out of his chair to tugKenobi to his feet and back him toward the small cot in the corner. He stripsthe man’s clothing off as they go, his own coming undone under Obi-Wan’s persistenthand. While the older man’s nakedness is something Vader seen a hundred timesbefore, it all seems new in this context: sprawled out on the thin blanket ofthe cot, pressed against Vader’s own. A small part of him notices that the manhas lost weight since their separation—a consequence of live on Tatooine.
“Anakin, please,” Obi-Wan gasps. “Take me.”
He shouldn’t, he knows he shouldn’t, and yet he does. Hedoes, because Obi-Wan begs and pleads, a desperation in his voice that makesVader think he might break if he doesn’t give this. This one thing, this onecomfort, this one desire.
They have nothing but spit and the fluid that beads on thetips of their cocks, everything else too precious to be wasted on something assuperfluous as sex. It’s not nearly enough to slick the way, to make the pressof Vader into him anywhere close to comfortable, but he suspects that isn’twhat Obi-Wan wants, anyways. His fingers dig into Vader’s shoulders when theyounger man is finally seated inside him, eyes scrunched with pain.
“Move,” he hisses between clenched teeth.
Vader does, slowly. Agonizingly so, despite Obi-Wan’s demandfor something harder. It may be what he wants, but it’s not what he needs. Heknows this and leans down, claiming the man’s lips in a tender kiss as he rocksagainst him. There in that moment, there is no Light and no Dark; no Jedi, norSith. It’s just him, just Obi-Wan, connected in a way the galaxy and fate hadlong denied them.
Tears stream down the older man’s face as Vader wringsorgasm from him, spattering their stomachs and chests with the evidence of hispleasure. The younger is quick to follow, spilling within Kenobi’s body, barelyable to stop himself from collapsing atop the man in the aftershocks. Both hisswhen he pulls free; there is blood on the sheets. Nothing to be done about itnow, however.
He goes willingly when Obi-Wan pulls him down, curls againstthe man’s chest and listens to the rhythm of his heart. Once, so long ago now,it had beat in time with Vader’s own. Out on the battlefield, tied together bythe Force, they’d moved and thought and breathed as one. Kenobi’s heart stillbeats to that rhythm; it is Vader’s own that has gone astray. He gave his heartto another, and another, and another. To all, it seems, but this one man, whoseown still belongs solely to the brother that forsook him.
“Must you go?” Obi-Wan asks. Vader doesn’t dare move whenthe man reaches out, cupping his face with a shaking hand and brushing away atear that’s escaped him despite his best efforts. “Yes, I suppose you must,” hesighs, a soft smile on his face. There is sadness in his eyes, like a woundthat will never heal. “You were always destined for greater things than thelove of this silly old man.”
Kenobi leans down, pressing one last, lingering kiss toVader’s lips, and it feels like something inside of him breaks. The heart he’dthought long burned from his chest cracks, shatters to pieces on the sandyfloor of the small hut. He wants to sob; to fall to his knees and beg forgiveness;to remain curled into the man’s chest until dawn and Obi-Wan realizes that thisisn’t a mirage created by the desert. But he can’t.
Already he can feel his Master’s impatience prodding at theshields he’s keeping so high, desiring a report Vader doesn’t want to give. Tolinger further would tempt fate—something he’s long since learned better thanto try. If his Master were to send someone out after him, they could findObi-Wan. They could find him, and kill him, and the last piece of AnakinSkywalker’s wretched, broken heart would die too. He can’t allow that.
So he pulls away, despite the way every part of him screamsin protest. Kenobi settles back against the sheets, eyes already flutteringclosed with his exhaustion, and Vader tucks the thin blanket around the man’sshoulders before he rises from the cot to collect his scattered clothing.Slipping from the home like the mirage he’s pretended to be, the touch ofObi-Wan’s journal burns against the skin of his chest like a brand. Wornleather and brittle pages, their history written down in thousands of words,stolen from its place on the man’s small dining table and tucked away withinhis robes. It had been Kenobi’s constant companion during the trials of war andhis lonely days in the Waste. Now it will be a reminder of everything waitingwhen Vader is finished atoning for the destruction he’s wrought.
“I love you, too,” he says to the wind before he boards histransport back to the Vengeance,sending a prayer to the old gods of the suns and sand that his confession willbe carried safely back to whom it belongs.
