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(?) Johnny Depp x fem!reader smut
Could you do a Johnny Depp x reader, dominate smut where they go multiple rounds? Request by @jdfan4life
pairing: Johnny Depp x fem!reader
summary: the request basically
warning: smut, porn with little plot, multiple orgasms, light bondage, sir kink, hair pulling, shower sex, unprotected sex (take precautions irl)
note: I'm genuinely sorry for the very long wait. Many things were going on in my life. And I'm aware of the others reqs too. Just give me some more time, they'll be posted soon I promise <3 Also, my head's going total blank for the tittle. If you have any suggestions please do tell c:
Last but not least, enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon as you and Johnny returned from your date night, Johnny pushed you against the door, kissing you roughly.
"All night, baby. All night you've teased me," he rasped, his hands roaming your body. He pulled the hem of your skintight dress, which you admittedly had worn to tease him, upto you're waist, his fingers softly pinching and tugging the skin.
He turned you around now your face pressed against the wooden door. He pushed your hair to the side, kissing your earlobe, making you whimper.
"I think you need a lesson, am I not right, babygirl?"
You gulped nervously. You had played with fire. You cannot tease him in public. That was only rule in your relationship that you had broken just because the fun of it. You loved to see this lust filled side of him.
"Yes," you stuttered. "Yes what?" He pinched your waist harshly. You sucked in sharply. "Yes, sir."
He smirked. "Ah! Kitten still knows her rules. Good to know," he mocked you.
He again turned you around making you wrap your legs around his torso. He carried you to your king sized bed setting you on the edge. You looked at him with doe eyes watching him undo his leather belt placing it beside you. He then began unbuttoning his white dress shirt, smirking at you. "You'll touch me soon enough, kitten."
In a minute or two, he had discarded all his clothing all expect his boxers. He commanded you to climb in the middle of the bed, kneeling on the soft matress. He climbed in too, now running his hands up and down your arms. His fingers reached behind the back of your dress undoing the zipper. Pulling it off of you, he threw it across the room. His pupils instantly dilated when he saw you clad only in your black laced bra and matching panties, his favourite ones.
"You naughty girl. You had planned this all along right? Teasing me in the restaurant, flirting with the waiter. You really be testing the waters," he commented.
You bit your lips seductively. "Am I correct, y/n?" He placed his fingers on your chin, making you look at him. "Yes sir," you replied. "Good. Now go and lay down."
You did as told and laid down, waiting patiently for his next command. Johnny came in view again, his leather belt in his hands. Your eyes blew wide at realisation. "No sir. I'll be good I promise. I want to touch you, sir, please" you pleaded. He chuckled darkly. "You need punishment baby. And we both know how much you hate this," with that he began binding your hands above your head.
After he was satisfied with his work, he hovered over you. His lips met yours for a hungry, wet kiss; parting from the kiss, he toyed with the waistband of your panties.
Johnny wanted to make you regret your previous actions. So, he tore the elastic, a snap sounding through the room. You gasped. It was your favourite pair too. "But sir, I liked those!" You cried. "I'll buy you new ones."
He pulled the piece of cloth down to your ankles. His hands immediately took their place on your wet clit, circling the nub in slow circles, making you let out a breathy moan.
His other hand came in too, teasing your hole while the other toyed with your clit. Without a waring he pushed two of his fingers in, a loud moan leaving your lips. He knew just about everything about your body. So it wasn't unexpected for him to do what he thinks would make your toes curl from pleasure.
Johnny thrusted them in and out at a fast pace, the circles on your clit becoming more pressured and more rough. He soon replaced his fingers on your clit with his wet, warm tonge that made you arch your back.
Your hands violently tried to free from their bonds. You wanted you tug on his locks. You wanted to push his face down deeper into your pussy. But that wasn't possible at the moment. That's what punishments are for. Deprive you of the fun.
Johnny's digits scissored inside you, his fingertips rubbing the velvety walls inside.
It was all too much. His tongue flicking your clit, his fingers thrusting in you. I'm a matter of minutes, you came undone around his fingers and his face too. You could sense him smirk against your pussy. He licked you clean till the last drop.
After licking you clean, he came back to your lips, kissing you hungrily. You tasted yourself on his tongue, the slaty-sweetness making you moan in his mouth.
He pulled away from you, now pulling his boxers down to reveal his rock-hard cock hitting his abdomen. The sight made your drool. Words couldn't even describe how desparately you wanted to touch that enormous, beautiful cock.
Johnny stroked himself, his eyes shut tight. "It's such a pity you're not able to touch this big cock of mine, y/n," he said making you whimper.
He stroked his cock a couple more times before aligning himself with your entrace. Slowly he pushed in, both of you moaning loudly at the contact. He was so big he filled you up completely.
No matter how angry or lust-filled Johnny would be, he'd always wait for you to get comfortable around him. It was a gestured that showed he cared about you no matter what.
After a minute, you nodded at him signalling him to move. His first thrust was slow, reliving the feeling how you'd clench around him. Never-ending moans and gasps leaving both of your lips.
Looking at him, the muscle in his arms flexed as he held your ass tightly. "Sir, please. I want to touch you," you were practically begging right now.
He smirked at you before replying. "You got your lesson?" You nodded feverishly. "I promise I'll be good."
"Well then," he reached down, pulling the belt off your wrists. Your bra was still in you, it being forgotten by your boyfriend. His hands unclasped your bra, thrown away somewhere in the room. You breathed out a in content of your hands being free. His however, kneaded your breasts. Pinching a nub and tugging, while he sucked the other one.
You had sat up on the bed. His legs wrapped around you, you on his laps as kept on thrusting inside you. His face was now buried between the valley of your breasts. You pushed his head further deep, your hands scratching and tugging in his hair.
You felt the coil tighten within you. "I-I'm close,sir," you moaned. "I know," he said, his mouth still sucking on your breasts.
With a few more thrusts, you came again. You came down from your high when your realised Johnny hasn't came yet. He pulled out from inside you and made you turn, positioning you so that your were on all fours.
"You though I'd let you that easy, baby? I'm not done yet."
His big palm came in contact with your ass, the sound rippling throughout the hot and sweaty room. He smacked again, this time a bit harder. Your legs shook front the orgasm seconds prior. And when Johnny said he wasn't done yet, he meant it. You were in for a very long to go through.
He smacked ten more times, red handprints scattered all over your plumpy ass. He rubbed his still hard cock along your pussy, teasing your hole before pushing in again. He began thrusting from back. This position made him reach places within you so deep down that you didn't even know exists.
His hands gripped tightly around your waist, pulling you to meet his hard thrust. He grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling you up so that your back was pressed against his toned body. "I'll make sure you never get out of line again, kitten."
He turned your face around, kissing your lips, biting on your lower lip. His hand reached down and began rubbing your clit roughly. You wirthed in his hold, your orgasm nearing once again.
"Sir–" you were cut off when Johnny began thrusting more forcefully. The bed creaked loudly. He wrapped his hand around your throat, applying pressure just enough to leave you gasping for air. "I know, kitten. I'm close too, hold on."
He thrusted a few times before you felt thick hot ropes of come in your pussy. The feeling made you come around him with a scream of his name.
"Yes, baby. Scream my name."
He fucked you through your high. Even after minutes of coming, you both stayed still. Feeling too euphoric to speak even.
Johnny broke the silence. "You okay, y/n?" His voice evidently worried.
You smiled at him lazily. "Yes, Johnny. More than fine."
He smiled at you, slowly pulling out from your pussy. You collapsed on the bed, he joining in too. Johnny held you close to him, stoking your hair to calm you. He had always been to sweet after sex. It's his nature to care for the people he loves.
It had now been twenty minutes and the both of you were still laying on the bed. Your bodies sticky with sweat. "C'mon, love. Let's have a shower", he suggested.
You nodded. He got out of bed and waited for you. You tried to stand but failed immediately when you were about to fall face first on the floor, luckily, Johnny was there to catch you. "Guess you learned your lesson", he chuckled.
"Shut up" you murmured quietly. He laughed, picking you bridal style. Stepping in the shower, he leaned you against the wall. The water from the showerhead above fell on your tensed muscles, relaxing them in an instance.
Johnny wasn't wearing any clothing. The same for you. He applied shampoo on your hair,, rubbing to make lather. The thought of him being naked here, with you, made many dirty ideas to cross your mind. Biting your lips playfully, you reached behind your to grab his cock. You stroke it slowly, low growls leaving his lips. "Love, you sure you can handle it?" He asked knowing all too well where you're headed with this.
"I am. Just be gentle," you smiled.
"Of course," he smiled in return before he picked you up by the ass and wrapped your legs around his torso. He pushed you against the tiled wall, his supporting your weight while the other lined his cock with your entrance. He pushed bottomed out inside you, slowly, inch by inch emitting moans from you. When he was completely in you, he looked at you for any sign of discomfort. You slightly nodded at him, telling him to go on.
With that, he thrusted inside you. His hand beside your head, the veins popping out. You grazed your finger over them.
He thrusted in and out of you slowly as to not hurt you. You ran your fingers through his wet strands, the water slipping between your bodies.
Johnny began sucking on your neck, biting and licking the portion hungrily. "Omygod, Johnny! Please keep going!" You gasped.
"Wasn't planing to stop anyway, love," he smirked.
The coldness of the tile behind you added to the euphoria. You felt his cock twitch inside you, he was close.
Opening your eyes, Johnny had his eyes shut tight, low grunts and moans leaving his lips. Your legs began shaking as the third wave of orgasm came to wash over you.
