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Madrigal Family Resemblance: Pedro & Bruno
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no but why do i always jump to the worst conclusion whenever something doesnt happen
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#my mom is being such a fucking brat #i hung out wuth her last saturday and saw her for lunch with dad on thursday snd some in the morning friday #and i told her i Might come over yesterday but wasnt sure because nicks brother was going to be over and i wanted to see him #and i kept telling her maybe but probably not #and then ended up jot soecifically telling her yesterday i wasnt coming over #which was My Bad but shoudlnt have been something that was a surprise #so i told her id come over today and maybe eat dinner or something if they had any planned #and i called this morning and not only did she kinda brushed me off a bit during that phone convo #she texted me a bit later telling me to have a good day and maybe hang out with nicks family some more #and that at least shed see me when we fly to CT on the 19th #what a fucking asshole that is so fucking dumb as hell #im assuming part of the family comment was also because nicks other brother came over this week to stay for a bit while the rest of his fam #was doing things and also we had lunch with his mom the day before i had lunchdinner with my parents #but besides then i hsrdly ever see his family and besides his mom i really care about them #and i really Really never get to see his younger older brother because he keeps getting into trouble and him coming over is seen as #a 'reward' so unless i go up there for whatever reason hes never over and he wasnt even over yesterday to hang out anyways #i didnt learn til he got there that he was over because the rest if the house besides their mom and youngest brother were out of town #and their mom didnt want to deal with him by herself so it was arranged for himbto come over #nick walked in with him and told me to pick out a book for him to read and that he wasnt allowed to have fun #so he sat at the dining table almost the whole time andbread then nick made him soup and them plus Kenz went for a walk #and then he read some more on the couch where he at some point after me slept there with nick sleeping in the chair to make sure he didnt #get into anything #andbso yeah i vould have bailed when i realized we werent doing anythi g hut mom doesnt know that and also i didnt really want to #i was tired andbin general wanted to just he around just in case #ughhhh #tag rambles #dont mind me
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10 Grimcookies Hairs in Into the Woods Defaults V3
The hairs are yfhair_01 - yfhair10.
You will need the meshes.
Tagged for genetics.
Custom Thumbnails (looks like the above).
For them to work properly you will need to follow along with ddeathflowers’ tutorial.
mesh: grimcookies
palette: me
psd: me
@maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters @grimcookies
kofi (optional)
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I know people mean well, and maybe don’t fully understand what they’re doing, but god I wish people wouldn’t ask for (or demand) more of a fic. Comments like “where’s the rest” just makes me feel like what I gave you isn’t good enough, when there’s probably a very good reason that I finished the fic there. I’m already writing all this stuff for free when I’m also a full-time uni student, part-time worker and part-time volunteer (not even writing, I teach for 10 hours a week). I’m already giving you my time and my words for free, and making time to fit in writing around all my other obligations. Please just be happy with what you have and find some other way to express that you liked it into of just “please write more” or “where’s the rest”.
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//Distressed Gavin face//
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venting // suicidal ideation
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Astro Observations 🧲
Pisces sun/moons daydream a LOT, - theyre the people to save tiktok sounds because it fits a situation theyre currently daydreaming about
Sagittarius women can turn into toxic beetches REAL fast. Once they set their mind to something theyre going all in. Trust me when i say, ALL - IN! No regrets, no remorse
Idk if its just me who noticed it, but Cancer suns have troubles with being asked "what zodiac sign are you?" i ALWAYS feel like theyre fed up with the crybaby stereotype, they dont wanna come off like that
Libra men are more "full of themselves" than leo men, no one can tell me otherwise. Libra is the "creep trying to be charming" type, while leo is the "im the best and yall can suck my b@lls" type. First one is more uncomfortable imo
Individuals with a lot of 8th house influence probably dont make a lot of friends "on first sight" - its very rare for them to have an "instant click" connection since they value depth in a relationship and true passion, what takes time
The sign your venus is in can indicate how you will care for someone when things get bad/how you comfort your friends
Idk how to put it, but libra sun women will ask you for advice and do the exact opposite of it. They also lie to themselves big time (" i dont care" / "im not worried" / "im not jealous")
Having a taurus moon is such a great placement to be honest. Theyre grounded, mature, serious yet bubbly, kindhearted, loving - but also: Jealous/possessive/controlling to an extent. WILD, i love it
Aries moons tend to be know-it-alls in such an uncomfortable way. U literally feel them lying to u in arguments to back up their statements. Like "ive read that..." / "a friend of mine experienced.." / "ifs scientifically proven that.." - UHM no its not☠️
A stereotype i fully support: Scorpios and their eyes! U can spot them so easily by just looking at them. Resting bitch face / deep set eyes/sanpaku(?) eyes, hooded eyes/bigger lidspace
lets pray a minute for the peeps having a pisces/scorpio dad or a gemini/libra mom
Gemini moons and aries moons have something in common: They cannot stand being proved wrong. But where aries begins to lie to back themselves up, gemini just gets mad and tries to catch u slipping, saying something wrong so they can bash you about it and turn the tables. Often times u probably weren't even wrong, u just got gaslit and manipulated
Ive noticed that Capricorn suns like routines. Like the unknown makes them feel uncomfy, they wish they could keep everything in their hands and control
If your partner has a taurus/cancer/libra venus, u know ure gonna be loved loved!!
Water/air mars can be extremely manipulative. They probably had a close relative/fam member with manipulative/narcissistic tendencies where they could learn from. Behaviour like this grew into a survival strategy for them
Sagittarius venus is an underrated placement i said what i said. IF they are into you, they will treat u mad right
The worst mercury placements u could possibly have in my opinion: Leo/aries/scorpio/aquarius- All of em have their way with lying themselves out of things/avoiding communication even tho its highly needed/"walking away" from problems - immature behaviour in serious moments
im so mad at yall for making taurus the most forgotten sign. THEY ROCK OKAY?
I cant explain it but the ones who get it, get it. 3 = gemini / 2 = sagittarius / 6 = aries / 5 = capricorn / 1 = taurus - If numbers had a zodiac sign
What is there about leo+libra? Ive heard many think thats a great combo. to me, tho, it smells like downfall
Virgo placements struggle with making plans. Either they come too late or dont show up at all (yes, even if they themselves MADE the plans)
Ive experienced A LOT of 12th house/pisces placements to be extremely intuitive, but they somehow never believe their inner voice and dont trust themselves? Bitch, u a whole witch
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Adrenalize Me (+18)
Summary: This was supposed to be a cock warming drabble but things escalated a bit. Oh, well.
Tags: BDSM, Dom/Sub, Electric play, Nipple play, Degradation, Dirty Talk, Choking, Honorifics, Pet names, Use of ‘pet’, Biting, Marking, Cock warming, PWP (Porn without plot), Smut.
Pairings: Karl Heisenberg x Reader
Word count: 1.5k
Warnings: reader has boobs and a pussy but there’s no use of pronouns and gender.
A/N: As promised, I am back with the Karl smut. This man has been living on my brain 24/7 rent free, and I'm not sorry. Fics will keep coming for as long as my discord fam and myself are horny for bastard magneto ;u;
I’m still overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got on my last work KJDKSKDKKS it’s insane. I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much. 
Title is after Adrenalize Me by In This Moment, and there’s no RE 8 spoilers.
Click below the cut or read it on AO3
. . .
Karl’s patience with you is wearing thinner with each passing second.
He couldn’t decide if he hated or enjoyed the way you decided to relentlessly tease him. Picking the thinnest clothing you could find, making it so the shape of your breasts and your nipples were plain to see; running away from him and entering little passages he couldn’t quite fit his broad frame through whenever would try to get his hands on you; talking back at every opportunity, touching him when he told you to keep your paws to yourself, ignoring his rules and orders, having the time of your life getting a rise out of him.
He likes playing with you, more than he admits out loud - if he didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten far with such bad behaviour. 
But he is done with your games. 
He is hunched over scattered papers on his desk, a pencil in one hand and a cigarette dangling from his lips, sketching new designs and ideas that had been swimming on his mind for machines, his hat and glasses placed on the top left corner. To an outsider, he looks busy, absorbed in a world of his own work, unwilling to pay mind to anything else, and partially, that is true — he truly is busy, and that’s another reason why your shenanigans had driven him mad—; but that isn’t to say his ears aren’t sharp, listening to footsteps drawing closer to the room, almost inaudible under the humming of machinery and electricity. 
He knows you are coming over before you even reach the door, your heeled boots echoing against the tiled floors, the metal door creaking loudly as you push it open with some trouble. Karl waits, impatience radiating through his fingertips, sending little bolts of electricity flowing through his skin and onto the pen, a leg bouncing up and down. 
Slowly, fingers pick at each glove, throwing it on the desk with a small sound.
He doesn’t allow you to finish your sentence, pushing the chair backwards in a hissing sound that cuts off his name from your lips, crossing the distance between him and you in long, determined strides. With each step he takes, you take a step back until your back is met with the cool surface of a cabinet, eyes widening with the realisation that there’s no escape this time. The wolfish grin that had been a mere shadow on his lips grows.
He lifts two large hands and brings them to rest next to your head, towering over your figure, trapping you between his frame and the cabinet. There’s a mad glow in his hazel irises.
‘Hm? Where’s all that attitude, pet? Lycan got your tongue?’.
Your lack of verbal response is expected by him, and he is ready for it. He knows how to push all of your buttons.
A hand moves from the wall beside your head, sliding across the soft skin of your cheek, guiding his thumb across your bottom lip and tugging on it. He relishes in the soft gasp that escaped your lips, in how you try to disappear into the closed doors of the cabinet to flee — a rabbit caught under the wolf’s paw.
His hand slides lower, brushing against your throat, making your pupils instantly dilate, and he chuckles darkly. Continuing his trek down your body, Karl slides his palm beneath your thin shirt, gripping your breast and running a finger across an already hardened bud, which he tweaks between thick fingers, intentionally sending jolts of electricity across his fingertips. 
A surprised gasp, a filthy moan leaving your lips — it is all music to his ears.
The sight of you flushed and helpless under his touch sends blood straight to his cock, making it uncomfortably hard.
‘You’ve been a real piece of work today. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you’, he repeats his motions, drawing another moan from you, and you laugh. You fucking laugh.
His grin falters, and the other hand that was still resting on the other side of your head comes to wrap around your throat, giving it a squeeze, but your smile doesn’t falter.
‘You think this is funny?’, Karl growls. ‘You think teasing me the whole fucking day is funny?’
‘I do. I think it’s hilarious that you can’t keep up with me. Is all that age finally getting to y-’ 
The tightening of the grip around your throat combined with another electric tweak of his fingers around your nipple cuts you off mid-sentence with a strangled moan. 
‘I can’t keep up, huh? I could fuck that pretty little mouth of yours right now, get you to shut up and put it to good use, make you choke on my cock,’ he smirks, feeling your pulse skip a beat under his hand. ‘Could tie you up on that wall, arms suspended above your head, legs spread open, leave you high and dry till’ I get bored of watching and fuck you ‘till you forget your own name.’
Karl’s rough play on your nipples never stops, and neither do your struggling whimpers. The more he talks, the more you react under his touch.
‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you, my pet?’.
His hold around your throat releases, enough for you to nod and sigh a breathy yes.
It makes another chuckle spill from his lips.
‘Well, that’s a shame. I have other plans for you.’
A mix of curiosity and hesitation shimmer across your irises as he releases your throat. Your eyes never leave his as he steps back, twirls his chair around with a flick of his finger and sits down, strategically spreading his legs. He grins when your eyes hungrily drifted down to the very prominent bulge in his pants.
