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#i posted this style on twitter but i love for summer
cherrykindness · 6 months ago
let's make babies |
pairing: Harry Styles x Actress!Reader
summary: you and harry are doing a live on instagram, you've drunk a lot of wine and now the world knows that the future Mrs. Styles is ready to make babies.
warnings: mostly cute, but the title tells you what you need to know 🤪
Tumblr media
"What is your favorite song from the Fine Line album?" Y/N read aloud, twirling in her right hand the second glass of wine of the evening, the one already halfway through. "Adore You and Watermelon Sugar, of course."
Harry giggled, rolling his eyes upon hearing his fiancée's statement.
"Y/N will always choose Adore You because it was obviously written for her." He accused. "She wouldn't give that answer under different circumstances."
The comments climbed up the screen continuously, most fans gushing about how cute Harry Styles and YN/LN could be while the other part was concerned with wringing even more information out of the slightly inebriated couple who had decided to do a surprise live one early Sunday morning.
As expected after being away for some time to begin filming Don't Worry, Darling in Southern California, Harry enjoyed a lazy weekend in the house he shared with his fiancée and her pets. The days were filled with late naps and relentless Netflix marathons, sublime and ethereal evenings, marked mostly by unexpected declarations and rounds of sex that used to last until the beams of light were shyly coming through the linen curtains. They were not a monotonous couple, so this order could easily be changed.
"Watermelon Sugar is nothing more than about my love for watermelons, don't get too creative." Harry replied to a fan while sporting a corner smile, the message standing out among the rest for its dozens of emojis and large print, questioning the singer about erotic content behind the lyrics of his latest hit. "I really don't know what you guys are talking about."
Y/N laughed, shaking her head before leaning it against her fiancé's chest, propped up on the soft white pillows that were spread practically all over the bed. The air conditioner was on at a minimal temperature and a light rain whipped on the panes of glass camouflaged by the cream-colored curtain, that being the projection of Y/N's favorite nights.
"You can tell them, I'm not shy." She joked, nudging her fiancé's waist.
"You know what it was written about and who it was written for." Harry replied, raising one of his eyebrows. "That's what matters."
It went without saying that much of Harry's newest album, as well as some of his earlier work, had been done in exclusive dedication to his future wife. Y/N had been the muse for a vast repertoire of romantic songs, and even though the singer preferred to keep the story behind his more explicit compositions a "secret", the relationship the two had shared for more than three years was already solid and known enough for the media and fans to distinguish hidden messages in small details.
"It's a song about what usually comes before the act of making babies." Y/N laughed as he pointed at the display. "Honestly, you guys are impossible."
"No, we make babies every day." Harry joked, making a funny motion with his eyebrows. "I would spend my entire career writing just about that."
"Harry!" The actress exclaimed incredulously, slapping her fiancé weakly on the chest. "Children might be watching this."
"You don't want to have babies with me?" He asked falsely offended, accepting the cup that Y/N offered him. "Because I want some babies with you."
Y/N laughed, rolling her eyes as she watched the internet freak out at the dialogue that had suddenly emerged. Since the beginning of the quarantine, it was kind of inevitable that the couple of artists would not become the darlings of all social media; they were fervently active with photos, videos, and lives that depicted step by step daily life in isolation, gaining more and more followers and making the media more and more fascinated by the relationship they both shared.
The wedding was scheduled for the summer of next year and it was perhaps the most anticipated event in the tabloids. Bets about what the model of Y/N's dress would be and lists presuming who would be selected for the short list of guests stood out among countless news stories about the famous people influencing pop culture today.
The possible arrival of a Styles baby was an inevitable topic in interviews. Harry and Niall were the only members of the ex-boyband that had not become fathers yet, and because they had maintained a solid relationship and were seen as one of the most enviable couples during the last four years, Y/N and Harry had gotten used to all this openly asked questions. They didn't mind, they even had fun with the montages and all the anxiety that dominated the whole internet, often mentioning the fandoms' efforts to represent them as such "cool" parents in perfectly edited pictures.
"No, guys, I'm not pregnant." Y/N amusingly clarified the doubt of dozens of new comments. "Please don't believe so many controversial news stories that appear out there. I was on twitter last week and saw several people theorizing about a possible pregnancy, most of the arguments based on a website that used photos from the set of How to Get Away with Murder in the season where I was actually playing a pregnant woman as Laurel." She laughed. "It's so funny! I know you guys love to guess these things, but we won't hide something so special when it actually happen, I promise."
"Especially because Y/N can hide absolutely nothing from anyone." Harry accused, leaving his drink on the corner table before settling into a comfortable position for the two of them. "Anyone who's a Marvel fan knows that. That's one of her most characteristic quirks."
"They gave me a fake script for the last two movies." Y/N agreed, shaking his head. "For me and Tom."
"We agreed to keep the engagement a secret for a while. The plan was to travel to Holmes Chapel to break the news to my family in person, but guess who got a call at ten o'clock at night from an angry Anne because she learned of her son's engagement from an interview Y/N gave the next day?"
Y/N gave a guilty smile, winking gracefully at the camera. "It was all James' fault! I'm sure he already suspected something, those questions were very suspicious."
"Of course the questions were suspicious, babe. You literally said you had a secret that involved both of us but that you couldn't tell because it was important that our families knew first."
"I thought he would think about a pregnancy or something!" The actress defended herself, feeling very convincing in her intonation bordering on obviousness. "That's a mania I can't get rid of, it's in my genes."
"Did you all hear that? Further proof that you guys don't have to worry about guessing when Y/N's pregnancy will be, I'm sure our baby will make sure to tell you everything while still in the womb, mom's genes will make sure of that."
"You are so funny, Harry Styles." Y/N sarcastically stated, holding back a giggle as countless messages with laughing emojis were frantically up. "Yeah, I know I talk a lot and all, but you have annoying quirks too."
It was obvious that live would be news the next day. Although they were completely open about matters concerning their relationship, nothing seemed better than receiving so much exclusive information from a Harry and S/N drunk on expensive wine.
"You wake up in a bad mood and you're dangerously sexy, that should be illegal."
Harry laughed, holding his fiancée's waist a little tighter as he felt her tumble a little further to the side, getting closer and closer to the edge of the bed. Y/N was dangerously weak for drinks, and the singer knew that the actress' body was already near its limit.
"You're the only sexy person here, love." He declared with a corner smile, evidently finding the whole situation funny. "Do you want to go to sleep now?"
"No." Y/N shook her head. "Can we watch some movie? Can we watch Sweet Home?"
"Of course, love." He murmured, giving the woman a quick kiss on the forehead.
Even though Harry knew that his fiancée was unlikely to make it past the five-minute mark of the episode, he made sure to restart the korean series at exactly the scene where she had stopped, the first chapter still halfway through after Y/N realized that it would be impossible to watch such a macabre work without a drop of alcohol in her blood.
She had been so excited by the taste of Argentinian wine and the idea of updating her fans after a few weeks away, that she had forgotten the main purpose of the live. Harry and Y/N had been apart for a few days due to the new movie the Brit was shooting in North America, all happening in an unrestrictedly careful manner due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.
He was slowly migrating towards acting and the future Mrs. Styles couldn't be prouder. Y/N had felt on cloud nine when Harry had given her the news of his upcoming job, but her only pronouncement on the subject had been a succinct post on instagram. Just a photo of the couple on a trip to Germany with a simple heart emoji didn't seem enough for the actress' exhibitionist soul, and coming to that conclusion was the main reason she decided to invite him, already relatively changed, for a live appearance. Y/N wanted to go on and on about how much she loved that man and work on that whole honeyed speech that would bring her (once again) the title of "cutest bride of all time," but of course Harry had to come home from his trip with his favorite red wine and poison her with those sweet caresses that took her out of orbit, turning the degree of alcohol content into the least of her problems.
"You're going to kiss Florence." Y/N exclaimed suddenly, as if only now realizing that her fiancé would share the screen with Florence Pugh, one of her closest friends in that industry. "Kiss on the mouth."
The MacBook was still open and hundreds of new comments were going up every second, but Harry didn't bother one bit to warn her about the possibility of her becoming a meme the next day. He was having too much fun with the situation to worry.
"Are you jealous?"
"Yes." She stated with a pout. "I am jealous, I just don't know if I'm more jealous of her or of you."
"But you kiss me every day, babe." Harry laughed. "And you've been kissing other people's men for almost ten years." He joked.
"But I only think about you, I already told you that."
Harry shook his head negatively at the camera, knowing he was sharing with the fans the funniest side of his fiancée.
"I know that, honey." He assured, lightly stroking the actress' back. "I think we'd better turn off the TV and go to sleep now, I'm sure you'll have a terrible headache tomorrow."
The brit planned to bid his audience goodbye and put an end to that recording, but Y/N was drunk and her sense of right and wrong had already gone to space. Harry should have been quicker, however, because his fiancée's speech would be cause for new tags and the only subject for the interviewers for at least the next few months.
"I don't want to sleep, how about we make babies?"
That's what Watermelon Sugar was all about, after all.
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blouisparadise · a month ago
Tumblr media
We previously had a very short mommy Louis fic rec list, but after many requests and several new fics were added, we decided to make this an official list. If you enjoy our rec lists, please be sure to like and reblog this post to help spread the word.
Happy reading!
1) I’ve Loved You Three Summers Now Honey, But I Want 'Em All | Mature | 4216 words
The restaurant was small and bright, soft colors filled the walls and tables and fairy lights hung from everywhere. From what Harry had read, the food wasn’t overly expensive but it was still comparable to what you would get at one of the more expensive places. If Harry could he would take Louis to the biggest most expensive and extravagant restaurants to do what he planned to tonight, but this would do.
After being led to their table Harry nervously tapped his jacket pocket, sighing in relief when he felt the small box still there. Tonight was the night. He couldn’t wait till it was time to surprise Louis with all the gifts he got for him. Then finally the big surprise.
2) Happy Mother’s Day | Teen & Up | 6474 words
It’s Mother’s Day in the Styles’ household. Cue lots of soft domestic fluff with mommy Louis, daddy Harry, and their little family.
3) You Make My Heart Beat Like The Rain | Explicit | 6611 words | Part 2 | Part 3
"You're stunning, eh?" Harry whispers, his Canadian accent thick with lust. It usually slips out when he gets horny because he knows it turns Louis on. Harry presses his lips into the curve of his neck. His hot breath makes Louis shiver. He opens his eyes and sees Harry's bigger, tattooed arms wrapped around him, completely engulfing his smaller frame—and, fuck, maybe he is up for it.
Why does his boyfriend have to be such a fucking DILF? He blames it on a twitter thread he read a few weeks ago.
4) Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free (But Please Don’t Bite) | Mature | 42074 words
Harry is the CEO of Flora Corp, Louis is his new secretary.
5) This Glass House | Mature | 43072 words
While deployed, Alpha Harry gets injured by an IED explosion, leaving him to deal with severe injuries in its devastating aftermath. During his road to acceptance and recovery he learns with the help of Louis and their children just how important family can be for the mind, body, and soul.
6) Pain Makes People Change | Mature | 113056 words
An organization called Canis Lupus existed solely for changing humans imprisoned in their wolf form back to their human form. Some people after experiencing some traumatic event can only ‘’protect’’ themselves from the pain by forgetting everything. To do that, to feel safe, they shift into their wolf form.
Which they'll be stuck in forever should no one intervene.
Louis Tomlison went through a traumatic experience at the age of twelve in which he lost his mother, to make the pain go away he shifted into a wolf and fled. He survived in the wild as a wolf for five years until Canis Lupis caught him... Though he wasn't alone, he had a pup at his side.
7) Cold Little Heart | 194780 words
Louis is a soft omega with an abusive past and an alpha child.
A few months after getting a divorce, Louis meets Harry, an ex-military alpha wolf that offers him something -odd.
In exchange for teaching him how to cook, Harry will babysit his son, Abraham
Louis really could use the help.
8) Give So Much (Not Enough) | Explicit | 24610 words
“For my little lion,” Louis slid the smoothie bowl in front of Oscar, letting him dig in with his little hands. “And for daddy.”
He didn’t process the bowl in front of him, the push across the table causing a raspberry to roll off and fall on his lap, because Louis calling himself mummy may make him feel all sorts of mushy emotions, but Louis addressing Harry as daddy was suddenly having a very different effect on him. Since when did Louis saying daddy out loud render him speechless?
“Daddy’s still sleepy, but we’re up bright and early right Ossie?” Louis’ cooing shook him out of his daze. The man coughed, picking the raspberry off his lap and swallowing it with unintentional, and very unnecessary, eye contact with Louis. “Well, is it better than your protein smoothies and why?”
Harry chuckled, spooning another heap of the strawberry banana goodness into his mouth, “Way better sweetheart.”
9) Yours To Lose | Mature | 25742 words
Louis always gets distracted with his mummy duty and he eventually catches Harry's attention.
10) Starlight’s Crossing | Explicit | 30496 words
He can picture it so clearly, as he holds onto Louis’ sleeping body. How they’d go exploring every inch of the galaxy without a care in the world. He builds a fairytale future in his mind, one that includes marriage, kids, and growing old together. Even after such a short time together, Harry knows that he’d say yes to anything and everything this man ever asked for. He’d follow him to the ends of the galaxy if that’s what Louis wanted.
And that thought terrifies Harry.
11) I Really Fucking Hate You | Mature | 83328 words
Note: Be sure to read the tags and warnings thoroughly before reading.
Harry really fucking hates Louis. Louis really fucking hates Harry, kinda. Two boys from two separate Mafia’s are forced to meet somewhere in the middle. Louis is burdened with a child and Harry is burdened with Louis.
12) Strict | Not Rated | 108730 words | Full series
18 year old Louis has just taken the test that would pair him with the Dominant he was supposed to serve. Harry Styles is a 25 year old businessman and mega-millionaire, and very strict with everyone but his new Submissive, it appears. Through a whirlwind of moving in together, trying to please the paparazzi as well as each other, they fall even more in love. However, the one Harry wants to avoid most is the one thing that Louis wants...a baby. Lots and lots of babies.
13) Only You Can Be My Alpha | Mature | 196073 words
The one where Louis is banished from his tribe, and lands himself in Harry’s instead. The alluring Pack Alpha makes Louis question his nature and he doesn’t know how he feels about that. But you can’t fight destiny.
14) Queen Of Arizella | Explicit | 277919 words
Stealing from Royalty is punishable by death.
Louis starts over, doing his best to keep his hands at his sides but he is hungry and he tries stealing from the wrong Royal.
Harry is King of Arizella, he needs a Queen and who better than an omega on the run from death? Louis will learn to become the perfect Queen -the perfect fake Queen, but only for a few months.
A fake lover, a fake Queen, but a real bond.
Check out our other fic rec lists by category here and by title here.
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bfharry · a year ago
hiii!! so here it is! i’m afraid i’ve accidentally overhyped this so i’m pretty nervous about posting but when am i not lol. HUGE thank you to @beehivebabies, @harryysstyless and @you-youneverdo for betaing this for me! you are truly the best!!! 
A reporter is spending a day with each former member of One Direction ten years after their final show. Harry is last and the most sought after interview after getting married in a secret ceremony in Italy. (told from the journalists POV as if you’re reading the article) **disclaimer: this is complete work of fiction, though i may not closely follow the other members of one direction, i do genuinely wish them the best and any negativity in this piece is simply for story-telling purposes. 
Harry Styles at thirty-one is easily mistaken for Harry Styles in his mid-twenties. 
Harry was only twenty-two when I first met him at the historic Shangri-La studio in Malibu. It was the recording of his debut album and even then he seemed so grown up. Today, he still carries the same charisma, charm, and cheekiness he’s been known for since he first exploded into stardom at the tender age of sixteen. His speech is still slow and thoughtful. His face looks barely older, perhaps a few more lines here and there, but his eyes are bright and well-rested when we meet up again the first week of November, ten years and two days after One Direction played their final live show in Sheffield. He’s got a few more tattoos, some dodgier than others, but virtually; he’s the same. 
In the few days I’ve spent traveling around with the former members of the uber-successful boy band, One Direction, I was most nervous to spend time with Harry. While all of the lads have their own little worlds closed off from the masses, Harry is most notoriously private. He isn’t afraid to leave a question blatantly unanswered or weave so far around it, he builds himself a maze out of it.
I met up with him in his North London home, a large white house with two massive bay windows on each side. It’s hidden behind a large security fence with a full time guard and an even taller hedge to keep the prying eyes out. The front door is painted pink, there are two large mosaic flower beds set at the few steps to the door and a bristly welcome mat with the word ‘Leave’ printed in the middle in a rather non threatening serif font. 
It's the most humble of the former band member's homes I’ve spent time in. The sweet smell of chamomile and linen greet me from the entryway and seems to soothe the whole house. It’s the most homely of the ones I’ve seen this past week, looking actually lived in and warm. It’s neat and tidy but there’s no shortage of texture with velvet sofas, glistening wooden floods and shag rugs.
I arrive about fifteen minutes early, embarrassed and damp on the doorstep. I’m herded inside and straight over to the fire by one of Styles’ assistants. Smooshed in next to Gucci pillows, my soaking boots dripping on to an antique Persian rug, I’m asked how I like my tea. I’m also informed Styes is on his way back to the house and left with ten minutes to snoop. 
It’s a large room off the side of the main entrance and the most formal of the entertaining spaces. There’s a photo gallery wall behind me, a cluster of photos of assumed family and friends. With the assistant after my tea, I creep over for further inspection. I’m expecting the more grandiose of Styles’ posse. Maybe Steve Nicks huddled in close with Mick Jagger and Stormzy. But, no. Just ordinary people. Loved ones that’ll keep a popstar grounded. I can only recognize four faces on the wall. 
The first is Styles, of course.
Then it’s his mum and sister, Anne and Gemma. A small, oval shaped frame housing a delightful primary school photo of Anne sits parallel to an identical one of Gemma with a less-than-enthused expression. There’s another of the two Styles children and their mother, backstage, each of them smiling the same cheerful grin. The women scattered about in most photos, relatively easy to identify with how striking their resemblance is. 
The final face is one I’m quite familiar with. There’s been no shortage of this face scattering gossip sites and headlines these past few months. Styles’ wife. They’ve only been married three short months when we meet up and with so much secrecy surrounding the wedding, I’m hoping to catch just a glimpse or two into their story. As I sit in my very privileged, still very wet shoes, staring at pieces of a life kept so private, I notice that there’s no photo of just the happy couple. They’re beside each other in exactly one group photo and at opposite ends of another but outside of that, nothing. 
When the rain stops for a moment, a bright stream of sunlight breaks through the gray clouds, casting a direct beam onto the photos, and I realize they must have been moved around. I can really only tell by two faint lines reaching out behind some of the frames, outlining a completely different cluster than the current set up. 
The photos displayed in the Styles home have been edited, so it would seem. 
This does explain the sporadic blank spots along some of the walls throughout the whole house. The mantle seemed quite empty upon my arrival but now I notice the dried bouquet sitting there, almost calling out in loneliness. Summer roses sit with false goat’s beards and lisianthuses, their stems bound together with a beautiful silk ribbon. Beside the flowers, two cufflinks glisten as I move closer, one reading Styles’ initials and the other naming his wife’s. I realize that two items like these would rarely go unaccompanied in a normal, family home. And just as I suspect, a small bronze nail winks down at me from the wall above the mantle. A wedding photo stripped from my prying eyes. 
Though it seems a bit extreme, it’s on par with the extent Styles will go to for privacy.
And it’s not without reason. There’s always been quite a fuss over him, as he’s on the top of every pap’s list and tracked closely by fans. Nearly every public interaction has had some sort of documentation. But that flew to a new extreme after word of the wedding leaked to social media. News of his nuptials spread like wildfire through Twitter, shocking some of his most dedicated fans and sending a swarm of fury towards his new bride. 
It also brought reactions from Styles’ former bandmates. Horan, the first member I’d spent time with, sent his love and well wishes. It was rumored Horan possibly attended the wedding, having been spotted in Italy a few days before the rumored date, but I regret that during my trip to Mullingar, I’d forgotten to ask him (blame the four pints of the black stuff he’d been keeping in my hand all night which, until that day in the Styles home, I hadn’t realized had been quite tactical). 
Payne similarly sent well first. 
Then, in the tweet heard around the world, Payne added on.
Liam Payne (@liampayne)            4 Aug 2025
An invite would’ve been nice mate. Xxx fucking prick
Since then, Styles’ team has surely been swarmed for comment. But, in a rather deeply unsurprising move, mum’s been the word from the Styles camp. I can’t deny that I’m hoping to get my own shot at some sort of reaction to it but I know I’m much more likely to learn what he ate for breakfast than any sort of real response. 
He arrives at the time I was supposed to, sweeping in a massive green raincoat with his manager, other assistant, and, to my utmost shock; wife. 
The greeting I receive is one that seems rather practiced but not disingenuous. His reputation proceeds him on eye contact, which is strong and unwavering but not intimidating or challenging. He introduces everyone by name and title. The only one who doesn’t get a title is his wife. He simply only gives me her first name. Relation obvious, I’m assuming.
When she steps forward to greet me, her smile is shy and a little nervous. She doesn’t claim to be anything to Styles either, just welcomes me to their home. Even early on, with us literally just standing in their front room, I note how much more hesitant Styles is to share his personal information than previously anticipated. It is the strangest of contradictions: standing next to this couple, in their home with both of them very much uninterested in sharing any more than they have to. 
The picture of them together is obnoxiously stunning. I must report back to the millions of fangirls desperate to hear that she's a right old bat; you couldn’t be more wrong. Up that close, even without makeup, you can really start to believe the rumors that his entire fourth album is solely about her. 
She’d been his rumored girlfriend for nearly three and a half years with no official confirmation from Styles or his team. They don’t walk red carpets together, they don’t even follow each other on Instagram but occasionally, her face will surface in the back of a tour photo or an afterparty. Styles is good at keeping things low key; he’s had plenty of practice. In fact, no one had any idea the two of them were headed for the aisle until the day the very blurry photo of him, drunk and beaming at his own wedding, was leaked online. 
Mrs. Styles is in my presence for no longer than five minutes and I can’t tell if her husband is made more comfortable or anxious with her presence. He asks twice, though very politely, if there will be any photos taken that day. It’s not until the second time where both his manager and I assure him that there will be absolutely no photos does he seem to hear it. There’s not much chit chat between the five of us as his manager starts with goodbyes. Styles doesn’t pay much attention as I bid them farewell, rather occupied with sharing a private encouraging smile with his wife before she’s whisked away with the rest of them. 
