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quietbirdee · 14 days ago
Imagine Antonio desperately trying to ask the animals where Mirabel is after the house is destroyed and she runs away, but he can’t understand them! 😭
oh no oh nooo why would you say this!! having the animals and Mirabel leave all at once, he would be absolutely distraught ;n;
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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catlqnd · a month ago
Trickster Uncle
Tumblr media
•Pairings: Camilo Madrigal X Reader
•Warnings: X
•Summary: When you help The well-known Madrigals Prophecy man a few times. Who knew he would help you with your tiny crush towards one of his Nephews?
•Requested by: @life-hater39

It was fun being alone in the woods.
I mean no one would ever bother me since they were busy with other stuff. It felt like I could finally catch a breath of fresh air.
I gripped the pocketknife in my hand as I carved yet another tiny drawing into the bark of the wood. Backing away slowly with a smile as I finished.
It was a carving of a cat, because there was literally nothing better than carving random none sense into wood.
I pocketed the knife, prepared for a long walk home. I glanced up as the storm from before cleared a bit, wiping the itchy water from my brow, I let out a sigh.
“ACK?!" I yelped as a sudden force pushed into me. Letting out a long wheeze, I stared up at the fifty year old Madrigal. Bruno.
“Oh- It’s just you.” I grimaced as the mud stuck to my hands and my new shirt. Giving the man a lighthearted glare. He glanced over his shoulder constantly, and I gave him a confused look.
“Oh.. this is bad, very bad.” He mumbled to himself before finally noticing me. His eyes lit a slight green before back to normal, he bent down and pulled me up. Earning a quiet thankful response.
“What’s wrong?” I touched his shoulder in hope to ground him back to earth.
The way we met wasn’t too pleasant.
It was around my second time exploring the woods, when suddenly a mischief of rats swarmed at my feet trying to grab the saltine crackers in my pocket.
Little did I know I found them swarmed at the man in-front of me now, he later yelled at them about it not being his sisters food and so it wouldn’t help his foot.
Apparently he went outside for the first time in years and sprained his foot. So I had to drag him all the way to ‘Casita.’
Ever since that day they two of them would meet up, me giving him food once and awhile when he needed it.
“Casita, Casita is gone.” He pulled his hands against his face. I gave him a small look.
“..perhaps we get you a drink and some sunlight-“
“I’m not going insane.” He affirmed, taking a deep breath before his panicked face spiked again.
“I’ll show you,”
“Hold on Bruno I know your not actually going insane,” I bit back a ‘probably.’ And the man seemed a little set on showing me the broken house.
So we went on a small little hike all the way up to the residue left of the house. Bruno pushed back the leaves lightly and perked in through the gap at his family.
Bruno’s small smile fell into one of a frown as he listened on. I sat in boredom as he pushed away from the ferns.
“Oh dam- mierda! Alma, My mother, is going to kill my niece if I don’t fix the story about the prophecy to her.” He pushed back, mumbling about a horse before chasing away. Leaving me in utter confusion and alone.
Shrugging softly I stepped out from behind the leaves he was using to eavesdrop with. Patting down my dirty clothes, I glanced up to see a boy around my age grumbling to himself.
A girl nearby him shot up suddenly in my direction, causing him to look with her. I smiled softly at them before walking away to head back home.
Until I heard crunching of leaves behind me, I held back a groan before turning around and seeing bright brown eyes.
“Ah! Haven’t seen you in awhile,” The golden boy, Camilo Madrigal greeted me after saying my name. I let out a small chuckle before letting him open me into a hug.
“Haven’t seen you in a while! Thought you went and abandoned me.” He chuckled, punching my shoulder softly.
“Sorry just saw you and,” I waved to the now destroyed Casita, “decided it be best to have your family deal with that for now.” I watched as he let out a small sigh, quickly forming into a grin.
“But, Hey, madrigals and I can do anything.” He smirked, I let out a tiny smile before rolling my eyes.
“Alright Mr. Amazing, I better head home.” I ignored his mocking sad face before stopping at the front of the used to be entrance.