‘Strip’, commands Karl. ‘And don’t stall’.
Much to his surprise, you comply, toeing off your boots and swiftly removing the remainder of your clothes. He hums appreciatively, his cock uncomfortably hard as he takes in your naked figure. Your neck and chest loitered with bite marks and hickeys that were still fresh from the previous days, the supple curve of your breasts, your hardened nipples, the marks that coated your soft thighs, and the sight of your glistening pussy — it drives him mad.
But he has good self-control.
‘C’mere, pet.’
You practically dart towards him, eager and needy, not even attempting to hide just how much you want him, and the mocking chuckles that escape his lips reverberate against his chest. With one hand, he pulls you closer by the back of your neck, prying your lips over with his tongue and kissing you deeply, while his other hand pops open the buttons on his trousers and pulls out his leaking cock. Closing a fist around it, he strokes it once, drawing a groan from his throat that has you trying to pull away from the kiss — and he lets you.
Your tongue swipes over your lips as you take in the sight of him, of his hand pumping his member, thumb smearing precum skillfully over the swollen tip, and your pupils dilate with lust.
He busies his lips with the skin of your neck, sucking, biting, kissing, and you moan and sigh and whine.
‘How badly do you want it?’
He draws a particularly loud whine from you at his words, seeing you clench your thighs together for friction from his peripheral vision.
‘More than anything, sir, I’ll do anything but please-’
‘Hmm. Needy slut.’
He chuckles wolfishly against your skin.
‘Take a seat, sweetheart. You’re gonna keep it nice and warm for me, and you’ll be good.’ Karl bites your earlobe.
It isn’t a request. 
But you’re so eager for anything he may give you that you let him guide your knees to rest against the side of his thighs by the back of your legs, and your dripping wet entrance sinks down onto his cock easily.
Both of you moan at the contact, and he watches you sink down onto his cock until he’s fully sheathed in. You’re panting behind parted lips, cheeks flushed, bottom lip trembling with want.
You feel so fucking tight around him it’s hard for him not to hold you down and fuck the life out of you, but he takes pleasure in seeing you squirm, in hearing you beg and beg for it the more he edges you.
‘Sir, please-’
‘Oh? Now it’s Sir?’, he laughs, holding your waist with an iron-grip. A thrust of his hips has your eyes rolling to the back of your head. ‘Shut your hole before I change my mind and tie you up on that wall.’
You whine loudly, moving your hips slightly, shooting pleasure straight through his body, and he growls. One of the hands that rests at your hip moves to your throat, and in a second he has you pinned against the desk, fingers squeezing your throat, cock burying itself even further inside of you.
Teeth clench and fury shimmering in his green irises, he snaps his hips once, making you moan and arch against his touch.
‘Move one more fucking time and I’ll make good of a promise and use you as my little fuck toy and you won’t cum for a week.’
You smile.
It’s going to be a long fucking night.
. . .
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iplayb0ys · 5 months ago
Dream Girl | VH
request: “I was thinking if you could do sum sort of post either with a stream or smth involving hera and family cuddles and if you dont like any of those ideas how abt meeting his fam??? not sure ill think of other shit thats quality content and ill tell you.” thanks to whoever made this suggestion, i decided to do this with a date since it came out so short.
Y/n rested her head against the steering wheel of her car not wanting to move at all. She had the worst day known to man and wanted nothing more than to be in her bed, but first she would have to get out of the car.
She entered the house saying hi to everyone not wanting to be rude and went up to Vinnie’s room instead of her own. He was streaming so she laid down on his bed with Hera, patiently waiting for it to be over.
She watched him as he streamed admiring him the whole time. They had fooled everyone including themselves that they weren’t anything but friends when in reality, she wasn’t ready for a relationship not wanting to project her past issues on someone else and him not knowing how to express his feelings.
Vinnie soon ended the stream, joining Y/n in his bed. He laid his head on her chest and threw his arm over her waist. She scooted closer to him putting wrapping her arms around him, one hand resting on his head.
“Tired?” She asked as she ran her fingers through his hair.
He shook his head no, just wanting to be in her embrace. They laid like that for a while with Hera in the middle.
He could stay like that forever and so could she. Just them and Hera.
“Y/n?” Vinnie said nervously.
“Let me take you out on a date. A real one, no interruptions, just us.”
He had been planning on asking for months not knowing what your reaction would be, he got too scared to ask.
“Okay.” She smiled.
“Okay?” He questioned looking up at her to make sure she wasn’t joking.
“Okay.” He said smiling back at her, putting his head back on her chest. She internally screamed not believing that this was actually happening.
They continued to enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the night with their legs intertwined, talking about their days, enjoying cuddles with the cat, neither of them wanting to move.
The next day, Y/n fidgeted with her hands as she sat in the passenger seat of Vinnie’s car. She was nervous and so was he. Neither of them knowing what to say or do.
“You look really pretty.” Vinnie said placing his hand on her thigh trying to reassure her.
“Thanks V.” She said lowly, butterflies swarming in her stomach as he put his hand back on her thigh. She could feel how cold his hands were through her jeans letting her know that this, in fact, was real.
“The skate park? Vinnie I can’t skate.” She laughed as he opened the door for her.
“That’s why I’m teaching you love.” He took by her hand, interlocking their fingers, and led her inside.
They spent the next couple hours teaching Y/n how to skate along with Vinnie showing her tricks of his own. Before they knew it it was dark out.
“What do you want to eat?” He asked when they got back to the car.
“How about we get fast food, head back to the house, and watch the new season of The Seven Deadly Sins?” She suggested.
Vinnie looked at her with total admiration in his eyes. He had found his dream girl. One that actually enjoyed everything he did. One that listened to his problems. One that held him at night.
“That sounds great.” He smiled pulling out of the parking lot.
They ended up getting burgers and fries, taking them back to the house, and watched anime going on and on about the best ones and the worst that they’ve ever watched.
Vinnie looked down at the sleeping girl on his chest. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. He thought before drifting off to sleep himself.
Y/n woke up first in the same position she fell asleep in. Vinnie began to stir waking up soon after.
“Hi.” She whispered looking up at him. The feeling of butterflies returned as he looked down at her and smiled.
“Hey,” he replied. “We feel asleep.” He said as he ran a hand over his face
“That we did.” Y/n said petting the sleeping cat that laid next to them. “I had so much fun yesterday.”
“How about we do it all again today?”
sorry if this is sucky, i tried my best lmfaoo. i just really wanted to put this out for everybody. next ones have smut lol.
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helliontherapscallion · 9 months ago
I'm sorry for adding on to your pile of requests but I just wanted some family fluff with sbi where all of the siblings are having fun on a road trip or vacation
I don't know if that's specific enough for you if you want a little more detail maybe they're just being really dumb and making stupid videos with each other because that's something my sister and I do a lot
(A/N): I hope you don’t mind that I added Kristin and Tubbo (BASED ON THE CHARACTERS, NOT ACTUAL PEOPLE). Real life AU btw (no covid tho)
Okokok so this is deadass something Philza and Kristin is both dreading and looking forward to
1. They love spending time with their family especially now since yall are getting older and don’t spend as much time together anymore/getting ready to fly the coop
2. Have you met the SBI fam? Chaos incarnated.
After packing, yall set out on your trip to the hotel yall rented for a week or so (about an eight hour drive away from the house)
You and your twin Tommy 100% smuggle Tubbo underneath all of the luggage and a blanket
You’ll just ask them for forgiveness when you’re about halfway through
It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission 
Wilbur and Technoblade catching you hiding the stowaway and blackmailing you both into doing their chores for a few week 
Seating: Phil and Kristin in the front, Tech and Wil in the middle, You and Tommy in the back, and Tubbo in the trunk (it’s a mom van)
Before getting too far into the trip, a gas station is raided for snacks and drinks
Philza raising a brow at the amount of food you and Tommy get 
Philza’s eyes were torn off from the refrigerator in front of him by his wife lightly nudging him. Looking at her in question, she raised her eyebrows and pointed at their youngest kids. It looked like they were just looking at the Monster drinks, so why- oh god the last thing he needed was two already hyper teenagers hopped up on Monster trapped in a car for eight hours. Before he could go over there to stop them, Kristin grabbed his arm. 
“They’re up to something. Listen to what they’re saying.”
He strained his ears to hear what you both are whispering to each other. “...e like this flavor?”
Tommy shrugged, “I dunno. I’ll text him.”
As Tommy texted someone, Phil looked back at his wife. She wore a similar wary expression as they both stared at each other. He nodded in confirmation, “definitely. How do you reckon we confront them?”
He watched as his wife thought for a moment before she sighed and looked at him with a hint of excitement in her eyes, “let’s wait to see. It might be a pleasant surprise.” 
“What? Are you mad?” He eyed his youngest gremlins once more. It seemed that they finally decided on a flavor and are now moving on to the snack portion. He looked back at his wife and felt his heart skip a beat at the small grin on her face. “...fine. Let’s just see what they’re doing after they do it.” Oh, the things he does for love.
He kept a very close eye on you two after that 
You both are on your phones for longer than usual
Texting Tubbo so that he wasn’t lonely 
Tubbo has fun with hiding too, never being bored at all
The only thing that he (and you and Tommy) struggled with was holding in his laughter
You jumped as you felt someone gently slap your shoulder. Turning around, you saw Tubbo’s hand peeking over the backs of the seats. You glanced at your parents in the front seats, they were deep in conversation. Good. You saw Tommy stifle a laugh and pull out his phone to record. 
Tubbo made grabby hands at something but you didn’t know what he wanted, so you decided to mess with him a bit. Smirking, you put your earbuds in his hand. It snaked back underneath the blanket before he threw it back at you and did more intense grabby hands. You put your metal water bottle in his hand. He did the same thing before he threw it back at you. It collided with your forehead with a loud bong sounding throughout the car. Tommy started to laugh loudly and ended the video. You followed suit in the laughter as Tubbo’s hand froze midair and quickly slinked back into his lair.
All noise in the car came to a halt as they all looked behind them (well, Phil glanced through the rearview mirror suspiciously) to see you and Tommy laughing your asses off with you holding your forehead. Through blurred vision, you could see Kristin looking at you with worry and Techno and Wilbur looking confused and mildly annoyed.
“(Y/n) honey are you alright? What happened?” You opened your mouth to respond, but only wheezes came out making you laugh harder. You could hear Tubbo silently cackling to himself in the back, the blanket shaking slightly. Without being able to speak, you only nodded your head and gave her a thumbs up. 
Tommy sent the video into the siblings' group chat and you could see over Wilbur’s shoulder as he watched it before starting to cackle and save the video to his phone. Even Techno got a good chuckle out and saved it to his phone making Phil and Kristin even more suspicious. Well, Kristin was just excited for what you two (four? Was Techno and Wilbur in on it as well?) had planned. Phil could just imagine the chaotic things you had planned. And he did not like what came to his mind.
When the rest stop came eventually (about three hours into the trip), you all left the car to stretch your legs and take care of business
Taking separate ways to walk in pairs (same person they sat next to in the car)
You and Tommy wait until Phil and Kristin leave before getting Tubbo out of the trunk
You three vibe walking along the winding sidewalks for a bit before you come back to the car and get Tubbo back into the trunk
You, however, forgot to use the bathroom so you leave Tommy and Tubbo in the car 
“Fuck, I forgot to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”
“Be quick, I’m not fuckin telling em if we forget you.”
“Pfft, they won’t forget me. Stop joking around.”
