#i really want season 5 already
11byers · 2 months ago
ngl the most i'm asking for this season is just like, a hinted understanding between mike and will. maybe we see the painting, but it's not explicitly a "confession" or whatever, and we see mike's surprise that it's actually for him and not a girl he thinks will likes.
and this supposed big emotional speech from mike, whether it's to el or will or whoever, i want it to be about how much mike feels about himself, how he wants to be normal, forced conformity, growing up, trauma, guilt, maybe he isn't even sure who he is because he's been suppressing his emotions for so long. i want mike to be vulnerable, regardless of whether or not we get full clarity on his feelings, because tbh i think he still he needs the time to unpack everything.
i want mike to get vecna'd!!!!!!!!!
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kidcooper02 · 2 months ago
I find it so frustrating that all the romantic pairs in yj get their moments to show how much they mean to each other, without room for doubt whether its romantic or platonic, except Bart and Eduardo.
I get it, Bart can't come out of the closet, but I'm done patting their back for Eduardo being canonically gay since they haven't even said anything about it in show.
And if we don't even get Eduardo checking up on Bart this last episode? Its gonna hurt NGL, of all the relationships, is theirs just unimportant? Did Bart even tell Ed about what he was doing? Will Ed ever be treated as seriously as Bart?(even then that's not a lot either). Can we see that they mean something to each other in the most dangerous event we've seen thus far?
Or is Ed just not important enough to even get some dialogue this season. I was so excited to see more of him based on season 3, especially now that hes queer it wouldve been good representation. But no, not even Bart mentioning him like dick did barbara because who gives a fuck. Play Your Best American Girl by Mitski
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fruitydiaz-archived · a year ago
when i think about eddie dating ana for almost a whole season and buck complaining about being single for almost a whole season and then “just be sure you’re following your heart not christopher’s” and then eddie’s FACE when he looks at ana immediately after that and then eddie getting shot and buck getting covered in his blood and the like full minute of just pure shocked and loaded eye contact and eddie reaching out towards buck before starting to lose consciousness and buck dragging him out from under the truck and just barely cradling his face on the way to the hospital begging him to hang on and then buck falling apart but pulling himself back together to take care of christopher and the WILL and “no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you will. that’s what i want for him” and “because, evan” and THAT shocked and loaded eye contact. and then. the implications that ana and eddie’s relationship has probably run its course. only for. only for buck to finally start dating taylor
Tumblr media
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arsenicpanda · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
For reference: the Andrews garage when Jughead lives there
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mimosarosethorn · 11 months ago
Disguises in fiction:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which one is your favourite?
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theladyyavilee · 5 months ago
hmmm okay so I don’t even actually really believe it, but I have to put it out there anyways, because I would really enjoy it, but what IF that soft and cute henren scene (that feels a little disconnected from the general angst of everything else) is actually a flashback scene? as in we maybe finally get to learn more about henren getting together/early days/getting denny? because really, we are kinda overdue for that ngl and just something about that scene made my brain go ooooh maybe? 👀
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kimtranssexler · 2 months ago
i want to hate lalo soooo bad but hes so charming i cant bring myself to do it
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willgrahamgirl · a year ago
Thinking about if st will ever address the burn/scar that Nancy gave Will.
I’m about to ramble in the tags, bear with me..
