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#i need money

you guys I’m struggling to fall back asleep. for the past hour or so I have been stressing about my student loans. I’m currently over 15 days behind and it’s going to fuck up mine and my dad’s credit scores if I don’t do anything about it. “so just pay the bill” you may say. well I don’t have the fucking money. I currently owe $770 ish for my FEBRUARY bill and $700 for my MARCH bill. I do work but it’s just not enough money. I still have to make monthly car payments, I have two credit card bills, my phone bill, AND my spring tuition that’s $2400 left but I haven’t been able to pay since December BECAUSE ALL THE FUCKING MONEY I’VE BEEN GETTING IS GOING TOWARD MY STUDENT LOANS!!! and it doesn’t fucking leave me ANYTHING for basic necessities such as food, gas, or hygiene products. Like I don’t know what to do because my bank won’t fucking suspend my payment period and I’m not some talented artist who can sell drawings. it’s been messing with my mental state lately as it’s making me not want to continue living because of all the stress. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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The news says that SO many places are hiring urgently right now, and yet when I apply – and I have a really extensive job history and a great resume – no calls back. Nothing. I follow up, too. Nothing. So are people really looking? Am I the problem? I’m running out of money so fucking fast it’s not even funny. I’m desperate at this point. I just need a job.

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And yes, I remind you that i am open commissions and that i will be happy to welcome everyone x,)))

(I realy need your help and attention, please x,) )


Ну и да, снова повторюсь, что у меня открыты коммишшены и я буду рада любым желающим х,))).

(Мне правда нужна ваша помощь и внимание, пожалуйста х,) ).

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Here she is the one and only!

It’s Bex. Now you don’t know me and I don’t know you and we can keep it that way. Or you can pay me some money and I’ll make a cool artwork for you or something I guess.

Since we’re all quarantined I figured there’s no time like the present to expand my online presence and try to make a living doing what I love and that’s art.

I’ve got myself a new tablet and a fresh new drawing program so it’s time to get to work!

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