You came for the third time with a scream of his name. He came shortly after. He pressed his forehead with yours, eyes closed. The water still falling.
He smiled at you. "That was amazing," he said, caressing your cheek.
You nodded at him. He slowly pulled out from inside you but still held you tight. He knew you were too weak to stand properly, the uncontrollable shake evident in your legs.
He sat you down on the stool and washed your hair. Applied soap all over your body, as your eyes began drooping. After about forty-five minutes, you were both out clean. He carried you bridal style to the bed and went to grab one of his shorts that you loved to wear along a pair of black shorts.
He dressed you up, and you by now were on the verge of passing out, eyelids barely staying open. He too was tired but he refused to get rest untill he made sure you were comfortable.
After he was done, he turned from you to get ready for bed himself. When he turned around, he saw you laying on the bed limply. He chuckled at you before positioning you properly, putting your head on the fluffy pillow, pulling the comforter over your frame.
He left the room and came back in his night clothes. Turning the lights off, he slipped in the covers beside you, pulling your by the waist so your back was pressed against his chest.
"I love you so much, y/n. Good night baby," he whispered placing a kiss on your forehead.
Although you were asleep but you smiled in your sleep upon hearing him.
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meeshasmind · a day ago
One headcannon I have for Eddie is he's initially apprehensive of the reader doing things for him. In his mind the reader is his angel/ precious princess who he doesn't deserve so when he comes home from work and the reader has made him a beautiful dinner at first he's like "*gasp* angel this is absolutely beautiful but you are not my maid sweetheart!" He loves the dinner but is quick to jump up and do the dishes because he believes he's the one who should be waiting on the reader hand and foot not the other way around.
A/N: This is so accurate and adorable wth 🥰 so yea, did a blurb too hehe, enjoyyyy (I'm gonna hopefully get round to answering a lot more matchups and earlier requests this weekend since I finally get a break from exams 😅 got the next To My Hope chapter in my drafts!!)
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Warnings: FlUfF 💚
Tumblr media
• Of course, Edward sees you as an ethereal beauty, so why the heck would he expect you to go around doing chores and stuff around the apartment?? That's not stuff you should be worrying about 😌
• Also, he's not really used to the concept of people wanting to do things for him to see him happy, cus before you came into his life... yeah, no one was ever like that with Eddie 🙁
• If you even attempt to go make food or something that requires just a little too much effort in his mind, you won't get very far, he'll look at you like you're joking and sit you right back down
• But this time, Eddie's working late to generate a little more income for your projects and all, so you take the opportunity to go make something for you and him, cus why not?? And since you've never really gotten a chance to in the past, you're curious to see his reaction
• His reaction was like 😵😍
• Edward honestly felt like crying because seeing the food set up on the table and you acting like it's not a big deal and you wanted to do it for his happiness... HoW cAn YoU gEt AnYmOrE pErFeCt?!
• Exactly like it's described, "Oh, angel, this is all absolutely beautiful... but you aren't my maid, princess!"
• He enjoys every little bit of it, but when you've finished eating, like hell he's gonna let you try cleaning up
• Genuinely shocked lmao
• "Wh- what are you doing? No, no! - you stay right there, I'll do it, okay?"
• Hope you're ready for a crap ton of things being done for you at every possible moment of the day after that, because if Edward can find a way to do something for you and get to see that smile and a kiss thank you, it's so worth it
• When he's the one making you food, he's very particular about presentation (I mean, how spot-on was that question mark in his drink 👀) and since it's being made for you, it's 'made with love' lol
• Ed's love languages definitely include acts of service, and words if you count lovestruck rambling 😂
• But I feel like his main love language is touch, so he'll be hugging and kissing you as much as possible to show you his thanks and how much he adores you 💚
• He'll obsess over how you did all that for him and agdsifbsfh I'mma have to write a blurb-
Edward latches onto you with wide eyes, his arms encasing you as his breaths grow uneven with the overwhelming love building up and suffocating his thoughts...
As usual.
You smile and shake your head as he thanks you for the hundredth time tonight, squeezing back into the hug. "You're welcome, Eddie. You don't need to keep thanking me-"
"Of course I do," he breathes shakily, pressing a deep kiss onto your lips and resting against you in a daze after he pulls away. "No one's ever done that for me before... it was beautiful- you're beautiful, my sweet angel, thank you sooo much..."
You can't hold back laughter at that, smirking at him fondly and stroking his cheek with your thumb, making Edward melt easily into the contact.
"You're sooo welcome."
He giggles, cuddling up to you with a dreamy, dopey grin. "I love you. I'll always keep you safe from... from the horrors out there... I promise."
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eternal-armin · a day ago
violent. ii
vi finally gets to apologize to you and make up with you in private. reader: neutral. i'm sorry for not uploading much content recently. i'm still trying to deal with the loss of my friend and work stress, and now my mom suddenly wants back into my life. i have a few ideas and requests that i'm trying to work on. thank you for your patience everyone <3
Tumblr media
vi tried to apologize to you in many ways after the argument, all of which were returned with a shaky "please leave me alone, violet." each time her heart broke a little more and her resolve got stronger. you didn't have to date her again, you didn't ever have to do that. she just wanted to make things right. she had certainly failed that before.
how could she have ever gone this far? she had noticed how even small white lies scared and hurt you. but you had been getting better with that. you were able to trust her, to handle it and understand.
you were so much stronger than she ever gave you credit for.
and that's why she was trying so hard to just talk to you again. vi wasn't all that proud of it... but she asked ekko to help her out with that.
Tumblr media
"let me go!" you struggled. every movement was futile. with your wounds still sore and bandaged, there wasn't much you could do.
"i'm sorry, but someone wants to meet with you."
you were shoved not all that gently into a room, falling and catching yourself with your hands. even though you tried to get up quickly, the door was shut when you turned back around.
"fuck," you mumbled to yourself, feeling utterly defeated. all you wanted was a damn day to yourself. you had so much to process- but no. no, you were destined to be bugged and annoyed and now kidnapped because suddenly you were oh-so popular. mainly with one person. you turned to face the room, leaning back against the door.
"you're kidding me."
stepping forward, vi gave you a halfhearted smile. "hey, [y/n]."
"what is all this about, violet? i'm so tired of this," your voice cracked. admittedly, you couldn't look at her very long. sometimes you had to look away. it hurt a lot to look her in the eye.
"i know, and i'm sorry. i really am. i just want to make things right. you don't ever have to be nice to me ever again. but i need to make sure you know i'm... i'm actually sorry." she massaged her inner elbow with her opposite hand. unlike you, she could maintain eye contact, albeit one-sided.
"so you kidnapped me?" you responded, sounding as tired as you looked.
"you wouldn't listen to me, [y/n], i had no other choice," vi insisted. "i needed to talk to you, and soon. okay?"
"once again, so you kidnapped me? violet, sometimes people need space. especially after something like what you did. i needed space." you hesitated, pressing your lips into a fine line. "you never really respected that." now your gaze dropped and it didn't rise back up again.
"it was the worst thing i could've ever done, i recognize that now. i damaged your trust, i hurt you more, you have every right to cry and be upset and be angry. i apologize for everything i said. none of it was true. you are strong, y'know.. and i didn't." every word seemed to be more humbling to her. it wasn't every day that she so much muttered the words 'i'm sorry', even to you. her apology did strike a chord with you. "you are strong and you are brave and you're one of the most incredible people in the world. i was such a dick to do that to you. if you ever gave me a second chance, i would never do it again."
as badly as she made your heart ached, your heart ached more to simply feel her touch again. her strong hugs and happy kisses.
"what if you get that mad again?" you asked. you spoke cautiously, modulating your voice. it was the same as when you and vi first met; you couldn't show too much.
if you ever looked up to see it, there was some abstract form of hope in her eyes, like she was too scared to let the flame grow too bright. "i can't promise it'll never happen again, no matter how much i want to. but i'll try. i'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe. and before you say it, i know i've made that promise before, i know."
"so why is this time any different? why should i trust you with any part of me anymore?"
she hesitated. "i learned. i-i learned, and i know i won't cross that line with you again. i couldn't stand seeing how hurt you were, [y/n]. i deserved what you said. i regretted everything i ever said that night and none of it was true. i'm sorry, i really am. if you decide to give me another chance, i'll change. i'll pinky promise if you want me to."
for a moment you wanted to crack a little smile. your mind was overwhelmed by small vignettes of every time you'd pinky promised something before. the childish little grins you both had, kissing the others' pinky. until the big argument, none of those promises had ever been broken.
you were quiet for a moment. over the past few days you had dearly missed vi. sleeping wasn't the same without her spooning you, playing with your hair until you passed out. your heart ached for her. so you held out your hand, pinky raised.
vi just looked at you for a moment.
"well? you said it yourself. pinky promise me."
perhaps she tried to hide it, but you could see the color and life return to her eyes. she stepped forward, gently wrapping her little finger around yours.
"i promise to change and to never hurt you like that again, and to cherish you the way i should've before." she pressed a kiss to the tip of your finger, never taking her cautious, adoring gaze off of your eyes. your pretty eyes she could get lost in again.
"i promise-"
"you don't have to promise me anything."
"i want to, vi. i promise to try and... talk to you more. to try and trust you more."
it sounded like wedding vows. for some reason that made you really want to cry.
you returned the kiss to her finger, so delicately it was like something from a butterfly. the smile she bore was both hesitant and overwhelmed with adoration. once your hands disconnected, she pulled you into a hug- this one softer than usual, just to be able to fully treasure having you back.
"i-i'm so sorry. i've said it so much but i am. i love you so, so, so much. i was such a dick." both of you laughed at the last part as you nuzzled back into your usual spot in her neck.
