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JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken Ougon No Kaze Opening Full [Fighting Gold By Coda] (1) - SoundCloud

Listen to JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken Ougon No Kaze Opening Full [Fighting Gold By Coda] (1) by Prince Milk on #SoundCloud

I still can’t get over the awesomeness of Golden Wind!

Also, if I had even a smidgeon of artistic talent, I’d go all out and do my Daft Punk/Ed Banger/Jojo crossover promo right now!! 😁

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Okay folks so Johnny DEFINITELY did Miguel’s face paint before the Halloween Dance in S1E3 and I will feel eternally CHEATED that they didn’t let us see that onscreen.

(Also since he’s so good at it I’m convinced he did the face paint for all five cobras including himself back in ‘84)

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Shades of red asks

Original Prompt List

crimson: if you could have only one photo or poster on your wall, what would it be?

  • Hm that’s a tough one honestly.
  • If i had to choose it would be my group of friends or the characters that we identify with
  • Since I’ve only really interacted with 2 of them the most since quarantine and are the only people who i know play danganronpa I will list theres’

Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc For my girl best-friend


Originally posted by district3

Ibuki Mioda from Super Danganronpa 2:Goodbye Despair For my guy best-friend


Originally posted by vanilily

Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc For me


Originally posted by asaihara

(Feel free to ask me any of these prompts,I’m just trying to get the “get to know me part” rolling!)




Originally posted by rhinma-san

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Searching for a “slime tutorial”

Hello there beautiful people <3

So I am looking for a bootleg of a production of

Phantom BUT not any production, no.

It’s the official moscow production with Ivan Ozhogin as the phantom.

I don’t really care about the other cast members, even though Mercedesz Csampai would be amazing as Christine.

There’s probably like no real chance that any of you happen to have that, but a girl can try.

So pleaaaase dm me if you either know where I can find one, or even have one yourself!

~Lots of love with a hint of desperation~

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I’m looking for a game, but idk if it exists.

so i just woke up from a dream, and idk if this is a videogame that ive created or already seen, but i wanna play it.

its a puzzle horror game where you enter a room and live out the story inside, kinda like what remains of edith finch but horror puzzles.

in one of the rooms it was about a little girl (or a demon/monster inside/disguised as her?) who kept eating the people that looked after her, idk. anyway, she gets to the new parents, who have discovered she eats people and they believe they have taught her to stop. so they tuck her in, but she tries to eat the guy yada yada. the woman (the player) pushes these buttons in a sequence, and springs and ropes cover the girl so she cant move. i think they leave her to die like that??? the button order is found by doing puzzles i think?

anyway, after the level you leave the room and a little box next to the door opens with a key and a candle. the key is either to the next room or to lock that one? but you put the candle on the stand outside the room and light it.

the end goal is to finish the game, light all the candles, finish all the stories, etc.

does anyone know if this is a thing? or can make it a thing?

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Kim Sun-ah and Uhm Jung-hwa to Consider “W: The City of Women Who Never Die” /W : 죽지 않는 여자들의 도시’

Actresses Kim Sun-ah and Uhm Jung-hwa are candidates for the drama “W: The City of Women Who Never Die”.

“W: The City of Women Who Never Die” is a story of desperate wo-mance, where two women, who have lived completely different lives, join hands and throw themselves onto cliffs, abandoning all the ways so far to create a world where justice and truth live. It is helmed by Oh Jin-suk and written by Moon Ji-yeok.

“W: The City of Women Who Never Die” is scheduled to broadcast next year.

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This keeps happening! The latest two examples are The Haunting of Bly Manor which I loved but I wish Dani and Jamie could have had a happy ending but okay. OKAY. And now Ratched!!! It’s a Ryan Murphy show so I shouldn’t be surprised but here I am… once again, I’m torn into pieces, can’t deny it, can’t pretend… I’m here singing a Kelly Clarkson song (Behind These Hazel Eyes is an absolute bad mood banger if that’s a thing?) ANYWAY!  

This might be a preemptive post and I hope it is, though I highly fucking doubt it! I’ve been let down too many times before! This is not a review or discussion on the show itself, that is an entirely new can of worms I am not opening right now. Please just give me some happy lesbians! Some wlw representation that doesn’t end in death or fucking sadness please and thank you

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