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#i really needed to see this

on a related note i do enjoy that it’s like that. people are so many different folds, people have so many layers. i can’t really be arsed to put this eloquently but i like that people are not as they appear, not how you would guess. that’s how it should be. people aren’t one dimensional. there are people who wear pastel pinks and listen to deathcore and people who dress in black but listen to bubblegum pop.

mmmmmm i just think.. that you’re a lot happier when you don’t limit yourself to certain things in the name of a reputation you think you have an obligation to uphold. you don’t. this has a lot to do with gender imo as well. they’re definitely hand in hand topics. because society habitually labels things as feminine or masculine and therefore you become absorbed into leaning one way or the other because of the things you like. uhhh and you start forcing yourself to like/hate things so that you’re perceived differently by the people who rely on those labels to define people.

i’ve talked about this before but as a kid i hated being seen as girly because i was taught, through observation of how it was treated in society, that girly = powerless = not worthy of respect = bad. so things like dresses, the color pink or purple, flowers, lace, dolls.. i felt like i had to distance myself from those things to be taken seriously or to be respected above my peers. forced myself to like the color blue, wore pants all the time, started collecting hot wheels.. as i got older this then translated to dressing in black and listening to rock/metal. i did like those things, yes, but…….. i liked the girly things too still. didn’t want to believe it for a time, but i did.

then i got to an age where i really just didn’t give a fuck anymore. if i like the music i like the music, doesn’t matter the genre! if i like the dress i like the dress! doesn’t matter how grotesquely frilly and flowery it is! ya know. i just think.. bending yourself to fit a label so people don’t slap another one on you isn’t good for you and the sooner you realize you don’t have to fill a mold and you can leak out over the edges into different molds the happier you’ll be.

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Still can’t believe what y**ng j*st*c* did with their one Muslim rep, like I genuinely cannot understand what made them think “yeah this is what we’re going for”

#like, #halo can have her own identity separate from the one she was created from, #she has that right, #but if we step back a bit, #the writers imo just handled it so wrong, #like they show off this new character in s3, #she's based off of a character in the comics that looks nothing like her, #so everyone gets excited for the representation, #then we find out she's going to be voiced by a muslim, #and we're now even more excited!, #we slowly go through the season and see she's the type of character that doesn't have her memories, #we start to get wary bc is that really what we're going to do with the one muslim rep? have her not know anything about her identity?, #but then someone asks why she still has the hijab (albeit looking back _ they way it was said kinda leaves a bitter taste in my mouth), #and halo responds with smth akin to 'it feels right', #and now we're back to our good rep yknow? it gives off the impression that halo might not remember who she is, #but islam is so integral to her that she just knows this is where she needs to put her faith, #but then we get someone saying smth like 'oh yeah you muslims dont drink' and she gets cross for some reason and chugs the bottle, #after saying she's not muslim???, #like okay????? throw everything out i guess????, #like i genuinely dont understand what happened here and who thought this was okay, #im still not over it tbh it was the worst move they could've made, #idk how ppl are insistent that the third season did smth mature in comparison to thr first two, #the first two had heart at least, #this one just radiates such terrible energy from halo's arc alone i dont even need to talk about everything else
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#simpin for yandere deku pt 2, #deku remembers there’s about 30 people watching so he drops ur chin takes a step back and says, #‘next time i will win so watch out’ before flashing one more killer smile and disappearing just as fast as he appeared, #u think about that day for weeks and weeks. u cannot get him out of ur mind. his words r engraved in ur head now, #‘ur amazing! im so impressed!’ could he really think u were amazing???? u calm urself by remembering that ur quirk is what he was impressed, #by & that he does even know you, #ur seeing him more & more around the office & each time u think ur heart w explode but it doesn’t. u even get to go on some missions w him!, #he’s so cool & he does most of the work but everytime u fight next to him u get this surreal feeling in ur chest like it’s just too good to, #to be true! i mean just a few months ago u hated ur life! u were alone & sad; but now? now u have all this purpose & friendship srounding u, #deku always makes u feel so inspired and special! he’s constantly praising u & u can’t believe that someone as amazing as him could see, #so much in someone like you but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt hands down. no ones ever made you feel like this before, #there’s one weird thing though, #you could swear someone is following u around lately, #u keep writing it off as nerves or ur mind trying to find one thing to complain about since life is so perfect now but u can’t shake their, #ur walks home from work are the worst. especially when u had such a great day w izuku (he insists u call him that now) cause it puts a bad, #vibe on ur happy mood. it’s like someone is always two steps behind u but u can’t ever seem to see them when u turn around, #& sometimes at night u wake up in a cold sweat and u could swear that someone was just there beside u. the bed even feels warm like someone, #was just there. ur things always seem just a little out of place. not exactly how u had them last time. but again ur mind must be playing, #tricks. ur happy now!! life is GOOD. there’s no need to be scared or weirded out. & even if someone did mess w u?, #well ur stronger than ever now. plus u have new friends who would help u. one special friend who u know could crush anyone who harmed u, #but then one day on ur walk home after a particularly happy day (u & izuku kicked major butt together & he took u out to dinner his treat!), #something is ... wrong. really really wrong. u can feel someone watching u/walking right behind u, #they r closer than they’ve ever gotten before ur hairs on the back of ur neck are standing up & ur entire body is tense, #u start running as fast as possible (which is fast considering ur quirk) and u manage to make it home safely, #u slam the door & full on panic ur heart is racing & u realize u aren’t crazy. someone is stalking you & they just took it up a notch, #u do the only thing u can think of .. call deku, #ur crying and breathing hysterically when u call but he somehow understands u. he’s there in an instant and the second u see him u just, #fall right into his arms. u cry into his chest & tell him how thankful u r for him. u keep apologizing for calling but insist that, #pt 3 now? god im sorry apparently i am all over the place w this, #izuku 💚
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psa: xe/xir pronouns are completely ok with me! but any other pronouns like catgender/rabbitgender/any (insert name of object/concept)gender pronouns? yeah hate to tell you sweetie but those aren’t actual identities they were created by literal terfs for the sole purpose of mocking trans people i understand if you have gender troubles but most neopronouns are just something made to make trans/nb spectrum people look bad so please do not choose to use them