He never mentions her by name again. 
He says a simple ‘she’ exactly once.
“She loves this house. Used t’just be mine but we love it too much to go and start over somewhere else.”  
It’s an offhand comment he makes in our early small talk, after he asks about traffic and when we tut about the train. The opportunity only presented after I compliment their home and he’s all but led the horse to water. I’ll have to throw a softball, one I know he can just as easily skirt but I’m positive he has to be expecting it and I have never been one to fail to deliver. 
“Do you find it different? Living with someone you're married to?” 
He smiles softly, glancing quickly at the vintage gold watch on his wrist before he answers. 
“Ehm, no I don’t, I suppose.” I wait a beat to see if he’ll add a little more but he doesn’t. 
“You got married quite suddenly,” I push gently. 
“Did we?” His brows knit together but there’s a playful smile curled into his lips. Perhaps there’s great fun in his sort of tango. 
“No one really knew it was going to happen.”
“People knew.” He assures me with a nod of his head. “People definitely knew.” 
“Not Liam.” 
I’ve got him. For a split second, the media trained mask falls. His jaw drops open the slightest bit and his brows shoot up his forehead. Shocked. He swiftly recovers, though; sharing a calm, almost amused smile. 
“There’s always...difficult decisions around weddings, aren’t there? Not everyone you want there can be. ‘Specially when it is quite sudden.” A big, cheeky smile at that; rather proud of himself. I have to admit, he is good at this. It’s not a robotic performance. He’s entirely human; modest and easy to talk to. He’s confident but in a quiet way. He’s smart, quick and witty, and disarmingly charming. He doesn’t lack depth or emotion. He doesn’t give calculated, perfectly executed answers. He just knows when he wants to keep his mouth shut. 
During my visit with Payne, I was struck with the feeling that he felt left behind by his former bandmates. 
Louis Tomlinson pivoted to the festival scene where he found an audience and an annual spot in Germany’s Lollapalooza lineup. Early last year, he welcomed a son with his long-time girlfriend after relocating permanently to Germany. Tomlinson remains out of the spotlight mostly, occasionally rumors will swirl among locals that he’s emerged from his hideout in the outskirts of Munich to party at a random club or toss back a few beers. 
Horan’s had a successful solo career as a singer-songwriter and recently debuted his new travel show on Netflix, Niall in Éire, where he eats and sings his way through his beloved Emerald Isle. He made headlines the previous year for his sudden split from his then-fiance, the daughter of an Irish sheep farmer from Kildare. She was adored by his fans, a rare feat for any romantic partner of any ex-One Direction member but Horan has since moved on and is happy to live a more detached lifestyle at home in London. 
And then there’s Styles. A triumphant pop-rock career that’s been able to tap into the mainstream market and multiply into success. He’s acted in one Christopher Nolan film and two from Olivia Wilde. He’s annoyingly well-rounded with a hand in several different businesses and a few modeling stents for Gucci and Acne Studios on the side. Add in his recent nuptials that all but broke the internet, it’s easy to see why Payne may have felt the need to retaliate. 
He’s the only one who’s been unable to secure a sustainable career. He’s had two attempts at a film career with the D-List horror movies Escape the Mist and Sharknado 12. A brief, yet earnest attempt at reality television on Celebrity Big Brother where Payne was voted off within the first three weeks. And a presumed attempt to salvage his career by turning to youtube with vlog lifestyle videos where he shows off his workout routines and, on occasion, sings staring dead into the camera. 
In contrast to Styles, Payne’s attempts at different creative avenues have had the opposite effect. While the desire for Styles seems insatiable, Payne has mistakenly made himself too available. He’s struggled to find cohesion and his jump from music to television and film to youtube feels more aimless than multifaceted. 
His personal life has been quite rocky publicly too, with awkward subtweets and uncomfortable exchanges with his exes on Twitter. Payne is now a father to three children, who he keeps firmly from the spotlight but his tumultuous relationships with the mothers of each child are far from uncomplicated and private. 
In our interview, Payne emphasizes how close he and ‘the boys’ used to be. Of all the members, he’s the first to fall in to reminiscing, eager to rehash his glory days. He’s not without talent but there is seemingly an unwillingness to move past what his life used to be like. He seems impatient to recreate the One Direction success but with little imagination or reinvention for himself. He’s scattered, in vocation and in our conversation. 
When I bring up the fateful tweet, Payne turns bashful. 
“I’ve got a bit of temper. I’m quick to react before I think something through. Of course, I wanted to be there, the boys and I talk all the time so I felt quite sad to be left out of it. I didn’t even know it was happening.” 
Payne is the only one who insists that they all talk regularly. He mentions a group chat but refuses to share the sort of things they four of them get up to. Outside of that, Tomlinson, Horan and Styles paint a much different picture. There doesn’t seem to be a real icing out, a text or two in congratulations on a new project or a ‘Happy Birthday’ but it doesn’t really appear they’re as close as Payne might want me to believe.
One thing that does unite each of them is that somewhere in their homes, they have some sort of ode to their band days. For Horan, it’s the platinum records that line his man-cave. For Tomlinson, it's a small photo of the young freshly formed One Direction sitting on the X-Factor steps next to a picture of his mother, sitting on a bookshelf in his lounge. For Payne, it’s an impressive, hefty scrapbook that sits on his coffee table, longing to be flipped through. 
Styles shows me a framed picture on his office wall. In the photo, he’s just on the precipice of manhood with long hair and a lanky frame. You can catch the bits and pieces of the grown man beside me: the loud glittery gold boots, the gracious showman with a smile bright enough to reach even the furthest of seats at the Sheffield arena. He’s embracing his bandmates, bittersweet looks in their eyes as they close out their final show. 
“Does it feel like that was ten years ago?” I ask after 
“No, not really.” He says fondly, looking down at the photo. “I loved it so much. And I’m so proud of what we did as a band. I’ve never felt the need to...hide from it or pretend it didn’t happen. I loved it, how couldn't I?”
“Would you change any part of it?” 
He takes another beat to answer, his head held to the side as he contemplates his answer.
“No, I wouldn’t. It all gets me here,” he gestures with his head towards the door leading to the rest of the house. Though he calls it his office, the room feels unlike any workspace I’ve been in before. There are four guitars hanging on the wall, three more on stands on the floor. His desk is a mid century vintage piece with an electric keyboard wedged on the left side between it and the wall. There’s a cosy yellow loveseat and matching armchair which is draped in a homemade quilt. It’s not neatly organized, there’s papers strewn about on the coffee table under books and journals and there’s a large calendar on the wall by his desk, completely blank and a year and three months behind. There’s a note taped to the wall, Two weeks!! it reads in a loopy scrawl, surrounded by a flurry of little cartoon butterflies. 
“So is it true? The new album’s all about her?” I ask as I nod to the note. He blushes, bashfully ducking his head as he giggles. He seems to consider his answer for a moment, the only time a pause from him has really felt like hesitation. 
“What kind of husband would I be if it wasn’t?”
“You’ve recorded it mostly in London, right?”
“Yeah, yeah. A track in Bath and a bit in Manchester but mostly here, yeah.”
“You’ve traveled a bit for recording in the past, you didn’t feel like doing that this time around?” 
“I feel like when you’ve been lucky enough to do this as long as I’ve been able to now, you know when you need something to change. But you also know when something feels really right and being home in London felt really right for this record. 
“And you had a wedding to plan.” I point out and he laughs. 
“No, it was actually quite sudden.” He quips back. 
On my way out, I ask if I can use the toilet and Styles opens one of the adjoining doors in his office to reveal a small half bath. 
When I emerge again, he’s nowhere to be found. 
Again with a moment to myself, I poke around closer to his desk. Behind an old photo of what I assume to be Styles’ father as a boy, there’s the only wedding photo I’ve come across in the house. Set in a simple gold frame, Styles and his bride are squished in the middle, her fantastic dress draped over his legs as he holds her on his lap. He’s looking at her with an adoring grin, his suit jacket forgotten somewhere as he sits in just a snug white dress shirt and suspenders. 
The two of them surrounded by a small group of beaming friends, ties loose and heels already wiggled off. I wonder if it was the entire wedding invitees, though without Gemma or Anne tucked in somewhere, I doubt it. It’s not surprising to find Niall Horan among them, squeezed in near the edge of the group, midway through a laugh I can almost hear from the photo. 
But I am surprised to find who’s under his arm. A man much slimmer and shyer, snuggly settled between Horan and his supermodel wife with a sly smile. The only former member of One Direction who never returned my call.
 Zayn Malik.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 6 months ago
Tues 11 May ‘21
Louis saw us all coming up with wacky theories about what the BMG announcement might mean and came to tell us what’s going on… wait no he just retweeted the same article from yesterday with the partnership wording! Haha, but in seriousness while I know not everyone agrees I think it’s pretty clear at this point that BMG is his new record label. The tweet he posted was captioned with another easily misconstrued statement, THANKS FOR THAT LOUIS, but I will repeat what I said yesterday, which is that by far the likeliest explanation of his announcing to a fandom that’s rabid for label news that he’s joined a label is that- it’s his new label! And all the evidence I see supports that. The post he retweeted said (in the words of Music Week) “After five One Direction albums and one solo LP with Sony Music and Syco, now Louis Tomlinson is officially an independent artist with BMG”. Some believe this means he’s NOT signed to BMG but is putting out his own album and simply using them as a distro; I personally would say it seems pretty clear at this point that that simply refers to the fact that BMG are, as a label that isn’t one of the Big Four, considered an independent label, making Louis, as someone on their roster, an indie artist- like the tweet said. If he’d gone rogue and started his own label there would be articles everywhere about it and that article would have talked about it (instead headlines read “Louis Tomlinson Signs Record Deal With BMG”), plus we have plenty of quotes that would be frankly odd if he weren’t signed to BMG, such as the vice president of A&R at BMG UK, saying "We are delighted to welcome Louis to BMG. He is already busy working on new music, and we are excited to join him on the next phase of his extraordinary career,” a BMG sales manager saying “BMG will have the new album” and referring to the fact that they’ll do promo for it (in a DM conversation that actually appears to be real, unlike SOME going around today), and Charlie Lightening posting “Congrats @louist91 on the new deal with BMG UK excited for LT2, gonna smash it lad”.
More to the point-- why do people want so badly to think he ISN’T signed with BMG? This is GREAT NEWS!! They’re an indie (what everyone has wanted for Louis forever), and they were founded specifically to give artists more control than the majors (after splitting off from Sony; they were more or less founded as a direct push back against Sony’s business model), but they’re big enough to give him the support an artist of his size needs, which would be very hard for him to pull off running his own label-- I’d much rather see him putting his energy into writing songs, touring, making documentaries, and running his management company, rather than doing his own promo and wrangling with distro deals and shit. He should be signed to a label to do that work for him! And BMG seems like an awesome choice! But the weird ideas out there just continue right on-- not just people saying he’s not on a label, but also others, who don’t think him being on a label completely unconnected to Sony will be able to prevent Sony from dropping a piano on Louis’ head like the moustache twirling masterminds they are er sabotaging BMG somehow (the whole point of them being an indie is that this shouldn’t be an issue?), and such amazing takes as “louis has signed to a queer label” (evidence? “we just know that they are queer”; an actual dialogue from tiktok), are unlikely to be affected by any number of facts, as are the twitter folks getting excited about him ‘unfollowing’ accounts he never followed to begin with (Syco etc).
Anyway Louis, on a roll of giving us what we want today, also gave us a VIDEO with his HAT OFF! I don’t even care that it’s a silly ad (for samsung), or that he trimmed his luscious locks a little, it’s Louis! Talking and stuff!! Showing off his still wonderfully long hair all pushed up and back! Gorgeous, amazing, perfect… and yes I am ignoring the slides and socks thank you very much, though I will mention that they are literally exactly the same as Harry’s slides and socks. He also followed BMG, one of his (no doubt many) NFT trading profiles was found (@LT282828, LMAO), and new shows are being added as the tour dates finalize (though ticketmaster showing a Harry date for the same day/place as one of them was a glitch, we don’t have Harry’s updated dates yet)
And speaking of Harry! MP filming was indoors today, so Harry was only seen walking to his car, but he showed up at the Brits!!! In an amazing geometric patterned (or, uh, “macro framed sequence print” I GUESS) brown and tan suit (that clashed just HORRIFICALLY with the neon pastel Brits décor and his award, I fucking love that) and a cute lil handbag and sneakers to accept his AWARD for Best British Single!! (For Watermelon Sugar oddly, but hey a wins a win). CONGRATULATIONS baby and WOW great to see him! He popped in with pal Tomo Campbell, last seen by us when they drove to Italy together last summer. He thanked “my fans, for being so generous to me, always, and everyone in my life who has my back, thank you so much I love you.” Question, did he make the choice to swap out the pink and yellow award he was handed onstage for the blue and green version he had later? Either way, lol. Lots more people will have nice things to say about him now with this high profile win, but even before that people were gushing about him-- Joshua Bassett came out as queer by calling Harry hot (”I guess this is me coming out”), we got Billy Porter on the Brits pre show carpet saying, “I am seeing change! You know Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue Magazine that is change. You’re welcome!” and someone from his recording studio telling us he “was very nice wasn’t he, he brought doughnuts for the assistants and gave everyone a lift home. He came into reception and offered to make everybody a cup of tea,” awww Harry! Lift home from Harry, that’s my new meeting-one-of-the-boys goal.
Niall wished “everyone involved at the Brits” good luck, and Liam wished an NFT creator luck on his sale.
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wangxianficrecs · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Fic Finder ~*~
1.  Help me, Mojo, you are my only hope! (ahem) I've tried finding a fic I read recently, but am going nuts with all my fruitless searching. It's a fic where Lan Qiren doesn't find out about Wei Wuxian's golden core until Wei Wuxian catches a cold and Lan Qiren has to look after him. It forces Lan Qiren - who until then had hated Wei Wuxian with a vengeance - to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. I thought it was part of a series, but maybe not? Thank you! ~ @clmoryel
FOUND!  By @clmoryel themself, heh:   Seasons of Falling Flowers by merakily (G, 40k, wangxian, lan qiren & wei wuxian, podfic)
This makes me think of Some Days. by jollytortoise my post here but there’s no golden core reveal.
2.  There are a couple Tumblr fics I’ve seen wherein WWX shows off his brilliance at Gusu Summer School: (a) one where he proceeds to hack the Cloud Recesses’ perimeter arrays and analyze their flaws (it’s his duty as Yunmeng Jiang’s Head Disciple to ensure that his shidis and shimeis will be safe there!), and (b) one where, during sword practice, he instantly discerns the underlying principle and metaphor of each Sect’s sword style. (All the better if these are also on AO3!)
2A FOUND! @gingermenace and @wishingforromance agree that it’s a Prompt fill by @shanastoryteller (sadly not on AO3)
2B FOUND!  @mythopoeticlicense and @gingermenace agree that this one is a different Prompt fill by @shanastoryteller (which may grow into an AO3 story someday)
3.  There’s this fic I read where Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji had pretty much an existential crisis as they realized most of the Lan Rules were ridiculous or something like that and started purposely breaking rules making Wei Wuxian panic and I think they got drunk at one point I can’t remember if this was part of a series or a oneshot
FOUND?  Nonny says it could be nevermore, nevermore by agloeian (T, 115k, wangxian, WIP) ' except that was Lan Wangji and a time-travelling Lan Sizhui, not Lan Xichen. They both had an existential crisis, and decided to break as many rules as possible, including the one about alcohol.’
4.  Hi, im sorry to bother you but ive been looking for a fic that takes place during cloud recesses study era, where wangji kissed wwx and thought he forced himself on him, so he asks to be punished by whipping. Wwx hears and runs to clarify in front of everyone that he very much DID want the kiss lwj so asks to be punished too, which leads to a hilarious scene where wangxian shamelessly confesses mid punishment in front of everyone. Ive been desperately trying to find it to no luck
5.  Heyo !! I once read a fanfic which i absolutely loved but now I can't find it :[ So i was hoping maybe you could help?? </3 it's married wangxian in cloud recesses and there are female seamstresses who sew the lan robes; lwj wants to learn how to make a winter coat for wwx so he goes to a female seamstress who teaches him secretly; she also makes normal robes for wwx who struggles with putting them on because "there are too many layers" lmao; in the end wangxian surprise each other and it's all cute and fluffy!! Oh yea wwx also put a huge bow on himself i think
FOUND!  by @airmidcelt:  The Cloudweavers《云织之者》 by Joythea (T, 38k, wangxian)
6.  Hi i love all your rec's so i wanted to ask you if you had read this fic where instead of jin zixuan it is lan wangji who dies and wei wuxian waits for him for 13 years and wwx also plays lwj s guqin and then lwj is reborn its a one short i have been searching it for a long time. ~ @alec-karnika
FOUND! by @afallengrace-note:  the passing of seasons by yoonminoml (fanficloverme96) (G, 13k, wangxian)
7.   I still have a hope I can find this but there was a story where post-Sunshot Campaign an agreement was made with a Wen prisoner for WQ to transfer his core to WWX and when WWX goes to talk with the Wen before the surgery he finds out the prisoner is A-Yuan's bio dad who volunteered. There is a chance this was a time travel fic but possibly not. YOU'RE AWESOME <3
8.  (CW: suicide, sexual assault.)Thank you very much for the work you do on reccing and finding MDZS fics. Your tumblr has been invaluable to me after I entered the fandom in January. [Yay, I’m so glad!]  I’m looking for a fic where Lwj starts to doubt his sect and the principles. He remembers an incident where a young Lan girl tried to kill herself because an elder molested her. There’s a confrontation with Lqr or the elders about why he left where Lwj mentions it. ~ @kitsileya
FOUND! by @airmidcelt and @skywise8123:  Unpack Your Heart by Terri Botta (Isilwath) (T, 22k, wangxian, Ch. 5 specifically) part of the series Share Your Silence.
9.  hello! i was wondering if i could trouble you to include something in your next fic finder post? i think wwx was a demon/vampire and lwj a demon hunter(??). they teamed up so lwj invited wwx into cloud recesses, but wwx noticed their wards sucked. one time wwx left cr for whatever reason and came back to the wards being reset so he couldn't get in and he thought that this was lwj's way of breaking up with him (not sure if they were actually together) but it was just lxc fixing the wards. tyvm!
FOUND! by @artemisisdiana who says it’s a twitter threadfic:   vampire!wwx threadfic! by  fer @hyacinthsuns (sundiscus on AO3)
10.   hello!! i hope you’re having an amazing day! i cant seem to find this wangxian fic where wwx pretends to be asleep every morning to see what lwj does in the morning. it’s super soft and sweet! thank you!
FOUND! by @theembodimentofawkwardness:  morning routine by t_why (M, 4k, wangxian)
11.  Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe help me find a fic? I tried looking for it in the arranged marriage tag but couldn't find it but I think I've seen it on your blog before? Anyway, they decide to engage wwx to nmj and i'm not sure it was to make lwj jealous on purpose but that's what happened. It's firmly a wangxian only fic tho no poly. Any help is much appreciated :) thank you!
...  Hi! I'm the previous anon. I already found the fic haha. It was under your jealous lan wangji tag. Thanks again! Your blog is always super helpful. Have a great day! ❤
FOUND!  through Nonny’s own skills:  Marital Prospects by Vamillepudding (G, 19k, wangxian, my post)
ALSO!  @airmidcelt points out the threesome option:   An Elegant Solution by giraffeter (E, 205k, niewangxian)
12.  Hello i hope you and your followers can help me find a fic. It’s lan wangji running after & throwing something at wei wuxian bc he woke up next to the man in the jingshi and he doesn’t remember him (I’m not sure if it’s bc of amnesia or age regression tho) and lqr chastises lwj. If I remember it correctly, i think lqr went “is that anyway to treat your spouse?” at lwj. Also if it’ll help i think it’s a chaptered fic.
FOUND!  @fondofeveryprickle thinks it could be An Arrow Through Time by syrus_jones (M, 167k, wangxian, WIP) where ‘lwj travels to the future and wakes up in bed with wwx (in Mo XuanYu's body). they don't use wwx's name, and always calls him lwj's spouse/husband’
FOUND!  @insideupsideoutdown says another option is yours to hold by radishtears (T, 10k, wangxian)
13.  Hi! I'm looking for a Wangxian story I read back in November 2020 on AO3, a Modern AU, Lan Zhan and Wei Ying are both medical residents, WY in orthopaedic surgery and LZ in cardiology. There is a patient of WY, a little girl with fragile bones. LZ helps WY to heal her (the little girl had a lupus). The author was a medical resident. It's finished, a one-shot and it's not Anginal Equivalents. Could you help me please? I'm pretty desperate T-T ~ @silu-chan
SOMETHING SIMILAR! but not exactly what you want is Year Of Night Call by ailuridae (abigailnicole) (T, 22k, wangxian, my post)
14.  Okay so hey, I love your blog!! I've read many amazing fics because of it! [Thank you!] I'd like to ask you and your followers help for searching a fic? It might've been a oneshot or maybe not idk but essentially: a wangxian modern/college au where WWX makes like desserts etc.? I think he made his own chocolate and he made LWJ a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows maybe?) because LWJ didn't have it in his childhood or something? Like basically WWX making food/desserts and LWJ has to try them and I think they get together at the end? If you or anyone else could help me with this I would be very glad!! ❤
FOUND! @airmidcelt thinks it could be i swim in hollow lakes carved from memories by spookykingdomstarlight (T, 154k, wangxian, xiyao) - ‘WWX bakes in it and there's a scene in Chapter 15 where he makes hot chocolate for LWJ who hasn't had it since he was a child ‘
15.  I just love your blog!! 💜💜 Can you please find that fic where Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are detectives who have a bet about who catches more perps and solves cases. If Wei Wuxian wins, Lan Wangji has to go on a date with him. The story almost follows what happened in the Brooklyn 99 episode. ~ @astarshine
FOUND! by @zensucht:  99th precinct by bichen (T, 4k, wangxian)
16.  Hi there! The work you do is amazing and wonderful and I would be so grateful for some help! I’m at my wits’ end trying to find a fic I read a while ago. It may be deleted, I’m not sure, but the gist of it is that WWX is traveling post-canon and ends up accidentally sort-of-summoning ghosts whose purpose is to keep him company because he’s so lonely. The juniors are there to investigate the haunting and they’re upset that he didn’t come to any of them for help but he thinks no one wants him around, and LSZ ends up calling LWJ in for reinforcements. I loved it so much but I can’t find it anywhere, I’ve spent so many hours scrolling through AO3 😭 any help in the right direction would be so appreciated! ❤️ @eleanorfenyx
FOUND! @fairfax-verde thinks it’s the dock of the bay by Haysel (T, 22k, wangxian)
17.  Hello! This blog is just my Holy Grail for WangXian fics and I am so glad this exists.  [Aw, bb, you’re too kind!]  I am looking for a fic where Wei Wuxian was kicked out of his home and Lan Wangji allows him to stay at his place. It was a modern au which involved WWX paying off Jiang Cheng's debts and the Wens abused him because he failed to pay rest of the debt. Look at me ranting. I hope you can find that fic and thank you anyways!
