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#i missed her so much
iman-92 · 3 days ago
every so often i’ll have the most normal uneventful dream ever, about going to the shops or running errands or waiting for the bus and i’ll be talking to my sister in it and nothing major happens at all and then i wake up and it takes me some time to realise that was a dream and she’s not with us anymore. and then i just wish i would have stayed asleep because i’d give anything to still live in a world where i never lost her.
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peachygos · 4 days ago
since twi alec is a party planner and assuming c*mille somewhat exists there how do u think he would inconvenience her.........
this reminds me of so many Extremely Bad takes on twi camille i have seen before hfjkfldsjl will not get into it but ohhh my god people will just say anything huh
anyway we don't know (or at least i don't lmao) when the twi world went on "lockdown" so to speak, and also i don't know what magnus' relationship timeline is in canon at all, but i'm pretty sure after camille he was single and healing for ~100 years? i cant remember lol but imo it would be neat if magnus and camille breaking up and the lockdown aligned
why tho liv? u ask. well bc then, instead of escaping to/thru parties and crowds of people, like sh magnus did, it would make sense for magnus to escape to the mundane. oh my god lol spotify just gave me a cruella ad. seems fitting hfjsddks
anyway yeah in my mind twi malec are just living their life w/o camille interfering at all, she's either dead or fucked off to some other part of the world and magnus is finally free of her, but if she does show up alec would be rightfully insufferable to her. i dont know if u can get blacklisted from hotels and venues and shit but can u imagine camille in new york and literally everyone refusing to cater her. vindication
i mean as a party planner wouldn't alec have contacts all over the city? he would do literally everything he could to get her to stay far away from magnus. fuck camille
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1kook · 5 days ago
jk the advice columnist au
#PINNING THIS IN CASE I LOSE IT#who’s never had a lover before just speaking out his ass and then randomly blows up one day#starts getting a SHIT TON of letters from all over the country#and his bestie oc who has terrible luck with dating and gets used#and jk who thinks she’s worth so much more the entire galaxy and more but he’s so shy he doesn’t know how to tell her#but her dumb ass starts taking advice from the very advice column he writes even tho u don’t know it’s him#and jk watches u pursue someone else using all the things he wishes he could’ve done for u#and it’s WORKING and he’s scared but he wants you to be happy#as much as he wants to be by your side#and then one day one very terrible day he gets it. a letter from you addressed to his advice column persona asking for advice on how to ask#someone out and his heart breaks bc even tho you’re vague in the letter#he’s you’re best friend he’s been hearing it all for weeks#and he’s tempted to trash it and pretend like he never received it#but he wants you to be happy especially after all you’ve been through and if you’re desperate enough to ask someone else for advice#(​someone who’s not him—your best friend jk—who has seen you at your worst and loved you through it all)#then obviously this person you’re pursing is one hell of a person#so he has to push his love aside to write you an honest and deserving piece of advice#and he feels like he’s writing from the heart— the heart of someone who didn’t act quickly of someone who missed their chance#and he doesn’t want that to happen to you so he gives you the advice he wishes someone gave him#and then a few days later he sees you with your new lover smiling to the moon and back#and he has to smile for your sake and his bc this is what he wanted isn’t it; for you to be happy#💡
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blue-eyed-lioness · 6 days ago
Please watch this video of my idiot girl launching herself off my bed I nearly died (also watch without sound unless you want to hear me in the background losing it because I couldn't handle this level of stupidity)
Also she's fine don't worry I got up right after and checked ;)
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