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hey-adora · 12 days ago
thinking about how bodily autonomy is a really consistent motif in the zelda games... the amount of times link is forced into alternate forms or zelda is possessed/transformed/literally removed from her body is really interesting. off the top of my head we have wolf link, link's forms in majora's mask, link's forced aging in oot and revelation that he isn't kokiri, link doing a sort of tactical drag in botw, zelda being sheik, zelda being possessed in twilight princess, zelda preserving herself in time as the goddess in skyward sword, midna being cursed as an imp, batreaux, and the skulltula people in oot. there's also so much cross-dressing (i know that term might have a negative connotation but i don't think it should in this context) and gender nonconformity. bodies are constantly changed as a reflection of a character's arc and actions, and often a character regaining control of their own body is a resolution to their arc.
but i feel like the more you think about it, the messier it gets, both in good and bad ways. for example, i think there's a reason lots of trans, gnc, and queer people connect to zelda games because of the many ways gender and transformation are weaved into the stories. that's great. but i also think there are some huge failings on nintendo's part in terms of representation and transformation of bodies, mostly in their characters of color and lack thereof. like, tetra. just tetra. and that's not even mentioning the way they gave me the ick re: her forced gender presentation as zelda. also some designs like the gerudo esp in the earlier 3d games and holy shit the bokoblins and gorons in twilight princess (seriously they're bad) are obviously informed by racial stereotypes. and it's extra super not great bc there are not many hylian/human characters who have dark skin, or even tan skin. it sucks. it's just a shame that these fantastic games, some of which are 20+ years old, experiment with gender presentation in such a fascinating way (hell, even link was designed so that everyone could see a bit of their gender in him) but very little attention was placed on representing non-white players. in fact, some of the use of racial stereotypes and exaggerated features is just more alienating and dehumanizing, hence the not-good side of zelda's focus on bodies. holy shit, i say again, why did they do that with tetra! i mean i know why they made her white as zelda (racism) but they sidelined her in a way that seems uncharacteristic compared to sheik in oot!
just, so many choices were made in the zelda games re: bodies and some are fantastic and inspiring and some are huge disappointments. not to be blunt, but nintendo should absolutely be putting dark-skinned Black characters into their games. tetra and the gerudo are fairly light-skinned and lack many features (hair textures for example) that a large amount of poc have. it would just be nice if in future games the scale tipped from some great stuff and some bad stuff to mostly great stuff, bc the series has so much potential for future stories about bodily autonomy and the world(s) are not bound to any real-world or historical structures. they could do whatever they want and make it work, and should seek to improve! it would only contribute to the already sophisticated and nuanced themes consistent in the series.
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without trying || steve harrington x reader
summary: steve comforts you when you have a panic attack.
word count: 707
prompt(s): —
warnings: originally posted on @prettysbliss, not proofread, reader has a panic attack but steve helps you, fluff
requested by —
Tumblr media
It was like your life flashed before your eyes. Falling down—who knows how many feet—to hell. Who knew you would be stuck in a Russian elevator with your boyfriend, best friend, little brother, and Lucas Sinclair’s little sister, whom you had babysit along with the rest of the party. Thinking that this is how you were going to die, tears shedded down your cheeks. Everyone is screaming, to the point you don’t even hear them.
Everybody groans, falling to the floor, as the elevator stops. You, however, were already on the floor to begin with.
“My groin,” Steve groans, “It fell on my groin.”
Dustin helps Steve get the box off of him. You all stood up, rubbing your hands over your eyes.
“Is everyone okay?” Robin asks, holding her head.
“Yeah, I’m great, now that i know that Russians can’t design elevators!” Steve pushes your brother out his way and walks over to the elevator buttons.
“I think we’ve clearly established that those buttons don’t work.” Robin says. Everything was mumbling from there. Tears started to shed as you walked over to some boxes, sitting behind them, so no one has to see your pathetic state. You were trapped, no way to get out. What are you doing to do? Climb? No way. You were going to die here.
“We’re stuck in here.” You hear Dustin say. Pulling your knees to your chest you sob into your arms, trying to muffle the sound. Your thoughts where so loud you didn’t hear Erica speak up, until you heard screaming by a stressed Steve;
“I don’t care about Tina! Or Uncle Jack’s party! Your mom’s not gonna be able to find us if we’re dead in a Russian elevator.”
You started sobbing more. This was so much to take in. You knew you were going to die down here. There was so much you wanted to do; get married, buy a house and car, have kids, grow old.
Through Steve’s yelling, and your mind running one million miles per hour, Robin notices you. As Steve was stressing, she tries to get his attention, not looking away from you.
“Steve!” She tugs his shirt as he finished his statement.
“What?!” He says frustrated. Robin points to you, sobbing in the corner.
“Oh, fuck, shit.” He slides over next to you, gently tugging your arms that held you head on your knees, “Hey, it’s me, Steve. Come on, look at me.”
You tilt your head up, to the side, so he only saw your eyes. Steve noticed how red and puffy they were and pulls you into a side hug. He pulls you closer, though, as you start sobbing more. You were crying so much, your thoughts so loud, that you didn’t even notice Robin, Dustin, and Erica going up to the ‘roof.’
“It’s okay, baby,” Steve, gently strokes your hair, shushing you in a calming manner, “It’s okay.”
You lift your head up from Steve’s chest and you both stare at each other.
“What if, It’s not?” You choke.
“What?” Steve asks, staring at you intensely.
“What if, it’s not okay.” You sigh, “What if, we never make it out of here? What if—”
“Hey, hey, hey,” Steve pulls you back into him. You cling onto his shirt, holding him. You don’t even know when you will again, if ever. “We will make it out of here.”
“You don’t know that.” You sob.
“Yes, I do,” Steve smirks a bit, “You know why?”
You lift your head, looking at him. You ‘hm’, telling him to continue;
“Because we always do.” He smiles, “We have always made it out. We fought monsters from another dimension!”
You both laugh at his excitement, making a smile appear on your face.
“There’s that gorgeous smile, I love so much.” Steve kisses your temple.
“Thank you, Steve,” You say, “Thank you for always making me feel better, even without trying.”
He chuckles, then smiles again, “I love you, Y/N Henderson.”
He puts a hand on your cheek, gently stroking it, as you say;
“I love you too, Steve Harrington.”
You both lean into each other and kiss passionately.
Steve really did know how to make you feel better, even without trying.
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rongzhi · 5 months ago
Chinese animation recommendations
Hello! Follower and fellow heritage Mandarin-speaker here. 
This is re: the anon who asked about animation recs. Most of mine might be a bit outdated/juvenile because they're mostly things I watched growing up, but there's a few newer things in there too. The original answer already covers a lot of the classics (shoutout to my mans Pleasant Goat), so I'll try to suggest ones that haven't already been mentioned! Please also note that these will all be in Mandarin except for one of the movies.
Also, apologies in advance for the text dump. This grew from a bullet-pointed list into a monstrosity as I basically relived my childhood.
First, 2 Youtube links I'd like to recommend w/ regards to this topic:
Chinese Animation: In Search of a Style | Video Essay by Accented Cinema
This video mainly focuses on the history of animation in China, but it also is a great source of recommendations given how many titles he covers from the past to the present day.
DongHua Reviews
This is a channel that, as the name suggests, reviews donghua (or Chinese animation). He does a lot of recommendation videos, so you'll definitely be able to find a lot of good content there. 
Now, onto my own favorites:
The Legend of Hei (2019)
A heartwarming story about a little cat spirit in a modern fantasy world. Hands down some of the best animation on this list, it's absolutely gorgeous to look at and the character designs are really cute too! It's also the prequel to a cartoon series, The Legend of Luoxiahei (Youtube link). 
New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021) (note: unrelated to the 2019 movie)
Chinese mythology meets steampunk meets social commentary. This is a highly unique take on a classic story, and the animation looks awesome. Definitely recommend if you don't mind thirsting after animated characters ;) I believe a sequel is also in the works (?)
Any film/show by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
This is one of China's oldest and most famous animation studios. They produced the bulk of mainland China's classic animated works including Nezha Conquers the Dragon King, which was recced in the original answer. The video I linked from Accented Cinema does a great deep dive on their works, which are highly distinctive and incorporate many elements of traditional Chinese art. My personal favorites are Lotus Lantern (film) and Calabash Brothers (show).
No.7 Cherry Lane (2019)
The only work in Cantonese on this list. Full disclaimer: I've never actually watched this one, but it's been on my watchlist for awhile now. The animation looks GORGEOUS. From its Wikipedia page: 
"During the rise of the materialistic comfort of life in the 1960s, there emerges an undercurrent of danger in Hong Kong.
No.7 Cherry Lane tells the tale of Ziming, a Hong Kong University undergraduate, entangled between his amorous feelings for a self-exiled mother Mrs Yu from Taiwan in the White Terror period, and her beautiful daughter Meiling. He takes them to different movies and through a series of magical moments on the big screen, forbidden passions are revealed. And the era coincides with Hong Kong's turbulent times of 1967."
Shows (my favorite part because most of these were a huge part of my childhood):
Journey West (1998)
Unsubbed ver on Youtube
I grew up watching this series. I was obsessed with this series. I legitimately used every stick-shaped object in our house to mimic the weapon of the main character, Sun Wukong. To this day, the opening and closing OSTs are bops. Alright I'm done.
This series, as you might guess, is an adaption of the famous novel Journey West. Tl;dr: a monk and his 3 disciples make a pilgrimage and fight a lot of demons along the way, with the chief disciple Sun Wukong/the Monkey King as the main character. This story has been adapted and retold countless times over literal centuries, to give you some idea of its cultural impact. This particular version is very much aimed at children, but it still holds a special place in my heart. 
The Legend of Nezha (2003)
Unsubbed ver on Youtube
Another gem from my childhood. This is another take on the classic Nezha legend (previously seen in my rec for the film Nezha Reborn), which tells the story of a young boy who fights the gods and also his dad. Again, the opening and closing OSTs are iconic, and the animation for this show has definitely held up to the test of time. If you ask anyone who grew up around this time in China, there's a good chance they've watched this show and stan its version of Nezha and/or its original character, the Dragon princess.
A Pigsy Falls from the Sky (2004)
Unsubbed ver on Youtube
Unfortunately, I can't find much English information on this show, but it's yet another relic of my days as a young whippersnapper. It essentially serves as a prequel to Journey West (unrelated to the other series I recommended) with original stories about what Pigsy, another disciple of monk Tang, was up to prior to joining the pilgrimage. It has a really playful tone, and I remember it being a lot of fun to watch.
Wanderings of Sanmao (2005)
Eng subbed ep 1 on Youtube
This is based on a famous comic series that has been around since the 1930s. Perhaps due to its notably more serious content, it's lesser-known outside of China, but I still think it's worth a watch. It tells the story of Sanmao, a boy who grows up in abject poverty, and takes place in 1930s Shanghai against the backdrop of the second Sino-Japanese war. The tone of this show is much darker than the other recs on this list, as it explores themes such as colonization, poverty, and war, all through the eyes of a young boy. (If I recall, the cartoon lightens this a bit.) I'm not sure how much of the cartoon is actually subbed, though.
I would also recommend the original comic, which is for the most part wordless and therefore is fairly accessible even to non-Chinese speakers. 
Heaven Official's Blessing (2020)
A name off my to-watch list, as several friends have recommended this to me. This is based on a novel series by the same author (Mo Xiang Tong Xiu) who wrote Mo Dao Zu Shi, which The Untamed is based on. From what I've seen, the animation features a lot of beautiful people (hehe) and the show is super popular. If you're into BL, this is definitely a must-watch.
If you've made it this far, congrats — this pretty much wraps up my recommendation list for donghua (Chinese animated works). The industry as a whole has had a pretty unique development trajectory compared to its counterparts in other countries, and I believe you'll see that reflected in the works from different eras. Chinese animation has grown a LOT in recent years especially, with domestic studios producing works of higher and higher quality; here's to hoping they produce even more! In any case, apologies again for the wall of text, and hope this helps OP!
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extravaguk · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: But above all things, the last thing you expected to happen when you came back was to show your tits and get pierced by none other than motherfucking Jeon Jungkook.
Jeon Jungkook. Guk. Gukkie. Jeongukkie.
wordcount: 15k
genre: summer!au, ex high school classmaters, kinda frenemies to lovers, tattoo artist!&piercing artist!jungkook, popular!reader
rated: m (fluff - smut - angst)
warnings: you broke jungkook's heart you bitch!! , oral sex (m&f), protected sex (shocking tbh), CL as your bestie it doesnt get better than that! idk i dont wanna spoil too much
author's note: fucking finally dude!! i've been writing this since february but school was kicking my ass. now that i finished my exams and mercury is in gemini i was able to finish it. if you read this, i hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
You've been standing outside the shop re-reading the word for fifteen minutes, although it definitely feels like it has been longer. You're gripping the flyer too tightly, rumpling the paper in your hand until you're pretty much sure it's ruined. It's the first day of June, and it's already too hot. The sun and humid weather are causing beads of sweat to form in your hairline and your white tank top to stick to your skin. Your jean shorts didn't feel this uncomfortable a few hours ago and you're sure the heat is causing your mascara to transfer to your eyelids and lower lashline. You've never needed a slushie and a smoke this bad in forever, even if you knew the later would make your parents lose their shit.
You read it again. Your brain is trying to guess what font its written in, an excuse to try to steady your heart beat until your nerves ease a little and you can finally gather the courage to step into the damn shop. You've noticed a few people passing by giving you strange looks because maybe it hasn't been fifteen minutes. Perhaps you've been unmoving like an idiot in the middle of the street for longer than you want to admit.
Chaelin's voice echoes inside your head.
'Its not that much of a big deal. It's not even that painful, trust me.'
You wish you could trust your best friend, but your best friend is also the same woman who assured you Cats was the movie of the year. Yes, not 'Cats: The Musical'. 'Cats', the movie.
'And this could be a great start to get out of your comfort zone and start living your life exactly the way you want to, not the way people expect you to. Not the way your family wants you to, not the way Adam wanted you to.'
But although her credibility could sometimes be questionable - like that time she also told you she'd tried marmite and 'honestly, it's not as bad as people make it out to be'-, you also didn't trust anybody in this world as much as you trusted her. She had always been your entire support system, the only one around you who never sugarcoated, who always treated you as an equal, who was always there for you to help you discover yourself and, at the same time, remind you of who you were.
'And it's gonna look so hot, too.'
That's it. Sticking the wrinkled flyer on your back pocket, your feet finally start moving. It doesn't take longer than three strides and you're pushing open the door.
The first thing you notice is that, thankfully, the shop is empty. The second thing you notice is the bright sky blue walls, a green undertone peaking through. Your eyes scan nervously the interior. Frames with tattoo designs and people modeling other different designs decorate the walls, some skateboards also hanging from the ceiling. A few plants in the corner, and two leather couches on either side of the room. Your scanning stops on the counter, where a girl with short, platinium hair and -what you guess is- the eighty percent of her body inked. Face included. She's been looking at you, a smirk tugging at her lips. Her tone is amused when she speaks
"Hi." she says. "You can come closer, you know? We don't bite."
Great. As if you couldn't feel more out of place, apparently you also couldn't look more out of place.
"Sorry." you gulp as you walk forward. "It's my first time doing anything like this."
She laughs this time, but it's not mean. It's not mocking, thank God, and the smile she sends you is as warm as the weather, friendly, luckily helping you calm down a bit. "A virgin, huh? JK's gonna love this." your eyes jump in surprise, but she's fast to wave her hands in front of you. "Just a joke. So, first time getting a tattoo. You have something in mind, honey?"
"Um, no. Not a tattoo. Not yet, I think." you wet your lips, regretting not reaplying chapstick before stepping inside. "A piercing."
"Oh! Cool!" she claps her hands, too excited for your own taste, pulling from under the counter a catalogue. "So, where will it be? Cartilogue? Nose? A lot of people are getting their septums pierced right now, though, so you might-"
"Nipples. Like, one of them."
Her gaze finds yours in surprise, although her face swiftly transforms again into an amiable expression. "Now, that's badass. Alright!" she skims through the pages of the catalogue until she finds the nipple piercing collection. You scratch your head before wiping your forehead sweat-free. "You can pick either barbells or hoops, although barbells heal faster and they don't move around as much. There's different kinds of metal, too. Gold or platinium. If your skin is sensitive, I recommend titanium. It's hypoallergenic and not as problematic."
The blonde keeps talking as you nod your head, a smile making its way into your face while silently thanking her for her easygoing personality. It quickly makes you feel comfortable and stupid for being so terrified of doing this.
Once you decide, settle on the cost and sign the papers, she stands up from the stool she'd been sitting on. "Ok, I'll go tell my coworker. He's been sketching tattoos all morning, it's time he gets to work!" she laughs, but suddenly your smile banishes and your throat shuts down.
"He?" your alarmed tone halts her motions and she looks back at your frightened expression.
He? A he is going to pierce your nipple? You're about to let a random stranger, a HE, see and touch one of your boobs and then pierce a needle through one of your nipples?
"Oh, baby, don't worry. I'd do it myself if I knew how to, but I only do tattoos. Most of our staff are on summer vacation so it's mostly just him and I. If you don't feel comfortable, which is totally understandable, you can wait until september when Minzy comes back and she can do it for you." It's her turn to scratch the back of her head as she adds: "but trust me, we're professionals. He's not a creep or anything like that. He's been doing this for a long time. He won't cross any boundaries."
September? You won't even be here in september. Fuck.
Sure, you could do it when you move back into the city. But this summer was supossed to be the summer. You already decided after your breakup with Adam that there would be no trace of the old you. That it was time to push yourself, to do the things that you've always wanted to do, unapologetically. To find the new you, the real you. To stop being scared.
So after going through you options for a few seconds and taking a deep breath, you make up your mind.
"It's fine. I can do it."
"JK, sweetheart!"
Jungkook is finishing drawing a Chinese dragon when Mijoo opens the door without knocking. Again. He puts the pen down, rubbing his eyes. It's monday, a slow monday, not much work, and he had hoped it would stay that way until closing time. It's summer and Jungkook hates summer. He hates the heat, he hates being drenched in sweat, and he hates the fact that he can do nothing about it. Because working in the summer is terrible. Summer makes him lazy, makes him want to bathe in a tub full of iced water and not get out until he turns into a raisin and october comes. It makes him irritable. Summer makes him annoyed by people -like Mijoo, even if he loves her to death- and himself.
"I got a girl here who wants a nipple piercing, her first piercing by the way, so get your shit ready and bla bla bla. Straight titanium barbell. Also, don't flirt and don't be creepy. She almost ran away when I told her a male was going to be touching and piercing her tit, be mindful of that. She's too cute, if you want to get her number you should wait until it's done. I think that's it. I'll bring her in in a minute."
Mijoo leaves as fast as she talks, but Jungkook is already used to it. He's already used to the headaches her mouth causes too. He sighs before standing up, tying his too-long raven hair into the best bun he can manage. He washes his hands, sets the table up, sits on the chair and puts the gloves on. He's too busy sterilizing the jewerly when Mijoo comes back with you.
"Alright, my babies. I'll leave you to it." she turns to you. "He'll explain everything, from how the process will be to how to take care of it after it's done." she leaves before saying bye, closing the door behind her, and then he finally turns to you.
Your eyes meet and suddenly everything stops. He almost drops the sterilizing machine, his whole body tensing, going into panic mode as he recognizes you immediatly. His hands shake.
Of course he does. Of course he recognizes his high school crush. The too goody two shoes, too pretentious and too rich, too good for everybody and, most importantly, 'too good for Jeon Jungkook' girl of his high school dreams. Of course he recognizes the girl he had confessed his stupid crush to when he was sixteen. Of course he recognizes the girl who rejected and broke his young and foolish heart when he was a dumb teenager.
It doesn't matter that six years have passed ever since. He still knows every lock of your hair like the palm of his hand. He still remembers the shape of your lips and the exact shade of your eyes. He can still identify the body he fantasized about -and jacked off to- when he was a hormonal teen, now filled in all the right places. Now a grown woman.
Just one look at you after years and years of pining is enough to almost make him faint. And grow a boner under his jeans.
And by the look on your face, your eyes wide and your mouth agape, you recognize him as well.
He schools his features and clears his throat. Forces his body to relax and compose himself, because he's not a teenager anymore. He's also a grown man, who has matured, who now has much more experience with women than he did back then. He had already embarrased himself enough when he was sixteen to be doing it all over again. You're just another attractive girl in a sea of attractive women.
He turns to you. You still haven't said anything. Neither has he.
"Um, you can sit on the table." he manages, motioning to the set up in front of him. He watches you taking doubtful steps until you're sitting down, your eyes avoiding his gaze. He almost forgot you were here to get pierced. Holy shit, you were here to get pierced. To get your nipple pierced.
You're a professional, Jungkook. You can do this, Jungkook. You've seen boobs before, Jungkook. You've pierced nipples before, Jungkook.
Clearing his throat again and forcing his hands to stay by his side, he speaks. "The... The top." your gaze finds his, like a puppy about to get scolded. You look at your top, realization dawning on you. "You don't have to take it off. You can just pull it down."
So you do, pulling the straps of the white tank top down and dragging the fabric down with trembling fingers. No bra. Jungkook gulps as your breasts comes into vision. As perfect as he had imagined years ago. His cock twitches. Round, full, perky and so damn inviting he has to hold himself back from latching onto one nipple with his mouth around it and swirling his tongue over the nub until you're a pretty, moaning, little mess on his piercing tabl-
He closes his eyes for just a second before reminding himself to act like the 23 year old Jungkook he's tried so hard to become. The confident, assured Jungkook he is.
"Okay, this is how it'll go. First I'll clean it and scrub it to get rid of any bacteria." he's so glad he hasn't stuttered yet. 23 year old Jungkook doesn't stutter like 17 year old Jungkook. He's also glad he can pick the alcohol bottle and the surgical scrub without trembling. When he faces you again, you're watching his motions with your lip caught between your teeth. That has him swallowing the lump in his throat.
Making eye contact with him again, you take a deep breath and offer a small nod, so he gets to work. He can show you and himself he's a grown man. A grown man who can pierce a nipple without appearing like it's the first time he's seen a boob in his life. The sooner he does it, the sooner it's over.
Jungkook wets the paper towel with alcohol before carefully wiping over your nub with it. Your back arches, probably from the cold feeling, he guesses. He rubs it a few times before throwing it in the trash can nearby. He avoids looking at how enticing the soft peak is salluting him when he reaches for the marker. He doesn't say anything when he dots it with it, jaw clenched and his dick painfully stiff.
"Lay back." his voice low as he commands, turning away to get the clamp. When he slides closer, he tries to ignore the view: you, with your hair sprawled and your sweaty, shiny skin and your eyes focused on the cieling, nipple fully erect, like the star of one of his most erotic dreams. He extends his free gloved hand before he can stop himself, fingers carefully working the nub until he's sure it's painfully hard. Almost as hard as he is.
You gasp, your back arching again. He stills and looks at you, your cheeks flushed pink. Probably from the heat, he guesses again. Or at least that's what he tells himself. He can't stop himself from wondering how responsive would you be in a different setting, most likely his bed while his teeth play with your breast and his cock dives into-
"You okay?" he studies your face, your eyes not meeting his and instead still focusing on the white ceiling.
"Mhm." you reply with a small voice.
"Relax, alright? It'll be over soon." his voice is as gentle as he can, his fingers mindlessly caressing your breast to try to soothe your nerves. Or maybe it's just because he's a selfish bastard. Whatever it is, he forces himself to bring the clamp to your nipple, securing it around it.
"Take a few deep breaths. This will only take a second of pain and then it will go away." He misses the way your mouth falls open, but he doesn't miss the way your eyes squeeze tight as the needle goes in.