FOUND!  ❤️the best of you by sysrae (E, 42k, wangxian, my post)
18.  I'm looking for a fic, could you help me? It's kind of like a time travel au but lwj accidentally kills wwx at never night (cql universe i believe) and both of them go back in time, wwx thinks lwj actually hates him but lwj wants to clear it up, wwx also purges the waterborne abyss with like a jade stone? like he puts it into the stone? It's a 50K oneshot I believe?
FOUND!  by @huans who says ‘it's a silver pouch and not a jade and 37K long’ (@tjwock agrees):  Regrets by antebunny (G, 38k, wantxian)
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bottomlouisficfest · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Now that the Bottom Louis Fic Fest 2020 has concluded, we know that a lot of readers will have more time to catch up on some of the amazing fics they may have missed over the past two months. We encourage everyone to check out the full collection and to scroll through this masterpost of the 70 incredible fics that were posted during this year’s fest.
Please be sure to give all of these fics love - offer kudos, leave comments, reblog their fic posts on Tumblr, and retweet the fic posts on Twitter to help spread the word about these fics. The fest ending does not mean that our appreciation and reading of these fics has to end too.
Thank you for following along with this fest! We appreciate every single one of you - and we’ll see you later this year for the Bottom Louis Fic Fest 2021. 😊💜
Rainbow Bloom
A fic by dandelionfairies on AO3 | @dandelionfairies on Tumblr | dandelionfairi1 on Twitter
22k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis is in denial. Louis has been in denial for far too long. Then Harry enters his life and everything changes.
Breakable Heaven
A fic by amomentoflove on AO3 | @daggerandrose on Tumblr | dagger_rosefics on Twitter
44k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“What do you think?” Louis gets captured by Harry’s green eyes, unable to look away or even take a breath.
“I think you’re the most magnificent creature I’ve ever met.”
“You must not have met many creatures then.”
Harry’s eyes glance downward to Louis’ lips and his tongue darts out to wet his own. “None like you.”
bang bang (my baby shot me down)
A fic by thepolourryexpress on AO3 | @thepolourryexpress on Tumblr | ZOUlSBUSONE on Twitter
16k | Not Rated | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I walked in on them having sex again,” Niall says after a beat of hesitation.
Liam still looks confused. “Why’s this different from every other time we’ve seen them having sex?” Liam asks, and oh, Harry knows Liam really doesn’t want to know the answer to this one.
Niall’s gone silent then, and Harry almost thinks they’re in the clear. Liam is back to scrolling through his phone, and Zayn is whispering something to Louis that makes the older boy giggle. They’re going to get through this car ride without a murder.
But then Niall’s covering his face with his sweatshirt, taking in a breath and on his exhale, Harry hears him mutter, “Louis was wearing knickers.”
Liam’s phone clatters to the floor of the car.
Don't You Know That I'm a Moon in Daylight?
A fic by wildholly on AO3 | @bottomlwt on Tumblr | bottomloulou on Twitter
58k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 79. Louis and Harry fell in love in the 18th century, Louis wanted Harry to convert him into a vampire, but he ended up resenting Harry for it. Fast forward to our modern days, they haven’t seen each other since then, but one day they meet again through a mutual friend. Harry was bitter for a long time, but he accepted that being angry wouldn't erase the fact that Louis was the love of his life. He wanted to court and spoil Louis like in their original time period, but Louis avoided him every time Harry tried to reconnect. Happy ending!
practice in pencil, seal it in pen
A fic by loubellies on AO3 | @loubellies on Tumblr | loubellies on Twitter
16k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 174: AU where drunk Harry lifts Louis up after someone says “bottoms up”. Louis blushes at Harry’s antics, flustered that his best friend knew him more than he thought. Friends to lovers with a happy ending please
or Harry is in love with Louis but he doesn't know.
tastes like summer, smiles like may
A fic by outropeace on AO3 | @outropeace on Tumblr | outropetals on Twitter
47k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Is this true?” Harry grabbed the beta by the shoulders. “Bryce, where did you hear that?”
“There’s rumors going around the castle,” he smirked. “stories about his beauty and his cold attitude. They know he is an omega only because of his scent, but he has never had a heat.”
“Do you know what this means?”
Bryce smirk grew into a big smile. “He can’t give you an heir.”
A cold prince, an alpha with nothing left to lose and a kingdom with a secret.
blinded by the sparks
A fic by wallstracktwo on AO3 | @wallstracktwo on Tumblr
22k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
"You can’t even keep your lies straight. Mike has the memory of an elephant and can remember every single detail about every single person he’s ever met, so don’t stand there and tell me that he mixed you up with someone else.” He took back Harry’s cigarette. “I saw you exchanging lower chips for higher ones. I saw you counting the cards. There is no fucking way you won seven thousand dollars tonight honestly. And so I will repeat myself — I want in. Fifty-fifty.”
Harry was completely taken aback by the stunningly attractive man standing in front of him. He made several attempts to say something — opening and closing his mouth at least twice before he was finally able to string a few words together. “What? No. No way. No. Sorry, but I work alone.”
That was the truth too — he had never trusted anyone enough to let them get close, especially when it came to his scamming, so having a partner was completely, utterly out of the question.
“Don’t you think you need someone on the…” Louis’ tongue darted out, licking his lips as his eyes flickered to Harry’s mouth, one eyebrow cocking up. “...inside.”
Or - Harry is a scammer who drifts from casino to casino. Louis is the new waiter who wants in on the scam.
somewhere in between
A fic by soldouthaz on AO3 | @soldouthaz on Tumblr | soldouthaz on Twitter
42k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis wakes up early. He brushes his teeth and can only stomach a piece of toast for breakfast, dressing quickly and heading for the car. He pulls into the parking lot of the Department of Dominance and Submission just as they’re unlocking the doors. It takes him all of an hour in the uncomfortable chairs to fill out the paperwork to the best and most accurate of his ability, handing it over to the receptionist as soon as he’s finished and wiping his sweaty palms on his business trousers.
There’s a high chance that within ten to fifteen business days, Louis will be matched with a dominant.
On My Mind All The Time, Say You're Mine
A fic by Safetypinprince on AO3 | @roselouis on Tumblr | femboyIouis on Twitter
9k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Dude, we’re inside, and it’s night time. Those don’t look as cool as you think they do.” Louis could kick himself, he sounded so stupid, but it certainly got the guy’s attention.
It was at that unfortunate moment that he noticed several other things about this hot asshole, that he hadn’t noticed just staring from afar. First, when Louis spoke to him, his gaze was kind of unfocused behind his sunglasses, and secondly, that he had a red and white cane folded up under his arm.
“I’m… Blind,” the man chuckled, awkwardly.  
Louis wanted to melt into a puddle out of pure embarrassment.
“I— am so sorry. I have to go.”
“Hey, wait, wait,” the man soothed, grabbing at Louis’ shoulders before he could get away.
“I’m sorry,” Louis repeated, looking down at his shoes.
“It’s alright,” He cackled. “I get it a lot. More than you know.”
Alternatively titled: and they were roommates.
A Silent Whisper (That's Left Unsaid)
A fic by MyEnglishRose on AO3 | @lwtisloved on Tumblr | darlinlou on Twitter
50k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“So… we’re doing this?”
Louis shrugs, suddenly acting disinterested.
“Your call, Curly.”
Instead of a verbal response, Harry suddenly takes Louis’ left hand in his. The black ring seems to nag him as the fire’s light reflects its polished edges. He ignores Louis’ curious gaze as he quickly takes off one of his own rings — the rose one —, sliding it on Louis’ middle finger. It is a little large and when he lets go of his hand, Louis has to curl it into a fist so the ring doesn’t immediately fall off.
“We’ll tell them it’s a promise ring, not an actual engagement,” Harry declares, trying to ignore how warm his cheeks feel. Hopefully, it can’t be seen as he is facing away from the fireplace.
“Right… could have gotten me a fitted ring though, my Harry ten years ago was more thoughtful.”
Louis’ tone is light and teasing again. It creates a small smile on Harry’s lips.
“Someday,” he whispers before he even registers it himself.
They both ignore it.
Or. A Fake Relationship & Exes to Lovers AU ft a failed proposal ten years ago, an oblivious Harry, an overworked Louis, Zayn as the protective best friend, a meddling aunt and a lot of talks about weddings and rings.
sweet like honey
A fic by falsegoodnight on AO3 | @falsegoodnight on Tumblr | falsegoodnight on Twitter
33k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Weeks of flat shopping with their limited budget with Louis as a librarian aid and Harry as a barista and arguments about whether a balcony or extended bathroom suite were more important (Harry wanted to be able to feel the crisp night’s air and watch the sun set and Louis just wanted to take long bubble baths) led to them stumbling across the perfect fit. A small flat only ten minutes from campus with a cramped but lovely balcony and an included bath.
It’s affordable too… well, sort of. But they always manage. Louis picks up more shifts as an aid, adapting a habit of bringing his Psych textbooks and homework with him to finish in between duties, and later his script so he can quietly practice lines with little distraction.
Harry also increases his number of shifts at the cafe and valiantly endures the nasty customers who for some reason flock to their establishment like moths to a flame.
For a while, it’s enough.
Or, Harry and Louis need money and they find an unconventional solution in the form of PornHub. It’s not supposed to be a big deal.
Spoonful of Sugar
A fic by zanni_scaramouche on AO3 | @zanniscaramouche on Tumblr
42k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Harry Styles.  
A name better suited for a myth than a man. Like the name of the devil, people either whisper it in fear or laugh it off as fable. Cut it open and this city’s heart doesn’t bleed red. It’s snowy white, and it pulses in the tight grip of Lucifer himself.
Louis Tomlinson cares for his family above all else, a fact that’s led him on a twisted path peddling drugs to support them. Just as he’s made the decision to jump ship, Louis gets snared between the two largest crime syndicates in the city. To keep his family safe he’s forced to trust the man that failed to keep his promise two years ago, the resident drug lord he’s unknowingly been working for, Harry Styles.
Let's Break the Internet
A fic by louizsv on AO3 | @ashleyjohnsonfanaccount on Tumblr | piccadillyplum on Twitter
9k | Explicit | Louis/OMC | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I’ll tell you what,” Sam leans forward in his chair and steeples his fingers in front of his face, “If you actually make an account and sell nudie pics and porn for more than three months, I’ll believe you.”
Louis purses his lips, ignoring the returning blush on his cheeks at the thought of having to film himself in compromising positions or taking photos of himself without any clothes on. Raising his chin defiantly, Louis accepts the challenge.
“Fine,” he agrees, “But when I win, you have to make one too.”
Lips quirked, Sam nods and holds out a hand, “Deal.” -- Or, the one where Louis is an Only Fans baby.
in a sea of mist
A fic by tomlinvelvet on AO3 | @tomlinvelvetfics on Tumblr
126k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
A Greek Mythology/Camp Half-Blood AU where Harry is lost, the road to peace is a wretched one, and somehow, through a mist of confusion and regrets, Louis seems to be the only thing that makes sense and everything Harry needs.
Across the Grey, Salty Sea
A fic by thecheshirepussycat on AO3 | @the-cheshire-pussy-cat on Tumblr | Bee_With_Mee on Twitter
19k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 212: Alex from Dunkirk and French escort/prostitute Louis who ends up in Alex’s quarters more nights than not. Alex gives him his dog tag to wear maybe just a lot of smut and dirty talk with Louis being a pretty princess.
When Our Worlds They Fall Apart
A fic by edensrose on AO3 | @holdingthornsandroses on Tumblr | thetrashpigeon on Twitter
42k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Harry put his hand over his heart as if Louis had wounded him. “You’re so harsh, my liege! Perhaps you need to relieve some tension…” He let his voice trail off suggestively.
“The day I ask YOU to relieve tension is the day I lose all my wits and join the Imperials,” Louis said. “It will never happen.”
Written for the Bottom Louis Fic Fest 2020- Prompt 325: Star Wars AU with Harry as Han Solo and Louis as Leia.
Thank you, five.
A fic by nouies on AO3 | @nouies on Tumblr | _nouies on Twitter
5k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Harry?” He says as soon as he recognises the other man.
“Louis? Wh-what are you doing here?” Harry asks with a frown.
“Well, I’m here for rehearsal,” Louis announces with a proud smile.
There’s a flash of confusion on Harry’s face. “What do you mean rehearsal? I got the part, you didn’t.”
Prompt 195: Hamilton AU
Know I Think You're Awesome, Right?
A fic by princesshalo on AO3 | @princesshalo on Tumblr | tpwkorra on Twitter
60k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Well, that’s not very Treat People With Kindness of you.”
“Neither is approaching someone with the sole intent of criticizing a cause they’re clearly passionate about, given the amount of time they’ve dedicated to advocating for it,” Louis snaps.
“Sure, but I’m not the one with the button,” Harry shrugs.
“So, is there actually something I can help you with, or did you just come to push me into pepper spraying you as well?” Louis is quickly growing impatient. Hell, he was impatient the moment that Harry made his grand entrance on campus yesterday.
“I’m just trying to assess the environment here,” Harry says, “Because if this is all you’ve got to offer trans people who just want to be able to use the bathroom in peace like the rest of us, then I’m not sure I fit in.”
“Allow me to save you the trouble, then: you don’t.”
Based on the prompt: a college AU where Louis is a hippie, very good vibes activist and Harry is a punk, anarchist that always gets involved in violent protests.
show you the stars in daylight
A fic by bruisedhoney on AO3 | @yvesaintlourent on Tumblr | bruisedhoney on Twitter
13k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis laughed, the sound loud and borderline obnoxious. Harry winced. “Are you kidding, Haz? I wouldn’t even look twice at someone that couldn’t pick me up.”
And, well. That was new information to Harry. It’s not like Louis had ever mentioned to him that he was his type in any way, shape, or form.  Harry shifted closer into the space between Louis’s legs, even more intrigued than before. “Why not?” he asked curiously, all pink lips and big curls. Louis smiled.
“Tiny, innocent, little Harold. Need someone that can pick me up, don’t I? I like being tossed around a little. You know, pinned down and made to take it. Lifted up like I’m nothing,” Louis said it all with a confident smile, his sharp little teeth tugging at his bottom lip as he locked eyes with the jock across the kitchen. “Think he might come over here. Move over. I don’t want him to think we’re together.”
Or, the one where Louis has a type and at sixteen and scrawy, it's definitely not his best friend's little brother Harry...ten years later, he changes his mind.
Freeway of Love (In a Pink Cadillac)
A fic by MsHydeStylinson on AO3 | @mizzhydes on Tumblr | MsHydeStylinson on Twitter
33k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Did you like them?” Louis asked in a seductive tone, propping his elbow against the armrest, chin resting against his fingers.
“I’m not going to answer that,” Harry informed, lips pressed in a hard line.
“I don’t think you have to,” Louis smirked nodding slightly towards his telltale bulge and watched as Harry reddened from his neck to his forehead in a flash.
”Please, I beg you to put that phone away,” Harry pleaded with a suffering expression plastered on his face.
“Please…” Harry whined.
Louis was on his way to Miami to visit an old friend. Harry was going there for a little R&R and take in the sights and sounds.  A sudden upgrade in seating brought these polar opposites together. The universe works in mysterious ways and they are unknowingly about to embark on an adventure they will surely remember for a lifetime.
Prompt 107: Sugar daddy AU inspired by this tweet: “going to sit next to the richest looking middle aged man on my flight and scroll through my nudes for three hours straight” with rich daddy Harry and bratty baby Louis.
Won't Keep You My (Dirty Little) Secret
A fic by lovelykits on AO3 | @lovelykits on Tumblr
16k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I got asked out today,” Louis comments.
“Okay,” Harry shifts.
“Did you hear me? I said I got asked out.”
"You always get asked out.”
“Yeah well this time they didn’t believe I had a boyfriend!”
Or Louis and Harry have been together since the end of last year and somehow no one knows about it.
A Place With Skeletons
A fic by whoknows on AO3 | @crazyupsetter on Tumblr
50k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I would choose anyone other than you,” Louis says, picking up his train of thought again. He feels a lot more cornered and defensive when they’re in Harry’s house, for some reason. It doesn’t really make sense, considering that this time, Louis was the one who couldn’t hack it any longer. He broke first. There’s something about being in Harry’s space, though, the green and earthy feeling of it. It should feel like open space with all the plants, but Louis has never felt more claustrophobic than he does when he’s here.
Harry’s chest moves against his back, a sharp intake of air. Before he can open his mouth to defend himself, Louis keeps going, “If I had a choice in any of this, I would have been saved by that elderly security guard over you. I wouldn’t mind having to have the occasional cuddle with her.”
Pretty and Pink
A fic by LarryInPanties on AO3 | @larryinpantiess on Tumblr | babielouu on Twitter
12k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis points a finger at the man’s pec, “I’ll have you know Harry, anyone would be lucky to have me as a hitchhiker buddy. I’m nice, I don’t take up too much space, and I’m pretty.”
He’s not lying.
“Let me get this straight,” Harry gives Louis a look when he lets out a tiny laugh. “Ya’ want to take a ride with me but you don’t even know where ya’ wanna go yet?”
Harry never lets anyone come on the road with him.
Then, a cute hitchhiker, Louis comes around.
Cold As Ice And Everything Nice
A fic by harriblou on AO3 | @harriblou on Tumblr | harriblou on Twitter
40k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
A young boy about Harry’s age was zoomed into the camera, blushing a bright red and breathing heavily and as he bowed. The crowd was cheering for him loudly and every movement he made was bashful and flustered. He had on a very nice skate dress that was purple. His name, hometown, skate scores, and all sorts of information was in a banner on the bottom half of the screen. He was really young, especially compared to all the other competitors, which was the second thing he noticed.
The first was that the boy was easily the prettiest in the entire world, the prettiest boy Harry’s ever seen. He felt his asthma squeeze his throat and his heart beat faster and his hands get a little more clammy.
or in which Louis is a professional ice-skater and he meets Harry, who offers to clean the ice for him.
You'll wait for me only.
A fic by signofthetmies on AO3 | @tired-eyes-lou on Tumblr
9k | Teen & Up | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Harry nips at the bondmark on Louis’ neck, Louis’ hands go to his hips, grounding him. He allows himself this, knowing that his Omega needs it too. Harry pulls back, “Go on a date with me.” He rushes out, looking at Louis’ eyes.
Louis laughs and shakes his head. “No, Louis, I’m serious. We’ve bonded for life anyway, might as well try.” Louis looks at him, “You’ve been thinking about this a lot.” Louis points out, Harry nods. “Okay.” Louis says and walks out leaving Harry. “Okay what?!”
Prompt 15: Omega Louis is a lawyer that worked on omega rights cases. Alpha Harry is a corporate lawyer. Louis and Harry used to be childhood archenemies, until Louis moved to another school and they never saw each other again. Now, they’re both adults that happen to work in the same place. They behave like children and still share a mutual dislike. Both travel to work together for a case. One night they both bond accidentally. Slowly but surely, they fall in love. Enemies to lovers!
through the wheatfields and the coastlines
A fic by thepolourryexpress on AO3 | @thepolourryexpress on Tumblr | ZOUlSBUSONE on Twitter
53k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“You’re not from around here, are ya?” Hot Cowboy asks, tracking his little lamb with his eyes. Louis frowns slightly, having thought he was doing pretty well at not sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s not like he’s not from around here — it’s not his first summer he’s spent at his grandparents'. But he supposes that the Manhattan city lifestyle that he’s used to is always going to shine through.
“I’m visiting family for the summer,” Louis explains, cheeks a little pink. “Trying to get some work done without distractions.”
Or, alternatively, the one where Louis needs inspiration, and a certain cowboy and his lamb are the perfect distraction.
The Boy with the Tin Chest and a Glass Heart
A fic by louloubaby92 on AO3 | @louloubabys1992 on Tumblr
18k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Alpha Harry Styles, world-renowned author of fairy-tales, is being persuaded by the Beta, Liam Payne to hire a new illustrator. Since Harry’s own illustrations are too graphic for what is supposed to be children’s stories, Liam feels the need is dire. Omega Louis does not agree with Liam since he believes that Harry’s stories are fine just the way they are. Of course this has nothing to do with Louis being totally biased or totally head over heels for Harry. It certainly has nothing to do with being jealous of the mysterious omega illustrator Liam has in mind to team Harry up with.
Seriously, it has nothing to do with that at all. Nothing, absolutely nothing, zilch, nada.
This Glass House
A fic by BabyPowderLou on AO3 | @compactblue on Tumblr | princessbluelou on Twitter
42k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
While deployed, Alpha Harry gets injured by an IED explosion, leaving him to deal with severe injuries in its devastating aftermath. During his road to acceptance and recovery he learns with the help of Louis and their children just how important family can be for the mind, body, and soul.
singing your praises
A fic by loubellies on AO3 | @loubellies on Tumblr | loubellies on Twitter
6k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 86: Louis rides Harry while wearing his packer’s jersey/sweater and gets his ass ate.
made for lovin' you
A fic by cuddlerlouis on AO3 | @cuddlerlouis on Tumblr | burntromances on Twitter
52k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I’m in,” is all Louis receives. He blinks a few times, making sure he’s reading this right.
“For real?” he asks, just to be a hundred percent sure.
“Yes,” pops up. “How do you wanna pursue?” The alpha adds, like he’s on a special mission or something.
“I’m gonna call us a cab to go to mine. Once I know it’s here, I’ll leave and join you there,” Louis explains. “I’ll text you to go around five minutes before it arrives, so it doesn’t look suspicious, and our friends don’t notice us leaving together.”