“Psss-“ I turned and my eyes widened when I saw Bruno staring at me with a mischievous grin.
“So, little Camilo Eh?” Ignoring the slight burning in my cheeks I pushed him away. “Oh please Rat-Man, we are just friends.”
It’s been a few days since the people helped restore Casita and I was lazily waiting around at the market helping out. I didn’t feel like hiding in the woods lately, and I also got to spend some time with the madrigals.
“Sorry,” I peered out from over some boxes at the familiar voice of a Madrigal running past people. A scrawny elder man running a few blocks behind him, on the edge of breath.
The Third youngest Madrigal called my name as he sprinted up to me. “My Tío said you needed some help with the boxes.” He puffed out his chest pridefully before transforming into Luisa.
Suddenly, it seemed like the world got dark as ‘someone’ pushed into the shapeshifter and I felt my head spin as he quickly went threw multiple shapes before his hands were on either side of me. Technically trapping me into the corner.
“Tienes que estar bromeando- What the hell Tío?” He backed away from the wall, allowing me to stop my thumping heart from escaping.
“Oopsies?” He look mildly sheepish before his eyes lit up again and he walked towards me. Now in the middle of me and Camilo.
“You know Y/N, Camilo has said quite good things about you” he teased.
What the hell is he talking about, I glanced at the shapeshifter for help, only to see him starting at the man with a little blush on his face. We glanced at each other and I felt the puzzle pieces click.
“Oh,” my face felt like it was on fire as we stared at eachother. Bruno slowly backing away with an joyful grin.
“So.. Want to kill him?” Camilo, still with blush on his face, glanced at Bruno, who’s face paled.
I chuckled, “gladly.”
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brunomadrigalislove · 18 days ago
Yandere! Dolores Madrigal x Fem! Reader
She/her pronouns for reader
She/her pronouns for dolores
Summary:Dolores thinks y/n as a friend or sister but slowly develops feelings. You and Camilo were preparing for Dolores's birthday so Pepa and Félix bought Dolores out of town and made her wear headphones so that she couldn't hear them so in dolores's birthday and a few days after her birthday she and the reader get close
Tumblr media
Warning: Yandere behaviour, Soft yandere dolores
Note: dolores might be out of character, also this will be really short
It was Dolores's birthday me and Camilo we're making cake for Dolores. Pepa and Félix bought Dolores out of town and made her wear headphones so she couldn't hear us. The other we're buying gifts or setting up the decorations. Did I mention I have a small crush on Dolores? No I didn't? Well now you know
Me and Camilo had trouble making cake considering we never make cake, we were either buying gifts or setting up the decorations but today is different. We were very confused
"What kind of cake does Dolores like?" I asked Camilo
"I thought you already know since you're basically obsessed with her?" Camilo said while tilting his head and crossed his arms
"What do you mean I'm obessed with Dolores? I told you Camilo that I just have a small crush on Dolores."
"Yeah right, Remember when you-" Camilo got cut off by Y/N shutting him up with her hand.
"Shut up and answer the question shape shift boy" Y/N said with a forced smile getting tired of Camilo.
"Well Dolores doesn't really mind what kind of cake it is, So she's fine with anything"
"Let's just go with chocolate cake"
"SORRY!" Camilo told Y/N
While Y/N and Camilo were drawing Dolores on the cake Y/N then asked a question
"Hey Cam you shape shift right?"
"Yeah, Why?"
"Can shape shift to a cat-"
While Dolores Came home with her Parents she noticed the lights were off she then turns the light on
After a few minutes
"Hey Dolores need help?" Y/N asked Dolores attempting to help her
"Actually yeah I need help with this. What do you think is better?" Dolores asked Y/N
"The right one is better"
"Oh okay, thanks! By the way did you know that-" Dolores told Y/N the juicy tea (or gossip) she heard today
Tumblr media
After a few months Y/N and Dolores got close. In those few months Dolores tried had trouble with Y/N. What was her trouble you ask? Feelings
Whenever Y/N hugs Dolores she feels her face go red and her heart beating fast. Whenever Y/N says her name she feels like an angel just called her and they were more moments where she felt in love with Y/N. But was it love or obsession?