(Also i want say I’m not blaming Nancy or anything i know she believed she had no other choice)
#will byers#stranger things#this is probably going to sound probably incoherent and disjointed but here we go..#there’s a lot to say about Will but this what i want to talk about#anyway..#you know how they have nancy and johnathan mentioned their scars that they got from cutting themselves to lure the demogorgan into the#byers home. why dont they talk about the fact that Will (as well as themselves is nancy johnathan joyce had to endure high amounts of heat#johnathan and Joyce) but also Nancy hand to literally take a fire poker and burn the living shit out of Will for the mindflayer to finally#leave Will’s body.. i would imagine that this would leave a huge scar... why isn’t this ever mention like ever#and i get that Will doesn’t like talking about his feeling#he keeps everything to himself and internalizes his emotions but idk.. its just something im thinking about#season 3 over all is different... none of the kids have any real kind of arc which alreeady been discussed on this website over a hundred#times on this website so im not going to do that. but anyway i say all this to say because it been said the this is 'will's season' or#Will will have a actual storyline after only giving him literally 5 minutes of screen times#so maybe he'll have a actual arc and it will touch on this in someway#i mean it’s fucked already to live through what he lived through but to also look in the mirror and to see that reminder on your body#everyday is also really fucked#i mean its fucked already to have lived through what hes gone through but to also have a scar on your body with so much truma behind it be#there to remind you of that truma is so fucking sad#it makes me think maybe in the next season where a years or watever has passed and will hasnt had anything crazy happen to him and hes found#some sense of comfort in his new home (thinking he probably wont ever endure any of the craziness he went through in hawkins but#sees that scar and ot all comes back a reminder of all his truma#this has just been sitting in my draft
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kikuism · a year ago
love is stored in the katsu burger
pairing: fushiguro megumi and itadori yuuji warnings: none!  word count: 3.7k summary:  megumi takes a gamble on his wallet and his feelings when he decides to treat yuuji to some dinner.
you can read it here on ao3!
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gobbluthbutagirl · 11 months ago
i’ve actually only seen about 50% of breaking bad & not consecutively either. like for example i haven’t seen the pilot but i have seen the entire second episode. i’ve seen random episodes from all 5 seasons out of context & had the context filled in for me by my dad. i think i’ve actually seen slightly more of better call saul(i watched almost every episode of season 5 as it aired) but both shows ARE on my to-watch list. in fact they were at one point NEXT on my to-watch list, right after malcolm in the middle, but i didn’t like the person i became when i was watching malcolm in the middle. i watched that sitcom like it was my full-time job. and in fact it was in the middle of an episode of malcolm in the middle that i received a call offering me what is essentially a full-time job, so now the reason i haven’t watched breaking bad yet is not that i will act insane about it but that i won’t have the opportunity to act insane about it
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wwx-lwj-ai-ni · a year ago
"Back to Field" is so entertaining, y'all. I'm watching the latest ep right now even though it will still be a few days before subtitles are added. Current takeaways -- the cast seems to still be having a lot of fun shipping Lay and Yang Zi after the whole pajama thing because I'm like 90% sure He Jiong just said the words "tractor cp" lol
Lay actually went and fetched an egg from the chicken coop (after a few tries) and I'm very invested in this growth.
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lordiavolo · 9 months ago
ok just like listing the reasons not to be excited about this. at least the reasons IM not excited about this
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sonmuji · a year ago
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pega-chan · a year ago
probably gonna get flack for this, but imo SPOP should've ended with adora finally saving etheria through the power of self-love. her arc centered a lot on her making a new life for herself after the abuse she had to put up with, and one of her significant struggles was to validate herself and learn that her self-worth isn't measured by how much she gives back to people. as the only one who can handle the Heart, she has to save herself to be stable enough to save everybody else. it would've really cemented her character development much better than the "power of romantic love" ending we got in canon
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ars0nism · a year ago
i cant believe we're getting animated shinkami next season. dont you UNDERSTAND the CONTENT we'll get. the fanartists & fanfic writers who only watch the anime. the INCREASE in aizawa being shinsou's dad.
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ianspettyagain · a year ago
Concerning the new season my feelings currently flip-flop between two extremes.
1. Being really sad about the lack of quality and how amazing this show could be, considering the early seasons build such a great stories with amazing characters and how they basically stripped so much from the show and these characters to fit a comedy format.
2. Still enjoying the show in an independent way, even if it’s not nearly as good as the early stuff, while also thinking why should I be mad, the new stuff doesn’t take away from the old seasons, so if I were sad about the shows content not being like the early seasons I’m basically just mourning something that never existed in the first place.
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ccampanella · a year ago
I’m ok I just need to complain a lil oohho don’t mind rin
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