"Ah!" he definitely doesn't miss that either. He goes rigid for a second, because that didn't fucking sound like a cry of painfulness. It's breathy, and whiny, not too loud and, for fucks sake, if that's how you sound when you're getting fucked, he swears to God-
He feels your heartbeat under his hands when he puts the barbell in and then the bandage over it. He takes a look at you, chest moving up and down. And then you take a look at him and what he sees is almost enough to take you right there.
Reddened cheeks, drops of sweat framing your face and those eyes glazed with something he's seen too much in the women he's fucked throughout his life. They're half lidded, mascara adorning your long lashes and almost smudged, looking right through him.
"Jungkook..." and your voice, as you say his name -acknowledging him for the first time since you stepped into his shop, for the first time since you were sixteen-, it's hoarse, almost inaudible, like you just came all over his-
He's on his feet in an instant like he's been burned. "It may bleed for the first week, and it can be really sore. The swelling will eventually come down." he's quickly tidying up the table, a bottle in his hand that he hands to you without looking directly. "Wash it gently with this soap and warm water once per day. Don't touch it. Wear a comfortable...bra. If it gets crusty, clean it with saline. Not alcohol or any other thing you might clean a wound with. The soap I just gave you or saline. Nothing else."
He's pacing around the room as he takes his gloves off and throws them in the trash bin, too agressively maybe, then he keeps rambling, like he's hurriedly trying to make you leave as soon as possible. "Avoid pools and the sea. It takes about six months to a year to heal, so don't... don't touch it, don't play with it or..." he clears his throat, "don't let anyone else play with it. And if it gets infected, come back immediately and I'll take a look at it." which he honestly hopes it won't happen. When he faces you, your top is back on and you're getting off the table.
"Alright, um...I'll do that." clearing your throat, your hand gripping the doorknob. "Thank you."
But right before you can exit the room, Jungkook says your name.
"_____." when you turn around to face him, it takes a few seconds for him to make eye contact from across the room. "It was good to see you."
"Let me see!"
It's the first thing Chaelin says when she opens the door to her appartment. It's on the second floor, small enough to compare it to most expensive appartments you'd stayed in throughout your life, but big enough for Chaelin, her cat and her -impressive- collection of acrylic nail kits and pairs of high heels. It's also big enough for her to offer you the only guest room until summer is over so you didn't have to, one, stay at your parents' place, and two, find an appartment in a short period of time for a short period of time.
When you left years ago, you did so with the thought of 'never looking back'. You never really expected to return here, of all places. Maybe visit your best friend for a weekend at most, have dinner with your parents on a saturday and then go back to the new life you'd made for yourself on a sunday.
But that was before you'd caught Adam cheating.
Tale as old as time: childhood sweethearts get engaged, move in together, son of a bitch sleeps with the assistand he told his girlfriend not to worry about, and then the brokenhearted girl packs her bags and leaves the cheating bastard begging for her to come back.
You'd be lying if you said you were surprised.
Throughout your life, you'd learned to expect many things, regardless of being sheltered and babied by your family since you were born. Watched too much Maury and Dr.Phil. Too much Gossip Girl to know what the deal with life really is.
So, thankfully, you'd only shed a few tears, mostly because your ego and self steem were slightly triggered. You'd realize long before that your feelings for Adam started to disappear once he popped the question and you said yes. Your love story began as teenagers but soon after graduating, the two of you went on different paths: you'd matured, grown into your twenties while he got stuck at 17 and never stopped acting as such.
So yeah, whatever, break ups are hard. But they're not as hard when the love is gone and the sole reason to stay with your partner is to please your parents. You were also right when you expected your mom to tell you to 'forgive and forget' because 'those things just happen, it's not a big deal, honey'.
But above all things, the last thing you expected to happen when you came back was to show your tits and get pierced by none other than motherfucking Jeon Jungkook.
Jeon Jungkook. Guk. Gukkie. Jeongukkie.
The lanky nerd with braces, glasses and an anime obsession much bigger than his hentai obsession, which is saying a lot. The shy, awkward classmate who'd stuttered his undying crush for you when you were just kids. That one who you had rudely rejected like the bitch you used to be in high school.
But my God, Jeon Jungkook was anything but a kid now.
You were shocked. You were gagged. Couldn't seem to fathom what was happening and what your eyes were seeing. It took you a while to close your mouth when you realized JK was Guk. Gukkie. Jeongukkie.
With messy black hair, a smoldering gaze free of glasses, piercings adorning both ears, and his right eyebrow,, the braces long gone showing perfectly straight - but still bunny like- teeth. The clothes he wore were loose, all black, but it was impossible not to notice the muscles of his back and arms, covered with tattoos from his hands to his forearms. You'd bet there were more of them underneath the fabric.
It was awkward at first. You didn't know what to do, or what to say. Didn't know if he rememberd you. So you chose to stay quiet while your body chose to react like it had never been in the presence of an attractive young man in it's entire life.
And oh, did it react.
He was reluctant, his old timid demeanor peeking through his newly adopted persona. But as soon as those hands came in contact with your skin, your whole body was lit on fire. Like you were 16 and losing your virginity over again and it was the first time a dude touched your boobs.
There shouldn't have been anything erotic about it -besides the fact that your entire breasts were exposed-, it should've been just a professional procedure. But those gloved fingers touched and pinched and suddenly you were too aware of Jeon Jungkook and the way you were starting to sweat profously, not due to the heat of the season.
You tried to distract yourself by looking at the cieling and not at his gorgeous face. Tried to avoid thinking about Jeon Jungkook and how his mouth would feel wrapped around you. Tried not to think about the way your panties were a second skin to your folds, and how tempted you were to grind your hips until you recieved some sort of friction with the jean fabric of your shorts. You wonder if he noticed you squeezing your thighs together. You hope not.
And then the needle happened. You never thought of yourself as a particularly kinky person. Sex with Adam was boring for the most part and you'd lost your libido for a long time. Stopped thinking about sex altogether. But the pain. The pain mixed with his hand rubbing soothing circles on your breast and his voice, as sweet as honey, guiding you through it. It made you reconsider a lot of things you'd once dismissed as 'weird' or 'deviant'
You swear you almost came right on his table.
And then your eyes connected, you made the mistake of calling his name like a satisfied woman who still needed more, and it was all gone. He stood up like a scared cat, gave you a bunch of explanations about the aftercare that you barely grasped without even looking at you and pretty much rushed you to leave.
So you walked, all the way from the tattoo parlor to Chaelin's appartment, mortified, and completely humilliated.
"Are you gonna let me see or not?" your friend says expectantly as you finally sit down after chugging a glass of iced water. You sigh, placing the glass on the table before carefully pulling down your top. "Oh my God, it looks so cool!" she gasps and you can't help a smile while she studies it in amazement. "Did it hurt?"
"Um, I guess." you keep out the part where you almost orgasmed, obviously, stopping her hand from touching when she reaches towards you. "Wait, no. He said something about not touching it for like six months or a year, I don't remember."
At that, Chaelin's eyebrows quirk up. "He? It was a he? Was he cute, at least?"
"You won't believe this..." looking away for a few seconds, you take a deep breath. "It was Jeon Jungkook."
There's a pause, a silence that fills the room when Chaelin's jaw drops. "Jeon Jungkook...pierced your nipple?"
You close your eyes, bracing yourself for what you're a hundred percent sure is coming.
"Ha..." there it is. "Ha ha..." you still know there's more. "Ha ha ha..."
Chaelin laughs hysterically for about God knows how long, while you keep drinking your glass of water unfaced, your mind drifting back to Guk. Gukkie. Jeongukkie, his tattoos and his stupid gloved hands.
You know he's here.
Everything was cool, you were doing alright, having a great time with your vodka sprite in hand and your cute white bikini on. Chaelin was by your side, the guys were excited to have you back and thankfully, you'd avoided most questions about Adam and they'd avoided digging too deep into the topic. You'd sunbathed the whole afternoon, kept away from the water like he'd told you and ate the Hawaiian pizza Yoongi insisted on ordering despite Namjoon's and Jimin's complaints.
It's at night, when you're a little tipsy and your cheeks are flushed, that you feel it. You'd barely noticed Taehyung disappearing to let in a new guest.
You don't see him, but you feel him.
You're sitting on the pool tile steps, legs dangling and the water baely reaching your belly to make sure it doesn't touch your very sensitive and newly pierced nipple. Your back is facing the sliding glass doors of Hoseok's house, but the moment you hear his voice, smooth but animated as he converses with Taehyung, your body wakes up immediately, back straightening, goosebumps forming on your arms and nipples tightening against the fabric of your two piece.
You don't turn around, instead opting for downing the remaining of your drink and coming to the realization that, of course, Taehyung, social butterfly who'd always got along with everybody and remained friends with most people from high school, still keeps in touch with Jungkook.
You ignore him when he enters the pool, still peering from the corner of your eyes while pretending to be engaged in Chaelin's and Jihyo's conversation. Your mind sabotages you by taking you to that day a week ago at the tattoo parlor.
To the warmth of his hand, to the few strands of hair that his small ponytail couldn't keep together, to the way his eyes focused on such an intimate part of your body, to the endless ink decorating his skin, to-
Great. Now your bottoms are wet and not due to the water.
You don't miss Chaelin supressing a laugh and her not so subtle elbowing. You glance at her in warning and try to keep calm for the next fifteen minutes until Jin proposes moving to the living room to watch a movie.
"I'm gonna stay here for a little longer, guys." you say, after clearing your throat. You needed some time to gather yourself before being in a confined space with Jungkook.
"Are you sure?" Jin stops by your side to place a hand on your shoulder as everybody starts exiting the pool. "It's Mean Girls! You love Mean Girls! You never miss a minute of Mean Girls!"
Rolling your eyes, you wave him dismissively. "I know every dialogue on Mean Girls like the back of my hand, I think I'll be alright, Jin."
When everybody finally leaves, you take a deep breath, covering your face with your hands in an attempt to get him out of your head. Damn Jeon Jungkook and his irresisitble glow up.
"You okay?"
The unexpected voice startles you, a gasp finding its way out of your mouth and causing you to jump on your seat, heartbeat erratic as you instantly recognize who it belongs to. Your hand grasps your chest as if that would do anything to protect yourself against him.
"Shit, don't do that!" you say, the words almost getting stuck in your throat as you see him approaching you, still submerged in the pool. The more he nears you, the less water depth there is and the more visible his torso comes into view. Wich was exactly what you'd been avoiding.
Because Jeon Jungkook was ripped, as you'd imagined when you first encountered him.
Broad shoulders and strong biceps and chiseled abs and veiny forearms. Drenched hair, a full sleeve of tattoos and water dripping from delicious tan skin and all just so very hard. That paired up with a loopsided smile that does nothing but make you shudder.
"Sorry." he doesn't sound apologetic at all when he says that, the smirk adorning his features telling. "You just seemed a little off." you advert your gaze when he pushes his hair back.
"I'm fine, just...just wanted to be by myself."
"Oh" Jungkook's smile disappears. "I can leave, if you want me t-"
"No!" you're not sure where that comes from and neither does he, judging by the look on his face when your eyes find his. Eyebrows raised and mouth slightly parted, he's as surprised as you and there's an awkward silence for a few seconds. "Um, you don't have to. I mean, it's not my house, you can do whatever you want." you sniff and tame your voice, trying to seem cool and collected like you didn't just practically beg him not to go.
Ironic, considering this was exactly what you had been fearing for the past thirty minutes.
And then he smiles. A knowing smile. A smile that says 'you just totally checked me out and now you don't want me to leave'. A smile that you would have never associated with Jeon Jungkook of all people years ago. A smile that makes you want to look away but still keeps you in place.
"Sure." he says, closing the space between the two of you slowly but still leaving enough distance. "So, how's it going?"
You clear your throat, head high and determined not to let this man, or any man for that matter, turn you into a trembling mess. You're still you and you're not easily shaken by the opposite sex. Or at least that's what you helplessly chant in your head.
"Everything's cool. I'm on summer vacation now," a little white lie, "so I decided to-"
"The piercing." he says, the smile never leaving his face. "I meant how's the piercing."
"The pier- right." you almost miss the step he takes forward, all too aware of his height over yours but thankful for the centimeters that being propped on the stairs added to yours. "It's-" you almost, almost miss his knee touching your knee and him slightly separating your legs with his own inch by inch. Or how your thighs open unvoluntarely to welcome him in and how you can barely find coherent words to speak. "It's doing-" or the way his smile disappears and is instead focusing his dark stare fully onto yours.
"It's doing well." you finally say in a whisper, not being able to bring yourself to be louder.
He hums. "May I see it?" Jungkook wets his lips with the tip of his tongue and the action and his voice is enough to make you nod your head, bewitched.
His movements are unhurried, his hand coming up to tentatively come in contact with the flesh of your clavicle. His fingers skim through your skin upwards, his touch is feather-like when it wraps around your throat. You pant, and he stops but he doesn't move away, his eyes still focused on yours, studying you, daring you to pull back, to tell him to back off. But just a simple touch of his and you're fully under his control. It reminds you too much of the day you got that damn piercing.
Your lips are parted and for a moment he stays just like that. His body so close to yours but not close enough, and his hand slightly gripping your neck. Your pussy clenches around nothing and you can't wrap your head around the fact that something so simple sets your entire being alive and leaves you aching.
Then, as slow as he started, his hand travels from the front of your neck to the back, pushing your hair aside to carefully untie the straps of your bikini. He breathes through his nostrils, doesn't make a sound. He seems so collected it's starting to annoy you.
Instead, your breathing is ragged when the top falls down, exposing both your breasts to him. That's when he removes his eyes from yours and his jaw clenches. Your nipples perk up under his gaze, like they remember him and the effect he had on them just a week ago. You're at least glad you're not the only one affected but he seems to be a master at keeping it under wraps.
Then, his hand moves again, leaving goosebumps on your skin as it goes south. Jungkook takes his time, so deliberate you want to scream, until he's cupping your pierced breast, keeping away from the nipple just like he'd advised you a few days prior. You can't look away from his face, from his eyes observing you like you're a full course meal and he's been starving for days. You feel drops of water falling from his hair to your thighs, his thumb caressing your skin so delicately as it faintly nears your still tender nipple. Just nearing it, never touching it.
"Beautiful." his murmur is almost imperceptible and for a moment you think you've imagined it. Your back arches on its own, breast pushed against the palm of his hand, almost like your body is begging him to come closer, to touch you more, to feel you all over. He meets your eyes briefly, gauging your reaction, before going back to your chest. Suddenly, the grip on your breast tightens, fingers ever so softly squeezing your flesh. From your throat comes a mewl, your eyes shut and your legs close around his waist.
"Jungkook, please..." you whisper when you open your eyes. He looks at you, unvertainty written all over his face, lips bruised as if he had been biting on them too hard, gaze as glassy as yours. And just like that, the spell is broken. He blinks and his expression changes completely. Lips forming a straight line and jaw tight. His hand retracts, fixing your bikini top over your breasts before tying it around your neck like it originally was. Meanwhile your eyebrows crunch in confusion. But when you're about to start asking questions, he clears his throat.
"It's healing okay." he steps back, avoiding your eyes. "I'll see you inside."
Jungkook leaves the pool like nothing happened.
Jungkook is fiddling, fixing the position of his glasses and combing through his straight hair with shaky hands, habits he's tried so hard to get rid of in his sixteen years of existence but still finds impossible to.
He can't help it. He's always been like this: the quiet and awkward kid in class who sits in the back, a misunderstood puppy in a sea of stronger dog breeds that could eat him alive. An outcast. Too geeky for his own good. Notebokes full of Dragon Ball doodles on the margins of the pages, the shelves in his room stacked with Marvel figurines, and a closet filled with outdated clothes that he has been inheriting from his older brother.
He has never been the type to stand out, always being overlooked by people like he's invisible. He doesn't mind though. He'd much rather be ignored than getting picked on by bullies like he used to in elementary school.
He never gets invited to parties. Ever. He's a nobody who barely speaks, and when he does he either stutters or manages to embarrass himself in one way or another. He's seen the look on people's faces when they look at him. Their eyes seem to scream 'weirdo' everytime he gets acknowledged.
So obviously the only reason he was invited to this particular party had a first and last name: Kim Taehyung. The only kid in Jungkook's entire life who didn't look at him in a funny way, the only kid who took the time to entangle in a random conversation with him after class and who seemed geniune enough to make Jungkook feel comfortable.
He's not sure how it happened, since Taehyung mostly hangs out with the cool kids. But somehow it did, and now Jungkook is uncomfortably standing in a living room full of drunk teens, looking directly at you.
You, the one girl Jungkook had been pining on for God knows how long. You, who are obviously too pretty, too popular, and way out of his league. You, with your plaid skirt and your polo shirt and those legs that never seem to end. You, who are sitting with your friends in a couch, drink in hand and visibly tipsy. And yet, he doesn't think he's ever seen anyone pull of the 'drunk-rosy-cheek' look better than you.
He can hear your laugh through the music and he already thinks it sounds better than whoever is playing in the background.
"Come on, Gukkie! Her friends are leaving and she's all by herself now! It's your chance" Taehyung's obviously drunk too because it took Jungkook a while to decypher his exact words. He'd disappeared for a while and now that he's back, he's pushing Jungkook in your direction.
"This was a mistake, Taehyung." Jungkook shakes his hair and steps back, quickly glancing at the front door to prepare his escape. But his new friend's grip on his hoodie keeps him in place.
"Guk, listen. The only thing you have to do, is walk up to her, and say 'hey I think you're, like, really pretty. Just letting you know. Bye!' That's it. Jung- Dude, Guk, seriously, look at me." Taehyung grabs Jungkook's cheeks, squishing them between his hands and forceing him to face him. "You've been crushing hard on her for years, my man. We're graduating and you won't see each other again. What's the worst thing that can happen? Getting rejected?"
Jungkook's eyebrows draw together. "Um, yeah?"
"Exactly! Getting rejected is not the end of the world, bro! It just means keep trying on other girls!" Taehyung releases his hold on Jungkook's cheeks. "I just think you're going to regret not telling your crush she's your crush. Who knows? Maybe in the future you two will get married."
Jungkook snickers, muttering a 'yeah right' under his breath. Still, he can't help the smile that Taehyung's words always seem to pull out of him.
"Now," Taehyung playfully slaps Jungkook before turning him in your direction again. "Go get 'em, tiger!"
"Okay," Mijoo's voice slices through Jungkook's memories. She's sitting on Jungkook's desk, munching on her brownies and looking at her coworker expectantly. "And then what?"
He sighs, running a hand through his hair, sits back on his chair, already feeling the effects of Mijoo's baked goods. "And then I walked up to her, like a damn fool, stutter and all. And I say:" he clears his throat, making an effort to do his best teenage Gukkie impression."'Hey, _____, um, so, I think you're beautiful and I've had a crush on you since seventh grade, haha, just wanted to let you know.'"
Mijoo rolls her eyes, still chewing. "And then what?"
"And then she looked me up and down, giggled, fucking giggled, Mijoo, and said 'Who are you, again?'" Mijoo gasps and Jungkook closes his eyes, trying to force that recollecion out of his head.
"What a bitch." she can't help but laugh before apologizing. Jungkook merely shrugs his shoulders and takes another bite of his brownie. "She didn't say anything else?"
"She said something along the lines of:" he clears his throat again, this time, doing an impression of you. "'That's sweet and all but, you and I... we're not the same. And I have a boyfriend, so...' She said that like I didn't know, like I wasn't aware of the school's it couple! Like I was dumb!"
Mijoo nods. "And now you want to fuck her even more than you did in high school."
"I- No! Well, yes. Fuck, of course I want to sleep with her! But I just... can't."
"Why not?"
"Did you hear anything about what I just told you or were you too concentrated trying to get high?"
It's Mijoo's turn to roll her eyes. "I heard everything you just told me. I just don't understand what the problem is. You two were sixteen. Sure, she was a bitch about it, but Lord knows I've been a bitch my entire life and now I'm not anymore." Jungkook raises an eyebrow at that. "Okay, sometimes I can be nice. But the point is..." Mijoo finishes her piece of brownie before getting off of Jungkook's desk. "It's been, what? Nine? Ten years? People change, JK. You're the best example of that. You want to fuck her and she obviously wants to fuck you too. You're both adults." she wipes her hands on her shorts. "I think it's time you fulfill that high school fantasy of yours."
You've made up your mind.
And by you, it means Chaelin has made up your mind.
It didn't take long to convince you though. That last interaction with Jungkook cause too many emotions stirring within you. It left you hot, it left you bothered, it left you confused. Sure, it also left you a little bit embarrassed like the first time, but above everything else, that interaction with Jungkook left you absolutely livid.
Because who the fuck did Jeon Jungkook, formerly known as Guk, Gukkie, Jungukkie, and currently known as JK, think he was to come near you, speed your heart rate's up, and then runaway like that?
You've spent days thinking about it. About that face, about that body, about those hands and- shit. You're doing it again.
You've spent days trying to push those intrusive thoughts. Spent days trying to bury what happened. You've spent days trying to keep quiet, not telling anyone about it and just wishing that stupid spark of desire simply went away.
But it has just been simply unavoidable. You haven't been able to ignore the sleepless nights with your brain drifting back to that night and forbidding your hand from slipping under your panties. Or the excessive amount of time during the day where images of him suddenly popped in your head and wouldn't go away, even with you squeezing your thighs to try to make the ache go away.
So you ended up ranting and ranting and ranting to the only person you could confide on, who is obviously your best friend. Your best friend, who's too smart for her own good and knows you too well for your liking. Because apparently your moodiness and snappy remarks couldn't go unnoticed.
And after explaining the fiasco over a bottle of wine -and minutes of endless laughing on Chaelin's part because, again, it's Gukkie you two were talking about and, according to her, this was "the most karmic thing I've ever seen"-, she gave you the best advice an older sister could ever give.
"Fuck him."
"I know right? Fuck him!"
"No. I mean, fuck him."
And now here you are. Right inside that room you stepped in weeks ago, confronting the man in question with the same confidence that has always distinguished you from others and trying to act like the fluttering inside your belly wasn't nauseauting.
"A date."
"You want to go on a date with me." this wouldn't be so hard if Jungkook didn't look so delectable in a plain white t-shirt and ripped jeans. You cross your arms over your chest, doing your best to not look down at the exposed skin of a man who obviously worked out a lot and apparently, never skipped leg day. "What's the catch?"
He's sitting on his chair, back resting comfortably and legs spread, narrowing his eyes at you and probably wondering why the girl at the front desk let you in without an appointment. Also, probably wondering if there was a catch to all of this.
"There's no catch. I just want to go to the fair this weekend. I'll ask Taehyung for your number and text you the date and the exact place we'll be meeting. Unless..." your quirk one of your eyebrows. "Unless you're already planning on how you'll chicken out this time."
Of course, Jungkook says yes to going on a date with his high school crush but spends the following days overthinking every single thing.
He can't help but feel like it's kinda sketchy. What if you're planning your vendetta on him? What if you don't even show up and he ends up there looking like a damn idiot? What if you hate him and are just messing up with him? What if that incident in high school is going to repeat itself?
"If she doesn't show up, you simply move on and never speak to her again. It's that simple. She can't have that much power over you to cry about something like that." Mijoo had said that same day she let you in the tattoo parlor after you'd asked to see Jungkook. Jungkook's coworker hadn't even question you and just motioned you to Jungkook's room with a knowing smile on her face. Later that day, Jungkook had scolded her about it and she'd simply shrugged.
He considers cancelling, eyes reading the 'won't be able to make it, sorry (sad face emoji)' over and over again and fingers hovering over the send button so many times he's lost count. But then he remembers that comment of yours about him chickening out and Jungkook starts seeing red.