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paralian-s · 5 years ago
Would it be possible for you to share your entire book collection with us? If you read, of course :)
sure, my collection is a longstanding process though. some of these books i have read with 15 years, some i have read in the most recent time, so it’s going to be a long one.
still missing - by chevy stevensalways watching - by chevy stevensthe darker side - by cody mcfadyen1948 - by george orwellfallen - by lauren kateshining - by stephen kingdolores - by stephen kingthe dark tower (series) - by stephen kingthe eyes of the dragon - by stephen kingthe hollow city - by dan wellsthe catcher in the rye - j. d. salingersay you’re sorry - michael robothamthe curious incident of the dog in the night-time - by mark haddonboot camp - by morton rhuethe historian - by elizabeth kostovadesert flower - by waris dirielike the flowing river - by paulo coelhoby the river piedra i set down and wept - by paulo coelhothe alchemist - by paulo coelhothe pilgrimage - by paulo coelhothe zahir - by paulo coelhonotes of a dirty old man - by charles bukowskimaster narrative - by franz kafka (basically a collection of a billion stories)colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage - by haruki murakami1Q84 - by haruki murakamilook who’s back - by timur vermesthe host - by stephenie meyerthink of a number - by john verdonthe faerie path - by allan jonesthrough the looking-glass, and what alice found there - lewis carrollthe metamorphosis - by franz kafkafaust I - by goethebabylon revisited - by f. scott fitzgerald
+ i have a huge load of books such as “islam between east and west” by alija izetbegovic & “the drama of the gifted child” by alice miller etc. etc. etc. but for the sake of my back, i just listed those that have more of an entertainment factor. and here comes my list of books i have on my e-reader:
keystone - by dannika darkcruel beauty - by rosamund hodgethe law of moses - by amy harmonmoonshadow - by thea harrisonrelentless - by karen lynchguild hunter (series) - by nalini singhclockwork angel - by cassandra clarewicked lovely - by melissa marrgraceling realm (series) - by kristin cashorethe selection - by kiera cassvicious - by l. j. shensparrow - by l.j. shenthe fallen world (series) - by laura thalassathe unearthly - by laura thalassarhapsodic - by laura thalassabreath of fire - by amanda bouchetdaugther of the forest - by juliet marillierthe wretched of muirwood - by jeff wheelerslave to sensation - by nalini singhthe scribe - by elizabeth hunterthe flame and the arrow - by emigh cannadaya clearing in the forest - by kim love stumpdragon rose - by christine popethe mark of the tala - jeffe kennedyone hundred years of solitude - by gabriel garcia marquezthorn - by intisar khananisong of susannah - by stephen kinguprooted - by naomi novikand the mountains echoed - by khaled hosseinithe bell jar - by sylvia plaththe bird and the sword - by amy harmona court of mist and fury - by sarah j. maas a court of thorns and roses - by sarah j. maas (love, love, love the entire series)the snowfang bride - by merry ravenelldreamer’s pool: a blackthorn & grim novel - by juliet marillieravenger’s angel - by heather killough-waldenrestraint - by randi cooley wilsonministry of curiosities (series) - by c. j. archervampire girl (series) - by karpov kinradethe royals (series) - by erin wattangelfall - by susan eeshadow and bone - by leigh bardugohalf-blood - by jennifer l. armentroutburn - by suzanne wrighta promise of fire - by amanda bouchetthe hidden princess - by cara coepoison study - by maria v. snydertouch of power - by maria v. snyderwrath & dawn - by renee ahdiehthrone of glass - by sarah j. maaskiss of deception - by mary e. pearsonthe heart of betrayal - by mary e. pearsonthe witcher (series) - by andrzej sapkowskiwhite hart (series) - by sarah daltonunder different stars - by amy a. bartolthe watchmaker’s daughter - by c. j. archerthe shattered court - by m. j. scottthe queen of the tearling - by erika johansenhighland magic (series) - by helen harperbride to the sun - by lia pattersonthe raven cycle (series) - maggie stiefvaterred queen - by victoria aveyardglass sword - by victoria aveyarduntil friday night - by abbi glinesbrave new world - by aldous huxleyfight club - by chuck palahniukthe picture of dorian grey - oscar wildenow, the next ones are all by stephen king:in the tall grassthe dark halfduma keyblazea face in the crowda good marriagebag of bonesbig driverblack houseblockade billycarriecellcujodesperationdifferent seasonsdoctor sleepdreamcatchereverything’s eventualfinders keepersfirestarterfour past midnightfull dark, no starsgerald’s gamehearts in atlantisinsomniaitjoylandthe colorado kidthe dead zonejust after sunsetlisey’s storymile 81miserymr. mercedesneedful thingsnight shiftnightmares & dreamseapespet semataryrevivalriding the bulletroadworkrose maddersalem’s lotskeleton crewthe drawing of the threethe girl who loved tom gordonthe green milethe long walkthe mistthe running manthe standthe talismanthinnerthrottleunder the domethe wind through the keyholewizard and glass
wow okay, this was a lot more work than i thought it would be. anyway, i think my fav genres to read are clear as day. 