With that, you left the car and made a beeline to the bathroom. After that, you went back to the car. Well, where the car was supposed to be. There was no sight of a van anywhere in the parking lot. That asshole, he just let them drive off? He and Tubbo’s probably giggling to themselves in the backseat like school girls. You were only gone for like eight minutes. 
Sighing, you walked over to a nearby bench and sat down, pulling up Techno’s contact and calling him. 
He picked up after a few rings. The second you heard the dial tone stop, you spoke to him, “check the backseat.”
“What? You’re taking a nap, why’re you calling me I’m literally right in front of you.”
“Just fuckin check, Tech.”
In the background, you could hear Tommy snickering to himself. You heard some rustling before Techno started laughing, “Dad, we left (y/n) at the rest stop.”
You could hear loud laughter from your brothers and muffled cursing from Phil. You heard Kristin tell Techno to hand her the phone. 
“We’re so sorry, we’re turning around right now. We’ll be there in about five minutes. Stay in one place and don’t talk to strangers.”
“I dunno Mom, that trucker looks really friendly. Might do some hitch hiking with him.”
You ended up befriending an old lady when she sat next to you on the bench with her husband. She even gave you some butterscotch and those strawberry hard candies that all older people somehow have but you can never find in stores. Her husband was telling you stories about his younger days when you saw the familiar van pull into the parking lot. Waving goodbye, you thanked them and hopped back into the car. 
After profuse apologizing from your family and scolding Tommy for tricking them, you were on the road again. You glared at Tommy with a small smile on your face, “you fuckin prick. Did you seriously make it look like I was sleeping under a blanket?”
“Yeah, I told you that I wouldn’t tell them if we forgot you.”
“You fuckin dick,” you grabbed a few butterscotches and strawberry candies and handed some to Tubbo after ensuring your parents weren’t looking. He took them gratefully and quickly. You heard him whisper a ‘thank you’ and opened them with plastic crinkling. 
“Wha- are those butterscotches? Gimme some.” He was about to snatch them out of your hands before you moved away from him. “No, you left me at the rest stop. You don’t get any. Do you guys want some? I’ve got butterscotches and strawberry candies.”
After you handed them out to your family, Phil looked at you confused in the rearview mirror, “(y/n), where’d you get these?”
“Oh, I just made some friends with an old couple while I was waiting.”
“You what? What if they kidnapped you?”
“Naw they couldn’t’ve. Ethel has hip problems and Charles was in a wheelchair. They were chill anyway.”
“...Just- just don’t do that again.” “Well don’t forget me again at a rest stop three hours away from home and you got yourself a deal.” 
After a while the family was chill again and everything was back to normal
It was getting closer and closer to when Tubbo would make his reveal
You three agreed that Tubbo would just wait for the perfect time 
That time came about three hours later when Phil and Kristin was asking everybody where they should stop for food
“So kids, we have three options: McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Arby’s. What do you want?”
“Wendy’s is obviously the superior choice.” Tommy proclaimed and you nodded in agreement. You leaned back and whispered to Tubbo, “now would be a great time.” You pulled out your phone to discreetly record the front seat. 
“No it isn’t. Arby’s is you heathens.” Wilbur chimed in, glancing at his twin for back up. Techno shrugged, “I’m fine with anything as long as it’s edible.”
“I’m more of a fan of Wendy’s myself!” Tubbo’s muffled voice chimed in from his makeshift hut in the trunk. You snickered as Kristin whipped her head around to look at the back seat and Phil’s eyes snapping up to look at you through the rearview mirror. 
“Hi Mrs. Tommy and (y/n)’s mum!” You flipped the camera around just in time to catch Tubbo poking his head out of the blanket and grin sheepishly at them. You panned over to Tommy’s ruby red face as he was holding in his laughter before flipping it back to the front. 
“You absolute gremlins, this is what you’ve been hiding?” Phil scolded you and Tommy, his knuckles whitening from gripping the steering wheel. You could see his shoulders bouncing slightly with a slight strain in his voice from holding in chuckles. 
“Honey, have you been in the trunk this entire time?” 
“Yeah, but it’s quite comfy back here! Tommy and (y/n) gave me pillows and some snacks. Got some stretching done at the rest stop.”
“You’ve been back there for six hours?” Phil’s incredulous voice asked. 
“Yep! Don’t worry, I had a lot of room. Anyways, my vote goes to Wendy’s.”
The car was quiet before Kristin started to laugh, “Wendy’s it is. See Phil, I told you it was gonna be a pleasant surprise!”
Tubbo sat between you and Tommy in the backseat for the rest of the trip 
Techno and Wilbur saying that they knew Tubbo was back there but left out the blackmail part
There was no way they’d risk losing their little siblings doing their chores for them for a few weeks
At the hotel, the rooming was the same as the seating in the car
You, Tommy, and Tubbo having the time of your lives alone in your hotel room
Jumping on the beds, checking for hidden cameras and double sided mirrors (well, that doesn’t sound fun, but you had fun doing it), truth or dare, racing each other down the halls at night time, the works
B L A N K E T  F O R T S (but always cleaning up the hotel room in the mornings bc yall are respectful to the staff)
Getting plenty of videos of you guys ding dong ditching Techno and Wilbur’s room
Them getting tired of it so they tell Dadza and Momza and they tell you to stop : (
Walking around aimlessly around the hotel hallways with Wilbur and Techno
Going up and down elevators aimlessly 
Pulling an all nighter with Tommy and Tubbo on the last day
Philosophical late night talks when yall hardly know what you’re saying anymore (and becoming closer than ever before)
“Tommy, Tubbo?” You three were currently sitting on the balcony chairs looking out at the empty parking lot and the occasional cars driving by. It was about three in the morning and you guys were determined to stay up all night. “If you think about it, a hotdog is puréed meat in an intestine casing. When we eat the hotdogs, we turn it back into puréed meat. It eventually goes through your intestines which makes you the hotdog for a solid couple of hours.”
“...What the fuck, (y/n).”
“No no, they’ve got a point. Don’t you understand, Tommy? We are hotdogs.”
“...I’m starting to think you guys need sleep. Speakin nonsense.”
“Do you two reckon we’re alone in the universe?”
“What do you mean, Tubbo?” You glanced at the male next to you and raised an eyebrow. He was looking up at the stars with furrowed brows. 
“Like, do you guys think there’s life out there. Looking down at us right now wondering the same thing.” 
You hummed and looked up at the stars. They were twinkling down at you with the occasional shooting star blazing by. Red lights from far off satellites being the only visible sign of humans in the dark expanse of space. “I think so. I mean, nobody knows how big the universe is. You never really know.”
“Honestly I don’t know what’s scarier, being the only lifeforms and being completely alone or having things out there that we don’t know about.” 
You sling an arm over your twin’s shoulders, “that doesn’t matter. As long as we have each other, we’ll never be alone. We’ll face whatever the universe has in store for us together.”
“I don’t know, I just hate it when people only see me as the loud annoying one. It really gets to me sometimes and I don’t know what I should do about it. Fuck, even Wil and Tech see me like that.”
“Toms, fuck them. They don’t know you like we do. You’re caring, ambitious, and brave.” 
“Yeah, don’t listen to what they say. We’ll prove them wrong when we form our own nation one day.”
Tommy’s sullen expression slowly melted into a smile, “yeah, I’d like that. You’d be the president.”
Tubbo grinned back at Tommy, “and you’ll be my trusty vice president and (y/n)’ll be our Secretary of State. We’ll rule together.”
“Our nation would be a place for people to escape tyranny and injustice. Somewhere where men could live free, you two would be amazing leaders.”
“What do we call it though is the question,” Tubbo hummed in thought.
“How about ‘Manberg’?”
You looked at your twin with half lidded, exhausted eyes, “I like it, but it needs more… pizazz. How about L’manberg?”
You watched as he smiled widely at the stars, “it’s perfect.”
Watching the sunrise together on the balcony wrapped in blankets
Sleeping on the rest of the way back home
Best sleep of your life
When you wake up (about an hour or so away from home), you see that there’s blankets over you three and you had your head on Tubbo’s shoulder, Tubbo had his leaned up against the seat behind him, and Tommy’s cheek was squished against the window
You stretch out your limbs a bit trying not to disturb the two beside you
Checking your phone to see pictures of you three sleeping sent into the family group chat with Kristin replying with a bunch of heart emojis
You send the videos and pictures you took along the way of you, Tommy, and Tubbo doing stupid things in the hotel room and in the car
If you looked in the middle row, you could see Wilbur watching the scenery pass by out the window with his earbuds in
Techno is reading one of his books (you have no idea how he doesn’t get car sick)
Phil and Kristin are talking lowly to each other holding hands on the center counsel 
Soft radio music is playing in the background
Life is good
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i-cant-sing · 11 months ago
I wonder what would happen if Y/N had a really bad day and just decided to pick a sibling from the Yan!Todoroki clan like a cat would pick its person and just?? Sit in their lap?? They'd say 'I had a terrible day, no torture today please' before taking their well-deserved nap lookin' all cute and peaceful. Then the sibling would be so proud and confused at the same time but really really happy like 'omg for real? Me? What's happening?? 🥺'. Bonus points if it's Dabi just having the widest grin on his face while staring straight at the rest of the fam seething with jealousy.
I saw your works btw and been inhalin em all cause they're all so good *chef's kiss*
-Vibin' anon
Yandere Dabi comforting sister reader
This is so cute omg. Thank u Vibin anon!
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Yandere Dabi:
Shotou had come to pick you up from school today. Even though he had a busy schedule himself, he still made time for you, just like the rest if your family.
"How was school?" He asked.
"Just fine? Wasn't your result supposed to come today?"
You nodded. "It did. I passed."
Shotoy smiled. "Thats great. Did you get your report card?"
You knew he was going to ask for it. You also knew that he already knew what grades you got.
You nodded and handed him the report card from your bag.
Shotou's face lit up when he saw your grades.
"You're first again. I'm so proud of you." He patted your head.
You smiled. "Thanks."
By the time you guys reached home, you already knew that your entire family was home. They always were when your result came. You knew the principal had already informed Enji of your grades, she always does.
When you entered the house, your family yelled "surprise!" You feigned shock as they hugged you and congratulated you on your achievement.
Rei had prepared a little feast for you, everything was made from scratch. Enji was beaming with joy, he was so proud of his little girl. Rei had made your favourite cake, kissing your cheek as you cut it. Enji had gotten you beautiful diamond necklace. Natsuo, Shotou and Fuyumi had gotten you some gifts as well, stuff you had vaguely mentioned about. Dabi wasn't home, but you didn't mind his absence.
Your family had planned to spend the night on the couch cuddling and doing a movie marathon, but when you asked them to excuse you for the night because you were feeling tired, they became a but worried. You reassured them that you just had a long day at school as well, and now that you were stuffed with Rei's delicious food, sleep was inevitable. They nodded, a bit sad that you wouldn't be joining, but understanding nonetheless.
You went up the stairs to your room, and as soon as you closed the door, the smile you had been displaying all night was wiped off.
You sat on your bed and recalled the events of the day. Tears pricked your eyes, but you kept yourself quiet. They're not worthy crying over, you reminded yourself. Still, you couldn't help but crumple up your report card and throw it in the dustbin.
Silent tears fell from your eyes, no longer being able to hold them in. God, its infuriating.
Suddenly, you heard someone knock on your bedroom door. You looked at the clock. 12 am.
Its Dabi.
You couldn't deal with him tonight. You remained silent, hoping he'd leave you alone.