How couldn't you understand he's just terrified of you rejecting him one more time? Sure, Jungkook is now an adult who doesn't get butthurt over stuff like that. He's experienced too much after graduating from high school and he's a much stronger individual than his fragile self back was back then.
But something about you just makes him feel so... weak.
He still finds it impossible to concieve where he got the courage to approach you like that at Taehyung's pool, or how he brought himself to touch you for longer than a minute without coming in his pants. He'd enjoyed it too much. Allowing him to see you so exposed, just for him. He'd be so tempted to kiss you right there and then, to run his hands up and down your thighs and fully wrap your legs around him to let you known how much you'd affected him. Once you called his name, it was like he'd finally snapped out of it and backed away like he'd been burned by you. He spent the next twenty minutes trying to keep himself from pulling down his pants and jerking off in his friend's bathroom.
It's terrible. Because he feels like the teenager he used to be when you're around. Shy, insecure and overall a mess. You showing up in his life after so many years and now apparenly being interested in him seems like a dream that he's not sure he wants to keep being in or wake up from before it's too late and he falls back into that tumoltuous longing that will inevitably end up in heartbreak. His heartbreak.
It's saturday night, he's standing by himself in the crowded fair at the spot. You're fifteen minutes late and he's already about to turn back and dip out. He feels too awkward and the nerves are eating him alive.
You're not going to show up. You're not going to show up and now he feels and looks even dumber than the time he told you he was crushing on you. You're not even going to show up and now he's going to come back home, get drunk by himself and curse your name for-
"Hey!" he turns around to the sound of your voice and sees you running towards him. "Sorry I'm late! I couldn't find my phone and spent like thirty minutes looking for it. Turns out, Sharon Stone, was taking a nap on top of it and I didn't even notice."
"Sharon Stone?"
"Chaelin's cat."
To be honest, he's too surprised to process your explanation right away. He might also be a little speechless because that sky blue sundress looks too good on your skin and your eyelashes are so long, framing your beautiful eyes, and your lips are all glossy and kisseable that it takes him a while to find his own voice.
He clears his throat. "It's alright." scratching the back of his head, he momentarely adverts his gaze from you in an attempt to not get distracted by how soft your hair looks and how much he wants to wrap it around his hands in a ponytail. "Um, where do you want to go first?"
Almost an hour and a half later, when the sun has already disappeared and you're both surrounded by colorful lights, Jungkook decides to buy the both of you hot dogs and a drink and you both settle down on a bench.
You've been walking all over the fair, going from booth to booth, playing any game in sight Jungkook dared you to -he obviously had a competitive streak-: from the ballon and dart games, to the shooting games, to the bumping cars, to the ball-in-basket one. To say you were having fun was an understatement.
You'd almost regretted setting the date up. You were sure he wouldn't even show up and if he did, you were scared of how awkward things could get between the two of you. And if things were awkward, you were sure it would only take less than thirty minutes for the both of you to part ways and never talk again about such failure of a date.
To your surprise, none of that happened.
The conversation was flowing, both of you acting like you were strangers on their first date getting to know each other, which, to be fair, that's exactly what it felt like. There was a slight banter, teasing each other when one of you lost in whatever game you were playing while the other was obviously winning. There were laughs and a funny feeling in your tummy whenever you'd walk side by side and his arm brushed yours.
There was no stiffness on his shoulders, no mention of the past or your previous encounters, no acknowledgement of the blatant sexual tension you'd experienced before, not an ounce of avoidance whenever your eyes met his and he was even sure of himself enough to place a hand on your lower back or briefly interwine your fingers with his to guide you through the mass of people.
It felt like you'd both unspokenly agreed on making each other feel comfortable enough to have a good time.
"I didn't think you were going to show up, to be honest." you suddenly say, taking a sip of your strawberry juice and thankful to finally let your feet rest for a while.
Jungkook looks at you, hot dog mid air and eyebrows almost disappearing into his hairline. "You didn't think I was going to show up? I didn't think you were going to show up." you simply shrug, lowering your gaze seepishly, the beginning of a smile on both your faces. He surprises you by tilting your head in his direction with his forefinger. You watch him watching you, a little dazed, a little lost in how his dark hair messily falls over his forehead and his equally dark eyes study your face, his thumb swiping over your lower lip. "You um... There was ketchup right there." he lies.
"Oh" you say, feeling your face heating up. "Thanks. Red doesn't really match this dress." you manage a smile and tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear.
At that, he eyes your dress for a moment, mouth slightly ajar. He's debating on whether or not to say something but you beat him to it.
"I'm sorry, by the way."
"For being late? I already told you it's fin-"
"No." you shake your head. "For... that time when we were young and I was such a concieted brat." you say, looking away , trying to find anything else that's not his pretty face. "I thought I was a queen bee back then. I was annoying and rude, specially to you. I..." you lick your lips. The cherry glittery gloss was already gone. "I thought it was cute, what you said. There was no reason for me to act like that. I know this doesn't make anything right but..." when you turn to face him again, there's still the same expression on his face. "I'm sorry."
A few seconds go by before it's him who's shaking his head. "It's okay. It was a long time ago, anyway." he smiles at you, although it doesn't reach his eyes and seems sorta forced. You sigh, and he takes your hand. "Let's go to the ferris wheel."
tell you're tense. You're sitting right beside him in the ferris cabin, your back is all straight, you're facing forward and he believes you haven't blinked for what feels like an eternity. He thinks it has everything to do with your conversation a few minutes ago. You were probably not content with his response but what could Jungkook do? There was really no point in apologizing for something that happened years ago, but at the same time, he didn't want to hold anything against you like a resentful asshole because it was really not who he was. But there was still a little bit of stingyness inside of him and he didn't know how to make it go away.
At the end of the day, here you were, on a date with him that you'd asked for, getting along and asking questions about him and laughing at his jokes and trying to start all over again.
But then the ferris wheel starts moving, and he finally understands why you look so uncomfortable.
It's the way you immediately grip his forearm, nails digging in his skin and he swears he hears the smallest gasp forcing itself out your throat.
"Are you... scared?" he tentatively asks.
You say nothing for a while, not moving an inch. He would laugh if you didn't look so pained about it.
"I don't like small confined spaces nor rollercoasters." you finally say through gritted teeth.
"It's not really that small and ferris wheels are not rollercoasters. " your nails dig deeper and he winces. "Okay, okay. You don't like small confined spaces nor rollercoasters, and that includes ferris wheels. So why didn't you tell me?"
"I don't know. I've never liked ferris wheels but you seemed excited about it, so..."
There's a silence after that in the environment, neither of you exactly sure of what to say or how to act. Until Jungkook moves one of his hands hands until it's resting on the one who's holding onto him for dear life, fingers caressing yours. The warmth of his hand spreads through yours and although it's almost July and you can already feel your sweaty back staining your dress, it's oddly comforting. What's more comforting even, is him twisting his body towards you and talking with the calmest and most soothing tone you've ever heard.
"Look at me." you do instantly, unwillingly, and kinda wish you hadn't. It's almost as if your body will do anything he says without question. Like he has some sort of power over it to just react however he wants. His eyes bore into yours and suddenly the cab doesn't seem so suffocating. "It's just you and me right now. We're not even on a ferris wheel." the corners of his mouth turn slowly upwards. You zone out the environment, suddenly too aware of him and how close he is and how loud the beating of your heart is to your own ears.
You swallow the knot in the back of your throat when he removes his hand from yours. It almost makes you protest, - now realizing you've losened the tight grip on his arm- , before it craddles your face, keeping you in place while bringing his body closer.
"You have to stop saying my name like that."
With his thigh touching your thigh, your whole demeanor melts. When he leans closer, and you feel his breath fanning over your lips, your eyes shut closed.
"Tell me I can-" he starts to say.
"Yes." you finish for him. He doesn't doubt on closing the distance between you two. His lips touch yours and your body shakes in excitement. It's just him lightly skimming your lips with his but it's already too much and at the same time, not enough. It has you deepening it, yourself moving closer when he kisses you again. It has you relaxing against him, the tenseness prior disappearing and making you arch your back when his tongue asks for permission.
But it's exactly then, the moment you open your lips to him, that has you losing your mind.
The sparks fly, traveling from your head to your toes and then settling on the pit of your stomach as soon as the kiss starts to turn desperate and rough. When he nibbles your lips with his teeth, it makes you mewl and whine and your nipples tight against the cotton of your dress. It makes the metal barbell to feel uncomfortable, slightly painful. And when he goes back to being messy and filthy with his tongue tangled with yours, your thighs close on their own.
He forces himself to pull his hand back and bring it down, finding the parting of yd opening them for him. "Wait," you say, your fingers wrapping around his forearm as you try to catch your breath."The ferris-" he shuts you up with another kiss.
"We're not on a ferris wheel." he reminds you, a soft whisper against your mouth. And for whatever reason, you believe him.
"He fingered you on the ferris wheel."
"And you came before the ride was over."
You take a small sip of wine, your eyes focusing on the TV where a rerun of the Golden Girls is playing, although, to be fair, lately you haven't been able to pay much attention to anything else but a certain brunet with doe eyes and kisseable lips. "Yes."
She hums, stealing a handful of popcorn from the bowl between your thighs.
"How long did it took? Like five minutes?"
There's a pause in which you clench your jaw, your fingers twitching around the glass in your hand, and then you answer. "Probably less."
There's another pause, and then-
"Ha...Ha ha...Ha ha ha-"
You let her laugh. It's okay. You knew you had it coming.
Chaelin knows the pillow you throw right at her face is also something she had coming.
It's not that you're mad.
Jungkook and you had a great time on that fair date, he made you laugh, bought hot dogs and drinks for the two of you and got you off inside the cab of a ferris wheel on record time with those magical, long fingers of his. Technically, there shouldn't be anything to be angry about.
Except it's been a week and you can't stop thinking about him, about wanting more, and about those words that he left you with after the ferris wheel ride ended, when you had tried to return the favor.
'Next time, maybe.'
And there hasn't been a next time.
The thought of texting him or giving him a call to ask for another date is persistent in your mind. It remains while you do the laundry or wash the dishes, while you shower, while you eat or while you spend your days at the beach with Chaelin. There's always the incessant desire to reach out towards your phone, unlock it and dial his number to beg for more.
But you'd never been one to beg, so you resist the urge everytime that feeling starts to creep up on you and it washes over you like a wave. You silence your phone and try to concentrate on making the most out of your summer.
It's one random night, when you're tiredly dragging your feet across Chaelin's apartment's carpet, yawning and ready to succumb to a well needed slumber, that you see your phone screen's lighting up with a message.
Your heart pathetically leaps inside your chest when you read his name.
'you free on saturday?'
You wish you could say you ghosted him, ignored his text and moved on with your life until it was him who begged you for another date. But the truth is you opened it in a matter of seconds and typed 'i'm free, why?' back in a rush with trembling fingers.
So now you're on the passanger seat of his car while he sits on the driver seat, the first saturday night of July, like he's Danny Zuko and you're Sandy Olsson, watching a vintage movie in a drive-in theater which plot you don't give a shit about, even if Jungkook's date plan idea made something inside of you churn with adoration.
And the only reason why you don't give a single damn about the movie playing in front of your eyes, is because you're hot. Way too hot. And the reason and cause is none other than the boy-now-turned-man sitting on your left.
You barely exchanged words when he picked you up, just rode in silence until you got to your destination and you bet he can feel as well as you do the tension in the air.
You've surveyed him a few times from the corner of his eye, noticing him fiddling with the rings around his fingers and shifting in his seat from time to time. And if the sight of his fingers bring memories that you've tried to bury to keep yourself from lunching towards him, a brief glance at his forearms, adorned with ink drawn through his golden flesh -doing a poor job at concieling the veins running underneath- and his skin-tight jeans wrapping those muscled thighs of his is enough to have you be the one squirming in your seat.
A woman can only endure so much, and you come to that realization thirty minutes into the movie.
"I want to suck your cock." you say, a stern expression on your face as you turn your body in his direction.
Jungkook frozes as your voice slides over him. It takes him a couple seconds to look at you, shock widening his eyes and parting his lips.
"Huh?" he manages, his grip on the steering wheel turning his knuckles white.
Without separating your gaze from his, you gather your hair and tie it in a ponytail with the hair tie previously around your wrist. You don't miss the quick glance he sneaks into the curvature of your neck and the valley between your breasts.
Inching forward, closing in on him, you place one of your hands on top of his thigh, the action making his whole body tense. "____..." he whispers your name in a warning that doesn't sound convincing even in his own ears.
You smile, your eyes never wavering from his as your hand inches upwards, slowly caressing over the fabric of his jeans until you finally come across what you were looking for.
His hand flies to your wrist, stilling your movements. "____, this is not-". He starts, but his voice gets stuck inside his throat when you palm his undoubtly growing erection.
"Shh." your shaky breath fans over his cheek and you force yourself on your knees on the passanger seat in a more comortable possition to stop the trembling to reach them.
You fumble with the belt holding his pants in place, then with the button and finally with the zipper. He helps you by lifting his hips to pull his jeans and boxers to his thighs and you have to bite back a mixture between a gasp and a moan at the sight below you. You haven't even seen Jeon Jungkook naked all the way, but the mere sight of his hard cock with pre-cum glistening on his crown is probably the sexiest thing you've ever had the pleasure of appreciating.
It gets sexier when you wrap your hand around the base and his body melts in the driver seat, throwing his head back with his eyes shut. It gets even sexier when you finally lower your head, swirling your tongue over the head before finally engulfing him fully in the wet warmth of your mouth.
"Shit." his voice is tight, uneven as his hand loosely grips your ponytail, as if careful not to accidentally hurt you and break the glorious moment.
Although you wouldn't mind at all. Because the moment your hands are on him, and your tongue is on his shaft, that's the only thing you care about. Your belly is twisting, an undeniable wet spot on your panties as the fabric sticks to your folds, and the more you suck Jungkook, the more you want from him. His earthy taste is addicting and the soft little whimpers he occasionally can't prevent himself from are making you want to milk him until he can't take it no more. There's this desire within you to whorship him and his cock like you had been dreaming for the past weeks.
"This is s-so fucking h-hot." he rasps between ragged breaths, the bobbing of your head, sliding up and down his dick as your hand works the centimeters your mouth can't take is about to make him faint.
"Getting a blowjob?" you joke, your throat starting to feel sore as you kiss his leaking tip.
"N-no." he draws in a rough breath when you take him all of him again. "You giving me a blowjob... T-the f-fact that anyone c-could see us..." he darts a quick glance at your body, your ass up in the air and your dress sliding down, almost exposing you completely. "The fact that-ah! Shit..." he squeezes his eyes when he feels a glob of your spit lubricating him.
There's a sudden need to make you feel the same, to touch your skin and have you shaking the same way you have him. So one of his hands travels from your spine, to your perked ass, finally dragging the cotton of your dress to allow himself to see your thin white panties. "The fact that anyone could see you l-like this," he murmurs, regaining a little bit of control when he squeezes one of your cheeks. "letting t-them see you s-sucking my cock and..." he smirks when he feels you gasping around him, his fingers trapped between your thighs and pushing them inside your heat easily "and letting them see me fingering this pretty little pussy."
Soon after that he's cumming in your mouth while you're cumming around his fingers.
At first, it's mostly on weekends when you see each other. Weekends of stolen kisses and soft sighs and whispering against each other's lips. Then weekends turn to week days, sitting on grass while sipping on refreshing beverages, drawing each other laughs, elbows touching as you walk around the park side by side because the both of you are too scared to interwine your fingers together.
Jungkook feels content like this: sitting on the sand with you between his thighs, admiring the sunset while nuzzing your neck and inhaling your scent every now. He likes waching you enoying your strawberry ice cream, almost forgetting the chocolate chip one already melting in his hand.
"If you were an ice cream flavor,which one would you be?" you ask him, relaxing against his chest.
"Rocky road."
He shrugs behind you. "Everyone likes rocky road."
You hum, playfully rolling your eyes. "What about me? Which ice cream flavor would I be?"
"Lemon sherbet, in the summer."
"Lemon sherbet? Out of all of the flavours out there, you're rocky road and I'm lemon sherbet?"
"Lemon sherbet, in the summer." he corrects.
"Okay, fine. Why?"
"You're boring and basic."
You gasp, trying to feign outrage but not being able to repress the laugh that escapes your throat. You elbow him, his laugh mixing with yours while taking the time to wrap his arms around your form, the breeze blowing your hair allowing him a spot between your neck and your shoulder. "You're boring and basic, but once you have a taste..." he presses a small kiss on your skin, causing the tiny hairs on the nape of your neck to rise. "Once you have a taste, specially on the hottest day in the middle of summer, you can't stop tasting and licking until there's no more lemon sherbet left."
You suck in on a breath when he craddles your jaw to face him. "It's been my favourite flavor since I was a kid." he kisses you immediately after, his lips swallowing the small whimper now stuck in your throat.
You close your eyes as his tongue opens your mouth, arousal blasting your insides and something much, much deeper that you fear to even name shredding your chest.
The beginning of august comes faster then you two realize, but what you both do realize is how hard it's becoming to stay away from each other.
It's been thirty days of dates happening almost everyday, sharing high school memories and anecdotes of the time you spent away from each other. Hours of getting to know each other and opening up to each other. From failed relationships to new friendships. Of park dates walking side by side and fingers now interwined because you both realized one day that, fuck it.
It's difficult to sleep when you realize you're starting to catch serious feelings for somebody who was just supposed to be a fling. It's hard to sleep when his face, his voice and his touch and thoughts of missing him when you don't see each other start haunting you at night.
It's hard for Jungkook to focus on work when you're everything that's occupying his mind. Because he has a hundred sketches to make but he's too busy thinking about the hundred different sketches he would make of you.
It's hard not to send him a goodnight text, just like it's hard for him not to reply in a matter of seconds, almost as if he was already waiting to recieve it.
Jungkook thinks of you at night. Of how pretty and absolutely perfect you are for him. Of the taste of your lips, the way your hair feels between his fingers, or the flush on your cheeks when he makes you cum as droplets of sweat accumulate between your breasts. He thinks about your voice. He also thinks about the amount of hours left to be able to listen to it again.
But mostly he thinks about how ridiculous this situation is. Because he was stupidly crushing on you when you were only teenagers, daydreaming about a chance with you. And now his crush is long gone and he's starting to realize that he's falling, and falling fast.
You, too, think of Jungkook at night. Of his ability to bring a smile out of you, to soothe you with just a few words and filling your belly excitement, happiness and feelings you're sure you've never felt before.
Jungkook's managed to imprint himself in your dreams, and you, in his.
Getting drunk with Jungkook is fun and messy.
It's fun because he lets loose, he stutters a lot like he used to do when he was a teenager and he makes you laugh louder than ever before. It's messy because he has no control over his hands as they explore your body, clumsily taking your clothes off as his mouth laps at the breast he's allowed to touch.
He's more forceful and dominating too, pinning your hands above your head, and commanding you to keep them right there, on the pillows of his bed. When you rebel against it, your fingers finding the hard planes of his chest, he pulls away from you and places them back where he left them. "Don't make me tie you up." he threatens, and your body shudders beneath him.
He sucks, and bites and leaves marks all over your skin, grunting in response to your moans. Creating a path of kisses from your lips to your stomach, his shoulders separating your knees, opening you up only for him. And thankfully, when you reach down to tug at the strands of hair framing his face, he lets you, because he knows you need something to hold on to the moment his tongue eats you up. He leaves his fingertrips on your thighs as he keeps you in place, not allowing you to runaway. Just forcing you to take it as he takes from you.
And when you cum, he doesn't back away. He keeps sucking, and licking and punishing you with his mouth until you're cumming over and ove again, screaming and begging for his cock.
Having Jungkook over you, both completely naked, skin to skin and only sweat in between is more than you could've ever fantazised about. He slurls your name when he puts the condom on. He would do anything to feel you raw, but he also knows he wouldn't be able to last a minute. The sight of you spread open, with your cheeks darkened by a crimson blush and your hair tangled all over his pillow is a picture he wants to keep forever.
He enters you when you call his name, your voice dripping with need. He stretches your warm and wet felsh, slowly easing himself into you at first, until he's fully inside and your bodies are completely in union. A shiver runs down Jungkook's spine when he looks at your contorted face in pleasure, your lips forming an 'O' and your pussy clenching around him.
"Oh, my God." you moan into the dark of Jungkook's room, and even then, he can clearly appreciate every curve of your body lifting off the mattress to connect with his. He lowers himself on his elbows on either side of your head, caging you in and capturing your mouth with his.
"I know, baby." he murmurs. It's hot, in the middle of August but suddenly Jungkook doesn't hate summer as much as he used to. Not with you sharing the heat with him. "It's way beyond what I could ever imagine." You nod hurriedly against his lips, your arms finding their way around his neck as he starts rocking in and out of you.
"It's too good." you cry, when he hits a particular spot that has you rolling your eyes in bliss and gripping his waist tighter with your legs against you. Your fingers thread through his hair, not bothered by the beads of sweat gathered on the nape of his neck.
"Too good..." he agrees, not missing the shiver that's shaking your own frame when he picks up his speed. "You have no idea what I would do t-to fucking feel you with n-no barriers between us," his movements become frantic as his hips slap against yours, his jaw clenched as he keeps talking, "to s-stuff you full of my c-cum over and over again until it won't stop d-dripping."
Jungkook's voice against your ear has you trembling and your orgasm nearing closer, your nails scratching down his back as his thrusts overpower your form. "Would you like that?" he asks with his voice strangled.
"Y-yes. Anything y-you want."
"You'd take all of my cum like a good cum-slut?"
You hate the fact that that's what makes you come undone. The twisting and knotting in the pit of your stomach finally snapping until you're holding on to him like you never want to let him go and he's following soon after.
Because if Guk, Gukkie, Jengukkie was not only able to make you come in less than a few minutes with his fingers or his tongue, but he was also able to make you cum instantly just by calling you a good cum-slut, that means you're fucked. Like, really, really fucked.
There's a knot in Jungkook's stomach and a suffocating grip around his vocal chords as he caresses your skin. The sun is rising in the distance with the first rays of light entering his room through the window. Your shamphoo is intoxicating him, numbing him and enticing him to bury his nose in the tangled curls pressing against his chest. Your arm is thrown across his stomach, your breathing leavig goosebumps all over his body.
"It's too early. Go back to sleep." you mumble against his heart. He wonders if you can feel it dangerously speeding up.
"I can't." he says, voice struggling to stay balanced. "I have to tell you something."
You hum in response, sleep still interwined with your body, your arm tightening around him. You sigh in content, expecting him to elaborate.
He wets his suddenly dry lips. "I don't want this to end. In fact, ____.... I want more. Need more."
"Jungkook..." your whole body goes rigid right away, untanglling your bodies from each other and sitting up on the mattress.
"No, listen to me." he mimicks your movements, rapidly grabbing your hands to make you look at him. His eyes are expressive, a mixture of fear and hope swirling in his dark irises. "I wake up everyday, and you're the first thing I think of. I go on about my day, and I keep thinking about you, wondering what you're doing and counting down the hours until I get to see you again. I spend every night dreaming about you, and when we'e together, the only thing I can think about is how I wish I could stop time so I don't have to say bye to you the next morning. ____, I-"
"Jungkook, stop please." you shake your head, pushing away from him and in desperate need of air. You press a hand against your chest, beating back the throb of pain while the other curls in a tight fist, the feeling of your fingernails digging into your palm less painful than the ache inside your heart. "This... This wasn't supossed to happen, Jungkook." you start pacing around the room, as if trying to find an exit while avoiding his gaze. "This was just a summer fling. That's all it was, I'm supposed to come back to the city in two weeks and-"
"A summer fling?" a sardonic sneer comes out of him. "Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening again..." he mumbles to himself before rising from the bed. You stop immediately, a shiver quaking through you as his impressive frame intimidates His eyebrows are drawn together and his dark eyes are void of any prior emotion. "You're going back to the city in two weeks? And you didn't care to tell me until now, after I just spilled my guts to you?"