So Louis does, and ten minutes later, he’s sat in the backseat of a cab, next to Harry Styles, the person he hates the most but unfortunately still finds attractive. They’re on their way to fuck in Louis’ flat.
Or the one where a quick, horny decision ruins Louis’ summer plans, but may also lead to unexpected discoveries. Featuring the road trip of dreams, misunderstandings, and a bit of fate.
Stuck On You
A fic by WritewhatIwant on AO3
34k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis’ life revolves around his stickers. Harry’s life revolves around his job. The universe has decided their worlds should revolve around each other.
On the Edge
A fic by zanni_scaramouche on AO3 | @zanniscaramouche on Tumblr
47k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Figure skating is as vital to Louis’ identity as his DNA, so when his skates go missing right before the last Olympics of his career there may be a meltdown only vanilla bath salts can fix. Well, that and the stupidly charming hockey player he met on the plane.
Harry’s too old to be the wonder kid and too young to be taken seriously in the NHL. As an alternate thrown in at the last second, he fights to prove himself on the national team at the largest sporting event known to man. Or he will, once he gets off this flight and can focus on something other than the fussy figure skater and his stunningly blue eyes.
A baggage mix-up skews both of their perfectly laid plans for gold, forcing the two to work together as the clock clicks towards the minute they’re expected to shine on centre ice.
Be a Good Girl For Me
A fic by wannabebestseller on AO3 | @sincetheywere16and18 on Tumblr
9k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Based on this prompt: “AU where Harry is Louis’ older brother’s best friend. He catches Louis dancing around his room in panties and blackmails him, saying that Louis has to do anything he says or else he’ll tell Louis’ family that he wears girly underwear. Secretly soft for him, Harry gives him easy tasks and uses the whole thing to spend more time with Louis. Eventually, the orders begin to escalate and Harry teases Lou about his secret, making Louis shy and embarrassed. Louis loves the attention though, and forms a crush on his brother’s best friend. Lots of feminization, secret relationship, and enemies to lovers. Thank you!”
dripping like spider milk
A fic by raspberryoats on AO3 | @raspberryoatss on Tumblr | raspberryoatss on Twitter
64k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
When he sees the alpha, his brown hair curling around the top of his neck and his broad back that’s filled out over the past couple of years, Louis freezes for a moment. The alpha turns around, Louis’ surprised expression mirrored on his own for a fraction of a second before he schools it into a big, yet shy grin and a wave of his huge hand. With his nostrils flared, Louis knows that he can smell him, too.
They never hired alphas, except for—
or prompt 110: Louis is a retired porn star and he gets invited back to test a new line of sex products the company he worked for is releasing (would include photoshoots and videos of Louis sampling certain toys). Harry is there to photograph, film, and intimately help him along the way (preferably in a private setting).
But It's Useless
A fic by thinlines on AO3 | @thinlinez on Tumblr
26k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis was even hallucinating now. He closed his eyes.
“Hey, you.”
He chuckled wetly, head still leaning against the door.
“Can you get out of the way? You're blocking the door.”
He exhaled sharply before slowly turning around. His eyes fixed onto muddy Nike trainers before it traveled up to impossibly short jogging shorts. The yellow color was atrocious, simply ghastly.
“What happened to being polite, Harold?”
OR Omega Louis would never guess that he would be trying to hack into Alpha Harry's Wifi. That is until everything changes when he tries to get to know his enemy.
Yours To Lose
A fic by loulicate on AO3 | loulicaterecs on Twitter
26k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I think I know the person that matches your descriptions of your dream alpha.”
“Who? And oh not my dream alpha, god you’re making me sound like a teenage school girl. I’m a mum, H.” They laugh as they watch kids gather in front of the verandah, getting ready to go back to the orphanage.
“Well, you’re gonna have to find out.” Harry winks before standing up to start cleaning their spot.
Or Louis always gets distracted with his mummy duty and he eventually catches Harry's attention.
Sweet Scary Creatures
A fic by Specklesock on AO3 | @specklelouis on Tumblr | specklelouiie on Twitter
13k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
They stare into each other's eyes for a while until Louis remembers this is too intimate and looks at Harry’s hands on his thigh. It spans a big portion of his thigh and Louis has always been insecure about how thick he is, so he loves that Harry has huge, dustbin hands that hold him and makes him feel smaller, safer.
We Are But Dust and Shadows
A fic by louisbarnes on AO3 | @tomlinsonbarnes on Tumblr | dreamersdiving on Twitter
51k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Um, okay. I’m going to…” Harry gestured over his shoulder and gave the two of them an awkward smile.
“Wait! You got a letter.” Zayn held out the letter and Harry’s face dropped. He took the letter from Zayn, gaze locked on it like it was a bomb ready to explode. “What is it?”
“Probably just from the New York Institute,” Harry muttered. He hurried away, ripping the envelope open as he went.
“Remember when you said you didn’t want to fuck him?” Zayn broke the silence and Louis scoffed.
“Quite clearly, actually.”
Zayn grinned. “Your eye twitches when you lie.”
“Fuck off.”
Or: Louis is part of a well respected Shadowhunter family, and Harry is the Mundane turned Shadowhunter who just can’t seem to get it right.
it's hard to fight naked
A fic by bluestarwitch on AO3 | @loustarlight on Tumblr | IwtstarIight on Twitter
11k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 6: Louis and Harry are roommates, but they cannot stand each other. When Harry heard Louis moan his name while Louis was riding a dildo in Harry’s room (Louis thought he was alone at home), Harry couldn’t stop himself and so he ended up fucking Louis against the mattress. Happy ending!
or where Louis leaves dirty socks on the couch, Zayn does assignments while he's high, and Harry is hopelessly crushing on his roommate.
social cues
A fic by outropeace on AO3 | @outropeace on Tumblr | outropetals on Twitter
56k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
To Harry, Louis was becoming as tangible and essential as music in his life. He still was a mystery but at the same time, he was one of the most real things Harry had. He just hoped he could live up to the image Louis probably had in his mind of him.
He could play the part, after all, what was published of him wasn’t as detached from reality. He didn’t think of himself as a rockstar cliche, although he couldn't deny he did sleep around, partied a lot, and did some drugs. But then again, wasn’t that what the majority of his friends back in his hometown were doing at college?
Harry wanted to impress Louis, he didn’t want to disappoint or leave his expectations unfulfilled, so he’d give him the full rockstar experience.
It was a very simple plan, what could possibly go wrong?
A fic by larryent on AO3 | @larryent on Tumblr | oflarryent on Twitter
13k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
"A legacy is every life you’ve touched. And you’ve touched mine twice."
On the coast of San Franciso in 2024 is when Harry falls in love all over again.
“This thing upon me is not death but it’s as real, .... this thing upon me like a flower a feast, believe me is not death and is not glory.” — Charles Bukowski, old man, dead in a room
smoke between your teeth
A fic by soldouthaz on AO3 | @soldouthaz on Tumblr | soldouthaz on Twitter
37k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Alright, fine. What is it, then?" Louis asks. "Give me the best you’ve got. What’s this big reason why I smoke?"
Harry’s head lolls backward on the back of the sofa, a dopey grin on his face even though his eyes are already halfway closed - that look he gives Louis when he’s about to spout some incoherent bout of psychological bullshit.
“Oral fixation,” Harry mutters as delightfully as he can muster, his tone suggesting that it should be obvious.
Louis tries to stop his addiction to cigarettes and discovers he's been addicted to Harry for much, much longer.
calm me down (before i sleep)
A fic by leeanndarling on AO3 | @erodiansunflower on Tumblr | leeann_darling on Twitter
6k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 24: Harry is a sex shop owner that has a crush on Louis, the shy customer who flirts with him while buying cute buttplugs, lace panties, and collars. One day, Louis asked Harry to help him put on a corset (they end up fucking in the dressing room). Things escalate quickly from there, so they start seeing each other seriously while trying other sex stuff.
This World’s Ashes
A fic by sunshineandthemoonlight on AO3 | @sunshineandthemoonlight on Tumblr
34k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
The man stares at him, and all Harry can hear is his own heartbeat, racing.
Then the stranger turns away. He walks a few paces and bends down, picking up a large knife from the ground and shoving it into a pouch attached to his belt.
“I won’t hurt you, you know.”
Harry’s eyes snap up to the man’s face. He’s looking at Harry sincerely, palms held up as though in surrender. There’s still a knife in his right hand, though, so Harry is only slightly reassured.
Harry swallows to combat the dryness of his throat, and then says, “I won’t hurt you either.”
A post-apocalypse AU where Harry, battling his past as he survives in the woods, has learnt not to trust anyone except his dog. Then Louis crashes into his life, with his bright spirit and soft lips, pulling Harry from the depths of a loneliness he hadn’t realised he was drowning in. But there is danger lurking, and Harry’s not the only one wrestling with his past.
A Springtime's Wilt, an Autumn's Bloom
A fic by snowcaplou on AO3 | snowcaplou on Twitter
20k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“What about you Harry? Maybe you should apply for the position,” she teases.
“Oi! You better not be trying to get rid of my best driver-- I can’t go looking for a replacement, I’m too busy!” Louis says with a playful slap to Savannah’s shoulder. It's jestful, like the rest of their conversation, but there is a possessive bite to his words-- my best driver-- the words bounce through Harry’s ears until he can just hear the words my and mine. It falls deaf on Savannah’s beta senses, but for a minute Harry thinks he can sense the same words zooming through Louis’ thoughts.
My, mine.
My alpha.
And woah, Harry’s taking it too far. At least, he thinks he’s taking it too far, but when he looks back up from his plate, Louis’ eyes are heavy on his, and for a fleeting second, Harry can pretend he heard Louis say it.
Harry is Louis' personal chauffeur, and although he hides his feelings for his boss behind a wall of rigid professionalism, Louis still manages to squeeze through the cracks.
Starlight’s Crossing
A fic by smittenwithlouis on AO3 | @smittenwithlouis on Tumblr | smittenwlouis on Twitter
30k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
He can picture it so clearly, as he holds onto Louis’ sleeping body. How they’d go exploring every inch of the galaxy without a care in the world. He builds a fairytale future in his mind, one that includes marriage, kids, and growing old together. Even after such a short time together, Harry knows that he’d say yes to anything and everything this man ever asked for. He’d follow him to the ends of the galaxy if that’s what Louis wanted.
And that thought terrifies Harry.
Or: All it takes is one night for Harry and Louis' life to change forever. Fast-forward four years, and they embark on an adventure of a lifetime across the universe.
A fic by littleLouve on AO3 | @larents on Tumblr | louvees on Twitter
10k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
The one where Louis has control over water in every form but he doesn't know what to do with it. Harry is here to guide him.
don't want no other shade of blue
A fic by padfootyoudog on AO3 | @louisisworthit on Tumblr
43k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I know you’re putting on an act,” says Harry after a moment, and Louis scowls when he realises the prince is actually amused.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” says Louis.
“All I’ve heard over the past couple of years are rumours of Prince Louis’ kindness, and generosity, and oh, he’s so handsome I can barely pour his tea without shaking!” says Harry, putting on a silly, high-pitched voice for the last bit. Louis’ scowl deepens. “I would already know if you were just another selfish, bratty omega prince. You can’t fool me, darling, but I admire your efforts.”
“As you said,” Louis grits out, “those are only rumours. I assure you, I’m a terrible person.”
prompt 339: it was foretold that Alpha Prince Harry would be mated to a beautiful male omega with eyes that could rival the stone amethyst, but Omega Prince Louis refuses to believe it.
Loving You's the Antidote
A fic by neverheartbroken on AO3 | @neverheartbroken on Tumblr
5k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 302: Alpha Harry & Omega Louis are divorced but still spend each other’s heat/rut together because they only really trust each other but things get complicated when Louis (or Harry, author’s choice) spend it with someone else. Cue angst with a happy ending. (Prompt Inspiration: Prompt 98 from the 2019 BLFF)
dirty laundry looks good on you
A fic by tomlinvelvet on AO3 | @tomlinvelvetfics on Tumblr
50k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
When Louis Tomlinson finds his clothes lying in a sad soapy mess on top of the washing machine in which they are supposed to be, he acts upon his anger and retaliates. What he doesn’t expect is having to deal with a six-feet tall, curly-haired and dimpled man in return, who seems to arouse confusing feelings within him and to make his life take an unexpected turn for the better (or worse?).
OR; the utility room is a great place to fall in love.
no good unless it's real
A fic by fackinglouis on AO3 | @fackinglouis on Tumblr
17k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Here,” Harry says, pulling a strap off his shoulder so he can dig his phone out of his bag. “We can get each other’s numbers.”
 Louis shakes his head. “I have the practice’s number already,” he tells him. “And my number is definitely on file somewhere.”
Harry pauses, smile quirking a bit as he stares at Louis. The sun is still in his eyes, though, with his sunglasses pushed up onto his head still, so Louis credits his funny face to that.
“I’m trying to give you my number, Louis,” Harry explains around a breathy laugh.
“Oh,” Louis blinks, processing that. He scratches his temple, moves a piece of longer fringe back behind his ear, and then nods. “Okay.”
Or: Louis is a very busy farmer who’s just trying to make it to his next nap and Harry’s the new hot vet that’s determined to infiltrate every area of his life.
Since the Future
A fic by bluestarwitch on AO3 | @loustarlight on Tumblr | IwtstarIight on Twitter
49k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
"It's done."
The words were barely above a whisper when they left Harry's mouth, but they hit Louis with the force of a freight train. It was done. Holy fuck. They had created a time machine. And tomorrow, they were travelling to the future.
To Love without Reason
A fic by MuggleMirror on AO3 | @mugglemirror on Tumblr | mugglemirror on Twitter
8k | Not Rated | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Come on in, soldier,” Louis pats Harry’s chest and walks away, leaving Harry to follow behind.
Harry stands in the living room, looking around at Louis’ dwelling. Family pictures placed high on a shelf, certificates of Louis’ practice, and other trinkets that make Harry entirely too nostalgic.
“I have to warn you,” Louis says as he puts the kettle on, the water droplets from his hair trickling down the golden skin of his back. “The door jams if you lock it so you'll have to leave it ajar.”
Harry acknowledges with a soft hum, too entranced by Louis’ glistening skin to form a coherent reply.
Sedative Duty.
A fic by daddyharrie on AO3 | @daddyharrie on Tumblr | daddyharrie on Twitter
46k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Pop-star of the moment Louis Tomlinson is on his third-world tour. He decides to hire renowned professional dominant Harry Styles to unwind while on the road. In an effort not to raise suspicion by the crew, fans, and press,  Harry pretends to be his bodyguard. He ends up being far more than that.
You and I 'till the day we die
A fic by Allmylovelarrie on AO3 | flightlesslarri on Twitter
10k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 124: A fic inspired by Groupie Love by Lana Del  Rey, where Harry is a Rockstar and Louis is his cute little boyfriend  who tries to hide himself in the middle of the crowd. (Preferably set in  the 80s)
Give So Much (Not Enough)
A fic by skinsuk on AO3 | @wifeylouis on Tumblr
24k | Mature | Louis/Harry, Louis/Alex, Harry/Tess | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“For my little lion,” Louis slid the smoothie bowl in front of  Oscar, letting him dig in with his little hands. “And for daddy.”  
He didn’t process the bowl in front of him, the  push across the table causing a raspberry to roll off and fall on his  lap, because Louis calling himself mummy may make him feel all sorts of  mushy emotions, but Louis addressing Harry as daddy was suddenly having a  very different effect on him. Since when did Louis saying daddy out  loud render him speechless?
“Daddy’s still  sleepy, but we’re up bright and early right Ossie?” Louis’ cooing shook  him out of his daze. The man coughed, picking the raspberry off his lap  and swallowing it with unintentional, and very unnecessary, eye contact  with Louis. “Well, is it better than your protein smoothies and why?”
Harry chuckled, spooning another heap of the strawberry banana goodness into his mouth, “Way better sweetheart.”
A friends to lovers au with tons of mama Louis and domesticity.
New York's Beauty
A fic by nocontrol_lou on AO3 | @saxophone17 on Tumblr | nocontrol_louis on Twitter
5k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 104: AU where Harry is an alpha wolf and  Louis is a hybrid kitten. They were roommates. While they were arguing  about something stupid, Harry wanted to bend Louis over the kitchen  table and knot him right there. He slowly accepted his feelings and  extreme desire for Louis, so he started to tease the hybrid until he  would beg Harry to fuck him. They fall in love. Louis needs to feel comfortable with the camera so Harry fucks him until he is blushing and calm and gentle.
feeling borrowed, always blue
A fic by falsegoodnight on AO3 | @falsegoodnight on Tumblr | falsegoodnight on Twitter
67k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis’ own heartbeat picks up, eyes widening right as  Dr. Zoyansky hits a button and the unsteady pattern of thumps echoes  into the room. His breathing hitches, eyes watering as the rhythm seeps  into his insides and reverberates in his mind. A heartbeat.
He doesn’t register the tears at first, eyes fixed to the screen and vision blurring.
The  situation seems insane. Here he is, twenty-four years old, sitting in  the examination chair and listening to the heartbeat of his future  child, clutching the worn material of his changing gown with pale  fingers, one of which is weighed down by a gaudy engagement ring.
And  most noticeably - he’s entirely alone. It’s just him in the room with  his doctor, experiencing one of the most groundbreaking, life-changing moments of his entire life and he’s all alone.
Or, Louis has been dreaming of his wedding since he was young - he just never expected that it was going to happen like this.
A fic by tomlinvelvet on AO3 | @tomlinvelvetfics on Tumblr
66k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Eight years is a long time for Louis to mend his heart  back and erase every lingering, stubborn memory of his ex-lover, Harry  Styles. But when news of the war being over spreads across the world  like wildfire, and he stumbles upon the alpha he vowed himself to never  see ever again, he realises that not even a lifetime will be enough for  him to pick up the scattered, broken parts of his soul. He's far from expecting the alpha he loved to struggle the same way.
All the ointments in the world might never soothe the pain out, but it doesn't  take long for both of them to come to the conclusion that, maybe, the  only medicine to their heartbreaks are what caused them in the first  place.
moonlit sky over gentle waters
A fic by stardustx on AO3 | stardxstlwt on Twitter
11k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
"The King of the Pirates! Captain Harry Styles! The one  who conquered the seven seas!" Louis boasts, sarcasm drips from his  tone, mocking him.
The bar is clean, but he still scrubs just as  fervently, his brows furrows and a small pout forms on those pink lips  Harry desperately wants to kiss. He looks down, dubiously, at the  address in his hand.
“Every lass and lad dreams of bedding a  pirate like you.” Louis huffs, gazes up at him with a despondant look  that reminds him of a grumpy kitten.
Silence fills the space as Harry mulls over his words. He finally looks up at Louis, blinking slowly. “Do they really?”
"You're an idiot."
OR Harry left his hometown to sail the seven seas and returns seven years later, yearning for something — or rather, someone  — that he isn't sure he can have.
Short and Sweet
A fic by 5ft9 on AO3 | cinnamouroll on Twitter
29k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis is a shy university student in a world scarce of  male omegas.  He's always dreamt of having an alpha despite his sheltered  upbringing,  fantasizing about being loved and cared for. He's  immediately smitten  by the mysterious alpha with curly hair, broad  shoulders, and the  addictive coffee scent.
under thorn and bramble
A fic by thedeathchamber on AO3 | @louehvolution on Tumblr
32k | Explicit | Louis/OMC | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 445: A historical AU where Louis is working as a  servant on a farm. The family that owns the farm is exceedingly cruel  to him and he is often exhausted and in pain from his work. A mysterious  stranger boards at the farm and is very intrigued by Louis, but Louis  doubts his interest in genuine. Any pairing fine.
Late night devil put your hands on me (and never, never, never ever let go)
A fic by summerandsunshine on AO3 | sunshine_Iou on Twitter
12k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Harry is a demon that feeds off of people’s nightmares. He finds his next meal in Louis’ dreams where he changes and molds them to become scary nightmares. Soon harry learns Louis is a lucid dreamer- he can act on his own in his dreams. They interact in the real world and have sex in the dream world. when Louis catches feelings the devil, Harry promises to come back to earth once and for all.
No Easy Choice, But You’re Mine
A fic by alltheselights on AO3 | @alltheselights on Tumblr | alltheselightts on Twitter
45k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis’ feet pound on the pavement as he runs, and the echo reverberates through the alley behind him. He drops the gun near a trash bin as he passes, his gloved fingers ensuring that it will never be traced back to him.
He’s panting, his thighs ache, and there’s a cramp forming beneath his ribs on the right side, but all of that is nothing compared to the exhaustion clouding his brain.  
I can’t do this anymore, Louis thinks.
Or: Louis is an omega hitman with one last job that goes a little sideways. Harry is the alpha bartender that looks a little too closely and cares a little too much.
Joker Is Wild
A fic by Typosmyown on AO3 | @palosquared on Tumblr
19k | Explicit | Louis/Harry, Louis/Various | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 390: A reality show AU where Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall are selected to stay at confined in a luxury mansion for 1 month, where they are required to have explicit, graphic sex at all times, like a porn Big Brother kind of show. Every week there are several different sexual tasks and trials that they must overcome together, which all ends in orgasms for all of them. When the boys all discover Louis is strictly a bottom, and a slutty one at that, they all can’t wait to get their hands on him. Bonus if other hot celebs are there too, like Shawn Mendes, for example. Includes lots of hard gay sex, rimming, blowjobs, gang bangs, ass worshipping (Louis ass, of course) and double penetration.
The Pirate and The Piper
A fic by jacaranda_bloom on AO3 | @jacaranda-bloom on Tumblr | jacaranda_bloom on Twitter
38k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Banished from Neverland by Captain Hook and the evil Siren Minerva, Louis is forced to live in the Other World. He makes a life for himself, resigned to the fact he’s never going to see his beloved home and Lost Boys again. Five years later he’s kidnapped and returned to Neverland, only to discover a far worse fate awaits him. But with an unlikely ally by his side, can he overcome those who seek his demise and restore freedom to his homeland?
Or the one where Harry is Hook, Louis is Pan, and nothing is what it seems.