"i love you more," was your innocently saccharine response.
"i love you most."
you sniffled, hearing those words again. it was like a tender, loving hug to your heart. you felt her hand gently support the back of your head, caressing your hair with her thumb. being encompassed once again in her strong arms was like being enveloped by heaven. sometimes new beginnings had to be seasoned with mistakes.
"you don't have anywhere to be, right, cupcake?" vi asked, her voice still soft as per the new usual.
"i... wanna hold you like this for a while. if you don't want to, that's fine, i just-"
"that sounds nice. i wouldn't mind at all."
you didn't have to look at vi to see the smile which blossomed over her features. she held you a little bit tighter, peppering kisses on top of your head. "thank you, cutie. still as precious as ever."
Tumblr media
keys jangled in the main door before it creaked open. "no one got killed during this reunion, right?" ekko poked his head in. his question answered itself, seeing vi seated against the wall with you in her lap, leaning against her, seemingly having the first good nap in a while.
vi immediately shot him a glare, mouthing an exaggerated 'they're asleep.'
he raised his hands in surrender. "alright, alright. i'll leave you two be. don't have too much fun. you still gotta dip in, like, fourty minutes."
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slutobrien · a day ago
I need a load of angsts rn. Can I request a broken promise kind of plot? Like, Y/N has this big event coming up and Dylan promises he’ll be there to support her. But then when the event came, Y/N got nervous and needed to see a familiar face in the crowd, but Dylan wasn’t there. Dylan, on the other hand, was- Idk maybe having an after party of his upcoming movie (you decide). When he realized what day it was, he immediately drove through the venue and realized the event was over. Y/N was so mad and started ranting that she’s always supporting him through everything but for the first time she needs his support, he didn’t show up. You decide if she’ll forgive him or not.
Bestie, make it really hurtful. I need to feel some pain. Like real pain.
Dylan O'Brien x Reader
Tumblr media
You'd been anticipating this event for months, nervous to have the attention on you for once
but with Dylan at your side, it'll all be ok, right?
"And don't forget about tonight! Your tux is going to be here by the time you get home," You spoke as you filled your tumbler with coffee.
"I won't," Dylan spoke, walking up beside you, his hands gently grabbing each side of your waist before bending down to kiss right below your ear. "I'll be done with reshoots at around 3, and then I'll meet you there?"
"Yes. I'll be with my manager most of the day and will be getting ready at the hotel." You slowly turned around to face him, arms wrapping around his shoulders as you smiled up at him. "I'm nervous. Not really a fan of public speaking, let alone talking about myself."
"Baby, this project is finally finished has been doing so well, I'm so proud of you." Dylan spoke proudly, "I know you're gonna kill this speech. You deserve all the rewards for how hard you work."
You ducked your head down slightly from feeling slightly bashful as your boyfriend praised you. But Dylan reached down to lightly touch the end of your chin to tilt your head back up before his lips pressed down against yours. Feeling his lips against yours calmed some of the nerves you'd been feeling all day.
And that moment in the morning continued to reply in your mind as you looked around the room looking for his face. You stood on the side of the stage with butterflies so wild in your stomach that you thought you were going to throw up. When six rolled around and you didn't see a sign of Dylan, you chalked it up to him running late. Sometimes shoots can be unpredictable with end time.
But as each text message and phone call went unanswered, your stomach began to twist more and more.
Hearing your name along with a loud eruption of applause snapped your focus back to what was happening in front of you. A large nervous smile plastered across your face as you walked the few steps up before you were standing in front of the podium, your award sitting right at the front.
"T-Thank you," You smiled, looking out over the tables filled with unfamiliar faces, unable to find the one that you knew would calm you. Center you and have you feeling like you were able to get through this.
But instead, you were left alone. And you felt it. You powered through the speech, only stumbling a few times, before stepping back.
The rest of the evening continued on uneventfully, keeping the mask on since you were at a work event. But when Dylan didn't even show and you watched the workers break down the event - that's when the tears showed. That's when your heart finally broke and you felt lost.
You sat in the lobby of the hotel where the event was being held and it wasn't long till you watched Dylan run through the double doors with a panicked look on his face. He was wearing the tux that you'd picked out for him, but the bow tie was sloppily put on and he'd missed a button in the middle.
Dylan panted heavily as his eyes wildly looks around, but sagged in disappointment when he saw the event room door open and it was completely empty.
"I was wondering when...or even if...you were going to show up." You spoke, slowly walking up towards him.
Seeing you took Dylan's breath away. Not only with how beautiful you looked but the fury and pain that filled your eyes as you glared at him.
To say that you were pissed would be an understatement, and Dylan knew that he'd ultimately fucked up.
"Y/N...baby," Dylan started, but you rose up your hand to stop him.
"I am going to give you a few seconds to defend yourself, cause I swear to fucking god if no one was dying to cause you to miss this, I am going to lose my mind."
Dylan sagged and ran a hand over his face, before looking back towards you with heavy regret. "Shooting went late, and everyone went out for food after...I-I thought I would have enough time...but I lost track."
You let out a breathy humorless laugh, "Wow...so I wasn't a priority to you is what you're saying?"
"No...No, of course, you are!" Dylan spoke quickly moving towards you, but a pained look crossed his handsome face as you stepped away from him.
"The one time...that I needed you, you could care less about it." You spoke, voice calm and even. The fierce look in your eyes makes his stomach twist. "I looked out into that crowd to see the one person I knew actually loved me. That I could look too when I became too nervous."
Tears started to well in your eyes causing your make-up to smear slightly. Dylan fought back the need to take you into his arms, hating to see you in pain.
But he was the cause.
"And then you never showed. After all the times that I have been there for you. Supporting you, and you couldn't take one fucking night to be there for me."
Dylan looked down in shame feeling his own tears.
"Just tell me why...why, Dylan? Do you not love me? Cause that's what this feels like right now."
His eyes shot up quickly, "I do love you. I love you so, so much. I...I don't have a reason for why this happened except that I'm a fucking idiot. I am so sorry,"
You sniffled and reached up to wipe away the tears that were on your cheeks, before letting out a deep and heavy breath. "I need time to think." Dylan felt his heart sink into his stomach. "I'm going to stay here at the hotel. I got a room. I think it would be wise if you just went home."
"Please..." Dylan stepped towards you, not caring if you pushed him away. He felt like you were slipping through his fingers, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. "...we can talk about this. I-I...I don't...I know it doesn't matter what I want, but I don't want us to take time. I want you at home with me, where you belong."
"I don't feel like I belong in your life right now, Dylan." You cried out, voice cracking slightly. "Just go home."
You stepped out of his arms and moved quickly across the lobby towards the elevators. He stood there with his heart feeling like it was going to pound out of his chest.
But Dylan knew there was no one else to blame but himself.
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here2bbtstrash · 17 hours ago
HI! I wanted to say I love your idol joonie one shot I enjoyed reading it it was amazing. If only the OC can be invited on tour and ride him backstage before he starts the show.
five minutes (explicit)
genre: smutty lil drabble!! and me popping my request cherry >:)
pairing: namjoon x reader
summary: your fuckbuddy has a graduation gift for you, but he might have overestimated your self-control.
this is a companion fic to my oneshot park and ride! read that one first if you want to get all the references, or don't, i'm not your mom
word count: 2.6k
contains: explicit sexual content~*~ idol verse, fuckbuddies, semi-public sex (aka a quickie in the green room), fingering, unprotected sex, dick-riding, dirty talk, squirting, a 3 second blowjob, joon's dick is still Very Big, ft. tiny cameos from JK and yoongi
A/N: remember when i said i would write this later, i LIED, i'm a LIAR, i wrote it NOW because i really liked the idea (and i was super bored while traveling). ask and you shall receive anon, i hope this is what you were looking for!!!! 💜
You’re enjoying a quiet Friday night in, basking in the glow of not having to stress about homework for the first time in two years, when a familiar number pops up on your phone.
“So, how does it feel to be done with grad school?” You’re surprised to hear him ask. Maybe the bar is in hell, but his own schedule is busy enough, you didn’t think he’d have the brain space to remember yours, too. “I know you worked hard for it. I’m proud of you.”
“Yep, I finally got my stupid piece of paper.” You say dryly. “Maybe now I can actually get paid enough to get a new car.”
You swear you can hear him smile on the other end of the phone. “Pretty soon you won’t even need me anymore.”
“I thought we discussed last time that I keep you around for one specific reason.” You can’t help yourself. “A very big reason.”
Namjoon laughs softly. “Well, maybe this will help my case. I got you a graduation present.”
Now he’s surprised you twice in under a minute. “I– what?”
“Did you know we have a stop on this tour that’s right by you?”
You do know. The tickets had sold out in approximately four seconds, if your Twitter feed was any indication. You didn’t even try for one; you’re so broke you’d only be able to afford nosebleeds at best anyway, and the thought of being that close but that far from him makes your heart sink in a way you can’t quite understand.
“So I’ve heard. Am I gonna be your Uber driver again?”
“I probably won’t be able to get away, unfortunately.” He says, and you nod, leaning back against the cushions of your couch. Hearing that phrase never sucks any less, but you’re used to it. He’s a busy guy. Sex is nowhere near the top of the priorities list.
“But,” he continues, “I did get you a ticket, if you want it.”
The revelation shocks you, and your stomach turns a little. Better seats would be great, especially for free, but you have other reasons for not being an avid concert-goer.