You eyes fill up with uncomfortable tears, reaching one arm towards him. "Jung-"
He flinches, taking one step back. "A summer fling is all I mean to you?"
"Ju- "
"Look me in the eyes, right now, and tell me that's all I mean to you. A summer fling." panic crawls up your throat. There's the need within you to confirm, to stare into his beautiful and stern eyes and tell him that, yes, that's all he is to you. But you've never been a good liar. So nothing comes out. You opt for wrapping your ams around yourself wishing they were his and lowering your eyes to the ground. "I think... I think you should leave."
Those are the last words he says to you, and the last thing you see when you turn around one more time after gathering your clothes, is his back as he looks out the window.
You allow yourself to cry the exact moment you step into Chaelin's apartment. Your friend is sitting on the couch, bowl of cereal in hand and a fresh cup of coffee sitting on the livingroom's table.
"Hey, you're early tod- Baby, what's wrong?"
"Please, don't laugh."
That morning, you lay down for hours on the couch with your head on Chaelin's lap while she softly brushes your hair as you cry, hiccup, fight through the pain in your heart and relate to her as best as you can the latest events.
She doesn't laugh at all.
"She'll come back." Mijoo's slurred words do nothing to put Jungkook's state at ease that night. He simply shrugs, fingers clenching at his sides, frowing into his drink before gulping down the bitter taste of vodka in one shot. "Seriously, I think she's just afraid. My ex was the same."
"Comparing her to your ex is not the analogy you think it is."
"Ugh, shut up. Things didn't work with my ex because she was a bitch." Jungkook gives Mijoo a pointed look which she responds to by rolling her eyes and sipping on her rum coke. "Your girl is not a bitch. She used to be a bitch. What she did this morning was bitchy, but, like I said, she's just being a pussy. If she only wanted sex with you, she wouldn't have been doing couple stuff with you the entire summer."
"Whatever. I don't care." he lies and Mijoo knows he's lying but decides to drop the subject fo now.
"We can't keep spending our days smoking weed." Chaelin speaks over Blanche's voice on the TV.
"I know. I'm just sad."
"You have to come back and tell him how you feel."
"I know."
There's a beat of silence before your friend kicks your thigh with her feet.
"I know and I will." you mumble through red eyes and smoke clouds.
It's September first and it doesn't feel like Jungkook's birthday at all. He's been trying to focus on his work, alternating between isolating in full hermit mode and hanging out with friends to drink away his sorrow. The days have gone by and before he could realize it, he woke up today with over twenty text messages wishing him a happy day and a throbbing hangover.
He dresses up on autopilot. First a cotton shirt, then a pair of jeans and lastly, his Nike's. He doesn't bother tying his sneakers just like he doesn't bother taking a shower. He smokes a cigarette for breakfast, the death stick making him feel nauseaus on an empty stomach. And then he goes to work.
He's been repeating the same routing for the past weeks and he's not thinking of changing it, not even on his bithday.
He spends hours drawing, tattooing and drawing some more between yawns. He ignores texts an phone calls and simply waits until the day is over to go home, go to bed and forget about the fact that you're probably on your way to the city and that he hasn't crossed your mind not even once.
You've been standing outside the shop re-reading the word for fifteen minutes, although it definitely feels like it has been longer. You're gripping cup of ice cream as it melts down your fingers the more you wait. The shop is already empty and it's starting to darken out side, and still you're so hot. Your shorts are heavy and your tank top is sticking to your skin. You didn't even bother to put on any make, although your eyebags definitely needed some concieling and your lashes some dimension to hide the fact that you'd been crying for the last few days.
'You're crazy about him.'
Chaelin's voice echoes inside your head.
You've lost count of how many times your best friend has given your advice, or simply encouraged you to do something you've been too scared to try.
'And he's cazy about you too.'
Chaelin might be wrong about marmite and the movie Cats, but she's definitely now wrong about anything regarding your and Jungkook.
That's it. You briefly close your eyes, inhale a deep breath then release it slowly. You start walking. It doesn't take longer than three strides and you're pushing the door open.
The tattoed blonde looks up from the counter the second you come into view. She smiles at the distance between you two. "You can come closer. I won't bite."
You clear your throat, stalking closer to her. "Is he-"
"He's in the back." she replies before you can finish you question. You close your mouth, clear your throat and nod your head.
"Thanks, Mijoo." she gives you a small wink, her smile easing your nerves like she had three months ago.
She watches you disappear. She shakes he head, her smile meeting her eyes. "I told him so."
Jungkook ignores the knock on his door at first. It's almost ten and the parlor is about to close. He just has to finish this last fucking sketch so he can grab his shit and go the fuck ho-
Knock knock.
He growls, exhasperation cursing through him. He runs a hand through his messy pile of hair, his rings tangling between the strands, making him wince in pain. "Come in." he grunts under his breath. The door opens. "Mijoo, I really have to finish-"
He stops dead in his tracks as soon as he sees you.
"Hey." you say after a moment of hesitation.
"Hey." he replies and although there's something inside, deep in his chest, shouting at him to stand up, run up to you and kiss your face while he tells you how beautiful you look right now and how happy he is to see that you're still here, he decides against it. "Listen, ____, I'm pretty busy-"
"No, you listen to me." you cut him off abruptly. He looks taken aback and is already opening his mouth to say something, but you're not having it. "Please, just... Let me talk."
Silence looms between the two of you for a while, a staring contest defying each other to back down. When you take one step inside and close the door behind you, he sighs and leans back against his chair.
You move towards him slowly, your lip caught between your lip going through your mind for the speech you'd been preparing the last few days. Your hands are sticky due to the the sugary treat liquifying in your hand. "I know there's no reason you should give me another chance after rejecting you in high school, and there's definitely no reason why you should forgive me for the way I shut you out a few weeks ago. You've been confessing your feelings to me since we were teenagers, and now it's my turn to tell you exactly how I feel about you."
"Jungkook, the truth is... I like you so much. I like you more than I've ever liked anyone. Ever. I said this was just a summer fling, and I was lying. I was lying because there's no way a simple summer fling could make me feel the way you do. There's no way a simple summer fling could make me want not just summer with you, but also fall and winter, and spring and every summer that comes next."
You hadn't realize when your eyes filling up with tears until the sight of him starts blurrying in front of you. His fingers reach yours, his thumb comforting on your skin. "____, it's okay-"
"I'm not done yet." you sniffle, gathering enough courage to continue. "I brought you a lemon sherbet because you said it was your favourite. But you also implied I was your favourite, and I want to keep being you favourite, but now it's already melted and-"
The corners of Jungkook's lips start pulling upward as he tugs you towards him, his heart loudly jumping inside his chest. "Shhh, come here."
He takes the ice cream from your hand and places it on his desk. Then he's helping you onto his lap, your head tucked under his chin and your arms wapping on their own around his neck.
He doesn't care about your sticky fingers or the wet stains of your tears in his shirt. The only thing he cares about is the fact that you're right there, letting him engulf your frame and drown in the scent and warmth he'd misses so much.
The first day of June has Jungkook sweating and wishing for a haircut. Jungkook usually hates summer. He hates the fact that he has to shower at least twice a day, and the fact that the heat is almost unbearable to sleep in and also the fact that he's easily sunburnt.
This year, however, Jungkook likes summer a little bit more.
"Excuse me, miss. Do you have an appointment?" it's the fact that you're starting to wear those summer dresses he loves so much, and the fact that your skin glows under the sun like glitter, and also the fact that he can lick ice cream off of it whenever he desires.
"I am the appointment." your giggle is almost childlike, playing with Jungkook's heart strings. You shut the door behind you, nearing him. You also seem to always have that flush on your cheeks. Although he likes to think part of it is due to him. He doesn't say anything else as he puts his pencil down and instead turns around in the chair to have you immediately on top of his thighs.
Yeah, he also likes the path your lips trace from his cheek, to his jaw, ending at the juncture between his neck and his shoulder. It still makes his body quaver to this day.
"Let me see." he murmurs against you forhear, his hand already working on unbottoning the front of your dress.
"Mijoo hasn't left yet." you whisper back, your smile impossible to supress and the faint whimper impossible to hide when his fingers expose your breast and tug at the titanium barbell adorning the already hardened nub.
Jungkook loves knowing he was the one to do that, and also the only one to play with it. He doesn't hesitate when he dips his head. "As if we'd ever cared about that." he adds, wrapping your sole point in his mouth.
He fucks you on his studio table with your legs around his waist and his tongue playing with both your breasts, the tattoo sketches long forgotten, scattered on the floor as he whispers against your flesh something that sounds a lot like 'I love you'.
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So over on patreon Trevor asked for my take on the Addams Family and I grew up LOVING the Addams family movies so here we are. Instead of doing a straight up style interpretation, I decided to do a full on design challenge, using the characters as bases to make a black southern gothic Addams au. I actually drew the kids first, using the character bases of Wednesday and Pugsley to create some delightful kiddos I'm calling Sunday and Blanche. I of course then redesigned Gomez and Morticia into Carlisle and Mortesha.
The Addams have a very specific high aristocratic goth aesthetic (they've got a butler and nobody really works among other things) so in this re-imagining I wanted to go with vibes that run a little more middle class/upper middle class.  I thought it would be interesting to think about what would be considered weird and off-putting in an entirely different culture, and how being a big ol' goth is way less controversial than it used to be.
I tried to keep this short (HAHAHAHAHAHA) so I didn't spin off into an essay about villain coded families, black people in the horror genre, and normalcy as it pertains to social survival, but just...bits of that are in these designs and lore. Keep that in mind.
Also I made the kids twins because they've flip flopped in age so much in different media and also twins run in my family (i'm the daughter of one). And let's face it, I'm pulling a lot of their southern gothic traits from living as a southern goth so *shrug*.
10 thousand pounds of lore incoming loooooooooool.
The Parents
From the moment he saw her he knew that there was a 50/50 chance of him either never making it out of that swamp alive or marrying the figure that was creeping out from under the distant willow tree in a black cocktail dress. The third time she found him trussed up in one of her traps, he complimented her rope work and asked if she'd like to go out sometime after his head wound stopped bleeding.
Or while it was still bleeding.
If she was into that.
Some kids and a mysteriously burnt down Piggly Wiggly later, their love is still as strong and inescapable as a bear trap in a sink hole.
Carlisle Guillermo (now Addams through marriage but I wanted to give him two first names for a name since Gomez has two last names) makes a vaguely described living practicing ‘law’ around town. A loophole king, people come to him from miles around with contracts signed in blood, fights over chunks of hair buried in their rivals’ yard, dehydrated primate hands, memories that seemed like dreams until the evidence of their happenings became too real, and other regular Legal Items asking for counsel which he is all too happy to give. For a price. Sometimes that price is a homemade pie and sometimes it’s a million dollars, depends on who you are. Whatever you’re asked to pay it’s worth that price, and if you try to scam him out of work or he just plain doesn’t like you? Well. He knows how to twist a contract better than anything at the crossroads.
And he always gets his due.
He doesn’t just serve the local (living)humans though, there are many things that need proper legal representation in this day and age. You wouldn’t believe how many city councils try to build on sacred burial grounds even after he lets them know that his ghostly clients are totally gonna haunt the FUCK out of the ensuing shitty condos and curse their families for all eternity. At least 50% of his energy goes towards dealing with real estate bullshit.
Carl is an excitable and good natured(?) man who loves his family, cigars, dancing, and his many knife-based hobbies. People find him very charming once they get past the feeling that they’re talking to a sultry gator badly disguising itself as a human. I didn’t put a ton of deep thought into designing him, mostly I wanted to make a middle aged dude who looked like he would have been voted ‘most likely to smooch the literal devil’ in high school. Tbh he probably has, but no demonic ex’s can compare to his lovely wife~
Mortesha Addams(her name was already perfect so I just tweaked it)is a woman of many talents. A self proclaimed homemaker, she prides herself on a greenhouse full of Concerning Foliage, a beautiful wasp apiary, and a coop full of what are probably chickens that she keeps for what are probably eggs. She’s also an avid creator of the outsider art that can be seen around the estate. She has taken on the family business of selling her homemade goods in a little stall by the road just outside the swamp with her mom, and makes pretty good money doing so. A surprising amount of poison gets bought in quaint southern towns.
Speaking of poison, people who come out to the edge of the swamp to buy it are usually carrying a lot of secrets around, and Mortesha knows most of them. It’s not like she pries the truth out of people, it just so happens that many nervous hellos eventually turn into the tragic backstory power hour if she’s alone with a client for long enough. She supposes that’s just how people are. Despite the fact that the Addams are very active in the community (whether the community likes it or not) she especially, as a direct descendant of the first Addams matriarch, is seen as…Well not an outsider because the community feels A Certain Way about outsiders and despite it all the Addams are their people, but maybe something like an exception. They feel like whatever weirdness they’re hiding can’t be weirder than any given Addams, so they get a little loose with their words.
This is amusing to her, since Addams’ don’t naturally keep the kind dramatic secrets that their surface level prim and proper neighbors do. It’s much more fun to openly talk about those things.
Do they have a sadly decrepit yet terrifying grandma up in the attic? Yeah, like three. They got a tv, all the creepy porcelain dolls they could want, and they’re close to family. Where do you keep your gram-grams?
Any bodies buried on the property? Yeah some, but most are thrown to the gators.
Any creeping through the balmy summer night with ill intentions? Yeah dude, everyone loves a nice family stroll.
What about dangerous forbidden love? If an adult Addams isn’t incorporeal then they’re either queer or in a torrid romance with some person/thing mysteriously drawn to that awful swamp. Sometimes both at the same time. Most times actually.
Mortesha would know.
The current head of the Addams family is just as outgoing as her husband but a lot quieter and harder to read. She never really seems to get mad about much and always has a genteel smile for everyone whether they deserve it or not. A seven foot tall human shaped “Oh, bless your heart”. A perfectly composed Lady even when she’s, oh I dunno, burning down a Piggly Wiggly. You know. A regular southern mom. Chat her up at the hair salon for 50% off a jar of wasp honey with your next purchase of a mysterious but foreboding packet of herbs.
Designing her was pretty easy because I just drew a lankier Grace Jones and called it a day. I had some problems with her outfit simply because if we were going HARD southern gothic then she’d probably be wearing a white/cream dress with a fuller skirt but I thought keeping the silhouette and the black was more important. She’s supposed to be an anti southern gothic southern gothic character anyway. A woman who looks like she has a million secrets who is actually the most open person you could meet. For better or worse. The red hair came from a coloring error that I really ended up liking (my mom had red hair her whole childhood that only darkened up in high school so I can buy that an Addams can be naturally fire engine red) and the veil was to get more of that classic Morticia silhouette in there.
The Children
Sunday and Blanche are the twin children of Carlisle and Mortesha Addams. Some say the Addams clan got their cursed homestead when a wealthy local businessman made a deal with the devil and lost, leaving his grand mansion to his least favorite maid and cutting his losses once he realized that the swamp would do everything it could to drag the house into the water and take what was owed with its horrible curse. Others say that the family has just always squatted there and no one really cares because man, fuck that particular swamp. Have you been in there? Absolute horror show.
Blanche is the more outgoing sibling and quite the engineer/mad scientist in the making. He started going grey at 2 weeks old but considering he was also rocking some extra fingers, toes, and a tiny tail (he takes after his dad), his parents just put it on the 'not life threatening' pile and decided not to worry about it. He's the kind of smart that teachers find utterly infuriating, less a dog eagerly learning and obeying commands and more a hyena who keeps teaching itself how to pick locks. He has a few friends in his school's robotics club (which they honestly allowed him to make so the school could contain his... creations) but mostly hangs out with his sister exploring the swamp. They find all sorts of neat things in there! wedding rings, suspiciously lumpy garbage bags, cloaked cultists who can't read private property signs, it's an adventure every day!
Blanche is all about experimentation with his creations, his look, and his tether to this mortal coil. Is lipstick a cool thing to try? Let's find out. Can he get out of a strait jacket fast enough after being pushed into the depths of the swamp by his sister? let's find out. He's not dead yet and confused local doctors can attest to the fact that he's rarely attained more than a bad bruise so he's pretty set on continuing to kiss rattlesnakes on their cute little heads and have his sister practice her knife throwing at him until that fact changes.
Blanche is very much a country goth. Cowboy boots (customized by his mom), knife, and lighter are daily accessories. He likes to wear the crusty swamp jewelry they find (the rust adds a splash of color!) and despite appearances he does try to keep himself neat. He's just got  natural Grunge Colors and a tendency to wear clothes he likes until they fall apart. Pugsley always seemed the most modernly styled to me (which might just be because little boys clothes have been the same for a long time) so I wanted Blanche to be the most purposely fashionable Addams. Everyone else is goth by nature, but he's the only one truly familiar with goth as an alternative fashion.
I got really into designing Blanche because honestly, I find Pugsley to be the most boring member of the family. And he was hard to design! I had to mess with his vibe a lot to get him looking how I wanted. I know he's supposed to evoke an " 'evil' little boy next door who's parents never reign him in", but that's just goth Dennis The Menace.  I's 2020. We can at least go queer goth Calvin.
Sunday was much easier to design. Wednesday was my favorite as a child (of course) and I really wanted to keep the spirit of her look while adding things like billowy sleeves (it gets HOT down here), big poofy twists instead of braids, and a nice tie. She's a professional after all, been running the local pet cemetery since she was 6 and the previous groundskeeper met with an unfortunate accident after telling her that tarantulas don't have souls. Her specialty is creating beautiful naturalistic animal funerals similar to those that Maquenda (https://linktr.ee/artofmaquenda) makes, and she takes pride in creating miniature dioramas of her subjects after each burial which she uses as a kind of 3D catalog for future clients.
She really wants to try out her skills on humans one day. Well. Publicly try out her skills. Lotta random bodies float into the swamp. None of them have turned down her requests for diorama models so far. Most seem downright flattered. Plus, she usually figures out which graveyard/crime scene they floated over from and gets her parents to give them a lift back. She'll even help enact terrifying revenge from beyond the grave on whoever put them there if she's not, y'know, busy.
Besides arts, crafts, and pet based funerary arrangements, Sunday is an avid lover of archery (any ranged weapon really), books where little fantasy adventure animals die dramatic deaths, and history. She is That Kid who eagerly raises her hand when asked who Christopher Columbus was and ends up being sent out of class after 15 minutes for making 'a scene'. Her favorite party trick is just picking an item in the room and talking about how it relates to either some obscure historical figure with a buck wild life or a horrible disaster. At least one charity pancake breakfast ended with children in tears after her vivid description of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.
Social-wise, while Wednesday is the girl that people ask to smile because they think she'd, "look so pretty", Sunday is rarely asked anything at all. People just kind of assume from her quiet nature (in between horrible history facts) that she's angry all the time and that she hates everyone. This is untrue. She hates some people but she's ambivalent to most everyone else and even downright friendly if you bother to talk to her like a person instead of a terrifying cryptid. Like, she IS a terrifying cryptid but she's also a little girl.  
That’s about it for now. One day I might do the other family members but for now I’m happy with the four I’ve redesigned. Making an au! Lurch in a family that doesn’t do butlers could be interesting. Over on patreon I put forth that he could just be Motesha’s mute little brother (similar bone structure) but Amy Crook had the nice idea of quote: “ a mysterious "cousin" that "helps around the house" whose origins are both long in the past and faintly unsettling. He's good for lifting heavy things, like that tank of propane you're about to throw into the burning Piggly Wiggly... “ which i now consider canon. Who's kid is he? How old is he? Not important. Anyone willing to commit arson with you is family.
Annnnyway.  This challenge was a lot of fun! I love indulging in AU’s.
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MANTIS: With a stressed s/o
Tumblr media
(The first appeared in RE)
For stressed people who need love <3
• Elysia
She will cuddle you and praise you, she will seek to find the source of your stress and get rid of it (without anyone knowing how she do it). Will bring you beautiful things and tell you all kinds of anecdotes.
she will go and seek advice from Eden to know how to appease such a beautiful person as you.
• Kevin
(reader: Kevin I don't feel well
Kevin: Same)
Will not know what to do except encourage you to remain brave.
If it's the Kevin of the past, he will hug you a lot and encourage you a lot. He will help you overcome your stress.
If it's the current Kevin unfortunately he'll be a bit cold and leave you to your own devices but if you're in danger he'll take care of it. Maybe if it's something important about the honkai he'll take care of it.
• Eden
Will take you to a quiet place away from all the problems and your source of stress. Will sing sweet music and make you listen to some piano. She will ask you what is bothering you and give you lots of advice. She will encourage you to overcome the problem but if you can't she will. In the meantime, she will give you lots of kisses and pay special attention. (expect lots of gifts including clothes designed by herself)
• Mobius
At first she won't care but she will give you lots of little gifts as soon as she can. (Don't comment on it) If your problem puts you in danger or someone is bothering you, they will take care of it before you realizing what she is doing. No one hurts their favorite lab rat <3. Hugs will last a little longer after that.
(Elysia and Mobius are yandere don't tell me otherwise)
• Su
You will be showered with love and affection, he will do everything in his power to make you feel better. He will hug you and stroke your hair under the trees. He will help you overcome the problem. (If it's a medical problem poof he has already found the remedy). If it's a problem that puts you in danger, he will protect you and take care of it. Very protective after that and will make sure nothing bothers you anymore. <3
• Kalpas
Doesn't care and thinks you have to face your problem alone to become stronger. But he will still listen to you as soon he understands the source of the problem. Poof the problem do no longer exists and will deny the fact that it is thanks to him and will resume his normal life as if nothing had happened.
(Tsundere boy)
• Fu hua
Listen carefully while reassuring yourself. She will look for a solution and will seek advice from some of her "elders" (Su Sakura and Eden preferably) She really wants to help you and doesn't like to see you sad. Once the problem is overcome, she will be rassured and will congratulate you on your courage. <3
• Sakura
If she can't cut the problem in half. She will give you advice (which will sound like an old proverb). But if you continue to feel bad she will go to her sister to find out how to reassure you. She will prepare delicious food for you and take you to admire the Sakura blossoms while holding your hand and taking you away from all your troubles. Once you overcome the problem Sakura will proudly look at you with lots of love.
I hope I did my best =w= bye bye
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A re-design of Persephone, I did try to accurately copy what was in the movie, but with a little adjustments like making her look more mature.
Gahh i like how she turned out, the very lovely wife of Hades.
Also a bit busy but not too much thankfully, just enough to have some breaks so I could do things I enjoy.
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The Boy Next Door: Pilot
Tumblr media
Episode Select | Next Episode >>
Rating: PG-13 Summary: Help! You’ve fallen hard for the problematic boy next door, and you don’t know what to do about it. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. You wanted to bury it, lock it inside a shoe box and stash it in the far reaches of your closet, never to be acknowledged or looked upon again. Unfortunately, everyone around you seems to have their own opinion on the matter; and that just leads you into more trouble you never asked for. Warnings: Sex talk and innuendo.
Tumblr media
“You know, the more you glare at him, the more your face is going to stick like that? You’re too young to be getting wrinkles.”
With a disgruntled huff, you glared down at your tray instead, as if the peas had personally offended you and not the boy sitting across the cafeteria.
“Well, you didn’t have your spare pair of knickers manhandled by one of the hottest guys in school.”
