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#i really do get it!

Do I have enough starter calls to sink a boat? Yes. But I’m really feeling my newgrounds muses so! Like this for a starter with one of them. And if you could specify who you’d like for it.

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fuck this fuck everything man! it’s only been two weeks since i had to call the fuckin hotline! like hello? hi? i am allowed to be a goddamn mess i am allowed to still be in pain

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y’all ever think of things you could post that you think are funny and then realise it’s not actually that funny you’re just going through something and dont know how to express that other than making concerning jokes about it

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just a conversation i have with my mom when i leave my room:

my mom: what’s strap spelled backwards?

me: parts?

my mom: what’s on spelled backwards?

me: no?

my mom: so “no parts” 😃

me: 👁👄👁… 🤭

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So I can’t stop thinking about Bobby killing his own father at like 12 and burying his body in the back yard and the implications of him chasing off John with a gun when Sam and dean were young cause spn never followed up of that because why would they.

But anyways I was thinking about that and about young dean who would do anything to protect Sam and refuses to say a word against a father who most definitely hits him and what would happen if we made John just a little bit more unstable. Sam just a little weirder. But leave dean the same.

What happens when Sam’s psychic powers start themselves earlier. Say he’s 8 years old and sometimes when John is out for a couple weeks and he gets angry or hungry or just frustrated and dean can’t calm him down the lights start to flicker and the shelves start to rattle. Or how sometimes he’ll wake dean screaming babbling about things he shouldn’t know about yet. And it scares dean ofc it scares him. He’s only 12 but he already knows he can’t tell John, knows he wouldn’t take it well and he can’t pinpoint why but he’s so so afraid of what would happen if he finds out, he tries to tell himself that John loves Sammy, that he wouldn’t hurt him, but he doesn’t quit believe it, can’t quite convince himself of a lie that big.

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I was feeling all motivated to finish shading that comic and then my super old tablet pen finally kicked the bucket :c luckily I had the money to replace it but now I’m gonna have to be sitting around doing nothing for 1-2 weeks…

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just for the sake of getting them out of my skull, on my roster of shit to do ive got uh
- one brandon rogers undertale animatic
- one kurtis conner undertale animatic
- a taz animatic ive had in the works for over a year
- an undertale 4 panel that just needs to be finished
- a variety of mettaton song animatics (thank you to my mettaton playlist)
- digitize some taz nsfw stuff ?? for my nsfw blog that i do not touch??
- work on pins & posters for when i can do conventions again because if i have to show my face in front of all of my old art i think i would die
the real challenge is actually making myself do it

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oh noooooooooo…

yall this is bad. I’ve been ~coping~ with some extra stress recently by dissociating a whole lot more than usual, mainly daydreaming about Majima. this is fine. the problem is my brain is so deep in this fiction that when I was playing yakuza 4 and something bad happened to Majima I became physically ill.

I am not joking. my face flushed, my whole body went tense, and I got this awful pit in my stomach. I’m still nauseous. my brain no longer sees Majima as a fictional character. he is real to me now, and while this is very fun for daydreaming, it becomes a problem when something in a video game triggers an incredibly strong reaction as if it were reality

…anyway, selfshipping is great, but I think my brain is taking it a little too far

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Okay, I’m not shutting up about animal crossing actually anzjsjsg

My mom ordered a bunch of cards and I’m at least getting Merengue, Marina and Diana

I haven’t decided who else I want sjgsjsjsv

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i had such a good day, i immediately woke up in a good mood, i made lots of gifs, i did my daily exercise, i cut my hair, i wore makeup for the first time in many months just because i felt like it(i normally don’t wear it ever) and i’m ending the day with a beer and watching a robin hood movie. it’s one of my favorite days ever for no particular reason other than IT GOOD

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I really do wanna write more gritty things sometimes but I fear it’ll turn people away from what I make because I don’t intend to really.  Shy away from stuff.  I would only really delve into such horrible graphic stuff if it’s relevant–  I think it’s tasteless and gratuitous otherwise–  but Edgar’s work on Earth is always relevant.

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