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fzbears · 5 years ago
bc its ALL i want to talk about rn here is a very long list of all my fav taako lines/moments i’ve been collecting while listening smh they aren’t rly in order of them happening but yeah its mostly for ref for when i draw him??? but here u go
“I didn’t know that was an option.” Muttered quietly when the Director said Avi had to miss Boyland’s reception thing.
“Abraca-fuck you!”
“I would sooner die.” After Angus said they should be more respecting of Jenkins’ magical prowess.
“You know, I will say if you wanted to lure me in there, you should have stayed handsome, my fella.” I now understand why people ship Taako and Kravitz. (AND ITS NOW MY FUCKING OTP UGH)
“Liiisten-” stated at the beginning of almost every sentence he utters.
“My name is Taako and you look like you’re made of salt.” Said to pink tourmaline golem Kravitz.
“I’m a fully realized creation! FUCK!”
Griffin (who i’ll interpret as Taako’s conscious): Are- are you doing this thing Taako?  Taako: Hell yes I am! (about eating the crystal with the glutton fork)
Throwing a macaroon at the back of Angus’ head.
Taako absolutely refusing to get on anymore elevators, and then watching Merle and Magnus fight a giant cockroach while he chills and eats a tuna sandwich. “Here’s my surprise, I’m not doin’ it. Taako, hi that’s me, done with elevators! Never again!” (When Magnus attempts to carry him into the elevator) “You will not like how this ends, I will burn a spell slot on you, I give no shits!”
“This seems wack as all hell…. Son of a bitch.”
When Avi asks whats wrong with his skin because he cast stoneskin on himself and he replies, “Oh y’know, spray tan gone wrong.”
Magnus: Taako, I have an idea- Taako: Piggy back rides, I’m into it.
Just firing spells into the air for no reason before time resets in Refuge in front of the Bank.
Using the shovel to meekly attempt to unearth whatever is buried under the bush in the quarry and  going “Oh the labor- These beautiful hands-“ so Magnus is like okay I get it and starts digging with his hands and Taako going “Oh, thank God, what a relief.”
"How does Taako feel, I really want to know." “Uh.. Just another day at the office, baby.”
“Taako gets the gold!” After Magnus throws him through the teller window in the bank.
When he bluffs to Isaac that he and the boys are law enforcement and calls him “partner” and then when Isaac gets up to see the badge and Taako starts nervously babbling about how the plastic badge is a temp one.
Telling the Chalice he recently came across some information: that he knows kung fu.
“Magic is easy!”
“Hey Avi, how long have we been gone, from your perspective?” “Uh, like 45 minutes?” “Hell yeah, that’s so good, do you wanna know what football teams are gonna win?”
“Will you find all the kids in town who made those beautiful statues of us, and tell them to make my dick bigger.”
Him giving Ren the diploma literally made me cry irl
“Get bent.”
“Oh boy howdy, that is a clammy one.” - After touching Kravitz’s hand.
Magnus: This goes against everything I believe in. Taako: Well luckily it’s not your decision. Forsake!
“I’m Taako? You know… From TV?”
“Imagine my shock, Merle’s a deadbeat dad. I’m aghast.”
Casting Disguise Self on himself to make himself “pretty" again.
“Son of a bitch.” After Magnus hits Trust.
“You’ll live forever, in service to me!”
“I’m not a piece of meat….I’m not a model, I’m a wizard and a chef.”
“I’ve got a fuckin’ idea for ya!” Then makes his soul leave his fucking body.
