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#i need a better tag for this tbh

just finished this book! bc it’s very american-centric, parts of it won’t be helpful to those outside of it, but the rest of it is interesting and informative! [the book’s description below]

Grave Matters: a journey through the modern funeral industry to a natural way of burial. by Mark Harris.

Grave matters follows families who found in “green” burial a more natural, more economic, and ultimately more meaningful alternative to the tired and toxic send-off on offer at the local funeral parlor.
Eschewing chemical embalming and fancy caskets, elaborate and costly funerals, they have embraced a range of natural options, new and old, that are redefining a better American way of death.
Environmental journalist Mark Harris examines this new green burial underground, leading you into natural cemeteries and domestic graveyards, taking you aboard boats from which ashes and memorial “reef balls” are cast into the sea. He follows a family that conducts a home funeral, one that delivers a loved one to a crematory, and another that hires a carpenter to build a pine coffin. In the morbidly fascinating tradition of Stiff, Grave Matters details the embalming process and the environmental aftermath of the standard funeral. Harris also traces the history of burial in America, from frontier cemeteries to the billion-dollar business it is today, reporting on real families who opted for more simple, natural returns.
For readers who want to follow the examples of these families and, literally, give back from the grave, appendices detail everything you need to know, from exact costs and laws to natural burial providers and their contact information.
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my brain is interested in both Judaism and quakerism rn. not in like a “oh that’s cool” way but in like “I might want to convert to that” way and I just.

those are two completely different religions. and I’m positive quakerism is nothing like methodist and free will baptist, which are the two denominations I was raised around, so it’s not even gonna be like a “oh I just have to change church” type of thing.

why those two /rh

why. just why. that’s all I have to ask. /rh

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i know this is a direct response to me saying this exact phrasing is literally cruel & that you wanted it to be inflammatory but like. hello. really. u really had to make me read this. its not even good u just took what i said 😭 can u be more creative…. maybe add some actual hawks stannism… its funnier when people know what hawks did is wrong but think him being an abuse victim excuses it. boring, try again

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for my sanity I’ll try to squish two of my characters into this! First, we have Nari!


To start off, she’s the captain of the Blue Moons and is 23 years old! She’s a kind soul and always tries her best to take everyone around her into consideration. At times she can get extremely tired (with a dose of her being anemic and other such health problems because I WILL make my oc suffer alongside me), which often leads her to not being able to work for a certain amount of time.

She also sleeps a lot and loves strawberries :> I’ll put her magic info in another post to have mercy on my eyes

Tid Bits:

  • Her partner is William Vangeance! I love these two..
  • She has both weather and memory magic. She obtained memory magic when her grimoire was split with someone else (they won’t be named).
  • The tree crest on her robe was given to her by William. She values trees and nature so it’s very dear to her.
  • The Blue Moons has around 150-200 members. Due to the amount of members, the squad has two bases.
  • Half the time she isn’t actually sleeping, she just likes to daydream constantly.
  • She can get a bit nervous at times so she keeps a little squishy toy in her bag. That was a gift from Julius!
  • Her two assistants are Amaru and Ceii! I won’t be showing Amaru but I’ll try to make a small post for Ceii >:))
  • a sleepy gal pls pat her head

NEXT we have Jinx! My third OC. He’s sort of new? I kind of wanna make his full body ref a bit neater so I won’t be posting that. Here’s a headshot I made two-ish days ago!


Jinx is a 27 year old man who originates from the elf tribe from 500 years ago!! Back then, he was around 17 years old when the massacre happened. Years later he woke up in the body of a human and now shares it with them (this human won’t be mentioned since I’m lazy but they have a mutual relationship). He’s an extremely laid back individual in most cases and just like Rhya he knew something was off about the whole event. Therefore not coming to the conclusion to eradicate the human race right off the bat.

Eventually Jinx joined the Crimson Lions, although a few years later he left and worked with the Midnight Sun. Jinx worked with them without much complaint and often just found fighting people fun and a way to pass the time. In one situation he offered one of the black bull’s an opportunity to get more info on them ONLY IF they could defeat Jinx. Of course they miserably failed but hey, they tried.

Tid Bits:

  • literally the chaos incarnate. he doesn’t really try to cause mayhem, it’s just kind of something that runs through his blood
  • Patri: okay I’m going to go after them. JINX do not kill the prisoner.
  • Jinx: *sulks and sheathes his sword*
  • can turn into a cat for personal reasons 👁👅👁
  • loves hot chocolate an unhealthy amount. also enjoys baking
  • Is extremely straightforward and knows what he wants.
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