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#i need these omggg
maxwvvell · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I fell in love with Camp Cretaceous 💕
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fluent-in-lesbianism · 17 days ago
My co-worker brought in a few kids who were living in a home where the parents were cooking meth and the kids and everything they brought with them smelled like meth, to the point that my co-workers and supervisor had to take turns watching them bc the smell was so overwhelming, but then my turn comes and I’m playing with these babies thinking “okay, but where’s the smell???”
I thought everyone was pranking me until my supervisor comes in to relieve me wearing like a makeshift hazmat suit made of garbage bags and the poor sitter with her basically threw herself away from the door due to the smell, and that’s when we all realized I’m not able to smell any of the chemicals used in meth anymore thanks to covid :\
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angelguk · 3 months ago
a lot of you are weirdos......
the complaining im seeing on that blog 😐 firstly make it a habit to read someone's FAQ its takes under 5 mins and saves everyone from unpleasantness and secondly it is RUDE and indecent of you to behave like that in someone's safe space and assume THEY should delete your ask when YOU shouldn't have sent in in the first place. Read FAQs end of story. also the issues with plots being messy??? uh try write a long fic juggling work/personal struggles/studying/etc and keeping track of a story. this is a hobby for majority of us and we devote what time and mental energy we can, obviously there's going to be mistakes there is not editing company behind us and even beta readers miss some stuff. i'm getting a lot of entitlement from that blog and creating a space to hate on ff writers is so????? sad and pathetic honestly.
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localkage · 5 months ago
Thank you so much for your kind words I am sobbing I shall cherish that frog forever and with all my heart🥺💕
Have some cute hc I think about to cheer me up!
The floof on Tobirama's armor exists because his SO complained about the armour not being nice to hug. He will never admit to it but thats the sole reason for the floofs existence. He has drop kicked Hashirama who thought it would be a good idea to mention before.
Madara has immense hair envy of Hashirama because his hair looks so silky smooth while Madara's looks like a birds nesting ground. He has snuck into Hashirama's bathroom before to find out what he uses to get them this way (they're gay your honor 😔)
Soft kisses against Itachi's eyelids. His eyes are constantly strained and he barely gets to rest them because he always (ab)uses them. On a more lighthearted note, Itachi has run into glass before due to his poor sight, like a bird.
Kisame would absolutely engulf his SO in his giant cloak when they're cold or the weather conditions are bad. He rather take the winds head on than letting his SO suffer through it.
Soft mornings with Hinata. No matter how far she and her SO sleep away from each other, no matter how hard they fought, the next morning they always end up entangled to each other, holdings hands softly while talking through their issues.
Minato would collect aprons if he could. All got a silly pun on it and he loves them very much.
Kakuzu secretly fixes his SO clothes if they got holes. Also, if his SO sees some clothing they like, he won't buy it for them but rather recreate it himself.
Guy and Lee love doing facemasks with their SO. That skin gotta stay hydrated!
Shikamaru gets really embarassed about having an SO but also can't stop himself from telling Asuma- until of course Asuma tells his parents and then they're all being a drag (he secretly loves that they all love them so much as well).
Naruto, whenever his SO feels down makes a long list of things they have done- more often than not things they didn't even notice.
Ino knows a lot of details about plants but she rarely shares it because she is embarrassed by her rather nerdy interest. If she shares it with someone she truly trusts them.
Kakashi has eaten dog food before. He was too lazy to buy food for himself and ate dog food instead and was like "Wow this ain't actually half bad" (*cue a very disturbed Pakkun*).
Sakura always leaves sticky notes all over the place. She is quite a busy person running the hospital and all so to not forget anything, she writes everything down. Even stuff like "Telling SO that I love them".
Yamato personally creates wood that can be used for books because he doesn't want people chopping down trees and disturb the ecosystem (and then gets mad when he sees Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise because a tree had to die for that).
I am curious though- what are some of your ships? Besides HashiMada ofc which is just so valid I can't.
I hope you're doing well hon!