Namjoon is an incredible performer, they all are, but the thought of standing in a massive crowd where people next to you are loudly obsessing over his thighs and his chest has never sounded particularly appealing. It’s not jealousy; you understand as well as anyone that he’s an attractive man, it’s just… it’s weird.
“Joon,” you start, with no idea how you’re supposed to phrase this. Who turns down a free ticket to a BTS concert?
“It’d be backstage in VIP, okay? I promise, the screaming isn’t so bad there.” Backstage? Your head swims. He pauses for a second, but can clearly tell you’re not convinced, and his tone softens. “I hated the thought of being so close to you and not doing anything about it. I really just want to see you, even if we can’t…” he clears his throat with a half-laugh. “You know, go for a drive.”
You absolutely do not feel like a VIP, but your heart jumps at the thought of seeing him before you can tell it not to.
“Okay,” you say. “I’ll be there.”
He can only chat for a few more minutes before he’s pulled away for the next thing on his schedule. After you hang up, you slide entirely off your couch and onto the floor in a daze, wondering what the hell you just agreed to.
It turns out attending a concert as a VIP guest is not that far off from your well-worn hotel ritual. You go through the familiar motions, flashing various people your ID and the badge around your neck, and you receive a security escort through the network of hallways that lead into the heart of the stadium.
At security’s direction, you hang a left, past a room where you see racks upon racks of clothes ready and waiting for quick changes, and you’re so distracted that you nearly collide into Jungkook. His eyes widen. “Oh, hi!”
You’ve met most of the members in passing– it’s sort of hard not to– but you’ve always had a particular soft spot for JK. It might have something to do with the time he voluntarily sexiled himself to Taehyung and Jimin’s room for a night so that Namjoon could invite you over. A true friend.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you say with a nervous smile.
“It’s good to see you! Namjoon said you were coming. He’s in the green room if you’re looking for him.” He gestures to a door at the end of the hallway, and you thank him as your pulse starts to race.
You gently push the door open and peek in. Namjoon is sitting alone at a chair in front of the vanity mirror, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his legs. He has headphones on, and his fingers are steepled, pressed to his lips. He’s clearly deep in thought, and a feeling washes over you like you shouldn’t be here, like maybe you should just turn around.
But then he glances over and sees you standing there, and his whole face lights up, those killer dimples on full display.
He slips his headphones off as you step inside; you can’t close the distance between the two of you fast enough. You loop your arms around his neck and he wraps his around your waist, and then you squeak as your feet leave the ground when he fully picks you up.
“Hi,” he says against your ear with a laugh, and when your feet make contact with the floor again, you push up on your tiptoes to kiss him.
Butterflies flutter in your stomach at the feeling of his lips on yours, his hands at the small of your back. Kissing Namjoon standing up doesn’t happen often, and it’s enough to give you a head rush.
His lips linger on yours as his hands travel gently downwards, and then he makes a noise of surprise against your mouth and pulls away.
“Oh my god,” he groans softly, pinching the fabric of your new favorite skirt between his fingers. “You did this on purpose.”
You can’t hide your wicked smile. “It’s possible. You did say you liked it, if I recall correctly.”
You lose your composure as his hands slip under your skirt to grab your ass. You inhale sharply, thankful that you’re alone. Namjoon’s mouth drops to your neck. “God, I wish we had more time,” he groans against your skin.
You should behave. The fact that you can see him and touch him should be more than enough, and you should just be grateful. But he really does make you insatiable. “I can be quick if you can,” you murmur against his ear.
His life-ruiningly big dick hardens against your thigh; you can feel every inch of it straining against the fabric of his pants, and you shift to grind your core against him.
“Fuck,” he hisses. Arousal floods through you at the notion of how close he is, the fact that only a few layers of clothes separate him from where you need him most. You’re already soaked, ready for all of him.
You hear a grunt and a shifting sound from behind you and nearly jump out of your skin, quickly leaping back to put some space between you and Namjoon. When you turn towards the source, you realize that you completely missed Yoongi, asleep on the green room couch.
Namjoon winces when you whip your head back to glare accusingly at him. “Sorry. I totally forgot he was there.”
You fix him in your gaze for a second, but you’re honestly too horny to stay mad. “To be fair, you were distracted.”
“Still am,” he grunts, running a hand over the front of his pants. You can only imagine the internet-wide panic that would ensue if he went out onstage this hard. The dick print blogs would have a field day. You’re frozen in place, ridiculously turned on but also starting to feel guilty for putting him in this predicament.
Namjoon crosses to the sofa, one hand slipping into his pants to tuck his erection into his waistband.
“Hyung,” he whispers, giving the couch a light kick.
Yoongi grunts again, but doesn’t move, eyes still closed.
“Hyung, I need the room for a minute.”
At this, he finally cracks an eye open. “Hmm?”
“Can you nap somewhere backstage?”
Yoongi squints at both of you as he slowly sits up. He looks pissed– although he kind of always looks like that, so maybe that’s just his face– but seems to realize he can get back to sleep faster if he doesn’t waste time on an argument.
He yawns as he shuffles out of the room, turning over his shoulder in the open doorway. “Just so you know, you’ve got like, five minutes.” Then he slams the door behind him.
Namjoon doesn’t waste even a second, instantly pulling you to him and finding your lips with his, tongue sweeping into your mouth. You let him guide you backwards until you’re pressed up against the green room door, and you hear the lock click.
His lips move to your neck again, his hands sliding up your thighs. “Can you do five minutes, baby?”
“Y-yes,” your answer turns into a whine as his hand brushes over your panties, and you spread your legs to give him more room. He pulls the fabric of your underwear to the side, and when he slips two fingers into your cunt, you both groan: you at the pleasure, and him at how little resistance there is when he pushes in.
“Fuck, you really want me, huh?” Namjoon practically growls into your ear, and you whimper open-mouthed as he curls his fingers inside you. He shifts and you can feel him pressed hard against your thigh, and your knees nearly buckle. “You want to take all of this?”
“God, yes.” You think you’ll die if you don’t.
He hesitates for just a second, clearly weighing some option in his head. Then he groans in your ear again. “Will you ride me, baby?”
You can’t even speak, but when he sees you nod, it’s enough. Pressing you up against the door, he lifts your legs to wrap around his waist, and then his hands move to cup your ass and pull you to him. He lifts you up and carries you like that across the room, his still-clothed erection grinding into your core. Your desire is almost painful now, you want him so bad.
He settles on the couch with you in his lap, and you lean forward on your knees so that he can fumble to undo his belt and pull his pants and boxers down.
There’s no time for the teasing you’re both so fond of, but you don’t feel like you could last a single second longer without him inside you. When you pull your panties to the side again so you can sink down on him, it’s fucking perfect, and you can’t hold back a moan of relief.
“Shit, baby,” Namjoon groans. His head drops against the couch and his hand is already on your clit in steady circles. The urgency just makes everything hotter.
You rock up and down along his length, and you’re so fucking wet that he easily bottoms out inside you, hitting the spot that makes you squeeze your eyes shut and gasp. Your arousal coils tight inside you, the pressure already building.
Namjoon’s fingers work you expertly, and he knows your mind just as well as your body. He knows the fastest way to get you to come is with his words, and he doesn’t hold back, his hips starting to rock up into you.
“You take my cock so well, baby, fuck. This tight little pussy was made just for me, huh?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you whine with every thrust.
“Mine to have whenever I want, wherever I want. Always so fucking wet and ready for me, so desperate to take it all like a good girl.”
You whimper loudly in agreement. His cock, his hands, his voice, it’s all too much. He can feel your walls start to flutter and that only makes him thrust and circle his fingers faster, and your moans are nearly sobs now.
“That’s it, baby. Soak yourself for me. I want to feel you come all over my cock.”
“Oh, fuck!” You cry out as the pressure inside you swells and bursts, and you can feel the rush of fluid as it splashes over him and the couch beneath you.
Namjoon groans beneath you at the feeling, and you thank god he has the awareness and the strength to lift you up off of him, because it fully escaped you that he never put a condom on.
He strokes himself fast and hard, clearly just shy of his own end, and even now, you still can’t get enough. You drop to your knees on the floor and practically shove his legs apart so you can take him in your mouth, your cunt still quivering from the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“Holy shit,” he gasps as you bob up and down, sloppy and fast. When you swallow him down, gagging slightly, his hips buck against your mouth, and you take it all with a whimper as he comes down your throat.
You make sure to work every drop out of him before you pull off, sitting back on your heels and wiping at your mouth. You watch Namjoon as he collapses against the couch, breathing heavy and smiling wide. He runs a hand through his hair and looks down at you, clearly still trying to recover.
“You,” he says with a gasp, “are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
You beam at the compliment, and you stand up on shaking legs, reaching down to awkwardly adjust your underwear back in place. At his request, you circle around him to assess the damage as he pulls his pants up. 
It occurs to you only in hindsight that attempting a mess-free quickie with a girl who squirts is quite the lofty goal, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it on his clothes. The couch cushion, however, was not so lucky. You both giggle at the wet spot as he wraps his arms around you and presses a kiss to the top of your head.
“I think we’re at five,” you murmur, but he tilts your jaw up anyway, his lips finding yours for one more kiss.
He reluctantly walks you towards the door. “I gotta go get my mic, but if you head backstage to the left, there’s a spot where you can watch the show.” He presses his lips to your forehead one more time. “I’ll make it a good one for you.”
You laugh as he opens the door. “I’ll be watching, so you better not fuck up the choreo!”
For the second time tonight, you nearly run face-first into Jungkook. “Ah, sorry! Is my phone in here?” He shoves past you both and lets out a sigh of relief as he retrieves it from the vanity counter.