But of course not.
You quickly turned away from the door as soon as you heard it open. Wiping your tears quickly, you heard Dabi come in.
"You brat. Why didn't you answer when I knocked?" He asked, pushing the door close with his foot.
"Leave me alone, Dabi." You were trying hard to stabilise your voice.
"Huh?! Is that anyway to talk to your favourite brother?" Dabi mocked as he pulled at your ponytail. You yelped before turning around to push him away.
Dabi was about to laugh at you when he suddenly noticed the your face. Your eyes were full of tears, lashes heavy with them. Your face was flush, your nostrils flared, your lips in a pulled in a tight scowl. Had you been crying? Or did he make you cry?
"Hey, I'm sorry-"
"Just leave me alone." You said as you angrily wiped the tears from your face.
Dabi was shocked to see you like this. He had never seen you cry, not even when he took his teasing a little too far. So, to see you react like this, it worried him a bit.
"Have you been crying? What's the matter? Did you fail or something?" His voice actually held some concern.
You shook your head, pulling your ponytail loose. "Its nothing. Just leave."
Dabi could see the pain in your eyes. What happened? He plopped down on your bed next to you. "Come on. Tell me." He poked your shoulder. "You know I won't leave until you tell me."
"Its nothing, really." You sniffled, avoiding his gaze.
"Did Enji say something?" Dabi asked, his voice taking a dangerous tone. "Look at me. Did he do something?" He's going to kill that bastard if he-
"What? No. God, just go."
Dabi let out a huff. He'll have to use another strategy. "Fine. Don't tell me. I'll just tell Shotou you have been crying, and then you can answer to him."
Shotou? God, he would just overthink everything and do something stupid.
You caught his wrist just as he was about to leave. "Do you have to be such a jerk every single day?" You glared daggers at him.
Dabi smirked before pulling his wrist away and plopping on the bed next to you. "Yes. Big brother privileges." He poked your cheek. "Now spill."
You looked at him, hoping he'd just get blasted magically. Idiot.
You inhaled deeply before closing your eyes. "Its stupid, really." Dabi stared at you, signalling for you to continue. "Something... happened at school." You paused. "Just a couple of assholes."
Dabi was attentive now. "Go on."
You looked down at your lap, playing with your fingers. "Some kids in my class... they said mean things about me."
"Bullying?" Dabi quirked an eyebrow.
You shook your head. "I- I don't think so. They just said that I only get the highest grade in class because of my dad. Like Enji bribes the school into giving me good marks." You sniffled. "They undermine me. They say I'm not good enough to be in their school, and that the only reason I got in was because of my surname."
Tears dripped down your face slowly, almost as if they were ashamed to fall.
You wiped them away harshly. "And it doesn't matter what I say. I've tried to befriend them, I've tried to get along with them, but they still ridicule me. Its frustrating. They... they don't understand that my only option is to be the best." You whispered the last part, but Dabi heard you loud and clear.
He sat up and gently gripped your chin, turning your face towards him as he narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean 'its your only option'?"
You rolled your eyes. "You know what I mean. I know that no one in the family cares if I get the highest marks or not but...I still have to live up to the family name. What will people say if the number 1 hero's kid is both quirkless and dumb?" Your lips wobbled.
Oh. Ohhhh.
You don't want to let down the Todoroki name; you don't want to let down Enji.
He already knew it was that shithead's fault.
Dabi sighed before pulling you close to him. Placing an arm around your shoulders while his other hand wiped your tears away.
Wanting to prove your worth, that you're a valuable asset to the family. Dabi never thought he'd see himself in you, or his younger self really.
"You're an idiot." Dabi began, carding his fingers through your hair. "You don't have to be the best. You're not expected to. You know, the family knows, hell even I know how hard you worked to get in that school. I've seen how you'd do all nighters, how many times you've turned down going out so that you could do well in your exams. But you don't have to do that." He tilted your chin up, staring into your glossy eyes. "We don't care what the public thinks of us. We won't care if you fail. We don't care you're quirkless. You're not expected to be anything but a good girl." He squished your cheeks together, making you look like a fish. "You just need to be safe. Do you understand?"
You sniffled as you nodded. "Yes. Thank you."
Dabi smiled. "Why didn't you tell anyone before?" You shrugged in response. "You know what would've happened if I said anything. They're already hesitant to let me go to school, this would just give them another reason to homeschool me. Besides, I didn't let their words get to me before, so it really wasn't a big deal." Before? You were about to continue but then kept your mouth shut. But Dabi saw that. He pulled you away from him, his eyes turning sharp as he raised his eyebrows. "But something else happened today as well?"
You averted his scrutinising gaze, keeping your lips sealed as you shook your head no. "Do not lie to me. Or I'll tell Shotou and Enji and then they can handle-"
Your eyes widened. "Do you ever stop making threats?" Rolling your eyes, you told him what happened. "It wasn't anything serious. One of those jerks... thought it'd be funny to try and kiss me. When he tried to force me, I slapped him. Really hard. My handprint still on his face." You smiled at that. "He said the only reason he wasn't using his quirk on me was because I was Todorokis charity case. Then he said that I should be grateful that he was going to kiss me, especially since no one cares about a quirkless, frigid bitch like me." You let out a humourless laugh, but Dabi could see the pain in your eyes. You gave a small smile. "Dont worry. I already know what they said isn't true."
Thats it.
Dabi was already planning murder. He's going to make those little shits pay for what they did to you. The nerve to not only bully you, but make you cry, and then touch you? Dabi is gonna make sure they get tortured in every way possible before he incinerates them-
Your soft voice pulled him out of his violent thoughts.
"Can you... stay the night?"
He looked at your tear stricken face, your eyes were still laden with tear drops, your nose red from all the sniffling.
How could he say no to you? You looked ugly.
"Its okay. You don't have to-" you were cut off by a pillow hitting your face.
"Move over, brat." He climbed in the bed with you, covering you both with the blanket. "And don't put your cold feet on mine." You smiled cheekily at that.
"Don't hog the blanket- why do you need it anyway?"you yanked the blanket.
Dabi pushed another pillow on your face, laughing as you punched his shoulder. "You're insufferable."you mumbled.
It took a while to get comfortable on your single bed, but it ended up with your head on his chest, while Dabi propped himself against the headboard.
"Thank you." You whispered.
Dabi hummed. "Dont think I don't know why you're doing this."
You smiled softly. He caught on to why you were keeping him home that night; you knew he would do something terrible to those guys. "Promise me you won't hurt them?"
Dabi remained silent. You pulled your head away to look up at him. "Dabi. Promise."
When he didn't reply, tears started forming your eyes. He sighed, before shoving your face back into his chest. "Fine, crybaby. I won't hurt them. Promise." You're such a brat, stopping him from doing his big brother duties.
You went back to snuggling him, not taking long for you to finally go to sleep. Once Dabi made sure you were asleep, he pulled out his phone and texted Toga.
"Need a favour. Up 4 stabbing?"
Tumblr media
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the-insomniac-emporium · 8 months ago
Bound Blood (Cassandra Dimitrescu/Reader, Soulmate AU) Pt. 1
Fandom: Resident Evil: Village Rating: T for blood, language, brief nudity. Later chapters will be M Warnings: Nah fam Summary: Local vampire finds out she can't kill soft human (because they're soulmates, baby), human becomes insufferable bastard, oops they fuck later. Soulmate AU where if one person gets injured, their soulmate feels the same amount of pain and receives a scar in the relevant area.
1: Sharing Is (Not) Caring
It’s not that you had expected to survive this- being locked in the dungeon of Castle Dimitrescu, waiting for the day you’re picked to be someone’s meal. Oh no, you had given up on surviving long ago, it was just that… well, you had hoped that someone with a softer touch would do you in. But here you were, too exhausted to cry, hanging naked in front of none other than Cassandra Dimitrescu. Her eyes were trailing you up and down, examining every inch of your skin, every flaw, every unique trait. It was like she was making a mental map of which parts of you would taste best. Goddamn, you wanted to spit in her face, or scream, or say something, anything that might make her feel even an ounce of what you had felt for weeks.
But you know that she’s already planning to kill you, and to make it painful. Why give her any more reason? Why dare her to find a worse way to end your life? There was no good answer, so you stayed still, just watched her move. Maybe if you looked bored enough she’d make it quick, just stab a knife in you and drink you up like a capri sun. Or, maybe, if you kept a straight face, she would admire your courage. Oh, how you longed for people to think of you kindly now, in your last moments, when dying clean and pretty was no longer an option.
Pulling a blade from some hidden sheathe, Cassandra approaches you with a wicked grin. There’s still blood on her lips from her last victim. Had they not sated her? Or had she been like this for some time? When she inevitably drank from you, how long would your blood remain on her lips? You weren’t sure that you wanted to know. In your mind, you picture her cleaning up as soon as she was done with you. It does not make you feel any better. Neither does the way she traces a finger across your chest, left to right, practicing for the incision to follow. She pauses to lick her lips, making direct eye contact as she does.
What happens next passes by so quickly that you don’t process any of it until the whole ordeal is over. The blade’s tip digs into your chest, just below your collarbone, before dragging along half the width of your torso. It hurts like hell, but you manage to keep your misery to yourself. But your pain is soon replaced with confusion; Cassandra screams, loud enough to echo throughout the basement, doubling over herself. In an instant her knife has clattered to the floor, forgotten. Instinct takes over your brain, the default programing kicking in, and you say something that fills you with instant regret.
“Are you okay?” Your voice is a bit quiet, and raw, worn out from lack of hydration. But it is enough, evidently, for Cassandra to hear. She’s rising back up and glaring at you, one hand clutching her chest. Something in her expression tells you that she thinks you’re mocking her. While that wasn’t technically the case, there was a part of you that found joy in this, watching your captor get a taste of their own medicine. The question left in your mind was why she was in pain. “I’ll take that as a no,” you said, again left with regret at your choices.
Now her hand is swiping at your face, nails cutting you open. Once more she hisses in pain, now clutching her head, shaking a little as she does. When she meets your gaze, you see that she’s more confused than anything. More than that, you see the marks on her face, knowing instantly that they match your own. Oh hell no, you thought, grimacing.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Cassandra growled through clenched teeth. Bouncing back and forth on her heels, she seems tense, unsure of how to process what’s happening. You feel the same way, desperately wanting to pretend that this doesn’t mean you’re her soulmate. Maybe the universe had just messed up, crossing some wires, or decided to pull a prank on the two of you. Either way it was better than the alternative. Eager to think about something else, you start considering your options. The first that comes to mind is ridiculous. Stupid, really. But would it amuse you? Absolutely.
“Not gonna lie, I feel better about the idea of you killing me now. Feel free to make it painful, darlin’, I won’t mind,” you snarked, lips curling up into a smirk. Oh boy was it satisfying to watch Cassandra’s response. One of her hands raises to smack you, only for her to freeze before releasing a torrent of swears. Hurting you meant hurting herself. “What’s the matter? Can’t handle a little aching? Haven’t you ever imagined what it’s like to be on the other side of things? Under the blade yourself, blood soaking your skin, eyes too dry for even a single tear? Poor thing,” you purred, tone as teasing as it could get. Apparently it’s aggravating enough for Cassandra to fight through the pain, as she slams her fist into your stomach, leaving both of you gasping for breath. “This is fun-” you pause to cough out a few drops of blood- “really, really fun. Hey, if you kill me, how bad do you think you’ll feel?”
