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#i need them in good quality

can I just say though, on this day of…whatever the hell that thing was supernatural did, that I’m incredibly grateful to be in BL world, and especially grateful for thoughtful, sensitive and beautifully-done series like Gaya Sa Pelikula existing. I may have spend half the day laughing at memes about an angel being dragged into super hell for confessing his gay love, but it was so good to sit down for half an hour to a beautifully made series about actual queer issues and actual queer love.

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if i were to make and sell a hand knitted scarf would any of you theoretically be interested in that

#it. would not be super cheap bc of material costs, #its very thick heavy yarn though its high quality and im competent at what i do, #remember the giant 8ft trans flag scarf?, #it was around $35 not counting shipping for that yarn and then adding labor would bring it up but like, #i need to start makin some money and im not brave enough for comissions yet, #like im going to make a scarf anyway. ive made many and given them to friends yknow, #but i like if i make them i might as well sell them on the side, #real good for the winter yall, #ive never sold anything like online before so id have to figure all that shit out but like i want to know if theres a market, #going to see if i can make blankets as well, #like stuff like that nothing super fancy but warm and durable, #and like. theres charm that it comes from someone you know!!! :3, #little ol connor spent time by the fire with a cup of tea knitting this scarf just for you...!, #im thinking of making textile stuff in general like my achot has been doing it to survive and ive picked up on some things, #like literally drawing something for someone is kind of terrifying right now but making an object and selling it is much different, #like. patch making and chainmail ive had my eyes on too, #button making, #more complex knitting and crocheting like gloves and little tea cozies or whatever, #whatever i can make with my own two hands basically. does that sound cool? bc id love to do it, #i will probably do commissions in general but ive just had some ideas, #gonna make a lil connor store.... the feed and give gas money to connor store, #the connor corner store...................... omg, #basically i bring this up bc im looking at how much yarn to buy rn lol, #i will knit no matter what but leik. who wants some SCARF, #connor talks
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