You give Namjoon a final smile and then head towards backstage, but you’re still in earshot to hear Jungkook ask, “What happened to the couch? Hyung, did you spill something?”
You press your hand to your mouth to hold the laughter in.
The show is even better than you thought it would be, and though you might just be imagining it, you swear Namjoon’s hip thrusts are a little more enthusiastic than usual.
A/N: i wrote this in like 30 minutes (so it is quite literally a quickie on a quickie) so if this is slightly lower quality than my usual, don't roast me!!! but i had so much fun revisiting these two!! hope you enjoyed, would love a comment or review if you did 💜 and i'm always tentatively open to requests, tho i have very little control over what will spark the muse lol. ALSO I SWEAR TO GOD THE ACTUAL NEXT THING I POST WILL BE LDOMLT 🙈 thanks for reading!!!!!
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alyswritings · a day ago
Request: sister x druig where she is feeling sad and left out by the eternals
Druig x sister!reader
Summary: Y/N feels down and Druig helps her.
Warnings: none really
a/n: thank you for the request! hope you all enjoy!
(gif not mine)
Tumblr media
Y/N sits back and watches as the rest of the eternals talk and laugh with each other. Lately it seems like she's always getting ignored or just left out. She knows they more than likely don't mean to... well, most of them. She could see Ikaris doing it on purpose.
Y/N only looks a few years older than Sprite, having the appearance of a teenager. The 'second youngest' girl decides she's had enough of staring at her family sadly and she slinks back to the lonely comfort of her room.
Y/N lies on her bed, her head at the end. She lets her head hang off the end of the bed, able to see her door upside down. She doesn't know how long she's alone until she hears a voice in her head.
You could try to talk to any of us instead of being all sulky.
Get out of my head, Druig.
"You shouldn't think so loudly, then." She hears the familiar voice and opens her eyes to see Druig in the doorway upside down. "Is the blood not rushing to your head?"
"Leave me alone." Y/N grumbles, closing her eyes again.
She listens to his footsteps grow closer and she hears him sit on the floor next to her.
"You're not leaving me alone." Y/N says, still not opening her eyes.
"Now why would I do that?" Druig questions.
Y/N opens her eyes, rolling them, and turning her head to face her brother.
"You're annoying." She tells him. Druig smirks in amusement which only bothers the girl further. "Go back to the others, please."
"And leave you to be all pouty?" Druig asks.
"I am not pouty." Y/N huffs.
"Hmm. You look pouty." Druig says and Y/N glares at him. "Though I suppose being upside down, you are technically smiling from my angle."
"So look at it that way and leave." Y/N orders.
"You know... if you're feeling left out, you could just say something." Druig suggests.
"Why would I want to do that?" Y/N asks.
"So you don't feel left out." Druig says.
"Yes, but then everybody knows how I feel. And I don't want that. It's... it's annoying." Y/N says.
"I know how you feel." Druig counters.
"Only cause you're observant and don't know how to mind your own mind." Y/N grumbles.
"As I said, you should think quieter." Druig says.
"If you're just going to piss me off, then leave."
"Why do you feel left out?" He asks.
"Either you tell me or I'm reading your mind again."
Y/N sighs, rolling her eyes at his persistence.
"Everybody has somebody." Y/N says.
"What do ya mean by that?" Druig asks.
"Well... you have Kingo and Sprite... who are, like, best friends... or whatever. Then you have Sersi and Ikaris... yuck." She says making Druig chuckle. "And Gilgamesh and Thena are their own little thing. Then Phastos is always working... or with Ajak, I guess. And Ajak's like a mom and the leader, so she's always off doing responsible, important stuff. And then there's you and Makkari and your constant flirty behavior. I have nobody."
"You have me." Druig offers.
"Did you not just hear any of that?" Y/N asks.
"If you want my attention, just ask. Or... you know, think." Druig says.
"You'd stop spending time with Makkari to spend time with me?" Y/N asks.
"I'm here now, aren't I?" Druig asks.
"You were worried, it's different." Y/N says.
"True, but... still. The offer stands." Druig tells her. Y/N wishes she could read his mind to know if he's actually serious. "I mean it." He promises.
"Okay." Y/N mutters.
"So... we can either stay in here... or we could go back out there join in the conversations." Druig says.
"Not really in a social mood." Y/N mutters.
"Yeah. Me neither." Druig agrees.
"Do you have any food on you?" Y/N asks, looking over at him. Druig smirks and pulls out a handful of grapes. Y/N grins and rolls onto her stomach, letting Druig drop the grapes into her hand. The two begin to munch on the snacks provided by the mind reader.
"I hate emotions." Y/N declares.
"So do I." Druig agrees.
Taglist: @glxwingrxse
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luminary-space · a day ago
so now that i’m pretty sure this is how you request i would like to ask for Ei, scaramouche, and qiq with and immortal child reader (fem) who been around for several billions of years and the reader is afraid that the character will leave them like everyone else did
Multiple x Reader
Characters: Ei, Scaramouche and Qiqi
CW : Slight cursing and abandonment issues
Summary: Reader is an immortal child who has been alive for multiple and billions of years, now that Reader has found a friend they are afraid to lose them just like the others.
Pronouns : They/Them (The child or [NAME] is mostly used..)
Tumblr media
Ei?.. You're afraid that she'll leave??
Ei is a bit confused with the reader but reassures the reader that she will never leave the reader.
At least for now..
She will say something like..
“ Eternity will never part us, now or in another million of years. We will forever be together. ”
I think we all know that the both of them will never be together forever...
[NAME] walked into the the plane of Euthymia approaching Ei and sitting down next to her, [NAME] seemed upset about something, [NAME] was looking at the ground with a face full of sadness. Ei stopped meditating and instead sat down next to [NAME].
“ [NAME], what is wrong? You seem down today, is there something upsetting you? ”
[NAME] looked at the taller female moving nearer to her. [NAME] grabbed Ei's hand hugging it with a strong grip as if Ei would become ashes if [NAME] didn't hold on to her. Ei stared at the smaller child confused of what [NAME] was doing, is something upsetting the child? Ei wondered.
“ Please don't leave me.. please don't leave me like the others.. be with me forever.. ”
The child held on to Ei with a harder grip, they look like they were about to start crying. Ei felt bad, knowing that the child has been alive for very long.. even before the archon war, maybe.. The child didn't want to let go of Ei, but she didn't mind.
“ I would never leave you, Eternity will keep us together whether is it in a thousand years or today. Eternity shall keep us untouched from anyone who will take us apart. ”
I wonder what makes you think I'm gonna make him soft/j
He's pissed that you think that he will leave you and annoyed that you even bother him with the subject.
He calls you an idiot for it, what? I'm not nice..
Scaramouche would either yell or calmly say that he won't leave you .
The child ran up to scaramouche after he was done yelling at the other low live fatuis for doing something wrong. The child hugged scaramouche's leg, scaramouche looked down at the child with his usual annoyed face.
“ Why are you hugging my leg? Tsk, get off of me. ”
The child held on tighter which made scaramouche more annoyed, he tried to shake the child off of him but to no avail it didn't work. Scaramouche bent down and grabbed the child, putting the child away from his legs but the child still came to him.
“ Don't leave me like the others did, I doon't want to be alone anymore.. ”
Scaramouche looked at the child confused and pissed at what the child said, Scaramouche pinched his nose bridge while crouching down to the child's height and sighing.
“ For the Tsarita's sakes, I won't leave you stop getting delusional idiot. Tsk, come on I have stuff to do. ”
Huh.. you're both very similar..
Qiqi doesn't know how to comfort you so she just hugs you and attempts to comfort you.
Qiqi would sit with you somewhere in liyue to get your mind of off it.
[NAME] was walking with Qiqi in liyue trying to find herbs because Baizhu was running out of them. [NAME] followed Qiqi while grabbing herbs that [NAME] saw but Qiqi didn't, [NAME] grabbed Qiqi's hand to make sure that Qiqi didn't get lost.
“ Qiqi, don't get lost. I don't want you to get into an accident and potentially leave me.. ”
Qiqi looked at [NAME] with a confused look but nodded reassuring that Qiqi will not get lost and leave [NAME]. Qiqi wondered why [NAME] said that, so Qiqi asked.
“ Why do you think Qiqi will get lost and leave you.. Qiqi promises to never leave you even if Qiqi isn't with you..”
[NAME] laughed nervously not answering Qiqi, Qiqi was even more confused but thought that [NAME] was just upset about something.
“ Come.. Qiqi will you bring you somewhere.. uh.. peaceful.. ”
Qiqi started walking to on top of MT Hulao dragging [NAME] with her, Qiqi brought [NAME] to one of the rocks and sat down with them. Qiqi hugged [NAME] and reassured them.
“ Qiqi promises to not leave you, Qiqi will be with you forever.. ”
Tumblr media
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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enderdaggers · a month ago
Ok so you said in your Safe With Me one shot that Adaman was flirting with them against a tree while others were watching.... I really REALLY want to see this if you want... 💙💚💜
Is It Hot In Here? (Adaman x Reader)
Summary: Nights in Hisui are spent around campfires with the members of the Diamond Clan. However, a certain clan leader seems to notice your gaze...
Word count: 1487
Warnings: Like one suggestive line but nothing else
Notes: When I say I giggled when I saw this, I MEANT it anon. Thank you so much for the request! I feel like it's a little short but I hope you enjoy!!
When night fell, night fell fast.
Hisui had the nicest sunsets. You’d grown up staring out over views, over the region’s rolling hills, watching as yellow hit the horizon and blended into hues of orange and red and purple.