While in Y/N's side she always feel flustered around Dolores since this is the first time they got close, she always waited for this day to come. Poor thing if only she didn't have a crush on Dolores then maybe she would be free right now
Anyways let's go to the present
Y/N was talking to Mirabel asking advice for confessing, she was ready to tell her feelings to Dolores, risking her friendship with the girl
Dolores noticed them talking and she also heard them. She then smiled when she heard you were confessing to her but then thought 'But she's a girl?' ' So What If she's a girl? Gender doesn't matter' it's like she's having an argument with her mind but decided to continue her chores
A few days later
It was the day where Y/N confesses her feelings to Dolores she was feeling nervous but that didn't stop her. Her love for Dolores was her only mistake
Y/N told Camilo to tell Dolores to go to the place where Abuela found Mirabel. It was a beautiful sight even though there is a chance Dolores might reject her, she didn't care
Dolores was already there "Y/N? Camilo told me you were here, is there anything you need?" Dolores played dumb she knew exactly what would happen
"Dolores my dearest friend, the truth is I love you. I know it's wrong considering we're both girls but who cares? Am I right? Love is love after all. Dolores I loved you ever since I met you. Haha. I never believed in love at first sight, until I met you. So Dolores Madrigal, Can I be you're girlfriend?" Y/N told Dolores and then blushed
Dolores blushed and cried tears of joy she was happy that this day came she waited for this day to come "YES I DO" Dolores said excitedly and hugged Y/N tight. Y/N hugged Dolores back and laughed happily
Dolores obsession grew after that she got possessive and overprotective. She made Y/N stop being friends with others aside from her family of course. Y/N followed Dolores, Oh she was always obedient little did she know she followed Dolores blindly without knowing that was Dolores's plan to make you hers
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brunobel-mirabruno · 22 days ago
A Very Forbidden (and Very Tragic) Kind of Love | Mirabel x Bruno
Tumblr media
Tonight was supposed to be perfect. It was supposed to be the night that everything was good, where Bruno didn’t have to have that much responsibility, where his niece was relying only on him and the rest of the family trusted him enough to distract her from the biggest party she had ever been thrown.
“Oyé, Tío Bruno, your face has been knotted into worry again,” Mirabel laughed. She pushed her glasses back up her nose. “Enough anxiety. Tonight is supposed to be fun, right? Yo quiero que nos divirtamos, tío.” She fanned out her skirt as she let out the biggest, happiest sigh he had heard in a long, long time. Mirabel always looked on the bright side, he knew that, but this wasn’t one of those “bright side” moments.
This was real.
He had to force himself to respond before he visibly melted. “We will,” he managed, clearing his throat. Bruno sat down on a chair while Mira danced and twirled in her vestido de cumpleaños. It was fully blue; it hugged her nicely; it brought out her brown eyes like the sky accented a cloud. “We’ll have lots of fun. I’ll have fun in the corner, all alone, while you dance the night away with all the eligible bachelors you could imagine.” He moved his hands as he spoke to hopefully draw out a happy tone. An acting persona would have really been useful right about now. Bruno needed her to buy his excitement for her.
And just like a jinx, Mirabel didn’t buy it. “Yeah, but I think we could just spend the night together.” She sat down next to him. He kept his eyes on the floor. The young woman punched his arm playfully. “We always have fun together, right?”
Bruno’s face was burning.
“We do.” He rapped his knuckles against his knobby knees absentmindedly. “We always do. Me encanta estar todo el tiempo con tú. You just need some friends who are your own age… outside the family.” His tone dropped considerably as he said the last portion of his sentence. He winced as he readied himself for Mirabel’s predictable reaction. She would get offended, he knew it, but there was nothing else he could do for her. Letting her stay would just hurt her.
“Are you saying that you want me to get a boyfriend?” she scoffed lightly. “That is the last thing I need, tío. After what happened with Isabel and Dolores, I think I just need to find someone on my own.” She pushed her glasses up again. She rested on Bruno. He tensed, praying for the signal to bring her into la fiesta. Instead, her eyes just lit up even brighter. “Unless… you already know I’ll meet someone tonight?”
