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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#i needed to do this for myself

i just think that if you make plans with someone and bail on them last week then you should actually make an effort to do that thing this week especially when the day before you promised that you would watch a film with your friend while OUT AT A BAR and now suddenly you’re too stressed yet again to take 2 hours out

like we do the same degree hun….i know what you’re going through im in the same position but you just keep complaining to me and trying to use me as some emotional crutch without asking me how im doing with my dissertation proposal i see how it is

guess im just going to have to sit there and watch this film by myself then i guess

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any other content creators feel a bit under pressure as if they have to hold up to the competition even when there really is not one as we all are here just to have fun but you cant help but compare yourself to others and feel like you are not enough of a fan when you don’t produce as much content as they do and feel partially bad when a lot of people love the same things like you do because it means you have to try even harder when producing content and it stops being fun but something you have to do to feel valid even though you rationally know this isn’t a competition but still feel as if it is or is it just me

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Posts are going to be slow

Just realized I have a lot of work over the weekend

I’m very sorry about that!!!!!

But riddle post will be out today and as a warning beforehand (I will put more as I post)

Warning: The Riddle Piece is very emotional and will contain Blood and decapitation!

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@bunnithechubs, @lunanelfeah, @cherishsims, @cas-sims, @whimsy-pix, @silverspringsimmer, @dynastiasimss, @whyhellosims, @kymmaisims

I have been avoiding my inbox like a terrible person because I haven’t had the social spoons to answer these 🙈 sorry guys 😔 I’m only gonna give 3 facts total, cos I don’t think anyone wants mass info about me 😅

  1. I’m trying to make enough space on my SSD for when Cyberpunk2077 comes out, and I’m at this very moment planning my PC upgrade. 
    I practically need to build an entirely new rig, with new motherboard, CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, case… practically the only thing moving over from my current rig will be my storage drives 😅
  2. I’ve been desperately trying to catch up on Unnus Annus videos on youtube for the past few of weeks, another reason I’ve been a little more absent than normal. It’s is a channel run by Markiplier and Crankgameplays and it’s literally just them posting a video every day for a year, of them being absolute fucking idiots. They’ll be deleting all the videos after a year is up… which is November 15th. I don’t think I’m going to catch up on time 😭
  3. Once the whole pandemic calms the fuck down, and once I have my heart issue fully under control, I’m probably going to look into getting a formal diagnosis for Inattentative ADHD…
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You know, you can give people advice for decreasing their misery and increasing their happiness without also telling them their brain is broken and their perception of the world is fundamentally wrong. And I’m going to go so far as to say that you can and you should, because that shit is rude and condescending. And if you don’t care about being rude and condescending, consider that it’s probably not all that helpful either. I know for a fact I’ll listen to someone’s advice a lot more if they respect my mind while giving it and I doubt I’m the only person with that reaction.

And no, going “I know a broken brain when I see one ‘cause I’ve got one too” doesn’t make it any more okay. It’s your prerogative to be mean to yourself and hey, if that’s what actually helps you, maybe it’s even the right choice for you. Still doesn’t mean you get to be mean to other people!

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