“Bakugou?” she snorted. “Not my type. Now Todoroki on the other hand, he can touch my knickers as much as he wants, especially if I’m wearing them.”
You turned your glare on your friend, “Todoroki wouldn't have waved them in your face and teased you about them.”
“He didn’t?” Touru gasped, before furrowing her brow and relaxing it again. “Actually, I take that back, that is exactly what Bakugou would do.”
Nodding, you shoved a forkful of peas in your mouth and cut your eyes at the blond across the room.
“What did he say?”
With a groan, you dropped your fork on your plate and rested your elbows on the table as you held your head in your hands. “He said, and I quote, ‘Aren't you a bit old to be wearing underwear designed for ten-year-olds’.”
Touru gasped again, “He didn’t?”
Pushing the heels of your hands into your eyes, you replied, “He did. Then dropped them on my head with that stupid smirk of his and walked away as if nothing had happened. I could have died right there and then.”
The memory of it had your face scorching with embarrassment as you felt your palms warm with the heat. How you had tripped and fell, spilling your belongings over the ground as you dropped your bag, only for Bakugou to be the one to help you collect your scattered things. “I’ll never be able to live it down,” you moaned, remembering the laughter that followed from your classmates. “Now he probably thinks I'm some immature girl who likes to wear frilly, pink knickers with kittens on them.”
“But you are,” she laughed.
“I know,” you groaned. “But I don’t want Bakugou ‘I’m so hot I have girls throwing their underwear at me every minute of the day’ Katsuki to know that.”
“I don’t see the problem,” she said with a shrug and a bite of her pastry. “Most guys think they're cute. Mashi loves it when I wear mine.”
“Ojiro is not Bakugou. He probably likes girls who wear a matching bra and thong, black preferably, unlike me who hasn’t worn a matching set of underwear since… since, ever.”
She looked at you quizzically as she asked, “Who cares? Guys are more interested in what’s underneath anyway.” She paused and eyed you critically, “Why are you so bothered by this? I thought you had gotten over this little crush of yours, and didn’t he just start dating Tokage from 3-B recently?”
Yes he had, and you thought you were. However, getting over Bakugou Katsuki was easier said than done. He was everywhere; you were in the same class, which had a seating plan that had you sitting right behind him, looking at the back of that spiky blond head of his, close enough to smell his shampoo from his shower after gym, and the citrusy cologne he liked to wear that had your knees knocking and thighs squeezing; and let’s not forget that your mom was friends with his, who just so happened to be your next door neighbour.
Life was cruel and unforgiving, not letting you have a moment's peace from the object of your infatuation, and who only knew you existed because you just so happened to be neighbours and go to the same school. You doubted he would know who you were otherwise; it wasn’t like he had any other reason to be aware of you. He had a completely different set of friends, he spent most of his time on the rugby field or at the gym when he wasn’t in class, and he was hardly ever at home when school was out, preferring to be out the house. You didn’t know what he was getting up to during those times, but it had to be more exciting than you third-wheeling with Touru and Ojiro or sitting in your room watching sappy teen dramas.
And he had a girlfriend now, which only made things worse. You had seen them together walking around school; her clinging to his arm as he walked with his friends, her cheering him on from the bleachers as he trained, and one time you even saw them looking all cosy as they stood in a corner of the train as it took you towards home. You chose to take a later train from then on, you couldn’t stomach seeing that little display again.
The only saving grace was that she was in another class, and you didn’t have to watch her giving him those eyes as you tried to concentrate on hearing your name being called when Aizawa-sensei took the register.
You wondered where she was now. She had been making a habit of sitting with him during lunch, surrounded by Bakugou’s friends and chatting away, seemingly fitting in without any trouble, or any of that social awkwardness that you would have felt trying to impress your boyfriend's friends.
Suddenly, there was a jab to your forehead as Touru flicked you with a bony knuckle, “Cheer up, it might never happen,” she grinned.
“That’s the problem,” you replied with a frown, flicking the tab on your can of pop, “It never will.” You didn’t need to look at your friend to see her frustration with that answer, you could feel it from across the table.
She pursed her lips before responding, “You need to find someone to get your mind off him.”
Not this again, you thought with a roll of your eyes.
“Ah,” she said around the straw in her mouth and a wag of her finger, “I know what you’re thinking, but really, you should give it a try. Bakugou might act like he’s the biggest fish in UA’s pond, but believe me, there are better breeds out there.”
“Let me guess,” you breathed, looking to your left at the handsome boy slurping up some noodles on the other side of the room, “Todoroki Shouto.”
“Why not? He’s single, last I heard anyway,” she offered with a shrug.
“Touru,” you sighed. “Todoroki is just as much out of my league as Bakugou is; and I don’t think he’s said a single word to me since the new school year started.”
Her brow furrowed in contemplation and hummed, “Maybe you’re right.”
“Thanks,” you choked, slightly affronted by her implication.
“Not that he’s out of your league,” she was quick to amend. “Just that maybe you should start with a smaller fish.”
Her eyes started to dart around the cafeteria as though she was scoping out a potential catch for you, and you really wished she wouldn’t. You knew that whoever she chose would be unsuitable in some way, and of course they would never live up to who you really wanted.
Luckily, Ojiro chose that time to plop himself down next to his scouting girlfriend.
“Hey,” he greeted, wasting no time in tucking into his meal.
“Hey,” you replied. “You’re late, Inui-sensei making you work overtime?”
“Nah, just needed to fix my gi; it got pretty banged up during our last session.”
You nodded in understanding, Ojiro was part of the mixed martial arts team, and usually trained after school with the order-barking teacher. You had seen him in action a few times when Touru asked you to watch some of his matches, and he was pretty good, from what you could tell. She was not interested in this particular curricular activity of her boyfriend’s though, and you were sure she only asked you to go so that she would have someone to talk to when Ojiro wasn’t in the ring.
“Are you looking for someone?” he asked his girlfriend when he took notice of her inattentiveness to the conversation, and - probably more importantly - that she hadn’t even acknowledged him since he’d sat down.
“Potential dates for my perpetually single bestie over here.”
Ojiro raised a brow at you.
With a huff, you told him, “Don’t ask.”
“Okay,” he said slowly, stirring his gravy. “I won’t. But I hope she’s not dragging you into something you don’t want to do… again.”
You snorted, “Since when is she not? I swear her social calendar revolves around getting me to do stuff I don’t want to.”
“True,” he said with a commiserating smile. “Perhaps you should find yourself a new best friend.”
“Ah, hah!” exclaimed said best friend, startling Ojiro so much that the piece of food that he was aiming at his mouth dropped from his fork, only to splash into his gravy and splatter his shirt.
“Thanks, Tou, just what I needed today,” he grumbled, wiping at his tie with a napkin.
“Oh, hush, it’ll come out,” she chided. “Now,” she said looking at you, and it wasn’t a look that filled you with confidence. The way her eyes had that conspiratorial shine, and paired with that knowing smirk, told you that whatever was about to leave her mouth was something that you wouldn’t like, not one bit, and, most likely, would be getting you in a whole heap of trouble. “What do you think of Kirishima Eijirou?”
Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. “Are you fuckin’ crazy?” you shrieked, causing Ojiro to drop another piece of food before it reached his mouth.
A hundred pairs of eyes swung in your direction. Their oppressive stare had you sinking down in your seat, trying to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible, which was all but eliminated after that outburst; especially when you saw a pair of red ones boring into yours.
With some effort you tore them away.
“Are you crazy?” you asked again, only this time in an aggressive whisper.
“What?” she said with a leer. “He’s perfect for you.”
“No he fucking isn’t. You said smaller fish. Kirishima Eijirou is not a small fish,” you growled. “And will you stop staring at him?”
Ojiro was looking between you two in confusion, “What the hell is going on?”
Touru chose to ignore him in favour of addressing you, “Trust me.”
You could feel the scrape of your molars as they grinded against each other. “Ojiro, you were right,” you bit out. “I need a new best friend; you know any available?”
Tumblr media
Back in class, Touru did not get the hint that you didn't want to discuss the topic of you dating Kirishima any longer.
She must have lost her mind, you concluded. Someone must have spiked her drink, or contaminated her salad with some sort of drug that made her think of the most outrageous idea she had ever put forward to you in her life.
There was absolutely no way you were ever going to date the redhead. No way. He was Bakugou’s best friend for goodness sake. You didn’t need to be in the blond’s vicinity any more than you already were.
“I don’t know why you're so against this,” Touru queried from her seat on Bakugou’s desk, the one that just so happened to be in front of yours. “He’s perfect boyfriend material. Why, if I hadn’t gotten with Mashi he would definitely be a top contender.”
“Will you stop,” you growled, taking out your English books from your bag, giving a glare to the spare pair of underwear tucked in the corner. It was all their fault this was happening! “There’s no point in all of this. I’ve made up my mind.”
“Mina says he’s a great kisser,” she said with a wag of her eyebrows.
“Then Mina can date him.”
“She did for a while, but she said he was too nice for her, and that’s exactly what you need; a nice guy who will buy you flowers and chocolates, take you on romantic dates, and the like. Forget Bakugou, Kirishima’s where it’s at.”
You bit your lip. Chocolates did sound nice, the only problem was that you weren’t picturing Kirishima giving them to you.
No, you had to get those thoughts out of your head. He had a girlfriend.
“I’m not talking about this anymore,” you said, dropping your bag down beside you. “I’m probably not even his type, not if he’s making out with girls like Ashido.”
“Do we need to have the talk again?”
That was definitely something you didn’t need. Being told that you were gorgeous and worth more than a second glance by your best friend - a job that was practically a requirement that best friends were obliged to do - was getting old. Positive reinforcement didn’t work on you, and the more Touru tried to build up your self-confidence and worth, the more it seemed to drop.
“No. But Kirishima. Really? He’s practically glued to Bakugou’s side.”
“You could use him to make Bakugou jealous.”
“Absolutely not!”
Touru tapped a pink painted finger against her chin, “Just think of it; Bakugou looks up to find his best bro walking into class, hand in hand with his next door neighbour, and he can’t help but wonder how that happened. Unfortunately for him, by the time he figures out that he’s madly in love with you, you have already fallen for the oh, so handsome and dashing Kirishima. Who has swept you off your feet, and is riding off into the sunset with you on the back of a white steed. Leaving Bakugou to lament his loss in the dust you kick up.”
You couldn’t help the twitch of your lips at your friend's imagination. “That’s never going to happen,” you said, trying to smother your smile.
“Can you at least admit that Kirishima would be a better boyfriend than,” she jabbed a finger down at the seat she was resting her feet on, “this asshole.”
She had a point, Bakugou had dated a slew of girls since he started at UA. None of them lasted long, and if it wasn’t him breaking up with them for some petty reason, then it was the girl calling it quits because he was a bad boyfriend.
How he was a bad boyfriend, you had no idea, but you had heard the rumours, which you’d learnt to take with a pinch of salt.
Bakugou tended to bring out the worst in people when he got into arguments. Why, it was only yesterday you heard Aoyama, who was rather sweet and tended to keep himself to himself, swear for the first time and lunge at the hothead after a confrontation during PE; granted it was in French, but it still counted. So, when Bakugou’s exes broke up with him because he was neglectful, uninterested, crude, indifferent, felt like they were being used, or even blamed his mother for the problems in their relationship, you put caution to the wind.
Maybe he was all of those things and more, however, there was one thing you did know, and that was that he had been dating Tokage for almost three months now; the longest a girl had ever stuck around, and the longest Bakugou had kept a girl without breaking up with her, even when his own mother didn’t like her. And you knew Bakugou Mitsuki didn’t like Tokage Setsuna, she was a woman who was not afraid to speak her mind, and you had heard her gossiping with your own mother about her son’s current beau on a few rare occasions.
So, what chance did you have of making him jealous by dating his best friend? It seemed he was in it for the long haul with this one, or at least until the end of the school year, before he went off to the university of his choice.
Touru was probably right, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on him anymore. That didn’t mean you should be looking for a boyfriend just to fill that void though, even if Kirishima was a catch, as she’d said. But you had to admit, “Okay, I concede. He would make a great boyfriend, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s attractive.”
“Who’s attractive?”
The height that you leapt at the sound of the unexpected voice was enough to have your knees hitting the underside of your desk. “No one,” you shrieked, turning to see a pair of scarlet eyes looking down at you beneath a spiky fringe. You couldn’t even keep eye contact for a second before you were facing the front again, and you saw a positively gleeful smirk plastered over Touru’s face.
Then your worst nightmare happened.
“Kirishima,” she said.
Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as you tried, not so subtly, to get her to shut up, but the nightmare only continued.
“You wouldn’t happen to be able to get his number for my friend here?”
Standing abruptly, you leant over your desk and slapped a hand over her mouth. “Ignore her,” you said over your shoulder to Bakugou, who was now looking at you with a raised, yet furrowed, brow. “I think someone slipped something into her food, she’s been acting crazy all day.”
Touru pulled your hand away, “She’s just being shy. So, can she have it?”
“Shut up!” you growled, silencing her again.
He didn’t look convinced as his gaze flitted between the two of you. Not impressed in the slightest, like you were wasting his precious time.
Eventually he spoke.
“No, ask him yourself,” he said. “Now get your ass off my desk, and your dirty fuckin’ shoes off my chair.”
You sank back in your seat as Touru hopped down and took her own in front of him, and you watched as he deliberately swiped a hand across his chair before he too sat down, slamming his bag onto his desk.
Resting your head between folded arms, you groaned. Could you have made an even bigger fool of yourself in front of him today?
Apparently you could, because just as the bell rang to signal the end of the school day, and you were packing away your things, Bakugou hooked an elbow over the back of his chair and dropped a piece of paper onto your desk.
“What’s this?” you asked, afraid to pick it up like it would explode in your face.
He nodded to the seat that was two spaces adjacent to yours. “Shitty Hair’s digits.”
You couldn’t help but splutter out, “Wh-what?”
“Gotta warn you though,” he said. “He’s more of a…” His eyes swept over your form, and you were sure that if he had x-ray vision he would be able to see right through the desk and your skirt to your… “…puppy kinda guy, Koneko.”
Looking like a goldfish choking on air, you watched as a smirk lifted the corner of his lips before he stood, hauled his bag over his shoulder, and went to join his redheaded friend, who was waiting for him at the classroom door.
“What was that all about?” Touru asked, watching Bakugou and his group leave as she approached you, still sitting thunderstruck at your desk.
“He gave me Kirishima’s number,” you replied with a frown at the neatly folded note.
“No way!” she squealed, grabbing it from the place it was still sitting untouched. She gave it a quick glance over and grinned, waving it in your face. “Now, aren’t you happy I have a big mouth?”
“No,” you said with a glare, snatching it back.
“Why not?” she asked with a hand on her hip as she cocked it along with her head. “You’re one step away from getting a date. I mean, I was mostly joking about it earlier, but it’s happening, and with Kirishima Eijirou of all people.”
“I’m not calling him,” you said, stuffing the offending piece of paper in your bag and making your way to the door.
“What? No, you have to,” she pleaded, trying to keep up with your long strides down the hallway. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime, you can’t just waste something like that.”
“I can, and I will.” Your steps matched your determination as you stomped down the stairwell.
Touru huffed, “I just don’t get you. Most girls would be chewing off their right arm for the gift Bakugou just gave you.”
You stopped in your tracks and sighed as you leant against the wall just outside the genkan. “Exactly. It’s wasted on me; I have no interest in Kirishima, and by him giving me this it means…” Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a blond head disappear behind one of the shelves of shoes.
“Oh? Touru asked. A look of understanding dawned, “Oh!” Her commiserating frown said everything.
It meant that Bakugou would not be jealous if you dated his friend, and that meant he wasn’t the least bit interested in you.
“Exactly,” you sighed again, leaning your head back to bang it against the wall, the slight pain a welcome distraction from your disappointment.
Tumblr media
“Well, I’m off,” your father said, reaching around your mother as she arranged some cheese on a cheeseboard to give her a peck on the cheek. “You girls have fun.”
You rolled your eyes; at least one of you would be.
“We will,” she replied, leaning into his kiss with a smile. “Oh, don’t let Yamada talk you into mixing your drinks again; I’m still trying to get that stain out from last time.”
With a sly smile, you watched his nose scrunch in distaste, probably remembering the smell and the hangover that came with his last night out with his work colleagues. The purple mark on the fifth step of the staircase’s carpet had dulled into a light pink, luckily, the splatter on the wallpaper had been easier to get out.
“Don’t worry, just beer for me tonight,” he said, crossing his heart.
“I bet you ten thousand yen that doesn’t happen,” you snorted.
He raised a brow at you from over his wife’s shoulder, “I’ll take that bet.”
“Oh, no, you won’t,” your mother cut in. “She’s just trying to get you to pay off the money she owes me for that concert she went to last month.”
“Hey,” you exclaimed. “I’ve already paid you back half.”
She picked up a wedge of cheese and brandished it at you like a dagger, making your eyes cross. “And I’m still waiting for the other. I won’t be letting your dad pay off your debts for you.”
“Aww, leave her be. She’s young, she’s got a lifetime to pay you back,” he said with a teasing grin.
“Thanks, dad,” you grumbled.
He winked. “Anytime.”
“That’s enough,” your mother chided. “Now off with you, before the taxi driver calls it in as a prank.”
He gave her one last kiss and ruffled your hair as he passed before heading out, leaving you both to finish up with the food arrangements.
“What are your plans for tonight?” she asked, walking over to the fridge and pulling a bottle of red wine from the rack. “Usually you go see Touru when it’s my turn to host Book Club.”
You shrugged while arranging an assortment of biscuits on a plate. “Date night,” you answered.
With a raised brow and a glance over your outfit, she replied, “I’m assuming Touru’s the one with the date, because I don’t think jeans and an oversized t-shirt are going to be impressing many boys.”
“It’s Touru and Ojirou’s sixth month anniversary,” you replied, and added with indignation, “And there’s nothing wrong with my clothes.”
Looking down, you changed your mind. Your jeans had holes in the knees that weren’t made in the factory as part of some new trend, and your t-shirt, though soft from many washes, was over-sized and covered in bleach stains, like some poor attempt at tye-dying, and the overall colour was fading.
The smile she sent you felt more condescending than sympathetic, but luckily she said no more about the topic. “She’s still with that boy? Good for her.”
“Yeah,” you said with a sigh, moving around the biscuits that were already perfectly placed. “Good for her.”
You felt rather than saw the frown your mother was sending your way as she poured a cheeky glass of wine before the book club members were due to show. “You know, I was talking to Mio today-”
A groan sprang forth before she could finish, “Please mom, not this again. I’ve already had enough of that today from Touru.”
She huffed, “Well, we’re only trying to help,” and took a swig from her glass. “You need to put yourself out there more. Guys - or girls - don’t sweep you off your feet like in the movies anymore.”
With an eye on the corner of the countertop, you added, “Or books.”
She looked at where your eyes were gazing and nodded, “Exactly,” she agreed, picking up the trashy romance novel she and her friends were going to be discussing later that night. “Make your own romance,” she said waving the book at you. “Get out there and grab the bull by the horns, so to speak. Stop putting all the work on the men and go and get it. Why, if it wasn’t for me, your father would still be standing in the corner of the club watching me dance.”
You hated it when she got like this, and if you didn’t derail her soon she could go on for hours giving you dating tips and advice. Something that you absolutely did not want. Only problem was that what came out of your mouth only encouraged her more, and you instantly regretted it. “I don’t need help. In fact, I got a boy's number today.”
Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “You did?”
“Yeah,” you cringed. Why did you have to open your big mouth? Now she was never going to let it go.
Walking around the kitchen island, she pulled you into a hug. “I’m so proud of you, honey.” She sniffed as if she was about to cry. “My baby’s finally growing up.”
“Mom,” you moaned. “I’m a couple of months away from eighteen. I’m practically an adult now.”
“I know,” she said, pulling back and wiping a tear that had yet to fall.
Oh God, she was crying!
You half-heartedly pushed her away and went back to your biscuit arrangement that had gotten muddled up in the tousle. She went back to her wine.
“So?” The grin she sent your way was sly.
“So what?” you asked, not liking where this was going.
“What’s his name?” The eagerness in her voice worried you as she raised her glass halfway to her lips.
“That doesn’t matter,” you waved her off.
“It bloody well does matter if he’s going to be dating my daughter.”
You choked. “Who said anything about dating?”
“So it’s like that,” she smirked. You didn’t like what she was implying. “Just give me a name and I’ll say no more about it.” That was a lie and you both knew it, but if you didn’t give it to her she would only go to Touru, and she would be more than happy to dish the dirt to your nosy mother. You only had yourself to blame for getting yourself into this mess.
“Kirishima,” you said, hoping she wouldn’t be able to decipher the mumble you said it in.
“Kiri-shima? Why does that sound familiar?” Trust her to have the ears of a hawk.
“Doesn’t matter,” you said again. “I haven’t even called him.”
Her eyes widened and the glass went back down on the counter with a clink. “What are you waiting for? Go call him.”
You were about to give some lame excuse that you knew she wouldn’t believe, when you were interrupted from answering.
“Call who?”
Just what you needed, another eavesdropper to add to the gossipers and schemers of your non-existent love life.
Your mother smiled proudly at the newcomer, unfazed that they’d just waltzed into her house without even ringing the bell beforehand.
“A boy,” she said with an air of delight. She was acting like you had just announced you were getting married and was already planning out her mother-of-the-bride outfit, with the matching hat. “She got his number today at school.”
“Ohhh,” they said, taking the glass of wine your mother had just poured for them. “Do tell.”
You looked frantically towards your mother, hoping she would keep her big, fat mouth shut.
She was a force of nature on her own, but adding Bakugou Mitsuki to the mix was a match made in hell. Especially when you knew that she was very well acquainted with her son’s best friend.
“Some boy called Kirishima.”
You felt like all the colour had drained from your face, melting like paint on a canvas.
No, no, no, no, no!
This couldn’t be happening. This was it, your end, the moment your social life finally bit the dust.
“Kirishima Eijirou?” Her eyes were boring a hole through your skull, and you closed your own in embarrassment.
“You know him?” your mother asked.
“I should think so,” she snorted. “He’s been thick as thieves with Katsuki since they first learnt to swear.” She looked at you and added, “Good choice, by the way. He at least doesn’t stare at my boobs everytime he sees me. I would take Kirishima over that Kaminari kid any day, he knows how to respect a lady,” she finished with a sniff.l and a swig.
This was embarrassing to the extreme. You didn’t want to hear your mother’s friend describing your classmates and who she would date out of her son’s friends, and you didn’t need to open your eyes to know your mother was hanging onto every word she was saying.
“He’s the redheaded boy you’ve probably seen coming and going from my house all the time. Don’t let the fact that he’s Katsuki’s friend put you off; he’s a proper little gentleman that one.”
“Yes,” your mother replied as if recalling a memory. “Such a polite boy too, helped me with my shopping once.” She turned to you and squealed like a schoolgirl. “You have to go call him right now.”
“But mom…”
“No need,” Bakugou-san cut in, stealing a biscuit from your plate. “Katsuki’s having a get together with some of his friends. Something about a game tournament and wanted to use the big TV in the living room while I’m at Book Club” Then she added something that only deepened your despair and made you mother absolutely shriek in excitement. “You should go over, he won’t mind, and tell him I will be having words with him if he does.”
You wanted to crawl into a hole and die. “I don’t think that’s a-”
“Nonsense,” your mother cut you off. “Mitsuki has kindly offered you something to do on a Friday night. And don’t lie to me,” she said sternly. “I know you don’t have any plans if Touru is busy.”
This was exactly how you didn’t want to spend the start of your weekend. You didn’t want to see Kirishima, and you certainly didn’t want to see him while Bakugou was there.