“I guess you could say I know who you aren’t supposed to meet,” he blurted. He slapped a hand over his mouth. He was supposed to be a better uncle! Just because he was nearly a decade younger than the twins didn’t mean he could just get away with whatever he wanted! He was supposed to protect Mirabel, not be the one putting her in danger!
“You do?” she asked, eyes lighting up. She set her hands on his thigh and sat up, beaming at him. He screwed his eyes shut. “So you could narrow down the list for me?” He peeked just a little. Their faces were so close… All Bruno had to do was move forward to ruin it all.
Too simple to cause problems.
Too simple to really be the cause of a broken destiny.
It was probably a good thing he wasn’t brave enough to do it. That was Hernando’s territory. Hernando would have just removed Mirabel’s glasses and did what needed to be done.
…Not that there was anything that needed to be done…
“I can’t believe you actually want to know who you fall in love with,” he muttered, smiling nervously. Mirabel looked so beautiful when she was so happy. It reminded him of why he slipped into the walls in the first place. He leaned away, which did absolutely nothing, but he at least had to try. “I can’t give guarantees, but I’ve never been wrong, but — you know — um —”
“You have to tell me!” she gushed. She clasped her hands in front of her face, then fanned herself in the moonlight as she crashed back down in her spot. “I bet he’s super cool, has curly hair, smiles all the time, tells great stories —!”
“I don’t have to tell you,” he reminded his sobrina. “Don’t you want the surprise, huh?”
“I think I would be better off prepared.” She smirked and crossed her arms victoriously. She stood up from the ground.
“The whole point of true love is tragedy,” Bruno sighed, throwing his hands in the air. “Learning you can’t love someone through trial and error until you just — bam! — meet the person you’d risk everything for. Safety, comfort, love, a home…” He trailed off, uncertain if he sounded like Abuela or if he was just listing off the things he had actually done for her. Of course, maybe she wouldn’t realize that and just take his words at face value, but he was Bruno, and that meant nothing ever went the way he wanted it to. Mirabel would probably either completely disregard him tonight or she would realize that her Tío Bruno wasn’t such a good tío after all.
“Could they be anywhere?” she asked, going quiet. She looked down at him on the floor. Something shifted in her eyes. “Do I even have a true love waiting for me?”
“I don’t —,” he tried, but stopped himself. He took a deep breath. This was going to be the end of it. He was going to say something that would put himself in his place. A raincloud passed through the open patio just as quickly as he opened his mouth again, like a sign, telling him that if he had to say something then he would just condemn himself. Mirabel didn’t know that he… nevermind. Mirabel didn’t need to know. Instead, he scrambled to his feet.
“Sobrina, come with me,” he managed out. Her brows furrowed as she noticed something was wrong. There was no getting past it. Of course, she knew something was wrong. She was Mirabel Madrigal. She saved La Casita. “It’s time.” He pushed forward without taking her arm. He usually took her arm these days. He knew there was no escaping that, either. He couldn’t even blame it on living in the walls for a decade.
“Are you okay, Bruno?” she asked as she followed him. Her fingers caught his wrist. “There’s something bothering you; I can tell.”
“It’s nothing for you to worry about.” He gave her a sad smile. Her gorgeous brown eyes searched his and attempted to pry out the problem. She should have known better — no one could avoid things like him. “Tonight is about you. We’re celebrating our beautiful Mirabel; you don’t need to worry about me.”
“But I will,” she protested. She kept her voice quiet. They walked up to the door, ready to open it. Bruno didn’t miss how their arms had linked once again. It was like a repeating pattern that couldn’t be changed; the future was always filled with those kinds of silly things and it was always why he liked working with sand. “There’s something you’re not telling me and I’m worried about it.”
“But if I do tell you,” he whispered, eyes flicking down to her lips, her hands, their feet, “you’ll worry even more.” They stopped right at the trim lining the entrance. “We’ll talk later. Open your door.”
