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#i really cried during this scene
badbudddy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: two gifs of shu yi and shi de on a bridge at night. 1: shu yi cries as he stares at and has his hand on shi de’s shoulder. 2: shi de looks into shu yi’s eyes and cries. END ID]
"I, Zhou Shu Yi, like Gao Shi De."
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the-unkindled-queen · 10 days ago
Ji-yeong saying “I have nothing” didn’t have to break my heart like that. 
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sigridlaufeyson · 5 months ago
No doubt one of my favourite scenes in TFATWS when John Walker pulled back the van with hostages and it had the same soundtrack that the scene in CA:CW where Steve and Bucky were fighting Tony and Tony blasted Bucky's metal arm off.
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thedarknessbehind · 9 months ago
I've noticed that in the V's theme song near the end (1:52 - 2:10) the violins are the same as in "Been Good to Know Ya" (THAT SONG in the ending) and it's somehow seems symbolic to hear the same melody in the theme song dedicated to V, especially considering the Temperance ending.
V's theme song ends with the song we hear when V's life ends in the game.
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tinesleftnipple · 7 months ago
I just finished word of honor
The withdrawal is hitting hard 😭
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burfee · 28 days ago
That was me :(( I know it's very.. I got attached to sunyool and that was just not a great idea even though the author said he was her favourite. Tell me more about what you thought? If you'd like.
i didn't like sunyool at first, i thought he was a bit abrasive and pushy but he did grow on me a looot by around the second half. jisuh was my absolute favourite and i almost always get attached to characters like him 😭 i loved seeing his character become more assertive but also more open with himself about what he wants and deserves and at first i was like :/ about him taking heejae back but yeah okay i get it. it was a natural progression of their relationship and i think it needed that break. like, even if heejae hadn't done what hed done they'd gotten so serious so quickly it probably would have ended in ruin anyway. but they're really perfect for each other in their own way 😭 wait jisuh was my favourite! until! the side story! because that position was taken by haeyoung! haeyoung my beloved who has done nothing wrong who is so perfect and amazing and wonderful and lovely who i adore and will give up house and home for
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