Sometimes, there was a flash of green, only caught when you didn’t blink as the sun disappeared on good days. As a child, you’d squatted on your haunches long after everybody had stopped watching, holding your breath, barely hoping as you stared straight at the setting sun before there, a green flash across the horizon before the sun was gone.
That had always been you as a kid- too curious for your own good.
Maybe it was an advantage.
Now, you sat around a fire. Various members of the Diamond Clan were out, clustered around different fires around the settlement. Your fire was confined to familiar figures, leaders of the clan. Mai, Arezu, Melli, and… Adaman.
Sabi would sometimes be here from time to time, but the odd girl wasn’t here tonight. When you’d asked why, nobody had an answer.
It was fine. You just worried about the younger members sometimes- maybe because you were seen as one of the leaders of Diamond Clan while not even being a technical part of the clan.
The night was cool and a soft breeze blew across the camp. The air was filled with the sounds of talking, laughter, and overall friendship.
It brought the smallest of smiles to your face as you tipped your head to the sky and watched the clouds, painted light pink as the sun set slowly.
Across the fire sat Adaman, who was talking with Melli about something. He looked gorgeous in the lighting here- the red of the fire against the cool blue of his outfit and the brown in his eyes sent something warm stirring in the pit of your stomach, and you couldn’t help but swallow and hope he didn’t notice how you stared.
Abruptly, the clan leader looked up and met your eyes. The smirk on his face was so smug that you briefly considered calling him out on it. Your embarrassment, however, got the best of you, and you quickly averted your eyes.
He has such nice eyes.
The thoughts you had about Adaman were downright disgraceful sometimes. While Adaman seemed to consider you just as a friend- albeit with some flirting, but he did that with everyone- you couldn’t help but think about him almost constantly.
He was strong and kind, with a smile that put everyone around at ease and natural leadership that immediately got people where they needed to be. He protected effortlessly and never showed any fear under pressure.
He was… incredible. You couldn’t help but have a crush on him- after all, who wouldn’t?
The thing was, it was a hopeless situation. Adaman remained completely ignorant of your infatuation.
It was rather embarrassing. You wished that you, one of the most highly regarded members of the Diamond Clan, didn’t have such an obvious crush on your leader.
Alas. You couldn’t control a thing.
“Hey, you still with us?”
You glanced up from the fire, blinking. Mai was looking at you concernedly.
Forcing a chuckle, you nodded. “I’m fine! Just got lost in thought.”
“About what?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
You stuttered on a response, before your face warmed and you swallowed as your eyes flicked to Adaman. He was talking to Melli and Arezu happily, listening to a story Melli was telling.
“Ah,” Mai said softly as you quickly looked away again. “I see.”
“No, no, you don’t. I wasn’t- Pokémon. I was thinking about Pokémon. As usual, you know?”
Mai wasn’t usually one to poke at you, but from the look on her face, she was feeling a lot more playful than usual.
“Wanna elaborate on the Pokémon you were thinking about?” she asked, a slow smile spreading across her face.
“Mai,” you complained, before an interruption across from the two of you drew your attention away.
Melli stood, pointing at Adaman with an annoyed expression on his face. “We’re going to continue this conversation.”
“Sure,” Adaman agreed sarcastically, a smirk curving up his face as he plopped his head into his hand.
“Once I get more firewood.”
“Oh, of course.” Adaman agreed, being a little shit. As usual.
You, grateful at any opportunity to get away from Mai, stood quickly. “I’ll get it, Melli. You can… continue whatever is going on here.”
“You,” the warden pointed at you with a sharp grin. “Are a lifesaver.” Melli turned his gaze back to Adaman. “Get ready, mate.”
But Adaman wasn’t looking at Melli. Adaman, his head still gently propped in his hand, was gazing at you.
You met his eyes, and, for a moment, it was just the two of you. Adaman gazing up at you, you looking down at him. You could feel Mai and Arezu’s eyes on the two of you, along with some of the other clan members nearby, and that didn’t make it any better.
You shook yourself out of it. “Um. I’ll be right back.”
You walked away fast before your body could get the best of you, face hot. As you quickly made your way to the pile of firewood, close to the fireplaces so everybody could grab some quick, your name was called behind you.
You stopped and turned.
Adaman was approaching at a quick pace. Eyes widening, your thoughts began to race at a mile a minute.
What does he want? Why is he coming after me? Should I be worried? I can’t just run, what am I supposed to do-
Adaman just… kept walking. He was ten steps from you. Then seven. Then three. And suddenly he was close to you, and you just… kept backing up.
And Adaman kept going after you until- bump. Your back gently hit the back of a tree. The tree firewood was under. The tree right in the area where all the members of the Diamond Clan could see you and their leader.
“Skittish, hm?” Adaman asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Why’d you keep walking towards me?” you demanded.
“Why, you never asked me to stop,” Adaman said. His tone was light and full of it, and you loved every aspect of it. Your face was hot- you were thankful the sun was mostly set, because the thought of Adaman seeing how flustered he made you had you completely obliterated.
“Thought it was, um…” you lost your train of thought when Adaman leaned closer. He shamelessly raised his arm and put it above you, trapping you in so you could see nothing but his face, his lazy smirk, his half-open gaze looking you up and down before settling to meet your gaze.
“You’re cute when you blush,” he muttered, his breath just barely fanning lightly over your skin.
You were lost for words and utterly obliterated. The ground felt like it was falling away from your feet, and yet you’d never been so attuned to being pressed up against a tree.
“Um-” you stammered. “I- well-”
“I could show you what it’s really like to get all hot and bothered,” Adaman said lowly, leaning closer so his hair tickled your neck and his lips were almost touching your ear. “If you’d let me.”
“Adaman-” you started, leaning away on something like instinct, but immediately, the clan leader leaned back. His arm went away from above you, he stepped away, and he just gave you a wink and a smirk before he calmly sauntered back to the campfire, leaving you in the middle of the camp, still up against the tree.
You huffed, ducking your head down, burying your head in your hands as you tried to get a handle on yourself.
What the hell was that?! Did I just imagine that? Adaman really just did that. In front of everyone.
“What a tease,” you grumbled to yourself. It was frustrating. Ridiculous.
You turned and scooped up some more firewood from the tree’s collection, grumbling all the way.
Upon putting the firewood down back at your campfire, conversation had returned to normal. Adaman was listening to Melli rant to him with a satisfied, almost bored expression on his face while the others chatted together.
However, when you sat down, Mai and Arezu looked at you with raised eyebrows.
You just looked at them. They looked at you.
Neither of them said anything before a slow smirk spread across Mai’s face. “Are you hot?” she asked innocently.
“No,” you said quickly.
“Your face indicates otherwise,” Arezu said, gesturing to you with a grin.
You huffed. “Don’t mention it.”
Your eyes found Adaman again several times throughout the night, and you couldn’t help but wonder…
Had he really meant what he said to you? And if he did, that begged the question:
Did Adaman feel the same about you as you felt about him?
Adaman taglist: @waflbio @youaskedfurret @physalidae @literallyneurodivergentandaminor @blue--star @lys-hazuki @hatsune-yeetku @seiiblue @shipping-trash69 @kuroe-gerzie @aether-crystal @cyndernova @daveyserket @birdnerd18 @lilacgamer4779 @justapinchofhimbo @chika1012
If I missed you or you'd like to be added to the taglist, please tell me! (replies are from @lostglassguitars)
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lee--felix · 6 months ago
When they make breakfast for you - requested by @hopexclouds 
Literally can’t cook to save his life
You’re very concerned that he’s going to set your kitchen on fire
He wants to do something nice for you since you always cook for him but he’s absolutely clueless
Wakes you up with the smell of smoke coming from your good cast iron pan
You rush into the kitchen where he’s nervously poking at a now unidentifiable food
“Oh, honey, let me help you” you insist, turning the burner off and moving the pan aside
He looks like a kicked puppy until you put a spatula in his hand
“Will you teach me how to cook?” he asks you sheepishly
You stand behind him the whole time, giving detailed explanations of how to make the food but letting him do everything himself
He’s so proud of himself by the end of it that he tries to take all the credit
You just smile and tell him how good the food is and how great of a job he did cooking it all on his own
Secretly a really good cook but he’s always too distracted
Refuses to let you into the kitchen until he’s done cooking because he wants to surprise you but you woke up before he thought you would
Dancing in the kitchen
You try to join him dancing but he hugs you and insists that you have to wait until the food is done
Playfighting over the boundary between the kitchen and the living room
Nearly burns the food because he’s trying to keep you out of the kitchen
Plates your food like a chaotic toddler
Has to watch you take a bite to make sure you like it
It’s actually delicious and you’re surprised by his skill
You tell him he’s in charge of breakfast from now on
5 star chef in disguise
Like wow if he wasn’t an idol he would be a famous chef
Wakes you up with a plate of food brought directly to you in bed
“All your favorites, I hope I remembered everything”
Heart shaped food, perfectly plated
Looks like it came from a restaurant
You accuse him of ordering takeout and claiming it as his own
He laughs and tells you that you can do the dishes if you don’t believe him
Whole house smells like delicious food for the rest of the day
Eats in bed with you so you don’t have to get up
Absolutely asked for Wooyoung’s help but will never admit it
Cupboards are now a mess because he couldn’t remember where you stored everything but he didn’t want to wake you up to ask you
You get woken up anyways by rattling pans and dishes
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up!”