“Gracias, tío,” she muttered. She kissed his cheek. He pulled away gently. “You’ll follow me out, won’t you?”
“Yes.” Bruno laughed, touching his face in the spot where she kissed him. “Yes, but I won’t steal your thunder. The twins already have enough to kill me for.”
“What for?”
Adrenaline raced through his veins. He nearly laughed out with hysteria. He needed to think up something before he barked it in her face. He swallowed thickly. “Nevermind. Just open your door!” He stepped away and did a graceful, encouraging gesture (even though he was sure it didn’t look that way). “Go on, go on!”
Finally listening to him, she turned the knob and pulled the wood. Cheering erupted from the other side of the house, with her Tía Pepa and her Tío Félix and her mother, Julieta, and her father, Augustín, kissing her and peppering her with love and affection in the rightest way possible. None of them ever felt the way Bruno did. None of them ever had to worry about misstepping and being found out. None of them ever wondered whether there had been a future in another universe where one of them had been born later, by someone else…
If Mirabel knew Bruno felt this way, she would hate him.
He wasn’t just anybody.
He wasn’t young. He wasn’t someone else’s tío, or hermano, or sobrino. He was hers, and he was older, and it was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! He knew it! And he knew if she ever caught him on the wrong day, he would end up acting on these feelings.
He would act out, he would ruin everything, he would hurt his niece and lose her forever. He would lose his whole familia forever. No paredes, no ratas, no Mirabel. He would have to run away from the encanto for good.
His mind was racing.
His heart was crying.
His wings were tired and his floor was sinking through. No more flights for the mariposa, no more standing on solid rock.
Thoughts like those were exactly what stranded Bruno in the corner while everyone else danced with the beautiful Mirabel. Young men took her hands, twirled her around, made her laugh like Bruno did. Smiled with her, like Bruno did. Whispered in her ear, sometimes like Bruno did. Made her happy… like Bruno couldn’t. She was the center of attention and had no idea. Everyone watched her, everyone admired her. He wouldn’t go as far as to say he admired her more than anybody else here, but he definitely did just as much.
She was a beautiful butterfly. A miracle. A gift. She was the Pandora’s Jar he couldn’t open because he was Pandora. It was nothing but tragedy.
But he was her uncle.
And he knew he was her uncle, he didn’t have amnesia.
It’s really a very forbidden kind of… of love. He did love her, he knew it. And if he knew it, and he couldn’t stand looking at her with another man, then he wouldn’t be able to live with her marrying someone. He never would.
Closing his eyes, he slipped deeper into the shadows. “I need help,” he whispered. “Take me away, Casita.”
The house didn’t respond.
With a disappointed sigh, Bruno moved even further into the shadows, making his way to his room. He would sleep this off. He would move out if he had to. Isolation was never a huge problem — being away from his familia might be, though. That was something he just couldn’t stand. So, as he walked, he tried to clear his mind and forget about Mirabel.
“This is straight out of a telenovela,” he grumbled. He ran his fingers through his hair, scolding himself as he sped through corridors. “Always with the dramatics! Didn’t I tell you not to do something stupid?! You always do this! How are you going to explain this to your sisters?” Bruno turned down the hall and went up the stairs toward his tower. He stomped up on them and pushed his door open. Careful not to slam it because of Dolores, he collapsed on the nearest floor and screamed in frustration.
“¿Por qué yo?” he cried. “Yo necesito una esposa, ¿Comprendes?” Bruno slammed his fists down on the floor, not sure who he was speaking to. The stars? The universe? The house? He didn’t know. “I need a wife! Not… Not…” Not Mirabel. He let out a small sob. “Ironic, isn’t it? How I fall for someone like her the first time I can meet anyone else?” He pinched the floor again. “Ay, what did I do to deserve this? I’m just Bruno…” He sat up, wiping his face. “What do I do?”
“You aren’t just Bruno,” the first and last voice he wanted to hear answered. The sound of his door shutting let him know they were alone. He didn’t turn, but he finally relaxed. “I knew everything wasn’t okay.”