Also have this crappy Uchiha/Hyuuga concept drawing I made, I am not the best artist-
Tumblr media
come get yalls serotonin 😔🥺❤️
#I'm on the floor this is SO good like. I'm going crazy this is the exact amount of serotonin I needed today I owe you my life 😭❤️#I LOVE tobirama doing specific things for his s/o but being embarrassed if ANYONE mentions it aksjsksj 😔❤️#and madara omggg his hair is beautiful he doesn't need the 4 different organic shampoos and conditioners hashirama uses I promise 😔❤️❤️#why would you hurt me like that with itachi... I love him. in my head he's alive with his chicken 😔😔😔😔❤️#I LOVE KISAME SO MUCH ON GODDDD. I want a gentle giant sharkman boyfriend like kisame pls 😔😔😔😔😭❤️#hinata is so fucking sweet like. I can't even imagine fighting with her like. she'd say smth or call me stupid and I'd just 100% agree like#yes wife you're right I love you forgive my stupidity 😔❤️ but you're right fights with her wouldn't last long and even then you'd both#still seek for each other's embrace 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️#I'm SO here for minato and his hideous aprons. imagine him having a corgi one maybe with tofu and mochi pics on it 😔😔❤️#KAKUZU PLS RECREATE THIS GUCCI FOR ME PL-#I wanna do a group face mask session with guy and lee. it sounds so soft and like. you'll be caring for your physical AND emotional health#because no way spending time with these two doesn't give you an instant serotonin boost like 😔❤️❤️❤️#shikamaru is just. he's clueless you know. he likes you and doesn't want anyone teasing him for it but he also doesn't know A LOT of things#about dating so he'd ask asuma but then it would just become a mess aksjsksjs#I love naruto so fucking MUCH and ino could spend HOURS talking about flowers and I'd just fall harder for her 😔❤️#kakashi wanted to know how it tasted like... let him live 😔😔💔 and sakura being SO organized just imagine finding that note 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️#YAMATO PLS BECOME OUR PRESIDENT PLS I'M BEGGING YOU PLS SAVE AMAZONIA PLEASEEEEEE#I don't really have any hard ships but I see a lot on my dash and I think many are very nice and cute likr kakagai kakayama inosaku and OFC#SAKUHINA bc that one scene of sakura holding hinatas hand lives in my head rent free#and babe your drawing is SO beautiful oh myy goddd I had never thought about uchiha/hyuga but thay child would look SO FUCKING INSANE#like. imagine how beautiful and powerful they'd be I'm losing my mind 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#.ask#.hcs#naruto#thank you SO much for this I love you so much and appreciate this so much like. you literally made my day I love you babe 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️#long post
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avalonianrising · a month ago
Tumblr media
HEY, SO--NEW ACQUISITION. This is Taimi. (She came pre-named, which is awesome--I love it.)
Would anyone like to help me find an accent that would look good on her? I’m having trouble picking something out, and she just needs...something. Something fitting. (I saw a couple, but...mmm. Something was just not right.)
Thank you all, you’re the best.
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fallenfawnn · a month ago
You know, after yesterday's D&D talk I keep thinking about how a Way of Mercy monk would be soooooo much fun to play with you. Monks are obviously always good at using their fists, and a cute little girl like you always deserves to be hurt and bruised and knocked around, but Way of Mercy means they can also touch you and heal you. So they can make sure you get juuuuussstttt broken enough while still being in one piece and ready to play with. 🥰 At high levels they even get the ability, once a day, to touch someone and bring them back to life, all healthy and good. 🥰 The idea of beating you senseless, then wrapping hands around your throat and holding on as you lose the rest of your HP, hit 0, and flop limply through all your death saving throws until you're gone... Then without moving a muscle they just focus their ki and send their own life energy flowing through the very hands that just choked you to death, and you wake back up, still breathless, hands still clamped exactly where they were, still looking up at the smiling face that just killed you. 🥰
“looking up at the smiling face that just killed you”
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pathologising · 3 months ago
The bi experience is finding someone taller than you and going "i will climb you like a tree."
It's tough being 6 feet
i am going to climb you like a tree come here *reaching towards you*
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doebt · a month ago
but do U know what I want more than anything as a birthday thing is to have 1 or 2 friends who WANT!!!! to do something together on the day like go to a petting zoo heehee. or get a fun little dinner or just come over and watch a movie or something a little bit. that would be perfect
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