Coeur de Pirate
A fic by louizsv on AO3 | @ashleyjohnsonfanaccount on Tumblr | piccadillyplum on Twitter
34k | Explicit | Louis/Harry, Louis/OMC, Louis/Harry/OMC | Tumblr post | Twitter post
He tilts his chin up as the Captain strides across the deck, his footfalls falling loudly against the planks. The crew watches them from afar.
Stepping into his space, the Captain wraps an arm around Louis’ waist and pulls him in. He lowers his head to breathe his words against Louis’ cheeks. “I won,” he whispers, “I’ve come to claim my prize.”
if you're feeling lonely
A fic by ifthat on AO3 | @lovehl on Tumblr | omegalouis on Twitter
12k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
The guest list is on the desk. Louis runs through it and stops a third of the way down when a familiar name catches his breath.
Harry Styles.
All he has to do is verify whether Harry Styles is the same Alpha whose scent beckoned him closer.
it's a game we play in the sheets
A fic by loubabyworship on AO3 | @strawbabyloucake on Tumblr | pillouprincess on Twitter
9k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“Louis is… He’s a boy I’ve been talking to.” He bit his lip, grin evident. “After I watched one of his videos during a Harry Reacts a few weeks ago I messaged him and…”
His sentence was cut short by the sound of a timid little “Hi” being whispered into his ears.
Harry closed his eyes for a second, pausing to take in the online presence of the real-life fairy, before he opened them and smiled. “Hey Lou. Ready to play with me?”
Mind Over Matter (You Under Me)
A fic by youreyesonlarry on AO3 | @youreyesonlarry on Tumblr | youreyesonlarry on Twitter
73k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
It’s dark outside when Harry finishes practice for the day.
Prompt 21: Harry stopped playing hockey (after 10 years of a professional career) because of a severe injury. The dream he worked so hard for vanished in the blink of an eye. His family insisted that he had to go to physical therapy, even if it only helped his health. Cue to personal assistant Louis, the most efficient and kind PA one could hire.
View the 2020 BLFF collection here.
View the 2019 BLFF collection here.
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seasurfacefullofclouds1 · 7 months ago
here’s an interesting thread recently posted on twitter “Exposing the hidden truth behind Harry Styles’ fraudulent career stats, numbers and achievements: an educational thread” with all the receipts
LOL I love this ... who did this?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Text: Exposing the hidden truth behind Harry Styles’ fraudulent career stats, numbers and achievements: an educational thread. Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. His musical career began in 2010 as a solo contestant on the British music competition series The X Factor. Following his elimination early on, he was brought back to join the boy band One Direction. Harry’s solo career started after One Direction broke up. His first solo album was released in 2017 with “Sign of the Times” as the lead single. Sign of the Times was a commercial flop, and after its #4 debut it quickly fell down the charts, only charting for 13 weeks. The next singles, “Two Ghosts” and “Kiwi”, both failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100. Harry was flopping now more than ever.
His comeback single, “Lights Up”, debuted at #17 on the Hot 100, largely aided by its music video of Harry “coming out”/queerbaiting. The next week it fell 49 spots to #66, and only charted for 5 weeks. Harry’s constant tanking was getting embarrassing. Then, Harry would release his biggest chart hit to date, “Adore You”. The song reached #6 on the Hot 100, with a radio audience of almost 125M. Adore You would stay in the top 10 of the Radio Songs chart for MONTHS to come, which is the reason the song had so much longevity. When the song reached its peak of #2 on the Radio Songs chart, the song was tanking on all metrics. Only #68 on Spotify, #50 on iTunes, #105 on Apple Music and #43 on Shazam. As you can see by the screenshots, Adore You was heavily carried by radio. In fact, the song is STILL getting over 40M audience impressions at #37 on this weeks radio chart. This is the reason for its chart longevity, as it was doing poorly on all platforms except radio after May.
His next hit, Watermelon Sugar, was doing well on streaming platforms after getting an official video and radio push in the early summer of 2020. The song would later peak at #1 on the Hot 100 in August. What many people don’t know about is the fraudulence behind its peak at #1. In this graphic (via @talkofthecharts), you can see WS had a substantial amount of sales (66K) that powered it to #1. Rockstar had the same radio audience and was outstreaming it by far, but the reason WS had so many sales is quite disturbing and fraudulent.
Tumblr media
The week prior to WS reaching #1, it had only 9K sales in comparison to the 66K sales at its peak, meaning it had a 633% increase in sales, seemingly out of nowhere. The week after hitting #1, the song fell 4 positions to #5 with 8.5K sales, down 87% from 66K.
Why the sudden increase in sales? Harry Styles fans (Harries) mass bought the song and even went as far to create gofundme links, saying the donations went to people in poverty and to help Lebanon which had recently faced the Beirut Explosion, but instead used the money to buy WS. In addition to this, the song was not only carried by mass buying, but by radio as well. On the Rolling Stone Chart (a chart that excludes radio) WS placed at #7, even with mass buying impact.
The chart manipulation was blatantly obvious, as the song had been steady in streams and only saw an increase in sales and airplay. Watermelon Sugar was NOT an organic #1, and one of the most fraudulent amongst the other many fraudulent and mass-bought #1’s of 2020.
Last October, an article by the Rolling Stone detailed the use of payola (labels buying radio play) in 2020, after it was banned. In the article, Columbia Records happens to be one of the labels accused of buying airplay, which Harry is signed under.
The next single from Fine Line, Golden, was promoted to US Pop Radio in October 2020 along with a music video. The single tanked and ended up being carried by radio, in fact 64% of the songs points came from radio alone, and the song only pulled 3.2M streams in a week.
Tumblr media
In addition to this, Golden’s callouts were bad. The song never managed to crack the top 50 despite its heavy radio play and has since gone recurrent on the Hot 100.
Tumblr media
In conclusion, Harry Styles’ success is heavily due to his massive radio play and fanbase comprised of 17 year old Lesbians.
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airisu7425 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
June Shopping - manga/dj/doujin goods
I KNOW!!! I know it looks insane - and it actually is. BUT!!! The majority of them were bought over a year, shipped by sea - for the cheapest (and obviously the slowest) method. Book are heavy, guys! Part of it (djs mainly) were even meant to be picked up in person in Tokyo last December...
Anyways, I tested sea shipping and while it takes a while, it IS safe - all the packages have made it to me. Since from July 1, 2021 every single package arriving from outside of the EU (UK, US, China, Japan etc. etc.) will face customs & have to pay the VAT of your country (guess what, we not only have a sh*tty government, we have the highest VAT in the EU - 27%!) - I will dramatically reduce my purchases. This above was just a last minute shopping spree (especially the English manga)
Let’s see the Japanese (BL) manga haul: basically all the backlogs from 2019 and early 2020 of the series I already picked up and authors I love. I will most likely cut these - many have luckily been licensed. There is a black sheep in the pack I was reluctant to buy but my collector (khmOCDkhm) side kept bugging me to complete the series: Nitta Youka’s Haru wo daiteita’s last volume. I hate the ending with passion, yet I bought it...
Let’s move on to the English pile: after year of boycotting TokyoPop (for dropping many ongoing series when disappeared from the market along with their BLU BL imprint), I finally caved in and bought the first 2 volume of Koimonogatari (and for a sh*t ton of money - why are their titles so expensive?!?!). I also picked up a new series (Vampire and His Pleasant Companions) - because I loved the anime ‘Mashiro no Oto’ and this series is from the same mangaka: Ragawa Marimo. And the story is by my favorite BL novel writer: Konohara Narise. I found out lately that Sasaki and Miyano is also out (first 2 volumes) and the first volume of My summer of you. The rest are new and not so new volumes of the series I already collected.
A few more djs have also finally made it to me, no big surprises there (except for one): YOI, BnHA, JJK, Fugou Keiji, Promare, KazeTsuyo, Golden Kamuy... Talking about Golden Kamuy is the surprise one. Found this artist on Twitter and their Sugimoto is so gorgeous, that I searched for all their available djs - which are happen to be be a het one, with (grown-up!!) Asirpa. The teaser pics were adorable and I went for them. They are josei smut, not hentai - really tasteful so I don’t regret buying them. There is an art only dj also - it’s beautiful.
Let’s switch to the goodies. :3 Although half the year is over, it’s never to late to get the Kizu Natsuki GIVEN calendar - I have half a year to go!
I can’t stop buying clearfiles - these winter themed BnHA ones had all my favorite boys in them. Same goes for the HQ!! one - loved the monochrome style of it.
Last but not least - I got these amazing Ushiwaka goodies (a towel and a double-sided dakimakura cover) from the artist themselves here on Tumblr. Since shipping to Hungary was not possible for a long time, in the end I asked them to ship it to my friend in Tokyo and they were kind enough to do so.
The rest of the merch will come in separate posts: one for the figures, one for the knick-knacks.
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anlian-aishang · 5 months ago
hello dearest eruri ho
would you be so kind as to share your doujin recs with us filthy folk?
NOT asking for a friend
but for the eruri nation
first of all, XD
second of all, "dearest eruri ho". WOW. I am honored 💖 My legacy 🙏
So, a couple disclaimers:
As always, 18+ only.
The sites linked will have graphic adult content, so please beware when/if clicking.
I have not read every doujin out there.
I only read works that have English translations.
All works are nsfw.
All works in this post have complete consent.
long list of my favs below.
Tumblr media
Author 1: Sable [pixiv] [twitter]
All of their works are super adorable. They have wonderful creativity for both storytelling and their artwork. The perfect blend of fluff, angst, and sex.
Tumblr media
Happy Happiest Sweet Honey
fluff, canonverse
For Erwin's birthday, Levi has everything planned. It starts with gifts, then a restaurant reservation, and finally - a night for the two of them to enjoy themselves.
Guilty Heart
angst, canonverse
The Ackermans have a special trait, the ability to gift their heart to a loved one on the brink of death.
Hitze Leiden
angst, canonverse
Their exteriors are cold hard ice, but in getting to know each other, they discover the true warmth that lies deep within.
Dear Darkness
angst, canonverse
Levi's decision on that Shiganshina rooftop has led to a world of contradictions - ones that can only be solved with that blindfold, by shutting himself off from the rest of the world, and through conversations with the one he lost.
The Man with the Lantern and the Forest Hermit
Halloween/spooky AU
Humans and monsters shouldn't be together.
The Happiest Most Ordinary Day (sfw)
sfw, fluff, ambiguverse
For Erwin's birthday, he simply wants a simple day.
Tumblr media
Author 2: Chiruchriu [pixiv]
Their stories deal with heavy topics - homophobia, heartbreak, and disability - and they often hurt. Expect angst like you’ve never seen before, but incredible talent like you’ve never seen before. (Also, an occasional armpit fetish.  No, I don’t have it, but yes - their art style is so beautiful that I pay no mind <3)
Tumblr media
Summer’s End
homophobia/homophobic parent, angst, fluff, modern AU
Levi introduces his significant other, the one he intends to marry, to his family back home. A homophobic father and his ensuing disappointment rain on the parade, but still, Levi and Erwin make the most of the visit.
breakup, angst, modern AU
Erwin couches it at Levi’s apartment for the weekend of Auruo and Petra’s wedding. The time has come for him to leave.
Love and Atonement
paralysis, angst, canonverse
The mother of a deceased soldier takes out her grief on the first Scout she sees. Erwin thinks that she is not to blame, though, for he was the one who dragged that Scout out from the underground.
Hands on Me
threesome, levi x erwin x miche, canonverse
Levi walks in on Erwin and Miche’s ritual. The two can already tell that it’s been far too long since he’s gotten off. They can take care of it.
Last Night
brief armpit fetish, canonverse
After Levi puts the 104th to rest and returns to Erwin’s tent. 10 minutes is all they have.
Armpit Hair
armpit fetish, ambiguverse
Erwin licks Levi’s armpits. Yep.
Armpit Hair 2
armpit fetish, ambiguverse
Erwin fucks Levi’s armpits. Yep.
Tumblr media
Author 3: skull9 [pixiv] [twitter]
Their doujins are purely beautiful. Levi and Erwin look like supermodels. Likewise, the sex is very pretty.
Tumblr media
angst, canonverse
Erwin reveals his past, his purpose, himself to Levi. Seeing all of him, Levi can't keep his lips away.
Levi, in the middle of getting dressed, wakes up Erwin for the day. In just a thong and half-buttoned shirt, Erwin wonders just how coincidental that timing was.
Tumblr media
Author 4: 13A [pixiv] [twitter]
Their Levi is the quintessential submissive. Their stories often put Levi and Erwin into full adult contexts such as booking an SM appointment, cheating on their spouses, and jeopardizing their careers. Their depiction of sex is particularly graphic.
Tumblr media
Others’ Husbands 1 // (lack of consent in chapter 2) // 3
cheating, bdsm, angst, modern AU
Erwin loathes his wife, his career, his life. A revival of hope arrives, though, right next door.
bdsm, modern AU
Levi has a deep dark secret, one that none of his previous girlfriends have ever been able to satisfy. The self-sadist eventually turns to an SM site in hopes of finding satisfaction - appointment after appointment.
Tumblr media
While these are all of my favorites, I also have a ton more bookmarked. If anyone wants more, I can share those as well <3
Tumblr media
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becomewings · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life <I’M FINE>
     BTS Universe Story Highlights, pt. 1 / 4
» pt. 2
BTS Universe Story, a mobile game published by Netmarble, was released on September 24, 2020. While the majority of the app is essentially a sandbox and engine for users to create their own interactive stories, it also includes official and canon BU content. The first eight segments were introduced between the release date and December 2020, gathered under the title The Most Beautiful Moment in Life <I’M FINE>.
“I’m Fine” is half of the I’m Fine/Save Me ambigram introduced in the Love Yourself era. Notably, all of the BU content available in the game so far falls between events of the webtoon Save Me (also called HYYH0 in its logo) and The Notes 1—chronologically, that is, while bearing in mind that time resets to the morning of 11 April Year 22 whenever SeokJin fails to avert a tragedy among his six friends. I want to assure anyone who is unable to play the game that you are not missing any new, major plot beats from the overall BU narrative. Instead, the stories provide more insight into the motivations and consequences of SeokJin’s decisions in the earlier time loops, as well as more depth to individual characters and their circumstances.
The goal of this guide is to summarize each of the eight stories and highlight noteworthy details, especially if they are not yet present in other BU media. Within each story (which I often refer to as an arc, due to their character-focused nature), episodes must be played successively, but the stories themselves can be played in any order. I will present them over a series of posts in the order they are listed under the <I’M FINE> heading. The Prologue and NamJoon’s arc are free to play; the rest are paid content. Please note that due to the app’s Terms & Conditions, I will not include in-game footage here. The images in this guide are sourced from the official trailers/videos and the live action MVs as appropriate.
Content warning: contains references to death, suicide, suicidal ideation, child abuse, domestic violence, blood, homicide, depression, trauma, PTSD
This guide contains major spoilers and includes references to other BU media
Do not repost, copy, or quote without permission
Tumblr media
Game Mechanic
Before diving into the summaries, I would like to address the primary mechanic of the game: the user’s control of character choices at designated moments in the stories. It’s a primary marketing point that the player can influence the progression of the narrative, with a frequent in-app tip also declaring, “stories’ endings can vary depending on your choices.” The latter is not strictly true—and it cannot be true due to the structure of the game. Choices are presented within most (not all) episodes, but each episode is an isolated unit: episode 2 provides the same content regardless of what you choose in episode 1. Since the consequences of your decisions are not cumulative, each episode reaches the same ending, and each decision inevitably rejoins the “main” story path (effectively reducing the script size).
So what is the point of this mechanic? While the system is not nearly as complex as what major platform titles are capable of nowadays (I suspect due in large part to the story creation portion of the game), it does foster a sense of interaction with the narrative that isn’t present in static visual media like comics or film. The episodes with choices also have incentive for replay to discover the impact of changing a character’s dialogue or action. Sometimes the differences between the outcomes are inconsequential, but other times you unearth new details, interactions, or memories that are missing in the other path.
I say this partially in reaction to all of the comments and tweets I read for the game trailers and even Smeraldo Book twitter’s choose-your-own-adventure style teasers with The Notes 2 excerpts released last summer. Many users expressed excitement, through words or memes, about finally being able to give the boys the happy ending they deserved. I don’t fault anyone for wanting that happy ending—I wish for it, too. But no matter what the rather overzealous marketing has claimed, I don’t believe that the canon ending of BU is ever meant to be in the audience’s control. But I do feel that this mechanism fits the BU narrative. It echoes the “countless loops” SeokJin has experienced in an effort to save his friends, the choices he must make at every crossroad, and the butterfly effect those actions have on all of their lives. I think it is reasonable to interpret the simple branching paths in the game as alternatives SeokJin has explored across multiple loops in his struggle to find the “right” way forward. I’d love to hear if you have theories of your own!
Tumblr media
The prologue is a brief episode introducing SeokJin’s repeated struggle and failure to save his friends. He wakes up yet again in his bed on 11 April Year 22, the beginning of the time loop. After reflecting on the tragedies that keep befalling the others, SeokJin realizes that he has only tried to fix the problems he can see. He wonders: “Have I tried to understand the root of my friends’ misfortunes? How much do I really know about my friends? Maybe I was never brave enough to confront their real scars and the worlds they’ve been living in. But I need to do it. Because it may be the key to saving them all.”
Tumblr media
How to Offer a Hand
In this story, SeokJin attempts to prevent NamJoon’s arrest after he gets in a fight with a rude customer at Naeri Gas Station, his place of work. The first episode opens on the night of 11 April Year 22 with NamJoon curling his fists, glaring as crumpled bills lie untouched on the pavement. (The money looks similar to the shot from the I Need U MV.) SeokJin reaches for his shoulder, but NamJoon shrugs him off and strides away to punch the customer who deliberately dropped the bills for him to pick up. The gas station owner runs over at the customer’s furious shouts and orders NamJoon to apologize. He refuses, and police officers soon arrive and charge him with assault. No one listens to SeokJin’s protests that the customer started it first. The man sneers as NamJoon enters the police car. “Do you even have money for a settlement? Hey, you’re done for.” NamJoon is sentenced to prison again, and SeokJin hears glass shattering before the loop resets.
Rising from his bed on the morning of 11 April, SeokJin reflects on his failed efforts so far. He has hit the customer’s car, called for NamJoon in the middle of the incident, and stopped the fight himself, the latter of which caused his friends to avoid him later. The fight has even escalated; the details are unspecified, but the audience is provided an ominous shot of SeokJin speaking to a police officer alone at the scene. NamJoon is not the kind of person who would normally respond to that kind of provocation with his fists. SeokJin realizes that he cannot merely stop the fight but must discover and fix the true cause of it.
With this in mind, SeokJin heads to Naeri Gas Station during the day and tries to engage NamJoon. This is their first time meeting since they both returned to Songju, although SeokJin has experienced it in many loops already. “It’s been a while,” he greets (as he does at the end of the Blood Sweat & Tears Japanese version MV). Before SeokJin can dig deeper in their conversation, NamJoon is called away by his boss. SeokJin enters the small employee break room which serves as NamJoon’s living space when he’s not at the container, hoping to find some clues about his friend’s life. SeokJin locates something bundled in newspapers. If the player chooses to open it, he sees a strange shard of glass inside that may belong to a car or motorcycle headlight. He continues on, finding the book Cosmos by Carl Sagan and a notebook. SeokJin hesitates over the invasion of privacy but decides to read it since he needs all the information that he can gather. The journal entries detail NamJoon’s daily life since returning to Songju: his work at the gas station isn’t too bad despite the occasional rude customer; he purchased a book and hopes to get more in the future; he picked up a second job at a wedding hall to help catch up on bills; his brother NamHyeon got in trouble again, leading to more expenses; and his dad’s health has worsened, with hospital bills after an emergency surgery rising to levels that the family cannot afford. SeokJin knew that NamJoon was the de facto head of household due to his father’s illness but was unaware that it was to this degree. He feels sorry for NamJoon yet is also impressed by his maturity, for NamJoon never writes how difficult his situation is.
NamJoon arrives and asks what SeokJin is doing in the room. If the player chooses to answer “reading” instead of “just sitting there,” SeokJin privately observes that the conversation flows more easily when they talk about books. NamJoon says he must leave and declines when SeokJin offers to wait for him there. SeokJin knocks over a pile of books along with money and receipts as he stands. He thinks it is unusual that NamJoon picks up the books before the money. The books seem to be more than a hobby to NamJoon, holding special meaning. Walking to his car, SeokJin wonders if it is pride or determination not to falter that keeps NamJoon from journaling his grievances. He realizes that money is a constant source of frustration and misery to NamJoon, and that’s why he can’t stomach being insulted over the customer’s dropped money. SeokJin’s new plan is to prevent NamJoon from picking up the money. He also calls Palgok County Hospital and offers to pay the patient bill for NamJoon’s father. Anticipating that NamJoon will be angry if he finds out, SeokJin says the payer is Songho Foundation.
That night, SeokJin returns to the gas station with the excuse that he forgot to fill up earlier. The luxury car arrives with a honk, and NamJoon hurries over to assist. He shakes with anger when the customer drops the money on the ground. “Why aren’t you picking it up? You don’t want it? What’s with that look? Pretty arrogant for a part-timer, aren’t you?” goads the customer. SeokJin intervenes. Whether the player chooses to have him advise NamJoon not to pick it up or to order the customer to pick it up himself, the end result is the same. SeokJin asks the customer, “Why are you harassing a pitiful part-timer?” The customer drives away, and something about NamJoon seems off. His face is expressionless, not mad or humiliated. “SeokJin, you…” He stops. “Never mind. Thank you for your help.” The words sound difficult for him to speak.
SeokJin believes that he has saved NamJoon, although this ending feels sloppy. He continues on in the loop to rescue JungKook and later YoonGi, but uneasiness plagues him. Though he meant to help NamJoon with his actions, SeokJin wonders if he hurt him instead. On 5 May Year 22, he returns to the gas station and follows NamJoon when he leaves work early. NamJoon enters a bookstore, and SeokJin sneaks in after him to watch from afar. He overhears employees talking about NamJoon, worrying that he might dirty the pages of the book he’s perusing. NamJoon is too absorbed in the book to notice one of them calling for his attention. SeokJin recalls a memory from their school days when he found NamJoon reading alone in their classroom hideout: he asked why NamJoon read so diligently, and his friend explained that he found it comforting to empty his thoughts of everything else while focused on the book. In the present, SeokJin wonders how he forgot how much books mean to NamJoon. He sacrifices some of his food and transportation budget to afford them, but they enable him “to endure the weight of the world he’s forced to bear on his shoulders.” After realizing this, SeokJin wants to apologize for carelessly sympathizing with the reality that NamJoon has weathered alone.