“You have no idea how bad it is, Mirabel,” he muttered. “You have no idea how much everything is not okay.” He turned, looking at her with burning eyes. He cleared his throat and faked a smile. “Did you, ah, did you meet the one out there?”
Mirabel frowned her signature worried frown. She sat down next to him, taking her arm into both of hers. He held her closer, knowing the end was coming. He couldn’t avoid this. “I know you’re trying to save me from something, again,” she murmured. “I can feel that something is wrong with you. You are my best friend — I worry about you before myself.”
“What if I wasn’t?” he asked. He ducked his head shamefully. He removed himself from her, putting several feet between them. “I’m not a good man, mi vida.” He facepalmed and tried to keep the tears away. He pinched his nose.
“Your what?” Mirabel asked, all the life leaving her voice. She sounded so shocked. He looked at her with confusion, all the guilt dissipating for an instant. She seemed like she had watched a man eat a boot. Or heard his true feelings. Why was she so shocked? All he had said was —
Oh, no.
Bruno’s heart stopped.
“Mi vida,” he answered with just as much fear. “I… um… I meant…” He curled his fingers in his own poncho, twisting it in his hands as he found himself staring into his own fear. Mirabel hadn’t breathed. She hadn’t blinked. She just stood, stiff and unreadable. “I didn’t mean anything other than that. I’m sorry,” he whispered, hanging his head. He felt dirty. “I guess you can’t avoid my visions after all.”
“I’m your vida?” she finally managed to say, moving towards him. “Tío Félix calls Pepa that. My dad calls my mom that. Mariano calls Dolores that…” She tilted her head, grabbing his hands again. Bruno nodded in agreement, starting to shake. His lip trembled. “Why did you call me that?”
She laced their fingers.
Tried to.
“Mira.” He tugged away. Her face fell. He felt bad, but he would feel worse if she knew the truth. “Don’t.”
“Bruno, please, I deserve to know why you said that after shouting for a wife and being weird and —,” she rushed, moving closer to him. He put his hands up to distance them and cut her off.
“If Dolores hears, the whole family knows, and if the whole family knows, I’m gone,” he said just as fast. They were spinning now. She kept trying to grasp him, he kept moving away; one could stop and the other would ruin this by going too far or too close. “And above all, you can’t know! You’re the only person who should know, which is crazy! Isn’t that crazy?” He let out a bark of laughter.
“Why would you be gone? Did you kill someone?” she pressed, catching his face. “Are you stealing?”
“I’m in love, Mirabel!” he lamented, a crazed, sick smile gracing his face. She stopped, again, her chest filling with air sharply. Her eyes turned glassy. He didn’t know why, maybe because he would have told her first and just kept it from her. “With a girl far too young for me!” He held her shoulders. “She doesn’t love me. She doesn’t see me. She has no idea I love her, that I can’t be with her.”
She searched the ground, shaking her head. Her hands moved to his neck and shoulders and rested there. If the moment wasn’t so sad, he might have giggled and swept her to somewhere soft. Not this. Not now. “Then why…?”
“Just let it go, mi vida.” He smiled sadly. “Let it go.” His hands fell to her waist. He kissed her forehead. “I won’t leave you.”
Mirabel clung to Bruno. She buried her face in his neck. “Who is she?”
He didn’t answer, rubbing her back. He tucked his head over hers. Mirabel took a shuddering breath. Then he felt kisses along his skin, along his jaw, behind his ear. He tilted his head at first, sighing and holding her tightly. “What are you doing?” he asked without thinking. His voice didn’t hold a single ounce of rejection.
“Trying to be better than that other woman,” she told him, moving to the side of his face. It sent a thrill up his spine. “I can’t lose you.”
“Mira, you can’t,” he said shakily, pulling back to see her face. His face felt hot. His pants felt tight. “We can’t.”
“Is she your vida?” Mirabel questioned, crossing her arms. “Is she someone who has been by your side for three years, now?”
“Yes,” he found himself saying. He cupped her face. She leaned into the touch. “Yes, but she can’t be with me.” By the way she tightened her grip, he knew she finally understood. If he didn’t feel so connected to her in this moment, he could have left it right there. Except… He was Bruno. He was Bruno, and he did everything wrong, so he didn’t. “Mirabel, just let it be, forget I said anything. Find a young man and marry him, even if it kills me.”