Before Cassandra can react, either to speak or hurt you worse, the sound of approaching footsteps draws her attention. From where you hang you can’t see much, too many cells and hanging bodies blocking your vision. But your “soulmate” seemed to know who was coming. Her face scrunches up a little, and she adjusts her robes, trying to cover the mark on her chest. Had you not still been coughing, you would have sarcastically asked her how she intended to hide her face.
“What the hell is going on, Cassandra?” An unfamiliar voice asked. The footsteps grew louder, and faster, until the new figure stood in the same cell as you. Not even bothering to spare you a glance, she approaches Cassandra, reaching to examine her face. “Did a prisoner manage to get you? I’ve told you a thousand times-”
“Don’t fucking touch me, sis,” Cassandra snapped, pushing away her sister’s hand. Both of them are visibly tense, and for a moment they stand still, staring each other down. Then the sister (who you assume to be Bela, from things you’ve overheard recently) shifts her focus to you. Something tells you that she has no intentions of being gentle.
“Did you do this, you rotten little thing?” Bela questioned, glaring at you hard enough to send a shiver down your spine. But that doesn’t stop you from trying to have some more fun.
“Oh, of course I did! I rattled my chains real good, scared the shit out of her, made her fall on her own knife a few times. You know, like that one musical?” You must look insane as you speak, grin wide but face dripping with blood. If it unnerves Bela, she hides it well, though you doubt it does. As soon as you’re done poking fun she’s pulling out her sickle. Still grinning, you make eye contact with Cassandra, who realizes what’s happening a second too late. Then the two of you cry out in unison, as the blade carves into your shoulder. Instantly Bela pulls back, stunned, turning to her sister with genuine concern. “I might have lied. Rest assured though, it was for comedic purposes.”
The next thing you know the two sisters are shuffling away from you, Cassandra begrudgingly being dragged along by Bela. Though the younger of the two had been adamant about not receiving help, she now had little choice in the matter, skin searing from your blood bond. Even you are starting to breathe harder than you’d like.
“Was it something I said?” You barked, barely able to manage a fit of giggles between your coughing. Bela shoots you a glare over her shoulder, but quickly returns her attention to her sister. They talk, quickly, soft enough that you can only make out a few words here and there. It’s hard to make meaning from it, especially considering their vastly different tones. Cassandra is pure anger, gestures fast and wide, while Bela is oddly solemn, even regretful. When you finally catch a couple full sentences, things start to make a little more sense, though you wish they didn’t.
“We can kill them painlessly, in their sleep. That way you won’t have to suffer,” Bela whispered. She’s doing her best to comfort her sister, despite the tension in the room, gently patting her on the back. Briefly, you make eye contact with her. In that moment she looks equal parts executor and unwilling jury. But she looks away quickly, even shifting her angle to prevent it from happening again.
“No, fuck that, fuck this, I’m… I’m not killing them. Nobody is,” Cassandra growled, daring to emphasize her point by pushing Bela away. Now it’s her turn to look at you, brows furrowed, eyes betraying something more than just anger. Somehow it’s a million times worse than when she first came in. You strain yourself trying to look away, cursing the chains keeping you in place, resorting to closing your eyes and pretending none of this was real. “I don’t care what you think, Bela. They’re already my ‘meal’, might as well get what enjoyment out of this that I can.”
Again, footsteps echo through the basement. Tension locks your muscles in place, and your eyes are still clamped shut, to the point that you don’t realize your chains are being undone until you’ve hit the ground. Cursing under your breath, you finally open your eyes again. There’s blood on the floor, only some of it yours, and you’re suddenly aching for a bath. More than that, though, you’re praying for something to cover yourself with. Certainly Cassandra didn’t need to see everything, now that you weren’t a piece of meat for her to enjoy? As if reading your mind, the middle Dimitrescu daughter flings open a nearby cabinet, messily searching for something. Eventually she gives a hum of approval, then tosses a blanket in your direction.
“Put it on, dipshit, then follow me,” she snapped, already walking away. For a moment you’re tempted to stay there, sitting still, waiting to see how long it would take for her to notice. But one look from Bela sends the thought back to whatever crevice of your mind it crawled out of. So you’re moving, hastily, awkwardly wrapped in a somewhat itchy blanket. Other prisoners eye you as you pass, some shouting curses or even spitting at you. At first Cassandra takes no notice, or simply doesn’t care, but eventually the noise seems to irritate her. Turning back, she takes her sickle in hand and slams the handle into the bars of a cell. It’s loud, making you flinch, but gets everyone’s attention. “Next one to make a peep gets the blood eagle!”
“Is that, like, a sex thing?” The words leave your mouth before you can stop yourself. Laughter rings out around you from the few prisoners capable of it. Cassandra is seething again, looking about ready to kill you. Then she’s shifting into swarm mode, spreading out wide, insects barreling through half the occupied cells. A few cries escape the prisoners, as the flies take bites out of them, cutting a perfect balance between pain and (a lack of) lethality. They’d be suffering for days to come, every movement making their wounds ache. “Not a sex thing, got it,” you muttered to yourself, just as Cassandra reforms in front of you. This time she grabs the blanket you’re wrapped in, using it to tug you forward, sending you towards the exit.
“Shut up for five minutes and I might let you put on actual clothes,” she growled, keeping one hand on your back to guide you. The offer is the closest thing to kindness you’ve seen from her, and you have half a mind to do what she says. Would you actually manage to keep quiet for that long? Well, you were certainly looking forward to finding out...
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toaverse · 2 months ago
I have a funny scenario, after the movie and the family is planing a big party for mirabelle’s 16th birthday to make up it to her. The only problem is trying to keep mirabelle busy and the family not spoiling everything. Imagine all the shenanigans of keeping mirabelle busy .
Oh boy… O_O
Not wanting her to feel left out and ignored again, the family (including Bruno) decided to keep her distracted with company while they prepare the party.
Dolores took Mirabel out to the town to “do some extra helping” while the rest planned the party in Casita.
(Since I headcanon her as a leap day baby, Mirabel’s birthday will be mostly celebrated on the 28th of February)
When the day finally arrived, Mirabel accidentally slept in, and wakes up in a rush to prevent Alma from yelling at her for being late for breakfast.
But when she enters the living room, the first things she sees are balloons.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIRA!” her entire family greets her, making her jump out of her skin.
Once she realizes it’s a surprise party just for her ‘cause it’s somewhat her birthday, she bursts into tears of joy.
It took Antonio and Bruno some time to reassure her that, yes, this is all for her.
After Mira calms down and wipes her tears away, the whole fam had a great time celebrating her birthday! :D
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jackles-coded · 4 months ago
So you have 3x12 where Eddie meets Ana for the first time. When Eddie apologizes to her later, they have the whole "And maybe there's value in learning you don't like horses" dialogue. After Ana says to him that she understands he was upset because she failed to look out for Christopher even though it's her job. He looks down and nods, nor does he refute it or reassure her. She failed his son and he doesn't deny it.
Tumblr media
And the episode ends with Eddie listening to Buck's advice about Christopher skateboarding.
The next episode, Eddie has shaved and looks clean cut.
Chim talks to Eddie and Hen about Maddie, that Albert has said there's no passion between them. Here, Eddie is finishing getting dressed and he has on his short sleeve uniform shirt, same as Chim. When Buck appears, he's in his long sleeve uniform shirt, same as Hen.
Eddie: "Does it matter what he thinks? Only you know how you feel about Maddie."
Eddie: "Do you love her?"
Chim: "Yeah."
Eddie: "Does she love you?"
Chim: "It's unclear. I mean, I feel like she does but neither of us have said those exact words out loud."
Buck interrupts to let them know that the interim captain wants them to do a line up. Hen mentions that she can't believe Bobby left them with this guy. Once Hen and Buck move ahead, Eddie turns around and stops Chim, speaking to him privately.
Eddie: "Hey, I get taking things slow but tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. So if you love her, tell her."
Then there's the infamous "asking out for a meal" scene later in the same episode and that whole parallel:
Eddie: "You hungry? You wanna grab a bite after we drop him?"
Buck: "Absolutely. I haven't had a proper meal since Bobby left."
When they open the ambulance door, they see Chim and Hen covered in blood from their patient. Buck says he just lost his appetite while Chim hurries to call Maddie, telling Buck "To ask your sister out on a proper date to tell her I love her." He ends up taking Maddie to dinner later on where he tells Maddie he loves her and she tells him why she can't say it back but that she does feel the same.
Then the well collapse happens in 3x15.
Then in 3x16, after the apartment building fire rescue, Buck wants to celebrate.
Buck: "We should hit up that bar on Pico, you know, the one with the loaded fries. The first round's on me."
Eddie: "Wish I could, man. Christopher's hosting his first sleepover tonight. Hey, you're more than welcome to come and celebrate with a bunch of 9-year olds."
Buck: "Ha, the rest of us will toast your absence."
Hen tells Buck she and Karen have a date night planned already, which Bobby also echoes for him and Athena. Chim tells Buck he wanted to spend time with Maddie so Buck lets him go and goes out to celebrate alone.
Later on, after seeing how lonely Red's life is, he talks about it with the 118 who try to explain to Buck that Red seems okay with how his life turned out and sometimes people just so their separate ways. Only Bobby and Eddie attempt to reassure Buck that they are family and what happened to Red and his team won't happen to them.
Then in 3x18 Abby comes back. But the episode ends with Buck spending time with the 118 fam at May's graduation party, mostly taking pics with Maddie, Christopher, and Eddie.
Then in 4x03, Eddie is "terrified" of the "future" aka Hildy. To the point where he disconnects the internet while Buck and Christopher are playing a video game, says they're taking a break from the internet, and tells Buck about how every time he goes online, there's an ad for a coffeemaker. Buck and Christopher later prank him with a new coffeemaker arriving that Eddie is relieved was just a prank but annoyed with Buck in the moment.
In 4x04 and 4x05, Buck's relationship with his parents and their issues as well as the truth about Daniel come to the forefront. Eddie is supportive and there for him as much as he can be.
In 4x06, Eddie is told to move on by Bobby, the 118, the universe, and Buck is the indirect catalyst for it by bringing Ana up in front of the 118 as well as being forefront for all of the emergencies of getting people unstuck, minus two of them (the octopus and the washing machine kid). By the end of the episode, Eddie asks Ana about for breakfast and thus their dating begins.
And of course we have the whole moving on speech Eddie gave in the guise of getting Brian to bring the truck to an emergency scene:
Eddie: "I needed your help. We needed your help. You were there."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Looking at all of this laid out, without going into the second half of season 4, how does anyone not see the Buddie layout? How does anyone think this was leading to Ana for Eddie? Eddie asked Buck out, twice. The first time was when Bobby wasn't around. It came off as a casual 'hey let's grab some good after' way but the wording of the invite is what gives it away besides the dialogue with Chim and Buck and the timing of the scene as well as the parallel between Eddie and Chim this episode. The second time Eddie asked may not have been just the two of them and more family-oriented and even more casual, but the writers purposely chose for each one of the 118 to dip out to spend time with their significant others, two of them confirming a pre-planned date night, and Eddie was the only one to extend an invitation to Buck to spend time, not knowing that the rest had date nights planned. If it was just about Buck and his journey during this episode, then they had no need for Eddie to extend that invitation. He simply could have said stopped at "Christopher is hosting his first sleepover tonight" and let that be that. But they chose to do differently.