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fzbears · 4 years ago
okay taz fucking liveblog all in one post under the cut so no spoilers happen here we goooo
i’m listening to it w/o downloading it first which is gonna mean my internet is going to be SO SLOW but its worth it i cant believe he fucking ended it on episode 69 griffin is a monster i just realized this shit is 3 hours long and cuts right through lunch so i know imma be on my way out to eat a bunch of twinkies in about an hour in to the episodes thank YOU griffin mcelroy, this podcast got me out of the most horrible depressive episode (along with the fallout 4 monster factories) and i love it so much. shut ur face you wonderful boy.
okay okay okay okay okay okay im not ready its about to start i’m not ready here we go
FUCK IT UP DAVENPORT YOU WILD BITCH THE GREATEST STARSHIP CAPTAIN THAT EVER LIVED im literally already crying this music is so good also is it greg grimauldis oh wait no its john hi john!!! you goopy boy oh no he’s bad blast him boys blast him boys 
“it’s just one guy shouldn’t be an issue” “it’s a nice suit tho”  “i stole your cousins shoes” TAAKO “if you’re mad about it direct it at that man over there” “i’m wearing the shoes” “CAN YOU GIVE US A MINUTE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT SHOES”
griffin’s excited dm voice mixed with this fucking awesome music “LETS ROLL INITIATIVE” djaklfjkl;asdjfkljlKJALKJFLKDAJLFJDALKJFLKJL;J
merle starting out strong with healing for once i’m so proud of him and maxes them the fuck out NICE MERLE “the first death, who knew it would be so painful” “hey merle i know i give you shit - thanks for healing!” “oh! ‘s good to be appreciated” MERLE BB
i wonder if garyl will make an appearance in this 3 hour episode bc i miss him a lot
GO MERLE WITH THE CIRCLE OF KNIVES AND HURT nat 20 on the swing “yeah sorry trav i’m SO good at magic” jesus trav with the the fucking 6 attacks what the fuck  “where was i at? 92-” “fuck off” john hitting them w/ the fus ro knife  if john gets ahold of that sword i s2g magnus you should have held onto it OH FUCK OH FUCK GRIFFIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING griffin u are describing the sexiest tar monster hello new fav enemy like hi johns fucking tarsona  “ultimate john!” “demi john-” “sephajohn”
i saw justins tweet about them dying i swear to god griffin mcelroy griffin sounds way too delighted to be describing merle feeling back fire burn inside him EXCUSE ME DEATH SAVES FOR MERLE ALREADY bangs my head on a table they are rolling so bad oh my god they’re all gonna die taako you beautiful flip wizard thank god you avoided that  “regular non magical amount of fear” taako HIT EM ABRA CA FUCK YOU IM CRYING AHHH THATS MY BOYYYYYY clutches my chest merle please please please get a success  NOOOOOOOO MERLE COME ON BUDDY PULL THROUGH if merle dies i die
rip blue orb and also fuck you  magnus has so many weapons okay john weird face beam thats p cool “hey! my armor, finally works”
i wonder where griffin got the inspo with this boss fight, his boss fights are always so interesting? like the orbs and stuff are such an interesting concept imo TAAKO IS OUT TOO WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE ALL GONNA DIE AND JOHN JUST HEALED WHAT THE FUCK GRIFFIN THEY CANT DO THIS they’re all fucking out oh my god whats happening i cant i’m gonna cry this is horrible  i’m gonna puke griffin what the FUCK who is merle gonna choose  its PAN god thats so gay merle/pan otp rip my soul IM ALWAYS GONNA BE THERE FROM NOW ON FJALDFJKLSDAJFLJASLDFJLASJF I LOVE PAN SO MUCH im fucking sobbing
why didnt they destroy the green orb first god boys please clint is such a cute dad  let him summon garfield!!! i love griffin refusing to describe garfield  “i cant handle that emotionally”  FREE SAMPLES i’ll put it on your taaaaaaaaab
ROSWELL ROSWELL ROSWELL ROSWELL  roswell’s music swelling is making my heart hurt roswell is so pure
i swear to god taako who are you about to fucking call TAAKO YOU ARE SO DUMB I LOVE YOU SO MUCH “you’re all double blind!”