“What if I don’t want that?” she asked, voice velvety soft. His chest buzzed. His fingers had suddenly found their way into her hair. Their noses brushed. He had to stop this. He had to… He had to…
“You know want and need aren’t the same thing,” he murmured, ghosting his lips over hers. She shuddered in his arms. “What if someone knew?”
“Why can’t the world know how deeply I love you?” Mirabel wrapped her arms around his neck. “You can’t say that you don’t want this when we’re —”
Bruno groaned, pulling her even closer. He didn’t know it was possible. “I can’t say that I want the consequences when it means I’ll lose you.” He kissed her mouth. It was chaste, but it quickly became a million, tiny kisses. They couldn’t stop. It was wrong, it was lustful, but it was something that brought them both life.
Stumbling into a wall, Bruno kissed Mirabel harder and harder. “I love you, I can’t lie,” he groaned. “But we can’t do this right now.”
“It’s mi cumpleaños, Bruno,” she whined. She threw her head back in protest. He held her hands and pressed the backs of them up to the wall. She looked so perfect right there. “I’m finally of age.”
“And I’ve finally cracked.” He laughed some. “We can’t just live in secret.” Realizing that as he said it, his smile fell. “We’ll be punished and kept away from each other. I’ll be forced to leave.”
Mirabel puffed her cheeks, on knowing he was right. “Was that part of your vision?”
It hadn’t. But he didn’t dare check. “I don’t want to be right,” he said instead. “I guess we’re just a tragedy.”
“A forbidden romance.” She laughed without humor. He pet her hair.
“I love you, Mirabel.”
“We can run away if things are too much.” She held his wrist. “I would follow you anywhere.”
“My miracle,” he whispered. She kissed him again. “For true love, I’d let you let me guide.”
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onebigowlhouseobsession · a month ago
This is an Encanto Triplets One-shot that I've started but haven't finished yet! Excerpt is under the cut, if you guys are interested in seeing it.
Summary: The Madrigal Triplets catch up after nearly a decade spent apart.
He left for Mirabel. He did not leave for himself. He couldn't bring himself to leave for himself, to leave because he was hurting, because he was alone. 
Even when he did leave, he did not venture far. He tried leaving Casita, but couldn't get past the door before he was ducking back inside, drawn to the familiar warmth of the home he'd known all his life. He couldn't stay, but he couldn't leave, either.
It's a phenomenon that states that even once two particles have become separated, there is still a connection between them. Actions performed on one particle affects the other, regardless of how far the distance between them becomes, because that connection never breaks. Entangled particles are separate entities, but only so far as their linkage allows them.
The Madrigal Triplets have always been entangled all in each other. 
They've always needed one another.
Even now, Pepa hugs him like she might never see him again, squeezes too tight and too long, chin against his shoulder, arms locked around his middle as she half heaves him in the air, desperate and clinging as if a decade had been five. Julieta had always been the triplet who gave the most comforting hugs, gentle hugs, swaddling in the same sense as her cooking. She came with the goal to reassure.
Pepa's hugs were like assaults, as raw and fierce as her emotions- and certain to be twice as long after a rainstorm's past.
"You're crushing me," Bruno says, managing to eek it out through sore ribs.
And Pepa laughs, and draws back and then grins down at him, and it's slanted and maybe still a little pained. Bruno wonders if that pain will ever go away, ever completely diminish, or if it's like the tears in his ruana, never to be sewed back up again, like a bank of gray clouds forever drifting just on the horizon.
He also wonders if and when his ribs will stop aching.
"Careful with him, Pepa," Julieta calls with a click of her tongue. "He's still so fragile. At least wait until I get a good meal in him before you start trying to crack him in half."
"Are you saying I can't hug my little brother?"
Bruno rights himself, adjusting the tousled folds of his ruana with ticking fingers and a stilted huff. "Tackle. She really means, can't I tackle my little brother."
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