Is very careful not to burn anything
Really wants you to sit in the kitchen with him but is too shy to say it
Super focused on cooking
Tries to be cute and cheesy by putting a little flower on the table between you
Hands you your plate by wrapping his arms around you from behind and kissing the top of your head
Immediately blushes and hides his face
Can’t stop giggling because ~nervous~
You tell him the food is perfect and you really appreciate him making breakfast for you
More giggling and hiding his face because now you’ve flustered him
Intently watching YouTube videos on how to cook while cooking
Did not do any preparation for this, absolutely clueless
Doing a surprisingly good job and not burning anything
Adorable smile the whole time because he never realized how easy this was
Kitchen is a hot mess when you wake up
Like seriously what did you even use this pan for?? Where are half the dishes?? Sir you are destroying my kitchen right now
Refuses to accept your help because he wants to do it himself
Table is covered in your favorite candies and chocolates but he asks you not to ruin your breakfast with them
Tries to pick a piece of egg shell out of the pan with his fingers and burns himself
Plays it off like it doesn’t hurt
Apologizes for every mistake he made while cooking even though the food is delicious
You keep telling him to stop apologizing because you really enjoyed your breakfast
Who allowed this man in the kitchen?
Seriously if him and Hongjoong were cooking together, you’d have the fire department on standby
Imitating animal noises when he uses any animal based food
Sets off the smoke alarm multiple times
“Please don’t set my kitchen on fire, be careful!”
“I’m not gonna start a fire I just... oh, how do I put that out?”
Lots of playful yelling and laughing
Burns everything, even things you thought were impossible to burn
You poke at a completely burned and black egg and he quietly goes “bock bock” like a chicken
You both crack up
You decide to cuddle on the couch and order takeout instead
Absolutely cocky about his cooking skills even though they’re not great
Tries to look attractive while cooking and ends up fumbling everything
He scoffs every time you laugh at him fumbling a spatula or a fork
“If it’s so easy then you do it!” He says playfully
You grab the spatula and get to work
He grabs your waist from behind and clings to you the entire time
“I thought you wanted to make breakfast for me, here you are making me do it!”
He smiles and kisses your neck, trying to distract you from the fact that you just got tricked into doing the cooking again
You playfully shove him and hand him the spatula back
He makes silly faces at you the entire time
Gets food all over the stove because he’s only halfway paying attention
Makes an entire mess of your plate but the food is so good
Tries to take credit for the things you cooked and you flick his forehead
Pouting puppy San
Halfway decent cook but really only cooks for himself
Sings while he’s cooking and attempts to break your eardrums with his high notes
Keeps trying to get you to do high notes with him until your voice cracks
He laughs and apologizes for making you embarrass yourself even though it made you both laugh
Breaking fruit because it’s his signature move
Keeps asking if you think he’s making enough food because he used to only cooking for one person
Washing dishes while he’s cooking so there’s less dishes at the end because big brain
Heart shaped food but it’s a lil lopsided
Keeps wanting to wrap his arm around you and pull you close while he’s cooking
Won’t give you your food until you give him a kiss
Wants to hold your pinky finger with his the whole time you’re eating
Actually really good food wow he should teach Mingi and Hongjoong to cook
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pharmacykeys · 6 months ago
oh my god the idea of being norman’s flannel-clad s/o who’s always covered in potting soil from burying evidence tending the flowers outside the motel and coming into the lobby just to get dirt on him and give him obnoxious kisses and compliments so he’s a mess both physically and emotionally...
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fandommeansfamily · 6 months ago
I feel like a lot of people tend to assume that Sebastian would be the overprotective/borderline possessive one in a relationship, and I'm not saying that he wouldn't be (we all know that he's protective of his loved ones), but can we all just take a moment to ask ourselves, what if Agni was the super protective one?
Hear me out, and picture this: Ciel and Sebastian have been working a case that requires them to go undercover at a party (the way they did at the Viscount Druitt's party when they were investigating Jack The Ripper), and Agni and Soma have joined them (maybe because Ciel genuinely needs their help, or maybe Soma just heard about what Ciel was doing and wanted to help. In any case, they're there).
Eventually, Soma drags Ciel away to mingle ("You said we have to blend in! Sitting in the corner by yourself makes you stick out like a sore thumb!"), leaving Agni and Sebastian on their own.
Now imagine a woman approaching Sebastian- she has no involvement with the investigation, no information of worth to them. But she notices Sebastian, she thinks he's attractive, so she approaches. And maybe she's getting a little bold- putting her hand on his shoulder, getting into his personal space, ect.
And Sebastian is trying desperately to just ignore her. She's not important to the investigation, he can't use her infatuation for his own gain, so her advances are irritating at best, but he doesn't want to risk causing a scene and blowing their cover, so he's hoping that she will eventually just give up and leave. After all, she's starting to make him uncomfortable with all of this touching. Don't get me wrong; Sebastian lives for physical affection. He loves it. But only from specific people, like Agni. Not from strangers.
But before she has time to get bored and leave of her own free will, Agni steps between the two of them and takes Sebastian's hand. Sebastian looks up at him, mildly confused by also intrigued, and Agni leans in and kisses the tip of Sebastian's nose.
Agni then, pointedly ignoring the flirtatious woman, says something along the lines of "we should check on the kids, dearest" before leading Sebastian into another room where there are far less people, leaving the confused and disappointed stranger behind them.
"What was that?" Sebastian questions once the blush began to leave his cheeks and he found himself once again able to form coherent sentences.
"Hmm? What was what, moonlight?" Agni asks innocently.
"Far be it from me to complain, but you are not usually one for public displays of affection." Sebastian points out with a smirk. "If I didn't know better, I would say that you were getting jealous back there."
"It's not jealousy. Why would I be jealous of someone to whom you pay no mind?" Agni protested. "It's-... "
"I hadn't thought you to be the possessive type." Sebastian teased. "I find myself feeling strangely flattered."
"I do not like the idea that others think they can lay claim on you. You're mine." Agni said light-heartedly before kissing the top of Sebastian's head. "Besides, you were clearly uncomfortable. This was the least I could do."
"In that case, I must thank you for defending me." Sebastian stated before pulling Agni down to his level for a kiss.
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ronaldrx · 5 months ago
I only followed for the Barba stuff and you said you’d write more but you didn’t? are you gonna write more Barba stuff or ?
Hi there! So, firstly - I'm a human being with health issues, which is why often times, I have periods where I can't write at all or only very slowly; I've said that multiple times. Secondly, I have had 14 Fic requests in my inbox now, and I'm still catching up on those. None of those requests involve Barba, which brings me to my next point. Thirdly, I am going to write more for him, I assure you. But since I haven't actually received any requests for Barba lately (except for that one N/SFW HC), I'm pushing those stories back, of course; because other people have been waiting for their Fics for months now, and I promised to have them all written and uploaded by New Year's. Again, since none of those Fics are about Barba whatsoever, I'll only be able to write anything for him - at the very moment - if you, or anybody else, were to send me Headcanon requests for him.
I just don't have time to write my own stories for him, right now, since I want to focus on all those requests first. I'll be happy to write any headcanon posts for him if I got requests for them. And I do have three stories planned with him, still, which I promise to write as soon as I can (but that won't be until the beginning of next year). I love Barba a lot and I enjoy writing for him and I'm grateful that you followed me for content about him; but please be patient with me. I write for many characters and, unfortunately, I rarely ever receive any requests for Barba at all; and I always put requests first, and everything else second.
Hopefully that cleared things up. Sorry about the uncertainty, Anon. Take care! :)
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xaphrin · a year ago
“You’re not wearing that… are you?”
Raven looked down at herself in confusion. She was wearing what she always did for a Saturday night, leggings and an oversized Gotham University sweatshirt she got at some welcome event freshman year. Her lips twisted in annoyance and she lifted an eyebrow, knowing where Donna was going to take this conversation. “Is there something wrong?”
“You’re going on a date!” Donna slammed the heel of her hand into her forehead and groaned, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. “A date. With Damian Wayne, the richest college student in the entire country, and you’re wearing a free sweatshirt, three year-old leggings, and boots you’ve repaired with Gorilla Glue. You cannot be serious.” 
Raven rolled her eyes and began hunting through their living room to find her purse. She wasn’t sure why Donna cared so much, it’s not like Damian actually liked Raven. He tolerated her at best, and despised her at worst. “I highly doubt he’s going to give a fuck about what I’m wearing. He doesn’t even like me, remember? The only reason he’s taking me on this stupid date is because of contractual obligation. In fact he’s probably going to stop and get fast food and then kick my ass out two blocks away from our house so he doesn’t have to deal with the shame of being seen with me.” 
Outside a car door slammed and Karen offered a low whistle as she stood by the front window. “Uh… Rae?”
Raven picked up her head, feeling a pen slide out of her messy bun and clatter to the floor. “What?”
“You… might want to rethink your clothing choices because… hoo boy.”
Raven walked to the window and pulled the curtain back. Her heart fell into her stomach and she was pretty sure she stopped breathing. Eyes fluttering, she took a long few seconds to admire the man walking up the pathway to their house. Damian Wayne was coming to get her for their date, and he looked like he had stepped straight out of a magazine and onto her sidewalk. He was wearing gray trousers and black button-down, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and the muscles in his forearm bulged as he walked - how was that possible? She knew he was built, but damn… she didn’t realize she could find forearms sexy. 
His impossibly verdant eyes flicked up to the window and locked gazes with her, his lips pulling down into a frown. Raven stumbled back from the window, the curtain falling over the glass. Panic flooding her system, she turned to Donna and stumbled through a series of confused noises, before she managed to finally speak. 
“Dress. I need a dress.” 
“On it.” Donna grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. “Bee, keep Lover Boy busy while I fix…” She looked Raven up and down for a moment before shaking her head. “... this.”