The next episode is from NamJoon’s perspective, revealing his excitement over being able to purchase a book for the first time in two months. He wants to buy two but can only afford one. The employee at the register sighs and asks why he leafed through a book he wasn’t going to buy. NamJoon apologizes, and she mutters, “So dirty.” He notices his reflection, clothes worn and smelling of gasoline, and realizes she’s talking about him, not the book. He tries to shake off these depressing thoughts, but he is still not accustomed to this treatment despite experiencing it regularly at work. As NamJoon begins to exit the store, the security alarm goes off. The employees demand to check his bag despite his insistence that he didn’t steal anything. Their certainty of his theft angers him. NamJoon allows them to look through his bag, and they are suspicious of the like-new book in it which he brought from home. One begins to call the police until SeokJin appears, vouching for NamJoon by saying he saw everything. The employees accept that the alarm malfunctioned and excuse their suspicions as a mistake.
Outside, SeokJin asks NamJoon if he is all right. NamJoon is thankful but wonders how SeokJin materialized right when he needed him. “How’d you find me here?” he asks aloud. SeokJin explains that he happened to notice him while walking through the neighborhood. NamJoon wonders if it’s because they said goodbye on a weird note last time. He thanks him and turns to leave. SeokJin calls after him. “I’m sorry. I wanted to apologize. I didn’t mean to upset you that day at the gas station. It was a mistake to have called you pitiful. If my rash actions hurt you, I’m really sorry.” NamJoon accepts his apology, believing it to be sincere, and says that things would have turned out a lot worse if SeokJin had not intervened. Thunder rolls overhead, and NamJoon uses the impending rain as his excuse to depart. He declines SeokJin’s offer of a ride and runs home, feeling his friend’s eyes on him.
Before he can settle down to read at home, NamJoon receives a call from his cheerful mother. She thanks him for paying off the entire hospital bill. NamJoon is perplexed and asks what’s on the receipt, since he didn’t pay it. His mother wants to leave it be, but he insists that they investigate so they don’t get in trouble or sued. She reads that the Songho Foundation is credited as the payer. NamJoon calls the hospital, introducing himself as the guardian for Kim YoungMin, but they can’t transfer him to the administrative department at this time. Disappointed, he looks up the foundation’s website, unable to recall why it sounds familiar. He wonders why a scholarship foundation in the city would get involved with him. Spotting photos of a recent launch ceremony on the site, he recognizes a few people: Songju High School’s principal, the familiar-looking face of the foundation’s chairman, and SeokJin. First, NamJoon forces a laugh, and then it’s difficult for him to breathe. He thinks that SeokJin really had pitied him at that moment. The only thing keeping NamJoon going is the idea of getting through life on his own strength. Why does he have to live like this?
The last episode opens on 5 May back in SeokJin’s perspective. He is confident now that he has saved NamJoon, although it occurs to him that a better alternative may have been to simply pick up the money himself instead of stepping forward. (This decision is enacted in a later loop and depicted in the Euphoria MV.) While reflecting on what comes next to save his other friends, he receives a text from NamJoon. “What’s your account number? I’ll pay you back for the hospital bills. I don’t need your help. I’ll handle my concerns on my own.” Heart sinking, SeokJin wonders how he found out. With a sense of foreboding, he tries calling NamJoon, but no one answers. SeokJin texts him back, pretending that he doesn’t understand, and tells NamJoon to call him. SeokJin’s second attempt connects while he’s gathering his car keys to visit the container. “That’s enough. Just send the account number over text,” NamJoon instructs. SeokJin coaxes him to talk for a moment, and NamJoon asks flatly, “Are you going to apologize again?” SeokJin attempts to salvage the situation, but his friend turns cold when he insists that NamJoon is misunderstanding and that he just wanted to help. “So, why? Why are you helping me?! Yeah, you’re always a good person. You’ve done nothing wrong and I’m the one misunderstanding.” SeokJin apologizes again. NamJoon refuses his request to meet in person. “No, I thought maybe there was a reason for everything you did… But I guess I misconstrued it. I’ll pay you back, so I’d prefer if you stopped contacting me.” Long after the call ends, SeokJin stands holding his phone, feeling that the glass is going to break at any moment. He wants to believe that it’s not over, but hope is slipping through his fingertips.
The episode finishes in NamJoon’s perspective. On 8 May and 9 May, he accepts part-time delivery work and reflects on his three jobs. Whenever he thinks he’s at his breaking point, he focuses on his new goal of returning SeokJin’s money. On 10 May, NamJoon wakes up to his buzzing phone and is called in to work. On a scooter, he passes by a bus stop and notices graffiti. (This is the same bus stop, with matching graffiti, that appears in the Highlight Reel.) Mesmerized, he wonders if it’s TaeHyung’s. As soon as NamJoon looks up, the scooter’s brake fails, and he crashes. The shattered glass on the cold pavement reminds him of the headlight shard and the kid who looked like TaeHyung. (So the piece of glass SeokJin saw in April was really a memento NamJoon retrieved from the scene of the crash in the mountain town, where the delivery boy whom he privately called TaeHyung died. This event is described in NamJoon’s 17 December Year 21 entry in The Notes 1.) NamJoon’s vision grows blurry, and the distant sound of an ambulance doesn’t come any closer.
The arc concludes there, but it obviously marks another reset for SeokJin. It is interesting to note that in this failed loop, NamJoon suffers the same fate that he narrowly avoided in the snowy mountain town before returning to Songju.
Please stay tuned for the next Highlights post featuring JungKook and YoonGi!
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jikookuntold · 8 months ago
What happened to Jikook in May 2015?
“How Jikook Started?” “Jikook and significance of May” “Jungkook and his Song Recommendations” were all the titles I thought about for this post and I ended up with the one you see. But what made me write this? A few days ago I came across an old tweet of JK from May 2015. This tweet was a song recommendation which I hadn’t notice before because I was only focused on 123 theory and as we all know this theory starts from October 2015 and I thought maybe we should pay more attention to the other songs JK recommended either. So I decided to go deeper and when I checked the tweets from May to August 2015 some interesting theories came to my mind.
Jikookers believe Jikook’s relationship changed in INU era and for proof of this theory they discuss some moments (long stares, exchanging jackets, etc.) but I’ve never seen them paying attention to the songs JK recommended in this era. It’s obvious that not all the songs he listens, likes or recommends are about romantic aspects of his life. On the other hand, musicians listen to any kind of song and this helps them for their career so not everything has to have a secret message or meaning, but no one can ignore the fact that when you feel connected to some lyrics and it captures your emotions you tend to share it with others so they can understand your feelings. This is more relatable for introverted people, an introverted person with artistic features uses different forms of art to express their feelings and JK is one of them.
JK’s song recommendation tweets started at the end of 2014 with “Lee Yerin -Your Universe” on December 24th and continued with “Misty Miller - Best Friend” on February 22th, and two songs on March 9th“King Krule - Baby Blue” and “Years & Years – Memo”. This declaration was necessary for this post but I’m not going to analyze these songs here. These songs are very significant (especially the last one from an openly gay artist with very expressing lyrics) and they need their own post.
After “Years & Years – Memo” JK didn’t recommend any song until May 24th. It’s interesting how there is a pattern for dates of his song recommendation tweets, it’s like he spams Twitter for a week and then deletes the app for months. Even his tweets in general, follow this pattern and most introverts can relate because sometimes we feel like expressing ourselves on social media, and some days we avoid it at any cost.
So, what happened in May 2015? Why Jikookers think this period is significant in Jikook history? Jikook had some obvious moments in INU era, JK seemed to be enchanted by Jimin and Jimin had became quieter and more preserved but still captivated by cute maknae. The most notable moment from this era happened on May 5th at Sukira Radio Interview where the MC asked about Jimin’s love for JK and Jimin answered: “There is something about him I don’t like but he is cute”. JK’s reaction to this answer is remarkable especially when Tae almost exposed them by saying “I think he kinda likes men” about Jimin and Jimin didn’t deny it.
A week later, on May 13th BTS went to Kota Kinabalu to film the Summer Package and Jikook filmed a log together before coming back to Korea. A few weeks later on June 5th when they were in Malaysia for Red Bullet Concert, they asked JK in an interview to describe Jimin "Jimin hyung is such a nice guy. His personality is just too nice. And he keeps giving me nice food. And when he smiles, his eyes are so pretty. He's the most charming guy on the team. If I were a girl I would date a guy like Jimin hyung." He answered. Fun Fact: They didn’t ask him who he wanted to date if he were a girl, but yet JK managed to state this anyway. They had asked this question from the members since their debut but JK never had chosen any member for someone who wants to date, and this moment was a turning point in JK’s attitude especially toward Jimin, even Jimin himself was shocked by JK’s answer. This fact directs us to the main question: What did happen in May 2015?
How was JK feeling at this point? Did something change in him? We can’t give a precise answer because we don’t know his emotions unless he shares them with us. As I said earlier, sharing music is a good way to express emotions. With recommending a song you can share your feelings without being too obvious (and get away with it because they are not your words, duh?) JK didn’t recommend any song after March 9th for two and a half months and finally, on May 24th he felt to share music and became active again. But three days before this date, Jimin had shared a song, surprisingly.
We know it’s not very common for Jimin to recommend a song especially in the style Namjoon and JK do, but on May 21st he recommended a newly released song named Pretty Bae by Lee Hyun and Park Bo Ram, here are the lyrics translations:
They say I’m pretty these days that I’m like a woman
They ask me, do you even have any flaws?
They say I look good these days, my friends tell me
Is there anyone out there like me?
I walk on this street while humming
I feel good today for some reason
I wanna date someone pretty
A person with a pretty heart rather than a pretty face
I wanna date someone nice
A person with a warm heart rather than a good body
Had a cup of coffee on the weekend, watched a movie I wanted to see
It’s all good but what’s missing?
A person to laugh at my boring stories
Where is that person?
I walk on this street while humming
I feel good today for some reason
I wanna date someone pretty
A person with a pretty heart rather than a pretty face
I wanna date someone nice
A person with a warm heart rather than a good body
He’s not handsome but nice-looking
She has no makeup but she shines
Is he looking at me?
What if she catches me? I pretend not to see
It feels good, should I go to her/him
And carefully start a conversation?
I wanna date someone pretty
A person with a pretty heart rather than a pretty face
I wanna date someone nice
A person with a warm heart rather than a good body
I wanna have a pretty love
A person with a pretty heart rather than a pretty face
I wanna date someone nice
A pretty person, a nice person, I hope it’s you
As you see, the lyrics are about someone who is feeling pretty and wants to date a person with a good and warm heart but he/she secretly wants it to be him/her crush. Jimin’s timestamp is on the last part of the lyrics saying “A pretty person, a nice person, I hope it’s you”. And three days later JK posts a screenshot of a song from Kehlani (an openly pansexual artist) named “You should be here”. Here are the lyrics:
I'm looking right at you, but you're not there
I'm seeing right past you, but you seem well aware
Your body is here but your mind is somewhere else
So far gone and you think I can't tell
Can't tell that you are disconnected
You pulled away and I miss your presence
I always said to you
Baby, you should be here, right here
Baby, you should be here, right here
Don’t know where you went but you're lost now
Don’t know where you went but you're gone now
Don’t know where you went but you're lost now
Don’t know where you went but you're gone now
Head on your chest babe, but your heart is so quiet
We used to talk all night long, now we laying in silence
Your arms around me but your soul is somewhere else
Gone so long and I know you so well
I know that you are everything that I ever dreamed of
And hoped that love had a happy ending
Baby, you should be here, right here (yeah-yeah)
Baby, you should be here, right here (you should be here, right here, right here)
Don't know where you went but you're lost now
Don't know where you went but you're gone now
Don't know where you went but you're lost now (oh-whoa)
Don't know where you went but you're gone now
You should be here, right, right here yeah
The lyrics are talking about someone who the artist cares about and it feels like that person is physically present but his/her mind is somewhere else. He/she wants that person close, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. A few hours later, JK recommends another song, this time a famous song (any Shrek lover know this by heart) I need some sleep by Eels: Here are the lyrics:
You can't go home like this
I try counting sheep
But there's one I always miss
Everyone says I'm getting down to low
Everyone says you just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
I need some sleep
Time to put the old horse down
I'm in too deep
And the wheels keep spinning round
Everyone says I'm getting down to low
Everyone says you just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
You just gotta let it go
*Fun fact: This song was on Jimin’s playlist in 2017.
This song is about mental and emotional frustration and exhaustion, being deep into something, and seeking redemption. We can’t tell if JK is expressing this about himself or someone else since his timestamp is on the part saying “You can't go home like this”. But the song JK recommended the next day (May 25th) is another story and has a straightforward message. “Can’t help falling in love” is a hit song by Elvis but the track JK post is a cover of this song by Eels:
Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?
If I can't help falling in love with you?
Like a river flows, surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes. Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life, too
For I can't help falling in love with you
Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes. Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life, too
For I can't help falling in love with you
For I can't help falling in love with you
The lyrics don’t need any explanation. His timestamp is on the part saying “If I can't help falling in love with you?” this part comes after the part “Would it be a sin” and makes it more remarkable. It’s obvious that there was something big going on with his emotions at this point and when you put these four songs together (one from Jimin and three from JK) you can see the roller coaster of feelings very clear. But the next day (May 26th) something interesting happened which relays my theory. Namjoon recommended a song named Pray from Younha and this was the thing he wrote in the caption of his tweet: “For all the broken-hearted” Sure this can be to anyone but two weeks later on Jun 10th JK recommended the same song without any caption. Here are the lyrics:  
When you are lost
I will shine a light
When your heart shakes because of the wind
I will hold your hand
I am praying for you
Praying that you will be protected
So that my hopes can reach you
The closed door is slowly opening
I hope you won’t cry over your scars
Or get trapped in despair with pain
With all my heart, I hope you will be comforted
Today, I’m praying again
I am praying for you
Praying that you will be protected
The world has become harsh seas
For you, who has left for the voyage?
I hope you won’t cry over your scars
Or get trapped in despair with pain
With all my heart, I hope you will be comforted
Today, I’m praying again
When Namjoon literally recommended this song two weeks before, why JK had to do this again? Unless he had something to express through lyrics. As you see the lyrics are about pain, despair and getting emotional scars or as Namjoon captioned “something for broken-hearted people”. Two days later JK posted a video of himself walking and singing in the night, the song he was humming was from Yoon Jong Shin and here are the lyrics:
On January 13, which was especially cold, I first met her, who laughed a lot
She said she never spent a birthday with a boyfriend before
She liked shoes and bags and that was so cute
She said I looked sad from behind as she took a picture and smiled
On the sunny first day of April, I made her cry for the first time
After seeing her pretty eyes get puffy, I cried too
Every time we fought, we always used the word “break up”
We wouldn’t talk to each other for days, having a tense battle
Would she know that my heart raced every time I went to pick her up?
I have never met anyone who was better than her in my life
On June 17, she was struggling and broke up with me
In the end, I gave her a scar, although I didn’t mean to
A month passed, a year passed and still, there are times when I miss her
Whenever I pass by that street in Ichon-dong, it’s still clear like it was yesterday
The park at night, the hamburger store, the rice bowl store in the basement
There is so much emotion in this lyrics and you have to be really in love and broken-hearted to hum this song in the dark let alone filming and posting the video. After that JK didn’t recommend any song for two weeks and he came back on June 27th with another straightforward message. A song named Love Me Again by G.Soul and here are the lyrics translation:
It’s already been a few years
And we’re standing in front of each other like this
As if nothing happened
Just like the old days
As I look at you
Who is calling me a good friend?
I tried to hold it in
But I need to tell you something
I know I hurt you but
Could u love me again?
Without knowing, I’m in love with you again
So could u love me again?
I didn’t know love back then
Baby love me again
Baby please please please
Need u love me again?
It’s already 3am
We’re both getting a little drunk
As if it’s nothing, you talk about your new boyfriend
As I look at you
Who is calling me a good friend?
I can’t hold it in
And I have to tell you something
I know I hurt you but
Could u love me again?
Without knowing, I’m in love with you again
So could u love me again?
I didn’t know love back then
Baby love me again
Baby please please, please
Need u love me again?
Oh please believe me girl
This time, I’ll really
Love u harder
Oh baby one more time
Love me again
I know I hurt you but
Could u love me again?
Without knowing, I’m in love with you again
So could u love me again?
I didn’t know love back then
Baby love me again
Baby please please, please
Need u love me again?
Oh baby just please please, please
Could u love me again?
Again, love me again, again
Oh girl I need you to
Love me baby
Love me again
He wants that person to give him another chance and love him again. He confesses that he has hurt that person because he didn’t know love back then and doesn’t want to be “the good friend” that person sees him now. He wants that person’s love.  JK didn’t recommend any song after this for another two weeks and came back on July 10th with a song RapmonHyung has recommended to him: Tears by Le So Ra
Me in the mirror inside the cramped dark room…
The dismal face is quite ugly
Foolish like this, I’m left behind
But I still long for you.
Miserably left behind like this,
I just make unwelcome calls
It’s okay if you get mad at me
It’s okay if you make me cry
Just turn all your attention back to me
It’s okay, just say anything
It’s okay if you mock me
I’m like this only with you, oh my own.
Like a speck of dust in this cave-like room
I’m foolish and I’m left alone
I miss you again today before you miss me
I’m miserably left alone like this
And again I call you before you call me
It’s okay if you get mad at me
It’s okay if you make me cry
Just turn all your attention back to me
It’s okay, just say anything
It’s okay if you mock me
I’m like this only with you, oh my own.
In the mirror, I look so ugly
This song is about being left alone and rejected. His loved one is mad at him and doesn’t give the love and the attention he/she used to give before. Four days later he recommended another song named Romance by CHEEZE and here are the lyrics:
With a red balloon full of
Your deep flowery scent
You surround me in your
Lifeless hollow smile
All our warm memories together
Can’t melt my heart
That has been frozen over
By that cold stare of yours
Walking through the night, side by side
The faint silhouette of your back
Still haunt me as my sweetest nightmare
Like the strings of a puppeteer
Losing sleep over the cold half of the bed
As your wandering image gently crushes me down
Walking through the night, side by side
The faint silhouette of your back
Still haunt me as my sweetest nightmare
Like the strings of a puppeteer
Walking through the night, side by side
The faint silhouette of your back
Still haunt me as my sweetest nightmare
Like the strings of a puppeteer
This is another song about someone who used to be warm and loving but now has a cold stare with no emotion. In my theories, this emotional conflict started in May and ended in August. Why August and how it ended? In August 18th Japan fan-meeting Jimin fainted and apparently this had a big impact on Jikook’s relationship. The day after, when Jimin came back on the stage JK did a beautiful interaction with him. Two days later JK did a live stream and sang a song named I will give it all to you. Three days later Namjoon posted screenshot of this song with the caption “Jeon Jungkook OST”. Here are the lyrics:
I have something for you
I have something to say tonight
I will give it all to you
My love that's about to burst
There's nothing I can't do for you
After picking the stars, I'll fill your hands
I have something for you
I have something to give you tonight
There's nothing I can't do for you
After picking the stars, I'll fill your hands
I will give it all to you
My love that is about to explode
The lyrics are talking of a beautiful love about to burst and the lover is ready to sacrifice and do anything for him/her love even if it’s bringing the stars in the sky and hand it to his/her lover. 12 hours later Jimin tweeted something suspicious: “The stars in the sky (musical note emoji) (surprised emoji)”. This tweet has no media and the caption has no hashtag except Jimin. It seems like someone had brought the stars in the sky for Jimin and it has something to do with music either. I wonder who it would be…
I tried so hard to not express my theories and leave the conclusion to you but some facts are undeniable especially when you put them together with the events and moments that happened in that period. I (rightfully) believe that the chronology of the events is extremely important and it can tell you more than just a surface without reading too much of it. If you don’t like theories or you have your own theories just don’t read this part because I don’t want to change anyone’s mind:
We all know about Jimin’s affection for JK in their debut years. I don’t think that was something fake or exaggerated, he really adored JK and wanted his attention (maybe he was aware of their mutual crush, I don’t know) but he could never imagine this turning into something serious. But it did and JK was the one who noticed this first and took action but he got rejected and became broken-hearted. This rejection was the result of fear, fear of an unknown future. Jimin’s love for JK was still strong but he had to reject JK to stop things from getting worse and out of hand. But in JK’s eyes, everything was different. He wanted him back, he was missing Jimin’s affection because he had found out that he is in love, the thing he didn’t know beforehand (I think memory of the rainy day has happened at this era, or maybe I’m wrong) After weeks of emotional conflict, finally they were at the same page and they were ready to make their relationship work. JK assured Jimin about his love and it seemed like a happily ever after but little did they know about their future and fate.
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blouisparadise · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
We realized it’s been a while since our first canon rec list came out, so we decided to create a second part to it! We hope you enjoy these fics. If you enjoy BLP making rec lists, please be sure to reblog this post to spread the word. Happy reading!
1) That Summer Feeling | Explicit | 2093 words
"It was still a lazy summer evening, the sun was still floating in the sky and the balcony window was letting in a warm breeze. Harry thumbed at Louis’ hipbone, easing his lips off Louis’ skin just to mumble “Turn over, darling.” Louis cracked a small smile, turning over slowly and revealing the back half of his naked body. Harry’s tongue felt too big for his mouth. He swallowed as he took in the sight. He’d never get tired of this."
2) The Sucking Method | Explicit | 2668 words | Sequel #1 | Sequel #2 | Sequel #3
Louis tries to quit smoking, but none of his methods work. Harry comes up with a new idea that involves lots of sucking.
3) Spirit Meets The Bones | Explicit | 3220 words
The action shouldn’t fill his eyes with tears but it does. These small gestures mean the world to him. A steady reminder that Harry does notice all the tiny, seemingly insignificant details that make Louis him.
4) Blue Eyes, Black Jeans, Lighters, Candy | Explicit | 3629 words | Sequel
Harry is in Madrid and Louis had a hard week.
5) This Is Where I Sleep | Explicit | 3678 words
Harry and Louis go camping while on break and make some memories.
6) A Touch of Your Love | Explicit | 3856 words
Harry needs to work out. Louis wants him to pay attention to him. They find a compromise.