Bottom line, Buck's not ready. Eddie is. And even though I think they started leaning into Buddie starting with 3x01, I'm willing to bet the 3x09 apology and 3x12 were the game changers for Eddie. 3x15 was important as well, but Eddie was already undergoing some sort of change before then as evidenced by his changing look in 3x13 when compared to 3x12. Eddie was trying to not only get back on his feet but also to take his own advice. "Does it matter what he thinks? Only you know how you feel about Maddie." "I get taking things slow but tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. So if you love her, tell her." "You hungry? You maybe wanna grab a bite after we drop him?" "Wish I could, man. Christopher's hosting his first sleepover tonight. Hey, you're more than welcome to come and celebrate with a bunch of 9-year olds."
Considering we haven't really seen too much (if any) of Eddie explicitly inviting Buck out anywhere or over to his house where Buck really isn't a guest, these two scenes should absolutely make everyone sit up and take notice.
Eddie has feelings for Buck and they made sure to show it to us time and time again:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In 4x06, he was being pushed to let go of those feelings and the status quo of the Buckley-Diaz family in a way, and move on. And that's why this scene is so important:
"Traitor." It's meant as a comedic line due to the 118 suddenly being curious and pushing Eddie to ask Ana out aka not having any excuse not to move from Buck. But it's more than that and it's cemented by Eddie poking fun at Buck for having a book in his hands (which draws attention to the actual book in Buck's hands for the audience) and Buck asking Eddie what he thinks Ana's love language is. Which not only brings the Ana topic to the forefront and serves its purpose for this scene but also subtly shows that Buck is not returning those feelings (in this moment; he's completely oblivious) and is pushing Ana at him. Which is also why Eddie rolls his eyes when talking to Buck earlier about Ana, and Buck says "You mean Christopher's pretty English teacher." With the push from Bobby, Eddie finally realized he needed to move on. And who better to move onto than someone who would be great for Christopher to have around? That it would be nice and easy with?
But considering what we did see play out in the second half of season 4, Buddie is definitely working their way to where eventually Buck will be made aware of those feelings, one way or another. And just how he will respond.
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c-rose2081 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Thoughts on Leadership: Darius & Brooklynn
I wanted to expand a bit on my previous comment regarding the S4 trailer, as there wasn’t much context to my thought process other then what I noticed on my first viewing. I really quickly want to discuss why I feel Darius and Brooklynn are an excellent (and choice) leadership pair in Camp Cretaceous.
As stated in my previous comment, throughout the series Darius and Brooklynn have swapped leadership positions a few different times. If one isn’t present, the other picks up the slack and vise versa. And though it is Darius who generally drives the ship when it comes to how the Camp Fam runs, Brooklynn is almost always second in command, if not sharing equal responsibility in the position overall. That’s not saying the others don’t carry their weight, they do, but in different ways which relate directly to their overall strengths.
Let me explain.
Leadership in general is defined as such: “a combination of legitimacy, personality and management skills that make others want to follow another’s direction.”
Sounds a lot like Darius doesn’t it? As a character he is bright, charismatic, knowledgeable about the overall situation, and empathetic towards the needs and wants of the other characters. He’s gone through hardship, but also understands how hardship and stress affects others. It makes a lot of sense that he would fall into the position of main decision maker in the series. Unfortunately, his inherent empathy has Darius as a very trusting character, as seen with his near instant friendship with Mitch in Season 2.
However, no leader is perfect nor should ever have complete power, which is why secondary leadership is often present to split the load. Like many democratic governments, power will be broken apart between chosen individuals suited for the role. This secondary spot was filled by Brooklynn early on.
Brooklynn, though overall less empathetic then Darius, has shown plenty of times her management skills and highly intuitive nature (knowing something was up with Mitch and Tiff in S2, keeping the mystery of E-750 in the back of her mind for almost an entire season, ect.) Unlike Darius, who wants to see the best in others, Brooklynn wears the black hat in that she is someone who actively scrutinizes others (sometimes a bit too harshly, at first). Her cynicism balances out Darius’s optimism, and she’s more forceful and able to push decisions which can be overall beneficial to group welfare. Once her trust is earned, we start to see the empathetic side of her, as we saw with Sammy (The Long Run) and Hap (Misguided).
Together, Darius and Brooklynn are a perfect and functional team of leaders able to keep their friends alive.
Now, I want to discuss the other campers for a moment. Many will say that they have just as much ability to lead as Brooklynn and Darius, which is absolutely true, but it may not be the best when it comes to overall group functionality. Here’s why:
Tumblr media
Sammy, as we’ve seen, is a gentle, highly empathetic pacifist. She relies heavily on the presence of family to get her through hardship, and like Darius is quick to trust and see the best in others. Though she is knowledgeable in certain aspects regarding the island, and charmingly endearing to the rest of the group, she’s never actively stepped into a leadership role so far. Sammy is a perfect bridge for characters who may find themselves butting heads, as she has the skills to not only understand and see others opinions, but also diffuse situations with her optimism.
Tumblr media
Yaz is similar to Sammy but in the opposite direction. She is highly dependent on her own skill set (her athleticism) to get her through tough challenges, and is a hard working, but sharp tongued pessimist. Yaz (though she somewhat grows out of it in the later seasons) isn’t a people person, but is excellent at pointing out flaws in any plan and making said opinions known. During S1 (Welcome to Jurassic World) and S3 (The Long Run), Yaz is shown to be impulsive, taking on tasks without outright thinking of consequences. This can either get her stuck in a bad situation, like she had with the Mosasaurus, or be a strong asset to the overall team dynamic, getting the antidote for Sammy.
Tumblr media
Ben. Where to even start with Ben. I have a hard time with his character type as it doesn’t make much sense to me. Survivalist Mentality is what I use to describe Ben as a character in the end. Even before falling in S1 and transforming into how he is now, Ben was very much about his own safety, his own feelings, and his own ideas about the world around him. He wasn’t a narcissist necessarily, but his own welfare was placed before that of the group. Even in later seasons, after the campers reunite with him, his mindset is still very much ‘all about Ben’ and what was best for him. Now, this mindset helped him survive Jurassic World alone, and (like Brooklynn), clued him in to Tiff and Mitch in Season 2. But this personality type is also grating for the other characters, and can create tension. Even in The Long Run, when it was just Ben and Darius, Ben was only thinking about what he wanted to do to distract the Scorpios, and not what would be best for the overall outcome. And then later, when it was time to leave (both times), his thoughts weren’t about what the other campers wanted, nor what was best for the group. Only that he didn’t want to leave Bumpy behind. Ben’s personality type is often the kind that knocks heads with leadership and authority, and can cause undue stress.
Tumblr media
Kenji is also an interesting but difficult character. When we first met him, it seemed like he would be the most obvious choice for leadership. Charming, outspoken, the eldest of them all. But that facade was built on a lot of insecurity regarding his place (both amongst the campers and in his own life), and the inability to look beyond his own wants and needs to the welfare of the group as a whole. Kenji wanted to be leader, not because he wanted the others to survive, but because he was fully thinking about how it would make him feel to be in charge. To wear the hat, shall we say. We even see this as far forward as Season 3, where that part of him returns in Casa De Kenji, only to have him realize it isn’t his place at the end of the episode. In quite a few instances, including both Misguided and The Long Run, we actively see Kenji stepping back for Brooklynn, vocally seeking her final decision after him and Ben squabble, and being unquestioning of her delegation when caring for Sammy.
So…that was a lot to unpack. Each camper has their own unique set of skills, and throughout the series we see a lot of personal growth. Both Brooklynn and Darius have had their fair share of problems, just like the other campers. Darius was a doormat for a while before finding his voice, and Brooklynn had to work past her narcissism which still crops up in later seasons.
Tumblr media
The Long Run & Whatever it Takes
I want to note that good Leadership isn’t all about control, and knowing how to delegate others to a specific task. It’s also about knowing when they are not suited to a situation and have to step back.
For Brooklynn, we see this in the Long Run. She easily could’ve gone with Yaz for the antidote, or Darius and Ben to help with the distraction. But rather then forcing herself into a position of more importance because she felt the need to do so, resulting in slowing either of the teams down, Brooklynn actively stepped back and stayed at camp to care for Sammy instead. Not because she was weak, or unable to do the other tasks, but because her skills were needed to keep Sammy comfortable and alive as long as possible. She takes charge of the situation without hesitation nor complaint, which was best choice, not only for herself, but for the group as a whole. She trusts her friends fully to do what needs to be done.
For Darius, its letting Brooklynn go while passing the laptop through the grate. It’s seen in the series that Darius has problems letting go of the things he loves. His fathers memory, thoughts of home, Ben on the monorail. Darius is a character who takes mistakes personally, and beats himself up over it in the process. This scene is a great example of his character growth, seeing his desire to hang onto Brooklynn, knowing full well there wasn’t much he could do. She tells him to do what needs to be done for the good of the group, and rather then continue to hang onto her putting himself and the others in danger, Darius let’s go with a promise to come back. Like Brooklynn in trusting her friends, Darius trusts Brooklynn to find a way either out of her own situation, or to still be there when they come up with something. Darius immediately begins planning after this, with the others safety in mind, on how to get Brooklynn back while also keeping the Laptop from Hawkes. Were it the beginning of the series, I imagine Darius would’ve acted more like Kenji, impulsively doing anything to fix his ‘mistake’. But instead he plans ahead, thinks about consequences, then adjusts his strategy when things go awry.
These are great examples of leadership, not only of them sacrificing their own wants and desires for the good of the group, but fully understanding the needs of others in high stress situations. Leadership is understanding when to put others ahead of yourself, when to put beneficial decision making over your own wants and desires, and knowing that sometimes you as a leader aren’t always the best fit for some situations.
So this was a bit long, and I definitely could go a lot longer. But if you made it to the end leave a ‘🍞’ in the comments or tags XD if you have any other thoughts or questions, please feel free to @ me or drop any questions in my ask box :3
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ramzawrites · 8 months ago
Hey, so I'm having a really rough time rn (dealing with bs from my friend group, we have to take my really old dog to the vet today bc we found blood in her pee and we're scared that she won't make it this time, I'm struggling with my mental health, I'm just kinda goin thru it rn ig) so I would love a comfort fic with the sbi maybe with the reader as their sibling where the reader is the one that always comforts the fam, but hides their emotions until (1/2, very sorry about splitting it)
(2/2) something happens that makes the reader have a full on breakdown? I'll leave the rest to you, it can be a good or bad ending, headcanons or one shots, anything. You can ignore this request if you want/if it makes you uncomfortable. Please don't feel pressured/guilt tripped to write anything from this, your mental health comes first and I'm sure you're already really busy. Reminder to eat something today if you haven't yet and get a drink of water <3
We are family - Reader and SBI!Brothers
Pairings: none
Characters included: Wilbur, Technoblade, Tommy, (mentioned) Niki, (mentioned) Schlatt
Warnings: n/a
Series: a request <3
Summary: Y/N came back from an errand and surprises their brothers with their weird behavior. Trying to put on their usual smile, trying to hide away their real emotions but their brothers know them better than they inititally suspected. They could immediately tell that something must have happened.
Words count: 2060
Authors Note: I’m so sorry this took so long! I hope you and your dog are doing better! 💙 I wish I could give you more than words of encouragement and that I managed to get faster to this request, I apologize Please make sure to take care of yourself, alright? Take time for yourself to deal with the stress and anxiety! Make sure to stay hydrated and remember to eat! Even if it’s just something small!
Once again I apologize for the long wait, I felt really bad already and then I kinda put it off because I felt bad.
adhd hit hard again and haven’t checked for typos yet, but will get on it as soon as I can o7
On another note if you want to read another comfort fic; I have a small series called “A Painful Reminder” which is more angsty but the 2nd part is more about the comfort, if that is something for you 
Living in the SMP was chaotic, turbulent and at times downright painful.