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My life is a sidequest

#the barter system at work, #connor talks, #you think you want to know me irl? this is what it’s like, #they asked for vertebrae and teeth and you know when that exchange goes down I’m gonna be like deer teeth! for you kid!, #anyways I need some chainmail so I’m making a trade lol, #yeah I was traumatized by the deer body yeah I’m gonna go back and find it, #what of it, #I have this thing where if I know something traumatizing is out there I’ll seek it out before it can sneak up on me, #I mean it’s more common with people because bodies don’t tend to move but like I am going back there eventually, #you’d think I’d get used to this by now considering how many various animals I’ve seen slaughtered, #nope always scarring anyways deer bones that’s a thing that’s happening, #bones are easy though I can do bones that’s fine, #and dead deer are easier than cats at least personally, #and I didn’t see the process of it dying which is a huge plus, #god wow I really do have an awful track record don’t I, #hello I’m Connor and I watched my childhood cat get murdered in front of my face! the more you know anyway, #god I have problems anyway I’m doing it because I have something to prove I guess, #this is a bad idea but that’s not going to stop me, #sorry to be mental illness on main but if I don’t get closure with this thing I’m going to go nuts, #I’ve seen too many creatures not peacefully laid to rest I’m going to take a few little things and bury then the poor thing, #if I get arrested it’s bc someone saw me take a shovel into the woods an assumed I was a murderer, #ain’t that just the way. anyways I’m going to go do something else now, #animal death tw
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i’ve just finished the first season of crazy ex girlfriend and i got to say both josh and rebecca are kinda awful people and i’m not a big fan of either at the moment… greg is pretty much the only decent person there sure he has his issues but not as bad as josh and rebecca…. oh and darryl is also decent except for the first episode though   

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How mad do you think my parents would be if I brought home a deer skull

#like it’s been haunting me all week I just need to know if what they said was true, #like about the thing that’s killing deer, #I want to see what I can learn from it and also like maybe keep an antler, #although actually this has nothing to do with my parents really they’ll be pissed whatever but I’m wondering if it’s disrespectful, #to the deer itself, #like. I’m sorry friend I really didn’t want you to die but I want to know what killed you, #my memory is so shaky because it was terrifying to see the body but I think the skull was fractured, #if THATS the case then someone killed it and that’s illegal to do there (and more importantly fucked up), #if that’s not the case then it was the disease because from what I remember it followed all the signs, #found it near water seemed young and healthy and dropped dead inexplicably, #like. I’m so fucking curious and ive got a bad habit of returning to things that traumatize me, #but bones don’t yuck me out. bones are fine, #if I wait for all the yuck to be gone and go disinfect it then I could learn a lot!, #nobody gives a fuck about the Hudson valley ecosystem but I fucking do! I don’t want to give up on this place, #everyone gave up on it before I was even born, #like. if something is killing something at alarming rates we should care!, #god and the way people treat deer makes me sick... I’m not talking just hunting like, #there was a very serious debate maybe five years back from Vassar about a controlled killing of the deer population, #bc their fucking asshole drunk driving students kept hitting deer and blaming the deer, #but guess what after the deer stopped being a problem and the population went down??? you know who got killed??? students, #because nobody fucking drives carefully over there it’s not the deer, #like the idea of exterminating them because they’re a nuisance to uncaring people disgusts me, #that’s off topic tho point is life has value and I want to learn about this, #it was so young too! poor guy had so much left, #animal death tw, #is this freaky? sorry if this is freaky, #like recovering bones of a natural death seems way less creepy to me than going out with the sole intention of killing an animal, #and mounting it on your wall, #sorry not to sound like a vegan extremist tumblr person I really think eating animals is necessary, #but killing for sport makes me feel ill I’m an empath what can I say
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