7) We’ve Got A Vicious Streak | Explicit | 4073 words
In the aftermath of 1DDay, Harry finds a way to help Louis relax.
8) The Sound Of Silence | Explicit | 4272 words
Note: This fic is locked and can only be read by AO3 users.
Early the next morning, Louis had been scrolling through Twitter when he first saw the wild conspiracy.
“What if the person in the VIP box is actually Xander?”
Louis had almost choked on his coffee. Xander? Of all the people Harry had been connected to over the last few years, this person was speculating Harry was secretly in love with Xander Ritz?
9) Cherries In The Snow | Mature | 5151 words
It’s Valentine’s Day, and Harry is not in the mood. So naturally, Louis lets Harry paint his body with kiss marks to make him feel better.
10) At The End Of My Rope | Mature | 5608 words
The one where they go to Crete and Harry is definitely hiding something.
11) Just Stop Your Crying (It's a Sign of the Times) | Explicit | 5864 words
My own imagining of the inspiration for Sign of the Times.  Featuring boys in love, even after all this time.
12) Maybe My Heart’s Numb | Mature | 6007 words
He breathes in sharply and turns to his right, the source of the voice just having sat down. "Yeah?" he asks softly, trying to get his voice to come out as evenly as possible.
Harry stares at him with an unreadable look on his face, then looks down. Louis' gaze follows.
Harry's holding his right hand, a completely burnt out cigarette lying underneath it.
13) Singing Your Praises | Explicit | 6226 words
Prompt 86: Louis rides Harry while wearing his packer’s jersey/sweater and gets his ass ate.
14) The Window To The Soul | Explicit | 6925 words
Harry comes off stage at iHeart 2017 and really needs a bit of physical affection.
15) PDA: Public Displays of Arousal | Mature | 7281 words
"He soon ventured out on a relaxing stroll along the damp shore, pouting down at the very dainty size of the footprints he made in the wet sand. He could already picture Harry making a large footprint right next to it just to coo at their very distinct size difference, and Louis didn’t know whether to grin or grimace. He looked up from the ground to observe the colorful assortment of tents and umbrellas from the people scattered along the sand, and the people themselves were-
Well, they were all naked."
16) Cease The Day | Explicit | 8195 words
In which 1D Day takes on a whole new meaning.
Instead of a seven hour livestream, the One Direction team deem it more profitable to offer an entire day spent with any one member of the band for the highest bidder. What happens when the same buyer wins both Louis and Harry for a day?
17) Little White Lies | Explicit | 10450 words
Louis makes an off hand comment in an interview then comes home to find Harry has laid his old braces out on their bed.
18) Tomorrow You Won’t Be Mine | Explicit | 13592 words
Louis and Harry were larry, until they broke up and weren’t. Years into the hiatus Louis finds himself in Philadelphia for a music festival, completely unaware that Harry has a show that night there too until fans start to freak out online. Louis has things to get off of his chest about their break up all those years ago and turns up to Harry’s concert without notice, leaving Harry in complete shock. Feelings overwhelm them both, leading to a night where they realise just how much they missed eachother...
19) With the Certainty Of Tides | Mature | 13980 words
“Love you,” Louis whispered in the dark. He didn’t know what time it was or where the light had gone, he knew that he was in Harry’s arms, basking in the afterglow of all their love and he’d be a fool to not tell Harry that. As if Harry didn’t know.
“Love you,” was whispered back, as if Louis didn’t know. They confessed to each other as if it was their first time saying it, raw and painful, and listened to it the very same way, but they knew those words to be the only ones true.
With all the certainty of the tides, with all the light from the sun, with all the steady beats of their hearts, they were deftly in love, in secret and so loudly. They were brave and fearless and strong and hopelessly devoted in every sense of their breaths.
“We made it, baby,” Harry mumbled, bringing their lips into a final kiss, sweet and soft and the color of pink. They already knew that, didn’t fight tooth and nail and argued through every petty year and bleed their hearts into the words they sang and on their skin for them to have not made it home.
They were home.
20) Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) | Not Rated | 16683 words
The one where Harry wants a little more in the bedroom and has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth.
21) Oblivious | Explicit | 19096 words
Where Louis gets a little crush on Luke and for some reason Harry starts acting weird.
22) Late Night Devil (Put Your Hands On Me) | Explicit | 20086 words
Harry Styles has always put up with him. With every snip of attitude, every idiotic act of stubbornness, every harsh and sour word. Each time Louis thinks he's stepped too far, clung too tight, bitten too hard, Harry is there to forgive him, to protect him, to hold him. Maybe he was naive to think that, no matter how hard he pushed, Harry would never move.
Maybe he should have seen it coming.
23) England Has My Bones | Explicit | 24087 words
The next time Harry thinks about calling, it’s 4.14 in the morning on a Parisian hotel balcony.
24) Pink In The Night | Explicit | 32324 words
His finger was tapping on Louis’ chat before Harry could even think about it, eyes reading over the last text he’d sent Louis. I miss you. Do you miss me?
Harry had felt so pathetic that December night, alone in the dark room of the Japanese apartment he’d been staying at, the strong smell of alcohol clinging to his clothes.
Louis hadn’t replied, but Harry wasn’t surprised; he had texted Louis a few times before while he’d been away, but there had never been a response.
It pained him to admit that this was their new normal.
25) What’s Mine Is Yours To Make Your Own | Mature | 39919 words
Sometimes, the closest Harry ever feels to home is Louis. It’s their shared hotel rooms on tour, their shoes toed off in the doorway next to each other, jackets hung on the same post. It’s everything he doesn’t notice until it’s been taken away from him.
Check out our other fic rec lists by category here and by title here.
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1ddotdhq · a year ago
🍌Wed 2 Dec ‘20💚
Harry Styles Reacts to Banana Innuendo Rumors by Making EVEN MORE Banana Innuendos part TWO
Good morning/evening/night to Harry’s post and Harry’s post ONLY! (Okay that’s not true but it was definitely a highlight of my day). In case people haven’t seen it yet, it’s Harry in a light blue custom made suit putting a penis banana in his mouth. The picture is captioned “Bring Back Manly Men” so take a suck on THAT Candace Owens! It was only one of many great pictures in his variety shoot (including another, um, fruity picture of him biting into a pomegranate okay Persephone we get it), but Harry did indeed choose That One to post on This, the day after banana necklace dickscourse, BLESS. Harry’s interview was a little more in depth than they have been in the past, touching upon his feelings on race (“Historically, I can’t think of any industry that’s benefited more off of Black culture than music. There are discussions that need to happen about this long history of not being paid fairly. It’s a time for listening, and hopefully, people will come out humbled, educated and willing to learn and change”), as well as his tattoos (the only time he regrets them is in the DWD makeup chair), his love of reading, fashion and art, his exercise routine (Kid Harpoon couldn’t keep up!),  and his feelings on success and acclaim (“It’s never why I do's always nice to know that people like what you’re doing, but ultimately — and especially working in a subjective field — I don’t put too much weight on that stuff...Fans are the best A&R”). 
The problems arose - as they so often do - when One Direction was mentioned. The article said that “The proof [of the band’s benefits] is in the relatively seamless solo transitions of at least three of its members- Payne, Malik and Horan in addition to Styles- each of whom has landed hit singles on charts in the U.K., the U.S. and beyond”. Leaving aside the bad math (that's 4 people!) one name, of course, is notably missing: Louis has in fact enjoyed quite a lot of success both with Walls (remember when his album went #1 on iTunes in the UK AND the US literally 2 months ago?) and his pre-Walls singles like “Back To You” and “Just Hold On”. It got worse because the author tried to back up her claim with Harry’s quote, “When you look at the history of people coming out of bands and starting solo careers, they feel this need to apologize for being in the band...but we loved being in the band...I think there’s a wont to pit people against each other. And I think it’s never been about that for us. It’s about a next step in evolution. The fact that we’ve all achieved different things outside of the band says a lot about how hard we worked in it”. By linking her own words with Harry's quote she made it seem as though Harry said it to agree with her biased take, which we'd know he didn't even if we hadn't heard him say this exact quote without that slant multiple times before. Fans were quick to point out both to the author and to Variety that they were wrong (to describe the reaction mildly), and the author rather than fixing the mistake, doubled down and began blocking fans. Plenty of people were quick to say that of course HSHQ and Harry had approved this content, despite more knowledgeable fans trying to be heard protesting that that is not how it works. (Remember how just recently Vogue got Harry’s whole ass FAMILY situation wrong and it was not corrected until after print, for example?) In fact, even the magazine didn't really proofread this- the print version of the article is different and says, “The proof is in the relatively seamless solo transitions of at least three of its members - Styles, Malik and Horan”, effectively erasing both Louis AND Liam. It's an annoying take either way, but it's one the author more than likely picked up by doing her research on harrie twitter, not on orders from Jeff.
And because we DO NOT STAND FOR LILO ERASURE ON THIS BLOG, let’s talk about Liam’s Web Summit panel! It was 25 minutes of Liam and Marian Dicus (VP of Spotify) being interviewed about the current and future state of the music industry. Both of them, of course, noted that things had changed very quickly in their careers back at the beginning of lockdown, and how it had seemed surreal, at first, but that Liam had found that the way he was operating now (with Veeps and Tik Tok and Instagram lives) had made his platform a two way interaction with his fans. “For a long time I've been living in a dream world where I thought I was speaking with my fans but really I was just talking at them whereas we as artists ask a lot of rhetorical questions... I wanted to start a conversation”. Marian discussed how engaging fans differently WAS one of the most difficult things to puzzle out at the beginning, but that as months have passed, it seems artists like Liam have found a viable virtual future in the music industry (Liam tells us that he's been doing “stadium size shows” on Veeps which is an exciting clue about the mystery of how many tickets they're selling). They also went into the way music trends change as a response to social and political occurrences, how comfort songs gave way to protest songs this summer. Liam said, “People want their artists to have an opinion nowadays it's not that we can stay out of the conversation anymore-- and nor do we feel that we should in many places-- but for me it's a fine line because I realize what I do for people is an escape, people don't want things rammed down their throats every day and news messages from me about things that they don't want to hear about if they've come to listen to music, so its a real fine line that we kind of teeter on”. And about his opening acts, he acknowledges that his fanbase are mostly young women (based on the data breakdowns he gets from his team), and so he feels a responsibility to mentor young female artists in the industry so that more people like his fans have a voice. In an interview full of really fascinating music and technical discussions, this remained my favorite moment from Liam. Just like we won’t erase HIM, he refuses to erase US! And let's not forget our Liam alarm of the day-- it starts out absolutely adorable (“good moooorning!”), is hilarious in that apparently he just rambled completely unscripted and then they awkwardly cut it into 25 parts, but today's installment is frankly not relaxing! “only 23 sleeps til christmas have you done your shopping are you prepared” excuse me Liam YOU ARE STRESSING ME OUT. The promised relaxing sleep story affirmations are still 'coming soon'-- hurry up please I need them to decompress after that alarm!
Now for a lightning round of epic proportions: DWD darling pictures and vids keep comin’ and Harry and Florence are both looking GORGEOUS as Jack and Alice,  after the Variety shoot dropped ‘THE CAPTION’, ‘BRING BACK MANLY MEN’, and ‘LOUIS IS SUCCESSFUL’ trended worldwide on twitter, Tan France said “yes please” to Harry's banana post, Harry reiterated that London was home and he didn’t want to be in LA for longer than he needed to,Variety has its virtual show tomorrow at 5 pm PST so see you there! Veeps is sending out emails promoting Louis’ show to people who bought LP show tickets, fans have already started to receive their Louis Tomlinson Live From London merch, Trinity College in Dublin’s Law society presented Niall with an award for, uh, his Irishness, I guess? (Just kidding, it’s for “his incredible talent and work ethics which is famously underscored by a distinct humility despite unthinkable success”). It looks like he will be giving a talk when he’s presented with it, and I’m honestly really interested to see what it’s all about - is he...gonna be talking to law students? Idk but tune in on December 7th at 12 pm GMT to find out!
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catalystcrisis · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Opening 2 Commission slots!
I’ve been working on a personal comm project (a fully illustrated proposal book) for a close friend during this summer, and it’s winding down! I finally have some time in the future for regular commissions, so I figured I’d start off with 2 slots. Please read below the cut for details :)
Note that I still have magazine raffles on my tumblr and twitter if you’d like to try your luck at one of those instead!
-Only 1 character portraits at this time  -Shoulders-up only -Added complexities such as intricate armor, hair styles, helmets, hands, etc. are subject to negotiation. -Simple backgrounds (examples above) are included -All payments are via PayPal and in USD -To secure a slot, please pay half of your full commission price up front. The rest will be expected after the sketch stage.
Will do
-Original Characters, canon characters -Most experienced with Dragon Age and Dead by Daylight fandoms, but open to others! -Open to interesting aspects, Ie. dark art (skeleton/bone, exposed muscle, necromancy magic, etc), anthro, plants, magic, etc. -Will try furry and mech, but I am inexperienced with these style at this time, and may add complexity (therefore fees may apply)
Won’t do
-For this round, I will not be offering NSFW options -Prejudiced symbols (eg. Nazi, anti-LGBTQIA+, racist, antisemitic, etc.)
What to Expect
Securing a slot: -If you do choose to commission me, please reach out via Tumblr/Twitter/Gmail ( -You will secure a slot when you pay half of your full commission price up front.
Stages: -Once I receive the initial payment, I will start the commission.  -Please have references available! I work best with screenshots/face claims/art of your character in neutral lighting. Ideas for the pose/expression/lighting/symbols/clothes/hairstyles/jewelry/etc are all welcome! -I prefer to communicate as much as possible. It would be lovely to chat with you to get a better feel for your character so that we’re on the same page. -After discussion, I will send you a sketch. You may ask for a revision at this time if the sketch doesn’t match what you had in mind.  -Additional revisions are subject to fees -The rest of the commission fee is expected at this time. Continued work will progress once full payment is received.  -If you would like, I can send you progress shots as I work. I can also keep it a secret until I’m finished.
Expected turnaround -Commissions should take a week or so at most.  -I will communicate any unexpected delays asap, since life happens to all of us.
Ownership -I will send you the full resolution PNG via the method of your choice -my signature will be included discreetly, and will not have a watermark in your piece -I retain the right to post the commission for portfolio purposes  -Please let me know if you would not like to be tagged if I do post your commission on my blogs, since crediting characters and designs to their rightful creators are my default -If you do post your commissioned piece, a shoutout is welcome but not mandatory!
Please let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to answer any that you may have :)
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moonflms · 7 months ago
➷。˚ thief — nct johnny
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PROLOGUE ༄ —wherein your roommate helps comforts a drunk y/n after trending on twitter, being dispatch's new target.
PAIRING ༄ - idol! johnny x idol! fem reader
WARNINGs༄ - tw // insecurity, hate, alcohol, profanities, etc.
GENREs ༄ - slight crack & fluff, angst, nct's 24th member, 127's 11th member, idol au, drinking.
W. COUNT ༄ - around 1k+
➷。min's letter ༄ - istg i've written a few drinking themed imagines and i don't drink yet HAJSHJASDKS please, don't drink your problems away. remember that there are people who are willing to be a listening ear when you need one. don't result in drinking, harm, and more. there are times where we shouldn't keep things to ourselves alright? i love you!
do not repost. copyright belongs to @moonflms 2021. reblogs and likes are deeply appreciated! originally posted on my twitter (@suhhvsco) and wattpad (@johnsparrot) . enjoy reading!
at the 127 dorms...
you grabbed your third can of beer from the fridge and walked back towards your room. the members– who were present, were in the living room trying to beat summer's scorching heat. with that, they've witnessed your constant trips back and forth to the fridge to get a can of alcohol.
at first, they've thought it was your new way to beat the heat. they've thought you wanted to try something new, but they started to notice something wrong later on.
it was so hot to the point the windows were closed, the room doors were wide open, trying to compile the cool breezes from their room's air conditioners. you, on the other hand, oddly stayed in your room, isolating yourself.
they've started to worry as you came back for more cans. they started to worry from how you came back for more with your roommate's hoodie on, covering your face from letting them see your pink puffy eyes (which was still evident either way) and disheveled hair.
they started to worry as you were silent not making any complaints about the weather, knowing how whiney you could be. to how you barely made any contact with them, which was new. they figure something was acting up since it was rare for them to see you cry.
at the moment, you were trying hard to avoid any contact with them. the boys–being the caring brothers they were, decided to do some research. it was easy for them to find the answer. why? your name was trending on twitter.
they clicked on the hashtag and immediately found tons of explanations, some hate, some defends, and some who were also doing the same as the members were. they got their solution from an article– well.. maybe articles.
you became dispatch's newest victim, dragging you into a fresh rumor. due to the scandal, it gained you even more hate than usual. you gained the worst backlash you've witnessed so far. the members finally understood what you were going through, knowing you were mentally weak. you were always sensitive and insecure when it comes to the perspective of others. it was a side you didn't want to show to people. slightly a stupid idea, but they left you to do things on your own, giving you some alone time to cry.
well, things like these in the entertainment industry are unavoidable to be honest. in the industry, rumors, scandals, controversies, hate— happens 24/7, leading fandoms into flames every single day.
you drinking for quite a while now, you were slightly feeling drowsy. you didn't know whether it came from the beer or your constant crying. maybe a mix of both. you took the opportunity to bawl your eyes out and sulk while the rest were outside. you didn't want to rant how you felt to them, you had no courage to do so. you were currently by the farthest part of the room from the door. you were sitting on the carpeted floor, leaning on your roomie's bed behind you. you continued scrolling down on a few tweets about you. some were defending you․ however, it was overpowered by all the hate. you saw a tweet that made your heart rip into half. it was how you destroyed the group by joining it, to how your debut was a mistake. you felt an arrow pierce through your chest.
"so that's how they feel, huh?" you thought to yourself. your tears fell even harder and faster. and it was only a year and a half since you debuted as nct's only female member. the entertainment agreed that you were suited more for a boy group - you stood out and you were too powerful to be in a female group. your style totally blended well with nct's concept. people were astonished. people loved you. people were disgusted. calling you an attention seeker, a whore.
you felt like the villain here. you felt everything crashing down on you started by a false story. people seizing the opportunity to ruin you. you felt the worst you could've felt about yourself.
you went out again, fast-walking across the members, ducking your head. you grabbed another can and dashed back to your shared room. you went back to the corner and downed your drink just in a few minutes. at this point, drinking your problems and crying was the solution, well first, that's what you presumed.
a small sniffle was heard from the living room as your door was left slightly opened. at this point, they even more concerned. you should've asked their comforts, they agreed. they had to do something now or they'll be bearing with a hungover-ed y/n later. they couldn't handle the fact their little princess was hurting on her own. they were furious and hurt, hearing you breakdown for the first time. referencing your senior group, you were one. ohana.
you came back to the kitchen for more. in and out of the kitchen with unbalanced baby steps, making your consumption evident. as you went back, they started to hold a talk. they were itching for a solution to make you open up without force. you were fragile as a glass sheet at the moment. so they came up with one after a few ideas.
first, they took all the alcohol– with a water bottle by chance from the refrigerator (it was a couple left since you took a few.) placing the cool beer cans by them, low-key guarding and cooling off at the same time. they thought you'd approach them for a can... but again, that's what was presumed.
when you came out of the room for the nth time, you saw all the remaining cans with your members. you continued to walk slowly to the fridge, later on kneeling in front of it, having a short dilemma about your beverage. then, a bolt of lightning struck your imaginary lightbulb, sparking an alternative. you looked at the boys as they continued to stare at you. you smiled at them as you giggled, making your eyes disappear, it scared the heck out of the boys. you faced the fridge, pulling the side starting to find your new option.
why cry over beer when there's soju?
you grabbed the bottle and slowly went back your way. the boys were dumbfounded as they saw you walking back with a green bottle in hand. "who bought all the drinks in the first place?" taeyong nagged as everybody looked at yuta, who just shrugged. "man. she's an intellectual!" they facepalmed as they were amazed at how cute you were. they continued to giggle until one laughed it off and stepped up. "moving on to plan b. go get her, big bear"
your roommate was an optimistic guy. he was always bright and bubbly like how you were, both on and off stage. he was that kind of guy who would never let you swim in negativity for long. almost too positive. he was over-enthusiastic.
he laughed for a good few seconds as he quickly stood up rushing to you, knowing he'd be responsible later to watch over your drunk ass. he rushed to you, who looked like a drunkard strolling the calm streets at midnight. he held your wrist as he snatched the green bottle. he hurried and placed it on the coffee table by the boys, grabbing the water bottle from a while ago as a replacement. you saw your soju flash before your eyes. "whY? tHat's minE! YAH!" you whined as you made a turn and rushed to the area trying to grab your bottle back.
the others continued to watch the 'k-drama' that was happening in front of them, smiling at how you were all grumpy. your roommate blocked the way and laughed at you who was trying to push him. "i'll take care of her" he looked to his fellow members than to you, who was still struggling to make him move. lifting you up, you were now hanging by his shoulder. you were high in the air, being the tall guy he was.
he brought you to your shared room, pushing the door and leaving it a bit open for the others to follow in. the rest followed in as support, by the door about to listen and watch to the conversation. he slowly laid you on the bed as he did too, beside you. you sat up, and glared at your roommate. "i believe you had too much of heineken, missy." he sat up, nearing you.
he held your hand as he pulled you closer to him. "alcohol isn't the best solution you know?" he patted your head, looking at you. you came closer and buried your face into his shoulder, starting to cry for the hundredth time today. "johnny... it hurts. so... bad." you finally let out all the tears you've been collecting for yourself.
johnny brought you to his lap as he cradled you like an infant. he hugged you from your side as he rubbed your back, you continuing to cry, feeling the pain compiled in your chest.
seeing and hearing you cry that hard made everyone's heartache, eyes tearing up as well. "i'm sorry" you tried to mumbled out in between tears and breaths. "don't be. just remember that i'm here, alright? that the members are here to listen, okay?"
"hey, it happened already. the company will find a way to settle this. just, them your best and what you got okay? we'll help." he continued to rub your back as he called the rest waiting to come in. bringing you into a group hug. the members stayed in the room, staying by your side.
for the whole time, you were in johnny's arms, feeling cozy. you both were able to exchange experiences, advices, and more. making you feel so much better. with the beer's after-effects kicking in, you felt drowsy and eventually, you passed out. silently, while you were passed out, the rest continued to stay, seeing a resemblance of a baby in johnny's arm. johnny went along and swayed you side-to-side, singing a short lullaby for comedic purposes.
johnny tucked you in with the help of some members. you were drenched in sweat and tears, your face was flushed in pink from all the crying and drinking.