Most people tended to gravitate to one cause or other people to deal with this. Holding on to something so they don’t get pulled under. Get buried beneath the chaos and the violence.
So having people like Y/N around was like a godsend. They were one of the few people that seemed to be able to withstand the constant waves of misfortune and stand strong. Be the rock to hold onto when everything got too overwhelming.
Wilbur, Technoblade and Tommy loved their sibling for it.
After Wilbur and Tommy got exiled with Y/N out of L’Manberg, they were there and cheered both of their siblings up. Immediately making plans on how to set up a safe home and collecting ideas on how to get back. They were the one who managed to get a message out to Technoblade and asked him to visit them. Maybe help them.
Wilbur often jokingly said that Y/N was the glue that held the family together, to which they would always reply with the warmest of smiles “I’m glad.”
And what he said was true. Whenever the family fell on hard times and they began to drift apart it was Y/N who pulled all of them back. Pulling them back to reality and giving solutions for their problems if needed.
Sitting down with Wilbur when things got to much. Listening to his thoughts and worries, letting his emotion run freely without judgement. While they looked worried for him, their comforting smile never faltered. Offering him solutions to problems if he wanted it, otherwise they gave him the chance to just air his own thoughts out. To be angry with him. Sad with him.
Working with Tommy on his own projects. Listening to his ideas and giving him a different perspective that could improve some things but also respecting it when Tommy wanted to do this his way. And while he liked to brag and pretend that some things didn’t hit him that hard, they were still patiently listening to him as he spoke about his own pain in a more roundabout way. Telling him that he was not alone and making him feel heard.
Talking to Technoblade whenever the voices got too loud or out of hand again. He would just walk over to them and nudge them away, asking them to talk about something, no matter what. He just needed to hear their voice and be able to concentrate on it. Tune out the garbled voices in his head with a familiar sound that calmed him down no matter what. Leaning against them, slowly falling asleep as Y/N told all about how they were happily working on their own farm and what shenanigans they got up to.
Y/N really was like the warm sun on a cold day. Warming them up and protecting them.
Yes, Y/N was strong. So strong that even Technoblade considered them stronger than him. Maybe not physically but mentally and emotionally.
A clanging of metal rung through the cave. Techno was training with Wilbur while Tommy was just watching. Cheering on Techno.
It wasn’t an unusual situation and something Y/N expected to see as they made their way down the staircase. Wilbur in full iron armor and weapon while Techno just fought back with his own iron sword.
“Hey, Y/N! Welcome back!” Wilbur breathed out. Sweat running down the side of his face as he stopped attacking his brother.
The three men looked happily over to their sibling who slowly walked towards them but soon their expressions fell. Something was off about Y/N and it confused the three.
Their smile was as always plastered on their face but it looked strained. Their eyes wide open, trying to look sincere and loving but the glassy look of them gave off a different picture.
“Y/N? You okay?” Tommy asked as he stood up from the ground. Taking a step closer to them which made them in return stop in their tracks.
Y/N was hugging themself, shakily opening up their mouth to answer but nothing came out. It was then when Techno got very aware of how they were shaking in general.
This all seemed so wrong. This shouldn’t be possible. It just didn’t seem to register fully inside their minds.
Wilbur made sure to get rid off his sword and armor as fast as he could, walking over to his sibling, trying to get a better look at them but they just avoided his gaze.
Staring at the ground, slowly shaking their head “It’s- It’s fine. I’m fine.”
“You aren’t. You really aren’t. What happened? Did they find you?” Techno asked, his voice full with worry. A bit of anger hidden as well.
Y/N had their own little farm in order to support Pogtopia. The potatoes from Techno were great but variety is important after all. Though they also had an abundance of wheat they usually tried to smuggle into Manberg for Niki. Trying to help her out as much as possible with her taxes and work.
This time Y/N nodded “They did… It’s fine though. I’m fine. I’m not hurt. It’s all good.”
Wilbur’s frown deepened “Usually when people have to be so adamant about being okay something isn’t alright.”
Tommy nodded, supporting his statement only to whisper to himself “Adamant? What does-“
But Wilbur continued “We are your family, talk to us.”
Y/N licked their chapped lips “I’m-“
The tears finally escaped their eyes and begun streaming down their face. Sobbing they fell down on the ground. Wilbur immediately followed suit, laying his arm around them and pulling them against his chest. His hand flew up to their head and begun going through their hair, trying to calm them down. Humming a soft tune from their childhood.
It was the first time in their lives they saw Y/N break down like that and it was quite frankly shocking.
Unsure what to do with himself Tommy squatted down “Um, uh, what- what happened?”
Techno was still gripping the iron sword in his hand. Pacing up and down. Manberg found them? What the hell did they do to make Y/N break down like that? His own sibling! Whatever it was he would make sure to pay it back a thousand times over.
“Tommy can you grab them some water?” Wilbur laid his chin on top of Y/N’s head, rubbing circles now on their back.
He didn’t even hesitate, jumping up to run towards one of the chests with food items that Y/N had always ready for them. Grabbing a water bottle and running back over. Happy that he could do something else besides staring.
Tommy then pushed the bottle towards Y/N who gratefully took it, putting some space between them and Wilbur as they drank some of the cold liquid which helped them to calm down.
“You ready to tell us what happened?” Techno stopped pacing around. His gaze purely trained on his crying sibling. Anger still rising in him just like the voices.
Screaming things like “Technosib! How dare they hurt them! Protect them! I love Y/N so much! Why would anyone hurt Y/N! They always help us! Let’s help them for a change! Technosib! Let’s go out and fight them! Yeah! Blood for the Blood God and Y/N!”
Y/N’s voice was still wavering and a bit scratchy from their sobbing as they begun speaking “Hey, hey! Techno don’t concentrate on the voices. Listen to me. It’s all good.”
This somehow made Techno angry. He threw the sword away and finally knelt down next to them as well so his face was on the same eye level as theirs “Stop. Please. Stop thinking about us for one second. Stop trying to not make us uncomfortable or worried! Tell us what happened! Please.”
He was basically begging at the last part. All his worry packed into it.
“Yeah, honestly you trying to make sure everything is okay for us makes us even more worried.” It surprised the others a bit that this came from Tommy but he was correct.
Tears fell down their face again “I- I was just delivering more wheat to Niki and someone must have followed me. They followed me back to my farm and- and- they burned my fields down. There were explosions. I- it was just my farm. I did not harm. Just, why does it always have to end like this. Why do all the good things always end like this. Why can’t this place let something be. There is always something.”
The farm was so important to Y/N. It was their little project they put so much sweat, love and work into. It was their home away from home. A place to retreat and enjoy some peace. This obviously was devastating. It was their one thing they had for themself. The one thing that wasn’t there for anyone else but them.
It was also clear that this seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back and it broke the three a bit that they only now seemed to notice this. That it took that long and their whole farm being destroyed for the realize this was heartbreaking.
“Who?” Techno urged but Y/N shook their head.
“I don’t know. Everything went so fast and I tried to save as much as I could but- but it’s all gone. It’s all gone.” Their voice jumped up an octave at the end, burying their face against Wilbur’s shoulder again. Silently sobbing.
It should have been impossible but Wilbur’s frown deepened and his expression turned more grim “Don’t worry. We will get back at them. We will get our revenge. They will see firsthand what they did to you, I promise.”
Shocked Y/N looked up, their red and puffy eyes wide open “Wil, that’s not what I- no revenge. There is already too much misery going around I just want this to stop. I just want all of us being able to live in peace.”
Wilbur should have known that Y/N was too good natured for that but he couldn’t help himself. He was just so angry. Angry at Schlatt and Manberg. That they went for him was one thing but to go out of their way to treat Y/N like this? Let’s just say he put it on the list in bold letters with reasonings on why he will get back at the Manberg faction.
“Listen Y/N.” Techno begun, his voice now calm again “Stop it. Just for once think about yourself. Stop thinking about others for once. You are also worthy of the same care you give us. Let us at least help rebuild your farm. You always help us with our projects, let us help you with yours.”
Tommy seemed to lit up at that “That sounds like a good idea! We could build towers around your new farm and make sure no one gets in! We could put down traps and all!”
He really wasn’t sure how to react but that was at least something he could do for them. As the past General’s right hand man, this should be something he can do. If he couldn’t protect his sibling how could he ever hope to get L’Manberg back.
Wilbur seemed to think about it for a bit but agreed “Yeah, how does that sound?” Though the dark glint in his eyes stayed. The cogs in head still running off with his own thoughts.
“You guys would? Since when can you guys build?” a dry laugh escaped them but it was a laugh nonetheless.
Both Tommy and Wilbur looked almost appalled at that claim while Techno just shrugged and nodded. Just looking around Pogtopia was more functioning than good looking after all. Y/N tried to pretty it up a bit but usually something always happened around here.
“Also Y/N, please talk to us more. Don’t bottle everything up. Please. We worry a lot about you and we love you. You always do so much for us, let us do the same.” Wilbur pushed Y/N a bit off of him and looked them deep into their eyes, hoping that this would really hammer in that this was a genuine plea.
As a respone Y/N wiped the tears off their face “I understand. I’ll try to remember that.”
“Don’t try just do it.”
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zackcrazyvalentine · 7 months ago
Hey fam question? How do you think each dorm leader would react if their Minecraft pet died by another players hands. Then to also find out that MC's Minecraft pet died by the same player minutes later?
I wasn't into Minecraft until recently due to a friend, sorry if there are any mistakes! I'm still learning 🙇‍♀️
You mess with their pets, you've got an angry boy on your tail You mess with MC's pet? BE PREPARED FOR YOUR WHOLE VILLAGE TO BE DESTROYED
Riddle will be so heartbroken about his pet's demise, but gets SO ANGRY when knowing the same player also ended MC's pet Will try to be diplomatic and ask why the player did it, but will escalate to violence if the reasons given are stupid
Leona I can see having two possible reactions (ig depends on how attached he was to the pet)
1) He's indifferent to it, but if MC cried enough he will help them get some sort of payback at the player
2) Is irritated and annoyed at what happened. However, when MC whines about how the same bastard killed off their pet, lionman swears revenge (time to get the rest of Savanaclaw and Ruggie in on the game to plan an attack)
Azul gets so sad and heartbroken at his precious little pet being gone, and MC's own sadness makes him sadder. Just allow him a minute to come up with a plan, and you'll have your revenge carried out by the merfolk trio
Kalim..... oh, this poor kind soul..... He will absolutely tear up at this rude player killing his pet, and it gets worse when MC tells him that same player did the same thing to their pet few minutes ahead Will carry out a burial of sorts, in memory of your fallen companions MC and Jamil, on the other hand, are planning a counterattack (Viper was dragged into this lol)
Vil SEES RED (he says he doesn't like the game and wasn't attached to his pet, but he DEFINITELY was, he gasped loudly when it all went down) If he could, he would've already cursed the player's game to get corrupted or something. MC's misfortune fuels his anger further Word of advice: Don't mess with the Beautiful Queen or his dear friends The other player's entire village was sniped with arrows from... a particular hunter
To somehow get around Idia's videogame spatial awareness is a feat in and of itself, to get over Ortho's ever watchful eyes is another.... To be able to inflict damage to the Shrouds' village in any shape or form is practically IMPOSSIBLE So, when this all happens, Idia is amazed and boiling with anger more at the fact that his one player got around his intricate constructions and security than at the pet incident.... Time to build better The pet isn't mourned, you can always tame as many animals as you want
Malleus is a mix of Riddle, Kalim and Azul He's heartbroken, saddened, grief in his heart knowing his and MC's pets were unjustly killed... but the fire of the dragon prince awakens! TIME FOR WAR!!! LILIA, SILVER, SEBEK!!! PREPARE YOUR WEAPONS AND ARMIES!!! A DRAGON DOES NOT FORGIVE, NOR DOES HE FORGET!!!