Karen gave her a salute, a bright grin filling her face. “You got it, chief.”  
Raven didn’t even have the energy to be insulted at Donna’s choice of words. All she could think about was how Damian Wayne was standing on her front porch, looking like a fashion model with the full intention of taking her out on a date. She stumbled along the upstairs hallway until Donna pulled her into her room, setting Raven on the bed. 
“We’ve got about seven minutes to get you looking like you are going on a real date.” 
Downstairs Raven could hear the door open and Karen invited Damian inside. Their voices were muffled, but Karen was obviously talking about the business ethics class they had together. Raven’s heart leapt into her throat and she stared at Donna as she pulled a dress out of the back of her closet, setting it on the bed with a pair of low-heeled shoes. 
“Why is he dressed like that? Why?” She pitched forward and buried her head in her hands, groaning. “This was supposed to be a stupid joke. He wasn’t supposed to actually take me out on a date… and dress up for it.” 
“Maybe…” Donna said with a sigh as she grabbed her make-up bag from her vanity. “And hear me out on this, Rae. Maybe he likes you.” She patted a little cover up under Raven’s eyes, trying to hide the evidence of her late-night study sessions. “Maybe he’s liked you for years, but you two are so dimwitted and emotionally constipated that you can’t even admit that you like each other, so you’ve got this ridiculous, over-the-top rivalry going on when what you should really be doing is just fucking each other senseless.” Donna swiped mascara on Raven’s eyes, grimacing. “Just maybe.” 
“First of all.” Raven glared at her, her lips pulling down in a frown. “He doesn’t like me. He tolerates me, and just barely.” She pulled off her sweatshirt and leggings, reaching for the dress Donna had pulled out. “Secondly, I am not emotionally constipated.”
Donna wrinkled her nose and stared down at her. “Are those the underwear you’re wearing?”
Raven looked down at her plain, faded cotton underwear with a hole near the waistband. She wrinkled her nose. “Yes. They’re my favorite. And if I have to sit through the most uncomfortable dinner of my life, then at least my crotch is going to be comfortable.” 
“I can’t believe I have to tell you how wrong it is that you’re wearing that underwear.” Donna’s face fell into her hand and she went to her dresser, handing her something black and lacy. “I have a new pair I just bought. Never been worn.” 
“It’s not like he’s going to see my underwear, Donna.” Raven rolled her eyes and pushed the underwear away. “I’m not wearing those.” 
“Raven.” Donna pitched her voice dangerously low and bent down to stare into her eyes, a darkness swirling there. “You are going to wear the damn underwear, or so help me god, I will throw you down on this bed and change you like a baby.” She shoved the lacy underwear into Raven’s hands. “Now shut up and wear the fucking panties.”
Raven flushed and quickly changed her underwear before pulling the dress on over her head. She shoved her feet into Donna’s shoes, noting they were a size too big. Oh well. She had no choice to make it work, it wasn’t like Raven had any kind of dress clothing of her own. The last time she wore something even remotely formal was to her induction into the English department’s honor society two years ago. 
Donna pinned back her hair into a fancy messy bun, and stepped back to look at her. Her lips twitched and she tugged at the loose fabric around Raven’s breasts. “Mm… I can’t believe you don’t have a push-up bra.”
Raven gave her a flat stare, trying not to be jealous of her best friend’s curves. “Shut up.” 
She glanced down at her small cleavage, barely filling out Donna’s dress. Suddenly she felt weird, like she wasn’t quite herself in a borrowed outfit and borrowed make up. Part of her wished she had just stayed in her leggings and sweatshirt, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself either. Damian would never let her live it down if she went out on a date with him looking like she did when she crawled out of bed and went to class on a Monday morning. 
With a defeated sigh, she stared at herself in the full-length mirror. “I look… fine. Better than before, so… it’s something.”
“Mm.” Donna eyes her carefully for a moment before going to her vanity and handing Raven a tinted lip balm and a few condoms. “Here. Tuck these in your purse.”
“Donna! I am not sleeping with Damian Wayne.” Raven glared at her, taking the lip balm, but ignoring the condoms. “I would rather choke at dinner.” 
“Your wandering eyes at the auction say otherwise. It wasn’t exactly like he was able to hide the massive python between his legs, and I definitely noticed some appreciation there.” Donna shoved the condoms into her hand and walked to the door, motioning Raven out. “But what do I know? I’ve just been your friend for the past four years.” She gave a one-shouldered shrug as Raven walked past, smirking. “And if your date goes horribly awry, then you can use them as water balloons and chuck them at his pristine, foreign car.”
Raven snorted, a small smile pulling at her lips. Whatever tension had been growing between them dissolved and Raven took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. What had she been thinking? Agreeing to a date with Damian Wayne? It would have been easier to sign her own death warrant. 
Donna nudged her shoulder and gave her a small, teasing smile. “It’s gonna be fine. If it goes sideways, call me and Karen and I will be there in seconds to pick you up.”
That was comforting. At least she always had her friends to back her up. Raven nodded slowly and walked downstairs. Damian turned and looked at her, and for one brief moment he said nothing. His eyes roamed her face before glancing down the rest of her body. With a low hum, he leaned back on his heels and shoved his hands in his pockets. For a moment he looked like he was going to say something snide, and Raven was already hunting for a quick comeback. She refused to let him have the upper hand in any of their conversations. 
“I have to stop at the animal shelter before they close to drop off the money we raised.” He kept his voice surprisingly even, but there was a tension at the corner of his mouth. He was obviously just as annoyed as she was at having to take her out on a date. 
“Okay.” She nodded, trying to ignore Donna sneaking behind Damian and stuffing more condoms in her purse. Just how much sex did Donna think Raven was going to have? And none of it was going to be with Damian. 
“And then I made reservations for us at that new Italian place by the bay.”
Raven blinked, her eyebrows knitting together. “I thought they were booked up for three months?”
Damian lifted an eyebrow, and suddenly felt very silly. “Ah. Right. Wayne. I’m sure your clout could get you into Fort Knox on a moment’s notice.” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm her nerves. She felt oddly jittery, like she was about to sizzle under the weight and heat of Damian’s unyielding stare. His lips twitched and his stare darted down her again. Raven pushed her feelings into the pit of her stomach and took a step forward. “Let’s get this over with.” 
He snorted and rolled his eyes. “Don’t sound so enthused. You’re the one that paid a thousand dollars for this.” 
“I didn’t pay a thousand dollars for you.” Yes she did, she just didn’t want to admit it. “I did it to save the kittens.” 
“Of course you did. And I’m sure making my life a living hell for one evening is just a nice, extra bonus.” He grabbed her hand and headed for the door, looking back over his shoulder as he dragged her along. “We’ll be back by eleven.”
“Or until I kill him.” Raven snorted. “Whichever is sooner.” 
Donna just crossed her arms over her chest and smirked. “Don’t forget your purse.”
Raven glared and snatched it off a nearby chair. Oh she was going to use the condoms tonight, to pelt Damian’s car with water balloons like he deserved. 
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bbugyu · 3 months ago
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The Princess Bride
requested by: @mere-facade-of-slime
Buttercup: Christy Altomare
Westley: Jeremy Jordan
Inigo Montoya: Christian Borle
Fezzik: James Monroe Iglehart
Vizzini: Stuart Neal
Prince Humperdinck: Reeve Carney
Count Rugen: Will Swenson
Miracle Max: Terrence Mann
Valerie: Carolee Carmello
Clergyman: Stuart Neal (double-casted role)
The Albino: Josh Gad
Grandson: Logan Clark
Grandfather: Hadley Fraser
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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silenceofthecookies · 6 months ago
I may or may not be making progress on my secret au world again and I may or may not be trying/planning to finish the first story this year still so I can start sharing it soon 👀
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reddhodd · 7 months ago
Hiiii I love ur gifs!!! Do u mind gifting Dick when he finds Jason’s porn stash? 😂😂 I love that scene! 💘
Tumblr media
Just posted!!!
Sorry it took so long I've been swamped with work this week
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cheemerthelizard · a year ago
Requests are open again!
I finally hit 500 followers! I didn’t have anything planned but my request box has been closed for a really long time so I’m opening it again!
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guillemelgat · a year ago
Tumblr media
Here is the second playlist! This one was requested by @gwendolynlerman​, who asked for music with pop/alternative vibes in Russian, Catalan, and Mandarin! I hope this works, all of these are somewhere between what I’d call alternative and what I’d call pop, so hopefully you’ll like at least some of them :’)
(Also if anyone who speaks Mandarin or Russian notices that one of these isn’t in those languages please let me know – I did my best but I don’t speak either so I couldn’t actually verify 😅)
溫柔 | 五月天 feat. 孫燕姿 (Mandarin)
你要跳舞吗 | 新裤子 (Mandarin)
陽光宅男 | 周杰倫 (Mandarin)
冷酷到底 | 羽·泉 (Mandarin)
因為你 所以我 | 五月天 (Mandarin)
Nevar a València | Tardor (Catalan)
Semblava que fossis tu | Els Amics de les Arts (Catalan)
Ara, aquí, present | Blaumut (Catalan)
Huracà | Sense Sal (Catalan)
30 dies sense cap accident | Els Amics de les Arts (Catalan)
Прогулка | Земфира (Russian)
Нимфоманка | Монеточка (Russian)
Не любовь? | Ханна (Russian)
На Титанике | Лолита (Russian)
Ищи не ищи | Ирина Круг (Russian)
Photo Credit: Photo by Brandon Vázquez on Unsplash
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