"youngho... you. thief..." you mumbled. everybody caught what you mumbled and fixed their eyes on both you and johnny. unconsciously, you made a small smile.
"they say, honesty comes out when drunk, youngho." everyone in the room gave johnny a playful stink eye, getting what you mumbled.
this became a secret only the boys knew.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · a year ago
🪐Tues 1 Dec ‘20🍌
Harry Styles Reacts to Banana Innuendo by Creating More Banana Innuendo
A little bit of Harry today but packing a big, uh, impact; there were pictures of the DWD set where one of the blurry blobs is distinctively Harold, and a much clearer fan pic of him driving a top down convertible in Palm Springs recently, personifying old Hollywood glamour looks even off the set, and! We see him in the Variety Hitmakers promo vid briefly, like very briefly, I literally blinked and missed it the first time, but the amount of information he gets across in those 4 or 5 frames! WOW. Okay so first of all he's wearing a necklace that is literally A DICK BANANA! It's a penis in a banana peel!! I mean we have always been knew that Harry was a big lover of... bananas... but he really just said no more subtext this time damn. It being Gucci is just the hilarious sprinkle on the sundae, they are really making the content Harry deserves huh? But let's not let that distract us from unpeeling the rest of this iconic look- his shirt says 'waiting for sunset', I see your sun reference there sir, and his sweater, an iconic cardigan first seen 3 years ago (it's the space boy sweater!!!), features daffodils, a heart pierced by an arrow (wait do those two things... go together or something...?), two birds, bugs and butterflies, and fish! Also it's beautiful. Someone make recreating these a tiktok trend please and tell me how to make one!
Comedian Nick Kroll, who is part of Don't Worry Darling, says Harry (er sorry I mean “ethereal demigod of love Harry Styles,” as per Vuture) was the first to know about his engagement, beating out even family by texting for up to the minute updates (“have you done it yet? What's going on?”). “He doesn’t know it yet,” Kroll says, “but he’s gonna be the guardian of all of our children.” Uh huh like that wasn't his play all along, he's even got this guy convinced it was his own idea! I assume Harry's plotting the tattoo space for their names even now, but hopefully he won't also be texting for constant updates on the babymaking process...
Who woke up with Liam today?? Well, if you missed that pleasure, he greeted us to say good morning and that it was “strange being the voice waking you up” but he hoped it wasn't too annoying and that we had a blessed day while Naughty List (#1 tik tok song third week in a row) played gently in the background. Thanks Liam! (Then Roman Kemp does what is I guess a Harry impression? Not his best tbh. Also no bananas or dicks, not convincing at all.) Liam also tells Roman that no, he's never done positive affirmations, what are those-- I was already looking forward to the advent for ME but now I'm excited for it for Liam too! No Liam, may YOU have a blessed day and learn all about saying nice things to yourself. The sleep story content isn't available yet, but lots of people went to sleep last night with Liam on their mind already even so; CelebTM, desperate to cling to their moment of notoriety and retain their directioner readers, published a ziam primer, and apparently their ploy is working cause suddenly everyone was talking about ziam. I mean okay but my dudes are you really letting CELEBTM guide your fandom? That just won't end well. But however suspect the source, ziam trended on twitter throughout the day yesterday, and then Gigi posted a pic of Zayn resting his face on her preggers belly from back in the summer, and then the fandom sort of split into the people trending Ziam harder and the people cooing at the pic for being cute so I guess if Gigi was trying to shush people as was the widespread theory, maybe it half worked? Or maybe it just made people about it talk more, hard to say. But! Either way it gave us an unseen of Zayn, so thats a win.
BBC1 will play Louis' christmas special from last year again this christmas day-- a whole hour of Louis playing great songs and chatting! (Remember how he played the same christmas song that Harry had called a family favorite when he covered it at Jingle Ball a couple weeks before? good times!) I guess you could be sad that it's a rerun, and yes who wouldn't want a new one, but also you could be happy cause it was super good and it's on again! Anyway judging by the influence celebtm is wielding, half of the fandom is new people right now anyway so I'm sure it will be new to many, so enjoy it friends. A registered but unreleased Louis song, One Track Mind, showed minor changes to a listing. Movement behind the scenes? Always, but if it moving closer to us, happy days!
Meanwhile on instagram Harris Reed said "I think the thing that's so beautiful about Harry is the fact that he does what he wants to do because he believes in it,” and “he immediately kind of understood I didn’t want to just make pretty clothes, I had a strong message for providing fluidity,” Louis liked posts from Liam Gallagher (about supporting crew) and Helene, Liam did what the grammys failed to- congratulated The Weeknd on his success (a whole year in the top 100), and Harry and Louis are up against each other-- no not like that, in a fan voted competition for 'Best Male'.  A pretty big hat to fill but better one of them than most anyone else! If you have a strong preference (and boy do some of you) go cast your vote! Let the infighting begin, uh, continue.
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cherriesradio · 10 months ago
Class 1-A relationship headcanons
Part 1 ->
Mashirao Ojiro
Remember when you where a little kid and would collect flowers at recess and give them to your teacher? Yeah that’s him
Makes little flower crowns
Idk this boy just really likes flowers okay
Their a secret for a while and because he’s not friends with everyone no one really “finds out” and the just tell the class
Aizawa kinda knew they were together the whole time it was obvious it’s just no one paid attention
Y/n is willing to get in fight for people they care for and Ojiro will just pull them away with his tail from beating some kid who made fun of Deku
They call him “Lovely little Monkey” cause he’s only 5’4 or around there and they find it cute
When it gets more serious he makes a vow to them that he will never hit them or hurt them in anyway and it’s the sweetest thing ever
When y/n is having a bad day he’ll just come at them with a million bad puns and pick up lines to make them laugh
Y/n likes wearing his Martial Arts clothes and he’s like “would you actually wanna learn?” And after a second of thinking they nod their head at rapid speed
Denki and y/n are the only people who can touch his tail (him and Denki are great friends try to change my mind)
When he’s a pro hero y/n and him are partners and they don’t tell the public their together
Every fan ships them
So one day they think no one is watching them after a fight and they kiss and congratulate each other on how good they did
Turns out there were a ton of cameras around them and it was on the news
Y/n almost killed the network ngl
Denki Kaminari
He may seem like a perv but he’s only a perv at home don’t worry ❤️
Anyways (cause writing THAT made me uncomfortable)
Y/n makes him study and sometimes he doesn’t and they’ll check to see if he’s studying and at some point their just like
“I’m gonna study with you to make sure you study”
He did study when they were with him :)
Drop kicks Mineta when he hits on y/n even tho he knows y/n and him are dating
When y/n doesn’t know he’s there he’ll go up to them and give them a small zap and they’ll giggle
(Okay druggie Denki coming through) y/n helps him get out of addiction 😌
Puts him in rehab if it’s bad bad
Once Bakugo made fun of their relationship and behind Denki’s back y/n beat him to the ground and the next day he had a black eye and some bruises and Denki was like “bro what happened” “nothin”
They mess with Ojiro’s tail together
Y/n will rant and he just sits staring at them and nodding occasionally
👏watching 👏crappy 👏 tv shows / movies 👏 together 👏👏👏👏👏
When he’s in dumbass mode y/n will throw him over their shoulder and bring him to the dorms and the whole class finds it so funny
On Twitter and other social media they will post a pic of the other and the text is just a keyboard smash
Before they got together he would do that but in the Bakusquad group chat and Bakugo just left the chat at some point cause he was tired of random clearly not asked for pics of y/n and just “akaoqiwbbejwhbwoqj I thinking I’m simping”
Relationship is not a secret whatsoever
He just went up to them in the middle of lunch, got down on one knee, took one of their hands and asked them to go out with him and after bursting into laughter y/n said yes
He’s protective but also if no ones eyeing y/n or hitting on them he’ll low key be offended for y/n like “how dare they not find you to be the hottest/ cutest/ most wonderful being in the universe?”
If y/n is tired after training then he’ll pick them up bridle style and the Bakusquad calls him a simp
It’s literally the most healthy relationship you could ever imagine
Neither will hesitate to call the other out if their being unfair/ not putting effort into the relationship or “unmanly” as Kirishima says
Makes sure each of them get a good amount of self care as well as taking care of the other
Rarely fight, get in arguments but settle it out peacefully and with respect for one another
He would break up with y/n if they make him feel less or like he has to “be good enough for them” because he heavily values self worth because of this insecurity’s in middle school
Y/n makes him feel like he can do anything tho so don’t worry
Sometimes y/n just sits down and stares at Kirishima whiles he’s ranting about something he’s passionate about and smiling
Then he’s like “why are you staring?”
Y/n: *absolutely star struck* “u pretty”
Has hot coco in the summer
Making pillow/ blanket forts and when their done using them jumping on top and destroying them
Y/n will run at him from behind and he hears their footsteps and then shifts to pick them up for a piggy back ride
Swinging their arms around when they hold hands 😫
Y/n snorts when they laugh and their insecure about it and then Kirishima is like “okay then I’ll not try to make them laugh to much so they don’t snort and feeling bad!” And then y/n thinks he’s less interested in them
And then he makes up for it in making them laugh a ton (like to where they start coughing) and cudddle up to them and tell them how he loves their snort
Get each other gifts and ONLY gives them in front of the rest of the class to flaught how much they adore each other
Fist bumps are a form of intimate affection and you can’t change his mind
So are high fives
Even if they break up they will still be really good friends
Kirishima metions how he really likes how Bakugo makes a random food and y/n will force him to teach them how to make it
Forehead kisses Forehead kisses Forehead kisses Forehead kis-
Has a new pet name for each other every day
Fat gum has to approve (he does, he adores y/n)
Kirishima and y/n definitely call him dad
Tamaki meets them and after he tells Kirishima “their really nice you have good taste” and then feels bad because he made it sound like food
All four are just best friends and after the raid y/n totally takes them all out for boba or something like that because they are proud
Kouji Kouda (Koda)
Very, very slow relationship
It was like 6 months in before they kissed
Every time he leaves a room he’ll be like “bye I love you!”
Doesn’t get jealous at all
Like a guy could literally slap their butt and he’ll just sit their like “well that’s not very friendly” and then y/n tells him how it made them uncomfortable and he’s like “OH NO I SHOULD OF HELPED”
Dates at the park
Y/n will see like a squirrel or bird or something and be like “Koda Koda go say hi tell it hi for me please”
The type to look up how to be romantic and he just sits at his computer like “why would I kiss them in the rain????? We would be wet and uncomfortable?????”
First date is at a petting zoo
They (Koda would not propose) proposed at that same petting zoo but made arrangements to where no one else would be there so he wouldn’t be embarrassed
Legit learning Morse code or silent language so he doesn’t have to talk
Little notes left on their desk before their together and y/n’s friends are all like “you have a secret admirer~~~” and he glances over to blushing y/n and stiffens, blushing
Y/n always getting the spiders
At first wanted to do the “cover with a glass slip a piece of paper let it free” method but then he got paranoid they got back in the dorm
At the start of the relationship whenever y/n even breaths he’s staring at the ground blushing
Once they were cuddling and he had his head in their chest (uncomfortable for y/n but they deal) and they started singing and he melt on the spot
When they feel down in the morning and Koda can’t walk with them back to the dorms for whatever reason a trail of little rabbits and other cute animals will follow them trying to cheer them up
Rikidou Satou
Constantly baking for y/n, after something runs out he will have something even better ready to give to them
Teaches has them to bake
Self doubts when y/n is around good looking people and tries to show off his muscles to show that he’s worth them
Y/n knows he deserves them ❤️
Some times he’ll make something super sugary and shares with the class and their all like “????? This is so sugary I can’t eat this???????”
And y/n is munching on it and everyone knows that he makes them stuff like this all the time
“How in the world are you still fit?” “Lots and lots of working out and only eat healthy outside of it. No chips or anything , and it’s fine”
Randomly declares that he loves random thing about them
“I love how their hair smells after they shower!” “Okay Satou anyways when are we gonna-“
Y/n said he was a good kisser once and now every time he sees them walk in the room he makes a kissy face
Taking random walks around campus
And they talk to people they pass by
Like so many people around the school know about them and they become known as “that one really cute walking couple”
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sleepyjhs · a year ago
Him As Your Boyfriend (Jimin Headcanon)
genre: fluff , boyfriend au
pairing: boyfriend!jimin x reader
note: jimin is the last of the members! there’s now a version of this headcanon for all 7 of our boys, go check em out if you enjoy this one! 🥺
m.list | requested
Tumblr media
i included orange min for your own mental health :))
okay anyway
i’ve said this literally every time
but who WOULDNT wanna date jimin??
seriously find me one single person
i once saw someone on twitter say
jimin is the result of raising a child with overwhelming love (in the good way)
and i’ve never forgotten it
because it might just be the truest thing i’ve ever read
this man is just a living care bear
which makes him a million times more attractive
skinship is a constant with jimin
he’d never ever allow you to forget how much he adores and treasures you
i think he’s the clingy type, but you’d never mind
if you were catching up with a drama on netflix
jimin wouldn’t hesitate to come and lay across your lap
and try and follow along with the plot
when he gets overtired
and maybe a bit whiny or grumpy
jimin would drag the fluffiest of blankets in the house over to your seat
and do his best to cover you both up
before snuggling into your neck or chest
whatever would keep him the warmest
in the winter, he’d prepare hot chocolate for you
exactly the way you liked it
putting more effort into yours than his own
imagine dancing around the house with jimin
trying to get some housework done
but he can’t resist twirling you down the corridor as though it were a ballroom
supporting you and he leaning you back into an arch
admiring the gleaming yet nervous smile on your face
you knew damn well he’d never drop you
but the thought never quite left your mind mind
i think jimin’s one of the best members for clothes shopping
a very elegant yet somehow casual style
it really suits him
i doubt he’d have any problem waiting for you to try on your picks
but when something didn’t work for you
instead of carrying it to the rejected rack for you
jimin would go back into the shop floor
and rescan all the shelves and racks to see if there was an alternative
more times than not he’d find something even better than the last
Tumblr media
y’all remember his vlog in paris?
i rewatch it all the time
and over their break in october (?) 2019
jimin seemed to do a lot of sightseeing
so here’s what i’m thinking
travelling with jimin
and just seeing the world
i can’t remember if i’ve done this idea before in one of these
but jimin is the member who i associate the most with sightseeing
especially going to romantic areas
florence and venice in italy
the alps in france
sintra in portugal
santorini in greece
prague in czech republic
like i said
jimin is the human embodiment of love
and so he’d never feel as though you were dragging him around the city
just imagine the instagram feed pls :((
with the photos from your trip
jimin would compile a scrapbook
with ticket stubs and receipts
pressed flowers too
not just that though
in every city he took you to
jimin bought you a piece of jewellery to mark the destination
bracelets with your gemstone embedded between precious stones
earrings curled into abstract figurines
but lastly
in the last city on your journey
jimin found a moment alone to pick out the perfect ring
sliver metalwork
a symmetrical array of the finest diamonds
sprinkled between colourful gems
and on the last summer sunset of your voyage
he proposed to you in the empty city plaza
just you and him alone
in a city that crafted so many lovers before you
i can’t even bring myself to finish anymore of this
it literally hurts to think about this
Tumblr media
i feel like a broken record at this point
but ill say it again to make it hurt even more
this man is 1% human
99% love
and so i have to mention how he’d treat you before anything
we’ve seen how much he loves his members
and it might seem impossible to think about how much more he could do to treat a romantic partner
but i feel like it’s possible
no partner of jimin’s would ever second guess his dedication to them
always making sure that you’re okay
in situations you’re less comfortable in
the sly hand around your waist at parties or gatherings
(post-covid of course, wear ur masks)
the hand on your thigh while he’s driving
i’m just gonna say it
he’s absolutely trying the lady and the tramp spaghetti move
there’s no way he isn’t
despite how much of a gentleman we just know jimin is
god help anybody who decided to get in his wrong side
i swear i remember the member’s voting him the scariest when angry
and yknow
i believe it
jimin would do anything to protect you
i can’t imagine there’s much holding him back
no one hurts his partner
although you most likely wouldn’t like it when he yells
getting jimin to that level of anger would surely warrant it
he was protective of you
and in a way
that was more than comfort itself
jimin would always have your back
and when possible
you’d have his as well
Tumblr media
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bottomlouisficfest · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
We hope you’ve enjoyed the fourth week of fics from the Bottom Louis Fic Fest! Every weekend, we’re compiling all of the fics from that week into one roundup post so they’re easy to find for anyone looking to catch up on fics they missed. Enjoy these amazing fics and give them the love they deserve!
Pretty and Pink
A fic by LarryInPanties on AO3 | @larryinpantiess on Tumblr | babielouu on Twitter
12k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Louis points a finger at the man’s pec, “I’ll have you know Harry, anyone would be lucky to have me as a hitchhiker buddy. I’m nice, I don’t take up too much space, and I’m pretty.”
He’s not lying.
“Let me get this straight,” Harry gives Louis a look when he lets out a tiny laugh. “Ya’ want to take a ride with me but you don’t even know where ya’ wanna go yet?”
Harry never lets anyone come on the road with him.
Then, a cute hitchhiker, Louis comes around.
Cold As Ice And Everything Nice
A fic by harriblou on AO3 | @harriblou on Tumblr | harriblou on Twitter
40k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
A young boy about Harry’s age was zoomed into the camera, blushing a bright red and breathing heavily and as he bowed. The crowd was cheering for him loudly and every movement he made was bashful and flustered. He had on a very nice skate dress that was purple. His name, hometown, skate scores, and all sorts of information was in a banner on the bottom half of the screen. He was really young, especially compared to all the other competitors, which was the second thing he noticed.
The first was that the boy was easily the prettiest in the entire world, the prettiest boy Harry’s ever seen. He felt his asthma squeeze his throat and his heart beat faster and his hands get a little more clammy.
or in which Louis is a professional ice-skater and he meets Harry, who offers to clean the ice for him
You'll wait for me only.
A fic by signofthetmies on AO3 | @tired-eyes-lou on Tumblr
9k | Teen & Up | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Harry nips at the bondmark on Louis’ neck, Louis’ hands go to his hips, grounding him. He allows himself this, knowing that his Omega needs it too. Harry pulls back, “Go on a date with me.” He rushes out, looking at Louis’ eyes.
Louis laughs and shakes his head. “No, Louis, I’m serious. We’ve bonded for life anyway, might as well try.” Louis looks at him, “You’ve been thinking about this a lot.” Louis points out, Harry nods. “Okay.” Louis says and walks out leaving Harry. “Okay what?!”
Prompt 15: Omega Louis is a lawyer that worked on omega rights cases. Alpha Harry is a corporate lawyer. Louis and Harry used to be childhood archenemies, until Louis moved to another school and they never saw each other again. Now, they’re both adults that happen to work in the same place. They behave like children and still share a mutual dislike. Both travel to work together for a case. One night they both bond accidentally. Slowly but surely, they fall in love. Enemies to lovers!
through the wheatfields and the coastlines
A fic by thepolourryexpress on AO3 | @thepolourryexpress on Tumblr | ZOUlSBUSONE on Twitter
53k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“You’re not from around here, are ya?” Hot Cowboy asks, tracking his little lamb with his eyes. Louis frowns slightly, having thought he was doing pretty well at not sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s not like he’s not from around here — it’s not his first summer he’s spent at his grandparents'. But he supposes that the Manhattan city lifestyle that he’s used to is always going to shine through.
“I’m visiting family for the summer,” Louis explains, cheeks a little pink. “Trying to get some work done without distractions.”
Or, alternatively, the one where Louis needs inspiration, and a certain cowboy and his lamb are the perfect distraction.
The Boy with the Tin Chest and a Glass Heart
A fic by louloubaby92 on AO3 | @louloubabys1992 on Tumblr
18k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Alpha Harry Styles, world-renowned author of fairy-tales, is being persuaded by the Beta, Liam Payne to hire a new illustrator. Since Harry’s own illustrations are too graphic for what is supposed to be children’s stories, Liam feels the need is dire. Omega Louis does not agree with Liam since he believes that Harry’s stories are fine just the way they are. Of course this has nothing to do with Louis being totally biased or totally head over heels for Harry. It certainly has nothing to do with being jealous of the mysterious omega illustrator Liam has in mind to team Harry up with.
Seriously, it has nothing to do with that at all. Nothing, absolutely nothing, zilch, nada.
This Glass House
A fic by BabyPowderLou on AO3 | @compactblue on Tumblr | princessbluelou on Twitter
42k | Mature | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
While deployed, Alpha Harry gets injured by an IED explosion, leaving him to deal with severe injuries in its devastating aftermath. During his road to acceptance and recovery he learns with the help of Louis and their children just how important family can be for the mind, body, and soul.
singing your praises
A fic by loubellies on AO3 | @loubellies on Tumblr | loubellies on Twitter
6k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
Prompt 86: Louis rides Harry while wearing his packer’s jersey/sweater and gets his ass ate.
made for lovin' you
A fic by cuddlerlouis on AO3 | @cuddlerlouis on Tumblr | burntromances on Twitter
52k | Explicit | Louis/Harry | Tumblr post | Twitter post
“I’m in,” is all Louis receives. He blinks a few times, making sure he’s reading this right.
“For real?” he asks, just to be a hundred percent sure.
“Yes,” pops up. “How do you wanna pursue?” The alpha adds, like he’s on a special mission or something.
“I’m gonna call us a cab to go to mine. Once I know it’s here, I’ll leave and join you there,” Louis explains. “I’ll text you to go around five minutes before it arrives, so it doesn’t look suspicious, and our friends don’t notice us leaving together.”
So Louis does, and ten minutes later, he’s sat in the backseat of a cab, next to Harry Styles, the person he hates the most but unfortunately still finds attractive. They’re on their way to fuck in Louis’ flat.
Or the one where a quick, horny decision ruins Louis’ summer plans, but may also lead to unexpected discoveries. Featuring the road trip of dreams, misunderstandings, and a bit of fate.
View the other roundup posts here:
Week #1 Fic Roundup
Week #2 Fic Roundup
Week #3 Fic Roundup
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