“But I was-”
“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” she said, nudging you out of your seat and towards the door.
The two women were eyeing you expectantly as you stood in the opening, and you felt yourself shrink under their gaze.
They were worse than Touru.
“I want to hear all about it when you get back,” she added with a final push.
Over her shoulder you saw Bakugou-san give a little smirk your way; a look that made her look uncannily like her son. You had no choice now as you were ushered into the hallway.
They were both evil.
Tumblr media
You sat on the front step until more of your mother’s friends began to arrive and were looking at you with concern, like you were a cat that had been let out for the night and were waiting for an opportunity to be let back in. Deciding that you couldn’t stay - one of them was bound to snitch on you, and having your mother come out and embarrass you in front of your neighbours was the last thing you wanted right now - you took a walk around the block.
It only took ten minutes, less time than you’d hoped, but enough for a light drizzle of rain to dampen your clothes when you eventually came to a stop in front of the Bakugou residence. You could see the bright lights of the TV glaring through the barely closed blinds, flashing various colours, strobing almost, and as you took a deep breath and made your way to the door, you could hear laughter and jeering filtering out from the partially open window.
You almost tucked your tail and turned when you heard a roaring shout, that definitely couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than Bakugou throwing a fit. Fortunately, it was soon drowned out by more laughter, and you took another calming breath as you approached the porch, it’s light flickering on in the dimming evening light at your presence.
Raising a finger towards the bell, you stopped when you noticed your hand was shaking slightly, and slapped your other hand over it to stop the tremors. You needed to get a grip. Bakugou’s house wasn’t exactly uncharted territory, you had been inside a handful of times when the Bakugou matriarch had invited you and your family around for various meals and events, most you’d been able to dip out of. And it wasn’t like you didn’t know these people, you had spent the last two years sitting in the same room with them for six hours a day.
Obviously Bakugou and Kirishima were here, Kaminari would be for sure, as he was the third member of their little trio, and, if the feminine giggles were anything to go by, Ashido would make this gathering a quartet. That would mean the whole squad was here to witness your inevitable downfall. Not that you were planning on making any moves towards the redhead, you just needed to show your face so that if Bakugou-san were to question her son whether you had shown up, she would at least be able to tell your mother something to placate her.
Feeling more confident that this would be just a five minute social call - an awkward social call, but a social call nonetheless - you rang the bell.
As you waited, you tried not to fidget when the hallway light turned on and shone a beam through the frosted glass panel of the door, outlining the figure of a blurry silhouette.
The door had only opened a crack when you heard an unmistakably gruff voice gripe out, “Forget your keys you old hag?”
Even though you knew it would be Bakugou who would answer your call, the shock of seeing him outside of school, and in casual wear no less, was something you were not prepared for.
He was wearing the same getup as you, jeans and a t-shirt, but, somehow on him, it made him look like one of those models that graced those teen idol magazines Touru was always flicking through. His jeans were black and artfully ripped, and you could peek a glint of silver from his belt buckle under his shirt. The shirt itself was also black, not necessarily tight, but tight enough to let you admire the broadness of his shoulders and taper of his waist. It was a good job that you weren’t trypophobic because you could see a hint of skin and abdominal muscles from the cluster of tiny holes that had also been purposefully made in one corner of his shirt.
It wasn’t often you got to see him in his casuals, so if you were to die right now, it would be because you had just had an aneurysm from the image he was currently searing into your brain; or probably of asphyxiation because you’d suddenly forgotten how to breathe as saliva began to fill your dry mouth.
Your eyes tracked the movement of his arm as he raised it to lean against the doorframe, and you spotted a thick, black bracelet-like strap encircling his left wrist. When he snapped the fingers at the end of that wrist, you darted your eyes back to his face to find an amused smirk teasing the edge of his lips.
“Oh, um, I, erm… Huh?”
What the fuck just happened? It was like your vocabulary had just up and left you, causing you to sound like a babbling baby.
“I should be asking you that,” he said. “The hag send you here to get whatever she’s forgotten? Because she could’ve just fuckin’ rang me.”
“Erm, no. I mean yes. Umm-”
Just walk away. Walk away. Forget this encounter had ever happened and never look back.
But no, you had to keep talking.
“Yes, she sent me here, but not because she forgot something.”
He raised a curious brow at that. “Then why the fuck are you here?”
Excuse. You needed an excuse, because there was no way you could tell him your mother and his had sent you over so you could hit on his best friend.
“Yo, Kacchan, what’s taking so long? You need more money for the pizzas?”
Kaminari stepped around the corner and as soon as he saw you his eyes widened.
“Dude, you never said you’d invited Kitten Girl.”
Your eyes swung back towards Bakugou and glared at the back of his head as he looked over his shoulder to his friend. You couldn’t remember if Kaminari had been there to witness that incident, but Bakugou must have at least said something for him to refer to you by that nickname.
“We haven’t even ordered the pizzas yet, you dumb fuck.”
“Then when are we?” he grumbled with a rub to his stomach, “because I’m starving.”
“I swear to fuckin’ Christ, you are just as bad as Shitty Hair when it comes to food.”
Bakugou must have seen you slowly backing away, using his conversation with Kaminari as a distraction to make your escape. When his eyes landed back on your retreating figure, they narrowed into slits as he asked, “And where do you think you’re going?”
You froze, knees locking up under his scrutiny. “Home?” The cringe that accompanied that answer was out of pure embarrassment.
“Oh, no you don’t,” he said, a glare heating his eyes as he stepped forward and reached out to grab your upper arm. “If that hag of a mother of mine sent you she’ll beat my ass if I let you go back so soon, so get the fuck inside.”
The sudden shock of him touching you was enough to quell any protestations you may have tried to voice as you were forced to enter his house, and the slam of the door only solidified the fact that you had found yourself in such a precarious situation.
Touru would be beside herself if she could see you now.
Bakugou brushed past you and pushed a stunned Kaminari into the living room before turning back to you, “Well?” he said with a tilt of his head. “You coming or what?”
If you were to look back, you would have never guessed that the day's events would lead you to this. It would have never crossed your mind that you would have found yourself sitting on a sofa between Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou of all people.
“This is exciting,” chirped Kaminari from the large beanbag on the floor, something that was too stylish to be referred to as a beanbag, but you didn’t know the fancy word for it. “It’s been a while since we’ve had someone new join the group.”
That confused you; wasn’t Tokage considered new anymore? Actually, now that you thought about it, why wasn’t she here?
You weren’t allowed to think about it for long, because Bakugou had steered you towards the sofa, leaving you no choice but to take a seat next to a lounging Kirishima, who greeted you with a smile and a happy, “Hey”.
Bakugou, meanwhile, dropped himself down next to you, almost causing your second short circuit of the night.
Had he planned this manoeuvre to sit you next to his friend? He did think you had a crush on him. Was he trying to play some sort of subtle matchmaker? And why didn’t he take the second armchair that wasn’t occupied by a rather welcoming Ashido? Who was crowing about the fact that she wouldn’t be the only female of the group that night, and tapping away on her phone.
It was one thing to sit behind Bakugou in class, a seating arrangement that allowed you to admire him without his knowledge. However, having him next to you, his thigh almost touching yours, and that smell of his invading your nostrils with its clean and citrusy scent, had your heart working overtime as it stuttered in your chest.
He was becoming exceptionally bad for your health.
With the greetings over, Kaminari quickly returned to the subject of food. This didn’t help the fact that it forced you to converse with not only Kirishima, the reason you were stuck here in the first place, but with Bakugou too.
You relegated yourself to only looking at him when he spoke, and even then it was too much, especially if you were being addressed directly. His eyes were like pools of cherry red blood sucking you in and drowning you in their depths, causing a bout of shyness to emerge just like when he answered the door for you. Even when you were speaking to one of his friends, you could feel his gaze threatening to swallow you whole.
In an effort to combat this predicament, you’d turned slightly towards Kirishima in the hope that it would slow your rapidly beating heart, only to find him smiling at you in that friendly kind of way he always seemed to have plastered on his face, his arm resting along the back of the sofa right behind your head. It was all rather intimate if you were to look at the scene from an outsider's perspective, and this only caused your anxiety levels to spike again, just as you were settling into the conversation too.
Once everything was settled in regards to food, Bakugou left your side to make the order, which allowed you to breathe a sigh of relief, as you shuffled a few inches away from the rather handsome teen sitting on your right. The thought of moving to the open arm chair crossed your mind, but you didn’t want to come across as rude, and somehow offend Kirishima with your actions.
Luckily, or unluckily, Kaminari was there to save you as he jumped into Bakugou’s vacated seat, jostling you with his exuberant bounce on the cushions, knocking you away from the redhead. If it wasn’t for Kirishima’s quick reflexes and grabbing your upper arm - the same place where Bakugou had manhandled you earlier - you would have fallen right into the blond.
“Careful,” Kirishima chided his friend, pulling you back into place, causing you to lose those precious inches that you had only just gained.
Kaminari ignored him and didn’t even give you a second to recover before he asked, “So, what brings you here?” He attempted to also spread his arm out behind you, only to screw up his face in annoyance and drop his hands in his lap when he found Kirishima’s already there.
You felt the scrutiny of three pairs of eyes focused on you and you looked at your knees. “Oh, umm, I had no plans for the night, so my mom and Bakugou-san practically kicked me out of the house and told me to come here.” You conveniently omitted the most damning part.
“That’s rough,” said Ashido who had managed to tear her gaze from her phone from her envious place in the chair made for one. “What would you’ve been doing otherwise?”
With a shrug, you answered, “Probably reading or watching TV in my room.”
“On a Friday night?” she asked, scandalised at the thought.
“Leave her alone, Mina,” chided in Kirishima.
“But a Friday?”
“We’re spending it playing video games, what’s the difference,” he reasoned back.
“That doesn’t matter,” waved off Kaminari. “She’s here now, and she’s going to have loads of fun with us.”
“Yes,” she said, a slow grin forming on her lips as she looked between the three of you sitting on the sofa. “The night just got a lot more interesting.”
You did not like the thought of what she was implying with that statement, especially when it got exceptionally wider once Bakugou returned - who clipped Kaminari around the ear to get him to move so he could reclaim his previous spot, relegating the electric-blond to his seat on the pouffe-beanbag thing.
“Pizzas are gonna be about an hour,” he said gruffly, swiping the controllers from the coffee table, and throwing one over your lap and into Kirishima’s. “Let’s get this level fuckin’ done before they get here.”
“Sure, bro,” replied the redhead, bringing his arm over your head and adapting a crouched pose like his ash-blond friend, spreading his legs wider and resting his forearms on his knees.
You had no choice but to try and make yourself as small as possible from being trapped between the two hulking teens, regretting not taking the chance to move. You knocked your knees together tightly so you wouldn’t accidentally brush up against either of them.
Offending Kirishima be damned; this was torture.
Ashido didn't acknowledge your silent plea for some female solidarity and help, only looking at you with a raised eyebrow and smirk; and Kaminari looked annoyed that he was left out of the game, or was it because he was left to sit on the floor, even though there was a perfectly good armchair going begging?
Feeling guilty, and because you couldn’t sit there for another ten minutes as the people around you enjoyed themselves, you asked him, “Do you want to swap places, Kaminari?” You began to stand only for Bakugou to pull on your arm to bring you back down.
“Don’t fuckin’ move!” he growled, his eyes still firmly fixed on the TV and thumbs moving rapidly.
“Can’t you pause it?”
“Dipshit’s fine where he is.”
“What if I need to go to the bathroom?”
“Do you?” he asked with a look from the corner of his eye.
You felt yourself shrink further, “Well, no but…”
“Then what’s the fucking problem?” He didn’t seem to want an answer, because he returned his attention back to the game.
Still, you gave him one anyway. “Nothing,” you whispered.
Throughout this exchange, Kirishima and Kaminari had been yelling at the blaring TV and each other, their focus entranced by what was happening on screen that you doubted they even heard what was said.
But one person did.
Raising from her seat, Ashido unceremoniously stood next to Kirishima and leaned over him, obscuring his view, causing him to try and look around her as she grabbed your hand and pulled you up to your feet.
“What the fuck, Raccoon Eyes?!”
Kirishima was trying to be polite.
Bakugou was flipping his shit.
And Kaminari was laughing his head off as a black splash screen with bold red writing graced it to announce they’d lost and it was Game Over.
“You better have a good fuckin’ reason for what you just did.”
“It’s just a game, Bakugou,” she snipped, unfazed by the angry glare he was sending her way as she looked down on him with a hand on her hip. “There’s no need to get your knickers in a twist!” You hoped there wasn’t more to that remark than what was voiced. “We’re just gonna get a drink because you’re a bad host.”
“I ordered drinks with the pizzas,” he growled.
“And what? You want us gasping in the meantime?” she asked.
His eyes swept over you both, and you tried to forget the fact that they may, or may not, have lingered on your form for a fraction longer as you slid behind Ashido.
He smirked, “Now that you mention it.”
“Ugghh, you pig!”
With that, she pulled you away in the direction of the kitchen, and you watched over your shoulder as Kirishima tried to get Bakugou back in the game, and Kaminari continued to laugh his ass off.
She immediately went towards the fridge after depositing you on the breakfast bar bench, and began rambling off the names of various beverages, “What do you fancy? Cola, lemonade, water, fruit juice, ice tea, an energy drink?”
With this amount of drinks on offer, you didn’t think there was a need to order more. “Water’s fine.”
She took a can of cola for herself and pushed a bottle of water across the counter to you. You twisted off the cap and took a healthily swig.
“So you like Bakugou, huh?”
The refreshing liquid got caught in your throat, and you began to choke, water spraying from your mouth and dribbling down your chin.
“I don't know where you got that idea from,” you said between coughs.
Ashido ripped a square of kitchen roll from its holder and handed it to you with a knowing smile. You cleaned yourself up as best as you could, and tried to forget that those words had left her mouth.
“I absolutely do not like Bakugou,” you denied in a harsh whisper and a quick glance towards the doorway just in case one of the others should overhear, especially a certain blond. “He is the exact opposite of what I like.”
“Girl, you’re so obvious,” she said with a sip of her drink.
“What are you talking about?” You thought you had done well considering the circumstances; you’d hardly looked at him and kept your distance as much as you could in the cramped conditions you’d been thrust into.
She put down her can and pinned you to your seat with a serious look. “No matter how much you try and crawl into Eiji’s lap to get away from the grump, you can’t keep your eyes off of him.”
“What? No! I was trying to get away from them both!” Why couldn’t she see that? And why did the room suddenly start to feel smaller and hotter as she looked at you?
“Body language never lies,” she stated in a matter of fact way. “You like him, I know.” She took another sip and added, “And because I texted Touru as soon as you walked through the door.”
What was it today with people and their sudden interest with you and the blond, and the redhead? First Touru, then your mother, then Bakugou-san, and now Ashido Mina. Why couldn’t people mind their own business and leave you alone?
Touru was friends with Ashido, but you were not; sure you were friendly to one another but she was just a classmate to you. You hardly spoke unless you were forced to partner for some project at school or during PE. The changing rooms were always rife with chatter, especially about boys and shopping when Ashido was about, and you tended not to participate in those types of conversations, particularly if a certain blond’s name came up, not wanting your secret to get out. However, that didn’t mean Touru had the right to tell all and sundry, especially not one of his closest friends.
“What did she say?” you asked.
“There’s no need to look so scared. She just said that you had a crush on him, that’s all.”
Okay, it was time for damage control. You had to find a way for her not to tell anyone about this. Unfortunately, you didn’t know enough about her to blackmail her into keeping her mouth shut.
“You can’t-”
“And that you should turn your attention to Eiji instead,” she interrupted with a shrug.
You groaned. Was nothing sacred to Touru? What happened to the girl code? Sure she had told another girl, but that was beside the point. She shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. There were going to be some strong words exchanged between you and your so-called best friend.
Ashido leaned forward, her elbows and forearms resting against the countertop. “I can help you with that.”
You eyed her with some scepticism before asking, “With Bakugou or Kirishima?”
“Either,” she smiled. “Take your pick.”
“This is wrong, I don’t like Kirishima like that, and Bakugou has a girlfriend.”
“Bakugou has a side piece who thinks she’s his girlfriend. And Eiji is a doll once you get to know him.” You almost missed that last part.
Bakugou was single? This was news to you. You wondered how Tokage would react if she heard this snippet of information.
You couldn’t believe this was happening. Had you fallen into some sort of alternate dimension where things were totally and utterly bizarrely fucked?
“Why are we even discussing this? They probably don’t even like me.”
She drew back and flicked a hand at you as if to brush that comment away. “Kiri likes everyone,” she reassured, “and is willing to give anyone a chance. He doesn’t judge.”
You supposed not if he was friends with…
“And Bakugou?” you asked with a furrowed brow.
She frowned, which didn't bode well. “Bakugou is a different kettle of fish. He likes to keep his cards close to his chest, but I’ve learnt to read him pretty well over the years.”
“And?” you prodded.
Her sigh was telling. “And I’m not sure. He shows displeasure for people he doesn’t like all the time, but he’s never had to show interest in anyone before; they just flock to him without him even having to lift a finger.”
That sounded too much like you, and you cringed.
She leant forward again with an expectant look. “So, who’s it going to be?”
“Isn’t there a third option?”
That must have thrown her for a loop as she looked at you with shock. “What, like Denki?”
“No, no, no! Like no one!”
“Oh good,” she said with a sigh. “Denki falls in and out of love five times a day, so it’s best to steer clear of him. Especially because he’s getting dicked down by Shinsou at the moment.”
Now that was too much information, even if it was mixed in with some good advice.
Just then, the doorbell rang and you heard the noise from the living room die down, followed by the grumbles of Bakugou as you spied him trudge through the archway to answer the door.
This was getting far too complicated, and too many people were starting to get involved. You needed to nip this in the bud and put a stop to it.
“I appreciate the offer,” you said with a grimace. “But I think I’ll leave things as they are.”
She looked disappointed with your response, like she’s been looking forward to such a project. “Oh, okay. Your secret’s safe with me,” she said with a wink. Pushing back from the counter, she snatched up her drink, “But if you change your mind, just let me know.”
You breathed a sigh of relief as Bakugou came strolling in with an arm full of pizza boxes and bottles of fizzy drinks. “Oi, Shitty Hair, Shit for Brains, food’s here.” he called out as he dumped everything on the counter. “If you girls are done fuckin’ nattering, can you shift your asses so we can eat?” he added as he shoved you along the bench, taking a seat beside you and began opening the boxes.
And just to make your night even more uncomfortable, Ashido gave you a conspiratory look and wink as Kirishima chose to sit on your other side.
It was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
You don’t know how, but you managed to avoid Touru for the rest of the weekend. Well, more like ignored; you didn’t answer her calls, and when she texted you to say she was coming over, you chose to accompany your mother on the monthly big shop to the large supermarket in the centre of town. And even though you felt a little guilty, you thought it was somewhat deserved after what she had put you through on Friday. She would probably ring Ashido anyway to get all the juicy details.
Your mother on the other hand, could not be avoided. The next day she had asked you how it had gone, and you had been vague and noncommittal, opting to talk about your time spent with the female of the group instead - of course, omitting what you’d talked about. You could tell she was annoyed by this development, but she had no choice, and could either like it or lump it. She’d only be stopping by at the Bakugou’s anyway to gossip it up with her friend, and you doubted Bakugou would be forthcoming with his mother for her to be able to spill the beans to yours.
All too soon Monday rolled around, and there was no way you could put off the inevitable interrogation from Touru any longer.
She was waiting for you at the gate at the bottom of the hill outside of UA, and immediately hooked her arm through yours, latching on tight so you couldn’t get away.
You glanced at her as you made your ascent, and saw she was giving you an accusatory frown.
“Are you still mad at me?”
You sighed and rolled your eyes, “No.”
She grinned, “Good. Now tell me everything!”
So, you did.
You told her how you and Bakugou’s mother’s conspired against you to get you over to his house to talk to Kirishima; how you were unceremoniously shoved in between the two powerhouses of the rugby team with nowhere to escape; Mina’s offer to help and how you had finally made it to the armchair of your dreams after stuffing yourself with pizza to watch the four friends play some co-op party game that caused more arguments than anything else.
You told her about how Bakugou had paid for your share of the pizza, and how Mina jokingly said you could pay him back by hosting the next get together, nevermind that you didn’t own a gaming console, to which Kirishima had offered to bring his. Bakugou had called him an idiot and that it would be easier if he just brought ‘round instead. You couldn’t believe they’d taken Ashido’s off-handed comment as fact. You had hoped they were joking.
Touru looked like she was in rapture as she listened to you speak. “Ohhh, sounds like a rivalry,” she said, wagging her eyebrows.
“Nonsense, if they were rivals, they would’ve both walked me home.”
Her eyes got impossibly large. “Which one of them did?” she asked with a squeeze of your arm.
She squealed.
“It wasn’t like that,” you tried and failed to downplay it.
“I bet it wasn’t.”
“It was raining, and I didn’t have a brolly, but he did, so he offered.”
She sighed as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, “A stroll in the rain, sharing an umbrella with a hot guy. It’s so romantic.”
“Touru!” you warned.
“Don’t!” she warned right back. “Don’t spoil this for me.”
“For you?! You’re not the one being pushed in all sorts of directions by ten different people.”
“Exaggerate much,” she laughed and grinned. “But, that’s exactly why, you're my only hope of experiencing something like this. I have to live it through you.”
You snorted, “I would gladly trade places. You can have your pick of Bakugou or Kirishima, and I’ll take Ojiro.”
“If only,” she said with a wistful sigh. “But can’t it be Kirishima or Todoroki?”
“Whoever you want, as long as I’m not involved,” you griped.
“Don’t be such a sour puss, you’re living the dream.”
What was it with all these cat analogies aimed at you?
“If this is a dream, could someone please wake me up?” you said as you stopped at your cubby in the genkan and to replace your shoes.
She smacked you on the arm, “Ah, you’re no fun. You should have taken Mina’s offer. She’s the perfect in.”
Yeah, the perfect in to get you into a whole heap of trouble. You were glad you didn’t take it, because it would only lead to confusion and heartache for you, and who knows what it would reek in the guys. In particular you didn’t want to get caught in the crosshairs of Tokage, who you’d just spied walking into the room with a couple of her friends.
Ordinarily, you would’ve taken no notice, but your ears always seemed to be listening out for Bakugou’s name, even when your brain was otherwise occupied with more important matters.
“It was great,” she was saying, “but I would have preferred to spend it with Katsuki. There was this new movie that I wanted to see with him.”
“Maybe this weekend?” her friend supplied.
“I’ll grab him at lunch and entice him into going on Saturday.”
Knowing now what you knew about her relationship with Bakugou, you could help but feel sorry for the girl. And perhaps that’s why most of his relationships ended the way they did. She thought she had hit the big time, only she didn’t know that heartbreak was what awaited her at the end.
“So, are you going again?”
“Huh, what?” you asked, blinking at Touru’s expectant expression.
“To Bakugou’s? No matter what you said, it sounded like you had fun.”
“I did, once I wasn't being overcrowded,” you replied, putting away your outdoor shoes as you remembered laughing at Kaminari’s not so sportsman-like antics at trying to win a round at the game they were playing. “But I don’t think so. I practically gate crashed the last one, and the next one’s at Kirishima’s; and I can’t exactly rock up to his place without being invited. I don’t even know where he lives.” Now that would be embarrassing, like you were some little lost puppy - kitten - looking for a home.
“Mina could get you in,” said Touru as you both made your way up the stairwell to your classroom.
“You say that like it’s some sort of exclusive club.”
She cocked an eyebrow, “Well, isn’t it?”