this fight has gone on for an entire hour aldfkjladjf;sjfl;djaflkdja;fd
merle is so good this episode god this music is beautiful 
“wait before you go do you see the mask i made that looks like a bear face?” ME TOO MAGNUS NO THE BOND ENGINE 
“you got it buddy” f uck my heart
what happened to davenport ajldfkjakldjflk the ship ATE HIM
as soon as time froze i was like istus is here yall
taako what are you doing bb KLAAAAAARRRRG THEY’RE WINNING taako oh my GOD
pls save lucretia 
how is there still a fucking hour left of this episode oh my god
im crying again this is so much oh my god i literally dont know im so emotional i buried myf ace in my hands and sobbed this fucking podcast is so much
awww scuttlebuddy why are in the rockport limited omg  “just like you left it” griffin they left it destroyed “i’m not god” “thats exactly what god would say” “mhm” “mhm” what is going on my head hurts lajdflkajdflsj;f “i’m so proud of how you turned out” “thank you jeffandrew”  “i’m getting a migraine” god me too
oh thank god davenport is okay JEFFANDREWWWW they’re so dumb
“hey everybody! johann was right! WE WON!” i’m a fucking wreck and THERE IS STILL AN HOUR LEFT WHAT THE FUCK im legit sobbing over dryad lesbians did he say mayor cassidy oh my GOD angus is my fucking smart and perfect son AND HE’S GOT SO MANY FRIENDS AND HE PLAYS SOCCERA FJALDKFJALSJFLAJF IM CRYING davenport made me start giggling and sobbing at the same time LUP AND BARRY ARE FUCKING GRIM REAPERS NOW FUCK YEAH BARRY AND LUP AHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH AHH IM SOBBING AGAIN still 50 minutes left how?????  “i think you forgot to make it taste good” “it’s kinda artisanal-” “you’re full of dog shit sometimes y’know?” “that’s what it is, i put dog shit in it” what part of that sounded like i was joking JUSTIN taako’s hogwarts  “students in my school have to duel constantly” ITS MAGICALLY DELICIOUS  ren is perfect and i am dead “i should mention my boyfriend is death and he’ll be staying over from time to time” AHHHHHHHHHHH taako you’re GOING ON VACATION TO THE AFTERLIFE JAKLFJDA;LFJAS i hope someone draws taako on a beach chair in trunks next to a pool of souls “i promise not to take you anywhere too spooky” “you know what? i’m a big boy” “i know you are” BIG TALL BOY ANGUS AJDFKLJALDF;ASFJ HE’S GROWING UP I CANT “i’ll have my people talk to your people sir!” “you changed my life” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH “i know about silverware” this boy is too smart for all of us
i love merle with my whole entire heart i can hardly stand it merle basically started adventure camp thats adorable  i wish clint mcelroy was my dad he’s so adorable and sweet and funny and good i’m having a moment help me i am like weirdly fond of lord sterling  magnus and taako constantly try to get in touch with merle but he’s too much of a dad to ever realize it i’m SCREAMING earl merle  I LO VE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH HE’S SO SILLY merlegaritaville  VINE LOVERS HE NEEDS TO STOP merle i love you “mookie’s the BEST” they all love the best npcs AUNT LUP AND AUNT LUCRETIA AND UNCLE MAGNUS AND UNCLE TAAKO AND UNCLE BARRY FUCK THIS IS SO EMOTIONAL IM GONNA BE SICK NO I DIE
my eyes have not stopped leaking since the episode started  oh my god this fucking episode ends on a lesbian WEDDING GRIFFIN MCELROYYYYYYYY im going to DIE im gonna D IE IM GONNA DIE “if you all excuse me i- have to shit” JKLFDSAJKL;FJADL;FJL;SJL;FASD hammer and tails (a dog school)
okay holds up a hand griffin fuck off with this death shit excuse me travis i heard you break up a little there and literally cant handle a second of this THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SAD FUCK WHAT THE FUCK im sobbing so loudly fuck im glad i’m home alone fuck i cant breathe oh my god im gonna throw up i already know where this is going  thank god they’re all friends with death i caNT TRAVIS IF UR CRYING I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO DIE i cant take this  its so emotional im literally leaving my body FUCK “you lived so much longer than i thought you were going to” GIRL SAME griffin literally descended from heaven to give underdeveloped characters some personality when no one else would  god i need to fucking blow my nose  “he said he was a cleric but we can never be sure” as magnus rushes in GRIFFIN MCELROY fuck that was SO GOOD OH MY GOD OH MY GODY fuck i CANT BELIEVE WE GET THEIR FUCKING WEDDING IN CANON GRIFFIN YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN THIS MUSIC IM HYPERVENTILATING AJFKDAJDLFJALDJF AHHH
i’m light headed 
god this is beautiful thank you griffin thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much 
that was the ending you earned
ooo this music is cool. fisher!!! where are you and junior off to huh
god...what an adventure this has been. what an amazing end. it was beautiful. thank you, boys.
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