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Skipping Town [1]
Tumblr media
Series Preview / Masterlist
I am now ENTHRALLED by a good Daryl AU. Obsessed.
Also don’t know why I thought I’d be able to post yesterday while throwing a birthday party for my tiny bb. Silly me lmao. Either way, here’s the first part. I did proof it and I apologize if I missed any mistakes I guess. 
*Read at your own risk, I don’t do TW’s sorry fam* I only post my writing here. Credit for thre gif to whomever made it.  And feedback is always welcome!
Okay, love you, bye.
Daryl couldn’t avoid the well wishes from the radio that filled the cab of his truck as he drove. Today was a day to be thankful for the things you had in life and the people around you, But for him, it was just another collection of sour memories that hadn’t begun to fade away yet. Being grateful for where he was in life never slipped by him. Today was a day for family and friends to share meals, to fill homes with laughter and memories… but growing up in the Dixon household, it was just any other day of the opposite; yelling and anger and hate. His drive there this morning hit him hard, reminding him that he hadn’t seen it in years.
He didn't want to come back into this town, especially not there, where all of his thoughts began to attack him at this early hour as he stared through the wet droplets on the windshield. It was falling apart; some areas of the front porch completely collapsed in, and a dingy, green hue clung to the plastic siding like a coat of fresh paint. He could almost imagine his old man standing on that porch, his shot gun resting heavy and limp in his drunk hands as he'd yell at Daryl to "get the fuck inside, boy!" in a false respect for his Ma that just made dinner. The image of him so clearly in Daryl's mind had him swiping at his eyes before taking a large gulp of the coffee beside him. He couldn't deny that this place scared him. It was a fear that followed Daryl for all of the important years of his life, fucked up his development and social skills and taught him that fist fighting was more important than learning to read. He had to learn to fight in school so he could do well at home. 
A word that brought a breathy chuckle past his lips. The worn down shithole in front of him, illuminated by his headlights, wasn't his home. It was a place of trauma and heartbreak and tears he'd been laughed at for shedding. And when Merle gets out of prison, Daryl was going to kill him for dragging him back.
"'ere." Daryl's voice cut into the small hum of the radio that was barely audible now as he handed his forgotten half of a breakfast sandwich to Dog. The clank of his tags and excited shuffling was loud enough to tear Daryl's eyes away from the dilapidated building he'd been staring at for almost an hour now. The moment he watched Dog scarf down the sandwich in no time had him regretting his decision. He should've eaten. 
"Ol' habits an' all…" He mumbled in reply to his thoughts. He sunk his fingers into Dog's scruff and scratched, knowing very well he was just stalling, hoping by some miracle he could leave with no consequence. Better yet, that this was a dream all together.
But it wasn't, so he cut the engine. 
The sound of the birds in the trees surrounding the home felt like an alarm, a warning for him not to go inside. A warning he had every intention of following- he had no desire to go inside and count the cigarette burns in the carpet ever again. The only place he planned to go was the garage; two weeks in there tops and he could cut and run. 
Daryl was still trying to figure out how he’d even gotten pulled into this situation in the first place. He didn’t speak to Merle; he stopped answering his calls years ago. The last thing he expected when he answered the phone that evening last week was his voice, still oddly filled with arrogance, even as he told Daryl how small his cell was and that it smelled like “mold and piss”. Merle didn’t beat around the bush considering his time limit, and asked a big favor from Daryl. One that Daryl felt no shame in laughing at and hanging up on him promptly. He figured once the call ended and he tossed his cell onto a chair across the room that Merle wouldn’t bother calling again, that his absurd request would be placed onto someone else that was less concerned about getting arrested… The thing about Merle was that he didn’t care about anybody but himself. He’d ask anything of anyone if it aided him in some way, even if it harmed the other person greatly. And Daryl was still tired of that dynamic from when they were children. 
The thing is, the request didn’t die with that phone call. Merle called him every single day, having to leave a voicemail each time since Daryl refused to pick up the phone. It was usually a variation of “please, little brother” or “it’s not as bad as it sounds”. But the more he called, the more desperate the voicemails became, telling Daryl it was definitely as bad as it sounded.
Merle got himself wrapped up in something big and now needed someone to fix it for him.
Daryl had every intention of ignoring it and letting him live with whatever he got himself into. The company that Merle chose to keep was biting him in the ass and Daryl didn’t understand why he should care enough to help him out of it. He thought that maybe this prison sentence would do him some good this time. Surely, whomever Merle was doing business with would label him as a lost cause and move on to someone more competent and trustworthy. Unfortunately for Daryl, when Merle’s contact had expressed the same concerns with him, albeit differently and more violent, Merle found himself pleading with them on his knees, telling them that his brother could help. “He knows mechanics”, “he knows how to keep his mouth shut”, “he has no one to tell…” 
So Merle’s contact had taken his suggestion as a finality and showed up at Daryl’s door. He didn’t ask Daryl, just told. And then told Daryl what would happen if he refused. The threats were personal enough that Daryl couldn’t say no. He knew he had barely anything in terms of family- but he had a dog, a business, and a home. He didn’t want to risk what he worked so hard for.
There was a car already sitting in the gravel alongside the garage waiting for him. He knew from the minimal contact he did have with the man that refused to offer his name that this was the first of eight that he would need to work on. When one was finished, they’d pick it up and drop off the next in the same fell swoop. It was a hunk of shit; the rear quarter panel was dented to hell, the tires didn’t match, there was a large spider crack in a corner of the windshield. He wished he was simply here to fix those problems instead. A small laughless chuckle left his lips as he started it up to move it inside. He had nightmares of these moments happening, of somehow being dragged back to this hell, where his soul burned, his stomach growled in hunger, and he couldn’t wait to go. 
Luckily for Daryl, the work was already a good bit complete. He knew that if he hunkered down and did the work from the break of dawn until well past dusk, he could complete it in two weeks easy. He at least thought he could, until he went to flip on the garage light and only one fluorescent bulb of six bothered to flicker to life. And that was all he needed this morning to send him into a fit. Daryl cussed and yelled and threw things- anything left out on Merle’s messy work benches were swiped to the ground, tools flew across the room until a satisfying thunk forced them to the floor… Nothing was safe from Daryl’s frustration.
Daryl decided that after only being there for twenty minutes that he needed to leave. He could grab another coffee, some snacks, and a carton of cigarettes… lord knew he’d need them.
The heat of the kitchen was growing and you were sweating. Making Thanksgiving dinner wasn't something you wanted to be doing, but it was better than hanging out in the living room with your relatives and biting your tongue so hard it would bleed. The mashed potatoes weren't going to mash themselves.
"Hey ma, I gotta run." Rick said quickly while staring at his phone and hustling into the room.
"What? No, you don't!" She yelled as she tossed her kitchen towel onto the counter behind her and placed her hands on her hips. There was no question that she was mad; Rick had made sure he was off today per her request seeing as he was on patrol the previous three years. 
"I got a message from Griff, seems like he may need some help." 
"Well you can tell that man to call dispatch then and they can send an officer on duty." She plopped a stack of plates into his hands. "Now go put these on the table for me."
"Hey pal, you ready?" Shane popped into the room and saddled up beside Rick. He was one of the people you were purposefully braving the hellfire of the kitchen to avoid. 
"Mom said he can't leave." You said, tossing the potato masher into the sink. "But don't let the door hit you on the way out."
"Funny." Shane rolled his eyes at you. "But we have to go make sure your boyfriend isn't robbing the gas station blind right now."
"Boyfriend?" Your mom paused with her arm inside the oven, basting the turkey. 
"What the fuck are you talking about?" You were growing agitated and the heat was making you cranky and the sight of Shane made you mad on a normal basis. You were about to just tell your mom to let them both leave, as long as it meant Shane would be gone.
"Griff told me that Daryl Dixon is back, just bought a carton of cigarettes at the Gas&Go." 
And the stick of butter almost slipped from your hands. The only time people around town spoke about Daryl was in negative nostalgia so the news that someone saw him here caught you off guard. 
"Daryl?" Your mom chimed in.
"Yeah, wanna make sure he's not starting any shit now that Merle's gone." Shane said while slipping on his boots that were tucked next to the door beside you. 
"But he bought the cigarettes." You said quietly.
"And?" Rick said, pushing his arm through the sleeve of his coat.
"He bought them. Paid for them. With money." You untied the apron from your waist and threw it on the counter. "He didn't commit a crime, guys. Griff is just a cranky old bastard. Leave Daryl alone."
"Look," Shane said, holding his hand out to silence you. "I know you think he's a good person and all and went to bat for him before, but he's just like the rest of 'em. He can't be here."
"The only person that shouldn't be here is you, Shane." You slapped his hand away from you, beginning yet another spat with him. It was a common occurance actually, which mostly led to Rick stepping in between the two of you to diffuse the situation. "You don't own the fucking town."
"As long as I'm a sheriff, I won't let the Dixon's screw with us anymore."
"Last time I checked, you always started shit with them."
Shane scoffed and rolled his eyes at you, and you considered slapping him across the face. He was smug and condescending and quick to jump. Reasons you always believed he shouldn't carry a badge, let alone a gun. You took a step towards him.
"Okay, enough." Rick said, placing his hand on your shoulder and pushing you back. "We're just gonna go-"
"Set the table, like I told you!" Your mom called over her shoulder as she washed a serving plate. "Don't forget the silverware." 
"Mom, I gotta-"
"You are gonna set that table and sit down and eat with us. You're not leaving this house, Rick." Your mom pointed aggressively as she spoke, tired of the bickering. "So you take your coat off and go set that damn table like I asked you to three times now." 
And that was all it took for Rick to capitulate. He slipped his coat from his shoulders and threw it on a stool on the opposite side of the kitchen island. 
"Shane, you can go if you want, but you aren't coming back and interrupting my dinner if you do." And she waved her towel at them both with finality. She was done arguing and Rick sulked into the dining room with a stack of dishes. Shane stood there for a minute debating on what he wanted to do, before finally slipping his boots back off his feet. 
"If Dixon starts any shit, it's on you." He pointed his finger in your face accusingly, making you roll your eyes. 
Once they left the room, you couldn't help but keep thinking about Daryl. You'd been doing that since the conversation with your parents last week, but knowing he was back in town was big news. Big enough that you considered putting your own coat on and convincing your mom that she'd forgotten something. What if he was only here for the day? You didn't want to miss him, even if you would have absolutely nothing to talk about with him. Just the idea of seeing him and seeing his face again; wondering if he had maybe changed so much you wouldn't know it was him. Would he remember you?
You didn't care if you were in your slippers and had flour dusted on your clothes… but the longer you thought, the more you doubted yourself. He wouldn't want to see you. He probably had a wife by now -at least a girlfriend, right? And with you came Rick...and then Shane… which was nothing but a hard time for Daryl as you grew up. It would only be worse now. Even though your curiosity wanted to know so bad, you tucked away your thoughts and tucked into a large bowl full of bread cubes and buttered onions instead. 
By the time you'd get down to the Gas&Go, he'd be gone anyway.
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As always, feedback is always welcome. And the next part of Split Decision should be post in the next few days.
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