Umm, she was right about that. No one had really managed to break into the friend group for a significant amount of time. Occasionally, maybe someone they were dating would, but they always seemed to be on the fringes even when they were all together, like an outsider that stuck out like a sore thumb. The last person who had managed it had been Sero Hanta, but he had moved across the country almost a year ago now, and nobody had managed to take his place.
You didn’t think you were up to the task.
Morning classes passed rather uneventfully; Bakugou didn’t acknowledge you other than a quick glance as you took your seat, and you studiously ignored him as you took out your books; Kaminari did give you a wave when you'd entered the room, and Kirishima had smiled. Although you could have been mistaken at that, Kirishima smiled at everyone.
No, it wasn’t until lunch that, what should have been another ordinary day for you, took a turn into the bizarre.
“Hey! Hey!!” you heard someone shout after you had paid for your food, and were beginning to look for a table. “Hey, over here!”
Your eyes latched on to Ashido standing halfway out of her seat, beckoning you with a wave. You looked around the room. She couldn’t be referring to you could she? You pointed to yourself like a fool, and she nodded eagerly.
Slowly, you made your way over and she ushered Kaminari over a seat and slid into his vacant one.
“Here,” she said, tapping the plastic. “Sit.”
You took another look around the room, and shuffled your feet. “I was actually supposed to be finding seats for Touru and Ojiro too.”
“They can spare you for one lunch, can’t they?”
“Well…” Touru would definitely be encouraging you to ditch her for something like this.
“Sit your ass down,” growled Bakugou with a kick to the chair, pushing it out more from the table.
You sat, and came face-to-face with the blond.
Seated next to him, and across from Mina was a beaming Kirishima. “Hey,” he greeted.
“Hey,” you returned.
“Yo, Kitten Girl!” said Kaminari, trying to look over Ashido’s head.
“Err… Yo?” you greeted back.
This was so surreal. You thought they would’ve forgotten all about you after you left Friday night, but it seemed you were very much mistaken on that, and were now thrust into their company again.
“Which do you prefer, bowling or swimming?”
“Swimming, say swimming,” chimed in Kaminari.
You looked between the four friends in confusion. Ashido was looking at you expectantly, Kirishima was still smiling as he ate, and Bakugou was protecting his food around a bent arm like he was hiding his answers to a test.
“Is there any particular reason why you need my input on this?”
“We were just talking about what we’re doing this weekend, you don’t have any plans do you?” asked Ashido.
You scrunched up your nose, “Not as far as I’m aware, unless Touru springs something on me.”
“Good, so..?”
So, what?
“I dunno,” you shrugged. “Have you tried voting?” you asked, finally opening up your chopsticks and tucking into your food. Well, if you were going to be here for a while, you may as well eat.
“We did,” said Kirishima. “Me and Denki want to go swimming and these two want to go bowling.”
“I told you, I need to go shopping for a new costume if we go to the pool, and I’ve already spent my allowance for this month.” You were sure Ashido had plenty of swimming apparel to choose from, but any excuse to go shopping, you supposed.
“What about drawing from a hat?” you suggested.
Kaminari frowned, “We don’t have a hat.”
“You’re a fuckin’ idiot. Here,” Bakugou said, slamming a coin on the table. “Just fuckin’ flip for it.”
Ashido snatched it up and called, “Heads for swimming, tails for bowling,” before flicking it in the air and catching it. She removed her hand and groaned.
Kaminari and Kirishima ‘Whooped’ and high-fived one another.
“Pool babes in tiny bikinis where we come.”
Around a mouthful of rice, you asked, “When’re you going?”
“Saturday,” supplied Kirishima, his smile even bigger at the win.
“Have you checked the weather?”
“Shit! Never thought of that.” Kaminari quickly pulled out his phone and began tapping furiously at the screen. “Ah, shit. It’s supposed to rain around one o’clock.”
Ashido laughed, “Hah, bowling it is then.”
Feeling guilty for raining on their parade as the electric-blond and redhead groaned, you tried to rectify your input, “Or you could just do something you all agree on,” you offered.
“Karaoke,” suggested Ashido.
“Not a bad idea.”
“I’m down.”
The three friends turned to the light-blond of the group, and you raised a brow in question.
“Ah, come on, Kacchan. We haven’t been for ages,” Kaminari tried to entice him.
“No, pick something else,” he grumbled, looking down at his tray of half-eaten food.
Kirishima wrapped a well defined arm around his friend’s shoulders and pulled him into his side, “‘s cool, bro, we don’t care that you can’t sing.”
“Fuck off,” he said, shoving the redhead off him.
You had never thought of Bakugou as cute, but you couldn’t help but smile when you saw the faint dusting of red bloom across the bridge of his nose.
“I think Bakugou might be busy on Saturday,” you chimed in, diverting everyone’s attention back to you. They all looked surprised - including yourself - except for Bakugou, whose eyes had narrowed in suspicion. You couldn’t believe you’d been so presumptuous.
“Oh?” asked Ashido. “Is there something you two aren’t telling us?” The sly smile that accompanied that question made you fidget in your seat and turn your chopsticks nervously between your fingers. It was unsettling to be the centre of their attention. Again.
“It's just that I overheard Tokage this morning talking about making arrangements with, erm…” you coughed uncomfortably with a fidget, and looked toward the blond sitting across the table, “…you, about going to the pictures on Saturday.” You added a smile at the end, hoping he wouldn’t be mad at you knowing his plans before he did, and because you may have just saved him from a day of semi-public embarrassment.
“Speak of the devil,” said Kaminari with a gesturing nod.
Everyone looked down the aisle to see Tokage coming towards your table, except for Bakugou who was glaring at his food. And for some odd reason, the air and mood around you seemed to turn sour.
She gave you a confused look when she came to a stop at the head, but ultimately dismissed you when she turned to her ‘boyfriend’.
He didn’t let her finish, he was up and out of his seat before you even had time to blink, and was dragging her away by the arm.
You looked owlishly at the empty space he’d made, then towards the others, “What was that all about?”
“Looks like Bakubro’s ready for a change,” said Kirishima as he leant back in his chair and rested an arm along Bakugou’s vacated seat.
You didn’t know what that meant, and you also didn’t like the look that Ashido sent your way, or what it might imply.
“Or he was just dying to bust a nut,” provided Kaminari.
For some odd reason, you felt like you’d done something wrong. And it was going to get you into trouble.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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notebooks-and-laptops · 5 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Recs
And finally we reach inquisition. I have...so many mods for this game. As before, all are from Nexus Mods and currently I’m only using DAI mods (though if I ever branch out to frosty I will do a separate rec list for those). I’ve marked the ones I deem ‘essential’ as **.
Character creation Mods
**Enhanced Character Creator - THE dragon age inquisition mod for character creation. It completely revamps the character creator; adding blood swipes, hair colours, letting you edit how ‘shiny’ your skin/hair is, all sorts. It also re-organises the character creator so that things are grouped together a little bit more sensibly. The only issue I’ve ever found with it is that it crashes with Qunari inquisitors.
**Modded Hair in DLC - make sure you have this installed if you want your modded hair and hair colour to show up in the DLC’s, otherwise you run the risk of crashing the game
**SK Hair retexture - retextures the hair for your inquisitor so it’s less clumpy (particularly modded hair), there are a few options to chose from that give the hair different looks
SK Hair Pack - a great range of hairstyles for every kind of inquisitor, this is where I got DeLila’s hair from as well as a few others
SK Mini Qunari Hair Pack - be warned, some of these clip (the long ones) but they’re really lovely. This is where I got Aban’s hair from if anyone remembers my pics of him.
Qunari Ponytail - what it says on the tin; a ponytail for FQ (this was Taash’s hair if any of you remember my pics of her)
Qunari Ponytail Long - what it says on the tin; for FQ
Qunari Female High Bun - What it says on the tin; for FQ
Tweaked Bun - for HF, DF, EF 
Crown Braid Hairstyle - HF, EF, I have an inquisitor planned for this hairstyle who I am very excited about
Bob with Bangs - EF, DF, HF, a really lovely replacement to the normal bob with bangs in the base game
Gameplay Mods
**Party At the Winter Palace - This mod is one of my most essential mods, it lets you bring everyone to the winter palace. You’ll still sneak around with whatever team you pick, but the others will be present for you to talk to and ask their opinions on things. Which just makes sense considering the fact that they all imply they were there in dialogue post-quest. It also means you’ll always get Sera’s Red Jenny quest. 
**More Banter - exactly what it says on the tin. Inquisition has shitty banter times. This helps improve that.
**More Inquisition Levels - I like to do everything in my DAI playthroughs and I like to buy the manuscripts that increase your inquisition levels to get the perks quicker. This unfortunately means I often max out early. This lets you continue to collect the inquisition levels/perks post level 20.
**Immersive Starting Armours - just makes the role playing aspect of the game better in the beginning, with plenty of options to chose from.
Schematics Spree - allows you to get the schematics for all the main weapons etc. in the game early in the shops around Val Royuex. Great for if you’re playing an elf and want the dalish armour early.
World Tweaks
templar banner banned - is your inquisitor anti-templar? Does that templar flag on the stairs to your quarters piss you off? This mod removes it
Improved Mabari Textures and Recolours - anyone else think Cullen’s dog looks a bit...off in Trespasser? This mod fixes the appearance and allows you to pick a preferred coat colour 
Stephy’s Odds and Ends: Two Moons - In here you’ll find the files to add the canonical 2 moons Thedas has back into the game in the Hissing Wastes. Again, another small thing but it makes my brain happy
 Dress Up/Dress down - a complete revamp of Orlesian NPC’s outfits throughout the game. It’s absolutely stunning as far as designs go. Personally I use ‘Dress Up’. 
Band of Misfits Portrait Replacers - This replaces the character portraits you see at the left hand side of your screen. A nice thing to change up the feel of your game every now and then
Inquisitor Armor Leather Shoulder and Thigh Pads - I get...irrationally angry at the stupid leather bits on the warrior armour that never seem a good colour to suit my inquisitor. This is a quick fix for that and just edits their colours slightly.
PJ replacers
Vashoth Maiden - For FQ, I really like this one for my more feminine Qunari women
Scion of Glory - for MQ, FQ, pretty looks for your inkies who like to show some skin
Jammies of the Kadan - All races/genders, I love these, they all incorporate the Dragons Tooth somehow. I’m using the elf one for my current inky Merripen and it really suits him
Casual Jammies retexture Elf Female - for EF, really beautiful and fancy casual outfit for your inquisitor 
Eles female elf Jammies rexture - I love these! They’re the first PJ replacer I used back when I was playing Gwyneth. 
The Carta Cut - the best dwarf PJ retextures out there, particularly the Gambeson which I used with DeLila 
LL Inquisitor Uniform - EF only, a more understated change to the inquisitors PJ’s
Nimue: Ra'lah PJ Edit - EF only, but stunningly beautiful 
Skyhold Outfit Mesh Edit - HF only, this also works with Frosty - very pretty knitted jumper style I can’t wait to try
Companion Appearance/Outfit Mods
Warden of the North: Blackwall Remade - I just use this for the man bun but I LOVE the manbun on Blackwall.
Cole: Angel and Demon - a retexture for Cole that makes him ever so slightly creepier
Silver Knight: the Celtic Commander - Beautiful Outfit Mod for Cullen
The Golden Lion - another outfit Mod for Cullen
Nasty Girl Sera - a patchwork outfit for Sera which really fits the vibes of her character. I’m honestly completely in love with this mod and use it always.
**NPC Subtle Tweaks - get’s rid of the shinny/oily skin affect on the NPC’s. I don’t use the Cullen/Cas/Leliana face edits, just the no-more-shiny ones. 
Dear Lady Montilyet - pretty outfit retextures for Josie
Josephine Hair and Face - Again, I just use the hair in this one, but there’s a file that let’s you just use that (same as with the Blackwall one)
Winter Palace Outfits
**Exquisition - the BEST Winter Palace outfits imo. They’re all stunningly beautiful
Exquisition Remix - a remix of the above mod
Inquisition Branded Finery - has the inquisition logo on the back of the formal wear + various colours
Inquisitoral Fashion - there’s only a few DAImods (rather than frosty) in here, but again, they’re all stunning. They’re very shiny though if you’re not into that
Winter Palce Outfit retexture - I don’t like this one as much as the others, but it has a more dalish feel for your elf inkies
Champagne and Truffles - Again, not one of my favs, but a silky retexture of winter palace outfits
Sumptuous Silk Finery - More silky retextures of the outfits based on Champagne and Truffles
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carryonmydearest · 6 months ago
Stop this marriage
Fun and has alot of crackhead energy. We got two siblings who were isekaied into a prince and princess and they are engaged to each other. Also princess here means daughter of the duke so don't get confused. The art is very pretty, FL has a great design and her brother is very cute in my opinion. They have a big sister-little brother dynamic going on and they act like real life healthy siblings who don't have weird complexes towards each other. The comedy is good though the pacing is similar to if you touch my little brother your all dead, it's very fast and things can escalate quickly. It's funny and has nice art, give this one a go
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way that knight lives as a lady
Yes another reincarnation story but this time the protagonists past life was a military commander and this time she's a noble lady. The story is okay, i like how our FL is not misogynistic and learns from her own mistakes. She used to see young noble ladies as frivolous girls but she realized that they were not allowed to be anything else expect pretty decorations. Also I think it's incredibly realistic that she was shunned for the past accomplishments as a soldier because history often think of women in power as foolish or too bitchy. We also get to know about the original hosts past and I honestly love those parts the most, she is more than meets the eye and i think she deserves a better ending. What I didn't like was the romance between the ML and FL, it can feel a bit contrived at times, it's like they purposefully dumb down the characters for the scene. I like this manhwa and the art is good so check it out, it's licensed on webtoon but if you on other sites they have more chapters, but warned that after chap 27 ish the translation gets increasingly bad
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Asmodian's contract
Good story, good art, what else can you say? I honestly disliked the FL for the first 7 chapters because she came off as a not like other girls girl but she kinda grew on me. Cunning and carefree, a nice combo for a protagonist. It focuses on alot of sword fighting and uses proper real life techniques according to the people in the comments, also FL fights and doesn't just sit in a dark room to plan people's demise. The characters are chaotic and charming, the friend group dynamic is very realistic in my opinion and I like the romance between secondary characters. The characters does kinda have plot armor but they don't over do it (looking at you the duchesses 50 tea recipes). The pacing is good and FL is a such a little shit, like she made one of her knights wear a dress and then made him 'court' her, like that moment was hilarious.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is it a fortune or is it a woe
So good yet so underrated. This one gives me huge pride and prejudice vibes plus the banter is actually funny. It was one of my first otome isekai and on a second re read I still think it's a real gem. FL has a more mature design compared to the other ones that I've seen, she's got a sharp tough and has a good head on her shoulders. You can see that she really cares about her family and would do anything to keep them safe, also her siblings are a riot, I love her little sister. The dialog is very nicely done, it doesn't feel forced or boring, character interactions are consistent and in line with their motivations. Also the art is nice, it's unique but not sloppy, I find that alot of series often uses its art work to just wow the audience without taking into account the plot line and whether it enhances the story or hinders it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The reason why ophelia couldn't leave the dukes mansion
This was a truly messed up story. Like it's a psychological thriller with a murder mystery tied into it and I honestly love that. FL and ML are step siblings, I know its kinda weird but hey it does make things spicy. FL is crazy manipulative, like she manages to frame several people and gaslight her brother, she's like Medea but with out Psyches influence. Her brother is a crazy yandere who lusted after her since they first met, honestly he's awful but also incredibly entertaining. The twist and turns are great and every chap makes you feel breathless and wanting for more. If you guys like incredibly morally dubious characters then I suggest you to try this. Btw go on bato to read this, other sites have such poor translations that it just ruins the story
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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silversidesstuff · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hera Re-design | Just for fun!
Hi, please before we start, this is just for fun, so ah, no hate. Also to all the LO panel editors out there, you're amazing, doing panel edits are hard. Like I said before, new at this so it's going to look a little weird in the beginning, but that's okay at least I'm practicing.
I based Hera off of a mixed peacock. Her hair resembles the natural peacock look, as well as her eyes. Then the white skin resembles a white peacock. Then I just added that little feathered hair piece. Oh, longer lashes too.
I also kept gold in her design since I really love "Golden Traitor" title. She has gold nail polish to match her lipstick, but it kinda just looks like I forgot to colour in a bit of her skin haha.
Tumblr media
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earthstellar · 7 months ago
turns out my local library’s online book loan system has the TFP Art Book so HELLLLL YEAHHHHHH
gonna go through it much more extensively when I’m not on my lunch break lmao
but real quick just some screenshots of sections of a few various pages, mostly Ratchet because of course lol: 
Tumblr media
I’ve seen the above concepts for Ratchet and Arcee before, but only as part of the full intro page and usually in a slightly lower quality, so I figured I’d provide everyone with this version 
some quick notes: 
-Ratchet’s original concept has heartbeat lines, which might actually make sense as we know that sparks have a “pulse” based on their energy oscillation patterns, so this heartbeat might be more of a sparkbeat and may not necessarily be specific to any adopted human ambulance livery. 
-Arcee’s design is almost Seeker-like; Check out her abdominal structure and how it very much resembles a Seeker cockpit. Her “wing” features also seem more pronounced in this model, with a very different helm design that has a crest here which matches the more wing-like protrusions/kibble on her back and elbows. Her forearms are also somewhat long, and I wonder if they re-tooled her so that she would look less Decepticon-like, as 
-These may also be their Cybertronian planet-side designs! 
I haven’t read the book yet, just skimming it while I’m on break, so I don’t know if this is mentioned or implied anywhere. But it would make sense, if so; We know they ended up doing a full design for Orion Pax, so perhaps during the development of that plotline/those episodes, they may have experimented with Cybertronian designs for the rest of the characters as well. 
Or of course, these could just be earlier concepts for what the Autobots would look like on Earth, throughout the series. These sketches aren’t accompanied by text aside from the intro segment of the book (unless I have missed something while skimming over lunch, which could be the case), but it’s interesting that they are included without comment! 
ratchet stuff! 
Because I am also old and tired, naturally I’m gonna go right to Ratchet’s pages first lmao, so here’s a few screenshots from his section: 
Tumblr media
Here’s the text above if it’s hard to read for anyone: 
“We used elements to make Ratchet feel a little bit more square, not as dynamic. The way you break the shapes, he doesn’t have the small waist. We gave him a bigger jaw, a bit more square. Within the eyes, we wanted him to feel a lot softer. All those elements make him feel a bit older.” - Jose Lopez 
At the top of the same page are three character turn around sketches, useful for reference (not the greatest quality but I’m working from library scans here lol): 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ll be going through the whole book once I’m off work and will screenshot little bits here and there as I go; So far it looks like a solid art book! 
I just wanted to share these to get started with, because I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of this content before and I’m not sure how many other people have come across it! 
I also know this book is rare/expensive as hell, so I’m just impressed that my library has it tbh, holy shit yes.
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slutzandcuckz · 11 months ago
Title: So Much For Being Quiet
Content Warning: all characters are 18+, izuku x femme!reader (gender-neutral language used, reader has breasts and a vagina), undetermined relationship (they really like each other though 🥺), exhibitionism? (they fuck in front of other people), implied voyeurism, oral (izuku), hand job (izuku), frottage/grinding (reader), cum play, slight nipple play (izuku), pet names (i.e kitty and baby), overuse of the word fuck, probs some editing errors, idk lemme know if there’s anything I missed, I hope it’s not rushed I got antsy to finish 😩
Estimated Word Count < 1900 * I edit my writing too often to commit to a static number 🥴
“Shh,” he giggles, petting the back of your head. “They’re going to hear us.”
That’s easy for him to say, he doesn’t have an 8-inch penis shoved down the back of his throat. The gurgling and sucking and retching is so loud, it’s a wonder how you’ve gone unnoticed thus far.
It’s movie night, an occasion designated for every Friday evening. Everyone is scattered about Momo’s living room, all seemingly having fallen asleep during your movie marathon. Kirishima and Denki are cuddled in little makeshift cots on the floor, Urahaka has a couch all to herself, Momo retreated to her bedroom awhile back, and Bakugo is on the far end of the sectional you and Izuku are occupying—er— well Izuku is occupying, you’re kneeled on the floor in between his thighs. It’s super risky getting frisky with Izuku with all your friends around like this, but fuck is it hot. Izuku has a hold of the back of your head and is thrusting into your throat unabashedly. His eyes keep flittering between your teary-eyed dick-filled face, and the slumbering bodies around him. It’s so sexy to see his eyes flutter shut from pleasure only to widen and search for the source of any unanticipated noise. Your thighs keep rubbing together in an attempt to ease the throbbing. Any chance you get to release your hold on Izuku’s hips, you bring a hand down to rub your engorging clit.
“Oh fuck, baby,” he whines, a little too loudly for someone having shushed you just a moment ago. So much for being quiet.
Your mouth abandons his dick for your hands to take reign. “Shh. They’re going to hear us,” you mock. You alternate between loose languid strokes and tapping his sticky tip, massaging his balls all the while. It’s so cute how he shudders and moans, biting his lip in an attempt to stay quiet, but he’s doing such a sucky job. Luckily everyone seems to be sound asleep, although Bakugo has shuffled around a few times. Nevertheless, you and Izuku are clear to keep fooling around, and you take full advantage of that.
You love to tease him, especially in situations like this when it’s probably best to speed things along. You two have been fooling around for the better part of five months now and it never gets old. He gets so flustered and restless, but is too sweet to demand anything of you—that is—until he’s had enough. And you love getting him to that point.
He shoots his hips up searching for more friction, but you snatch your hands away and swat at his thigh, whispering for him to be good. He settles down for a second or two when you continue to stroke him before growing frenzied all over again. You play this game of swatting him and kissing his tip when he gets out of hand, but he comes to his breaking point pretty quickly. The moment you go to release your grip from around him again, he wraps his hands around your own and fucks up into them. His face contorts in pleasure and his head can’t stay up right for more than a second at a time. He’s drooling a little and his muscles are bulging from exertion. God, he looks so hot when he loses control like this, you can’t take it.
It takes a bit of pulling, but you finally release one hand from his hold. He growls from the loss, but quiets when you make no effort to remove your other. Your freed hand digs beneath your shorts and panties to frantically rub at your clit.
“Fuck,” you drawl.
As much as you both attempt to stay quiet, you fail miserably. Slick wet noises echo throughout the room, and your stifled whimpers teeter into uncontrollable moans. You both stare longingly at each other, completely enamored by the other's pleasure.
God, you are so pretty. Your chin is covered in drool and your lips are swollen from sucking his dick. There are dried tears running down from your lash line and your lashes flutter so gently across your cheeks. You look like an angel. He could stare at you forever. He really hopes he can do that.
“I’m going to cum,” he whispers, chest heaving.
You abandon your clit and regroup your hand with the others to help finish him off. With each stroke increasing in speed he grows more and more tense, spine arching as though he is being summoned by the heavens. You wait with bated breath for the inevitable explosion.
“Please, Zuku, wannit,” you beg, “Want your cum, please!”
“Fuuuuuuck—” Despite the orgasm that rages through his body he still attempts to be quiet. He’s cumming so much, thick gooey globs run down your hands with each hard flex of his dick. He’s so pretty like this: body flushed red, sweaty, and slowly sinking into the couch. He looks so dazed and content. He makes your pussy clench. You continue to stroke him through his orgasm, his hot steely dick gradually softening with each pull, sweet little giggles escaping his lips ushering you to stop before his balls run dry.
There’s so much cum; you have to play in it. You take the liberty to massage it into his skin, sliding it across his inner thighs, making sure to drag it through every curve and dip of his lower abs, even traveling beneath his shirt to pinch and tug at his nipples. It’s calming and distracts you from the throbbing between your legs. Still attempting to catch his breath he says nothing, allowing you to do what you please. Despite how messy it is, it does feel good; he could probably fall asleep like this, if he didn’t notice your squirming.
You’ve soiled your panties and sleep shorts, bottoms mushy and uncomfortable. Rubbing your thighs together really isn’t cutting it anymore. Everyone is still asleep. There’s still time to do more, if he wants, though he looks pretty tired. As much as your loins burn for release, you can sleep happy with your sexual escapade ending here.
You stand from the floor and turn to find the restroom, only to be stopped by Izuku’s firm grip. He lifts himself up from his slouched position and digs his thumbs into the sides of your shorts and panties, yanking them down to your feet in one hard pull. You eagerly step out of the clothing, excited you get to cum too. Your ass is grabbed and jiggled and prodded by Izuku’s large hands, before he pulls you to straddle his hips. His shirt is lifted and tucked beneath his armpits to reveal more of his abs as he sinks back into the couch. He settles his hands back on your hips and pulls you further along his abdomen.
His voice is so soft and gentle. It makes you gush how sweetly he speaks to you. “Grind that pretty pussy on me, baby.” He pats your butt to urge you along and hums when you follow his instruction. “Wanna see my kitty cum.”
With pleasure. His abs are cut like fucking diamonds, and they’re still nice and gooey from his cum. You start out slow and controlled, hands resting against his shoulders for leverage. Your hips swivel and swirl, exploring his flexed muscles. He can feel your hole clench and releases slick with every pass. Your clit is so hard and the sound is so wet. He can’t decide whether to look at your face scrunch in pleasure, or your hips glide over his body—either image is perfect.
It doesn’t take long before your hips pick up speed. Seeing him beneath you, submitting himself to you, allowing you to use him like a fucking sex toy, it drives you absolutely wild. And he looks so dreamy with his half-lidded gaze, and dumb flexing muscles; the way he looks like he could devour you at any moment. He takes such good care of you and makes you feel so safe. Everything he does is perfect and he makes you feel so good. Fuck.
You come to that inevitable crescendo that just keeps growing and growing and growing. It feels so good you can’t keep yourself upright anymore. Your arms give out and your chest collides with his own. You wrap your arms around his head to keep you grounded. His head wiggles atop your shoulder to keep sight of your fractic humping. He takes a hand-full of your ass in each hand, pushing and pulling you along his body.
“Yes, baby,” he coos into your ear. “Fucking use me. Grind that pussy against me��just like that.”
You do a much better job at staying quiet than he did, with your cute little whimpers and moans and fucks and babys.
Your hips are moving so fast. Each pass brings you closer and closer. It’s coming so fast you feel blindsided.
Fuck, fuck, fuck—
Your orgasm ricochets through your body, chest shooting up and hips stuttering with a fresh gush of cum. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you body seizes as if you are being electrocuted; you’d maybe even go as far to say that is exactly how it feels. Despite your incapacitation, Izuku continues to rock your hips against his body, absolutely enamored by the ferocity of your release. This image will be engraved in his brain forever.
Your body eventually relaxes and Izuku gradually stops guiding your hips, alternately caressing and petting your skin, cooing about how well you did. Your chest is heaving attempting to capture air into your lungs. You’re a bit disoriented and your arms feel like jello, but you’re able to plop yourself back on to Izuku’s chest. He laughs, finding it funny how fatigued you are.
“Dun lava me” you slur completely pooped and on the verge of asleep. The soothing strokes to your back do no favors to keep you awake.
“I’m sorry you’re just so cute.”
You hum. You can definitely agree with that.
He allows you both to just sit and gather yourselves, although you should get up before someone wakes up and sees you like this. You’re both completely bottomless, and neither of you have announced whatever it is you two have got going on.
“Come on, cutie,” he pats your butt. “We gotta get cleaned up.”
“Okay,” you mumble, and reluctantly lift yourself from his body and the couch. Izuku follows suit, then pulls you close to lock your lips and massage your tongues together. The kiss is longer than it should be considering you’re both standing half naked in the middle of the living room, but you made it this far without getting caught, what’s a couple more minutes of passionate making out gonna change?
The kiss comes to an abrupt stop when a gruff, tired, and annoyed voice rings in the air.
“You idiots done yet?”
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writings-for-bean-chan · 6 months ago
Hii! hope ur having a good day
Can i request mirio/amajiki (seperate) that has a s/o whos personality is similar or just like bakugous??
Ahh, of course~! Recently when I went to Disneyland I acquired two new sets of mickey headbands with ears! One of them is little Winnie the Pooh ears (since it's one of my favourite movies) and Encanto with little embroidery details like her dress from the movie :) Super pretty, I have them hanging on push pins that hold up posters around my room <3
Requests are still very much open! Check out the rules in my bio for more information, all of the details are there! Speaking of my bio, check out those lovely links in my bio to my masterlist and RedBubble (products with art designs I made myself from various forms of media)
Please enjoy and make sure to enjoy~!
-You can be extremely stubborn sometimes
- "Hey (Name), let's go to the new ice cream place down the street", Mirio said, sitting backward in his chair to rest his head on your desk
- "I have to do homework", you said, not looking up from your schoolwork despite it being lunchtime
- "You can do it later"
- "We can go later you dummy", you said, poking him in the forehead, still maintaining eye contact with your paper
- "But then it'll be crowded~", he whined and you finally glared up at him
- "Togata, I have important homework to do", you said, leaning back, "If you wanna go so damn bad then go with Tamaki or Nejire"
-He pouted, taking your hand in his, "But I wanna go with you..."
- "Then you're gonna have to wait dumbass!" You said, taking your hand from his
-He frowned, standing up to leave but you stopped him by grabbing his hand in your own, "Don't. Go."
-His frown turned into a grin, chuckling as he sat back down, ruffling your hair as your eyes became re-glued to your work
- "So later?"
- "Later."
-Tamaki sometimes doesn't know how to get a read from you
-Your mood and expressions change more frequently than his, so being with you can be a bit challenging at times when he's uncertain with how you feel
- "Mirio said you didn't feel well", he said, stepping into your dorm as you sat up in bed
- "Amajiki you need to keep your distance", you warned, turning a light on, "I don't need you being sick too. Then I'll have to take care of your ass when I'm done being sick"
-He stayed by your door, putting homework you missed and a plate of food on your desk
- "What's that?" You asked, motioning with your head to the plate
- "Kalamari and rice. Figured you'd be hungry so I made some in the student kitchen"
- "I don't eat squid", you said, moving to find your phone in your covers
- "O-oh", Tamaki said, taking the plate feeling embaressed, "I can get it out of here if you-"
- "Well you already brought it here so just leave"
- "But you said-"
- "You made it for me, I"m eating it!" You said, grouchier than normal
-Tamaki complied and left the plate, but before he left he heard you mumble, "Thank you Ama. You do too much for me"
-Keeping his pounding heart caged in his chest, he grinned a little at the thought of you getting better and spending some quality time with you once you felt okay
-It was enough to make him excited to see you again
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thefreakishmuffin · a year ago
Let’s Analyze Hunter and Emperor Belos: Eclipse Lake
Another episode, another over the top analysis! And we are back on our insanity with a post about Hunter (because this character has absolutely overtaken my entire existence). And since we got some more moments of Hunter with Emperor Belos, I’m going to be focusing on them for this post. And no, I won’t be going over the theory of Hunter possibly being a type of clone or whatnot, as it seems like most other blogs have that theory covered.
The episode starts off back inside the Emperor’s castle, with Belos trying to activate his portal to the Human Realm. And just around the corner, Hunter is watching him. While watching his uncle work on the portal door, Lil’ Rascal flies up onto his shoulder, only for Hunter to try and shoo him away. And when Belos speaks up when realizing Hunter is watching him, Lil’ Rascal quickly reverts to wood and Hunter stores him away in his cloak. Kind of fun - and anxiety inducing - to see that Lil’ Rascal wants to tag along with his witch everywhere. Fun, because Lil’ Rascal is just so darn cute, and anxiety inducing because it would be awful if Belos were to see him. 
From how this scene was done, I feel like this might not be the only time Hunter has spied - or at least has attempted to spy - on his uncle. After all, Hunter has shown before that he truly does desire to help Belos with his goals and his curse/affliction. And I’m guessing that since there is still information Belos is withholding from him, he’s taken it upon himself every now and again to spy on him to see what he can. 
Tumblr media
Hunter comes out of the shadows to tell Belos that he didn’t mean to hide, and it’s here that we finally get our face reveal of Emperor Belos. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to look like this. Now, I’ve already gone over how I fully feel about his appearance in earlier posts, but there are other things about his appearance that I wanted to talk about. Mainly the way his face is drawn. Unlike his ominous mask, his face is not drawn with sharp points and edges, but rather his face is designed with a more rounded look. His eyes are quite circular as well, with the tops of them sloping upward towards the middle of the head. He even has a soft, tender-looking smile on his face. The more rounded and softer edges of his design here give him a significantly more gentle and nonthreatening look as compared to how he appears with the mask and long cloak. He genuinely just looks like some tired, mild-mannered old man.
Tumblr media
Hunter steps up to the portal towards him and innocently asks, “Is it true that rain doesn’t boil in the Human Realm?” To which Belos responds, “It is.” He then goes on to explain to Hunter how he’s actually been to the Human Realm before, and tells him a little bit about it. Belos’s voice sounds unusually kind here, which, if you ask me, is manipulation. I feel like he knows that Hunter responds well to what at least sounds like someone giving him kindness and sincerity, so he plays on that. 
Tumblr media
It’s here that Hunter asks Belos why he switched him out with Kikimora for an important operation at the Knee of the Titan. To which Belos begins to lead Hunter out the room and simply responds this:
“Everyone has a use, Hunter. Kikimora has her intricate little plans, the scouts carry out orders, and you? Well, the Titan has big plans for you. And it would be such a hassle to find a replacement.”
At that last sentence, Hunter has the most scared, freaked out expression on his face. With that last line, Emperor Belos essentially said, “Oh yes, you can absolutely be replaced. But the only reason we aren’t doing so right now is because it would be such a pain to do so.” 
Tumblr media
Now, I’m not sure if this is the first time Hunter has ever been told this, but with how freaked out he got and how desperate and panicked he acts throughout the climax of the episode, I’m thinking this is the exact moment it finally clicked for him. The moment he realized; he can be replaced. If he screws up enough times, Belos can easily find a replacement for him. After all, he replaced Lilith within the Emperor’s Coven. So why can’t someone replace him? 
Belos tells Hunter that he needs to stay in the castle from now on, and Hunter asks if this is about his failure to get him more palismen. He asks Belos to give him another chance, to which Belos brushes him off, saying, “Goodnight, Hunter.” Before closing the doors on him.
Now the interaction between the two of them ends here, but I want to also go on to analyze the effects of this scene. Because this specific scene affects the rest of the episode.
The rest of the episode is Hunter sneaking out dressed as a scout and trying to find a way to obtain Titan’s Blood before Kikimora, so that he can - in his mind - be useful to Emperor Belos and be back in his good graces. Because now that he knows he can technically be replaced, he is determined to not let that happen. Even after he runs into Amity and she traps him in abomination goo, when she is about to jump down a chasm he begs and even pleads with Amity to let him go. Even telling her that, “I don’t want to be replaced.”
Tumblr media
We then have the scene where he has something of a mental breakdown where he decides to try and dig himself his own grave. Really think about this; Hunter would rather be dead than go back to the Emperor empty-handed for a mission he wasn’t even supposed to go on. This alone speaks volumes of how much he relies on the Emperor for his self worth. His has himself convinced that, if he can’t serve any kind of purpose to Belos, then his life is simply not worth living. That his self worth is fully reliant on how useful he is, and not on the fact that he’s a person.
Amity, realizing she and Hunter have a bit in common in that they’ve both been raised by parents who had them think they had to justify their existence, attempts to show him kindness. He turns to look at her, but quickly turns on her as soon as he realizes that she has the portal key. It’s then that he devolves into the frantic, desperate frenzy trying to get the key, which has Titan’s Blood inside. He absolutely loses his cool and seems almost insane. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He practically looses it here, sweating and shouting as he desperately tries to get the key away from Amity. The key that he believes will unlock his self worth in the eyes of demented old man that truly couldn’t care less about him.
Hunter is truly becoming this show’s most deep and complex character.
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slytherinchevy · 12 months ago
Improv ~ MCU CAST x Hearing Loss! Teen! Reader
A/n: Hi!! I’m back! (Hopefully)
But yeah, thank you so much for being patient with me. It’s just been a weird time for me. 
I’ve mentioned teen reader but honestly no age indication is there other than the fact that the reader is the youngest in the entire cast. 
I don’t experience hearing loss and this is based on research to make this as accurate as possible so I really hope you like it. 
Requested by: @kdrosebme 
 (Why are these tumblr tags so annoying, they don’t work half the time ;-;) 
Warning: None other than 2 swear words
Words: 1.8k+
Y/c/n - your character name
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You were quite nervous for the scene you were about to shoot. You had been jittery about it the entire morning. You probably had memorized the entire script verbatim so that you can be as effective as possible.
But you knew how your cast members had a knack for improvising all the time, doesn’t help that Marvel also likes improvs and made room for that in the script.
You wondered if you could do well in acting in movies like Marriage Story where everything is timely scripted as Scarlett had once said. That way you might not have to concentrate so much on what someone is saying.
Your cast mates had assured you that they will try to be as accommodative as possible and help you along the way if they find you having trouble. You were grateful that they were understanding of your situation, trying their best to make you comfortable and included as possible.
And why wouldn’t they, they loved you. You were the baby of the group.
Anyways, the reason this particular scene had you nearly shitting your pants was because it was a scene where all of you had to argue while trying to come up with the best plan of action for your mission.
You made your way to the conference room set-up the design crew had made, finding the rest of your castmates there, greeting you as soon as you had arrived.
They had learnt not to greet you from afar, because either you wouldn’t be able to understand anything or hear the most random thing ever which had happened a couple times, sending the entire group into hysterics, along with you when you learnt what they had actually asked you.
“Hey, honey” Elizabeth greeted you first, bringing you into a side hug before you got a chorus of ‘Heys’,’ good mornings’ and ‘feeling good?”
Their voice did get muddled together but it was routine at this point so you knew what they would’ve said to you. It was almost a ritual, to greet you with these phrases and if someone had something new to say, they knew to tell it you to when others weren’t speaking so you could concentrate properly.
It wasn’t long before you all were called onto the set to start filming.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Chris Evans came over to you and patted your shoulder,” It will be alright. You got this”
You focused on his lip movements since the last few words weren’t easily comprehendible to you.
“Do you want me to repeat?” he asked kindly.
“Yeah” you smiled sheepishly, not happy with making someone who was trying to encourage you repeat themselves.
He repeated once again, a bit more slowly and loudly and smiled when your face lit up because you were finally able to understand what he had told you.
“Thanks Chris!” you exclaimed, louder than you thought you were actually talking.
“Y/n?” Paul shouted for you, kindly gesturing to lower your volume before pointing up. You looked up to see they had placed the mic right above you, which meant that you had shouted a bit too loudly for everyone’s hearing comfort.
“Ah, sorry” you whispered, a bit too scared to talk now. The cast gave you reassuring smiles, telling you it was fine which helped relax you.
They finally started filming and everything was going well in the beginning.
It had only been two to three people speaking, and you had trained yourself after long, hard hours of practice to be able to concentrate on at least three people at once, just enough to get the gist of what the topic of conversation was.
You felt yourself relaxing, thinking that you’ll be able to do well for the rest of the scene. And as soon as that thought came to you, you cursed yourself for celebrating a little too early.
Because soon enough a lot more people joined in on the argument, some shouting and some talking way too quickly but quietly which just made it all the worse.
You tried your best to follow because you knew your dialogues were fast approaching but you couldn’t understand where to insert them anymore.
So just thinking fuck it, you blurted out your line, everyone stilling at once. You looked around nervously, stunned at the sudden silence.
” Y/n we haven’t gotten to that part yet.” Chris Hemsworth said gently. No one was mad at you, they knew you had trouble with scenes intense like this.
You still couldn’t help but feel like you were slowing them down, so you just nodded embarrassed before asking for a re-shoot.
Scarlett came up to you and gave you a huge hug, already sensing your nerves rising and trying her best to calm you down,” It’s okay, alright. We are here for you.”
You nodded before looking at the cast again,” Can you guys talk a bit more clearly? And slightly louder for the ones who have quieter lines please? Hopefully I’ll be able to get the gist of your dialogues then.”
They nodded amongst themselves, telling you they’ll do what they can.
This time, when the scene started filming, Scarlett and Tom Holland sat beside you instead of their original positions, so that they could help you keep track of what was going on.
Scarlett and Tom would interchange whenever they had a dialogue so that you didn’t fall out of the loop because of the breaks.
Quite a while back, you and the rest of the cast had come up with a system to help you through scenes like these. You had different tapping patterns, to tell you when it was your line and when it wasn’t and for you to tell them when you couldn’t understand etc.
And over the years you all had learnt to keep it discreet from the camera.  
But this time it got too confusing even with the tapping patterns and at one point, you just stopped trying so hard.
You gave up on trying to comprehend stuff because this was giving you a headache and you rationalized that since your character also experienced hearing loss, you could improvise and get away with it.
You also had a lot of faith in your co-stars to improvise along with you, so you just leaned back and massaged your temples, still in character to show as if your character was just as done with this argument as you were.
“Well, Y/C/N, what do you think? You are the only one who hasn’t chosen a side yet” Paul, as Vision, asked.
You slowly opened your eyes and answered,” I gave up in the first five minutes of this argument to understand anything of what you all were gibbering about.” You snarked in an annoyed tone because that was how your character would respond unlike you who would apologize and ask someone to repeat themselves.
Robert caught along and responded in the most Tony Stark way, by throwing his hands in exasperation,” Great. How did you even end up as an avenger?”
Chris Evans as Steve, Scarlett as Natasha and Lizzie as Wanda all protested against his commentary, starting another mini argument which ended with you and Vision leaving the room midway through it, which was supposed to be the ending for the scene anyways, even if it wasn’t supposed to be in this sequence.
The director yelled,” CUT! Change for the next!”
You stood confused, tilting your head slightly trying to think of what he could’ve said because whatever you heard wasn’t it.
Tom Holland came to you and asked,” You couldn’t understand?”
You silently shook your head,” I doubt he said ‘Age or next’ because if he did, why in the hell?”
Tom chuckled slightly before telling you what the director actually yelled before accompanying you to your trailer.
It had been quite a few months now. The movie had premiered last night and currently you were attending one of the press conferences with fans attending as well.
It was a jolly time, everyone having fun joking around.
At some point during the fan questions, one fan stood up and addressed a question to you.
But you couldn’t hear much of what they said due to the constant buzz and chatter in the hall.
“Uhm, I’m sorry, could you please repeat a bit more loudly and slowly?” you asked.
“And we would highly appreciate it if everyone in this room can quiet down and not talk or whisper or anything.” Robert added.
Once the chatter had died down, Lizzie commented,” Thank you very much.”
The fan repeated their question again,” Hello Y/n. Big fan of yours and your character. I wanted to ask you about a small scene I had noticed last night. During the argument scene, Natasha and Peter were lightly tapped on the table beside you and my theory is that it was to help Y/C/N understand the conversation. My friends don’t believe me so I wanted you to confirm what that was.”
You were quite surprised that anyone had even noticed that because it was quick and not focused on. You looked at Scarlett and Tom and saw they were just as surprised as you.
“So Scar, think we should let them in on our secret?” you playfully asked, Scarlett smirking in response.
“By the way, your observation skills are amazing. Tell your friends you are absolutely right” Tom answered.
“Oh my gosh , really!?” the fan exclaimed.
You nodded,” Yeah, you are. Honestly didn’t think anyone would even notice that part since its not even focused on by the camera and is only a few seconds long. But actually, the tapping isn’t only for Y/C/N. It’s actually for me personally. The cast and I came up with a code to help me through intense dialogue scenes because they overwhelm me a lot.”
After the chatter for this particular topic had died down you spoke up again,” By the way, anyone interested in a tiny fun fact about that scene?”
When you got a loud YES shouted back at you, you continued,” Alright. That entire scene was improv.”
Even though all you could hear was a buzzing, through the audience’s facial expression you figured they were all surprised by the fact,” Yeah. And Y/C/N giving up on the argument was actually me giving up on following the dialogues. So, the entire discourse that happened there was improv on the spot.” You laughed.
Your story soon was used as a segue into behind the scene stories which you and the cast had a lot of fun recounting and narrating, getting the opportunity to tease each other more than usual because of that.
Overall, y’all gave a lot of juicy details about each other for the gossip blogs and news outlets to feed on for weeks.
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300iqprower · 2 months ago
I can't help but feel a bit bitter over the way Arjuna Alter got screwed in terms of marketing. They delay the release of Lostbelt 4 for an obscenely long time, then release his first banner right before a summer event and anniversary so of course no one wanted to roll, then hold off giving him a second rateup for 3 years and then relegate his second rateup to a CBC event. (Skadi wasn't properly released with LB2, instead she was the anni Servant for that year plus a milestone plus a few events she'd featured in; they made Ibuki the milestone Servant when she'd been available less than a year, then don't put Junao on the Karnamas banner despite there not being any other limited 5*s in the event other than him. I feel like a lot of it was intentional and not just "Oh he just doesn't sell well")
I mean you totally should feel bitter. I would. ...Maybe that's a sign you shouldn't, actually...
It was definitely sexism in terms of pre-release, funny how Skadi and Castoria got that treatment of releasing ahead of schedule, but post-release it's the "men don't sell" mentality + because they realized they fucked up. Castoria overshadows it nowadays, but Alterjuna was borderline to DPS what Castoria is to support. He's the reason debuff meta is garbage now, with bosses consistently being slapped with Debuff Immunity and heavy debuff resistance, because he nukes anything with a debuff placed on it, the same way before him mental debuffs were useless because every boss (specifically male ones) got slapped with Mental Debuff Immunity for no reason other than to stop Eurayle from being an easy F2P option for tough encounters like Surt or Xiang Yu. He trivialized several gilfest level CQs. And if you had Merlin or Waver, let alone both? You've won the game forever. So just like with Eurayle, they nerfed him indirectly in a way that nerfs an entire archetype of servants even harder than it does that one servant. From what I know starting with Olympus there are also significantly less multi-enemy bosses. And this was all DEFINITELY by design; as I've said before LB4's release lines up just after Delightworks suffered a massive profit drop due entirely to their own shitty business practices. I'd be surprised if he ever even got the "increase the scaling and nothing else" NP rank up, because they clearly want to make absolutely sure they restrict his damage ceiling as much as possible.
But there was also a key difference: Eurayle is free to play, Alterjuna is SSR EX. So while they couldn't stop you from using Eurayle, they could artificially limit how many people would have to borrow Alterjuna to get ahold of him by just.....not re-running him at all. Of course with Castoria they aren't even hesitating to rerun her and there's obvious reason for that: She is waifu. She is mascot. And they aren't afraid anymore to powercreep for the sake of proft; it's pretty much their entire MO ever since Castoria dropped. They hadn't realized they were taking the plunge with Alterjuna so they had that kneejerk reaction but it made them go "fuck it" as soon as it was done when it came time to do it again.
TLDR, as OP as Castoria is, Alterjuna was when they crossed that point of no return with powercreep, and so it's no wonder they've done everything they can to bury him every since, even though it was completely intentional because what these kind of hacks think they can do is shove out a whalebait powercreeper for a spike in profits and then just damage control it into non-existence. Either that, or no one leading the dev team is qualified to even hold a position in the entire industry with how little they understand game design.
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